North Carolina Newspapers

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gtafe iolfill a Vacancy pii t! Jje?GUJcr
r uijs ,w-iuw.ri y w ue Election! tt a paior
; to Cdngresiia
'a Ei4i have4een "added ';thV'nbminaiVn;'
1 ne-, o 11 p n u s m 1 1 1' so cauea, nasoeen
; I 'I Mif ;:STa j&s; H trod uced .,: a bil ! i t o
lja&nQ iKe ael?fcl7 ieHtibn to Ito!
standi t Jia t f cshallliem Hte.d
to -tal&e! tH'ft oalh of ihsotviancf b v femaiiV
ingtento vi thopt reau i n ng them to be bo n fined1 i n'
' Mrl'Farand has re to
be,poyer cmakinc: impfcvementi: Top iiatimal
concern, and of appropriating- ihe public funds,
towatdf Jhe protioii of the general Vflfare. :v
. taotwnotMr
muipeuia.s ireen appotniea 10 enquire into;
p Th j J lowi ng JVe
tionsnvere submitted! in the Iloiise, by
3fr. Calloway,' on Tuesd ay:. 1- ': '..
lVhertas accoi'linq Uariage of theiBitl
of Rights, of KprtCarolinV the pr&pery f the
soil in a free governpiet bing .one of the es
, sent:al rights f the 'collective? body of the peo.
pie. : &nd as it is- vfart well, known, that large
jiortionsj of the soil of NortlSCarolina, are con
' atantly exposed I o sale, by execution, for debt,
hich.iii some, degree s calculated in its prin
xiples toTcreate monopofies in otir State and is
ccordingtlo our Bill bfRights, contrary; to -the
genius of a free goYernment and ouht not to- b
alSowedr to the. great, injury "of, oui'. State, its
; wenh 4nd population t ; Therefore', ; : '- ',
JUtoltit haX a joint committee berap pointed
&him faty it Ihabe to consider the proprie
.ty of doing awy aftefrsome given period the? Kx
ectition Itwt of this State so far as respects the
jselHrig of tends by execution for debt t r .;' :
i; JlesoMd fhtr, haiX. theysbiay ebnsider the
propriety f exempting irom5 Executloha por'.
tion ofnan lander homestead freehold :
i; Mesoh$tf,;Th&jm& Committee, may ;" further
inquire into; the expediency j of granting'aTrts
pi'e ou exec'utions, or some given time for pt-r-sons
these lands may be ; sold by execution for
dekt, to J-edeern such lands clthin said "firiven
j-.vThe ciuestion bnagrVeing fio these Res
olutions! was determined in tUe negative,,
oy a considerable majority, j I'iv -.
-vur citizens were aianueu on
M on d ayeve n in g las t, abou t .dark, f with
the cry tf Fire. It proceeded Hfirtimi the
hop of lAir. Mason, -Silver Plater, on
tyettevpUe s treet,; ahd 'from its ti mejy
(I i sco vef v" was q b i c kl y 1 su b d u ctfc; ft r is
supposed bysora tH
ati iricenSiaryiut;tbeJprpba
it was thp result of carelessnessVor 'acci-
Jent.v Had the fire broke oit at a-Tate
vour in the night,' th efe i nbesti matuig
the destruction 6f property vWhich ; might
have enstreib flfe the hnilt! no ? tin -the
biost crowded pa bf ;th
at with fgreat jexpdltion and vhbst
contpany were at their posts - V .
e m 0x biers of J tli eFe )n ial e Benevolent
pi a t ioht ti r i tig iiie; s i t ti ri of r tKeAXgisfa
ture, to make an a ppeal tbv the public for
I thelr-fsubDOftKiroulnrfi i the i tiieans '-dot-' a
Fair, to be)ieidtach4ime'abdpia
dmmi; cai terj ue uesiiruaieu. :' , '-'V. ;
Atlantic ;SouvENiiWe have ju st;
v. mi ciiaiarinn ni.rnia wnrit tiii enensR i
. ! "".r."". . " t r '-:r- JTT-f- , w I
are, most exrpUiely
ome ge
Hs or Cbtfomib-Sr
to ascertain if jtandtcbe
?e?s transnoi&tibrriniMRrst Diace7
hn(l the price .whielth
i The" result ot tne, several Danoiuiga. ras
lrlaldwe!T broltted oiiTueiday,
motion lies lor the present, on the treble ?
Jces9$vea, a? the,: 0nion of this I-egjslattirt,
that Congress ; under thejCohsiitutionl possesses
;tae expeaiencr 01 extenains: tne iaw& ot
'the Stife over; the -Qherokee' Nation, so
far as the chartered limits: of the Staf v.
"M : vpograpny.t aref exceueni ana me,
binding suVeS'f feg-fili
ntiemen ot Menion camea sa
' ltn , t ' ell, relict, ot the late Mr. .John Powell ; also, l
y cVrythMtf;ifbii!S ; : , V v:4 Wrs.:MVry nadler, consort of Mr. Fred:Hudter
.!..fui,.. f,yng ;reauiiy4 optainea
f-(Jen Scott has.acqniesiedin theeci-
- "El; , I v I a ti v c tVf 'HIS
FrnorWp Whicl hhd b
EtVcunve (nte;ha
? 1 r ifv n citon k u pon ivi r., y a 1 1 ,
ihan-thp pos&e$skiv oitu!dpbsibly do
are, nordvised of the reasons that led
that op Jidjiy : la; both; houses bft he Ieg
jaureV at : tatel proceeded ia joint
In ee t i ng toffee csl ec tiorpjf ji Vpersnn : to sbp
py his p?ace.when;.leier
K.q.,if "the county iif Somerset was chosen,
flu It te- Gov. "Av"vll i alinon was a candi"
dHe but received only '1 3t'vojtesV-; .The
number of votes. Tor. Mr.' Vioum, was 42. : '
Proposals have been issaed fpr therpub
licatioh ot a'bew Quarterly Columbia
b., ibe) entitled th es Carol inaIiavy
JburnaU and to be edited by-Messrs. MV
Cord &"B landi ug., The work" is to 4e in
octavo 1 fbn,;at'S5 per annum; : Theedi-4
tors s ay tnat tney do not intend the. worK-
exclusively lor lawyers, nut nope to 1 u r
nisk matter vi-hich will interest the intel
ligeht render jfevery profession and call
1 ng, wh o feel & hny 1 n terest i n the great mo
ral and political concerns of society, j
. . W e'fire compelled to onlit the proceed
ings of tlie Iegilature, on Wednesday,
1 n cimsequence ofrthe length of the ."Trea
ureir's Eeport. s Nothing; however of im
portancef transpired, but thejejection of
the bil I, to reduce the salary of the Supreme
Court Judges Tlie Yeas and Nays were
called for and stood, for the passage of
the bill 48aga ins t it 82 Mr. Gaston
and Mr. . Wheel er opposed and M r Tay
lor advocated ;its : passage- Mr. Gaston
delyered one of the most brilliant speech-"
es jeyer heard Jn our Legislature, and one
which very powerfully affected the House,
He opposed the bill; on -the grou nd that
the State had no right to annul a contract
to which it. was a party,- witliout the con-,
sent of the persons interested. . That to
do so, would be a manifest breach of faith.
In the course of his argument, AJr. G. re
marked that this - was the last time his
voice would be heard in the councils of
his country.
Mr. Wheeler opposed the bill, on con
stitutional grounds. - b 1
This day is' fixed for Hhe election of a
Solicitor, cif the t(h Judicial Circuit, in
the place of Mr. Wilson The. candi
dates' are,: William J. ALExAjTbEit fbf
Mecklenburffl James Graham of Ruther-ford,-arid
Anderson1 Mitchell of Ashe.
; Elizabeth City. Nov 1 1
, A most daring attempt was made on
Wednesday morning last between 1 and
o'clock to fire our town. . The fire was
communicated to the store of Mrs. Car
ter, a widow lady, anil but for its timely
discovery and the exertitins of our citi-zcnSv-
her stbre'and dwelling would both
have been laid ;in ashesr Qur i citizens
should be on the alert, , and use every
"means in their power to detect the villain
who is prowang aooui ai miumgnu wnen
aU'iKoh.esf :?pTOlet are enjoying- their- re-
I pbsetandi applying the jlighted torchHb
our; uuiiaings., rns snouiu uiso ue a
'warning to the people obur town to make
every necessary preparation to extinguish
fires should they occur. -Aar. - ! .
"A friend fras presented us with, a sam-
pl e of Loaf Sugar, manufactured in France
from the iieet mot: ; in navor, ir, cannot
bi distinguished frotn4 3ugar vmadetfrotn
caney but beipg mu ch figh ter, ; probably,
i t . may ,ot g so fairJn the uses to which
it may be-applied. It is a beauti ful satn
pljE perfectly Qrvstajized, pjirely;vyhit
In appeara ncb,-I t f s m u chl superior to any
dbublerefined ' Sugar from xane sve have
ever seen. ' .The sample is feft - at our of
fice for the bratifica'tion of those who wislv
t6 &ee it'C' Countr. ; , -
tiThe: tide'oteniigratiort ' through this
piace is rapia,tafuij.w wchcyc, uii(Jici:-
iebiberjlaist haTe;passe;d oh this route.- '
eyj arprifpaitylfrbW-the . lower, parf
bfithis State an4'Soa
fbrlllndianitllHnoisand; Midugatx-r
They;io2bni icarelesbf the varyins ch
ahd South-CarolinaV Iniejbillr formutcU
were fbdnd i
the eaih yoting
iieaiviVugustai J avtlwinierAjm' v&M.
: We 8 noticed' a- lew, daysf iin'be, hatG i'ii
mandlppnll regrst: fbrl110 llember of the ,Vifgini-ortfer;
. . i- i "fence: and stationed Preacher of the town of
Venliftn: flwaTnt'wiih:1
ttke.lwis jtm
v? he commniee then iTaied;t? Joe reso
lution ; redirect the t h righ t" b f S u ffViae
itt-ii inRrenoia pva xieTi
stricken out.' V "flfe'
ain ? value was
Wedn esday Warn
the High t of Su fir-ise.
Suhstifute, for tKo.frcehotd ; s i fin? ffe es e rid -
Hie ir 'K'ji01 voiing jo everv iree .wniie
; Mri s. wen i i at las:e:tji a defence ,f
this resolution which lib th$t wirula-
tdilojnet and: obviafe; ihe bftibnk-Crg
ed ng;ait;st thV-prigtiaKreso' i it ion . l '.J'J:
''Aftfliierism ot lhiwhm ribbvedtba
nnd the; Amendment of M 1 . WifsonT by
striking: but the wonls who is ensaffed in
Aheitehd or bavaVervicebf ffte U. States'
and J nsertihg; in ; lieu thereof j heV J1 lo w iog
;1 h 0 hal I be a bon-com mi ssl on ed offi ce r
or private 8nldier, Ream?in ojr a ri n e i n tl 1 e
regular service of. the United States, or of
this CommonwealthAnd's ated his rea
sotv for5 it to be that he did n A wish tb ex
clude feallantfohlcerssuch a 1 ThomaV Ap
Catesby Jones in the Naval, b "rRoger Jones'
in the land service, (buh from his own
P!8trt) froipithe right of suffrage ; nor
would he exclude thexiuhalternVafid. sol-
diers' &c." could he bHee:thm capable
of an independent exerie. ofj the right of
sunrage, Mr. Wilson accept ad of this a
mernlnien. ; fv': "'f'-S.' ' ' '' r
Mr. Pleasants askerj "s the jfavor of the
committee to lay aside the Resolution un-
evr :ccmtideriti'on, while be Jntrodured.a
pnpsiiioii as the basis of a comproinie.
lie then proposed the following amenH
jRenlved. Tht the number o
members in
the Senate' of this State oujHiV nei
her to- be in-
cressrd or diminisliedr nor the clastific ition of its
' . I - ' : A mm ' I
mmoers cnangea.;
The amendment nroooes t
0 trik on i
U jiTter the wonls .fv Resolved, Th-it;
a no
r.o insf iT. as ioiitws :
: 4t fe'present.-tti n In
th Si
h !l b' bed on the whde nu
mber bf-.five
persons iniduilinr those bxun
f ( servict
for a term of years, and exchi
nt t'sxd, anl "uldfn: to th af
resaid fuu-
ber of free: persons, 'tfiwe'-fiftln bfall other
persons andlthe Senate shaM vosis of a
n''fnbff not excedin' :
0l it? trtui
of service arid classslication remain as at
present." . ; -
On motion of Mr. Nicholas
Mr. Plea-
ants proposition relinquiJ
hed for the
present. Mr. vy. t!in .poKe a
Uiiinsr yir.
Wilson's Resolution., urnij -the
rose. . '- : .
v v , 7Vi'ursda:m Nov. 19.
1 he House wut nw-am in'o
of the. whole, Mr. Powell in th
V Chair.
Anil the qnf-fctuMi beintr on the . following
a'oemlment of Mr. Wi!son, as modified fit
the request nf Mr. If end rson : 1
-Resolved. That every free white male citizen
of this Common wealth, of the ajre of twenty-one
years, and opwar-ls, who sh:dl have resided in
the State two yenrs, anri in the county where he
proposes to vote one yeaf, next pti ceiling the
time of offering such vote ; wh shafi have been
enrolled in the .militia, if subject to military du
ty, and who shall hive pai-.l nil levie ? nd; tuxes
assessed upon him, op his property, for the year
preceding that in which lit: offers to yote, -shall
have a rigfit to vote fur members of ;he General
Assembly "t Provided. !"hat no person shall be
permitted tb exercise the Right of ti ffiuge, who
is a pauper ; v ho i of unsound , min J ; who-bas
been con-icted of any infm'is' crinr e ; or who
shall be a non-commis!iionel officer or private
soldiertlseam m or'uiarinei in the re g dar service
of the United States or ofthfs Com;ionwealth ;
and the legislature shall prescribe t le mode o'
trying and determining disputes, concerning the
skid qualifications of voters, whenev ?r the right
of a person to vote shall be questionetl,"
Afier some further debate, the question
was put on ihis resolutionvYand hegitived
58 votes to Sr. .Messrs. Mad is m, Mon
roe and Marshall voting iri the negative.
" Mr. Campbell of Brooke oif'-rcd a set of
Resolutions varying in some degree from
that just rejected, which received but 11
voles in us ror.
Friday Nov. &0.
Mr. Thoti'Son of Amherst, mdved that
a Journal should be kept of the pr
of the Committee of the whole as well as
of tho;of:the.Conveiition, which motion,
after some debate, was rejected 5 1 to 39.
The Convention thenlwent Into cbmraitr
tee on the Resolution reported on the
Riffht of Suffrase.
Mr. Leish moved as a substitute
the orijrinal-Resolutioh, a. Plan fob
ruled on
the Freehold prjnciple", a.nd spoke
until the hour of aditiurnment.
upon it
xr :
'X In y.arren county on the 19ih insf.
Col. Au-
Xa Miss
gustus Alston, of Sparfa, in Georgia,!
A1. H. Hawkins,, daughter of the late
Hawkins, Comptroller of this State.
CqI. Jos.
: In Wilmington, on the 11th iust. by
the Rev.
of New-
Mr. Cairns, Capt. James - M. Seymour,
Yorki to Mrsl Marv Caroline "VancleefJ
In Rowan county, on the 12th inst. Mr. Ificlia
el Ilitcck to Miss Salty Urown I ,
;In Tipton county, 'Ten. ?.lr." William C1 Hazen
" - .. I' II' 4
At Smithviilc on'the 10th instant,-Drl George
CvCulhetall, of the"tJnited States Army , aged
years, - as a uusuanu as a jaiuer as a ineuu ;
as a, gentleman, he, will be.; ever remembered
b'ut to be regretted.: x-l - " ..Tl , , -
; : In'Kqwbernf on the'14th 'IristamV the ltevdv
Chnstopfter .Thomas, of Mathews' count, -Virgii
nia, an ilinerantiMinister pf the' Xfethoaist Epis-
to Hiss Maiy Irohock, foriherly of Itowan. --
In VHmirigton, on the i2tlx instant, Mr, Benj.
TH ' J 1 --' Newbern. Also, in the same nlace. Mrs; Pbw
Jdsi,Wgdvrehct,btthe WaptamTrecV
ma,rt IVadt tjalso after a BrotracteBdispositw
P" iwinor Huntington, Esq; Torrnerly. Editefof
the Hornet's Nest v- publishediin I Jurfreesborb,
nnd for several vears . Rrtnv Ar tvi.- nirmtmtaU :
pupbahect NewJemVTlfr. Huntington was
hf esteemed for,Kis
v uiccucuuid ruucaieaiLT west fomt
as an isdiw.jiad
regretted 5 n 13 .relatives ? and acquaintances,
Mathew -,7IemphilL; Esa aired about v. 28
years, soof t Revoh
tne. 'Associate Reformed Church, at "Chester
C:z V'" :
'At.bts residnceW Rowaijf l3oiwiafter" a .le'
yere and protracted d inessi iprancisfeef v." lism
PKn.Jv yM- year ot nis agei ! . ,.v --j- v a
At'.iieraw tm ahe ISthinsti: J3r John G.
F V-Qp;.Jhe;3lsl"rM"i;ruciiid
of Mr; David iVhitaker, jn Tennessee. She had
art attack of bilious levenfromS
peep con va lesenf jf- or.8. days? a ndr fia4 Vso- far
recOTererf a trv! liri?ifliYrvili?' trhTi .'li'AJ
denly sheYelVon thefloor andxpired jn a;ie
mi nute- the i mmedfate cause - of ber.dcutli Is
leftntirelvotof conjetare' t .' ' iy 4 3 -.1.
y '.-i-VpiaiNlA-- CONVENTION
''' -I'-.'t?. : -,;;
The debate bnthe question of -Suffrage,
wasresumed on 5lbndaylatand) afef
negativing ibya small m
ade by M r. Stan a rd,' M r. Cooke a nd Mr.
Dodtlride.. Mr..'M ercer, 1 n order to tes t
each qualification of vtirs separately," cnW
ved to a 1 1 o w bbu se k e epe rs r retd e o t for
twelve months, who have paid State or.
58 members out of 90 voting tor it jViv
IP3EIH GALES BcSON, hay&jipubltshe
NoI 2 Vplllof Dsvattix's Repofts Dfthe
Decisions of : tlje Supreme' Court. It ye be
deli vt-red. to rfiich subscribers assure no,u the
City. immediately and forwarded by mail' wi dis
tant ones. '.3 - . , s ; 1. !. ':'- ' . . ; .'
Raleigh Nov. 21. . . -i ' ' " ':.-;"' '28
: i.?v' ;:cmous.;?-
''aHE Citizens "or 'Ratei.ejh and its Vicinity,' are
JL j respectfully informed, that th Equetriun
Oompaoy under the management oMrBrown,
will visit Raleigh in a few days, when they wdj
produce a variety of amusements -for their en' er-
lainment. - Rleigh Nov 27. ; u
ON the lOtii ii st. 1 lost myt Child; a boy a
1 1 ou t" 5 years of a ge, near: Po ptar : C ree k
M'-e linf? .'Housd.- '. He has a. fair skin: with blue
eyes and white hai, and had ort a wool Hit and
a sun of white and copperas cotton clothes.--vhn
talking .he' does not 'speak very plain.;
Any information of said child Wiir.ho thank rullv
rccived. r KH;H Attt " CO .
Vlislovx XovV-0avoVia.
JOSEPH. GALES & SON jhave- rece'ved
for Side, Pce $3.00 a few sets of he Histo
ry of North Carolina, hi two volti me, fry : Fran
cis Xovier Jllartm. just published. r '" '
Nov. 23. ' :---' ::.-. ' :--'- 23
State Bank, of Noi-tiikCriroliim,
., Nov. 24, 1S-1
llesolved that a Dividend of three per. cent.
on the Capital Stck of tliis Bank, be. and the
same is hereby declared for the past yeart pa-
able at the Principal ll mk, on Monday thV Tth'
of December' next, and at the several , Braiychss
fifteen days thereafter. - ! . '..":"
Nov. 24. '-. -1--V-'. " 28 ;
. . . t '
Atlantic Souvenir, for "1830.
THE Atlantic Souvenir, for 1830, splendi?y
boun?t in embospdjeather, With gilt leaves
'ami twelve highly finished engravings on steel,
by the first Artists. ) V; . v 'v
Just received and for sale by j ) : w-;
Frontispiece The -Wife, 'engraved by Dif
rand, from a picture by S. F. B. Morse. k ;
The Village School, engraved by .Ellis, from
a picture by Uitcher. , , ..' r ' : .
The Cottage, engraved by Kearney, from a
picture by Westall. . - " : r ?
from a picture by Leslie. i V I
The three Sisters, engraged byLpngacre,
from a picture by Sir Thomas Lawrence.' ' .
The Cottage Door, engraved by Kelley, from
a picture by Gainsborough. : . I
The Partihgjl our, engraved by Ellis, from a
picture by Corbbuld. 4
f The Bandit, engraved by Ellis, from a picture
by Eastlake. ; '.-';r: ..'r'.::V''-jK.i' ' ''''Ta'
The Portrait, engraved by Hamilton ; from a
picture by, Boarden. y v ; V- -'' '- :s s
The Fisher Boy, engraved by 1 Ellis, from a
picture by Inman. ' . ' -'v " - ' i . '. ' "
lieconcihation, engraved by III man and Pill
bow, from a picture by Stephan ffV : : ;''.''' .
The Temple of Kgina, engraved by Kelly
from a picture by Turner. ;;' ? . -fv
- Raleigh Nov. 24.' s -; ;-..:' r;. 28
The late Dr. Witt; II. Huirterv
,'' ..-.'-. ' -t;t---'i v''i-; -.': '
3TpHE subscriber : having administered to the
IL Estate of the lafe Br. Wlliau H. Hunter jaf
Raleigh, deceased; .cat'a upon: all persons indebt
ed to the Estate of the deceaseti to pay the same
forthwith , and requests that all persons who
liaveany demands upon 'said Estate,., will make
them known to him, that they mav; b't acttled. ?
, Nov. 23, .,1829. ; ' r' ' ; --i "27 , :
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust to, me executed
by Dr. William H. Hunter, to secure the
payment, of certain debts-therein mentioned, 1
shall sell to the h'tffh est' bidder,: o A .Wednesday
the 16lh day of December net,;lohd"c6ntiiief
rrom aayxo aay umii an is souon me peaiisesj
the House arid Lot on Hillsborbtigh Street, lately
occupied by the stid Dr. Hunter, together with
all the , Household' ami ,-Kflchen FurrilUire, One
Wasrffon,: six H orses, - two? H ules cand a sm4U
Mare called Polly Hopkins, r valaaole Liray-
conststjng f- Medical and 'Misceiianepo - Boots.
Immediately thereafter, I shall sell at 1thejtlinla-
tion near Kaleigb, all: -his- Stack,- co .sb't ing of
Cattle, Sheep and .Hogs. Terra3 made known
ua the day oi sale., ' . fc-
. TH OS-; G, SCOTT, Trustee .
, - Nov 23rd - ; - . 27- f
- y ' NOTICE. ' -
r NThursdayt:17th December. w.If be sold'at
ij the Plantaiion of ibelate Dr. AViihani, II;
Hunter, alK his, . Farming titertsilSi Cru, 'oddr.
Hay, utc.; iTerrascf s.ale- six months credit, the
purchasers giving-Bond with approved seccriiy.
THOS, ti, S C Oil, AunVft
Nov.53rd l$29i
' " , ; V V
A per3onsn.-tifd.sbtc4-:t'o the late firrAcf
BvdsattpM'-krH-hereby: notified, th&t
theif Kdtes S:4ccoantJav& been" placed in the
hand t)f i theubscriber Tor collection.- with in
st ructions to' commence: ui; aai nst all those
W,P iU to -(roifalonrard and settle t he fcisss
: 'lWtfl'n'nTIO-.
;y, r::-. 3t.
rfUAlS VflAVivOOp, liave lately rsv
T JjT. vxei ved 4Up ply of geiui n e Naples Sea p -
logetner witn a great yarn ety.-ot other .perturne
rj'-sueb i Cologne" and lavender V a te rs j - .
efjotp jesmlbean.Cinftamon- Spjips-C ;
AfsSJiangi-CakpBiwbic trb i ' jhiyrs
cbmrtended taJJibse gentlemen rho shave them-'.
elTes.Alt:.ofwbichvt6eyy.'IIl EelliinusuaJJy A
r -
. . . - -.
C-fc Principai. Teacher i:vtie'0 xlbrjf Stale" Acact- ;
iliVle?Py A - trentUrnan hf iborouW- classical
jcassar anu if earsn. uiF)r uosmetic vaJi iiasis, xor -beautifying
the skfri highly sfcented Rose Palm,
plive, Oriental,'! Violet ,'ivender, Ve-retablej ?
and other triedlliterary atj ?
tier has presented p th-s . itfst tuition a prciitabie y r
cheap; and other thin STS favorable to the gro tfi v
osetul iieM forahe full -emblynient ot all
quab'nVafwaff very healiby ;
tal of Graiivilre count y Nori h Carotina -so :
:y. ;intelliefenti hjiMtabIevandw6ra! r.;
andpermaneni priperitjr of aibly Ctniducted4 -f v.
?AppHcatrb?is?foT ; this -situatlcnVp.ost'paidj,' : : '
fim Teaeher1iHbiitv" a X . :
rr cewed ytytheWKwiSneedf Xxfrd '-Ci? v .
untd th!5th ''day of ;icctmber )iext, when the . '.
vacancy wdl he filled.'-. "v " ' : .
; lhe-duties of the Principal to emmence the ' ,
1 1th day of January 1 $30. X,'-. r r'.?" ; V v,
;t, , ROBERT R. GlLUAMSec'y- v
; Oxford lStliyov; 1 69. : : : ; ;y 25 oW. . J
' -KEACHilllv WANT K I), ?
flXO tafcf Charge; tfim Aidemy"in theiieigh; , .
' jty borhoooof RaleigbKTheJ)tuaMon is vety :;
lieal thy, i tb.vater good and h: neighborhood '
agreeab!eJisnces5afy:theT should '
.possess the futlowingquarificariciis viz jupder1' y-.'r
Ljtand, the lAtinT snd - Enpfih , Lanffuaw, . snd ' -
baye some knowledge of llathe R-uitics :a.nd bo ;
of undoubted mo- at character. A salary to sucli
Raleigh, Ndv- 1."- .
pjertiftum. ' Apply. tb:theVFAtcr3 .of tbi; paper : ;
persbnaily, or by letterpbst paidLl?:: Vv --' H-''' ; f
c-Raleiffh. NbVir. -,T'25.'tf. "--'-, " :
OlANAWAY trotrf the; Subcriberi" on jSat ur- -J "
JL day, the lSitf Jnst.jan apprentice' boyi narn-, :.
eddlix Jones;' 17-years bid la. J tine'? hotyery ' -tall,
tmt well set, with 'u. bold countenance, fair .
s.kin an I somewhat: freckled, witrHarge , white :
eye.s-; Hia ciothing is. a ffolack .Jeans, Coat and .: 1
plain white Pantaloons abdvVfwoollrlaf. Any
person bringing the said boy to'rae shall have
the above reward.ii:; i l . 1 4-."ov-'v"A"Vf.1 --V
V-'-l'i':.:,:: ":. '.
v Buncombe County, Oct.' 26.. ' ' 23 3w '
OFFEUf for le liia HOUSE St LOTS in thd.
; Tpwo of Oxfbrd;'ifh the: LAN D adjoining -about,
300 acres-ofwhich about 60 'acres are
WocKlland:'; The Itouse is52 by 40 feet cora-f
modious. aid well: finished throughout, having ;4
4 rooms, with hre plucks oil each t floor, - with
w ide passagoii ;;acii-a garret distributed into
closets a : id t w b comfort - b le rob rris ; . and a cellar r
Under the whqleiivided InWswefat apart me'btsi i' 4
It is situHted. In a. most beautifu? grove of Ouks :
jaitachedto it ia , large Facing Garden furnished ;
with fruits selectlfrbrb the'np
c -'nstructed'ofroefca'.stpn
of excellent vkatei iri'thv. yarl;ofcc.c in
might give evipioyment to 8 or 30 hands, havinej: -f--
belter con'Structed Yard is ti Idcm seehV any ' .
sarv OuUnnise all in gwii repair. ' ;
Also, a TANYA Rt I now in opefatiot, w htch
iyj.acres. or uni attuciu'd toati'and on the pre-
mises'isa :comtbvtah!'two story :Dweniig;t wilh
everyf-:nvriience.';-Tor' failvhfesuivrivce.; -A '
where.; Tbiar- property will be dipcsed of on :
reasonable and afccomraodatrng terras. : ; ' : : 'y
, ' ' t'-:i TH6BXnTLR10HN.') V
.Oxford,- Sent.-'Ii;.-. vcr6 ;-Vl:5olw 'it 1
-J r ' t " .... 1 '' ' r - l" 1
Baltimore; VsJiiingtpo-
v; town N"ew Xii ne of C.oaclie3, '-''V
7roughfrt)tnfGUfu hours
Will leave LY FORP's FOUNTAIN LVN, Xt-A-
iX Bonks. kept kt'the above places, and a!sr
at the Stage Office, Np, South-Calyert street
for the reception of passengers"names. . l',-
OCj'F Twt Dollars andlFifty Cents. ; .
' Baltimorr,'MX-'if: 'V25' ira .-V
. '- ' . ' - t
Olrcet.- on i HU USUAVi'Stb anstant, at hairpast -8
-o'clock ; in the morning,fibr Wasliington, and: ; ,
continue torun;?daily4i at Uhe same, time-wiU
eiveBatiVMdrm ufeA'entuiylvania .' v '
Avenue (near the President's house) for Balti-
A ACT;OFlJ AND iriVake county Iy- : -ijt
ing ' on both side of Dutchman's -Uranclv v? r
containing 393Tr acres, and another Tract lyingoa '
the south de of Swift Creeki ; TheT Tracts are- -
pontiguous, and were purchased : sifime; years '' -go
by the late Wm.Uilmour of W'm.'Brovrn V .
x , Apply,ta the Editors of the Jtegist r who are? ''
authorised by the owner to sell said land. ..' - f
August st:iifm:':::Mi:
2 linversity.6f NbrthtJarQliua'will be held at"'? '.
the Estcutlv Qfnce oaTuesday the 15h dr
t Py apporntment of the Vresldect of the roardX 4 'I
t V" A5. XIAVLY JSecV c' . -c -
; BaleiglKNov. 12th' 1 829.
Iiimstlf SAMUfiLVWlLKfNS. und says that h
was bound !ah' apprentice - to ' Wm MoseJv- .t
iTTAS taken up and c:rajnitted to tbeMail cf X; "
V y ;t his '; cou nty,; on f4 he 2d bf 5Urch; Jast, a ' "
negro mah i sitpposed t; be tC SJaVet vho calls , . T
pprentcer-i to 'Wm. MoseJv. .br 1 .
Korfolkjrya.nd1 that hv rauaway from the said v " -.Mrtselvherbre
his term of tprbt
pited. "rrfie saiti hegro h's bteii in this coiinty V
5 or .6 ye-ar3,xan'd has passed duf;ng thif timV as '-.
a hee m in ; he is about 1T4 earn :r' agi-,'5 teet, -i,
OP Tiiicl s hisrh, aiu -coal -hlack.
,1'he owner v'
-of satd-negruia requested lo come forwan!, provci "-'
prbpfirtyjid pay c4iai,;of iiS wdl- La- deaUr
: ; in iature u U n,. r . - .
',;Ti!E Subset iber to inturm theXa.
dies and Gentliti.rnol Rihtghi th-ittin has t-k ,
en arom at ilrStuau'? on Fayetttvsile Street,'
where-" hs will be pleascdo serve -tltose wh
niay.fuvpr hjm sth their : pxfronage: : f ;
, Ladies watted on at their' tfruusa. '
.-i,Wnere-the-.Likeae3 .wflot ."SUCcesafuV'" up
charge will b made. 1" ; : , " , r
wip as tneAW'ivc;s., - - - , .
' . " -' " ?;j AM IIS PA L:niT, j iilcr.
Windsor, tfJerUe touatjVJune 9. 1'".r- - '
r'Pricedv. S't 83-6 -b; -
i t
e- .4 - ..

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