North Carolina Newspapers

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;.-': FAi(niiY physician. 5: V
With th e ir tyrnptom a, ' cau ses cure," and means
, v. t "V"vr vr , " f . ; management ana diseases ol wraen ana unu
V" t ff VH h Store a vcrf jrPneMtrassorlTnent.'Of , Tt v dispensatory for preparing
w v ' Tj." Schoul am ht lloftka; Stntiory, CcC-r- M?diipes, and a Glossary explaining Techni--
. x V 'iuTi Uey orer f sale tb Cotmtry MarcMnts, x "Cal tctms-Alsa, Xhe, Turse'j Guide, J ,
y ' cheTBivndor V?n!th moRWccofuTnoda 1 ,. . , , , ,- V,H
1 'Tco VAe Seventh-Edition; ' ;
:cotfs Family Uibl,Wnei?cditiQiH5TOl.-- enlar-tr! and very considerably to 1
: ' t,'ar,v',Tv -n'.iri.c. itn in var Wvus hiiulins i do do. vcviseu, eniartr., ana very ;caniuci auij, ,ut ,
vt'tTi douUo. Pocket do. fine edition, m extra
-v,'-do,. common i. School da., Pocfeet j v.liY jtwtuLtM,
t TeKtaiTrtcnts; yanoiwJ-bfralWjga ; .KcWol -do . ; : ? ; -
- - , tlomton" riavoiv db- do &c.;' u" -T; t)nthe important subjectof dome3tj,medi-
' V -v. . V TEiADKRS Y"-' 'K dne many, bookst, have, r been written; which,
- n' r..,, r.;MMiM(!.r.e'T thomrh excellent in other respects, have greatly
v 1. ".. Intro Juctsiin
. ;;dq ; .V-Seqiiel
j Khtional, iadcr'6 ;
V "do 1 Orator . -
1 CoJunib:an 'd A
do vr , Exposor;- '
AmerictTt PrecppU'M
Art of ftHdmff well:
Juvenile .Keader'
Popular Lesson .7
Looking Gass I -
JewYork Headers,. No.
Jaccbs Greek Header ;
rdor ;iJLatjni do
i' ' Murray i Eftj.GrannHr'Farraml'a Gk.- Gramr.
' .do dol do'Cahridgcd) nlpey'a do 4 . dot
-. Irt Yfrrefi Hoors' do-1 . do'
' xlo dorjCsercises
mar- ) -
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do .V-
. f O"1! Jnirersol
' ' 4 , - Boardmans
Uoonea'. do -; "S ; do
tin ddimaria. Latin do'
Adams', r do, - 'do
Gould'a ' do dox
Rossk ' ' -do v do
Levizack's French vdo
Perrin's. -v
fike's' Arithmetic
i do ; Key to do;.
Smilev'st 4 do .
IVilUrd's ; do i :
Daboll! do i,
. Cough's - . - da' .
Dil worlds f dox 1
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do - A
Adams- '
Goburn5 v do ' " v v
Fdo Sequel to? Arith
metic . . v
-Tv tle'a Eletrentsjof do
Crinbav, & His tory of
. 4
do -Key to ' f do
WhelnleCompend.oflRobertson's History ;of
uiiaries aia; . i.
do do' American v
do :,lo Scotland "!
and India .
GibbonV HUtory of .
Home . ; , ,
ScottV Life of Napoleon
The Ilistory of ;Modern
-Europe,. wUh an ac
count of the Rise and
- Fall ? of the ' Roman
Empire-. '
Irviiigj Life' and "Voy-
ages of Columbus a
1 bridged for Schools. '
AnquetiKs & Rimsay's
Universal History
, Rome .
;uv States
XX SUtes
tD. States
fru do do;
toaltss. do
Gpodrich's do U.i S t&t es
Tit kin's Mv do U. States
Howe's . do Greece '
Kollins Alneient History
GoliUmit h's Animated
' VjHure I 1 ,
wurne, smvuetand hism
' beet's History rofjRng,
'land . j. "
. Adams Geography and
iAtfcsrfJt - '
' Morsels' ' T ' do. 'do
VVercesteiS's do r ! do
. . do .Epitome do .
. Smilcy's Geography and
; ana Atlas . .
Wotxlb ridjje's do
GooVlrich's do
IVillctf s .do
Willard'a do
v WebsUr'sSpellinff B'ks
Ndw-Yorkt do do J Di! worth, do ;
- -Picket
lorn , UO v-
et's 'dov,
4-New-York Expositor j
1? 1 An.
7 Walkers School
T Vi
?i tionary-S , s.
: - . do; y" large-.'
k: r' .do. 'Pfcket
;V Juhnonfs- h do r
' v 'do-H'.larg'e
v. Todd's Johnson's ;
- ' Bqyer'8 Friench.,
v -Nuerents do
Newman'4panish do
: Primary Dictionary ,
' . i-HntickVlilino V
"' .. 3, ... . " v - i''-. sv- t4 v."'-'1
do ;
Murray's Spelling B'ks,
Universal,' do. ' - do
Union j,- do- do'
Ainsworth'a Latin Die
tionary v ' ,
Lempriere's Classical, '
Buck' Theological t)ic
tionary ' ' '
Brown's i"Pictionary of
,th Hi hie
Chemical Dictionary , ,y
Hoopers Medtcal do
Pickering's Greek Lex-
iconv-..-, ,
Schrevelius. Lexicon ,
Grove's Grk. & Eng. do
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Stationery. fc.
Royal Drawing aPer
Super Royal co do
. Paper. ;v " .
v. K Cap Drawtog Ptaper ,
TDeroy '. .do 4 do
Medium '.do do H
Medium andj Royal Pa
per ,
iCjroii:rost-w.iiemy,tjt'ai3uper ttoyaianu im;e
per . ( - I - rial Paper
v Morocco .Paper jGoid Vaper
" Marbled Paper - . 'F)incy colored do
Keeves' Water Colours
; v in Boxes o
t Cumel's Uaijc Brushes,
Toy Paint Boxes , tf
Wede wooq, Pewfer,"'
;' "'Cork? Glass 8c Pocket
InkstandJ ' 4 f '
Sand Boxes f '
Iliac k and: :V.
1 ldia Rubber, and India
4" Silver. Pencd Cases
KtiMfr Tnaehble Ink
s Gentle meti's jfcket
3 9V
Vfaling Cards.' &.Case5
"Menioraitduna Book.;
Black & Red Wafers
Black and 'Red Sealing
- Wax 1 .
Black and Red Ink k
Black and Red Inkpow-"der.-v
y .t
Drawing Pencils and
v Blotting Paper
Slate and Slate Pencils
Wrapping and Sand lJa-
- pet rr -
Day Books, Ledgers,
-' Jr.urndb,, .-
Cash' Books, lleceipt (,.
Books, Stc. -
failed jf usefullnes to Aniericans because they
tre;.tw diseases which. existin,in very foreign
climate.t and constitutions, must wklely differ from
.".- . . ... . : ' ... ... ' n . . -V it ji' " I !
imfs. i rhe boot now orlcrea tuir.c puouc lias.
thr-fM tlus irreat advantage of v bavins: been
written by a' native American ot longana suc
cessful practice in the Tsauthern states, arid who
for yirs past, ha turned much of hi attention
to ihe r.nmnfiaitiun ot t'. " ' "
; To every'familj' roof e .especially tbdsejn re
mote situation the possesion of thiV book mut
unquestionably; be of 1 incalculable value"? for,
conducted by such a guide, it wilt notj be pre
sutnjituous to stiy 'hat any persomot xoieraDie
capacity, and reasonable: attention, may be,eia
bledto pracctise with safely and advantage, in
these cases of si mole diseases most incident to
ourclrmate, ?. ' ' .
This work is for salei by . -
-r ' ; ? ' j o; GALES & SOX.
, August 1. : K " ... 95-
.Amencaii Turf Jtesrister
r 1 J
I4TAVE lately receTved larger ajd extensive
Uvt'ssortmentW Z) and Medicine, consist-
inff.ih part, ot Suipnaie nuinjnev um .yi'
variou8'.cinast-,.pt'iuuiiw'.'i'",Ta v s"-, -Pnnpr
fllnei Loiidon'Elue I3U, ; BlaclcOxyde
Mercury Citrated Kali for. makihgi netitral tmx-
ture; Comp. JSXir,ar5aparjui,v nw ,
Sup : CarV;Sbdx Tart. AcidTurkey,Gdm; Ara
bic, Calc; JtfanesiaXUowiBark, tealoroeU Ja.
lapV Rhubarb, C. Tartar, Sugar LJ ad, Spt Ni
tre;. Bals, popaiva,ptrAmmohynHart. Antiroo,
ny, Sulph Copper Liquorice Paste, fcc..'.;-
.jiZ general ftSsUrtroeni otPatent:; Medicines,
Shop FoTiiiiure SuVgebtxs,: instniments, 4Dye
Woors, Hatters' Trimmings and Miterials, such
as Aqua Tort is, Quicksilver, LW wood, , Bow
Strings, -Sknwniiriingfl and , Band,. Buckles It
Brusheaver lo w. ; A Jarge supply ' of Paints
Bnuhes of every description, Spt.lTurpcrrtint,
Linsee.'.,Hmp and Tanners' Oil, Gold aivrSiI-
ver leal Copal nd: Leather iVariish , super or
nualitv, Window.Giass, 8 X 10, 10 IX 12, 12 K
16 and 16 X 18, and Putty. : ' .
1 vutr aKnVtment comprises, eve -y article, in
, 1 rirthWrvi Vme s the' principal part , of
w;dch having lately been selected bt themse lves
in Pliiladelphitt and Ne w-Yo'rkwlth cash, they
np n.Jiled to sell to cash dealers pr punctual
iictiiirifWi nn i better terras tNn ev,er be
t. r Phvsicianji and
' Merchants wdl find it "tdt'their intefefst to call and
Ptarnir.c hfofe niirchasttitr elsewhere.
ST QUE want of renositorvin this country, like
Ji Enelish SjMirtinjp ilajrazine to svrve as
an authentic, record of the performances and pe
digrees of the bred horse, will be admitted by
all,, whether breeders,' .owners, or amateurs of
that H-imrruble animal. lt The longer we remain
without' such a registeri'ythe more difficult will
it be to'trace the' pedigrees' of existing stock,
andthe'more precarious will its value become.
Is it hot, -in fact within the knowledge of many
readers, that animals known to have descended
from ancestry of the highest and purest blood,
have' beetiV confounded with the vulgar mass of
their species, by the loss of an old newspaper
or memorandum book, that contained their pe
diffrees t. Sensible for yevirs past of thi dinffer
wbicli in this way threatens property of so much
value and persuaded that it is not yet too! Ute
to collect and s:iveiTiaiiy: precious materials that
would 'soon,- be otherwise lost, the subscriber
hopes to supply the long looked, for deiideitumy
bv -the"' establishment of Tus AstsuiciTTpaT
Rseis'TER..-.-.' B'K though an account ofthe per
formances on the American Turf, and the pedi
grees of thorough-bred horses, constitutes the
chief aim of the wbrkit is designed, also, as a
Magazine of information (like the English Sport-big-
Magaxlne) on veterinary subjects generally ;
and of various rural sports, as Racing, Snooting,
Hunting, FistiingVrTrotting' Matches, fttc. toge
ther with original sketches of the natural kUtury
and habit of American game of all kinds , and
hence the title The ' American Turf Regi$ter
and Sporting ' Magazine. It will of course be
the aim of the. Editor to give Jo his journal an
original American cast, conveying "at once, to
readers of all ages, amusement and instruction,
in regard to our own country, its animals, birds,
fishes,. Sec; 'in the absence of domestic materials,
the magazines received from abroad will supply
an ample stock Of appropriate matter. .
. - Finally' as to the style and execution of the
Work, the first 'number, just published & . ready
for delivery, mayt be received as a fair specimen,
entitled to some allowance for the imperfections
-inseparable from the first essay in a new and
somewhat complicated and difficult enterprize.
r . : ; - J. S. SKINNER.
lished monthly. Each number will consist of
about- fitly, paes, embellished with . beautiful
engravings -price $5 per annum, to be paid on
the receipt of the first number. -
C3 Where the numier of subscribers at any
place hhall warrant it, it w'. 11 be sent by private
conveyance at' the expense of the Editor, and
delivered free of any extra charge ; jpie re it is
sent by mail the subscriber will have to pay the
postage, v .'"'... - '
0 Persons procuring- five , subscribers, and
sending t!ie money, will receive a sixth copy
gratisand s.o in proportion for a larger number.
Baltimore, Sept; 1. . . .. s . ,
-.'-Z'- orders in their lino attended. to ''with
r:iT .Vthe earliest despatch.; V, '
, 4 1 Oct.,9th,im '
I -
- T-llaisins,- In boses and half, boxes
'C . pmnesZiiute Currants, . Figs' and Dates;
Italian Citrm and Preserved Ginger -
. Pine Apple Cheese: - s - . s
Water andll iitter Crackers ' v iV
Wax and. Spermaceti Candles " vv t
Cinnamon Cloves Mace and -Nutmccrs
' Candies and Kisses., '-TV .
t Nonpareil, Comfits and Sugar Plums1:
r 'ChildrensTovs; &c&c'&c.,V - ;
Theiabovearticlea h&vinsr been purchased
"ntich cheaper than heretofore, the Subscriber
will b 4 able to dispose of them 'at - such price
rswill suit the tunes. ,
,v S - i ; . 'J., HENRY HARD1E. .
Wine -
do ' ,
do bottled in Oporto
Raleigh Nbyll
j?rii r.TlinNSkhisssincere .thanks to his fiiends
- JLtLaml tne puotiC gejierauj, iwr, iuc -nucwi
" Shared ot patronage uc,i wmvi v viv,i.m
hop es his attention to busine&a. and exerjtions o
p!ease7Wdl secure a conUmiance ot, the saroe j
He wotild also inform bis friends &, the public.
:tf r tit lias nisi receircu . ;m"uw"v dui.hus.
tl CLOTHS of the following, colours; v.x ,
.Htlfine JiUe,
1TE have lately received and offer for sale,
f . the following Wines and Spirits, which we
can recommend to Families and others, as being
of the best qualities : -
Old L. P. Madeira
a Sicily . do
.-. '-'Lisbon a v .
. Old Port
f- French Brandy-
. Holland Gin v
Jamaica Jluin .
-. Loudon Porter
Imperial Tea
i Gunpowder do. -
Oct. 21st 1829. . . 8
OP almost every ' description,;; may be always
,. , had at the Buokstorr, of J Galks h So,
printed on good paper and after the m6st ap
proved forms, viz ' 1
Wrks, Excc.uj(ns for Debt & Cost, Execu
tons for cost'onlywx--."
' 3fy Tckets,2 Witness Tickets, !
Appeal & Bastaiay Bonds, ' '
Subposn:.Commissuiii foV'takinr.: Deposit
tions, -t$-"s l'v-,s : v:. -: ;
Apprentice's Indntures ind Bonds.C;
Administrator's & "Constables Bouds,
- Marriage Licences ind Bonds, '
Capias at Satisfaciendum, ; . ;
Orders of Sale from a Justice, C "
Reco.riizartce and Bonds to prosecute
Tu Fa's, against Bail, ; ; - , '
' ' "l8 against Securities, Sec. &c ' '
rtife'lT FOR i SHERIFFS. 'J'
Deeds for Sales by Execution, , i - '
.-OJ5,: ', vraxts,--n
.-Bail.Bondsv:?-?' ::
, Forthcoming Bond M
, Ta Receipts:&ci.r'"'i- &r
, . arrintSj ua. Sas. V
T T' '. Appearance Bonds,
t ;, 'Ex?cuti6hs &c. &c.
- - :.r
R Jeiph, June 3, 1823.
Common pelortgag8,pK
- ;t.?Tfinaict-meiits. eeda of Trust and
Raleigh Sept.-3. v
40?ftcams f4 Post arid.FoolscaD
To fMerchadtsV;. arners, c.
fTf AVING taken' thai jirge fire-Wroof Ware
tM House & -'Wharf recently occpU-d by Mess.
J. k W. Southvate, tenderhif services to
.i - .- ' .1
'COUXTHT KUCU4 VTh, rllNTKHS, i - . ' T
ers and the public jrenerur, in the
duce Lumber of every description; lhe
Stating their
for which
very mode-
chase of G ols, and gwferaliy in tan
business trnnsACtioivs Tu t'he4Boruut
his -commissions 'Will in all cases be
His attention beiag confined solely
siori Business, and his knowledge ot
of this modeJOf transacting busut-ss
rough, together with his thorousrh ad
ofthe Uonntru JSusmess win, tie nop
advantageous to those who may
a.-ency. "'' . -"
Reference to Messrs.
r1' r'. . mUlamsbttrz.
Unas Li. vv ingaeiii, r
; 'Hubert Sou ter, s; ;
Shields & Ashburn,
i..' . - X Kd ts. Beacon
September 1829.
ersons na
in the Bo-
e, be found
employ his
Vegetable Sirup and ' itmoder,
te; repeat
e been at
nuw otitis
e wastinjr
THE Proprietor of this Medicine, s
ed trials of; it virtues.' which ha
tended with the.mst sitil success,
it to those . who are afliicted .with "tS
diseases which it is dt&ij'n'ed to.rel-eve, in full
confidence tiiatil will be found efficacious, pivr
ticularly if taken in the incipient stages of these
F6r two years past, this Medicine has-been
prepared in the form of a Powder, 8c ikeu as an
infusion, with the most happy success. It is now
offered to the afflicted in the firm of 'a Sirup or
in Powder, as the Patient may prefer, under the
conviction, that either form will produce the
saine happy result. Among its most irominent
qujlities the following may be mentim cd, as en
titled lo particular consideration.' It promotes
that gentle perspiration wUich is deemed healthy
and checks those sweats which are ri orbSd and
pernicious. It relieves chronic affections and
congestions ofthe lungs by giving force to the
languid circulation, t assuAjren coughs. It ur
motea free and bland expectoration. tt femoveV
pain from the chest. It relieves asthmatic and
difficult respifatiprt. It corrects obi inate cos
tiveness, and thus leaves the bowels in a rcguSilr
and healthy state. Thus, it is. found, bat thest
painful symptoms which indicate diseased lui:gs,
readily yield to this powerful remedy, when sea
sonably resort el to, and that it restores the pa
tient to that bodily vigour, which : t lat cruel
disorder the consumption, if lt-ft to its natural
operation, would very speedily destroy.
Certificates respecting the Virtue of ' his Medi
cine vw il accompany each bottle. Price of Use
Syrup, $2 50 per bottle, or $24 a dozer . Of the
Powder 1 per bottle, or $9 a dozen.
Fayette ville, Feb. 1829. I '53- -
03 This Medicine may be had at the Streot
J. oALKa &. SON, Raleigh. 1 y .
183 0.
CONTAINING besides the Astronomical Cal
culations,. 'Essays on Appriculture, valuable
Medical and Miscellaneous Receipts, Anecdo'es,
a list of the; Members of the next Legislature
and of the Officers of the State and General . Go
vernment,' time of holuing the; different Courts,
&c. 8cc. ;'.': .' ''y;-"' ';, . i ' '
This Almanack may be 'had wholesale of the
Publishers; tialeigb ot Mr. Edward ;
Observer Oliice, Fayetteville, and of Mri
Hall; Bookseller Newberh ;-andetail, Hof most
otthe Storekeepers in the state.
Sept. 1829. , ' " . ' '
rnKUZ' 'Subscrifcen bas oh' hind ndi intertds
ke'epinga supply of the 6est Mould Candles
of his own nwDufactureThich
the Box, tot, in qriantities to soft those who may
please5 to'-faWfinci' wlthi their ;ctistom.
P' . i i : , HENRYJIAm)IE,1
? I f "E
riihurfi'of tha Grant Vtnermto ItneiZmt-
j td States i
TfltvALPHONSE LOUBATV paving conso
JL erab lye nlarged h;syineyard ;on Lopg-
; six milea from rNew-york, on tne: roaa
to Fort Diamond. -where he now i has; in
cuhivalitinr a Vineyard of forty acres of ground,
containing a stock Of 6500 Grape Vines and
a Nursery of 72,OO0 Grape Vine Kootscompris
iog sTxty-twrd Varieties selecte4 n Europe be,
t weep 40 and 50 latitude; and having. also
h- rweiiiiar advahtace of bei nr enabled to" pro
cure the best species of Roots from his ' Father's
extenSiveineyards and Nursertes ui ine ue
rwrtmehts Vf Girondei ' Lot;Vahd 'Garbnne in
France. Ni Lat. proposes to the numerous
friends to the cultitation ot Uie lrape tvinesn
tberUmted Stes, a subscription "11V; ;v
Mrv A K L v will -engagetc furnish subscriber
with their Grape Virfe Roots,; lieforei therV
of April next. iThe Koots willi be three tj ears
old.' and-will produce considerable fruit tlWaec-.
ond year from the time of theiribeing planted, j
They will "bet carefully 'classed, and; packed, I
Wtr.Ch Will great iyvacA.aie iu i.iixti,u , w uic
Roots, when transplahtedk;L -h -', . : irr
' t Orders ; will be punctually ; attended t to t the
subscriber designating , the quantity "and apef
cies of the Grape Vine Roots they Wish to have.
They ' will engage to pay for 1OC0 roots or more,'
at the rate of 12 cents for each root for .leas
than 1 000, at the rate of 15 cents ? land.25 cenU
per root for less than 50. i Rdois only tvto year
oldi shall be paid for at, the rate of 9 cents each,
for 1000 or more. ; 12; cents for les than 1000
and-18 cents, (or less than 50 roots.' . ,: : - - v
Payment to be made on delirery of the roots.
Letters not received unless ' t
Mr. A. Loubat's Book on the Culture of the
Grape Vine, and oo the Making; of . Wiue," may
be found at the principal Booksellers of the, U-
United States and his Agents wWl furnish them
gratis, to subscribers." C-ft :: 'V J; -s
Mr. Loubat lias selected the following species
as the best ; the choice of which is left to iub
acribers: v . ' v '': 1-' '."'-'': " '", : ': .- ' '. '"
Table Grapes, or for making: Strong Wine
I v! y-4;--: A'- vviifiE. Hr.? v..-'..:
1. Alicante. 2. Robin Byes, with bier clusters;
or, GUI de Tour, grosgjain, 3 v DoMelting, f" or
fondant, J A. Sweet Guillant,5. iMuscat,. Do
a romignan, . nnsciwciic, iruui iuc4 ricr,
8. Miivoisie, 9. Tokay 10. Syrian, 11, Cbnstan-
tia, 12. Malaga, IS. Meillers. 4 -
v . 141 Lare Muscat, 15. Mai voisie, 16. Red Foot,
(Pied Itouge, ) 17. Black"Hambourg, ! l8.'Con
" ' ' For J Vine
19. Auvercrnat, 20. Blaiiquette21. Dpucinel
le, 22. Plan de Denie, 23. Ohvette; 24. Doucette,
25. Plant de Reine, ,26." Burgundy,J27. Morillbn,
28. Madere, 29. Bourgelas,'30. Picardah31.
Cbalose, 32. Panse. , iL, --
"-'-4 " ';- RED. -i ' ,
33. Claret, 34.. Auvergnat, 35. St. Jean, 36.
Jacobin,' 37. Meunier, 38. Pineauj 39. Pritanier,
4iv Teinturier,' 41. Bouigignon, 42. Bouteillant,
43. Suisse, 44. St. Antoi;ie, 45. Garnet Noir. , '
v IbrtheTUlem
' VlHTE. -1 : . ,
v 46. Cbasselas, (from Fontainebleau,) 47 Do.
Golden, 43. Do. Cracking,- 49. Do. Musk 50.
Muscat Lecarde, 51. Do. Small Bi fries, 52 "Do.
(d'Akxandria.) 53. Do. from Jura.) 54. Sa.uj
-l,, .;....' " RED.
55. Cbasselas, 56. Do Violet,
Dumas Violet, dl. Do. of PoqueU 62. Early Mag-
dele.n. -: : A ? ''"--:,'','- '" S ; -
Subscriptions will be received by f , ' ,
::. ..!.. JOS. GALES & SON, 1
!. Itdeigh.V
Xew and Fashionable;
f ' ;
- ' - i '-
..--.7 '
" - i V:';
GALE& SON nave just recrfvMa
J Jadltherfollbwi
M Maddock's Retibrts, sS voluniesS
, i Peters' tteports; 2d volume
V V 'Stones Pleadings; hew edition ' '
- tStarkie On Evidence; do, oki" ( '
H0" onMttletonr32
-Memoirs of-BoBTar.--i --.;T' ; J
.51tfef s frp'm' iWEgeiii.';- - ; '.'-:' -
aH BttckmlnsterV Sermbiut; - a new 'ilUi
lTodd's Johnson's Dictionary -Tt s
. Neale's literery Remains ,'- . .
-sLast. ofthe Plantagineisl 2 vols
Tales)f Fassiou y - -: V
, . : Traits o rravel
:Devreux iVftv,
Richelieu'?: " f'.
Hungarian 'I ales
4 Subuitein's Luj; Book
ISfratton Hill
Schoblof Fashron;
il' The'Colieirians ''!
Tales of Mditary Life
-. rue -Protestant v "Gierstein
. v isus i gipc7 j
Travels pf t.ifes, f
do :
Shepherd's: Calender r: -do
Tales. dfthV-Good WoroaiV-i
iApjcian'' Mofsels'?r'.;-- .?'!
: Jrviiigs Columbus, abridged by hiicseJf
Virginia" Housewife 4 VT 'ly v '.T
h yy Pastor's Sketch Book f
,1- Dick's Future State? ;
i ;f Bicbat's Epito mey. ' -
. " EwelPn Metlical Comnan1s L,l ' .
i v ALSO a Very general Assortmeot of sS
Books and Stationery. V, ' y - i
r- .J - ' October 19, 1829
rrr Within the last three month . o,.k...-,
to ibis paper throughout the country, wbow
in arrears, have been generally advised of tbt
fcefand of theiamouht due. Some have promnk
y paid up; and many others we have no douk
will do so shortly. It is proper it should beU
detstood that, about- the 10th of December vi
shail discontinue; sending the Paprr to all tloa
i i'arrear, who shall not by that time have madi
Eayment. ' This . measure may we appreheni
e regarded by some as harsh. ' We can assuS
such that it will be resorted lo only in cbedi
;nce to the first law. of nature. - ,: y.
OCT In the following cities and nejVhbnrK.
the 'gentlemen whole names are placed opposjj
i ucm m c imiiuncu 10 receive ! ana receipt
for all moneys due the Establishment viz - '
in iiiis uisxnct,r . zur. toward ueeble.
Messss. Wells 8c Lilly. ,
Mess. Hurley .& Woolsf.
Mr. R, H. Small. . "
Mr. William Porter.
Messrs. J. Gales & .Soo
Mr G. Dorsey.
Mr. W.P.Hunt. 7
Mr.5 It; "Wortbtngton. ' "'
..At Boston.
i Atf New: York, ;f
At Baltimore, ;
At Raleigh, N. C.
At New-Orleans, v
-At St. Louis,") ; ."
In Virginia, "
y " b:;;:-:VAv:t;'
' '.. - . v'.ysv;-.' a . ..
Watches, -&Ie wellejrvy! Silver asi
1 BntannialVareVand
refceivetl her . Fall
zands a . superior quaHty ; of
Naples 'Co
la Sarsnetts
uaoes ex. tucrincrs
Dying & Scouring Establish lnent.v
L. WILLIAMS, respectfully inforinl "the
Ladies and Gentlemen ot Kaleigh knd Rs 4 chase
vicinity, that he has commenced the ab0ve. bu
siness in its various branches at the Houie, next
"door but one; below the Confectionary: tore Qf
Mr. J Henry Hardie,4; on i''Fayetie,vi.neStre4C-k-'".He
dyes Canton Grapes,. Silks, Stuffs, StraW Leg
horn' and Chip Bonnets, with a beautiful gloss on
thenr LadiesyeTls, and Merino Shawls ehnn.
ed or dydi without injury to their borders ; also
ladies Handkerchief Hose &; Shoestdved
,i - i i - itliw-Jtmncue du r ..,5. rAj:w ntwBUK HuulJCS. JUStreceiVeU bv 1
any color. Cotton aiid Wool Yams dyed, 'v, , j
viiGentlemen's Apparel of eVery deacriotiftW ril
I , - , , . ... : . 1 1 T . . 'i TT J I
v ea, scpurea amj pressea cieganjiy ; The 'collars
j of coats will not sustain any injury in the process
oi aying or suounug mjiu. wui .oe put in hand
some shape. - '-i - ,
: All Orders entrusted to him. will be
with the utmost faithfulness and the createjit d
patchy. v. . - ,v,;..
' RleiffhSet. 2, 1829.- -4. ' - - 'a-
sunplv of MILLINERY and , FANCY
GOOD'S btihif the rnot sj4'endd assortinent
ever .ifl red in this City. "yThey "consist in , part
of the tollowing articles s - " " 1 4 1
Giv.s de lijgoad Silks, a new article : for.Ladies
dresses -Figured
Grss de
ifvods for, iio.
Biack and coloured plain Gros des Indies ' '.
F'guted Isin.irynnes, Palmirceus St Cotepaleys
Aienno l-tris u r cassia ns fit hg.ured Pophp -
liiack, , .mea 6t plain iiros de
Lured -do. 1 -S:sr';
S at i n Lf va . te en's,' I talianLu strings
Nankin and Canton1 crape TtobesV a
Pliiu and figured Swiss muslins,' dolRube's
b iJ gle and dounle Lace Flonllos, a new article
JLar.e Petereens and Capes, a largeyasKOrtmeot
Ladies and Infant's thread & . Bobbinet Lace
, Laj.s ,. ; y. ", ' ,s yv.
Thread and Bobbinet
6 4 and 4-4 Babinet LaceS" and Quillms
A large assort men t ot Musli n Fl orilHs and capes
Merino Scarfs, Shawls and Haiiderciieta ; v
Thibet wool, CasluViere and Prussiati' do. - V " -Silk
and worsted Bareere do., with- ninmd hwl
1 - ' .'V - -' ' - " V". ' ,. ,- ".
Embroidered, Crape & Gause' dol i
Tortoise shell. Combs of all kinds
iiraziiian shell do a large assortment
Lao ics' a Misses' Horse sirin Gloves and Mitts
Do, ... Silk,. .-Worsted, and Cotton .'Stockings
Velvet and'Silkr Bonnets, with lOstricti. plumbs
Leghorn, Navarim and Straw do. h'' -.-v;. .. Iv
Chinchilla,; Plush and Seal skin do. for- chUdreii
.superior emproiaered Belts
Moi.uu and common do. ;: ' J'
Bonnet and Cap Ribbands '-.
itead ornaments & vrtiriciai Flowers
Carohne, Camlet and Pluid 'Cloaks . i v .'
I'runella, lMorocco,Searskin" kLeather shoes ' i
Misses, ami chddren's-Bbots nd shoes -
Wax and German Ddls :;y -$fg&
Bear's Oil, Antique do i Fancy Soaps 1&Colpe-ne
water . " s -C :.l - . ,
BERNARD OOPOT respectfully infonM la
; friends and 5 they: public - generally that k
has received ; from New-York and Philadelpbii,
an extensive and splendid supply'; of Goods a
his line, of the most approved and latest fashioo&
In addition 'to his former stock he has also if
Reived and in future will constantly keep ooui
a superior assortment cf Perfumery and a greiJ
variety ol Fancy ArticlSi winch ahogetner, tors
the most desirable collectjSii of Gouds eter &
f fered in this martceti Persons desirous of pi
curing any superior articles,, are respectfully n
vited to call-and examine for themselves, as ht
Is very confidtnt that therichness, neatness
cheapness: ot his assortment cannot lau iopiease.
: ly He returns his sincere thanks for.die very" li
beral encouragement he. has hitherto jeceive
and hopes that by his personal and punctual at
tention and devbtfoa' to - business, to merit stiiU
continuance of public patronage. 1 v U
1 N. Bi Clocks and Watches of all descriptioM
VnWcrefidly repaired. All kinds of gold ani
silver Work1 mariufactured at the shortest noucfc
- . Novsmber 11. V flFZ - ' - M
To Journeymen Tailors.
iSrwTA'NTTRD iriimediatev;l two or three first
f V Vs ratebrkmen. y Apply to ;yv "
A T a Meeting of the - Agricultural Societj d
'Aj, Duplin County; at the Court House for saiS
county; bn tlie' 9ttu nst;:premiums were awrarde
as lol lo vvs, viz" : -.' :4 Aj: .-; -H : --.'.-.
To Williams Gboper, for the' best Colt,
of inn
proved ore; f:m::-AyAr c:3 Z
Do. , N ' do.mi. do. J . V
To Mrs. Jeremiah $earsally foi" he best Do- . .
fc-y. mesUc;-Cba'nterpani?i'i.O-y.i ' f .-f f
To Mrs. Susan Dickson do Coat Pattern, 1 5J
To Mis; Johd Oliver ' do r do do -1 ,5
:Db "v.' do ' .dOl-JVestdoyf;; If.
To MrSi Rob; Aliddleton; do" piece Flannel, 2 ?
; yTl he Committee not able:; to discover a fliffej
ence in the patterns f these ladies hsveagrecfl
to divide' (e;qtial ly.y t.he premium. ;y f . , ; . 1 .
irt'rnv,irA rr Mi. VHiuti 'it was irreeo t
the' nembers Af : this .Society:. fexert their inlW
( e ficetb jncreisetlieir fundsand number of Bienv
bers by ihe next' hieetincr, wtJch shall be ,Dvl
r .1 . -
ou rurses, t:ncy Boxes a -variety oh other
articles in the M illenery nti, Fncy'I,iiWviy y
' . -l'h Y? -goodv retpi ire none of te mocferi;'
putt ing put: willystiuw rfor - themselves. V Ti.
public are respectfuiiy invited to call andpur-
ItaleighiNQv'" 1 9.'
J 4 if
1) YINGr&- HGO UlilJSa-
lARY ; AXt)KE W5,; respe
iVlL forms the PabbcZ that V her nVTVn
.P!fc.?,1.iiio? Haiifa'StreeurvWrds
, V"r - i1 owir-noujx;,' anur mat sne is prepar
ed to fVffMitVV-v . v.--'
- - ? , --I Ann - -1
Shew,ff e horn ilat ;
? Sattm and qrapvDressestockiri.ioVes! -.:VOuly.il4,l.SP; I
also dyes anprseSrDomesdc.Cl
Mrs. ndrewslaiU tohtinuesStcilfe.InK ? " . x ' . l rT"-
? atm continues toycarrr bri the
and'wdl db rork in that lin
I daHut.i.v fv ; - r v 7"t -v,'v fl Jin f moueraie jjerms, - , . v
I- . . iieJsn.jtJcopecSSiX-tsi - s. ev; J;;' fi .-,u I - t..f- c&.-. -v--.--.v-- h 1
.' ' ' t J Kot tho
.. fii rootwii ot,,Mr, rearsau, oraereu
prvedirig of ihis meeting be
Raleigh Rr giater. - .' v' -
: By pnlerH WM jJARR; J'r.Sec
Uichmond, va. r
1 :VxJ-v
wYorfc Consolidated, .No.
Ti be;druwn 26t" Nov; hi the city of Ne-i w

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