THE r-- : : .. - T ' ! . '..Jawed m tbe Koran. 'r 7V F i J " aKI?IU, ' llon Approbation, br CbmiH-, rr,, ...'.. r ; . .let down in Boohs ind keot in the flMri f ' s - ?"'"ana r". , 7 nc. principal -uocirtncs ot tne Arai are Mli ; ..jpvT-w:r , coropruca m tne rouowingf articulars - - 1. Uf that Ymh in God I. y 1 1 ti I a conims . : .V- , y - uvu , m.c rarucuiare.-. , ,3. i bat this crrf of Goi, as reridibrinTeioui PrAT" 4. "r T-?l-m X V ! a; , ' ! r M'- H I S confiftv m belirV- .by which it is rcprcfentcd 4 yet thefc -trimZg : . ' oriq God AlmightjV lu- .onc hundred and fbur rof,whcMh , r r rrerothttru-pennainr " V- t H licing, who had no Beginnings and wdl W rrcto c V. have nolnd.: vv . : . b .xUntaUutbi an, to which is the tef Korib ; y jV- , ?,:;V . That there is not in him any Figure or M m lo David, tnaV is. the Beck of ''SSSCJ ' 0 outward Form ; nor Place, nor Ti, nor id ne to Mbamnied, which 1, the rLtter is W ' : ' - Motion, nor Change, nor Tranlpofitiorf; Sc Koran. This Koran they call the of -Cafts, andbefbSS ! - " COmopr ! VV : " . ' potion; r Ditifion, ' . Fraaion",'" or - Diminu- ( -The perpetual ? Miracle, -and Quiri- '-Befidw the' frtTvJpjL-v : ' :'' t.; ' H '' - "".a m ' ' That hVha, no iiqa or like; unto OftbeJpoJlln of God.. U , uferaV ; ;:- J .:hi.fW4- r; .;,r.r. That the Mtfudaa k,. i, ku nSli?1 ?s"l a '"Y w the 7W.:- - ; ; - i i ' - -rLi.-.:;:.Ai..i...:i. V. ti-' "AT -V. ,,u uus " wc direOJy reau red in -AY Jr.. A fr - - I 1 ' . 4. hi uc 13 puicvuy pure J mat nc is inc 1 t . iui M, cxcraoraiqaiy men, taitMUI . nwi t let it u 'k' Iiu-'jfo 1 ," 1 .; V only eternal, lit ing, all Moivingf almieht. od good Men,. whom he hath chofert, and diviilnftitJ!. t? a a : ' ' II -mt anu awoiute iviaitcr ot r.i3 vy 111 1 that be hears. im 10 men, wnoaretooc credited in what ;to derive frnm . u V -i"-T7-- r : v, and fees all Thiozs i'fpeakl makes, creates, they fay, and regarded ai to what thev cnnv'7 "ma "h. "cording to V,- 'I I w and upholds all that heprcdacei, with an Im.. mand or forbid, and that thefe reveal to us Year. ' But w ? a ' -tIrtcen V V' m-TvV. AW and--'OpehtSrc ( "n-: .iiTki... k.u 11 fnVnjf n D..r. xv: t T . "u" . preciieiy to that Time : as is . r .-.W iv ii imhk,, alU uiuiv, (l jvuu .... vi wwm.hjc lUUiICUUUU 01 U1C drnf from L.'f- . ' . . ' . 1 1 - when he pleaHrs. That he judges, decrees, ; ; . con , Y,'" ? V'rc "V ammtg9 the- . v ; i I ; feels, commands, forbids, leads into the , - 2." That thefe Men are Exempt from capU cd in the fi ' A I!-'.:- rright Way, and into Error. -That ' he gives tal Errors or great SinsThey are of the WiS'SAgC -r; : -V: : ' lh the Retribution, the Reward, die PuniuV Religion,-wx, ahat of AiLmmed. tho' SaP-"-- ' H ' ri i r. j t:x - - Ktr l. i . r..u . . . . .v.. vu me mvmt iommjuia from - i 1 Pfi f " . ....r. i;:n , : ,u k "tJ iir "..n, 3' ?v "-vc rcceivea the u CemmJ (rm imsui, uvuuireii hiiu viiuiv. . - '"V umtjcni v-uiroms. 1 DCV are the ; Tiratt rf rJ k!ri , T ! 5-A" thufe eternal Attributes arc'coritained the L left amongft all Creatures have had the Times of tJSkm'frC'- ' in his Effrrcr.Yndlubfift in him from Eterni Honour to converfe with God, and. confirm ly infifted on i r'P whJch r Jff qnt. , ty to Eternity; without Divifion," of Varuti- their Miffion by Miracles, . formed n fc. T - 7 s1 Ptf- on. . They arc not Ci'himfdf, yet they are 3- That dtm.wa the firft Prirf. and leaft CA"-C,f-nt'ous. m his ElTcnce. Each' of them Alohamhtd the laft and grcateih Notice is civVn L .kv r wni.c. J"0"., th the other, as Life with . Chap. VI. Oftl, Laft Day. W Jhdr ECnowledce with Power. - I. Th there will t , n.. i' .... ' 7 I. everi true . r, gi,c them new Ufe, Icnble thern .11 not diS'ercnt from h is con nr fled with Knowledge, or FCnowlcdtre with Pnwrr . . a -. o. 1 hele are tne great and ineltimable fcr- "" feaions of tbe A, G, by: which h tures, give them new Life, aifcmble them all of mAEUlY is known, and adored by all true Believers. one Place, examine them.and take a ftria very dMu?n?rV i "fc v Whoever denies, or calls any of them in Account of what they have done. " SsloS cir - 2. 1 hat his Cioodnefc and Mc will A. ...:. tVV ; . -"wwwctfw, mit feme into Heaven, whilft others go o pearTn Inbus Ao3 , "V"6;" 'P HellNo Believer will remain eternal. EbH "T0?. APff gh they are Q'icltion, is an Irjfidel. Uf Angels L ' t. I : I jizratl an J ifrahL v. . .. - ni iiit.ic mc twiuuc anu uuic uouCJ, tiai me 1 ciicuj 01 C3Cn rCUOn Will I he Irrlmtiem . K jff ' V farmed of Light j they da not eat. dring, or be proportioned to his Deferts and that there Farmuk rStLn H fleep. TUy are not of different Sexes, have vHI N Abodes of different Detrees of HaooU Z R.t n"' 0f, c.rclJ efl"re of no carnal Dcfiici, fcr. . : .nets.ihemoft Eminent of thefe will be referV cf xhi VkcrVn Zll ,r- - 7. As they have different Forms, they have . d for the Profhtti i the Second for the Doc- 0f ihljMtli "PlT .JiHercit, peculiar Funclions: Some fing r, and Trailers of 6W1 , ihe Third Son7iffi Ms Praife, fume give him Glory in .no! for the Marty,, andthe laft for. the Faithful foiierM Cl-tbo " . thtr Manner, or-implore his Mercy on the in general. - ' ;z vi win iituuiu i luiiit u i qui uu iruiins : i nfc. uumms; narnens in tn vvrM lh t i'j . - - ..MpWcdin other AVc.k.rcll; .her to the or Opfi,io, of SicClW ' ' ' ' rreeabie to OoJ. . Thuigs, Good or Evil. Obedience or Hlfn-. ,A T;mi . ,u-A Lj- . . II .0facred,sr divine Bookv bedienci, Faith of InfidelhlS Si y-'11- - ' Th2t6ha, with him worthy of ncfs,RiclK, or P - ; Rcfpecl, which he hath fent from Heaven to what is in tbe Decree ot Gcd, drifts to ' of liS AiTrJ, IT1 ' ' his Wophcts. Thefc Book, contain the C;m- the Order of nil providence. S t5 &f ' ' f Vro t0 . . 1

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