public their ignorance,1 Infyfiiciency , acceflaries to- that ""fclonjr and alfo: acquitted.' treachery to your M......y and the nation. ' The trial began about 7 in the morning, and con I have been the innocent and unhappy yi&iifl tinued till near next morning, rr :, - of revenue, I was forced by their iniuftice and violence into exile, which I have never ceafed to j confider, for many fears, as the moft cruel op prcflion ; becaufe 1 could not longer be under the benign influence of your M....y, in the landjoT Liberty-- r ' 7 .. " With a heart full of zeal for the fervice of The late remarkable trial of and two women, came on exactly at half pall feven in the morning, and lafted, till three the next morning. A liveryman of Indonpafking jt 6iend Of Mf t Wilkes, whether he thought it would not have been more prudent for Mr. Wilkes to have thrown inp the poll fooner, as by Carrying it on to the end, " : he fhewed how. fmall a part of the livery he had a. - . . - a. j . J . . n- . I W 1 . Twelve out of, twenty foor jurymearje&cd wanted; to in his againILby-the"prifOTeiVIn"the7courfe of t,he power to fay, that there were above-tboo hoodt iriaj tne proiecutnxgave evidence, that the was men in London.,: , t not prevailed upon for the fir ft two niehts of her 'Tis computed that no lefs than i? lives' have your M.....y WKl'iny' country, I 'implore, ' Sire, confinement to ondrefs or go into bed 1 and iat ; been already loft by the general ele&ibn. V . ' ; your clemency." My only hopes of pardon are on her arrival at the country houfe fhe was pe- ; 'Tis thoughthere will be mbre complaints tof founded in the great goodefs and benevolence of remptordy told byewojwomenrthat-me-rnqft prrTiament, on account of improper returns at the - nreietir riprmn than iiav rwfn irnftiuM hr i a revolution. ';; " ;';:;':r'" We are credibly informed, that orders have been sent over to his Majedy's governors in America j -for the future, to fend over annually a true ftate of the trade and manufactures of -their refpective' was ordered to hold op his hand, and the colonies. ' k ",V"".-:" 'r-'"-". , foreman anfwercd to the ufual queftion, not guilty. Martb joi' Mr.-Wilkes went privately tp" Br'enti Ufcon the fame queftions being put concerning the ford on Sunday, and on Monday morning, 'at 8 . firft woman, the foreman snfwered euiltv : but o'clock appeared at the Booth in Brentford Butts. The bhertts made their appearance at 9 o'clock 1 but SirrVilliam, Beauchamp Proftor and Mr. Cooke . did not arrive before t o'clock. The freeholders .', were frequently impatient, calling out for the; poll, and Mr. Wilkes as- often add relied himfelf to the public, requefting their patience until the appear knee of all the. candidates. After holding up of V hands, the books were opened at half "part one. from which time the books were fully emp'cyedr your M y 1 and every day Of freedonfydimay-rralveWThannieht go to bed to be gracioufly pleated to permit me the enjoyment that fhe was forcibly undreffed by them, and put of, in my dear native land, (hall give proofs of to bed to him accordingly. That afterwards in my zeal and attachment to your fervice. the ftate, of defpair in which fhe found herfelf, fhe -t i confented to whatever was defired of her, except 24. Yefterday afternoon; at 4 o'clock, ended Jwhat was criminal. Upon the return of the jury, vjuiiuiwii ppu ior reprcienmives oi inn ----- v city id parliament, when the riumbers liood thus: For the Rt. Hon. Tho. Harley, bir Kobert Ladbroke, Mr. Alderman Beckford, ' Mr. Alderman Trecothick, Sir Richard Glyn, . VJ. -John Patterfonv E(afyTT 3678 340 957 : 48aj "1769 "47. The common cryer proclaimed the poll ended, and fumtnoned a common Hall to morrow at nine o'clock for the flietifj to make their declaration. . tl. i. 1 . ..1. 1 j-.: . .:ijL.l 1 uc huwu was 10 grcai ycucruay hi vjuuuiiauj their verdidt of not'guilty including all three pri- foners, they were all acquitted. .Another profecution is carrying on in the fame caufe for the feduclion only, which will be tried in the court of King's Bench. . ' . v - Mifj W was under examination 4 hours and ah hclf, and afterwards crofs examined, two hours i during all which . time her teftimony was the moft confident, fteady and fenfible, thai ever that feveral'perfons were greatly hurt the iron was. known, which djiewjears. from i many of-the - until near 5 0cI6ck', when the freeholders Cack gates belonging to the Hall jyere broke io pietesj - audiencer;:.".!""-"71 " ' ene and, half an hour after five, po freeholder! will fct our this week for Portfrnouth, to embark dofe the books,-at 6 o'clock, and open them next on board the Jafon man of war for Jamaica, of day at 9 o'clock; finally to dofe at z o'clock. At. lame time, the Shenfs lent to Mr. Cooke, who the lamps therein were Tikewite demolifhed, ar?d other damage done : Some of the mob mounted the hnftings, bid defimce. to the conftables, arid , fwore they would choofe rcprcfentatives for them felves. 'Mr. Wilkes upon this departed the Hall as foon 1 as poffible, in hopes that the clamour would then ceafe ; hay jug firft addrcfTcd the livery ... M tollows: ' ;. -rZ..x--:'- - , Gentlemen, and Felfcu citizens t . The poll being now finilbed, 1 return my Gn- Cerelt thanks to thole difintcrciled and independent friendi. uh.i have (n enA'Av jir?! opfifrrmft ftonrl forth in my favour ;The want of fuccefs, but of . our power to command, has rot in the leafl abated ray zeal for your fervice. .You cannot be unaci quainted.with the various circilrhftances which have conuioutea to-it. "Wiy irienas were 01 opinion that I fbould wait the di Ablution of the laft flavifh and venal parliament, while the other candidates had been for many months fb'icifing your intcfeft. Minifters influence, affifted by private malice, hat been exerted in the moll arbitrary and uhcontli tational manner, and by means of the bafeft chi canery and oppteflion." ' ' - ' " But tho dif appointed, I am not in the leift which place he is appointed Governor. . Several iiifpatches of importantc, wefe fcnt away yefterday to North-America. Some letters from Leghorn fay, it was jhrrenti . ,ly reported there, that a body of Englifh troop were expecled to arrive about the month of June next in Corficar- - - -. . .." . - Yellerday morning Sir W. Prbflbr, Mr.: was at a houle contiguous, for his concurrence, 1 TJ6 anfwer being received,' four other meffengers were font, one after another, without any anfwrr, . dr. til pall 7 o'clock, when the Shcrifs were in7, fbrmcd Mr. Cooke was gone for London. The Shtnfs then went round toe very book, and fiud- w ' morntnz bir W. B.- rr6tor. Mr.- inc no perion pollms. made a oroclamanon at Cooke, and Mr. ViTkes, the candidates for the . each corner of. the booth, for freeholders to come", county of Middle fex, fet out for Brentford, when and poll, or that the books would be finally clofed. the election came on for Knights of the Shire for After waiting feme time, and three feveral ptb- inat county & tne - tatter was in a coacn drawn by v'amaiions, wiinout any-freeholdcrs appearing to fix long tail horCci; and was attended by art aroaz-" poll, the books were fealcd up, when 'the Shcrirs ine number tf Ceoole to the nlace of cleition. which was held in the middle of Brentford Butts, x temporary booth being creeled there for that purpofe, in wllich were fifteen joli books, one for . each divifion. ' " The candidates were put up at half an hour pad eltren o'clock, when, the (hew. of hands were al moll general for Mr. Wilkes, and for Sif William Bouchmp Proilor. there was a very creat dew dlfbirited : On the contrary. I reflect with pride and gratitude on the many ir.ftances of regard and -former were dtcbred to hlvelhe majority 1 but a affiftion I hTve received from the livery of London, poll being demanded by the friends of Mr. Cooke, " 1 bee leave to make my bell acknowledge- the fame began at one o!clock, and it was agreed ments to the merits, wna have inewn tne utmoit candour and imparttalhtf during the election, ac companied with a dignity of character becoming their Union in this great metropolis. ' And now, genttemen, permit me to addrefs von as friends to liberty, and freeholders of the county of Middlefcx, declaring. my. intention of-agVm, and finally to tlofe at two.' . i. . . r appearing as a candidate to repreient you in par adjourned until Tuefday morning, at 9 o'clock, to caft op the books, and make their return, when the numbers were for Mr. Wilkes, ' izoV Mr. Cooke, . ;.',....;:.'..' " 827-!- Sir William Beiucharnp Proltor;" ; 807. When the two former were declared duly elected. We can allure the public, from the btft author my, mat aitno" tbe croud was ereater than ever- but for Mr. Cooke very few : whereupon the two known On the like oceafiori. vet wu the uTinU mil former were declared to havelhe rosioritv 1 but a' conducted with the created repularitv andrr and that there was not the Icaft infult or violence offered to any of the electors that polled for either ttut the books fhould be cldfed at eight. party 1 and it is very remarkable, that through Lail night at th: dofe of the poll, the numbers the whole poll, not one freeholder that polled was nuvi ,.i wi ! nn.v, . - -, . 113 unvAimm wuu liquor. - oir vi.inm tioutaauip rrocior, 749 vntmin, citrp ant freiMlsert Ij tbe (tnntj i r. vuukc, 043 vr ivuaaieiex s au morntnz tne pou was arrcea 10 oe openca Gentlemen? 11 Moll gratefully fenf;ble of thofc generous and for him, were admit 1: ... . o.t n:it ItnniKii K. vmir nuiu in h.ive 'that Vrv nrfnn wai nhlived to dtftlare " 1 .0 - - . ,. . .. '.1 . .-, the honour of bewff weturto you in tae annul na nae uiue cocmucs, wore mcy wei fenate. '. 'sa ,a F"- , . . Gentlemen tf tU livery, Th: mob behavtd in a very outrageous manner 1 recommend it to yoo in the flrongell man- at Hyde Park corner where they pelted Mr. Cook, ner to exert yourfelves to preferve the peace and fon of the city marfhal, and knocked him from his quiet of this city."" borfe, took off the wheels of one of the carriages, According to private letters from Senegal, there cut the harnefs, and broke the glafles to pieces t . . . k a .i.i The infatuation was fo grear for Mr. WilVe, patriotic principles, which" have induced yoo to) cleft me your reprefentative in Parliament, I in- ire you to accept or my beQ endeavours to ex. f- .L . ? . - . . yrcu ioc joy, wnicn tnipires me on lo interefiing, fo affecting an occafion. The perfonal regard yoi havefhewn me, indeed, confers 00 uie an obliga tion, the due fenfe of which I too cordially feel to find words to defcribe. I cannot however forbear congratulating you, as the roofl dinippuifhed .of w - kj r w . a cj a w - -' n'cuutivu un. ti.ft.W-e. th.t the French had ottered a powenui lcverai omrr carriaves, wita tne irienoj or Meiirs. tnauinmen, on me Honourable oroof vou have Prince 00 the African conll, a very large fum of Proctor and Cooke, were greatly damaged. The Ejen, that the genuine fpirit of independency, money to exclude the Englith from trading io any rcafon afiigned for thefe proceeding is, that a flag the true love of our country, for which the coun- rirt of his dominions. wa befnre the proceffiori of Mr. Wilkes'a ty of Middlefex has for ages been fo emlnemly Jl 16. A greater number of gentlemen, sntagonifts, on which wa painud, No Blafphe- confpicuous, ftill glows in your breads with unre. .-. r .s ... .s..a a,i hrar. to be eil- mrr. mittine ardour, flill (l.ioet frth l.j ... t a v.. i4nr nf p-rn r the mee tini of the ' A prodieious concourfe of peocle adcmbled at luftre. Let the fons of vmsllrv knw iK irn. next parliaratnt. than has been known fince the Brentford, who would not fuffer aoy coaches to -the idol of fordid intereft. Let them call their teipn of Q.teen Anne. enter tne town jwmout : no. 4j,- ana ue woroa puniunimiiy prupence, while tLey iznominioufly It is affured that not more than fix thoufand ol ' Wilkes and Liberty on them. kus tne rod of power.- and tamely floop to the the fxndon Livery polled id the courfe of the laft Several flags were flying with the motto, Utr -oker which artful miuifleri infid'iouCy prepare, dcclion. ' ' matmni fnnir't-h. and arbiuarily .impofe. You, gentlemen, have If is faidthat Mr. Wilkes is in pollcluon 01 an letters irom wgnorn menttoo, mat a Irew wewn tnai you are neither to be deceived nor eo- nuity for life, ccnerouliy grantca mm cy o- roiiunociMnumj hw uiiwu ociwcen ih uc an proving yooneives enemies to micille- nocic ana worucant, on occanon 01 tne former re- . ruu ptriecutioa, tne eyes of toe whole Kingdom, f ufing to deliver op certain prifoseri claimed by the ' of the whole World, are opon you, as the firft Mid Utter. ' . firmed defenders of public liberty.' Happy (hall uv letters irons wncmirr. onropinire. ina ian-i a uwk mvicir. 11. nrea nv voor eitmnie th . cafhire, we learn, that there Is is fine a a profpectV forts of my warmeft teal msy be deemed as ade- nnutiv for lire, ecnerouur era ... :... . T if interefted friend, whtcn u a lumcieni quaunwwn 'for a feat in parliament for a county. Marth tq Laft Saturday Lord Baltimore was tried at the affixes holden for Surry, before the Hon. Mr. Baron Smyth; for a rspe opon Sirsh .Woodcock, and acquitted 1 and at.the fame time Mrs? Gtifioburg and Mrs. Haf cy. were tried ai of a plentiful harvefl this furdmer, at has been i te return for the favours yoo have beflowed on known in thofc pam for many yeais paft. .jnt ibut.Mwcvef infuCcitnt my " ibUities, my

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