" - -.- . 4. - J - " 1 -' ; . :' " i Jj - 7 ' ' i i , , ' ' - .fF j" ... ' 1 ? 0 7 l'-'jWll r " ; : - h , 1 ..I ...I, . i , ,i "Vtf2'SN:rW.B E. R N. I ..'yj fffil eoptavr gtnerel, frternor dft cmmander l i yintbitiHandtviribt province tf Ntrib Ca- 'The fumble AiJrrjtttt his Mjelty'i cpuiV.i .'' .Jrr- 1; f lne province. . wy it picate your excellency nz; v dpening of this fcflion. E, his M 'jetty's moft .tl.itifM! and loyal (ii.SJefij, the ni.m beri of his council, be; leave lo return your .excellency our thiAki for your Leech nt the ' To which ADDRESS his excellency was pl . Kil to lentrn thtfolkywin ANSWER.' , ;- ' ' ;: Vitnf.tmtn f hii mtjtjlft Cnacil,' ' ' YOU R aiftfdlionm foftimTiiM. of loyalty 9 hi Majvfy, and your 14 for tj'p inctrefl, tht ' Wr'lfurc f jhii province; hi k-e repeticvd ly (tllifv'j in voar public ConduU, byprOmfltirtg the iincy ot hi M 'Mir Y government, M4 tl( jfi. City of it int.ibitant. , , .,- . . -1':. . i 1 W.etm my. ft If hiHy tiotiourrd by your f4o''ira r ble co n ocy oT my fi.tinifiition i the fucccfi of hnr 1 ihre cntirr! to ihe ildo n of your couii-' hi',dlh fioport I hive " huhcr-O rxpe'rinftttl i'lC.m ' ,!) hou'.t of sflembly for po honojtj no co! I'M r.ition i mine, but at it i tfl;cicd on ijie, liroiigH "i lie iM nd ifTiUoce af , tEofc bnociiti 'd . tte Icu'duiie. . ' . . - 1 r WILL. 7RYONV ftafeVoTiir piJtl: nb: at -iii?itmf .V''C'tl Ail ttleiti o4..te :.colooy,' h:&wi4i( jjfWl With gritituJe we I acknowledge hi Maje'f- r 4. v ' ,, -r n i tn of Indian '.ff.,?. to in coloniesT .,. . ' " Z'; - The.reprd your excellency has been plcfcJ :. "t"' " ' North. cl,r koaflure u wif be fhcwnt fie reprefentuions ' ,t""14: of the general fl"cmbly nfjcctipz n emiiiion of eivrs us n- pes tnat an .t i 1 :.' t hi- paper currency. parliament may be obtamcJtar that p'irpo!r,tto fcacve tne innaoitants or inn province, iro-u the. diftrtffes they libcur'unJtr for want "of . Vy Uur trlvc, r C will bepiffnf fiij leflt in for appointing an yent in 'Kru'.nd ; t!e mceflity of luchan iippointmrtit Is fw o'tWuu , that we btlievc no d.iliculty tan ante upo.i Out fobjea. ' . . The encouragement p.ivfn by a. of p. '... went for the culture cl raw jiltt in Tvrmiua, We hope will induce the i.illi'a::i t.T t' i "pn vince. to entrr with l;:ir.t ( c a tj.tujt--on, profitable to ilniUl'.ivrs ai 'J aJvunijCuui toGrcat Britain. aiThe afl'urances ycur excrlkncy has bcrn f'ea fed to rive us of the dif.vihti n f li Mu'rilf't minillcrs t )Wr J tre mcuc4ii coK nu'r, r l t? their intention to prrpofc to prliaintiit t.'.e ic- peal of the atrliiirUutiti v.:'i .A rp'?jrrTnJ colours, are truly plta.iiiji aiiU wiliii cUct-ial - in healing -the-unhappy .iv.'n and jtaL-ufus-that have beti dtrtr jctive to tne trade of (Ire t . Britain and Anuria, aid rtltort that .rfulion and confidence upon which the happnult of both fo greatly di-pertd. ' ' We are Unfitly afcdKd with the rilan.itic; , trifing to this province from the txtuini via-' 4 Jence of the late lU rm thelof.es of the inha bitants of this town in particular, are truly dc "Jlorable we fympathie'-wiA tStm in ttnr mijfortunes, and fhall readily concur in fcth mea lurci at may be molt tfTUtual to prtvint the . like devaflations for the future. , ' Thii boufe, ever actuated to the good i f their Country, and attached by an inviohtle !y!ty to hii mijefly, will ufc their, umoft ii flue me to ' prefcrve that harmony which (ubfifrbetwetn --.-every branch cf the leipUtute J with the temper and moderation Bronzy r commended by your excellency, co-operate with the alfcmbW in - the feveral wttghty matter you have I eva plea fed to mention, and fuch other important afTairi as rosy arife during fii ftlTitri, ird thereby continue the happinel's Jerived to this province tinder your cxcellcncy'i wife aid benign admini - fl ration, . ' ,. JAMES HAS EL PrcfJcnt. , I .Uirtfi tf iht ajimi! tf fht ftd frevincr. . . " '. i'r, . , is ma.edy's rnyft dutlfuW ndp k,yl(frt h mtmteis ta)" the f- f.'n.bij' oj the province t f North Carolina, re. , tuc 'jur excellency our fiiKeic th.nk for yotr Iji'iat the npipni tit thh lilTion, and b'g tc,. !u Kwiiaiulatc our excellency on your Im; 17 'return litm V;iiaia to your 2'jnb in' i t. ' 'i . 'freliif itiatitn ycur cxcd'cncy has givm i, , ilut in j n ion to hU'majcft? from tht co 1 1 !!' ,' puiiig an ertiifliuii of p;er cmren j as a i. 1 1! tenotr, can n.rtt withjintcfs givct u he ut.in.lt cuicrrn, a we fl .tttjetl nutltivtt, tht v the I.UIH..L ' upicirmation of the late aflnr.Hy, with your (Xttlltncy' inttfc It at hon e, ihiirt you vcie p!c.le: fn kii,.l) to t (Iff, and v,nch w aloubt x.t, J.a-itn- ttudt tlreuuntflv ex- r'eU in favour of the pruvuwe, we flu u d I ave i.ft'intd (he nle t i nrcJfary to the t illnHtd it'i (ion and cticumihntti of this country.. W, arc truly I. nl.t Ic of the mccfLty i t having in .''tnt in Ki .iiii, iiu!y auihonred ii in ivt iy cafe, in vhit.h the intrrrfl of this. colony i.i. v be cuiicrriitJ. Thi hctifc thrrtfi.re, will pitted t thv ap'i t.iiitmci t of an Atui, in v hich we hojK to hava the concurrence f l)-c ctl tf brantlu, of (he Kgifiature j and will mike the neitflaiy piovdioii lor lupputifig fuih an cH.lilhmti.t. , The tncoufigrmrnt given by art of parlia ment to the culture of taw fi'k ia Ametica, is pleating and agree.tle to t and we allure , your cXtclltruy, that it 1.JI meit with fuch ; funher a-ncouragea'int (coi fillent with the true inttref of this country; as (o iniertltiPj an cb 1 The fta fine ' t4 tettUmtnt tit t rnlnnf red a men MMrikMm thatf at prefmitf; IV' and we agree witt your Acclteney hat a ttWi-y.'-'v, ment of publkouhA fhoulif be fohhjhjir.;,'M obiainedi fa a fenefti'iiate of them' mey' b'"'i if made koowh to tbe cwry i and mall be , ;:Sy treantly $JMtged tdyiiuf'eiillency for ..any )o&4 ' j ."4. ''( 'j'l fcrvatio)i4 or rrgulatkm the manner of keep- trie puoncaccouars iMtyu man rjcpreatea 10 r , -4 . j' .r , t fay, jWtuawbictV 1 tend to hmdef 'ty.'l'f:$, We (till ever efteem hkur ihdifpeDf.b1e,dutr to enqulje into, and fee haw far the lawrrhfc emifiiori tF aper currnncyjhave hadr-tbeH-ffvcY, , and in wfile handj the fut raifed to fiaV tiiofe 1 eniifliouieain '. i T- ' ! V ' . f V- V' V; ' . " hi Intclligefite your e ellency has irceivd ' y from home, and which jU are pleafed to coml: municarelo" its regarding the' intcntKib nf hit -t') majifty'a prefent miniftetl havtn j: rio' defign t . , propole to pailiaaient tlay any. further taxca f.' V on America fo(.thejpurpt)lc f raifvrig' a T(yc. nue, and their propoffag Jto take, otT the, duties upon glafs, paper, and e5ur, is very grataful .- ; tots, and wtli be much ure lo,; when wc find v, the'r deftgna are carried into execution, even L uptu the, conTideration ol lucn duttea avln5 teen kas4ttarrtoy&rue prfnctpcrf Yom. X; merce and we rejoice tha( we are once, fo hap py as to have the ftntimerts of the mini (try, in that particular, coincide wi:h out own. , We fympathixe with the unfortunate feffcr trjin the late ftorm in grnerl, and with the inhabitarts of Newbern I' , particular : Uut the calamitits, lodes, and mHottnnes, ocevfttned thereby, bcinj general, we cannot, coriufttnc with the duty we owe out conftiit.etits, . think of granting them afliftance, in preference .to any omcr part of the (rovincc, lcft, by fo doing, v e Could (hew a partiality we would ever endeavour to avoiJy ; ' To which ADDRESS h?i exctlle pct was plea. feJ-to relutn'lhe-foltoainjTtNSWtR. n I t i ' i Mr, fpcikcr, and gentlemen of the houfe of i fcltemblv,' ' ' J- . 7 - ' ; - 11 hank you for your conjntul ttions on my return from Virginia to this country, it would have afforded ftc much fatifadtion if the fupply of amunition for the protection of the , rtuittry, and the aOiftantw for the town of ' Newbern; which 1 recomc.rndcd to you in my fpecch, had been honour, d with your arpro .bation. W1L11AM I RYON. On Thiitfday lafl the houfe c( fjf mbly cacae to ibt fotkir r oJut. - jeCt ma 1 he hit ma y require. w ' . . right ol impof.rj unci on tl Jaabitf making provifton if powdtr arc! lead for ajf fly's colony ef Nrfl Caa, W aw,' l efty'slervcetnd the defence of tin to-, baibbe-r., legilty trd rorUi.tlot.Dy, veil Jtf.fJ, .hwit Calt;fltmHt Tkat ikt fol it el Uh In , a4 wet trcBcd ia ia . ..-.-. . .. r yernmrnt, at tMs time, when we are enioyirr Jf,u,, F iccottfieg t. . .1.- it.rt-j . r zi.'.'Trrz rrr.- . L -"tbe ancitnranfiBlt.l.fl.cd tAdice. with taa ctatent enciMiiMief t.i lits, wviniu u in, m mm f . . . .. ... . u ' . 1 . ' ' Itke countil and his Mifty. ike Kaat el Oreat ; humbly apmehcr-d, by rq mtana nectffary, it . M , ?T7.: " LL every clog t'.t.a whatfmet uptn our tnde gMj Thi. u t, lht arfoabttd rrf. ' mvftcfmnfltybtadifcctirigemtnttoihefame, tjutt. ike inhabitants of I tkiscofoay,- ta kikkm ...I SM el courle have lucri a tenancy it to oe pre- their Sovereign lor tedrcfi of grievances 1 lad Uat t V ) J j 1 judicial rather than ttlyuugtout to the country. , UUfulanar?ttut (oflocflrttVtwjcsmnaof ' '1 - ri - 1

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