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m S iry V lew of tk Righw of Britilh A
nni juitice-irpke your Councils; .Errors flnd Rvin : jt'
Your Mioillersy .Sir l ias Tytanti evPjjifjC
- their pi'pFtinonsi ; by the iflftancejhey ;hvjnct v
jtjcrs vc caa keep ho JaVgcr;;. -it':atany Time: we'v j Vvtfb ; anil pcrh aps ,have,i?;'ofc4 .r po'a. ,tcirlPjrii(cc,;-7li
pitied iieif 90cea,lnfartnittsAthatr;ty,ha3 .wng(- ; by taijsing the &tilfa
a$Q-b8CXLcbaVcrtl into Abnorlencip from the: Wick-'. -ancl.Dignity;of the Crow2iaJ!4 teseiVf rntKcif rH'
; chiefs ,ot their ounlels,,and eJcjultiict;f their 4 iPP0iolatbnrf iSitiiv Sirrt
IDcCw!?.". liy thej Breaches upift yourrrcroeative. IJcinoyjriof the CroWn ; f hut Jet yddr,Miui2ers be-.',! f
f- Thout:Ht- 'Sir !7thcr-iuvj- twksra down fte Jeal Barrigrffofv Trwarft that 'tKelMcitr noHucy iTiw-yoar vCrOwn, -to
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" ! piinf tpUs. bil u jsiUy shrracd, v V change lawful Tpfi-ffioa into: bi badlyjKrnirSir,uhaij"e Pig&ky an
- ;: j bi rtMn!fl n'fcws7Tor the com--"' " itnd,: ia, flu; inad' Garc;er thWlraayltndeavoarb 1 of thue. Crown are to be pi:yfcd,athltaj j-par
6'txie . 'R0w;;iC3ijrby thclhlis : ? tbatcutttlis ki'td' poedtencc WisU-jty thi3,McanW , 'be Via jar by verj,oGdvandy
;, ' yAttCi afWm to ia:re'"io4'ic the -fat-of; UonverttUc n.rlt Duty ofSabj'falntaaa
. - ; " KYh m&U-& V.oCrxnx it : net in hanraa'. .' . tclf d:fnteri mafetfs ncceiSttyi" J ;Tho ' traef ihr. t ten, U Aiii lie;?: f-1 , yaruysThsT", -Tr-t'""!"
it if tl fiRic tyftcni bi ,
f-wtWirfMsk f kv&tm ployed -
?jiit ta trrot&'firtfcttr Hcxh;
" il f-reat Ci'.rcntk'Oi with Amcrwri, if not
C.t2r5fUt:o aloac IaW with Ili-or. j
tt tittlt Tlst rrmaias f Dilib-rt'joa or Ch'ge;'
"a ! J UH id v derjfiirtf S.:cne i sad ihi
'jiiedi5ti trtyranHkal; Ma!urcs;vhichTfirlt
tirffnin t;'Trcm2nces into whu K tKev have bi
T'AiTiiTj'-ati hr-vp nnt at vl-E lv.-lf.- V Thpv have
runorpvvii rt. tMK.Alis.nt. 'y- -
; is fo fiakhdai, ; that it. avinoi; vaii ly 5. 1?e . d ifpeh (ccjTl: v 1 "
-Hthl" Do thejrn put j'ujk't'cjr nd'-' they will efteemt;tfe .an Aft of Gntxi tj'I'hsty vilfcdi .-that,-' aJwS:" '
.' ?av, whuhJ'VM". thej; i'l ,tn as thcit JXhit". -.;t.V;
.)Viat . thev 1, tacj .following .Pasesk . '
riiJl tea w i yraaajr ucjan.-.
cf juj 7.Ti" c i' K i IkcW otkrnatALU with
lU-jAiijiprUat .CLifcUr.' : ltT itnpauibitjwr
nL-d if f fee thc-r StrrfWn,
Which Tfirlt-theT
vithitanaiftff - lhe-r
: .jpe.rilqut'ircurnibinces into which they have brought
-rbufJH' -LiiOnies and our-pwnAiOQntry they car-'
r)- violiiutly ou ;ras if tliey.cou.d perfuae ,us, ihat
- lcrlcy?raiH; w?s-integrity; van,d; ptn ..'OrciTipn
Mate Kecalilry. "Their Syikmi? tiot only.buoifi.lti'
h' rebvL'tuut io the Law.of tKi State, bjt 'iTruiij -
f vwrvc'r to. the whole Sctam of A athority -and MAjerly iv-il'lt dclarfcrrl I ,);erto-; -they1 haw", kept' .
atp;ci acf ivca .trcw trc yanoqs . Miaow or ; tntmjelvcs wttainj prcptT , :;r,its f and,-Aave.ex-.
ij tf fee thc-r
and t!.r;nfcives,:
TtiAf Island it Dilrt Tt which, fs? 'taght be'
ci I t'it, Kif ia lie of lath )cu;
1 r, k tucr1 f -i'ty' and U'now ; v.xti
cj? luut.' - ;
; it Vl-t tf PrcfjTp:ir.ri oben Indlviwaali;
f .f s trfrfr c;m thcte irportanr Tijogi,
it it's. i t Czx tn" If the Eiiieive tf the Thint
V ; ;rSti at-! tie trieft5?daet Jtrerei'that ever
'r M iln nf S-atr i of tSe Ar.'a:ce, l-un
..:j.-ct . -5S.b:i::y f Caaiti, it ti thi
; U to U tRrranr ; bat of the rf4
i" lkY??z.3 -n. tircdaliv w" t ui free State,
t . ' lJ5t f J Prct:4i;t, that are ettfcrr
..:.c -r J't-'. vf the Syrm, inaay are
.''td-t a: any &!i-f twV-Urftfd io his
t. ' ;he firi Law i of
: ' f w v.if f Mn ' iarran S
M, i t u.rri '-.I 'wjuV.j l.rt cf,
l' :., vT4t.5 nl 'Aian, .Vri ful;y Vo.
t iiwf feiert .o;tJ, P2r!ijwc4
s. Cv. ; wKen i -r J. Iff tle P ca
t 7 tt ihii fectrte Idtii
,f-J j 1 Uc ? are tut auinng the Ar:eJ t
!. i w i 1 14 ; and iufe a fair,'
fcvcral Stares M the World, h Froju . tin in they
'," oiight to havd iearned, that Confidence - i$; the. lirit:
;jd iVoncff Frinciple of Cbe4iVnce, and, .vrhkAiL
"oace loit, ji ftldom recovered ; hid that id moll ally
UirtVles lor liberty, agarnll , V iqknee' ' aiid Op-,
prtrnyrhfretrccn crowded. h Suceofs ; - and
with6tit I'iipifi:)',-. whsteycr . Dtatrinc's tcnerning,'.
Providt,n.'cc way. prevail ar Court! jwe attribuie iV)v '
Saccefs to the lnterpoiiticu of ffleayen ; and tQ
lkaen the Amtricans cow anral. '1 And, "would'
to God that p.ry .AccommoMatioi; could foften tbofe
tended their Kcqueils. no'-: rtht-r than: they were'
countenanced oy inc taws, jsa tnitirienqjy ,4rp-.
LU'ition,-which,- from-oua.C try," they had ziity--"
1 to expecl. But further 'pj r.ion$, Suimajpro- ;; ' .';' '-j
bably chnrjje tietr'4.c. ut. .Allegiance. will " - ' 5 .-I
. .'... i
lomcuaaei j-eiax its ibuci
doei not, intermeddle iu ,tl
rnitw $ -arM . wha.t can r.
; . Defpair ?--Vhcrt' Danger
h riot vcryj mce in yie Meilc
tnbf jVlrans ot cxtricaticg
m. wiidom. ititit
Affiliation.- ofpBixtrc
...ic the . Conduit
?"'jnd Men, Itcy crW
" .'.ilvation,- Ae the.
ves, will..t appear
Rigours which youtMajtlly's Mtulrtrs fecmed4W hc RihLfhtVk our Iri- ; h ' to '-oppfcf v;'
, tcraiined to purfucL' B.aLifeeihh no;Equivo - usV'it l pardonable' and i - , 1 ' . ; thrt .'oaf. .
( tot he. Attronts which the honed Struggles for tedtion., - . . 7 ,..7 . ' ' . v
Frccdo'ai have given j under the rretcacc. of JLawj -' 2 am 'vuith all 'iut t&wjjiw a&lliitmitJ . ' ,
4 .
'J .
cd.i7v-.iI K St. ai f'ce Satjtrti'
I. '-f tr lifi-r-V, a . t eajoy it b
' t4i, , t:.ik r.ivj.ei -t, tLe p-eL'nt
rf w Mi .ti. . An4 in
i 1 -v.4.J twf Ct 'i;nf, and .-ffthci, aad .
t e e Jtf, t ru moot Sar-
t if .'r cr .liff,- tail fctel: rrcccta
t . f-a-i ij u omli to ths y?th i-.
;, .. t si tSe UUTtin, runchiici aal
vn--:.: i-Urt L-iairy aid uti:es and ut
r -ti j i f.!di p the. iWtilao!
7"i . 3 - "'fl la 'ihV f irs5:ati : p ffj'
t it 4 - I r4 r.ry iVr.'a.ei to .aao
t.' j'ntnf i'i nn tikr-'! cftatrou
" "i if! 1 1 tr i n 4uiJtd Demo's purf;cJ.
that thf ?cw Tj-,
!, viitW Co-.tik'., the tn:t coa V, .: ,, af l pUinfi Uemrtadrancel, cf
;d jvlkt Mn of the prrlcnt Age,
f t J
;-f a 4 t; a :. 'i.i. Lit W me era-
r a it c K' xc I tScir dfJ Ccunfcli,
,k are iwu'i:-;, criVcm fAcirVi
r f t ecrtuq Aorri.ait L.Urry, I
1 I tlwr 'It era J. CiviJ i my
na;ur.l licc and equity fjili defeated ; ., and the
Couititut on h wourded uner the Semblance of a
temporary Cure. Your linillers, Sir! , arc total
S'ratrs to thofc nive Teinpcj-ariunts and Allays
to nii'it! the ErilS and Maladies of the State, :n
hi.h ax-Jx tf the Wildcoi of Government con it (Is,
The rtnin, where they oaght to relax; end think
to acwompiii, by Lxcrtiun, iVh-t they want Abt
liuey to c'Xui by kunetu Meafurcs. Thiy do ho:
fee ithtfe hsppy MetJiurhi fo nc'ccllary in the Ad
j'Hfuc.r.'ti oi rcat AiTiirs, by which Authority is
prck'twi on the one iland, and AIogtaiic! fecur-c-d
o. tic other. T hefc imprafticabli Men renounce
all r.;ip:-.'.uti but Fewer . I hey have rccou'
Arm', wiirii they In )i caly leek . Counfcl. Thijr
at'.cr.ipt thut by OpprcCcn, hich juuicc;(wcll aU
K.inii..4cu, would noreft'ecfuilly ac:ornp!i!h'. -!
1 ucy ia-k ci enforcing the Lws, when they, nre
fio!atu:g the Conilitution a;id urge the Keccftties r
of Slate, when they Ihcrufclvcs are the Aethers of
the vcry.Nccc2irics of which they complain. --They '
ire for ilj.n r thWt in a'; free State, which fthc mod
Dclpoiic, in like Circuniflanccs,' if wife,' would
carefully avoid. -What is there,- - Sir I tq coun'te-
: . 1 t. :' IT ' - 4
nantr io j,rtat a iiazara ot ruining America, ana
dtltritinourfclvcs ; of exekinp thenrto yrms, and
ourGrlves to the Slaughter of ourSons H?vcyour
"Miniltjrf t'ir r dilcjvcfcd Mines of Incxhauflable in America, vhich. they wait to Plunder,
! difuiare our enormous' nalional'Dcbti1 AIas!,,
"they will nud no other Riches but what a f.rer.uoius
tl L.. '.!.t-..l : -. t. 5 L T
inuutiry iuj gniucu j virtue, ,wr.xc wic l.uvc 01 , 1
Liberty lias mipircd ; and a itace oi Men not Uc- :
' generate cuotgli to part witli Freedom without a
'noble $tru!le. fiefcre their Charters were violat- .
eJ, their Laws infringed, their Trade bppreflcd,
- one of their chief Cities, and its Inhabitants, pro-,
'i a t . t f
icrioea, ana military expeditions lent to awe and
imimiuJic iiicju, iiicir l.ivci anu ronuncs wcic at .
our Difpofal ; can Subject's ' offer, -can they jjitc ;
merer 1 wui.oe uoia to declare to your niajtity,
i. .
' TcufUjejJfs faithful $ubje;lt
, . . K B U N
McCRUGR'i Sfeccb :e.r Frilxy tbt litb' cf .pjm
l i I I ' - f "W M 'IH 1 ' J " 9 HUH tjrj Mil 4 , -
. Mr. Sfesa-r, : ,.,;. - ..;-.-.-
I RISE to deliver, irjy. Sentiments on this' impor-lj
taut Subjcft, I'jltb ell th; UrJMnct and Awe
which mutt i'.rikc the M hid .on. the fird Attempt to '
(peak Ufvirc fo auguft cq, Affembly. Had J re7
uiaincd lilent on, this Occafun I rodft have ..con
demned tiyiclf for deferring a Caye tyhich ir is raj
Puty. to efpoufc. -.1 c?Jinot but be heard with Can
do.:r by !j;lijlr.c?, .wfcea what I. cn'cr is dictated
; by a Love to my Country. t:,-J , ,T.
. I am far 3om approving. all, the Prv?edingijj.
America; xnry of their Mcafurcj, Jiave bca-.f
Piiuohour .to their Caufe. j, Their. jro been ?f5erted iviifam VuUrice ; and. their Claim
ilated with Tarter, as well as ot;,;.il4u.t4,pti Cay, Sir, that i they ilvo ertedjit may ;
. be'ercd as. a Failing t)f human Nt4re.j i
People arMinatcd.with iLict if:Liherij andalarttK"
cd witji Apprchcnfions of its bcin in Dutftr, Will
unavoidably tun into. ExceiTes.. ; , . ...j
': Ta: ililtory of Mar.kind declares it in evcrv
ar.tindJkitoas-xaiaht,U-vew 4ith-.att-Eve nf
. 1
Tenderer fuch AcMi of Imprudence, . to 1 wbidi '
tlicir Fellow Sbjcwls in America niay. have Lcvh'
t :..i y. i 1 1 ti
iiurricu, not avjiai occn unKindiy laia; oy .A f
btlliout Spirit, bat by-that genmm Sfcrit vf.ficedrjt
whith has ou-h led their tw'it Anaitrt inio Jr.ciii-
crctiori .1 ti
tv I tWf Tli--t u excite
fry? I!:t::un 1 I f.TiU ueera my
, 1 if. 1 lS S'tiavi, your
1 ! ir tt V. ifbrji cf f!21,.e,Hs iia-
1 . - . . ... 1. ., K trk r Ti n f' ! 1
JI:-;7itali U tucoiuace yo.r
i. i A Aj'4W ted, and Tyranny
i a 1 1' f U:-Biy altv ctmlUs in the',
"Afls of Hcvrrifj itc. far from having . a
,to eradicate ftahufct ; ch'ths contrary, they, muil . ,
produce new. .ffrtr, andnaui ihat Atucluucat
, which 'Kit:dntf$ niight have enfur'eJ. .No Ccnritv.'
StrKai been wsrr ia hcrColonies tlan- Great
. F-ritain ;" cemented, by mutual i'tcrcfis .(till the
Ari cf ihitfjal Stamp. Ail) tliey youtiified in sa
Intcrcourfe oi Amity.' Protection, and Ctedience.'.
1 I
-1 a 1 - 1 - 1 ' : - . .
inai-ociorc meic -iawi. rrocecumgs, no iaton 711 - jvpforttn and Jtipport(J,.tj (atb .wvv . Bcjore. Wat
the known Hiflory cf the Torld coufidcrin tl-: . Period, " ! we meet with ro tfobtience to'Vour
towing Strength, Grandeur, and Extent of; that. Laws, , no Denial of the Jurifdiftioi of Pafliafl.rnr
wihty f'rnpirc, though dependent, could ever boa:V no Marlt tfjuliuft and DtjtcKt.:;i ; but 'Hay, ever v '
fuch ConEdenceand Obedience, as Gr'ea; Britain- , loved I.ilurty. .Tku Pafuon is coeval with tl.tir I
did in her Colon R-i.-Thcfe arc tmv in Danper of
being irrecoverably, loft, not by their Defcdibn,'.
but our own unacctjunublc Folly, Qiqi Das iult
frit Epilation to Atncrjca TtLcy ucre pcrfecajrd
to it In thfa Country V thev foupbt'a
the t'r.e'xploicd Regy.rii of thr.Vj there thty Jrcaic-
fully cleared their ixdicfphalle Wildi cuiiuaitd'

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