f V I' V .v: J- A f r i S E MP ER P R O; III B E RT&T EJ,T 1i X B 0 N O PUB JD I . f f : Governor J CLHXSMJPlgin the Heufi cf . Commons on Friday Ly'tf on tht SkftflM f?r employing i ,000 Men for the Land . Cl'vlhon c the Plan, which :tKe7(feTitrflneiLiOdmiArT ; ftration areVefofvcd to j'uffueirh lldpect ; - tQ'AMtitaAffitiikAs nW clear that -'the. Pebple of, America, afti-ated with the "fame firm'and.refolqtc Spirit, an d .tircluKl icx an- Iifir-lup of GentmCn on the S.ubjec of. Amencafi Aftair.s be- j ruwu Jth' the fanieEitliiuiafra which -H ' ' :- ceftor to withlUnd the unjuft Claim of the C - .'.in theDays of Charles eFirftraredci refill the ' high Doftrines'Of 'ParlTamcmar r. f ; aiaCT ' Held Forth : by thii Couhtrjv vlsUi . ixialt m ',' CtnfeqUerice$; Reduce v their Librties-tR-Level"5 " f ;Tvith the ColQiuei jC-Fxance-and fSahviif w.e;re- ,refolvedtd;adhere-to thpfe iricomprehenfibje Te- echoed with .ib. much' A:ppliufe ia tlj?i Uit CjParJiameW-Jn beiuon. notnin? dvii inc owora can formeFfrcKas on"" this Subjek. Vl hope it does not proceed TKom Waotf Health, in which Cth gin to altqr, 1 nops they wu I now lee. what Men, no Man could .FeeKroore : Sorrow for hU lordihip ., tyVU UJ ll't IUAUUUU3 IllH.Ui 4 JiCiV V.4 ,-piutv. are ca rr r.'Wvr-"v , t v "f- ' i1r1' I .-ucu mis jjuruunp. iniq men rain and cruel. 4V)ea "'tiM v Riffhts from Or.nrefllon an! T)iftrri. 'T ua A A I - fiirpe rintfiW .Vm -,.k.v -j " recau io mcu. ivicmury uic ounerin?5 oi mi , Parlia.mentof 'Parh Tii'fifKaufrhty Mibd of Daucn- 'iviinuier, .ana .animpenQuai vnanceuor, had induced the late vKing (if iance to violate all bat ftill iniiiiingf, that W Mail can deter'rninKpio- - I Derlv on the Number nt Pnrro '"tii".. w. TT,Ui,;i,i V ihe ancient and ettabhfhed Fnvjjege pf thal'aujultj untirwe'kRow the Meafures that are to bpurfuci CodvV the.oAly remaining Check agaiiift the 0ef refpcdin the Americans, ..' v?;.;-?.'?-;,: . tiU;C to rp-- r- " 'CJpniuE were found baft enotH'h to vilifv the Claims ; J T Tr'T" t' y;' v December z I .-".The. lleDort from the Crtrnmlfri,. of Ways ind Meens fcexng :. mad iYeflerdar- iff thd Houfe of CQm9n!i, on" putrtogrihe QiKilibn fof . 'Gehiug were found bafe endpgh to vilify ihe Claims t f ortitude of Mind does nor; Always' accompany cx ;celfercTjentsfeaifd thatiminy Men pofleifing ihofe rare .Gifts., aratobiitten induced to leu d their, f-tlie-pt-efcntri 1 rjncmiity to the H an d tharayjrthem7 in'Sapport1 i now. decide the a of die Doctrines rX t'Ke Pavj-fi'tt-pofEMe for any : PnntiflU " In that Event it is in!vain to fapDofc,' 1 of the People of Amerk' to -ndeV?o wearer Dif- Vjthat the Peace Eftablifhment of the ArfiVy now pro- : t'refs thr.n thofe worthy Patriots in Ijance have fuf--: - pofed will' be fufficieqt ; - for every wife Man mult j '.1'ered ? "Deprived of t'heiVQlnces arid SubGftence',';. Mi5wiBg imnc xr.o lax or-wree 3Jwunp$ in tu and after remiiking upon, the alarming Accocnis e. .v- r . r a. -a i .. .. ;uuj uic v,ongrci3.,in uaenca, wunea tnauiieu? forefee, " rhat onr Rivals iri Europe cannot be .idle. ' OpCfciaiOr in IUV.U a uuiiug- iui - ficient Force s employed to fubdue thtr Americans, ; . ; this 'Country 'tnvift be left djjftilutc cf . the r.eccPary ; - Defence, -tio Man is fefs dcfirous .'if 'au2mtntio2 .- I ' ' a ' military tEftablimmeht tlun. m vlelfv fofefte 4 ; - ,T. that tne l-i Dernes i . mis youniry piuii in mc r-na ;:-vvr;fal a Sacrifice to the-Power vlich has Annihilated f . ' the Rights. of Marfkind in otKer Slatei; ejween, lie r fern. . . w " - - w thofe who are to, defend us, according' to the pre-. . ' ' fent Eftabtiihmen'ts of Europe, ' the Situation is very 5 hue. ' For 'my irtPJCtiiYevcMlJ?ttU termination. of ihQucltion might be pojlpooeduill after the Holidays,' a it was impoffiblc to determina ' wnai Mcajurcs.were meant to be purfueJ .wito.;Ref- " ptft to Ar -ica, till it was known what Part Adr.i niibatiou .fit to uke ; no one could Tav. ihethrr , ion.- tnattic tnc .ewara or n i,.' vrance. more dicn.ial Ri-htV-tji. WWob-V. !5 "Y?"r. ;. adjoin, uc. ' - ' , . . 4ina4 Vti tk(ril Allil AXlc' 3 'AfrbrYTiU frtM 7tS n 1, from the Kin? of France.', ft a ''Xi hit of Great. "Britain be alhahied to yield K Cries cf to Tk.tillinn nf Ki ?nrii. Tjan' died from their "friends', Vilified by the Court P liriri. 'pie 'and a.20id ConiciencA' thdy have- now feen ihVif i)ay-.ofTriumphV1tnaet-"iherlewWdW virtue, icvuiiiiz iu V Time of Peace, Citizen and Soldier-happily inter. ? mixing with each other in. eqnal Privileges, yet ; upon an Inyafion, or a civil NVar, when Men of high Minds come to afiemble in milita.)' Camps with their Weapons in.tr.tir Hand:,; the Contigw-n f of Power will foon Vprefid; nev:rtheicU we iniifk r maintain, though with a watchful Eye, a neccliary . Force for Defence in Cafe of IinaHon; I fpcVik as a" Seaman,'' confident', that whenever Frm.e mall find an enterprifing C'er', capable of .iWafung fuch an Attempt Mth Skill; and Rtfolution, that theiandinbrrrrrfr.vth be prevented by ail tf.e Ships we 'can-arm, wh.:ie the Elements cbnrtViVTryarioUi', andtile.i)jiUiKC fo fiSort.. There are fcvcral Methods to a'.cor;p!ilh this, which Khali not repeat he'rf, fr pruduiiial Motives; but I am lo coiivins.ed of th: )Vutu of my Aflcrtion, that J coniidt'r it as the Du:y;of every Man in this Country to be jeady to difpjtc the Fate of this Kiitgdom on a Battle ; and li we are left without a ncvtliary btrength to Jupport wa verjng iviinfls, in io.n a v.ui'juuuiurc, . thinking of 'depriving our fellow Cit Millions of his Subiects. v I know all the Argument ... tan2'.e wt-ar Men in aupport.or t! vbit:.. aricDvTeu -.nivunaed "more than convinced. It -is faid that LtgiHation exiting in the Pirliament of Great-Uritain, Taxation, which is a Part of Le giiUiiuii, lnuil necelTari'' be, included. The vari ous Privileges which fubnit in every free State, are hardly to be tieu rmined by any rcafoning a prhri. Such I'iileiiinus ccur on every Subjeit, Can any -I'oiitidn n'ppciir nore ridiculous to thofe who main ,tihi the qclrincs. of virtual Reprcfcntatipn, than hat a bui ougn, ihould fend .two Members to Parlia lutiit wiiliout Houfc or Inhabitant And that there are many who hear meilrenuous Advocates againit if.ericirrrCharTerfrTharhoId'theif Seats in this lioulc under fuch a:7ri:ius '.eprefentation. At the fdine. Time I'tcnfiH tn'e Bafis of the Coullituti n depends on preferring their Privileges entire, lir.ee no Man can fay how lar the Reform woull reach ; and the w!ole Art of Government conhlis in pre fcfvirg t every .one his cllablilhtd Rights, 1 he inoit certain Science ve lc:.ow is Mathematicks ; )tt ii I was to fay to many Men', that two Lines nicy ip it A Learer acd ntaier to all Eternity' ' and nevi f could inter, they v.ouldhik the Aflcr tion ticJiculous and abfuru. Ncverthclefs there is Vio'liliig lo certain as the Truth o.f that Theorem., ' h is equally tiue that Li inflation maV extlt without " the JWcr'nf 'fjjiatiun. ..The KingJoni of Ireland, . wituin our own. Juninuon, is a Proof cf wfut ihcie lcari.t'd Gentlemen aCert to be fo imtHj(Tble. A - woithy Mtnibrr in my Eye, being preJitd with this -Ai'iiii.cnt in. the lull befiion of Parliament, from .'the, Kairnefs of his Mind, avowed as his. Opinion, that wc ijnuSd tax Ireland. .1 remember there wtrs lun.c Ccnilcmcn in the Gallery when thii'Decla- ration was made", whom i immediately perceived, uy me vUJiiuuiuns in intir vvunicniutci, iu uc Irilli Mem'bcrs. Next Day the Member cluofc to "make.fome Apologv to his Friends,- He faid no Parallel could be drawn between Ireland and the Colonies for Ireland h&.nfarafkernalia, and this ' fatiificd both the Englifa and Inlh Members, .i'or while wc are Citizens of their jUlt ina 'legal Rignis in rtiinnca, wc maj, as ji I- proper Pun lfli me ii i o(h our own. .'It irtrui,1 that oy the prefent Vote we do not preclud? ourfclvcs ifrom an Augmentation in tKeCc-orlV of the Sciliuu, from an Augmentation ,' in Cafe the Exrge'Vcis of the State Mull r:q .ire ;, i and fo fir 1 am willing to afiV-nt to tee prebut M. l tion ;-bttt I beg Gendetr.ert in Adrhini .ration will n' the mean Time draw no Merit from piPi ofing lb' low an Euablilhment, unlcfs they intend to alur ' V their Meafures,-fmce it is endoubtedty inadtqtarc to our Situation ; and I would liktwile ca'utiou the b landed lntereft norto pljme themftlves on the Ef- cape they have made, 1 AnciPit is etiu.illy evident, a further .Taxtioif if hot "included in'Jhe' general Vote of this Year, mult be demanded by 'Extraordi. .'Wanes, 6 a Vote fcfCrcdit w meer thenV next Sff- . iion bnder thelmultiplied Expences sf that Mode of j raifing Money. ' J ' 1 1 t-; . 3 With Regaxd to the Navy, i con fc ft it to be ex- trfcakly hird that Qt noble Lord mould be attacked ia.the lall Seffion tff Parliament for too great Pro." i.faiion,'. 'and blamed in this for the' Redudioa that v was then deemed neceflaty : But I a:n not one of fthofe who are captivattd with a fimple Pfopofition I. upon Paper,' when all the Avenues ol Extravagance a are kept open t while the Situation of our AHair' from the worft judged Policy, ncccflarlly.leadj us toopenthefe Sluice of Kxpenct. , It is therefore In tain to hold out "confnucal-Refutations in' ouf Vcuj, when our Conduit mult produce a contrary what ed a foirited Debate, in uV!rk MT .TV.,.i,fV. , fi . a, Mr "?ghy, SirWiJlumMeredUht VndWr. Ccrn " V ?.0rWMJe. Share ,tut Mu tvl Vuch longer .tbarf the Reft, . arid moft l r i :a)y jaroepted tbShuation of ;Ahcrica, ik! ndicelcd t ondut of AdmnjIbationvar.d . ; the. Situ.; ' QTdJz-AMUlu v '. iic-vuTivcu..iuai oe Knew nnr tnr w Pufpofe AtimiDiftrath:n had fent an Army .thcie a kn rriui if i ... miJaJ ...J.' . -1 1 .;. i i have been an 'Army of Exrcution, not an Atmy cf Obfervatiori. That the General in his laft Letteri had reprclTted himfelf "as being at once beneged ai.d bciicging.';rthat he complained his Canocn had been ftolen, and other I:ifufti ofTered to tne.Trcops; but that he had the Happinefs to comhiarid a patient . Atn y ;.on the Idea of a patient Army the honours ' " ble Member expatiated wi-h. grtat Frerc'cm,: and kept to his ,Pcint that if .an Army was at all necef . -r'-y it Ihould b? e'xer'titive ; but that he knew no tfuhnels Gtnertl Gage had theie in fo lamentable a c. . .1... .:ft-A..j-- t . r hi i . t .juuauijii , ii.ni ii jic HUU UIOp 01 OlQOa OL hlS Fellow SuLjecti, he would open the Sluices for a Torrent on both Sidts, .and God knows where it might end j while on the other if he did not, he mull be expofed with his Army to fuch a Tamenefs and Patience as no Army ever (hewed btirc. He obfeivrd, that they had a Speech breathing nothine. hut War with-America, for whith Thanks were Ijkewife to be given. On the Whale, the Gentle- , men on ttiii bide theQjicltion, aprrehenfive that voreci urecu mignt ne moved ; lor at the Clole.ol the Seflion, were willing to t'oftpche the Rcfolutioa coricernirg the Land Tax . till "after the Holidays, wlen beirg better Informed cf the Scat if our own Countiy, they might be.' enabled to judge of "the Prudencef hvrngjeduced the Navy ElUblilhmcnt. and c f the SurTiciency or Infuflicicncy of the propof- ed.Latid Tax 'Aid of 3 1. On the othtt Hand. S ViHiam Meredith com. plained of the Impropritty f the ptefent Ccnveila- uvii icrumg xo mnamc tnc iviinai ol ihi iWrle, by fumilhihg Matter for 'the Hewfy'apcrs ; wifiied ic had been avoided, as the Gentlemen had no propo fition toofler, and then juftifying the Mra(e'r:-s al ready taken bv Adminiftration. He.obfervw-d.'in reply to Mr. Burke, that General Gage had . been feet to Bcfbn for three ery good Purpcfeit fiift, to r 'y"" uic .maguiraies icccncir. to t rniea the my Part, 1 do not fee what Difficulty ca.i occur , in -Property of the Merchants, which had been ttcfly leaving the different Colonies 1 oa te fame Footing tiolated; thirdly, to tnforce the Execution of the of raihre Money by Requifitibn as from thei'cople Acls of the Britifti Pafliamnr o-KIri, p;. v. u.j ; of Ireland'. If it is thought this . Manner of railing Supplies mipht-thrt too much Ijwcr into the ' is:. 1. le .e..r L.:v Hands of the Crown, that Power might be limited. fo as not to be exerted except upon the A'ddrcfs of txnii liouies ot rariia,men,tf iicn as nas Decn latciy adopted refpeclintf the Preroaitive in reeulatinz the Coin, I am ftill hbpcfr that' the tenfe Chords on which our American Creed has-been faid and lung, will be relaxed. Vpe'ceive,' I think, the Tone of the noble Lord as hql i j loud cr lj Icuy aj cu Acls of the Britifti Pafliamerit., which Points ha bad In a great; Meafure iceomplifVd and he" added, that fuch Steps woofd not have bcn r.ec(ffary if iha declaratory Bill and repealing the Stamp Acl Lad never been brought. into' that Houfc. Mr.'Buik retorted, that if the .declaratory Aft nas the accurfed Thing that had caafed all the Mifchief, they had nothing to do but to tofs itccrbord. For hi. Part, . he was ready, to facrifirt- every Thin fct . Kae ne of I with America ; but he flill was d Opinion General fett'e .UGage kadhUTfoori tad no Bufiteft" a; BJt-ui mm . M 1 I I y r. I

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