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1 !,'
that tne Magilirati of Bdlloa tere fafi to be in A- tt'cneral Meetin.jrtrtnt London . Tavern, ja tho
fylum: he had heard of Afflum for Thieves, bat , 18th Inftant, fthaVparpe.rtJBayieyjrcad:
never of Alylums tor jyueittratea ; not couia as con--
a Letter from the Council of Commerce at Liver-
ceivc how they Could
tney couia not omciatcy
be faid (to bt protefltad whUJ pool, requciUngto kiuwtwhatySriTilip London
r but Were Oitf y in Afylanlj fi 'Americans Mercaants intended to tike. Hlce-. '
that the Troops had: been fetjo proteft the Cpfli
inerc 6f fte Merch'a;nu after all Trade was at ai'
wife fajoV he jjatpaetj;ersXfro'.Man
ana uuicr nates, 10 uic iame rurpuri. i ncic .uci
End; and that as to the Execution of ; the. Acts of t r ters he urged for, thcimmediate Neccffity of coming
Pariiament, ; General 0 age could not befaid to hayet- to ibme l)etcxmin atioh. MrBSfcl ay corroborated
.enforced them, ;fince the Americans had; not yet fab-', .this, by readrag . a . Lttter from Leeds,- giving ,,a
"mitted t6 tVem.T' His (evere'SarCafms on the Minif- moft pitiable Account of the Miferie&and DiftreiTes
try were "more proper for the Earr
than the Public.
,' A very candid, (hort Speech from Mr. Cornwall
' clofed IhqoomfaticpaHltEeHoiife agreed with
January 6. Wednefday Morninff at ten o'C!ock
- there was a numerous Meeting of thV NortH Ameri.
can MerchaattIjadelmeaJtoanersaM
Arras Tavern Cornhili; purluant td a'nuAdvertiteiA
ment previoufly pubTilhed in alfthe Daily and EvnV:
" . 'ingTapers tor that PorpOfe, Some Tim. after eleven
bCIocK-the great Room being near (fuU,Mr, Kat
' 'ley propofed Mr Thonias Lane ;saj CaairmanVK'icHI1
- . ' feeing univerfally aflen ted KJyC Mr. Lan? tcccrdingly
afms on the Minif moft pitiable Account of the Miferiesand DiftrelTes
i of the.KlemWsJ i; .of the MariufacWerOn thS
After feveral other .Qentleme'h had ; fpoken . iTac
effiyely tJie-0ufinV
Ihey all eiTentiaily agreed, though, two warjied them ,
Jovpetitipnmg in Favour of tho1 who 'had refilled
tnTTautnonty ot rariiament ; , tne Motions were
' CompKT the B ufinefs of "th redti'wlViciiway.
fa tafee into C)Dfivlcrationv: the rtjen: unhappy
Diipuw bctweto jl?e -vloief Country arid ncr Colo-j
Mr. ijarciay nnt openea inc ycotc uy.iwiiug.
the XJomoanv
chihts wVo fiae'd. the . Advertilemeat altering, the
Bay of Meeting from the sjd of laft-Manth wthc
fcverally put byfle Chatrinan, ? and carried, una
nimoully. - The Committee were then ao pointed to
confift of twenty-ithrdfe, and the Names given accord
Hnglyi at the rroportion of three o each 'Province,'
J ad Xtfb Oyer, nine.'Fwee;lo conilitute a
omwttteet A'o
f ludirigltfrTra id otheri concerned in V
merican omtfer
which Mil, finally agneed toy 'A Motion "Var then
:'ipt an ninimoufly agreed . to,-ibr. ' printing the
RclpTUtiob' of ;tke prkj ;in lt fMobjm'ajid
Evening Papers, which, was followed 'by acrothef,
Vfor returning Thank
t lenfioa tt the BufineTffihayV-'lifteriviai the
Meeting adiournea ul Wednelday;.next
the. Words1 r the Operation of 1JI after Aas,' for
Coanfettihel-Bafhctfoufe'tt f!ead 'iny In
conveniences arifine from the Quebec.- or other'
lAas ; ' that tKe Bofton Port ad MalTachfetts-Bdy
.tuns were omitccu iaUJC irurpoie, yet-were
fcV no-ieans4precrudedt. iftheommittee'ilio'uld
afterwards thipk:proper to inilrud their Counfel fo,
from being rearonftrated againiTt,J either in ParU ft
inl.a very eloquent and forcible Manlier anB mew
ed byjfrefh Implications, that tne Words in the Pey
JiuesL LJ aiiSneidperatioiilofiall other ASr
were fully competent to any Clauses that could be
r-added, , either da Favour of Quebec or ; Boltorii'
MrNutt acquainted the Mettttn'gthar 'proVably
he could reconcile this Difference of Opinion, by
-informirg them, on almoft pofitiveGrounds :that
me JungDywauifi jaineueDcc-iiiUT-impow"
- J
v 1
eriitg him to allow, at his Pleafure," of the Trial
;byjuries7:and the Ufe of thr Habeas Corpus Aft
acuacr lent uut, ur was preparing 10 iena ou,
' Order for ' their continuing in ; fult o'ree, and
that as the Quebec' Bill was mot to take Place till
the ftrft Of May next,' the ill JEffea of tlrat Bili; in
j H
,4 '
.thefe WqPartticu ,
' belng'the Cafe; 'he imagined ij oe vfoucd
. jefs neceffary". to Infill on adding tiie Jtlaufe refped; ' - " L
ing Qnebec"''r Several othr jntlemen;-for thefe
nlade to the Pjctition. 'fvir. Watfon replied to them.
i'u-j ..4.:;'J .r.iu ' rc. j i" - It. :
iiuu ursjcuw,iu K'atvoiucnccTui-lecIiry ot .
4. ; ' f. rc 'V t v , t . V : 1 ' . i 4" ' . r
The above MieBnp1 coiififted of DeVvveeiT three and '
J prefii Day wrucriKeil Handred of the moft refjieftable Merchants anltii:
many or tnem 10 return irom u.c .v,uuuirucr iu? , v raqers concerned m; tne American uuimeis, (antt
- 1 i.4aua -4 4. ji . a tft mm warn w'itmir
LMiwiwwMBmw.t"r' gi n'inavs. w cu ah lu iViiuivu . itai a u u k 1 www 1 rnniiurirn rn rniirrnnnr urirn n. nrp .ininr , rrrr n
in their, Minds. He Oblefved; that he ;hai .jrhidev .SenKnd'M()dration;'-.:'. : : ;
fo'mc Enquiries about the Authors f hc original , TJre Committee confifts'rirt'he fdlowiV!V entle-
-Advertifement of the zad of Decern be r'la (I,, but to jmcn, viz., FoNeEldnJMtffts. Lane. Cham-
- IhVPurpofci fo as to fix them jto a . Certainty. .V At !
; firft he was induced to think it a Minceuvreof Go- ;
vernment of of Party, but he was glad- to inform '
, the Corripany it was neither, ffe then went into
. the Nature bf the Meeting,-, which was ' to cqnllder
'pffome proper Method. lor llemming'thofc Evils
f that threatened no lefs thin the Deibutlion of the''
. Whole Empire, by. the prefeht nnhpy Difpiltes"
between this Couhry Jjorth As this
wai a Subjeft of thtf grw.eftMhiu jnd Impdr-
1 : 'tance to the Trade of this ".Country ,Vi he hoped it .
would be treated with grcafc' Temper tr!d Circum-'
. , fpecion. and that confequently. it-mould, h- only 1
xaicen-up merey uir wi7Jt tiwwrPrtw, it. -j mc
t political to thofe who Ihould beft know . ho F
cufs it. He then roduce'dthe two followiu v
? ten Propofitionsi which were fcveralljr read and
. tonded :; . i . That it is the Of ih: --'" this Meu,.
t ing.-that the alarming State 6l t! i ria 'tb Nrth
i America makes it expedient petition ."Parliafrjent
; for Redrefs. i.-That 4 Cdbimittcc sbc appointed
" to prepare a Petition. t(i "the Hdufe of Commons,
'1 aria lay the fame before a eAcral Meeting,- to be
" held at this Place this Day Sc'ennight. t ;
-Mr. Bacon, Member. f6r Aylefbury, rofe after
, Mr. Barclay, and, after joming with him in thjnk-
ing the prefent Queliioi of the 'grcateft Importance
- to this Lountryy yet tnougut lire iwoac or petition
ing rather premature. There was, 'he.' (aid, a Pe-
tlon rr6m America aireaqr preicntca;to,tnc rung,
t"nd he hadiverr forAnuvtrjTthit it ftaald be" lid
' before the Parliament j nfrfcvfays he, t let w. wait
f till we heir )iow this Petition is received before 'e
1 o fipon one,' the Prayer of which might be dinV-
o fipon
. .. . 1 ' , r n 11 I 1
rent htm the Otttcr. Mr. Barclay aniwerea mm, oy .
"faying, the leaft Protraction might', be dangerous-,
; and that if they waited for the Fate, of one Petition,
' the Parliament, by that TiJe,, might take fo me
''Meafarcs wKich might defe in a great Mca(ure'.
J the Purpore of petitioning at all; that, beiider,'fo
L larTj a Body as the North American Merchants of
London mould not fit idle Spectators in fo great a
. Struggle s the prefent 1 that thair not, exerting,
'themlelves before was made a Ifacd.e of laft SefRdn
1 by the Midiiler ; and that their prefent Union and
Ain.lance malt neceiTarily ttrcngthen the Grounds
... ' of an amicable Accommodation. Ir, Baker . foU
' lowed Mr. Barclay,' and after very properly, apojo--
Vizin to the Company for his Appcirao.ce in- that
hpion, BrooifitJd ; 'AVw-Tori, Meflrs. Pig6d,'Black-? ?
...ti- . . . stiff . n .tr
j-- v.uru, -f oargcni nnnjymamat y ivieurs. xarciay,
Mildred, Nizt6i:rMatyiwiatf Meltrs. Hanbiiry,
-Mollcfoni' QiTnpbctt 'iTirx, Meffn Norton,
- "Gift, Athawes; NorlbOaroMj, Meflrs. ridgen",
Clarke, ; Woolbridge "South-Caro!iiiat Meflrs.
Greerrwood, Niitt; K,oIlefton ; nd two over,Mc'lT.
Lee arid Baker. , 7 ."'' ' ' ' '
.The ommitfee were defired to entitle'the eti
' t6f$ 'A Peri tid'h . of the Merchan ti. Traders 5 aijd
;'.", otKe'rs, conairoei lui North 'American Com
'.; " mtrce.",1 ThomaLanr 'Effl; "was tppbinted
TrealurCr for receiving $nblcriphcms to, defray tht
feeceiTaryf Er Which may atrerid ' tip 'Pctit.idn
ten'prop " W ;' ;, .
77" 'eat. Col. Prefcot, f St 7th
vtgir v, i arrired in '2 Days from Ge-
41..J44 . - .' '
1 f It -.-1.4 tu iJ ellablfiWl F? at th Meif
J! fures which, are ridw obferveS tow a.. ..4 - the Ameri-
cans witl be maintained "by the MinilU7:ag'iunit 'aH
Oppouuon. ; ;
On Wednefday MorninV thcie was a veiy hu
: tnerous atrH reipeAable Appeara'nce of the Mer
chants, ice. trading to North America, cdrifuting
ot between four atfd hve Hundred, at the King a
Arms Tavern, for the Purpofe of the. Committee, 4
appointed at the lalt Mectiog, reporting ihe Par
ticu!ars ofii Petition o be picTe'r.ied to Parliament
r la thiflreietit alarming Situation of American Af-
ruin. ire ouuncii or inc Meeting was op-enea
about 1 i o'Clock by jthc reading" of the Petition-,
rthe SubftauCc of which was as foljb'ws1; V Firlt
j fttting to thclloufe the fcveral ' Particulars of the
LjextenliYe Trade' carried on between this - Country
and America, as it refpeited trre' Barter of Commo
: Viitftj, 'the Balance of CaUr, as welfas the Netro-
1 cia'.ion of Pjtcltane in feveral Parts 'of Europe it
tjexiiiaiva now wis very extennve iraue was nun
..a .4v.
"one Day or othef Kave 'a Sovrti sn of- a d i Keren t 1
jway of thinking fae was; therefore not for leaving ,
Things on fuck an uncertain Orouiid as the V-Ul !
. of a Prihie buVior having th( m. eitablimed ;wth i
more Certain'.WecUion J Mr- Sharp and
Tome others' agreed wyh Mr.Wa.tfon, particuiarly
theformer, Vho faid'amonglotier Things, " That '
Canada wai uniterfally lbtiked upon a a Cudgel, ii '
the Han'ds of Gbvernrrient, againft the Reft pf the
Americans," ??Mr. Oreighton .mqrCithan once at
tempted to m&t theDiercncts "of the :Afle'mblyf
bye complitnenting, ' in very kith Tefmi, the.
fraught, Purport and Extent, of, tie "Petition find
-then exprflibg his Wiflx that three Canadian Mer
chan ifs lliould be added to thCommhtee, for the
,'Parpofe of inftruclirig Courifel touchif v tliofe Poicts-.
. "which Mr. Watfon and Jifs 'Friends fo much iififted .;
: -on, by which tire'y might bring about, equally as '
weu,- uic cuec:i incy 10 mucn aeiirea., . t ,
. vThis Debate coutbued feveral Hours, in wh'icK 1
Mr. WatTon and Mr,.. Biker were Principals on dif
ferent Sides. At the Cldfe of it Mr. Watfon wact-
Vd to put his Queftioil, but Mr. Biker fet'the Coui-' . J '
ry fight I rolai of Order, br rcriilndiarp' chctii V
th?re was an originil Queftion beore them, which j .
"tnuft firft be diipofed of, either bv tfntirelv c-ettin I
ld of it, by Negation, by Amendment, or by put- -
tiog the 'previous Qaeftion. The latter was the ere,' j
muvth, uwj;ttuf wiuyu ws crneo in tne Alar-
tnative by a grea Majoriry. , The; main Queftiptf, j .
Ihi Tfau Peauon, entitled, c cow read, ,bt"
approved 0f," WIS then DUt khdciiried ui,animntit)if.
After thiYaMotion wai made by Mr. Watfn for
entering inWJ Kcfulution, independrnt cf the Peti-
H0nf expreuing the. Aflent of theAlTcmbly ,to the
evil ConfiquenCcs of the Qnebec" Bill." Thij. tho
in FacVigrced toby almolt, every Body, yet as they
thought propt'r. 'ff r 'Rullkris alrtaJv t?! ten i-not to
-infert them in the Petition, it Avas.urpcd by the M'a-
pruy creicBc, mat iacn a Keliiution would be rataer
out Of Place. ''Mr,:Waifonl'-ifterVAVhifefctin
. the 5enfc of the Company lean this Way, withdrew
A Refold n on was thrn agreed. tO, .f that the Pe-
4-t . 4 . V . . ... . i . I
by tHe feveral Revenue Bills afTccting North Amc- titton be foi thuith Cngrcffcd, that the Committee do
' rica, palled Cnce the Repeal of the Stamp A& to 'attend for that,Purpcfr, apd, that .three .Canadian
the Year 5rH "then concluded by piaying Re- Mcrchaoti,' Mr. Watfon. Mr. Stiettcl. ind Mr.
drefs in thele Particulars, as u ell mihXiptrati
en 'pf all itber 'A3s which may afl'ccV the general
; 1 rude carried on fcetwecm this Country and NcTth
' Amtrica." The Whole Was couched in dect-ntv
k manly Terms.' ' As foon "as trre Pctiticm Was re2d,
Mr.; MaylcV rude the following Motion: ut That;
tne remion .tuutiea, &.c sx, now read, oe ip
( I'
,:! ,
vrt v
I )' ;
r 1
" r rayer of that Petition. woOJd be exrremeljr guarded the contrary he highly approved' of it, yet he was
4V - .t. ff-"l l'':fl .. V . . . t. . 1 ' 1 4. . I . 1 4 7 4 ,
v Care ot any one i nmg acmanoca or orautca, wnicn i mould be particuicrjy exprcllcd, ind where the vc
wuiumuwiB. wen as commercial cvm
from that Bill, Ihould be marked outs
faw no Reafon why fo ex ten five a Province
J - 4.. rr I t e : . f. .
uie iraue wncreoi is 10 very material
Hunterv be dded to theVCorn'mittee already ap
pointed, for 'the Porpcfe of inflructini Coonfel.. and
preparing fuch i&vidence and AJJegations as the Pe
: titicn warranted them to foppcri.". This, it e, foi utl-
on was loiioweq iy another, vXhat the ruuoo,
after being eogrofled, would Jie at , that. Hpuft for
Cgning j and that the Committee fhould. afterwarda
advertife the Meeting at laree of the Day they in.,
tended prefenung'k.''. A Motion of Thanks to tht
.nairman qemg men onaiumculiy agrttd, tof,
vsucmoiy aojoorneu., . . "
, lj 4.4
may 01 f iictwru ivunu iiutuai; vn uu ur.CA- i ry trrcai
1 " purt2e the Parliament may hold the PcMtioncrs to i relultlng
" the direel Letter which perhaps'would be ineluci-' I that he
enc 10 iic rencra t iupwic. ; . , ; i- as .anaoa,
" - 4V 4 4 ' 4l flft -
Mr.'Samucl Vauphan acquainted, the Altcmbly,!
' ihat having had' the Honour of attending a Meet-;
In? of the Welllndia Merchants and Planters the
" Hight beforCk at the London Tavern, on the fame,
SaDjcct as the prefent,.. he woiild declare, to the mj t
their JlcfoliAionsV ' He then read a Letter from the '
; .Merchanti', Traders, &c. in the Weft India BaA.'
' nth, rcfiding at Bridol, rtuelting to joia them-
felvcs to, the London' Meeting of the Merchants,'
' &c and that upon this Letter being read at Tucf- .
day Nights Meeting, they had refolved to accept
' f the totiilion, and Ukcwi(b lefuhe to Juve a
s-- , - ' " ' . ...... .
j to the InteTeft of this Country, Ihould, be left but
vi iv zicjii a vitniuji u me prcicni ; uc uicixiorv
proposed a Ciaufe,' after the Operation Of all
other Acls," carticularlv frecifvln7 the latt ,0ue
bee Bill."' Mr. Baker angered Mr; Walton; by
M firlt caltiftg the Recollection of the Gentlemen
prefent, to the general Willi thrown out lafl. Meeti
ing, of the Committee's avoiding every Thing that
was political in the Petition he faid tnahhey hadi
in Confluence, been very guarded In this Pnicu
larj but however, be as' they toull;
y witli Prudence, they had fill lift a Opening by
. Jan. 1 4. . r Laft Night Council was held at Ldr4 . J
Roch ford's Oiuce in Clevclaod Row. at whidi sLk ;
Lord Chancellor, Lord Mansfield, and all the great 1
. Officers ttf State, Cited; .' 4 !..' ' . ' J
. A UXiet, from Uipt. Boyd, .of: live Sift,- anirtd -at
Lithon; December 27; .fay ,;.. 1 take the Oppor
tunity of a VeiTcl paffin for London, to kdvilc j .
, of. my fafe Arrival from Tcirctir. beintr tht. bnl
, yttd that efcaped oqt of five $ail, all loaded'!.!
Cel. Prcfcotr, who arrived in Tcwo on Thurfday.
from Geneial Gage. Io Ccnfequtnce of this, wi
hesr, melt of tte leading Men ia AdmiaiRrttloia
were convened In the Evenin4io delifceri.
take Refoludons upon the Coating of thofe Letters,
wnicn, 11 u wruiperea, arf pot Cf fq ufifarcurable a
Nature at . oder Cixctaftwtsi mty give Room; tt
1 "
1 1

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