SEMPER PRO LIBERTATEt ET BONO PUBLICO. fefcj' Governor JOHNSTONE'S ?C, c. jr 'i ' Queftion ftr re-committikg .A Addrefs", . 7a i 71 - i-l)e-mift13-Avittiijit Prejudice; fr&Tr:?-t taring the Colony oMaflachufetts-Bay Rtbel- lion. ..';''' SPEAKER, ' " ' E F OR EL you pronounce this dreadful Sentence upon a MERITORIOUS, SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS . People,- fflfiefiaTlHIc j y iWyfcl the Prpfpericy of th e. iroiesJ'tSJberbarwd refpettin? our. fellow Sub- jcfs; ittmerica J Jri oraer jp j adw of Vhis We niaft '; j f onfide he EAU CAUSE' of Difoute ill lav th - 'Side have endeavoured to flur this Point; and. al-4 . J .Vi - pie met in GENERAL ASSEMBLY, and tile TRIAL' B Y ?j URY. If the ' Syftemi of Taxation ' by the ParliamenJ of Great-Britain .takes place, what Being can b( fo Credulous as to expert thel. Affemblies of the leople will ever.ftieet ; .ancl it' -is confeiTed that Adnirulty Courts, difclaiming Tri als '.by Jury, are jneielTlry to enforce this Species' of Taxation.- Herejtien-are all.the ffential Privi-i: -''. that the Americans are u.ianirnous . again tl this " ' ; Power 6f Taxation, as lodged in ; the ; 'Iiritiih Par- liament." -. They ire refblved'-to ; a.fid.'iin'ce' s you have placed them in a 'Situatioa'''wKere',the;y....-''. mull either be Rebels or Slaves, the blame muftjie. with thofe who have dibve them to thisI)iimtia2f , - Irtifcuffing die: QuelScrt fRiat- Trfarbq of Navi-v ;tc nlialrslViL-tirORYiThe, l- . .i0u.4a,.v5'-ittAic;ure t6-us'thciIa-"'i' . - : :Iy, of their.Trade;ls;rieceilary. In ?jfhe. mutual;.:! t i , "cxlpr. i'vapdUhe InUruaions'from 'Philadei t I -ia'i ' bn-wiuc thdoceedings of v'the-? Congrtfs-" , t -z chiefly formed avow THESE DOCTRINES t in nipre full and explicit TtmfcEhfr Method ofvt , c-ndemoinjIen INFERENCE and CON.-;-f Colonies mult ever.pioTeJthe Riches and-Glorv of. phgkjidNolhingiutSie ABSURD PRIDEJ 6r f.iNvniU W lUWUf AlXVJii ot tf rKLoEN T DMINISTR&TlQNTts JWhen onc thiSyildm takes place W ,ffialltien;i: jeeipthcyxzmyh ot- Jjpvcrnors,. vwith ill their Train if Dependents,' as. in thpro-' yincesMlOMErw uch'u-e:'fufes 1 amplev'rp,, . -va- v',:'';"!'.;; ; J ; Thus iTiuch fuppoiHTg tne American; RIGiT-in ' tlie Difpute ias I believe: they arei ; but fuppoTinz them yRON.G, I hill new ftate; their Excufe and , , lee what Heart can condemn them, and retain fnyj 2iaim to Huroanityi'.' ' : ,he Oeftioaconcfnim 'Ci.loniss ; t j L r.y KE'f'.contriryito" heirv repeated .'D'eclarat'D.'r i nrio;' approve V T -a4'taercfore !"e;nd the- " ; ! - '----h tprcVof mv'Argument' to the.orbinal Ciufc ; : . ;f O aarrel-TAX ATlON; ' ' .vfe-i,: : : .The great and only Secret yet foorid ofjt for rci' v Uf:rvins;thc 1 ,.lr .5 aachmentr 6'f that" Power which'' is necclHrxJo'il, oachmenrrf that" Ppwer . wh?cji ' is JieccHiiiJgrlII1 'i-' - Mention in the civil Wars of Charles the Firft : It ' isithis Privilege alone which makes the TIouC: of i' Commons refpcctable: This was the Point which . HAMPDEN obtained for us ! And I leave every 'one acquainted with the. Hiflory of thole memora- ' bie Times,. to dcterniinh in his own Mind, whe "ther we lhould ever have enjoyed this B!r(Tmg, if "he had tamely paid ths Tax, and had rot RE , 'SISTED From this. Power we derive the Cer tainty of afiembling the Reprtfentativ'es cf the Peo T)le : by this Rcdreis of Grievances ma PRECEDE - v, . ... tiic : r.'tiwiL n .? or lite metits, is. dillicult -ta common Apprchenf1ons.V--i i'ONTSQUJEU: Hi ptttrvtd, that in Dto f.Hifin every; Tiling o gift to depend ' onTftvo' Or throe l; sa,, iui nii4m.r, i mere any vi .mug ly nij. Ato folve this Difpute a the UNITY of -the : Britim. i Empfrethe SUPREMACY of : Vh, LepillativW -tAuth' rity yf Great-Brltam-the OMNIPOrEKCE' ' 'of.ParJiimcnt f; is- tHere;alv Man'fo' ntanti''tffter( havin Lcardhp SOUNDING; Y&rd asot; 5,?44inWhinUBaprea:urrs wha&feccuflj t i't j r vcr n men t. 4roni tunce theJr... F Si limatw-e;;H: iiever.can ;'aawfaiyV-The;ttrii 'OiiceoflECROWliasiair- ,At? ' :ijr ryrH Vrin-: WSim .'. -' " ;vciple;hpuld ineveAlbe exrlnguilcd in any ; Govern-'''&jpA '- ment,nuch iefVin a'FRE'E 'CteryTWf:Qfeo eyeCreferred;':ttHc: e"elgof lit)- lMakih4TJow:depriyb "'f. ' rnii erc'e"i jiu t't in "i ofi?'' ihIe ' oci'e tie3'"'V'J' - ' .i' vj. ;Ae;.BejeiiV given themifproc?cMingK)'depHye Fifteryp their SuDfiftancfaltefiri V.ter andaonihilatng- ' hesrirrgvthem. in .Deayrclttarfliin v 5teadd a.rteSv Form bf Cbvernmenf- w)i JtK?l&W.f ?:'''. v1; a.4 .Tt. j .. . . ;f Tyrannv in ' tneireighfepurjiobd,; 'lid;ESTAi'-::': RpMANCATF' b :'EUGir-.T Rerrelentaavesfue I' !e dcrunund AileIefi-?CU ty-7, -l;.of 'Pariiament?-n .v'r-'-!' ' vlnlenor. D u tie's lev ied V rtvicflrwriar SupDltfs ; nd tiieairity--tnat-tne-fcxereitLnirT't,r" l"im"u"u'l"j tAiumg m vea from nence, TJiat tne tiocie u,c v""".""''j ' uamciy, vyxy notbe abiifed is derived Acannot impofe an others, what they are not to feel - - . . t i y.l y . ii . ihemielves. rrincip:es ot-tne onititution, every, Man (hould be reprefented ; but the Devia tion 'from a Rule, too nice for Pratt ire, is farcly borne, becaufe .the Interci of every particular, . Member remains as a Pledge, that to individual can be overbuhhened': When this Security is re- -moved, there is no Umgcr Safety for thole to whom the Fatt does not -apply. What is the Cafe ref . petting the Amcricnsf Does any Member feel himfetf alTctted by the Impofuions he ma'l lay. on them? Nay, docs not the CONTRARY PRiN PLE?raillrHo7e rTintuinJC'flTnN' have "never dilturbed their Repofe with fuch dry Conhderations can have no Doubt on this Matter. Be that as it may, certain it is, that the Difcufiion of this melt important Queftion was debated in this AlTembly by the GREA TEST ABILITIES, after Ihe FULLEST INFORMATION, that CAtrac companied.any political. Qieitijons. "The Dtaifion was IN FxWOUR of the Americans ; the Stamp Act was repealed. 1 admit that 44 Principles of EXPEDIENCY" arc alleJgeJ to the REASON, in the Prc.nble of the Bill j but the Men who bold ly DENIED durirg this' Difcuifion, the Power of hprCPrecedents fit .the .Viclatibi! tf '!cVe 'Thfn - iCK . ;we holA-mcH faded, in this Country; 1 Yay;- It AM " ; lilte; thefeahWINDICATEeance.ifhiA- r--"" v r MlRICAK3 can quote thcm;.imd' GOD ana:THE r ?;WORLD'maltjudgeetea.;u3.w '. vfart;coniidervitK-a.ORD:i50MERSr.4t that' ; vilrreafon aRainlt tm;X30;STlTUTipN iltherff -FIRST. S PECIES bF4haCrime! XAtfts ofParlia- VS f xnent are facredTMo WI"kindvr '-'r W ' nTa. IV Tik " 'f, t1':i-4r1 1 CiiLfcTT, 1 1.1T1 i ll i,t wnw-nHiitr' U ULLE )t l- V. r actinp ac- . . - r i? a . 7 " ... 7 -.j.i" rrr afid"EMPSONwerc- HANGED fo cording to Aft of Parliament. I have now Hated the Arguments which lhould induce you to paufe at leaft before you take this ir retrievable Step. I lhs.II examine next the Confe- quences. -uppofe we lhould SUCCEED in fubduing the Americans, is it not clear from henceforward that we mult govern them by MILITARY FORGE? Mull not our Army be increaed in Proportion? '-Vhile-his Majeity retains the Power of moving his Troops from one Part of his Dominions to another," MJ)Icic)Uafety-fo Country? If the Mortification the EX-" ''PIIJP . Ml . i r.u,vu 1 ico, win ic not loon communicate to the one was made Prime Minifter, the other was reat .11 t I fnr and Lord Hih Chancellor of GreatBri- America, the more he will RKLiEVh himfelf. JUDGE HOBBERT fays, 44 If an Att ofParliy ment was made, conftitiiting a Man a Juilgc in his own Caufe; it would be v6id !y tT.c ofjS'a-ture'- Vtt fuchTrthe p-ecil'e Situation in which we contend we ought to be placed refpetting the Americans, and for tne Denial or which we are ready to condemn our fellow Subjects to all the Tor tures enattcd by the Laws of Treafon. Let us look round, and view the Fate cf different State's tnat have yielded or preferved the Privileges for which the Americans contend. So foon as the CORTES loft this Power, -their Slavery was com fottat. POR TUGAL has now no Veilige of this Palladium. Here is Tyranny fuprcme ! In FRANCE, where the Traces are left (as in the 'Pays d ttat) their Happinefs is dillinguilhnble from j the Mifcry of other Parts. Tin Britain we are yet free, becaufe we retain it. In H O L L A N D, SWITZERLAND, and the other States of Europe, they are more or lefs fo as they prefcrve it. j -What'are the Circumftmcei lhat dilliiiguifii and fcrotett the BRITISH Colonics from thofe of O CHER Nations ? The Reprcfentitivcs of the Peo- CIIATIIAM and LORD CAMDEN, (Men of as" . CENTRE ? Every Man acquainted with the Hif. extraoraiuary l aients as ever adorned boctety) the. tory of Nations, muft forefee the Confenucnccs. If we r AIL in the Attempt, which is the happiell Event that can occur, what Difficulties may not difgail, Irritations and all the Horrors of civil War, engender ? While the Juilice and Moderati on of this Country are blotted from the Face of the F.arth, and the accumulated Expencc, when the Springs of Riches cut off, muft SHAKE PUBLIC CREDIT to the very Centre. . . ' The noble Lord has hinted, " )f repealing the Tca Tax would. do.Mie would yield that," and he. Ipeaks even FAINTLY on the Power of Taxation. If thefc arc his Principles we Are yet more inexcufa-. b!e. We ara going to punifii.Men for MA1N T A IN I (i what wc are ready, to YIELD, and to c"S,46t tiioii in enuicis txpence tor the oafce of a QUIDDITY. - Since whether renounced on tain, the Keeper of the King's Confciencc I What American could have retained ahy Doubt of his Caufe in-the Mind of his Mnjel'ty, or the Nation, after fuch a Deciiiou? The compromiling Att fooh followed (for the Sake bf gratifying a Party) .violat ing alj the Principles of Commerce and, Policy" in the lump-giving Drawbacks here, 'exacting Duties there, committing the Power and Authority of the "Nv.fuifon Jj1)jects which never could produce any' eUfdual Revenue, and this in a Manner that all Men of Senfe mull ever condemn. .'JWhn Amciicuin, faw, by this Att of Parlia mcnt, that: the great Qilion was likely again to ri'turn upon tht rh, in the I'rogi cfs of Time, through the X' feed, Ignorance, or Caprice of Statcfmen, they meet the Polition in fly, , circuitous, rjucf tionablc Shape ; they reCurred to their old Princi ples ; they revolted againll the Preamble; they tranfmittcd Petitions ; and all failing, they enter ed into Nonimportation Agreements. This pro duced LORD HILLSBOROUGH'S circular Let ter,' which I will repeat again and again,-' till a contrary Condutt is purfucd; for no fatisfattory Anfwer can be given about it, while the ptefent n J rl ' '. uocirines arc avowca. inc Americans, inus FORTIFIED in . their Opinions concerning the Points of Taxation, are unanimous AGAINST our - Powcf, from NOVA SCO TIA TO GEORGIA; If there be any-Doubt on this Fattj why not call GOVERNOR EDEN ?Wc are told he lately ar- 1 nvca : it wouia nave uccn occoming to nave pro duced him. But I call on his Relations, rnends cr any Man, .to cenrraditt mc in this AlTcrcion, the Principles of Expediency or Right, the Satis fattion niutl be equally compleat to the Americans. But the noble Lord allcdges, 44 that yielding the -Feint of Taxation would nut now do." This is Conjetture on his Part : But at lealt it would pro duce, this good'Efutt, we would divide the Ame ricans;, we lhould unite Meii in this Country, and goto tncontcit with better Hopes ot Succcfs. The Proofs the noble Lord gives for his Opinion arc fevcral INDISCRETE Attsof difiennt Meet ings fince the lall O-nfuficn irwAincrica.Such, Detail never affettrmcrr V.Tnk no Conclufion ci be drawn fiom them. In all civil Wars, when the People are let loofe to rcalbn On Government, a Thoufand ablurd Doctrine's are broached. J. v: us apply this to our own Countrylet cs rcincmbcr hll the ridiculous Circurr.flancei which HUDIBRAS has painted better than I can. But fhoold the GREAT CAUSE OF LIBERTY in which .our A I I -r .X

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