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With the. lateft Advices Foreign and Dpmeftick. ' :
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HOUSE of COMMONS, &i. 27.
.. Speech m AmkricaV Affairs. -77 ::7:
tON,(a former Occauoa i prefttmed '7
to ltate a few of my Sentiments to '"-
the liouie, relative to the War 1m
v rten'dme-- over the A wstfcA-H -v?7
it Ifrrny own, FeIingVA"I thought
I could not. aafwer it to my - own
Country, ha4 I n?le&ed, at : ?he. verylcariieft Mo
ment that mjghroifcf, ?o declare m utter Abhor
' icncc of thole unconftitutioiial, Arbitrary and diav
v bojical Projecls, deviled by hirMaJeyV -Mmii&nT
for theT??itruftion of tnut unhappy Pebble; '
'?J flatter myfelf a certain ilJnOasCharaer may j
tor ; there leems to oe a.divine ticam;or Raarance
CJtning round his Temples ; and .1. forefce almolV
not altogether, as murvellp'us a Conwrlion into
the riffht Path, as that which happenedn Days of
Yore to tlie great Persecutor of the 'Chrilllan -Fol
lowers on the Plains oi Damafcus." .
To what Hack Storm in the political Firmament
wc are indebted for this fudden Cha gev I, Sir,
move in too contracted a Sphere to difee tt ; but the
noble Lord will allow me to tender hir my hearty
Congratclaticns, that he is at length 1 'akened to
that Clemency, and to that;jujlic, wh .h. will beuV
1 jree With' the innate .Temper of his II irt. There
is a long Line of Statefmen feated' in 'rm'Array
not far frSra your Chair, who have, er r lince the
Birth of this Pa Hamcrt, nniformly (hr.:ak (and 1
am fore their Confdenccs always mft . ' ik, what
. foever their Politics or their Eloqcen kmay do)
- - from the great American QiieAion ; tk; uvcwTIh
ed to deter to the lateft Hour poffible, i' .DifculH
. cms of this critical Topic, in Hopes, Varh hey " term
r It, to Ifarn what Is a taaUv ('"" n tMXl&tTAl
rifct not a Sua in that ll.-inifpVere but lets to fuch
adlitiooal Grievances, and Outcries, as the moA
- frothing fu'ure CnceJins, the molt exarftplary
f .tare dAcrin:csoa ) our Part, will fcarce be able
Ij 4 tone for. '
H Awcvj;r.grating lathe F.arof me Individcalr-
the ab;etmay be, I Cull take the Liberty, with
tne Ir.dulenwC of tne li;uf to, Out thefe
s Miifures cf compelling the Aincricanv by Fcrre of "
Arnn toacknowieJc.' 'he raramo'snt and uhlimitrd
Authority cf j'arlumit "in ih; I'axaiLn vi their
I'ropaty, a 'Pmje.r.'crc4ied li their Fa;u!;L;$,
tni by tr't lni t.try, a-e n-r y'f, are not ?!itici
a.c ct fn,1nlU, but a tri:eroj Infrlrgeincnt on '
the Cou;ti:a.ion of ihe Colonies, wh'uh rcits upon
the fame fun iamenrii Pruuiplcs that uphold the
Prcpcrty a.d urh!U ihr Franchifcs cf cvtry Native
tnis I;U 1 J.
JIr, 1 ever will contend, that tlia united P?.r!ia-'
merits rJ li upland ai.d Scotland rauaot li'jally im-
fMiV 4 Fa on the Su'.j .'ds in any o.her rart of the
Jr'iii.ii D)inin;m, without the Couunt of fuch
&.ihiiMt, ci btr by th.'infclvc in Pcrfon, or 'by
ih.i- Kpprc!cntaue. Let the Champions of Del
' jm I n va I thcmfe'lves v( trnir Kr.uK'dge and
S hutry, I ent arc to ir.aii.tsih ttis Propoliti-.
cn, ft jt attonntly prei'uming en niy Talents rr.
thi'l m mra- e it, but ou its own dear intrinHc
Merit, and the Conviction that to tvery dtfyuiTi
triitc. Miai ma:t titutally from i:s iuVcf.
1 iiti. - -
Vh Cnertioa propofol millta'es aaint the Pri
irilcgf cf a!l Emigrants cf their DtkiipiLn, from
the Fi.uc cf the paiiiar.hal J)iijar.;iion w thJt
. l S Caitract who carried i v& thtm (as their
Ptuu.ii) certain inhcrvbt Rih: nitural to Man
kit J, irnmd&Ve and uralieaablf; confirmed to
'. then for an llnitage,. b) that blc.T.d Cuutlitution
cf Sawn Cotre xturt uc J?r which they wer born,
- Laws eaabliil.rd on hj ilNeceHity; andlrapotencc
4;:a thm and the prefcot State, cither by ex
trefs or tacit ATcn were not cf an'univerfal, in-
i- .1 .1 ... v.r . c j . XT . .
tattle Ks'ivr cf Tmft ldanted to the comrara
tivc State of the centreing parties, for the Pur
f oft cf temporary Expedience, and muft of Couife
aT tonfmitlc ta (uch other relative Alterations
ts Lapie of 1 ime, and the VicUItude of human Af
fairs may clTcct, '
Aft cf Parliaments, or ether diplomatic Titles,
pay te ri rccd ta &i formal, and perhaps
. vsccatcUciromptio ?f Towcx at feme givca
Period of Time; but will nat.coim;ervail the prime
val and indefeafible Rights' of Mankind whenever
fuch Rights fliajl beall'erted by adear' major "Part
c6f the Communvty: On l:V OijOund, and this
Ground only relbour fpiritual Form underjiirry;
the Vlllth , and that-molt clori lbs if all civil ' Re,.
voluUojfihf1' B ffvAU4Vpff tfT' loft
tnTTSrofle of thefe Rrafmsv'31i'U' J ' : ; -
CT"hole rGentlemen h1f V Oninifence
;- of Parliaments, and the Inatlibili;y.of their Codes. '
ihould advert to the many abYurd; contradictory.
Portions and Dbclrines laid down "daring the Con
tention of the feycral Pretenders of the Plantagenet ;
: Une,und. afterwards of ihe He
cf Tudor. 7 j- 7' 7 ;; ;;. -. '7'::7.;'. ' j
v; In Faft, "Siri your Statutes pofe""Daysor'
-n47onKwha Uoever; Brow might'iiapFnrt6 be n -circled
with the. regal piadeinVf la the Reign of
iCih? Richard II. a Law" pafledfto tranifer7the
- Power of both Hpufcs of Parliament to twelve Ba
rons.: By an Aft "'under" one ofj'tlm" HennctheJi.
King's Proclamation," with" the" Coijknt orms privy
Council,: was thenceforward to arry wiih it the
Force atid Efiicacy of a Law of tha Jand. Ai.d We
all know that the Parliament of. 1641' -voted itielf
ato perfuade he; felf that your numerous embattled
Legion under triumphant Fleets fent to her Coafvs;
were fupplied purely from Motives of parental Af
feftioi, or fympa;hetic Beneyrencev :;:rHad, Sir
that vaft' Territory been . planted J,vv.i th - Prtugut fe
-v Scion s'i inftead of thofeTripm yotir own Stock, pou
nder at ing as" the political Scales of Europe then were,
would you not have afforded to a People, in theif
natural and moral Oharafter as far from Umlca
from yojrfelves as :.' iftordyis";' from"':;Haifeor.yV - .aft
equal Supply of Men and Trcafure ? Ren.ember,
Sir, )6iir Prowtis at the Eve ox that ' iaine VVr,
pear the. Banks "of the. TaeVi's. .1 - " ' 7
ThrLove or Enmity of one People to anothi r.
cannot be eflimated by their. occi(i jnal Aliiaccebi
"CoroffaSs or (iuara o tes . s a Body Politic. , j t; 11
tuTa Century ago inat;ou;EneLi-.B'eadeerTe4
with uhpaial Idled Ardor in the. Army' of that arch
Eneihy to civil and religious Liberty,- Liwis.7XiV
of France ; the execrated Revocator'of the Edit! of
Nantzj the Afpircr to univerfal Defpotifm, We
fr..,A 'c:- ., : a a it, t ..u ..r. '! -1 . . 3
in. vuf: wui, gaiim 1 cupi wiiuia i ujerante &U(a
Charity of Religion, whofe. whole Syftem and Free-,
dpm of Government we at that very Time held iri
cmuli'ive Veneration j a People. whofe Affiftanco
we fupplicated and obtained, fcarce twenty Years
after, to deliver us from monarchical Tyranny.
. Such Coertion were highly impolitic, -becaufe it
is from the Profperity, lVace and Conteniment, of
htr Colonics, that Refources of Wealth and Laurels -of
Honour are won to a Mother Country.' Hiftorjr
teaches us that Populoufnefs and Affluence are th
Produft of that Clime alone, where the People may
reap in Security a full Harveft of the.' r Labour;
where they have Affluence in their Leaders and Go
perpetual never to be diflblved'or prorogued but
by its own' Confent : and the Afiead b, an ho
nourable Mi'mber to the Committee on the prefent
Refolution and which he treated with fo much De
ference, becaufe it declared the People, of ih a Maf- -'
fachufctts-E ay irt a State of Revolt! was palfcd by
this immaculate Parliament.
Now, Sir; . let us fuppole (wht Jn thefe our vn-7
corrupt Days there can be no Realon to apprchenu)
tbV Ouhod by aa
Mrniftcr and Minion of the Sovereign, 'veitwetneT: alien Hand ; Where the munid oak if not the imi
whole 'egiflativc,' as well as cxectiiive Power in the - j-pcrial jarifdiftion, toother with the Power of lei
Crows, totally to . abolifli both Hiufes of Parlia-1 vying Taxes, are veJtcd in Si.b:tuutes of their owq
.in?ai Ljvflu LU,nr h h,fa t n t lJ A4fxa
the SiiKj-?tt throOghout Great-Britain and Amenta?
All Pcrlutii have natural Rigf.ts, a free People have
. legal "Rights, independent f t' Parliamentary Edifts,
a;vj otwuicn no rorm ot Government whatever
can diprive them. Laws no: fjunded on conllitiN
iio;iai jumcc, are in incnuaves nuu anu voiq.n.oc
are thrMakerrot thcm LcgtflatorS) but Uforpcrs.
A"cry wife and learned. Writer (Judge Black
ftonc) haiin his CVinmcntiries the tvllowing Paf
fe : if the Sovereign Power aJvanee with gi
gantic Strides to threaten Defclation to a State,
Mankind will not he reafoped oun5f the Fee. ings
ol H i.n mities, nor will ficriltce their Liberty iira
fcrupulous dherende to thofe pvf.tiCal Maxims,
which wcrs origiaaily eilablifhed to -prefuve that
Libert;." 7 . . . '
.If the Powers and Pretenfions of a few Adventur-
vymg 1 axes, are vev.ea vn iiiOiututes ot their owa
-free Cao.curAppiobationA .'
That laying of a Defpot, OJerint Jum tnetuant
may be applivable to the Iw'art'r.y .vhs of the oppo
site Diviliou of the Globe; bat, Sir, it will never
a.cord with the Sentiments of cur hre.hren in A
ncrica. :, . jj ,
Threats and Violence u fed again it Hearts"of the
ers and Fuitives occupying about two Centuries
ngo a fmalt Corner of a gracelcfs Defartv and pof
felf.d of none of the good Things of this. Life, are
to afcertain the Powers and Pa-tci fiuns of three
Millions of-People, fprcadover a Land flowing with
Miik and Hon.y; und 1 boo Leagues in Circum
.ference, they mav, with the fame Jultice and Pro
priety, hz brougktt'wflJCxuiuri hence TifafferTSTrT
the Righis and Prettcftuhs of thirty Millions,' when
the Inhabitants of thu diminuivc Ifle lhall fcarce
' reach a fodrth Part cf that Number j neither ,an
I own f.ich Diiparity in the Calculation ofTncttafe
to be at all exaggerated , if wc confider the 'arious
fame fturdy Temper with your own, nult induce
the moll calamitous Events 'o both Paries. There
will be Seeds of equal Courage and
found in the one Battle as in the other, with thia
; i'iti'crencc at the Onfetji that the Aim of the ag
grieved is ufiially braced to bo'der, more dtfcifive
Lfiorts of Rage and Defpir, than that of the Ag
greilbr. Amlx uck gtnerunt Cblumlut" Let us,
bir, rather rtjoicc that our Br ed has not df gt ne
rated ; that thefe Colonilh have a Stnf- of raticraL
Freedom, becHiing the Sons cf fach'hlgh mettled
Piogenitors. ( ..
Ill wJld it anfwer your Purpofe to brir.e their
Bodies under a lhort-lived Sabjeciinn, and to leave
iinpreflcd u on their Minds an unseating Ranccur
and Aptnefs for Revolt.
Jlevcngcis an uijchriftian Paflion, et how rarely
cikSS. Cu,h-numftitjtnJuroiKlIcd ol alublinier
"nictoiini, without this Alloy W .
. .rMeiner, air, am i aitogetncr unacquainted wttft
,tlfc people of whom Iam now (peaking. ' CurioA-
tytmculcd ifte tohavci many Hundreds of Miles:
aiong tneir nounmmg ar.. hoip.tabierrcvnces.
I found in moft of.rihem.the Spartan l emoranc.
Drains from this Country, andthcdailylnilux ofPcr. J- in many -tiie Urbanity of Athens ; 'and LOtwilh-
Jfons of both the very Meridian of Life in-
to tncWjinvitinc; icegions j Derides, new jettlers
cfually tiftrift themfdves to Hunting and Agricul
ture, to Toils which afford Vigour to the Body,,
and Enterprizc to the Mind. They live on plain,
wholcfome Diet; it 'Progeny Is' healthful, and
of boundlefs IncreaJe; whereas in-Nations tha
have reached their full Zenith of Luxury, the Mafs
,of the People Jtre occupied at fedentary Arts and
Manufactures, drawing in from Morn to Eve, an
impure confined Atmofphere, or brooding over un.
wholefomr Furnaces ; hence the vital Stamina are
hurt, the Appetites foon applied,, the Spri'ts eafily
deprcflcd ; thev bciome enfetbled ere the Sand of
their mortal Glafs be h,a!f run out ; their OrTtpring
is faplrfi'and emafculate.
America has hen loudly charged with Ingrati
tude towards the Parent. Country, from whom flic
received Protection during the I;.te Con (lift of War.
'Tis not uite clear how far the Balance of that
Accotnt is in her Disfavour. However; (he lanno:
tc fa ignoraat tf hc real Springs of "War ct Peace,
ilanding the bafe and fcroundlcf Imputations, on
thdr Spirit, which the, cankered T nu. of Preju
dicend Slander has with (o licentiouia Virulence
here poured forth againll them, they will, I tm
confident, iffctto the Proof, evince the Roman
Magnanimity, ere Rome fell under fceptcred Uftir
pation. But, Sir, if a foreign linemy fliould ap
pear at your Gates, and you need their AfHttance,
will there then be found among them manya Co-"
rlolanus ? He Hands fmgle as a Prodigy of Forgivc-
nefs, in the Annals of a People whefc Attachment to
their native Land was carried to the utmoft Height
of Enthufufm. How foon that foreign Enemy
may appear at sour Gates, I know nor. Accord
ing to the horological Predictions of a moft enlight
ened itate Sooth(ayrrwe have about fe'ven Yean
more of profound Tranquil. ;y with the Houfe of
. Bourbon to truil to j but, from1 the Symp on of
our domcflic Diftracions, and the improved Su'e
of the Government and Finances of our Neigh
bours, I mould judge it prudent to be fomtwhat
better provided than wc aie at pxcfcAt fvi au culy
, 1
, v
. T
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