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    JULY 7fyi77S:.
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Sf .f W5r - : ,
lateft Adyices ;'rejgj.aiid,Domefti.k. ;
-Jt- v
r i
E-V' f-"' tCjf ;:wy:; Y Yrr NU
. :; " j t . . . . . , i
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m V ,"rYY '
' ' - "TT7 , V 'YlN
Yr .r Yy ; Yvi ' - y- --v';-. 'i :-: ;v Yf .vtiY'XYY.:,
.' '.'t-. : v Y "rv-' ''-''. ...i-..
VV I L L I A.M S B UR G. yJvn-e io. - -.
f Extillettty:ihe: R0i Hon, JOl NJ 'aft of
' :- ,PUNM0k, Ui Majejf i Lieutenant lmd G'over-:
nor Qtnetal of the Colony and Dominion ' of " Virgi
" ruU Vice? Admiral of the fatne, , : i J.
he hum'ole Addr.bs3 of the COUNCIL.;
My 'Lord, -: y';"; ;y -v -;y - ,,
r E; i his vMajelty' imod ;dDtJlul-
Y and loyal Subjects, the Coun
Y cfl of Virgi iiiaVv now inet in
General AfTemblyi beg Leave
to prtfeiu our mleT.hankj
to your Excellency fcr yodr
Speech, at the " opsniajj of this
Seflloh, arid for givihgu5"ah"Opportunity to take
- the prefent alarming State of this Colon y inro bur
Confideration, and provide Remedies againil the
increafi nz Evils therein. Your , doing -rthis.ovfea-'.
of what you thought would lay a firm -Foundation --
or our proceeding with Succefs, in fo defirable 'a ,
Work, we cannot but regard as a Proofof yoQr'At- "
- As.this Country hath, for many Years pail, made ":
.ample Provifion for the civil Government thereof,
' we have only to declare our Willingnefs to concur
-'with the other-Branch of the Legifliture in fuch
' proportion, and in fuch Mean?, as jhsyihall. be
, willing to contribute towards the Public Burthens
Thfl Vi?r and cnnrt lJrdr.ftt tvetv ivmntrv
A Mv A VHVM Maa J ' " f .
. pending bn the regular Adminiilxation of. Juftice,
Y we are deliroui.that the Courts (hall be forthwith
Ixoened. that the Laws 'may acaia have their due '
. . f . . .
-v vourie; as lucn a step wm or lnurumenrai m re-
; , f" " O 0 O -
molt deftructiv.e Tendency. 4 ; : . . .
' ,Tn YifiirS hi Rxcellencv was Dleafed to return tn '
i y r v "v, " r - - w
; following ANSWER: "
Gentlemen,. . Y' . -.
if adopted, will entirely iompofe the dcjtruclive
v-Y.l '
Differences, btt'vjecn this Lc untry tind Ureat-JJritam,
H I And rejhri the Order 'und Tra.;m!lity' cf the Cclony,
r-thouht it prudent fr tnyfeK fid fervirtaDla fox f
' the Country, that I remove"! lke lofSaiy, Y
rnaaoie to wnicn 1 nave, ya my Keiidnce,
e wefenta-Boardlus 'ajcilya. Shipithe.
conformable to which
-for the
, rowey, lying at iqik. r ,; 2r i:.-,vvYV;;,u-ix Y; ,
Ylt is notviny Intention JtO :he leaft -Interrup-; ';
' tion to the5 Sitting of the Ail 'yiut.I Kope iltey'."..'
proceef ir thegreat:IJ . rdrrVfV.Tt I TwhicndrrcTSnd -.ttrodoaj4;-ajljits,' ' I, ilia: wf
Care to nlake the Ac"CeistoJ in V w Jeaiy !and jfaft,
that the 'neceffary Communical: V'6etween'l:iiie and
the Houie may be attended will the leaft Inconve
riience pofiible ; -arid f though il would 'bemore
a . .
tit; and -1.
'e;as ready '.to
e-as 1 was.. De
ed 0 contxibute
' 5 given jne, to
ioii bf whichis
L and the
us the Opportune ofcotMUimcatwg to aim imco a. t ronf
Y. tf the Duty und Lcyatj of tbn hrancb cf ifje LegiM-
V tariff Virginia affords rte tic great tji Satifftiiion"
Y , Y A MiiSAC ?rom the, Governor.
tlr. Speaicr, .and GetUmen tf tie tlcuft cf Burgrjf:s
' "yi E removirgV by my Order, rifiCen half
A Barr:l of ihc King's Powder, received from
the, Rlppon Man ox War, from tie Public Magi
aiue, na?", I'nnd;-. jive great Uneafinefs to the
- People: 1 was influchcei in this, by the bed Mo
tives 1 and a-? I have ventured, and if Occafi
on otfcrtd, fuould again Venture my Life in. the
.Service.of this Country, 1 had Hopes th"enioitf4
Vourabie. Coaftruclion would have been "put upon
my Conduct.- Tn Majflsir.e was j-cprelenred to
me as a very infecur: Dcpofttcry', and; from Exp
lience, I frn U fa; ail the Arms which have been
.kept tDCre DdJig now liiKfii wdy , .inns aut y-i -
'chafed at the Expcace'of this Colo-iir, bjt fent hits
by bis Majclty, frqm his Oiuce of Ordnance; .,cf
which xhey bear the Marie; But. ia Corsyepce
.that you are row met to remove every Grievance
'nd by your Wjfdcm to tftabli.Ti the Pub'IicTran.
quillity on a fure and firm Fo mation, J &r
mife you, that as fooo as I f-e, the M?g.i7.ine". in a
.. .'proper . Sta'e .for Jecurin gthe Poivdcr, and other
Public Stores, I will replace it, and M all Timci t
be teadv. moft willingly, to do every Thing my
poor Abili ies are capable of for the Benefit cf this
Colony, in which I have lived, till cf lare, in the
.greateft Happinefs. y DUNMORE. .
His Excellency, "opon his Retreat on Board the
Power Man of War; left the following MclTage to
j,c delivered to the AUembly : ,
Mr Sfikr an GentuMi H of the Uoufe of Burgtffii,
ElNG no.? u,Iv pcrlua lat 7 Pcrlon,
' Uflrm faaxly likewife, are in con-
'' il anu . " I'irg Sacrifices to the blind and
ftant Danger M i- ' 6jMch has (0 unaccountably
unneaiuriD.c i-iuy ; . "j,,,. ofgrea
feixed ujpoa ue Mina. uu w. t.dSg that at,
Numbcri of the Ptoplei and apP' . cve, ufp
. .'length fome among them may work then.. P
.loLpitchofParingn and Arroaoufr &
know I am in the City of Williamlbur, . asd re -Jmate
Aauhat would plunge this Country into -V
- :hornd Critics and renrthe Br ach
agreeably XQ the : Houle t6 fendi j jaei from Time
to Time, lome of their Member, ks Occasion mail
require, jthn be put all to the yi mle of moving ;
to be nearer me '-' T' Y,eri ?i T'-V-f-r.' '
- x nope ine xiouie wiu tee my i icccainps on ims
JOocjJton as j hejr were, re : al Iy r
- tHemlo be aitured tharl.mall h
attend to all the Duties of myX
" fore, and thatT am pe.fedly di
all in my Power, if Opportunity
reftore that Harmony, the, Inter;
likely to coll fo dear to the'Repo: a e!jt as to the
Coirifortsof everyTdividualii DUNMORE.
his Excellency the: Right Uo. JOHN? tatl if
DUNMORE, his UajeJfiit wtknd Gover
nor General 'and Commander tu t f, oj" the Colony
and Ucvitnton cf Virginia. ( .
The joint Address of the. Cf
. , HOUSE of. BURG'
V -LoRD. '.' .Y'v Y"V.,i '
E, his Majefty'dauful. ad Sabjeclj,
"the Council, and tfeEr eSlrof ViriniaY '
afiure your Excellency,)- that it i wrJ; the greafclt
Concern we find your ordfhip bytyv - MeHacs "
to them, that your Lord-ip er YrtaW , ty SufAcu '
"onTof the pcrforial "Security f yourtclf r I":;" '
a we can, by no Means, I up; Yntcf
a, horrid and atrocious! as tour Lo.Aid lulijs to""' I : td bt
- - m . r X
apprehend. We are fearful, the Jftey youf'Lord- '
Ihip h-th taken; in removing from the Se'attf Go
vernment, may conduce to a Continuance cf-that
great Uneafinefs, which hath cf late fo unhappily
prevailed h this Country. We cannot but exprefs
our Concernrthat your Lordlhip did not think pror
per wcommunkate the Ground" of tour Uneaiinefs
.to us'; as,e from our Zeal gjnd Attachment' to the
Pfefcrvation of. Order and: good Government; we
V -
, v -1
Die. :'aric th' 'it Men aces and A hrcar nn nMTTfj.?-
, tion of which T forbear oudf Tenderners h4v .
. ; been of fuch-pnblic NotbnetyH;that you.mull lfVp-t
ipyimany; mjii. Majcfty.'ijSpeat JO th, Colony,
Ground to apprehend ; Yandhcn the: DilbfitioO. .', '-'
(wmcn toe nouie or Jfurgeuei' have, ihewn towarda v Y
mc, inc jeiurns,mey nave mae,to tnc Kelpett and Tx
Civility; whrch I have been for ward, to' offer toihemY -v
: the Counterfance they havevenito: the vwlent,,. ' :
djiu uuui Lin 1 v rnirf'i'nniTf nr.rna ' vi.a nfi j. '
. w-vv.iir, Luum, ilia ivjaiw " ,
, J ,'t " wvvil .lUiUbU AUU J IXltU i Y
Ythe Prefence.'of fome of the Mem.berf '0. the Houfo 1y
' jof BurgefTes and, , by the Jn&rmation .of the Com. Y yy
inittee the flbufe "'sLht6iniehn VnfneA K;TUa- Y
zme, ; nojkher Endeavour jiave'been" ufed thaif td1
'prevail on the People to return the Arms taken ont ;. ;Y ;
-were found, in order rhar tltMr nitftkr UWHsnWitt'triV ?
- the Punifhment dde to fo henrous an 'fience. la :
" ".!"'. LWV VJUVI VI AUi VWUU?' 1
Tl! -- . .. i-i ' i 1 -
m.V-m ""' "HliWUtV ui tug iVlBgl' A-",,
r wneri a Body ot Men auem bled jc the. City MW'M v
wair.iourg,. noc oniy to me- Knowledge, -but wita i
tne Approbation ct every .Bt-dy,; for : the avowed - v
a.vRH jj a 1 np ,IVlUg , JTOItCS, .
which, wilhout the leaft Fouf Attn; it Wa Tnr- YY
ed were marchmjr to mv Pro i.i'f ' and which.' if 'Yy.
tUe, ought to have .been tfc td ,and!,aidekd.;jioC y; -
oppoied and iniulted, by all , -endj loyal.Sub V
jetftsV when efpeciallV'the-II. -V ef C"iirwffli! Ar'a Y'Y
lom'mirfii nf tK linn Cm- fi ''S&'l'c kYw .' Y
yenturea upon a itep traagat
'.Confecjuncesi in ordering' a
.without 'ever cortfultina me,
'.th'th'e-nvbll alarming" ,.
1 appointing. GuanisgY'
mount in r tKf City?,; !
Kirtcv troba thaY4
1 ; be' 'dou'bted, r as. -:
atr ruaroea i - oatnt-ctacrvvne, tnis step ne- ,
fiiould have iudftcd it our mdifpenfable Duty1 to
have 'endeavoured to 'remove every ",Caufe of L if
quietude. In Proof of the great Refpccl we fhaU
ever pay to tho Rcptefentative of -our moft gracious
Sovereign, and to remove, to the utmott of our
Power; your Lordthip's' Apprehenfions, we. aiTurc
.your Lon'.fhip, that we' will chearfully Concur, in
any Meafure that may be propofed, proper for the
Security of yourfclf and Family. It is with much
Anxiety, we confider the very difagreeable Situati
on of your Lrdihip's moft amiable: Lady -and Fa
mily, and lho-ald : think O'irftJves happy in1 being
able to rclbre their pel feci Tranquillity; by remov
ing all their Fears. t " :. , t , ' ; ), ?
;. We cannor,t rriy Lord,' but approve your IntentU
on. of not eivin? the leaft latcrrt?ption to the im-
pTtant AHairs err which we are now aflcmblcd ;
and :t is with much Pleafurc we receive your Lordi
(hip's Aranc of your .DifpoC tion, , to eliablifli
vfcrthelefs' lhows-a Defign to ofurp the execativer'
tower, which, if it be perfifted in, ' fubverts th;
''Conftitution : I fsy, whca.thefe Circumltancti aro
duly con fjdered, I may fubmit it to y pur own Judg
ment, whether I could reaibnably eypeft any good
cnect xrom; communicaung rne urouua or my un
eafinef? to you. - Y , " ,' '
: But as yOu are pleafed, Gentlemen', now to at '
fure. me, .that you ..will -chearfully concur in any .
eafure that may be propofed proper for the . Secu
rity of my felf an,d Family, ;'! lae to your own
Cooiideration. whether that elFecled any b- ,
therwife than by rein Hating mc in the lull Powers of .
my,. Ouice,. as his MafcUy's Reprefentative, by
opening the. Courts of Janice, and reftoring tho
Energy of the Laws,, which is all the Security tt
quifite fcr all Parties by difarroing all indepea-
dent Ccmpanicsi or other Bodies of Men raifed and .
afting in Defiance 'of lawful Authqrit, and" by
obliging thofc who have taken any of his Majelly'a
Public btore of Arms to deliver them up immedi
ately; and; what is not left' elTential than any
Thing, by your own Examp'e;, and. every Meant
ln"y our Power, abolilhing that Spirit of Pcrlccutioa
which, 'tJ the Difgrace of Humanity, now leignj,
and purfce's with Menaces and Acls of Opprcon,
tll.Pcrfons who differ from the Multitude in politi
cal Opinio?, or are attached frcm Principles, and
uuty to tne service 01 tne;r King ana vjorernmni j
tolerable Degree of Propriety, or with that Dcfpatch
thf advanced Seafoa of-ths Year requires,: whjld
your Lordlhip is fo far removed from us, and fo In
conveniently fituarcd : We therefore earne.lly, en-
. treat your Lordlhip, that you will be pleafcd to re
turn witji your Lady and Family , to the Palace,
which we are perfuaded will give the greatelt Satis
faction, and be the moft likely Means of quieting
the Miodi of the People, , , .
lie Govt RKOX.' Jrftxtr to the joint AdJrrft of the
Hon, the Council, and the House of Bur
cesses, in Ctnftjutnce of tit tM-fcgt which hit
. Exctl'.ency left lebind l imt uptn his Retreat m Board
the Fowet Man of War,
Gtnthmcn of tit Council, Mr. Stiakei, n
Gcntlmen ef the Irloutf uuacESSEi,
IN Anfwcrtoynurjoint iddrefs, prefentcd by
your Deputies Ycftcrday, I acquaint you, that
it apotirs to si tac Cc&noticaj among the Vii
I -y - j -
them. tor ever to be impofed upon, .and leads to the
Commifuon of any defpcratc,A, and endanger
. the general Safety. . For the; more fpeedy Accoro
plilhment of thefe Ends, and the great Objt ft, and
neccUary Bufinefs of the SeflionsV I Hi all have no
Objection to your adjourning to the.Tcwn o Yotk;
whete I. will meet you, and remain with you till
your Bufinefs be finiftied. ; ' ; 1
With Refpeft to your Entrcatf that t mould re
turn to the Palace, as, the moi likely 'Means of
quieting the Mind of ihe People, I muft'rcnfent .
to you, that, tnlefs there be among yoa a fincere-
and aclive defire to fe'ue this Opportunity, now'
offered to you by Parliament, of cflablifhing the '
Freedom of your Country upon a fixed'ahd knowri
Foundation, and of uniting yourfclves with your
.fellow SiibjeOs of Great-Britain in one comra'-n
Bond of Intercft, and mutual Afli.hncc, ray Retura t
to VUliamllurg would be as fruklcis w thcTcoplc,

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