North Carolina Newspapers

    NUMBER 332.
. Acvk. .iAV. '
-M vv'.. .' f v is.;-'' '-"J - .1.
9 EM P ER7PR O L'.X 5,E RT AT?,; ; E X B ON O P U B L I GO.
r - ' - Uz - ,,. '-
:ii&leJtowntWdneJdajf Junt-z : "). 75.'
- T"- f
iDEREPlt the Honr Wil
liam- HcnrT $ Driy toaf-the --Horiv
Capt. BarnTH Elliot, CoW .Gharl
Pinckfteyi Opl James Parfoas, CoU
Iaac? M6tte Jolv 'StephendMull,::
oU Williau rvloultrie, Major Owen :
Captriohn HugeiiViilerewtoil homa FeH
i i ; guion, ana Lvaurii tapers, ,tiquir5&, oe a uepu,-
tation to prefent tohis Excellency rhe Governor
; ' the acuireis'jrrets--.-: ,'
: ;r ' ' SOUTH CARQUNA. r v
-, Atii -.C am p b E L L, GovwJiQ f nd Cwnmiinder in
- Chief inland over the Fh-Vihu a fireaid
The' humble -ADDRESS and'pECLARATlON
- - i' r' : . JJ I'n '
"vrtaC rso TINCI At vO n C n ESS-.
Jliifojr it pleafe.'yeicr xcYi!&t$i '
E, hisJVlajefts IoyaVabjetls, the Repre
fentatives of 'the" Peoisle of this. Colony, in-i
t-ongrels allembied, beg Leava to dilclole to your
excellency the true Lauies ot o4r; Prqceedir?sxjnQjL;
only tat upon voiir Arrival among ns, you may
receive no unfavourable ImpreCIoftTor oiir . Conduct,
but that we may ftand jollified to'Ae Wprli.V:- -
When the ordinary ModeTof .Application for Re
drefs of Grievances, ah4 the' tfaal Means of De
fence agaihft irbitrary Impo.Ujn haver failed
Mankind generally have hadRecourlfi to thofe that
-- are eytrabrdina'ry ; Hence, the 'Ongin of . the Con
tinental Congrefj, ajld Hence th: prefent Pcprcfcn
tatioa of the People in thivColc '7,0 -VLyr r'
It is unneceflary to enumerate the Cmerarices of ,
'America) they have been fo ofrn reprefented that
your : Excellency cannot , be .a ; aD?er to; racnu
. Let it th'eire.'bre fuffice to fayr t' the Hands of his
'J MajellV Miniftcri having.l: ' iin Keavy' now
-t 'i 1 ' ' r . . " -. - . - -l
nvbtcO at irelent knheUth fubffl tt
Great-Britain and the 2merihn ColonillM.
J iUmfojfillf,:
rival'. -tbM 'tjhould have'acWei ' fHchafymqledg:
of the State of the Province, jiu to bc atfrrefat able to
make any Re prefent ation thereupon, to his fyiyeIy, hut
you may heaf 'ured no' Reprefcnfationyfialtever be Made
. by mey but what Jball je Jirityy confident with T ruth,
. and (with an earm ft Endeavour to promote the real Hat -
. - Ptnejs. ana rjoperity oftbt rjvncJZ 4-
- fane; 2.1 ;:i77P:v.; vs vuatwt. Campbell, -.k
t:? PubUjbtd ly Order W-the Cefiereft. ;t ' '
' PE TER TI IOTHY, Secretary.
' "'.' ' " Cbarlejiovins ju f izij-jt,, ;?
'TH Provincial Aee:efi having received an
v,-;' X vr Intimation," that cjrin perfons hayc alrea
;dy bought up, ar d others pi npw buying up Indian
Corn, with Defign to takei vantage of the Times,
-have''-, ' - : XsiijjL
lefolved. That fuch enrt-c-Snc is intolerable; and
obght not io,be fuffered h &is Ttnie of Scarcity,
: .Refched ,'ftlfo, That ,fu h -perfons as may have
bought up Indiaa CornV ?Jht ndt to fell it at an
advanced Price, and thatroper Information, ought
that no Love of Innovation no Dehre of altering
the ConlUtution of Government, no Lull ot inde
pendence has had the ieaft Influence upon our
Councils : But, alarmed and rouicd by a lung Suc
ceiTion of arbitrary Proceedings; by Wicked Admi
sullrations, imprefled with the greated'Apprehcnfi
ons of inltigatcd Infurreclions; and deeply affected
Troops againil this Contine'nt folely for the Pre-:
fervation and in Defence of our Lives, Liberties,
. aai Properties; we have been impelled to allociate -
and to take up Arms. - - '
We lincerely deplore thofe flanderous Infcrmati-
ons, and wicked Counfel; by .which .'hi Viajt'ty
has been led into Mealares which, if rfutca in,
ttUil inevitably involve America in ail the Calami-
ties 01 civu vvar, ana rcnu me onum cinpixc.
We only delire the fccuie Eujoymcnt of our invalu- '
able Right, and we wilii tor nothing mote ardent
ly than a fpecdy Reconciliation with bur Mother
Country, upon cenltitutional Prinup!es .
Coulciou of the Jaftice of our Caufe, and the
Integrity of out View; we readily prufcliour loyal '
AtuJiment to our Sovereign, his Crown and Dig-
nityt And truiling the Event to Piovidcncc, we
'prefer Death. to Slavery.
Thefe Things we have -thought it cur. Duty to
declare, that ywur Excellency, and through ytui
our augull Sovereign, our fellow iuljccU, and the .
Whole World, may clearly underhand, that our,
taking up Armsi the Refult of dire NeceiHryj and
in Compliance with" the firlt Law of Nature.
We entreat and trull "that iour Excellency wili
make fuch a Rcprefentation f the State of this Co-
iony and of our true Motives, astoaffarehis Msjef- .
ty that, in the Mi Jit of all our complicated Diilrtflcs
ht has no Subjvdli in his wide Dominions, who
more fincerely defire 6 ttllify their Loyalty and
Affection, or who would be more willihg to devote
their Lives and Fortunes in his real Service.
. Order cf the Provincial Congrefs, at Cbarlrf.
town, June 20, 1775."
. HENRY LAURENS,. Prefident.
- Tha TJer100 being returned,: the Hon. "Mr.
tinV0ft Kpo-i that they. having delivered the' !
ddVefi 10 the Governof " E"Nnc was plcaf-
: tomako.'ncllowingAN.wiiJ
I' KWpfo &?rtftaivei if tie People tfihh
Prtvinct, txttptJW' tonjlitutitrAllj tenvtned tn
Sterol Jtfrnfy wdamiIittnete judge cf the
immediately-to be laid btfpre the Congrefs or k Ge
ncfai, vommittee. v .; . -
Ordered, That the foregoing Refolves be forth
with printed and 'made: piblic, . . .
: By Qr&r tf tht Congrefs,
-'. ' : PETER TLMOTHY, Secretary". ,
u Ctarlefovjst, ' Satwrdajfjuki 7,-1775 .- -;-;
RESOLVED, That. fesXongrefs (halt expire
oft xhe 6th Dl of fogab hejet : ,That a new
- Election be. made on Mokiay the 7th and Tuefday
the 8th Days of Augdft,ixcept in CRarieftownt
-And that the hew Membrl then elected do 7 meet
in General Conirrefs at CI rleown on the firft Dav
of December next, or &on if the General Com
my- ice in an inin k i 5. f Ijo lun Tnonin?
Ordered, That the above Refolutions be forthwith 2
printed and made public, - i; rT'TTx:"
v PETER TIMOTHY, Secretary.:
In. ; P R O-y i N C r A,L C O N G R E S S',
CbarteJTown, 1'burfday, -June 22, 1775
RESOLVED , That allAblentees holding Eftates ;
in tnis Colony, except the o'ickV. thofe above
Sixti. and thofe- under Twenty-one Years of 'Ape'.
ought forthwith. .retara.'tjthis.CoJ
Colohyduitht (a, withdraw from i;-s Service, ".with--i;l
- out giving. good, aAd'fufficieht Reafons for fo doing
-;' tp this Cpngre or, during its Recefs to the Ge
; neral Committee , ?' I'tX
i':'i Ordered,'. Thaj the two iforegoihg feefoi'u'tibiv be
" 'printed and made'pubIic,-4--V--:
i -iCyrrt PETER TIMOTHY Secretary
-In-'the C O U N C I L of: S; ATi-
'U.rv C-hsrleflvwn. "fane ti'.'- ii-rt"- , ;'.' . ?.V.'.;
EltSONSvwilliWg to pfyrtkrtwoejneia
or root in tne service 01 tnts voiony witn rro-
vifions atithree Shillings a Mapper Dv; are dej ;
fired to give in their 'Proposals ot Quantities and
"Quality, fealed v6 on or before the 26th Ihftaht,, '
before eleven o'clock in the Morning, jo i
-.'".'. r'.'.f r' -"-'-?.! '
: ;1
UiILrlcrihalL it"
the 'lime of choolin; I)eDuties to attend the Pror
vincial Congrefs, likewife choofe a convenient
Number to form Committees in the faid Pariflies
and Diftri&s refpecli vely, in ordef to enforce the
ditVercht Refolves otthe Continental jind Provincial .
CongrelTes. By Order of the Congrefs,
, PETER TIMOTHY, secretary. .
Cbarhftovjn, Saturday t-June 17, I77J.
Day of July next, be obferved in this Colo
ny as a Day or FASTING and PRAYER, to
humble ourfelves before Almighty Cod, and implore
his Favour to this epreflcd Country,, and Suc
cefs upon all our Endeavours for the Security of the.'.!"
Liberties of the American Colohies And that the,;
Clergy be defiredo pr'ea.h fuitable Sermbns, and
; ufe luitable Prayers updn the Occafion. "'""And, that
the.Cbmmittees of . the difierentDiftrifts, do take
Cire and give due Notice of this Refolve.
By Order of the Covgrtfst
' PE1 ER TIMOTHY, Secretary.
sr t ff f w mm t s t
isharujtov:, weantjday, June 21, 1775
RESOLVED, That the Election of the Thirty
Deputies to reprefent the Inhabitants of the
Parilhes of St. Philip and Sti . Michael, Charlef-
town, in the next Piovincial Congrefs, be at
Charlejtown on Monday the 28th and Tuefday the
29th of AuguiV, in St. Michael's Church, and con
dueled by the Church Wardens of both Parifties, .
By Order ,cf the Congrefs,
"' ' PETER TIMOTHY, Secretary
Chnrltfovin, IVedntfday, Junelt 1775.
WHEREAS the Inhabitants of Poole, a Sea-
Port in the EnliOi Channel, loft to all
Senfe of Honour, Humanity and Gratitude, have by
their late Petition to Parliament, manifeflcd them
felves not only inimical to America, but defirouj
to add to the hay Oppreffions under which the
unfortunate and virtuous Inhabitants of the four
Ncw-England Governments labour, in Confe
rence of their laudable Conduct in Defence of the
Liberties of America and of Mankind: To teilify
bur iull Refentment of fo bafe and cruel a Conduct
in the Inhabitants of Poole, it it hereby Reflved,
j nat this v.oiony will not nle or employ any Ship
ping belonging to that Port or owned by any In
habitant there, or carry on any Tranfactions, r
hold any. Communication with that People.
.. -"PETER TIMOTHY, Secretary. - 1 ' .
MAD RID,' March 28. v
H OfEce'r arrived heir Vefterdav from Melille; . -v.
with the News that the Kine of Morocco had.
railed the Siege of .that Place with Precipitation, 7 ;
and that before, ht retiLed he had lent one of hi
principal' Officers to M. Sherlock the Comman-' -dant,
to .demand a Truce, faying he intended to
. write to his Catholic . Majetly to, demand a Peactt" - . r
of him. Mi Sherlotk ;cnt him ,Word that it wai :
pot in his Power to gtaot his Requeft withcut an . . .
Order foni his Court. In Conleauence of that , .
Anfwer the Ring p -Morocco xiecampisi. with hit . -' . V'
wlAre??tLhav uVtr ;UidntTOttttrr,-'.T V-Ti
It appears evident,, that the News of Tome Pre.
parations hat are making in our Ports made him
apprehenfiv'e of being attacked in his own Domini
ons.; which indeed would be the only Means of
fecurihg Peace to us (in Cafe the King fhouldbe
willing to grant it to him) and an adequate Satif
faction for the Infult he has been guilty of towards "
' fo refpedtible a Power as Spaini - . .
Paais, Jtpril 11. Orders are given in all the
Ports of the Kingdom for no Ships to be freighted
for the Englilh Colonies fign fyiti to, thofe who
d it, that it will be at their own Rifk. '
RATisaofi, ' April i. The Rebellion in Bohe
mia is not yet it an End. The 1 aft Accounts Irom
thence import, that the Infurgents have plundered
- (amonglt many others) the Eltate of the Count de
Scafgo fch, and driven away the Count and Coun
tefs, after ftripping them even to their Shirt'and
Shift. Amongft thofe who treated them with fuch .
Indignity are fad to be forne old Servants who .
lived in the Family twenty Years ago. After pil
laging and deftroying one Caftle belonging to Count
Ferdinand Kinlky, they were preparing to act in
the fame Mahner with Regard to another .Callle,
and threatened even to mtirder his Children ; but a
Battallioh of Infantry happily arriving in the Inte
rim, the Commandant defired them to retire,' and
on their Refufal, and having the Audacity to at
tack the Soldiers with Pitchlork and Staves, he
ordered them to Be fired upon, when upwards ct ".. ; "
fifty of the Rebels were killed 7m the Spot, the -.
" oihcrs took to their Heels, but were met by anothc - -Batallion,
who made 400 Prifoners, and puCued
the reft tb a River where moll of them wfr, drown- '
ed. .
H ac u i , Vn7 1 8. An ' Indi;mjm ttnn& a t "
Batavia, ha brought U moft Melancholy Account
Of Ravages occafioned bv the Vulcano in the Jfle of
Tarnate, one of the 1 Moluccas, in the Month of
Octpberri773. The Eruption was accompanied .l
. with the moft dreadful Thund,r 1 :k.:.
and the Oanaty of Stones and Lava which poured ,
from -the Vulcano was fo extraordinary and terri
ble, that the Mountaineers of that Canton, think,
ing they fhould be fafer on the Sea, flew with fuch
ConfuHon and Precipitation to their Canoes, that '
rnoft of them went to the Bottom with thofe who
had embarked therein. In the Space cf 14 Hours
eighty Shocks of an Earthquake were fslt, tw of
them fo violent, that it feemed aj if the whole If. .
land was to be fwallowed up.
t :
. -
, 1
: 1 I
1. -rr:
V. .N i r
m i

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