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    -; :-fO. -y. :r 1 r.-t ?iiry.? t t3,ffJrv,' zT:Zrz-.-.:yl 'rvV;, f
t'jAH Tl P.ftttdalXwffvfi yQXm&,&itffi ire-ii'. rititYty-before - he can 4' elcfd-; again.
treated 10 Jt-Leraaattviraff!prrki. tt&Jrnrext ? rum. lntieKccelstTthirtoncf t'. . is tonexecutc
- TJf &'v ft fbtrepre fcwtici 1b iA HkhmaI ; T what ihU have been .enjoined: 'f.,'euy to
I" f - T - . " -r- T'H'1rt1J P. ..-Sri'- JHt'V' i'K'-'f I "... ' ' !
;1 r $44 nh'iu hiving hhdjforSdndmjf Xbtj Qokti.
"MYlhn? tbe Htnttmtnts of.tbe UtlyaHs wbo reprelctitca ,
' Jjr i v Prtvhct in the fajlContlnenUil Ctnrefi fotivijh
. i $ ',' fby indt he ttijhtjjionaitlj ' delad and approved, or
n' lE'ffaid united iColonie! hereby
V ftverally enter irto fitm League
pt J'ritndmip with ach otnet
' binding en thernlilvcs and their
. Poftcritr for their common Defence
again it their Enemies far Hie Sc.
' curitv of their Liberties and Fro-
V Jjj-i'J ' tnd; theinuitual and genera! AVelfare.
r-i :"r: That ea'cb Colony ihalL enjoy and tc
KliJ rtain-iai itiuch as it raay
?-t?'f ' T.1?St: Co(loms9T Rights Privileges, find peculiar.
. V'Jj?':i luri tii&ioni within itson Limits, and ma. amend
&i-tu Wtj, Conilitutionas ijlfcall fiem bcii to its
' ;S;-i AfltuIy or Convention. '.-"-"Vr:- '
' yfH.'-i2'That for the more convenient Manage
neut or general m:c:c.,j, ueiegaies man oe annuaiiy
tleiied in each Colony, tQ rnee
;It ; to.
jq. n K,oort tries j to
Jjiog ef'thef Con-
for . fuch Monies as may be ziecxiLr lor general
Services, and appropriated by the Congrefs to. fuch
Services. . - . - '
l2 t z J. 1 K
- C: . - ... i i . It mtum p
w f ... : .1
i:-1....r I I.- :
1 a .
4.H T I.
feet in General Con-
. - t Vm 1 A 111' .
rreu at iucn .1 irae ana n ace as mau dc agreed on
lA'tjie next Congrefs ; and wl:?re. particular Cir-
wf.M."; -. '. -r - . - . : --7 - o
-iM'jr;- uosgrcis e nc:a id jirrcrenc v-owny,ui - me
h-HV.i" ..rLf. i-.w -
f- taa Kotau6tich4 that' zzaj awtjfi nfxt Con
. ' freis. afttT tbe prtfnt, fiiali b Uht at Annapolis,
rrr-r .'
ivl airy land.
' . ';. vto 4. -That the, Power aa J DutyTof the Con
gr;f$ IKall extend to the Iet,r;jrnii;oa Vrar and
IViiee t .the entcrinc into A'lianr.ei i'. rhe kednni-
plV- " i Ha)ion vith Greac ilriuin ; thv fettling all Dif
' ; pules and Differences bsjvveen CloararTj Co?oriy,
frr-T. .
v Art, 9. No Colony Dial I engage in an ofFehfi ve
War with any Nation of Indians without the Con vr
" feit rbnhe-Cocgre fsorgrc af C6u.n c i ilibovc nitfn
tiooc d t ijyhoi :arefirfc .jco'njiycohe.yuiiiccland
Neceffity bf fakytftx- '
i l:ll0.t;.'AiPFt'' Alliance; jDlTenfive;and de';;;
fni'ive, is to be entered into as fton as may be with
the Six -Nations, their Limits aftortiiined and to be
ft-cured . to them, t heir Lands no: to be cncroacli-rd
On, nor any private or, Colony Purcimfcs niailc of
them hereafter to be held goad, or any; Conn ad
cil of the Indians at On.in4eia Hand the General
Conrrefs :4 the Boundaries ai,u ands of all the o-':'
"ther indiahribairalfj be afcertained and fevured to 7
them m .he fame Manner, ai d iVnons appointed
to refide rfmoyg them in proper Di Uriels,, who fliall
take "Care to prevent Injuiiicji iu the Trade "with
them, and be enabled, at our general lA'pence, by
. occafional fniall Supplics,to relieve thcir-prrfcnal
Wants and Diltrefles ; and all Parchafes frourihem
fliall be by the Conrefs, lor the general Ad van
tage'and benefit of thcTunited Colonies; -
Art 1 1. As all new Inilitut-ons may have Im
perfections, whicji only Time and ExpcriuKc can
discover, it is agreed that th? Gc'nrral Congrcf" ,
from Time' to Time, fliajl rrqofe fith Auicnd-
ry, VhicIT being apprrou' VfyA$-tJ t Co- Lmu
tony rvnciituiir, iii.u. uc rijUAi; vuiuut viiii
reft of the Articles of this Consecration.
Art, 12. Any ;and cvry Hvkny from Great
Britain u:-on the Continent of .'.'oiih America, not
I " -JT'' - .
R conciliation between us and Great Eritain r.ot-
witJiilandiiigt and- as much "z. longer Jeyo d that;
771 uriras t he lateA cirBinf'arl iamen fforreflralnihg
, the Comniercc ana Viflieriei, and difallowing the
Laws and Chartei s": of any of the Colonies, Ihall
continue unrepealed. - v 7 '
; The above ConAderacy was laid berbre.theTro
vincial Conprels heldst lTll(rtiffnitoK V .trt A .
fame, the Ccngreft came to the foUowing Refolu .
tion thereon : ,';-;:.f-'ns-::-' ."'.'' M"'
. The Order cf. the Day being read for taking in
to Confutation, a Paper, purporting a Confedera
tion of the United Colonies i,Refchedf the Con
gress refo've into a Committee of the whole Houfe.
'i lie Congrcft re'olved into a" Committee of the
whole Ho'iie accordingly, and unanimoplly chofe
Time fpent therein, came to a Refoltition thereon.
. Qn Motkn, Mr. President refimed' the Chair,
and Mr. Chairman reported as follows, to wit, -
'I'hat the Coniniittec have;cn in'o Cf ntidera-
tion th? Plan of Gener.l Con nictation !etwen .
1 lf-T - . ; " ., . .... -. ..,
-uiertitettwo.nTy that the
.' if Tucb'fliojld zriftr, and the plauavf-ncV Colo
' nrii where :uvirrr.' Thc.Coucrcirr?in alfo make
, fuch general Ur4;.:ants, tnuuVUJ6iT;iry to
ge-atal Welfare, a panfailar si ierit jie caprn
'-:'L , ceriipetent to," -viz. tnefe that may r"Jte roou?
Vr. .
Li v.
es cannot be
noetent to. -viz. tneie that mavrcuu to our ee-
nettal Commerce or r.cncral CurrcHV tti the Eita-
i tlillinent of Ports, the Reguiaiioiivr tV common
""oifcci. -The Coigrris (hill alfo haVtVcppoiCU
meat of af Officers, civil acd Liiiitiry, appertain
rjhg tdVC; geucral Confederacy, fech as General,
;afurer7 Secretary, l t V
'y.jflrt.'s. AH Charges of War, and !i other gc
nrsral Expcaces,' to be incurred or. the common
AVUfaxe, AaII be defra eU out of a oipmon 'I'rca
UfaHi which is to be. fucplird by.rath d'lony, in
( Prpporucm to its Num!er'of Mile Poll between
iC.iad 6(3 Years of Age, , the 'Pancj for p; ing that
rr'oporttOairs'to bojaijnd levied uy H e Laws vt
at prcien; cngagea. in our Aii jtaiion, may, upon
Application and joining the " Affociation, be
received intt the CoafewCrat c 1! vb. Quebjc, St.
. 1 . . : r - rr -kt i r i n n. ... . .
fV!.'.V,.V tle.Qcd an4 fetit to thvOongrnV by?aflt, Col. ny,
j;" ..''.fliall be reg-ilated frdrnTiiae to Twt'fym)9w Ntitv
ber of fuch Polls ictutned," f 1 n' l)Jlci,ati
j . tnio-bnn'?..ra jbttn. tovrr Cuv A'
C j, VIZ. Jl
John', Nova Scotia, feermua.r and the Rail and
Well Flor'.das, and lJ;all theia on be entitled to
all the Advantages of our Uaiut mutual Afiiilance, "
and Commerce. . . . . '
Thefe Anicles fiialLbc proofed to thcfeveral
Provincial Convcntioai or ;Airmblies, to be' by .
1 . 1 - . r W 1 I r t
m; 'ney are aaynca
gue and ratify the
aft?r which the U -
th'inticated Return of the. Nunibvr of Polls in their
rel pective Colcnies, which h lo be taken fkr the Pur
poles above mentioned. '
Wr 7 At every Meeting of the Congrefs, one
lUlfof the Members returntif, cxclufive of Proxies,
firiU be necefiary to make a Qnorum,' and each
Bdegtte at the Congrtli fliall hare a' Vote in all '
Cies: ;atid if neceffarily abfcnr, fliall be allowed to
"'thz . appoint an other Delegate from the fame Colony
- tp te bit ProtyV vbo may vote for htm.
hr -Art. 8. An executive Council iball be appoint-
.i fc : ' d bv tbt ConcreTs oat of their own Dody, cofilt-
i'r - for of IJ Perils, of whorr,, in the firll Appoint-
. m?nt one Third, Viz. fliall belor one Vcar,
l:,rr 1 fa two Years, and 4 for three Years ; and ai the
r-tidTerm tJtpite tnc Vacancies (hall be fillcJ up .
t Appointments YcarV, uhcrcby one
' i - :.i .yttrof ihe Members, will be chaictd annually
J 'i - i ....ti PetCati who has ferved th- (aid Term of'
tJuTC Years tl CouiKcllor, fliall have a Rcfpite
them confiddred,' and if apprr
to impowcr their Delegates to
fame in the tnfuing Cbngrcfs,
nion thereby eftabliuHedMi to j:ntnuc firm till the
Terms of Reconciliation pro.'fea in he Petition '
of the lall Congrefs to the ling, are agreed to
till the AQ fince nude, rcftr'ning the American
Commerce and Filtarics, arc tf pea led ; till Repa
ration is made'lor thcr injury lone to Bofton, by
Ihutting up.its Ports, for b.t i;ng of Charleltovrn, ,
and for the Ccpcnccs of this ijult War ; and till
all the Uritifh Troop arc wi idrawn from Ameri
ca. Oh the. Arrival of thefe .Vvents, the Colonics
are to rruiro to their former Ci'.uircVion und Friend-
fliip wit.'i GrcatiBtitain ; brr on Failure thereof, ,
this Co'ilcdcri'tiou is to be pe'pctual. j
V7h"etca it hath pleafcd Ci:.d to blcfj,thefe Coun-
-frb-cT r!:'';! f thereby much
XV-r nnl r?rTla'if0' ta ;-4-i??pa;ed,to forrlgn
Nation!1 who may want the fame :
Rtjlhid That after the Uxptratior) of fix-Months-from
the ?oth of July IuHant, being the Day ap
pointed by a late Act of Parliament of Great Bri-.
tain for retraining the Trade of the confederate
Colonics, all the Cuflom Houfes therein (if the
faid Act be not fird repealed) "flull be lhat op, and .
all the Ouccrs of the fame difcharged from the
Execution of their fevcral Funclions, and all the
Ports of the faid Colonics arc hereby declared to be
thenceforth open to the Ships of every State in
Europe that will admit oar Commerce and protect '
it, who may biing in ar.d expofc to Talc, free of
all Duties, their refpectivc PrdJucc'and
tures, and every Kind of Merchandise, excepting
Tca,jyid the IVlcrchandize of Great Britain, Ire--lacjrand
theBtitifliWeflIruJiaThndir.; :
Rfilvtd, That we will to the utmolt of our Pow
der mainttin and fupport tnis Freedom of Coirrmcicc
for two Ycui ccitain af:cr iti C'onnucccmcnt, any
fame is not at' prefent eligible. And it i alfo the
Opin i(m of the Com mi t tee , t h a : theDetcriies of:'
this Province ought to be tnllrucd ,net to Vonfnt
to any Plan of Confederation which may be cr.ered '
in an enfuing Congrefs,. until the fame flill be
laid beforeh and approved bv the Provincial Ccn
grefs. That the prefent Affociation oiht to bc
-fut ther relied on for bringing alout a . Rcconcilia- "
tion wjlh ' the Parent Staie.' and a further Confc
dsrracyTnight'only to be adopted in Cafe of the laft
Neceftty. ; " 1
I L O N D ON, Julv 5.
y j T a Meeting of 6 Lirery of London in
rt Common HalL rj-mbled, Yellerday, the
iviavOr acquairitra me Livery that ilie 5ieriits
waited 6n his Majelly at St. J James's on Wednef-
dajJaft, and that Mr. Plomer addreiTrd hU Ma
jefty as follows ; !' May it ph ale ' your Majelly
We are ordered by the Lord Maor, Aldermen and
Livery, of the City of Londoif, in Common llall
aflcmbled, to wait on your Majefty, humbly to
know our Majefty 's Royal Will and Pleafure when
your Majefty will bo pleafcd to receive upon the.
Throne their humble Addrefj, Remonrtrance and
Petition.'' To which' his Majefty anfwered:
. You will plcafe to take Notice, that I-will re
ceive their Addrefs, Kemonftrancc, and Petition,,
on Friday next at the Levee." Mr. Sheriff Plo
mer replied : " Your Majefty will pi-rmit us to in
. form you, that the Livery in Common Hall aftem
'blcd have refohed hot to prefent their Acdrefs,
Remonllrance and Petition, unlcfs your Majciir
man oe pieaiea to receive it sitting on the Throne.;
To which his Majefty anfwered : ' I am ever rea
dy to receive Addrefles and Petitions, but 1 am the
Judge where." ..
The Lord Mayor then declared, , that in Confe-
quence of tie Order of the Livery, that the Ad-
drefi, Remonftrancc, and Petition,!d '
prefcTJted to the King but fitting on his Thione,
the Sbcritfs Report to him, and Lord Uer:2rd's
Letter, his Lonilhip had no: attended his Majetly
with the faid Ad 'n fs. Ordered, That his Majcf
ty's Anfwer, now reported, ' be "entered in the
Books cf the Li-.cry of this City. Redved, That
the King is bound to hear the Petitions ct I i Peo
ple, it being the undbtcd Ri;ht cf the $ iVjrct to
be. heard,- and not a Matter cf Grace ar.u au Ur:
That his MnjcftyVA n fiver is a dirca DcniAtcftHe
; R:rht of this Court to their Icti ior.j Ir. id :
J hat fuch Denial rcr.ucrs the Rijjht ot petiticnlrg
the Throne, recognized and eftablifl.ed l y the In
volution, of no t.ffect : That uhecvvr d'i!cd
Majefty, dircdlyor indirectly, to ufyfe hearing
' the humble AddrcO, Remonllrance and Peti Ion;
of this Court on the 'Fhronc, is, equally an 1'riemy
to the Ilappincfs and Security ofjhe Kirg,- and to
the Peace and Libriiiet t f the People. ' Qrerrtd,
That the Addrcli, RriiionPiince and Prtiticn, .
vshich his Majrdy icJufed to l.tar f n the 1 hroi e,
be printed in the puldiwTa;e;t and fir,(d by the
TWn Clerk. .
Rfjchid That the following Irftri cl'ors le gi
ven to'rur Kc.nefei.ta'.ivcs in PariiamentV
M Gentlemen, You are iniltcafd jjy the Ijry
in .Common ILilUlTemblfd,' to move imn.rdhtil;.-, .
on tht next Mc:ticg cf Puluiccn:, fcr an n-iul'.c
1 -i;- trx
;r .
WW 4 .

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