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September id, iyyf.
tltTMBER. 39."
4 .
, i
With the lateft AD VICES; Foreign and Domestic;
The following n B
which many of
urgoyne's pompous, proclamation, under Britain and America, I consider them the fame wherever theyH
the credulous have loft their fcalps. 1 may lurk.. .,,';'. -. .VI; ..- P I j i
- , ; . ,f , . . it nocwiwuanaing tncic cnacavours, ana sincere. inclinations
' "'"'f o effett them, the Jhrcnzy of hoftility iliould'rpmain, I traft I
j JmencaCd tfabtmi recent of ligot dragon,, fluU ft4nd kcqtttd ift -Jeyes of Goddmenspenouncisi -VGirvchfir
tf fort North Britain one cj the rrprefh- 8l)d Wccuting the vengeance of the ftate again ft the wilful ou
'""' "f tbe Commons Grat commanding an ar carfs ThcfsriefTengers of juftice and of Wrath! await them in the '
rnj and feet employed on a expedition from Canada, 13 c. 13c. M j and kevaftation, famine; and every Concomitant horror,
Lr u' iili. forces intruded to my command are dengnea to mat a reiucijanry qui inaiipemiDiej proiecution or military duty,
r f A aft in concert. ad upon a common principle with muft occafion, will bar the way to their return.
the numcrou? armies and fleets "which already diU- Camp rear "1 iconderogay Juljz, 7?J,; .
play in every quarter of America, the power, the . j - r J,.BURGQyNE.
juftice, and, when properly fought the mercy of , By order ofuhis Excellency the Lieutenant General.
.' : . , f IRofitERT Kingston, jSecj j :V 'I V V
the King-.'
i The ran if? in which the Hritiih arms are thus exerted applies
-to the moftiaffVaing intereft of the human heart; and the mi- By Lien ten ant Colonel JohnLBurgpyney commanding, an .army
litary fervaats of the crown, at firft called forth lor the iole pur-
pofe of reftoring the. rights
of the conftitution. ro.v combine
with" love of their country.- and duty to their Sovereign: the
b'her cxtenfive excitements, t which form a due fenfe of the ge
neral privileges of 'mankind. To the eyes and ears of the tem
perate part of the public; and to the breaft of fufrerfng thoir
iands in the provinces, be the melancholly appeal, whether the
prefent unnatural rebellion iias not been made a foundation for
the complereft fftem of tranny ihat ever God, in hisj difplea
f jre, - utfered for a time to be exercifed over afroward and ftub-
born generation.
and fleet of Great Britain, againft thei revolted provinces' of
To the inhabitants of Caftetoa, of Hubberten, Rut land, iftinmoutbi
Panuktt, IWellSy iGran-villej nvithtbe Neighbouring difiri&r -Sor
deririg on white Creek , Cambdcn, ) Cambridge ,6? r. iff c. & r.1
YOU are hereby directed to.fend from your feveral tanlhipi
deputations, confifting of ten perfons Or more from each
townfliip, tcj meet Colonel Skeencjat Caftleton! oh jWednefdajr
July i6th, at ten in the morning who will have sinffrudlions
not onlv to' give further encouragement to thole, who! complied
witn tne terms or my laic maniieuo, . Duciano, jo communicate
Arbiary imprifonment, ccnafcation of property perfecutic -conauions upon wnicn tne penons an u properties or enc anope
and torture, unprecedented in the inqaliitians of the Romiili 'dient may yet be fpared,. '; j , l
; cJiurchi ate itm-JiiVthe palpable enormitiesHhar verify the ar- i - This ftci pot to obey,,. under pain of military execution. -
mative." Thefe arc in flitted by affemblies and committees, who - v i iJ ;"UKUyiwn;
dare to proofs them(clv-s friends to liberty, upon the molt quiet ;By order of his Excellency the Lleufenantj General.
fuhjects, without dmlnction of age -or A-x,- Jor the folc crime; j . kobert Kingston, oec..;;
Soften for the fole f;:fpicion,- of having adhered in principle to Heaaartettat.bkecnJLorougbtiouJ,.Jutyiiy
tne government uiiuer wnicn tncy were norn, ana to wnicn, oy
every tye divine and" human, they owe allegiance. -To con-- j
fummate thefe (hocking proceeding' the profanation of religion T AST hijght General PaTions, with 7 ,or.8oo men,1 went 9
is! added tof the moft profligate prollitution of common reafon ; J Long Jfiand to . bring off a party of the enemy polled afi
; the'conicienccs of men are let 'at nought; And Imuhitudos are ' fcietalket whiclihe intended -to have takenby-furprize ; But it
compelled not only to' bear arms, but"alfo to lvvcar fubjtdion to feems tliat jby jneans of feme infefnal-tofy, they had been ap-.
an ufurpation tfrev abhor A prized of his Coming for niany da) s, and tycre fo ftrongly forti-j
. . - .. - - - . . . . . 'i ' r- ,T : TT - I'M
hed, 2s rendered tne attempt ineircctuai. f nowever, j ne cook a i
belonging to the an
in fafetyi This (hewij
ho get knowledge ofj
means to convey it to thj
I will ejrcntl" it far) to mainuin AicH a , conducV as may juilify enemy
niz in ,rnte:nT their lart!. ' habirations. and families. . The 1 T.
mteniios of thh addre.Vis to hold forth ffcurltry. no deprcdati- r H 1 JL A U 1L f M U A,i JIuguft 3
i Animated by ihrle conhderarioos, at tlie head of troops in
the full powers of health, discipline and valourj determined to number of blankets, and 12 or 13 hories,
f.rikc where.nccefTarv, and anxious to (pare here poffibJe, I by tifh troops, - and returned the next day
-thefe p"efents invite and exhort all peff'ons. in all places where how much we. fuffer om infernal foes, w
. th proprefs of rhis army may point (and by the" bldling of God ctir moft fecret movemenTs and find
.c.n, to the country. To thofe whom fpirit aiid p.inci'?k may : We hear that fince the enemy have ,t landed atf the lilk, th ;
rheir country-'- number or pn loners ana aejerrers irpm uiem aaiouuv to aouut
lr.uuce to p-srtake tne pjoncus .tat;: or reacemms rneir country
men from dungeons, and re-eftablifliing the bkiTing of legal
g vcrnmrnt, 1 ofrcr encouragement an"a cmplcy.-r.en: ; ana upon;
the nil yntelligence of-their aftociation, -I will find means to mult be vcr
. .1 .: . !' . .1 . -
60. Yefterdiy feveral were brought to this city.
rBy the accounts of, deferters from the enemy,; their ntuation!
Idifagre'eable and diftrefling,- as the" number of fick
aCi it their undertakings. The dumeitic, the ind-iSrious, the Is confiderabk, having mcreafea -greatly fince they lahded, and ,
infirm;, and even the timid inhabitants, I am drfirous to protett, they are, Co cbfeJy oblerved, by the militia that they, dare not j
provided thev rcmain miieilv at th-r holies, that thev do not vsnture out'far to procure liein proviimos. A nat n urn Ders or, 1
fiirae to oe leuttiiQ; as wen as uuuiers, arc ueicranucu iu uciui iuc inn
itrtter their cattte to le removed i nor ihe;r corn or
fcirettd or d.flroyed that they do not brk ujr their
orj roads, nor bv anv other acts, direit v or indirectly.
J.J ' - J . : , -
heir bridres
thofe cf the enemr.
orportunMv ;1 trie atter in particular arc greauy uiuautiicu, uu
roads, nor by any other acts, direftiy or indirectly, endea-- account of their bad proyihcns,-. for which even Deit part ot tneir,.
vnur tobilrea the operations of the Kingroops," or fupply or ! pay is ;ScppedL a they .dp not receive more than twppenceha-; ;
penny a uay,j ana wnen mac nappe ns iu uc pdw icuj,. u uui
in iheir power to pur chafe any vegetables; which. the :poor iel
lows 2fc, nov more defirous- of than ever they were of liquor.
' kA th-t frsX -rrr thfW Tn.-iino- iHpv Inil near zcr horfes. hav-
ing turned ihe n into a corn fields where the creatures eat to fach
rvfpf." rhar tftpv rirnircd before the.Ehelifti farriers could dif-i I
jEvcry fpecics of provifion brought camp, ! will be
.for at an'cquitabb rate,- -and: in' folid coin.- ?
e paid
i In confeioufne fs cf chriitianity,-my royal mades clemency,
tid thtvhono'ur of foldier(hip,: I have dwelt upon'this invitation,
and wifhd for more nffrfi?fivr term's to uive it imoreflionr and
ill1' i t. t1!"
taoce from the immediate fituation of my c?rap. Thave-but to
give Rrech to the Indian forces under my d.'rVon (and they PenufyUaaia b
cover their difprder,, and au minuter any
Stpt. 2. Ja
aa:ouat to thoufands) to overtake tht hardened enemies of Great BrigaJier-Gatraf of tin Itatc
mes Irvine, Efi; of tliis. cify (fate Colonel of
attalionrin ihe ccxftincntal rmy) is appc;r.tc4 a

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