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VA fnt!em arii.toiniUft week from
formfui that General Sullivan, wiw 1 5 men, "ft
Wllwood and Bone,f 'Went from Mornftown laft Tnurluy
fgUL9 Am at filizabethtown pointy and on
Tfi5 i Ifland at day break the next morning. One party went
&. lSwYkr:ti!l theygotfin fight of it the ether went
wa d Amboy ; in their courfe killed many of the new levies,
IXtook Colonels Allen, Barton, and Dongan, . 4
optains, 6 lieutenant., 2 furgeons mates, and 20 3,r ,
whh U ch they soiled to Amboy about 2 o'clock About 3
o'clock the rear guard of our army.-xonfifting of 126
attacked, and twice repalfed the aTailants, who fufFered much
SSSd but our parthaving expended ra
were obliged to furrender: among which are Col. Antill, Major
.n-jf,,-l.n4 Maior of Col. Hazen's regiment,
ak CM T MB U r 111 V & a A W A 1A A . I .
inS two other Major,. With 6 or other officer.. Fourier,
lor.hT.j'.'SfoTjun-ud at Jamaica, hi, Excellency Sir Bafil
vL:th Governor of that ifland. ' !
fx rl? "W fromHanrvtr (Baft Jerfey) dated Auguft z
i Arut II o'clock laft night I returned to this p ,rom
, excurfion upon Statcn Ifland. Thurfday, at o'clock in the
"ternoon, theivifion marched from this place, and arrived, a
i:..,kn , ,A in the evening ; jmoved down to Halfted
ro nr where there were boat, colleded, and, and at day break
Vt?c divifion had completely croflVdrrCol. Ogden, with nis own
regiment, Col. Dayton's, and ab.ut too militia crofTed at the
EL. time at the Old Blazing Star. General Sulhvar, moved
with General DeborrVs brigade, to attack Co . Barton s reg -ment
that lay at the Ifew Star. General allwood, with his
bri-ade, moved in another column to the Dutch-church, to at
tack Col, Bbfcark's regiment ; . and Col. Ogdcn marched in a
nother column to attack Allen's, Lawrence's, and Dungan s re
gents, that lay about the Old Star. General Smallwood's
iuide, inftead of bringing mm in nc rr ,cK.u. -him
in full front cf them. They formed on the eatt fide of the
bridge, and the General was moving over in, a' fohd column to
attack them ; but the enemy,, unwilling to be mot at, retreated
to their lines in the" north cait part of the ifland, Inlead o Buf
cark's it was a Britim regiment which retreated To precipitately
that the General took their ftand of colours, burnr feven imal
armed veflels, and a large barn full of forage, The General
being ordered not to go any further than that place, joined Ge
neral Sullivan at the New Star who had in a little time fettled
the matter With Col. Barton's regiment, they being but, few in
number, and the greateft poltroons I ever law. - j .?
I 'They made a fhew of fighting, but did not Itand to receive
our fire ; we took about 30 of them, and their Colonel J Col;
Ogden's party advancing with the utmoft precipitation, drove
the cowardly cn?my before them, took Col. Lawrence, 13 cap
tains, 6 fubaherns, 1 doftor, and 80 privates. General Sulli
van marched the divifion to the Old Star, and got them all over
except the rear guard, which the enemy advanced upon1 and
jookf The bravery of the little party commanded by Major
i Stewart would do honour to the firft troops in the world; they
x n i l.l:j !,.... nA Irfnfnn fii'-h a Mare nnnn rhe
j were puucu fcwi-v t a . . .
enemy, that they were forced to retreat every time they advanc
ed"; the little party, confining cf not more than 50 men, hav
in? bravely maintained their poll, and expended their ammuni
tion, Major Stewart, whofe gallant behiviour would do honour
to the nrit or charaftersV told his party that he- had too great a
refpec"l for their bravery to facrifice them, that he would lurren
der himfelf, and give thofe that cold fwim an opportunity to
n t -..l1.4 -" lIr Wire irA hpoTcpH him'nof tn
r tU-yt frm nf them had two cartridges lei
i...ixc..iUm anrl ft-mil hv.hiui till thev were cut to pieces
WUUIU Hit nivi J J- . .
Stewart fixed a whiit: handkerchief upon the point of his iword,
and walked as ceo! as if he had been going to make hands with
a friend ; many of ihe party ot over the river. The action was
grand, though horrid. I plainly faw the whole. We have
3 majors, fie captains, fubalterns, llragglers, and in all 127
privates. ,
I S I R, ' Head Quarter?, Augujl 2c, 1,777- !
A MESSENGER is juit arrived with the encloied letters
JfH from General Arnold and Col. Ganfevoort; I am happy
in communicating them to your Excellency. Great honour is
due to Col. Ganfcvoorr, Lieut. Col. Wiliet, and 'the oflicers
'and foldiers of the garrilon under their command '; I cannot tea
warmly recommend thems toCongrcfs.. The gallant defence of
Fort S'anwix, mult convinte all the weftern nations of. Indians
of the fuperiority of the American arms.
I I am, Sir, your mojl obedient humble fervant,
H O K A 1 I U i A i; ii , s.
His Excellency John Hakcock, Ej; Preftdtnt cf Congrtfs.
j . J IV, . Head Quarter Aaguft 2d, 1777.
! TM narlrtt I have the honour to tianfmit to vour Excel
lency a copy of a letter I received laft night fom Major General
Arnold. - The defeat and difgrace with which the enemy have
V ' . : rf Vnrt Schuvler. 1 added to tne r
been pbligea. tp ru.r Gen. Stark and Col.
r r - -ntnn aives the ongntcn; iuwc w mo American
. The horrid murders and pa.a ipr a?d eB.
"QltkitGei. Burgoyne, previpuj to w$ defeat at
courated H'j" for everilain the hnoar of the Br rifl, arm,.
Bennington, will .tot children, were moft cruelly
bSredW W-i;P 4
5 ? SL ri'm... Heaven has, I hop m Bore, fome pumlhn,ett
: tamir, y0ur :H O A T l q; G A T E S.
rheHon lohn Hancock, Eftuire . . - ! j; j
e ftn J r. Fnrt Schuvler. Auffuft 22 1777.'
)EAR. O , - :iu T kain a Vimvv rannnnarfc iinnn
T iLorks which was immediately returned by a num
our enemie works, whicn - vclifck feveral i delertcn
hir.nt mens aim wMv.r.
q "W
ens aiiu. .mwv... ---- , , , ,
. m- that GeneraLSt, Lcdeeri with J111
came in. wno iu 101 - - .. . . w i
111 L .rtin with the utmoll precipitation ; foon after
Zhici, I lent out aparty of about 60 men to enter theircamps,
! --- 1 v. -1 rnnnriiirii luu a. uu w - v .
who loon recunicu n . . , , - . r
d4k this evening Hanjort Schuyler arrived here, and inform,
ed me that Gen. Arnold; With 2000 men were oneir march
f.r this polt ; in coniequencc u wv- , 17
. 1' r t i 4--J .r vnnr's . &Ci i
tl0. 1-, p liR G ANSEVOORT, : Colonel.
To the Hon, Gen Arnold, pi -office commanding the 1 . .
' ' I f flmv o their march to Fort Scaler. ; 1 .
MoUwk river, ten rnild kbove f ort Daton Auguii 23, 1777.
j " - -''. Five o'clock, P. M. j . .
yiAR - vjr His . ts. i . -. 1-1 1 1 -
I! Wrote you the 2 lit inttant from xne ociwu x iw, ii.-wiiut
! theibeft intelligence I could procure of the enemy s llrength, it
was much Aipericn to ours j at lame time 'enclofed yoiiiaopy of
theTelblutions of a council of war, ana requenca yuu w . uu
z reiSfbrcement of 1000 light troops As the enemy had made
their Approaches within 200 yards of the fort, I was determined
at all events to hazzard a battle, rather than fuffer the garnfoa
to hi : a facrifice. -This morning I marched from theGerman
Flats for this place ; the exceflivc bad roads, and nepeffary pre
cadtiensin marching through a thick wood, retarded us fo much
that ve have but this moment reached this place, where I have
mcf;:n exprefs with an enclofed letter from Col. Ganfevoort,
acqu4nting me that the enemy had yefterday retired ; from Fort
c..-Ji- ..,:k nrt ration. I am at. a lofs toMageot
O.liuiti mm giw-.. y 1 r , I , , ! J". -
.il- Li :.-.. .:.., tU.Athr thfv have returned home, or re-
rirH i.rh a view of en ca gin jr us on the road. I am ;inclmed o I
k"- ----- - ,a.(Jl U - .i"t : I
the former, from the account, of the delertrrs, andj trom tneir
kvin'g their tents, and confidcrable baggage, which our people.
have fecured. . --pJ - " ': ': -:Jli y '''" a
?Iihkll immediately detichabbut 900 men, and make a forced
march to the fbrt, in hopes of coming up with the rer, and ie
curing their cannon and heavy baggage. I am, dear General,
I 1 1 Your a-Teaibnate obedient humbit?;irvant,
Hm. Major Gen. Gates. B. A R N; O L D.
I Fo-t Schuyler, Auguit 24, 1777. Ten b'clcat atjnight.
I Dear. General, . : . .
I I wrote'you yelterday that the enemy had retrieat.ed from this
place : at 5 o'clock this evening, by a forced match of 22 miles,
through a! thick wood, I reached this place, in exjettation ot
iiarrahing the enemy in their retreat. Col. GanfCvodrt had an
ticipated my defign, by fending put a fmaii party, whb brought
ey all pulled oit tneir trais, ana . oeggea mm not 10 m xuui ujri?, w 7 00 01 ! a: Ath
that fome of them had two cartridges left, that they number of prifoners and deferters. The nem5 ott
. . , . , . t 1 .t 0 . E. .l .i .n. ,r.:n...:..r. ! u.rJnft fHf.r rents' Itandinf?, itncir
Hon. Major Gen. Gates.
the.ereateft precipitation,! leaving their tents ltanaing,
proviiions, amrnunitioni &c. which have fallen in ro cur
,1 am. dedr General, your .arrecuonatc, - -,
fj. A K iN U l, ;
Hnhiiftiid"bv-o" Conp'refs.' ' ; :
4 ' . . . -: r s VT
JExr 'k"r from General WASHlNGi:OIS, -W
j T ' ' "-riw hSq! !o' Auvuft Vr- 1777.: 15 t i
AMONG the copies you will. hxid GeniBurgoyrjefs In Jrac
the obiccts 0
vve naa dc-
report nc
VUU Will. liUU Wi5t-J,'' X
Col. Baum. Dointine out the objeds of
his command, when he was hrlt cecacnea. vvnat
'for -Ja" af?r rnarchedi and was an anfwer to;
had rkeived frcim him.! Thei was alfb i miftake in hii name
" r . I - . 1 . - - - . ( t ' . . I 1 Inar.l I .111-
before, Dein called isern in tne copies eni u f,uw-
Coin.',' - "-. -. ; I. . .Vjr- ;
; r xt o t r tt r rr t r "NT c r,, f ;.nr Pnl I Raum.
1 n-uL uin. r .... j :;.., :. a lii fV affV Aions of tnc
pnnntlir tn: At Crrr tn t th f ''miiti ci I ! nf thft pnemV. tO mOUnt i 1C
dji'bi's dragoons, to com pleat Peter's corps and to obtain large
fuppl jes of cattle, horfes and carriages.
i titut. Col. Baum is dead of the wounds be received in the en
Zatement nuith General Stazk. 4

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