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    L O N D O May 1$.
On account of tHe number of capturci of velTels from Portu
gal, enfoxarice has rifen greatly, confequently wines increafe in
price, and what generally happens in this country, -treble the
advance is laid on them; ; . . ' ' - A j A H cxaa ABRIDGMENT of all the ACTSr,f
June 5 The report is confirmed, by letters from Conftan- i ASSEMBLY of this State in Force and Ufe, zhhT
tnope, that the Porte has offered terms to Ruffia towards ful- iVH. i - th Ti .f
llinV the articles of peace, which it is faid will be fully fatif- bcticIlv digclted, down to .the lime of publuW the
For printing by Subscription,
Yefterdav Sir. George Howard's reeiment. the 7th, marched
-from Chatham to Portfmoath, in order to embark with all ex
pedition for America. In this regiment Lord Cathcart goes a
volunteer. , S, '
This day arrived a mail ffOm New York, brought by the
Mercury packet, Cagt; Dillon, to Falmouth. ; She failed from
New York the 27th ef April, and from Rhode Iflarid the 5th
of May. Lord Piercy is come palicnger in her. 1 -u f
I AD V E R T I S E M E NTS. f X .
Together with . !
Ati exacT: Table, Marginal Notes arid References.! fhewTnr
Uhe Time of pafling the particular Laws, and the Chan?
I I 1 " 1 1 . a ... .rr: i 'tt i
this' State.
as printed at large in the revifed (Body of
C O N D I T.I O .N S.
Laws cf
In Congress, Augiift 6, v 1777.
COlihTi ith thi MANAGERS ubferibers appear.
TTERY, and find that a ccnfiderable nam- i , T
iit.l That the Book will be printed in large O&avo, oh
good American Paper, and a beautiful new Type, j -
2d. That it will contain about 500 Pages; neatly, bound,
and del vered to the Subfcribers at three Dollars each,1 one
of which Dollars to be paid at the Time of fubferibinsr.
3d. (That the Work will be'put to Prefs as foon as 300
report. That
ber of tickets remain unfold in" the hands of the managers, fas
well as of their agent in the f-veral Hates ; that from the prefent
fiate of the lottery, and the uncertainty of the enemy's intentions,
the committee recommend the drawing to be poftpbned till the
6th day of November next ; and that a further quantity of tickets
be tranfmitted to-the feveral flares, and that it be recommended
to their refpeftive executive powers to girc all the affiltance th'ey
.Ar-..j ti... r ,;,n..:,k A Aiiv portabiel and convenient roruUJc.
ArCiVta, A UAl VHKiLIJ vuiivui ttjwi 11119 liuvil) BUM uiit.i , f
; To the PUBLIC,
E Ufefulnefs of a Work of this Sort muft forcibly
.V -i ti . . r . i 1 n . - . . - i .J, V
ltriKe every renon tne lean: converianr. witn .jtuluieis
as an alphabetical. Digeit -mult, lave the Trouble of turning
over a voluminous Folio,, and prefent the Reader wliiii what
he 'wants to know at one View ; befides its beiiiw ninr?
n . w
' The Subfcriber 'there-
the Board of Trcafury to caufe the fame co be carried into effect. ror? n?Rcs Ior tne encouragement or tne rubiic to this Un-y
! Cofy from the Journals. ... . r dertaKing, , ana allures tnem or nis belt Endeavours to make
WILLIAM C. HOUSTON, Dep. SecJ j the Performapce uieful. When the enormous Price to'
-i 1 : - ' which" every Article of Life is now rifen is confidered, , he
STRAYED from the Subfcriber living in Newbern, on Fri- hopes the Public will! not think three Dollars too high "
day the 12th f September, a fmall forrel Horfc, having a n0r the Pavmerit of one of them at the Time nf Rnhf'
ui4m i ..... . . v . r, n iron, unreaionaoie;
he fornrerly belonged to Mr. John Hamilton, and is fupjiofed
to be gone towards Halifax. Any Perfon taking up the faid
Horfe and bringing him to me .iha.ll be welt fatisficd for hisf
Trouble. HENRY V1PON. :
He begs Leave, as he is Ihow folliciting the Favour of
the Publ C on another Publication, to return them riis moft
llncere Thanks for their great Encouragement to his1 former
Labours, his Revifal of the Laws j , and - Office of a Tuf.
T Si SOLD, tie plantation where Simon Bright, .Ef late cf tice, having had s rapid Salei. there being but few of them
SUiJU3 COUnlJ ucicujtu , iwiy ninn, ill '4,Ul, 'VtnuiiS On toe x lunvi . "viu iwrr ubLtikltU llIC fjCI
'thirJ Jay tf xt Otlobar, I I) vicfil of the Public as Printer, to -the -.State, in which honour-
PA RT of the peffonai eltate ot the dccealed, conliUmg of a. ablq Service he has laboured Twenty Eight Years, he 'is iuite
fmall library cf bocks,, feveral neat guns, a; very ?ood com- at Iieifur and if properly encouraged, will pubiilh the
pais cnain ior lurvcyinx iu, iiafrc vdiuauic nrero uavcf, KnoV.w th o
feveral horfes (among which is a fine, blooded (lone horfe, of a
,nJ At the Hime timcand-,1 Wl be hirfcji nni ,.SBSCIF"5;e taken in at the Pnntm- Office in
year,1 two likely nr-ro boys and a giri, by !: j - ferni nd blcnption fpers will be fent to the leve-
- ? JOHN COOKE, 1 I xai younne!
ies of t.hc.State, of whifch Public Notice will be
given in this Paper. -
i , ! - . NEWlJERN.-.'.io. 1777. ! :
COMMITTED to the public gaol, thc 4th of this inltant, a
! nero man named WILL, atout-2 2 yeacs of. ac, about
feet' j or $ inchfi high, fpcaki gbed EttliJb, and has on a blue
cloth: jacket, leather breaches, and ofnabrigi troufrs. He faj
he b lnn2 ta John Jy 'uodhury, near Gcorittou;n couth Carolina.
who bceght him ibout lall February from fabn Rice t on" Roanoke.
ills owner is auxea to appi ir rm, and pay charges.
. john xenneDy; Gaol
Lately publijbcd, and to be fold at the. Printing Orice in Newberru
rii.n umce ana Authority o a I J .s r r R nf -th
PEACE, and alfo thc Duty of Sheriirs," Coroners' Con-
(lab!esy; Churchwardens, Overfeers of loads, and other Ofli-,
cer5;K Tojelher with Frebdenrs of Warrants fudpment,?, Ex-'
cununs, ana orner legal rrocci; , iliubJc by IVlagiftates with
in trjeir feveral Juriidiaions; io Cafes civil and criminal,
vi:n j tne AicthocJ ot judicial l,i
1 : CKOVVvVN count; , dugujl 30,; 1777. i
OMMITTED io the public gacl'in dcntontn the 28th of
his irnar.t, a r.egro m n who fays his name is J A C O Bt
that he belonged to Ttcmas McKigltt anil ivas lent to one cf ite
back counties, to the iron woiki, and run away from that place.
Whoder has the marvagcratnt t f the faiil negro, is cifirtd tu take
him away, and pay charges. ' . ,
r - . EVAN SKINNER Sheijff: !
the Peace Out of Sefiions.
dul iwithi
i b I -
n their County CO rts. 1 o whsih !i!j '&r.rlrH an An,
pendix,- ebntaining-rnany ufcfcl Precedents. ad Direfiions
rar tne lixtcution ot them. 1 CoiJeCUd from
S.ttu.ltf LavVs of England, and the Afts of AfiemW,- of this Pro
vince, and
1 HE
- .1 M1
JLaidln?. a
Method of
vieWf.-and F
'rocecdinors bdfore luftices of
Alio fbme Directions for their Con-
HUN away from Green Spring, near Ke-vbern, a Negro Fel
low named SMART, verv b!.-ic!c ahour r Fvrt x-!n!i.
hiqh, Jwell made, and very likely, peaks broken Entliili, but of the, Continental Army.
very artful and infinuaUDjr. . He is fuppofed to be lurking about
Sscomb't Creek, with a Fellow belonging to Mr. llmovd, and
Whoever brings the iiid Slave "to Green Spring aforciaid, Hull
tare rive 'Dulars Reward, 1
the Common and
adapted to okr Conltitution and Pra6l;ice.
9 to be Jilt at the aid . . j '
MANUAL EXERCISE, as ordered bv thZridji
jin the. Year J764. With the Manr: r of Frimin? ar.c
nd the Pof.tion of each Rank in Firings. ' 'nd th(
performing the Firings, Evclf tions ' .r'at Re-
idd Pay. To which is added, thi Articles of Wa
' . .; 1 -Where etlo may be h adm i
1 complete -KHVI5AL of the LAVS-of this State,
Marginal ores, References, and a copious Index. I
WBERN: Printed b; ' . JAMKS DAVIS.
- i

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