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    Iav i, X77S. T H E
With the ktefi ADVICES, Foreign and Domestic
ExtraS from GENERAL ORDERS. ' ' Notwithftandiag fcveral of cor men of wartare out on the fame
Cam, VafW'F.rgr, -AfrfA 27, 1778.' nations, they have not beta fortunate enough to mee: wtisa
' t them.
THE nomerru jocoJfnirr of 1 Urge tram of bag- A cdrreffondent favs, that i? continues to be mof! confident!?
" n.uft be a-parent to eery (fficer of ihe Wall rfTertcd that a treaty of commerce and alliance is figncd becween
ofcf rvaci n. An a my, by meant of if, is render- France ar.d America; but whether the report is funded opoa
edunueildy, and incap-bie cf acting with that eafe at, 01 her fads, or up.n a real kncvrledf e of Jucb a iatV, i not
nd ccfci.ty. which arc tflcntiatei her to its v.wu fe- yet clearly atcertained.:- The two other fafts are thfe, viz. On
,uricv arc defence, or to -1 r a. j er.ierp.ize in i- i tfeflfiie o- the 27th of December, Mr. Carmichal, eificial fccretary to the
iaiiors 1 ne hicfc th, fc who have a la., e Uc.nti- American at raris, ier ici xrem menw pi
... flak- will feel f r Mi fafety even in the m it c-iical cir- n'ca. The treaty is did to hae beer Cgned on the 55th; i fee
Sances'. i, fcn.e :i, e. Ku6d u ith xery -Lmur g o n;.qum- ether fa is th.u L rJ S.ormont has f.nt to ' Oilr toun tbe an-
3. j : v: .. : . !y ar.d uoividafy luUa.u noire n- fuer given by the Fxench mm;iler to his memorial, wnicfc,5,
i ole I if s fr m tnein en drce cA Ucuji oc nv tnejdilelvef that t e King of Fiance will prcteft h-s H !g, in all cafes and pla-
fu c qu u.h . , r. Dh ic i bur r.c-eu wi:h a f-uit- ces he thinks ft, and particularly in the commerce of his lubjuds
riheliei oftne u r is r ' 1, d by the ext. oj ci. ary A great number cf recruiting parties have been very bn fy at
rhtie difadvan
X L... f . . ...Ic rrn1 ffr fltfi Ii i Ct I . T .
I U 41 Vt I i-v.j .i - - -. r
tciLi niaodftoc lite . ai. u.fcen to rt mbdy ihmi hmit M btrt.
tob e fovey-!-, f by t . my. Ibfahi i. c.s irbcrccol
kJ. j ; -n- atfleoJ the rkft camakv, arjJ aihoog . ;e.s, the
:. .1 artetd h. feo.:ing tn iuc iui ui wc uu-
St. J O H N's, (Antigua) March 18.
T Ya .vtfT l arrived at St. Cn :x, which. paiTed thrca'eh.the
du- Dwns ih- 1 5. h cf February Lll, we are informed that 30,
ire . r. ui u, w -
,; coriander in cbiel hoei hcf. c C3erat h$ will I'.nuence tery Amhe.ft, who is1 to rw General 11 we, tu cegin the cn-
41 hiTaiiig tampa, 10 prUide iheinfclwi wfl h ie campai- n. J . ,
i . i i . ' 9.u.i.r..,. ,.,i .,i, -nJ .i'.ih the 1c rh a, h; -he arScre alteratirn mi probably rccaOoti the
v cf cr.rrvin2 th.m in the molt eand manner, reat,a;irn of Lord Hoe, as head ol the naval aepartm.nt; and
V.dcrtnuh: h. heftro-vrcc -,nd, the ciuf. oCch lis and if it in u J f.. tu.n net, th-re tt-rna:! ::. tad- tbt U Bar-
H-s a'd tl -Mrimantoau5T or valiU-s m.tae 01 tic-v, n.ay uc; s iuVt.c.Ug m-..w. B-
; . This will be the moreen ifi:e as it rrigns thu uncuc Great li.Kain and Ireland thar ever was read
3 ke lteo?pck-i rfca, ,s far a, mav ., pramcabc. Ici.ex- of govcrnnKnt. 1 he
I Vd -he General an- M offitf ri will let the example, and fe the firu cf Ue pec pie to the higheft p.uh. -
. , r l ' . i i -
r.1 ire mi
. . .- i .1 r. .. j, ik. ir r-fii-ile din..
pat it is UfiC ;: :l wr J oy a i luoic wwwi
R A MM I'LL, AJj. Gen.
B A L T I M O R E,' Jpnlj.
A DOLT fen days lince hve hundred bea4 or cattle, and
rxVentv four wa?pon loads of clochine,. arrived ai General
PARIS i ere 22 i;;7e ..(h gtcn's camp !New England. , r , i
HP rllCloa.. fa reo-e I ; 1 iv people c-en think .It is confidcrtly faid, tht there are now no left tban ten ta5B-
a in i'aMe, ard ''k ' i j Octj aiaa cc ai;u g!a- lano neau ui i4iuc, v. ..w.-.
i J ait iet v u: for mediate draught frern the militia, beliucs which, torevent the
rge4 with repcfi.s militia bel.g called out upon any fudden alarm, they have adopt-
. ed fhe fnibwing plan, viz. one regiment to be rajfed by vohji-
be w 11 inf rmed, tarv enliltment cut of each brigade in the nVe, who are to have
A a in- l'aoie, aa ' - -v " er tT r t i a
Zcl ? Z cenct lt mlnhly. ftrprel a m,:te Tr.e Irpu.tor. of the It ate cf Cconeaicot have determined to
o.dV-Vc, .n Ameican, oha tiyedjn complete hew quota d troops for the conunental army by an ina-
1, ;Kk houfe. thi t elVemooth pa, is JatfiVt fcr mediate oraught trom tne mi;itia, ot;;ucB wnico, W prevent
A: e.ic2. and i: i eot donUed that h; is ciiargei
cf the ieft impt zc.
Utc.zi. - pe. , ' K- 14 41 .... - . - ' . . . -. t l.k
w th s M -f Frankli . !- D ae ha-e been at Verifies, Rve rords octinty, to ne uncer nan py, u wnen o -uaa
w'ut th yneWh r WesrS ...h tu- Cumdc MaurVpas nor the fetvice to be unuer whole pay, atfo to receive the fame rations and
GoniTd V reanes baf.tly with Mr. Gerari, g ft c nam -ffi- order the fame reflations as the contiaejital troops,
onrr o - c n nt c f foreign rs. fa ge meantime, it is ' . Majdr General Greja ; hear, aomted quarter-mafter
i!l mcv .ceo ca- ao cxprtf ,.iil be lent l.crn to Amcri- general in the room ox MSdf General M.-ffim, who is now one
C3 i i. aker- i: lf to he O.r.Mdi; aw! , fir cr- of the H n. B ard of war. ,
.i... V.-V. Az?j n deCtutcked a u-rjon witb Extracl of a Utter from the American campt at the Valley Fore,
trcfr acctu:ton. j, Thc Amcrican ft,tts apptar to me extremely tardy ii
. 1 -r : 1.:.. JLautti
mrjtar to me extremeiv tardv in their
operation?, particolaily in reinforceing his excellency Gentiral
tTf . A. 11 rK rrf l 1 K (1 i re?l n f H nllrnrWl rsl .it"
being early anJ itrongly
ive men. fa is
the h&iphts rf"
re Hu conyiccru ini v " . . , . ' ful adverfary to cope with, and therefore ought ro be better iup-
5S2X4iWf5MW U0. he poned by th'eir coun.r, The .rocps ,hat are o their raa,eh i.
it is now -Jpisu-uv. Mi ins. ni;n. is Mneeted will increale our army to twelve thouJand. Tnas,
'' r ' B, St toot'hf enough, I., I, hulnb,e opunoo, ,Me
Ae iue- wd Gswnii Mercir ) cruifiog oa the coaE of wdobWi c6 efUte wflo.Id have u, tamp.
ftj!3PfcSt Xh hare taken a nuinb of .nc eJTCU. fitffoi Way, at leatt thlny ttffiind men.

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