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Number 447-
With the lateft ADVICES, Foreign arid Domestic.
September 25, 1778.
a v n n M Atm 1 1
Li J r w J
HIS day. in tn hofe of ,ord iord Shelburne mo.
ed, that the hcuie mourn oe luinmuum w
lord Chatham's funeral.
Lord Hdlfoorough oppcfed the motion ; not from
. . l. - .kt. !nr4 uiKn hail Keen the
any dif rij-eci to tnc uuuic
lament of chat bcufe, but becaufe be thought fuch an honour
5 iX been paid to any but princes: He therefore w.fhcd
to the hofe of 0 a m
fJe f I'm the k'ng, bv which his m)ctty inform-d the houle that
iK-oM Wer directions 10 their wilh relate tu lord
Chatham's fungal, complied with. , .
Lord John Cavendifn then roie and obferyed. that as lord
Chatham', public and perfooa! imercfts. were idea, he had never
conneftcd the Utter was always fwallcwed up ,o the f.rmcr -The
eff a of this generous fpiril now lie heavy on hi. family :
IH he fl irered himfelf that the houfe would take their cafe into nor Tufcr the d.fcendaou cf that great man, to
- Lord North heartily coincided wi n the noble lord
cenfdoos thit the late lora Chatham had deferred f, Well of the
fla"e that his defendant, had certainly a claim to the geoerofi y
J he houfe, and the gratitude of the nation : He affuredthe no
ble tSrb.l he woufd fopport any motion that m!ght be made
in favour of che late earl's family .
inloVeaoeayrick on the renowned rtaufman. ar.d moved. thai
k!ihU .dd.ef. fhould b prefented to hit majefty to return
hi. majefty wouM be r.7i I PV.r. nf
Chatham Ms m 1$ hi. -loom and .iber.Ut, fell think
n.onen ertain. $ J'
dene to the kingdom by that able fta.efman : And to affurc hu
majeHv. that the b-fe would make good the fame
Lo,d Nugent warmly fctooded the mot.on : His ite?
n more fparing of hi, e.comi.m. on the la,.
Tow (hmd had been ; nod to gi.e a finking proof th, J?-
JZ in Pope's effay on.m., his W A XdPi.t now ar
rood he iuftancd his lafl word, to his fon, lord Pitt, now Mr,
of Chatham, when that young nobleman. r
tnrefor Gibraltar, was taking his leave of hu dying fb
Go mv On, faid the venerable patriot, go whither oor
rnm Sis vou let her etircfs all your attent.oo, fpa not m
which is due to her fervice, in weeping orer an eld
'By ".Jd both paid their tribute to the memory
''co'lTr'te after moch encomium., faid. he knew that ?lory
tol. Barte alter m h 1luftr,ous
Z iT owo UP- Ith and fee'wh.t paiTes here below,
nTw'ould bfbe" rlePaftd at the tribute iC
about to pay his memory at his funeral, than at PPvia;
which might be made for his children : But begged to remaik
thrfnepenfion which the king had been plealed to below on
the earl, rated at 30OO I. a year; he believed it to be only nomi
nally fo much, as he had reafon to think that not more irn
izool. was annually received. . ,
Mr. Montague fpoke to the fame purport, and concluded wnh
ah exprtffion of a great Romaft hiftorian talking of Cicero, nr
laudator ; intimating that none but a Cbarham Cfuld Vf
fpeak a Chatham's praife. The queftion wastnen put : oo the.
motion, which was mc(t anahimo!lyxarric?ring,e
ber feemed to have the leaft inclination to oppofe it. It was then
ordered to be carried up to the king.
May 14. On Thflrfday evening, heut gen Burgovne y
order of the king, was Cent for to the queen's palace, and I held a
conference with his majefty for upwards of two h.urs ; but as
not at court ytfterday. ... rf . r . , M . a tr ri;
The purpefe of gen. Burgoyne's meffage is faid to be to foil
cit a ratification of the convention he concluded Sjratogawidi
general Ga-es ; or if that cannot be done (becaufe foch a mc afure
wall be acknowledging the independence of America) he n o o-
Iicit the eftab!ilhment o a commmar. 7 LAri-msi.
provifion of the capttve army. The demand of the Amerietea
tMlli.8 ir for diet of eac h man. He is upon hjs pa-
r 1 1 . .ii, r.- ,.tiprr rvi ,
rele only, and is to return as 100a d uc - - -
GcBorrroyne was not prefent yefterday at the drawing roomy
noHs he exited to appeal in public, until a general Coun mar
lial is held on the unfortunate bofinefs at Saratoga j we a rm
formed a general court martial, waa the fiA rcot
to the minifter, when he received for anfrer tbt ais
Ihculd be laid before his msjefty. . -
Gen. Birrgoyne has declared to his friends, that the report cir
culated of the cruelty of the Americans to m
of truth ; on the contrary, every mark of refpeft was fhewn them,
and every neceflary procured that could make him ana his people
hanay1he XVS addreffed the houfe of lord.
expreffin'K the higheft cenfure df thofe minifters who had fuffered
a fl e tog fail unmclefted from France, whofe f
Soubtedly was again f me of the, territories of this empirt
doubtecny was ;nfandr to deltroy cor
Whether it was againtt mc - -
dock- and ftores at Halifax or to furpnfe general H we and tin
brother with all their forces-in each of thefe circumftances the
brother, n exiftence of this country was at
JSESia more arguments fimilar to thefe ufed
on Wednefday in the other hcufe ; and, though he apologd
Z fpeaHrTfn the abfence of lord Sandwich, he could not avoid
rmindlnThoufe thatit -as afferted long ago by that mini.,
to thaf we had thirtyfiVe mips of the line ready to put to fea,
and feven more ready to follow thtm. We hd not now the for
tol number alone, Ltwithftanding the great late exertion,, and
;Te S neceffity of the times. 'He blamed the admiralty
for nep'eftine to take the proper means of fupplying the navy
tSSStKSA outPthS means which they ihould hate a-

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