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SFJrmtsmLE Published every THURSDAY by HODGE and BOYLAN.
7T H U II DfApRi02 n 1706.
FoiK-A L E. wholesale and RETAIL, '
"Aauantityof all kinds of wrought; and foroe
Alfo; a few Autfitof"' Certificates of thiiftate, ,
.:-':j:;':;"::y-.hug h macdonald.
-:ho wants' to purenaf a twftW-yowig Negw
Fellow that underftanda fomethlng of the black
fmith's bufinefs. . 1 14
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Vy L-O N D O N,: Feb. ID. , ' .'rtf wtWh? . n.i 10 ... .i : . aji r;t o!t.wia .
tZZ'?' ' ' ' -. i i.- -1, - :.. . mem, tie uagr.oljttciicnw.tnis hi ;ha.l--ottler- . u: i-.-::- f JfciM
Debate oOlrTPkiV f mOtBjoT; -Peace. Yfach as the fepiftlity ofIacohin piinonM .nd ih-''- . ' T-':v . U-tfA
'nCirowi-, , v yflike ougl.Vto leadto a' declaration ihatjwe at.jjre- - ftlHf
MR. laid, that ooWtUI a tiding the way in I jon ollrLpnrie,J,d ' V f PA
whlcblheRigbrfonvGentleman-fisda was Dol mrre'v w.lhir. W 'L'Xi&.Z&t
- - .1 - 1 .. - . j - , . 1 1 u
VifBiinate lutwub tbe xxtiiihpn oiiTS t.tificn )yr
"u viira iv in jin 1 ;c iHia uini me war vari;e 10
lucb a pafa, lhai.a rcfclutu r. to Vx wpi.lij bo
in. plvt-ifc. JiiifiwM
and GiUefi ilus done, the gav rrinif noi ifii;
country r, ad not fione as far rovard pac;hc hitaU res
W;AN TED, immediately, r
-" sooo'Beef Hidea,'greer or dried, '
500 Horfe do. I , r v
And JJ9 Calf-Jkin. . " . ' ' J
Cafii and a generous price will be given by . - .
- - ..v-. -WHEATON &;TISDALE-.
Hirnr. that a declaration from that Koule ut a fea
dinefs to negotiate would be impolitic at tins mo
ment, he would coiilin himieii to a itw rxcejvuin.
; revious to bts nifktsj tbofe fxccpiioi!?j i;e Or
diged tornak observations on tlie incocfifttnt rta
loninff of the Kichf i on.. Oentlcman,; who - waif
pfealed to compare the different pcrtutfr of THywaryr
and tliouunt at no 101 mer uerioa -wc cuuiuwhh 10
iiiucu Honour negociaic 1 cul lurcijr jic ikuk uuut
that the Houfc tcrgot the whole coiitlquences and
bulineis or the war,, wbea he argued (o. .Whoever
fit lumlew actuated by me nonour or tus country,
TheiS'R E WE RY,.
T4t the jont if Haf lfinunft oit Crifilrtek, ,
..1 .., ready tor saie,, ,
T fcST eer m Doitiei, per doz. , . 1 to.. a
J In barrels, per barrel. ' a o o
" Half do. t, - 7 - - t to a
In fmafler calks, at the rate of 31. 6d. per gallon.
--The talks when ttot fttrniflied by purchalerte be
paichfor or returned in good order, 7 -
. When the expence ofjhli nndertaklngis eonfider
-d ,-and the -contirhfftl demand 4brnonyneIIary
to carry . on the work is contemplated, it is hoped
no perfoti defircms to encourage this ufefuleftabliih
BientVwill be offended at the information, that the
produce of the Brewery is fold only for ready money .
Fayctttville, March ao. ',' : - : 1 2 ' J
- ; ;v.; -, ,. ; ,- ,'
Notice to whom it mav conceirn.
rE, the Commitfioneyg p pointed to make divi.
fion between the feveral Droorietors" of one
hundred and ninetV-thoufahd attei-fjiafln7t1i'e"prb
petty of Richard Henderfoniand othm, known nn:
Jr the .firm of Richard Henderfoii and Cbmpany,
: tying In that part of the territory foiitfi of the Ohio;
commonly called Powell's Valley, Will on the 50th
day of May .next, proceed to make fuch dlvifian'at
Jkpm of ChatlesjSljng in Knoswller-
muft be aware, ihat at all the-former times, wfelManc ;oTprfrri&cit?JfirnijDx crpmi-nt
ticuociation was prtd, befter terms were to be I fubvertina its tneleM or future rolav lift
expected. . V Uen inch arguinenta were boidiy-urg-1 awordcwbith had VJejiJilaLU r.Ue Utl.t 1
ro, no wiuicu iu iy wuiu ! wnUWvT . oent)eiiian.rwiucli lie eonlidertd wnn ion e a.
Unct, before they recaptured GuaiJalodpe, when
thtyVere driven into tueir own terntore Irom
he tuftrian Netherlands, when Valenciennes' was
uefifg':d, .when an irojMfcffion was made, on t'je
Nprtu by our allies-. oi the South by Spain in
fiiort,:when many fuccefles were acquired, it was
uged di(hqi)iurable bj the Genilenian oppofite to
Turn toegociifte. WhelTamo. ion was jiiadeTo" ofr
!er terms ot pcfie, it Was titgatived as di graceiul,
as dilhonourablerAt the capture of Tottlonrwlien
mihiiiers argued that our arms were triumphant be;
01ttl any tliinfL knowarin theTBrhim ?mals,;a mo
tion to negociate was rejeded, as equally improper
and incomiftent with.the cliarac"terand dignity of
the nation.' I Latt year 'before t'lllana was cone
before that country, whlnlviiad beetravowediy one
of ,tleor4gtnal7caufeaTof :-ei-wef1':lwd-Miailet--bFi:-neath
their 6bwer.' or i'ubmitted to tlieir lorsEicw
lion, a limilar monoo wai in the fame way dif'poj -cdof.
I'-eruLo nrfw ti-jnhiibat we mtahi nero-
tiat't without ltuniilililqU or diihonour after, lie
tntmy pufiefied flitniit-Ve, pi luth Iagaradya;.
.Caftee.waaave'rfelo-pacific o5rture,ltravrgnt;wit
inaigniry ana impose , iwwhu mm yy
Kmxvil!ft March 23.,.
v.iunw. ;k. tiorfi on. - . . - .1 . .1 .1 .1
JoipfCrccr, hy Charles M'CldDg. , Vhr nettoeiatt. niore advautaee. A motion
. Xctters remaining in the Poft-Office at1 Fay
ctteville,:pn the ift of April, 1796.-
Wil.UAI tnderfitir a j CaLYbotrtu Arrnf,rong
Archibald Bine; John Bfoxvrhv, J&halR&e,
John BrUgs, Malcilm B!iit,jfivirj Bxchannan, Da
Jjitl Black, Charles' Caaphtff, (sharks -Cart9l;Zstl
w.CreJs, William Cartal!, Malcolm Campbell, acob Cdh
: '"". Thtmas ;Cone4lyjr James Dtik 2 5 Mark Duki,
r Thomas Davifolf) lion, John. Egau, EJviardEve-,
ridge, -AkMndtffiergufon, Thomat Gotdon, cart ef
joAi ThtmfonjTjapt-s Hillopi ar.e. of Robert Adsnt
L 3a''Jioliuts.. l6el Hamn.ihd, JfacJlawliiTWill'am
HttvarjUthms JoHodou, Dilini Jourdan, Archibald
-jilmM; WiluimmuRivtolltt Linifa. Arthl."-
r,Bride, Thomas' M'A'ay, John,MlnU!b. Mas. i . ' r --g n n m - ,
.f tin. iffRCffn jn'.mi rttira nr iJ . ivm .
Kev. Aiijui M'D'rMSJ Mt... ri . nin
Slay, rbhn'M'Lead. nf Mnnrtj 'iVilti Mi rn
mas ' Moody. VharUni WkantHannah Murphey
JMMmtiiTiarii 1 JtknMCJmslad
r - tfrch. M'Leram hn.NiMam,ire iFJ14 Perry Pr.;v
"r icmijon, ; tU'am wrtlsp jSeniamm T.urner
nderVatfon,-R)clard WillUmfoiu Robert tftUum
. lhe hichb ondf-d Hnrfr R fl If IU1 r K. V
- foUftfteen and an halt haudjs'higii, fix ytars old this ;
fpring, and of a beautiful bay colour j h i
A'H C0TP marcs this, feafon, at my plantation j
7L nmPfon couBtyi ;.t (pur and an half Spa
f m,!!ed,dullars thefeafop, arid feven Spanifli mil-1
., : Jcd'dOllarS to enfiir -'n fAal "i Th aiK''n't( naM i1
-Mfre.tbe firS clay otpecernber next ft
iJ:v gyn when .the mares, re brought, ,J,p
":Jieu of the cafh; ttfq weight pf corn fed fork for the
ioo, Bna 17J to iniure, ill ffe received, altur-1
;g will be found for mares, fe'nt, from a diltamse ; '
- ."tit not anfwerable for efcapes. or accidents. - ;. .!
1 . ' . 1 " - 1 . r'j. a a a- 0 riVrr"t . f
fon county, April-t;. . , , , , 4 ;,
H 0 13 GFS'NORT 11 CA ROLlfvAvl 1
"A ' t, Mr A . N A 'C ':'K S'.''i
ff$ FOR' THE YEAR 1 '
ichr titoociate with more advautag
J-muldaU aySj on luch aliibi-ct, come with rnore
dignity from the oppQi.te m oi ttie nogie ; ano,
at any former .per tod, with, more dignity, than at
ire4tnt. 'tltouch he wVihed tLetrv to neaoi-iate now.
Mis opinion always wa, lljat the r'rueb; gove,-B,
ment waa apb e of maintaining tl e relations or
jieace and amity, at all times, p. well as now: lie
nev t thougbt it right, to quihbie aboat the form pr
rompleioii ot govcrnmenis, However, the Cicn'
tleman had vnt over one great bar to negacution-T-
ne xainejo recognition oi inc r rcum-ivcjiuunt.
Jheiefore, trien,T tlie fimple qucftioo.he thought
was" . with nrcard to the dliinity of thecountry in
oecoctaitine. -The'he conceived to be, if
beunderllood the rliaht.Hon. Gentlenian,, whichi
fide (hstdd make overtures fii ft ( - 1' ,i
4 fiat thi iVyeaion which iheGentlemajiopoUfe
confidered fo tnaterial, he thought no wajr jmpor
tant; Wih r eesrdrtO tlie dignity of ilit nation, lie
thought it:, so wayi miurtd, on the con
-traryv he wa well a' that our characler would
4e improveu w.uu uur awn urviut;, Yviuiuic ih:um.
with all .Europe. Jt woBl fe
"way inclined to protraft the "evil'a. of war-HLhat;We
were no way endeavowjn5r:to ditturb the internal
affairs pi francei to intermeddle in her goyernment,
or prefctibe her polity., ?o rciripye luch aa opini
ons bish cettiinly iiJ.oenccd.the l jubjic -iirL3D,
jhiscountty pdtn, r.ranceyrrre wiie .apd g0.d ,
arid the iooner x were done awy the better. 4 Here
were circumfiances m this War uriparalleied in .all
former wars, t there were (inkular circumftancrs un
known before. It was faidof tlie French, that the,
were'lpreading a theoretical, ly Rem M ..policy which
was likely-to whing' li regular, 'forjBa of pjppvetn-ment-Mifbreadrtiff
an infidku poaft tle-did jhu
nwi'(,a-,r.aign tlie Right;HonGntlemrjfor;ufing
fucii arguments, lie merely wanted to me w irwn tUt
influence of iuc;h argumentsxin the public oiind, tlat
a ilecWatioh from that f'oofcjfuch as tailed for,was
reiertd abfoJutely neceffaTy-j. Aait waafrequenily;
argued a .that Jioufe,' that; the ,pnncple ,f , the
French were hoftile to the peace and tranquility of
other ftatea, it was neccfiiry to iCome U Uierdeda-;
rationbe n-alked. The'1'riniiplea; of tbe. French h
as tfcat ot r 1 ance. Wtieu iLe trtn' It detiarrd.niat'
they abjured the charge ol dilitminating iheii prin-v
ciplesy and of drfirirg to fubvert other flaleTp i ty
fiirrendered . one of i:c tauies 0 tl.t war. , 1 Lis
caufe removed, d'd it nojtqure tKe I'oule to'c-
yte, vtrat they- Bave.utr rneir wea of oi
or -
concern ; and which (though he was un ilui g 10
ptif, as it ftrurk bis Blind ! l elould 1101 pals n d
ience. , I!e had faidrthaQhe Freriwh were new w i.
Jipgio admit nftrandlo fraternixaiioii. lUet tJiq "
French had abjured all their former hoftile jr In. i-
pies, k was unfair j'rf tbe. Right lin GintUni-i'i
did To) to ufe the term' jtateiiitiatitn. hjwj of
prejudicing GentTOmeo, as ufual, agsitfi'tlii m.- Aiif
if ihe word was need for negiciation, it had no
inraoingzftfteT wtuil!ad""pjf8fdtrom his TSJa- "
jelly's mefHige, he w'aHRiQlitaruuy iliing equU
vocal he w asl lorrv to fee .iat ai'niinillraiiotj had
proceeded; on tuch lnpotheiical piound, ard had
(hew a. alt alorg a wifi protract negoaatioiir'4-- -the"
29th of Cdober.lthrie Was a p.tajraph in Lis.
Majcl'aTpVcthj. wtjch-wa. caJculted to excite a
"hope that peace v as not lar dilUut : this hope was .
kept alive by tl tbbicquenr, dtbrtrfc till ihe J iijjv'a
inrfiagc e.n' tte" 8tt ot Pectijibr..1 wJ4vb d. laied
dVlpQlirWiv.jri govertanent iftrf.rgoiiate, ard a pro-
mile to. give this dilpofuiob tl-e l'peedieft effect;'
This recogiiitich of tbe French P epnblic, then,"w as
nofbbedated mei eljlrum the Eth of ileitmber,
fiutthe 29tU of GiSoWr". This oj.ii iot tben, lo
ibTig1itrce rak en7-fasiie vOcTedii poii Tr"nrTT)e
time clapfed, - After all that lapfe ot time, they I. ad
not come to a right ondfinandkga(ter a renfoF
?ix wecks- whiih tie public wet e itdaced t hjie T
was piirpr(e!y for makti'g ariEi:pfn.i ms, and pot
ting things into a proper pin for pr..ce; aftenjtot f
only two -montl?, w lim Ctni ami nardie caultd a -liitpcnluT
.ol l'.ufUlitiiRj tult . titer an aclual armif
tice, tliiily with a'vitw to laciliiate'mgocijiion,
minifters, it appeared, had not taken any cf.ccTual
Dep. - --
f he R ight Pon.GenUman bad urgrd ( he under- -Rood
him lo the luiprojikty rr iiijitiatn.j! he-.
tiVKr fuim the circiimLaiuev 0? rhj ..a.fli.e a :.hut lie
certainly had giveu lajle,' fcifior-. id Hlatyjg, tjat:
when the French were ready tolfct k' tinder ti e ccm
bined pr dure kf tbe ccnlederacy. Itme !eraritionj
unforeicen among the coin blnrd powers alwaj raid
ed their fpirita. and rUid their forie. Cut, lie ,
alked wlien the jving , ol Prt-flla UpsrsttdJronr ihe
ionfederacy, were tke F rcntU . litiiong urkicr the
preflures of war Jtlaen tluLjbin id Jpaiu U pai at
cdaod negociated-a. peace tor -h.niieU, ,mi e -t-Lcy -finking
i Wert-,- they .linking under .1 he pnfiuie or
yielding to the yiclorious arms ot the allies,. when
the Eleclor of Jlanover.orany other German Fxince,
tnade a feparate jieacel , Jvo, the contrary w as ,
the cafe, wbni'pjn Jiegociated, the Spinilh Monarch-was
not in poficffioo of Roulillon. he-trein- olt-ruMiaand-ii
-1 L- (
1 'rf;
t' 4- 44'.
. it ' -:
i 1
... m
- trpm
At !,
IccFor of Jlanovef. negotiated, thty did tb to fui;e
ihemfelve'sagainfi the ftrides of a conquering teeny.
' .But w hat was the impropriety ofired overturei
toward negociation now i Iid the Bight Hon. Gen
tleman jnean to infmuate that he would by doir.g
fo, forfeit bilaiih tov,9Mr'llUieT6M"mi'le
logitjaJ realOnirg, r", but, it nevfr could appear a good
reafrr4whur l!oulelf ihere were at.jr cnirimu
neof-ihe-eauftjef the-war, whiclLwaimore
dwelt on than any otherin that TTonfe for it pro
a&ion In eonlequeBce of this tlie National Con-,
. ' . 4 1 . ... .1'!: .r ! r.
nicationsiietwcen him and our allies, ana (liould he
lay the Je'tleri and documents before -the tfeofcbtr.
did not think that he could forfeit his character:' '"
or that any bad efl'ecl could be owing to a declara
tion, of. the Houfevto juftifv fuch proceedines, as
conducive to necociai ion. In fact, be thought the-"
Right lon.Gfntlenian'sjneafureT could not wear g
worfeface by apiieatioe to 4 his nation, to-France,
and to EuroDe- as Tanclioned by Parliament.- Lipoa
theHwouHt-obleryer-il)at t-ne ftigrrt r;enroen y-
tlemaR was bound not tdjieffociate without the Fm-
perur,-the Emperor d!d iipisgpeai' to be in tbe fame.
, 'j venticn came to an abfolute abjuration of interf er ' prtdicamtnt cuu'' not helpemcrobefiDg that
r&$i Mil
II -id.
' '74:.
, . . i," t-
vviv."-''' .'"iv"".1" ' . . '
,' .

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