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V- A " . . W . ,T " A t"l T. -i"
J addition to the mupcacharms which ever attend ihl
jalEitp-Aw; w,J the rite r. .WiUon tliout U-a
:iiMJ.uUk"Miurttiuksi us hippy-uffi(g it 4 tt
"I O IT who jerft 9 mighty Monarch i raget
J-i Made the bold lubject or heroic page; j
; Difclos'd the fecrets of xxtRoyalJloiifet ..7 j
Jlnd fangjhc puilotiniin of a Loite,
tTaught grcaty cooks ad fcullkms how to tnoan
And gave to porters language not their own";
Now meek as lamb in humble meafures creep, i
And fingthe virtues of a flock of fbeep!.. . :
,z'Z'- . ;n. :' :j ... "T
Adifu fevVy flieep thati'vegot! :
,' Ye nlavful and4aaaeent larrths!
bjtlt and t alve tlie whole trade with the ;ndjans tlieu
at the, piace. But bad it not beeu that the patty
with-Biggs, in purfuirofftoTcn horPes, had come up
on thele ludiaus next day, and killed a number tand
difperled the reft, V illon would have been murder
ed, and his ftjre robbed, for the war hatchet had
beeB-UUeathat-litne-rJUl-UbU-Jw as-proved
by Hamilton, and Acknowledged by Guyalf Suthof
at die trial of Caps., Brady ; who was of biggs'party
-wxYetwes, the fnupuit of HIV flo
" Ye fober and reverend rains I ''a
''Ho more to my arms fhallye run,
As together we friflc it and play,
In the fummer to feed yeo with gr ifs,
,. In the winter to feed you with hay.
" "1 1 Ihall lead you" no more to the fold, -No
more (hall I bring you together,
No more to a 'fweet, little ewe
! Shall couple a iherry bell-wether.
Lack a-day ! hdwlfm alter'd of.latv7
is l tear Dy my vif age appears, i -
-Ah ! I Mm not the fame as I was -f
-For I'm older by fixty good years'! ,
X)h! lift to this maxim, my friends,
Which at once Is both novel and true,
' Ye tmfmuft refign your fweet breath,
For. who Mpaft years can renew i
-. Wbat.thanks to your love do I own!
"tflriheTiinlbThe whenever I deep.
Repofing my limbs on the ground. .
" Z flow fweet to be guarded by flieep
last me copy jroar virtues fo rare, i
Then receive my lalft thanks and lad figh!
Your fimptniiy taught me to-live,.
Let your innocence ttitA me to die '
Then no more (hall my mortified fpirit
Ufe any unfortunate imp ill ; , ;
Cut all whilft they envy, ihall own "
The virtues of PirER the fitnple t '
J am -mett aware the objediok the Critici ma)
mdeWmy coupling a Ewi'o' jSeU-wethetj tut I halt
tro Iraryt tn riHr ihetit to Sh AK'CSPEAr's As von like
it, ail li,rcene)ii-a authority ! conceive f;ffiwesjJLQaeich,.
ttentto anwer any opjeciton tney may mtiK proper to
g againjt me,
P I T T S B U R G II, , May" 14.
' -Extract of a Utter from Cincinnati. - .
' What It is owing to is not known ; but certain
it is that the' Britilh have altered their minds' about
giving up Detroit. The Indians from that way (ay ,
' T that ftheir""bld father Is : ho(f going to give them" up
vet. 'Their fears are Retting over s they are anjry
. lee at the garrjfonsThey (ay they were bewitched,
but their conjurer will get the better next time.
--'- ' Johtr Hantilton has given notice to the traders
' not to have any goods on i he roads between the gar
rifons from the I jth of May to the rjth of June ; that
he has a hint from an Indian friend that a flroke may
' be made ; and if made at all, it will be then. . I!a
rnilion gives his opinion pofttivelyhat ift hejpofts
are not (urreodered at the time, there will be a worfe
A centlemanr arrived at this place on Tuefday
cyeniNg lad in 30 days front fort WafbingtoQ, con
firms the above. He converfed with Hamilton, who
had intelligence from his friends among he Indians,
hoaldittairTrWoTrtd tofbe upon the
roadifrom the middle of April rthaf there was a
general diflatisfaction among the Indians, and, that
on of the polls at an early period, and (hewing i
force behind them, preventea it.
In addition to the above the Tawn chief, who was
herefrom Sandiifky ajhort time ao, (aid the Indi
ans were melancboly, and did not know what to do.
to e done. Taking aa,pportuhiy; (jf foonding
one of thele who was friendly la uhri and but a boy,
be difcovered the delign againll liioifelf and W ui.
Wilfon, another trader at that place. He gave (no
tice to Wilton, and moved ott his pwnguoqs acrois
aicmd-probableythat the gowowtrt -of-l''nvte-ot!f
, S T R AS B U R G,fc 3d Germinal.
. 1 haften to communieate to you very welcome news
tbe day IYyetteTday? citizen Battler fet ohT in
very great lialte tor fans, and it is at tins moment
faid that be went to carry to the,ar
ticks of peace received by an extraordinary courier
from citizen Barthelcmy. As loon as (have a con
firmation of this news, I (hall not fail communicat
ing jt to you immediately. ;
Information from Landau1, of ift Cermiiralrcorn
cides a good deal with the abo'e paragraph, as they
write from that place that yeflerday, that the aux
iliary troops lUtioncd at Berg Zabern, nine miljs
lrom thence, had receiveJ orders to lend off 1 50 men,
in order to make room lor another brigade that was
expefled inimedTate1y7Half"ari hour alter aTfivedT
an exprefs, with orders lor all vbe auxiliary troops
to tall back to Verdun, If this expreM is to be cre
dited, all the advanced troops are to retrogade to
the diilance of 4$ miles, the generals of both armies
having agreed that their'advanced polls fliould be
at the diitance of 90 miks from each other He re
ported further, that in conference of this arrange-;
rnentrihe-Auftrians had erritrelj- eva'cCwttdtiitf'tett "
banks of the Rhine. The fame day, at.J 1, o'clock,
at night, arrived another exprels, wiih'i! ders that :
the above troops be in readinels to march the next
morning at 10 o'clock j which orders they are now
preparing to execute. 1 lie arrival and the reports
f the latter fecm to'conrirm what was announced I
by the former expreftTand every body is drawing
from it conclufions favourable to pciae."
The rumor whichinpread relpccling the ImperU
alifts having recrolfed the Rhiiie, feems to be con
firmed, by our not having fe'en for fevcral day s ain
fjfi if :de'terMriZirBefio!e (eehls very probable
that our armies will Ialil ba'jk, il we toutider l;u
gener ally it i? belie vedy that xfir 8 1 h arid loth-divjH
lions only are to ieu a;a lor Uic proteifion of the
I II I I I 1
na to n artUoa 00 1 h Lfenaaua-ntt-
Gcrmerfheim. Howeyej our army is ready tp take
the field, and at all events tj join in CombuC-iih
tiienetuyaU-wmn-. i . ;U - -
PARIS. March u
. Yelterday the Marquis de Cainpor bad the publie
audience or the Directory, and was lolemiuy ac
knowledged as ambaua'dur-froiq 'the King of Spain
to the r rend) republic, '. Z '- - ' . r
1ris pofitKtly alceftaine l that bur troopsjiave
taken poflclfioii of thefttbng lortrels of Sevona. j
' stfr i2. VVe find jn tlie;gaz,tt:e of Slutgard a ve
ry extraordinary article, dated 19th. March, at 10
o'clock, A.M. which js as follows: " By a courier
arrived this inftant fromithe head-quarters of the
Aullrisrs at Manheim, we have-the following intel
ligence, dated the 1 8th : $y: the accounts of all the
commanding officers at thej advanced polls, we are in
formed that the enemy, upon the arrival of an ex
prefs fronilVisrhae "cahTea tobe publilhed in all
the army, ti e news of a General Peace. The fame
lfa.JtettIjpt& French
troops have conlenuently; evacuated the advanced
polls occupied by them," r --
zUfflcjal letters (rora Brelt, to the minillerof ma.
I rine, dated ad GenninaJ,late, that on the oth
J Ventofe, a convoy conlilting of 64 vellels, teturning
to oianrz, tvocntort and Bourdeaux, under convoy ot
four frigates and two cutters. -commanded by capt
he f ertainiy expefted war, unlefs the taking poue 01-1 Daugier, fell in with an Engliflijouadron, confiding
The Britini told was all dark, towards the
United States yet. If they would waitlbey would
have light by ;and' byr,'"':''"''r'
, Thelie particulars fiiew fuffictently what we have
. to'ekp'eci If the appropriations are not made, "the
treaty carried into efeit, and the pods furrendered.
It is polfinle tha aftef' altthere will be a partial
warv butCTrtarnly,-if:thisrpofnt is not gained..'
7Thi eountry-is-Trr l Rate ot general alarm ; we
hear that the clergy -are convening their congrega
I: Hons to come forward with their voice as one man,
ta petifiofll the lioufe of reprefentaiives."" -Wis ire
i j(iooflifid ,at the obflinaey of our, immediate Re-
frefetxi atives-T Gallatin and Findley. ' ,
of one fiiip of the line and four frigates. The com
mander of the convoy ordered the (iue to be formed,
and to prepare for battle. "'; - K
We engaged the enemy, and by that means gayp
the convoy an opportunity of getting into the.bay
of' Andierne, except three brigs and another 7ye(feT
which felt to leeward and could not be faved. Not
withstanding a brifk fire was kept up on both fides,
we loll but lew men. -No fooner was the convoy in
i . It was ohn Hamilton who gave the fir ft no
TrWwnf bWoriltorihf'liidtfn-tfF
ty.'i-He; yt'i trading at the inoutfi: of Bcaverr'and
overheard an Iadiaa talking to another of what was
coming to the aftllUnce of their fquadron ; in con
feqUence of which, capt. Daugier deemed it beft to
order the frigates to come into pott." . j -
Z 'N E W-Y O R K. May 17.
The following extraft of a letter from Paris has
come through a channel which gives fuEcient title
to attention to be publUhed. We do not, however,
youch for the authemkity.of.theiBformatinn it eon-'
tains; Indeed the Conduct delcribed is fo attrogious
as it reloeCis thbfis of our -own citizens.. who; are
implicated in the' charge, and the unkind hffe: and
lmproacmc 01 ue .views aisxipea to tae rrcnen go-
yertiment, are fo glaring, that the informaticn ?g
rendered incredible. -It fetms imp iiflibje that aiiy
Arfierican citizens could be fo loll lp all (cfe ef" vir
tue and duty, at to have endeavoured to bring upon
incir couDiry .10 grcar noun, Jinu it ictw.a iwis mi
4r-fere4-iH'ifthis- wttHlependentirarTtrnTirfl
fo unmindful of the fpirit 3r.d genius of fre't'do'm.a
tobedilpofcdlQ foUowihepixniinui adv ic (Ut
CU IV IJaVC UCCU IVU a kUllbUU mil vijijim hoi iail
to excite univerlal indignation in this country, and
to diffolve all the tits between it and France. Time
and event will however probably explain.-'
xuac f-a fetter from an AmeiCinitiienj dated
Paris, Feb. 1 4, 1756. V h
4 Could you imagine, my dear fir, that any Ame
rican citizens could be io sbandoned m to invke
France to attempt by coertion,, to prevent the (rte
exercilV ptJthe judgment of our country concerning
its own interefts. and to awa it into a (urrender cf
its own opinion to the mandate of a foreiencountrVf
Yet fo the fadl undoubtedly, is. Influent jal men on
your fide of the water, have invited tlie frtnch co-
-vernment to fpeak to ours a decided. lanDuareagamft
me cirtuuuii ui 1 uc ncaiy wim yrcai rriiaiu, ana
even to go fo far as to claim our guarantee of tke
French Weft-liidiel! placipg "eretisjbejatwrna
tive-of warwilhFrahte rteaVErif alnr; The
idea has been liftened to by the goverjimei.t, and -it
has been in contemplation to Jend a m.w minilter
wiih a fleet to carry the plan into effecTt i iliouchI
am inclined to hope it has been recently laid aOde.
The extreme embarraflmeot of the affairs of their
country, efptcially with regard to its fiiibnces, and .
more lenous reiiedions on the hazard ol driving lis
into an election to take l;de witliGrcat-ijitaiu, as
wen trom the exholed Hate o. our commerce, as
from the rcfentiueiit which fo dictatorial a tnduft
would naturally inipirej hve, at lall, produced ra
halt, and; I trult, thru the hefuaiion whiih has be- .
gun, will end in a refolution not to ri(k to unjuft and
to-mad7proceeing?JWou1d toeavetr tihaTh"
war was at antnu ! tor we llivll not be late trom
the machinationrof this wicked portion c f the gkle "
tint 11 .1 teventtakespuce and morality ) a vb" ""
fled from iurope -but alas f arothry flying front f
America alio . j dareiiot truft to this mode of" con
eyance. the perfons Ibppoled to he the authors of
this nefarious plot. Kut a tew months may enable
me to nak : the difclofure. with more ctminty, '
wnpre i can no it witn perrect tatety, . ...
" Etif aft er a letter dated Dominic), dpril :",
" The wholevfLthe .fleet is.t lall arrivd,-and
genexalWhue is-gone t o uke Dcmita r t -with
iSCo nieh ; and Sir Ralph Abercronibie is fo leave
Ha rbad oe-1 hi s d ay Drtoymor ro wrw i i h" Hie grand
-awiy, either tor St. I.ucta or GuadalmrpeiU is fa id
that-the-nrrf-trbjedf will he 10 take Sf ; Litcia and
d-ftroy the enemy in t, Vincents and Grenada, and
rrftcre tranquility to thole twu"unf! twrate iflands.
my is fully fufficient to do ahy VhTng here, if they
do their duty. . . r . .". : "T". 7' ' "
At a Muting oj ihf Cbij.miJ.'otun oj the Uvn oj Fay-
ffrtte9Uiei :tnttkfat evtmnv. Mat a 7. r ino. u,
That Celeb L)Showaid, ilq. be re
ruellcL,io take lifts of the cumber of trips per
formed by each'Boat, that , load or unltad at the
Lower Fayetteville l anding, from the ift day of-
appoint fome time to receive t he lame before the acth
of June; and that all fuch Coats as are not given in
by that time, (hall be eocfidered to .hav made 11
trips, and the ColleiSor if direded to cpllecl accord
Ingly. ' By order, " 7 . . :
-r-"--' z: - ' DUNCAN MRAE,:C. r."
Who Is. now ready to receive h.e town Tax for
the year 1705 and-of whom may be had a few
bufliels pt Corn belopglr m JbC-lPWn
" C. Z). TewWwill attend at his (lore until the 14th.
inft. for the purpofe of receiving the above lifts. II 5
, ' W A N T ED, immediately,
7, ,ood Beef Hides, green or dried,
500. Horfe do. - 1
; Andajo Calf-fluna. : 4; ;":7'7
Cafli and a generous price will be given by. 7
:.:fZ. --, 'v: ....; WHEATON & J1SDALE..
Fayetteville, Jprit r. . ..i7r.7..7--'-..:7!. 3
f7r I "He. iubferiber being appointed by the Cotinrj; .
H I - Court "of Bobefon, agreeable to n aft of the
lolt General Aflembly, to fiipenhtend the public
buildings of -(aid county;; and phrfuant thereto, did
vie iuu uui ic wen. -tvo iuviicr wan iue convoy in .,..,.J 1 f L -i t t-- r it
fafety, than feveraLEnglifl. fhip, were dircoveredTHS
V . -. - . . f delcriptions. 1Z. il ftef lnni. 224 ti?et nidr. twn
defcriptions, iz. '4a ftef long," 5" feet wider twej
(lory high, ro,'.the .3 , feet
inicK, an apartment tor the reudence ot a jailor, ana.
3 fepratcapartmentl for" prifoners $ the .building
of whic,h will be let to- the Ipweft undertaker at
Liimberton, on the uh fune, at which time a more,
accurate and particular defefiption of the work will;
be given. .: Z-' A-Z: .: . jf!,jTCO R'M. -.'
.Lumbkrtom, May "jotb, 1795. '. r 7-JI ,
7 The Laws., and .Journals ot the laft
be delivered to the feverMr counties
1 dlftrift pf i'ayetteville, . Vv i -

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