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pATETf$VlLLE .PuiosHEPEVEk y 1 jiURSDAY by HODGE and BOYLAN. -r-V-
A FFL1CTING news ,has been 'received rout the
J " jepartnient of Cher. THe f!jiiil)Uge.JuL
Royal 'fts which have been formed! there, afe be
IxOmtttipreJiumero maiiy acis. of violence, rile town of Sahcerre is
Haiti ta be already ill tlKmtdi. where.they: have
' dellroved all the Republican fymbols, and hoi lied
the white flag. It is a Mortfieur Bouthllliers, an I
,g'bUllllllUCUl, b LU. lllL4 VI- 11119 U1111I1VW-
t tionr4)uF government ha ordered troops to march
. ibitlierMi-w taking tbfc ttiolt aiHvc mtafurei-Va
put a (top to this rebellion, and lodifcover the au
" thors.-
If the Ami des Ldltfthay fie" credited, the Direc
tory have perceived the tolly of th .Treaty eon
eluded witii the Elector of Hanover, and have ju.flt
given orders to invade his douihiiytis. We' did not
Know that "the ng.igiritir ciimuacted under the
faith ut fach. Treaties-, eoaht be comideredas tooU
l(h - .We are equally a; a lots to know whether tliis
' policy, 'vhic'ii was doubtlel's'lnvented by Charles La-
crolx, is wen calculated to lecure the attachment
of the Court of Berlin, under whole Mediation that
neutrality wiis agreed upon. - ' h :
it is acknowledged that the neociations.wlih the
Court of; Turin are broken of. , We are allured,
- that the Sardinian minitter " refuted to recti ve two
Frenchmen,: who were chained with propb.(itioi.s
for pea'ert-bcul4t4i.ttawii,J-bi4(r'il''tbat
the term were iiiadmifliblerThere'are tome who al-
,'s? ; ertbs tbeir-condiut,- in tliiVnjlance, to the intrigues
7m the Kunliih 'anJ fcmigrants. x 1- ; ;
In order to avert the dangers-which threaten him,
Frerou hav married the tiller of General Bonaparte.
April ..LEcJalr of tbttjth (ays, for Totne days
-trods hare re appeared in the Thuillericsnear the
Council ,of. Five tiubtfred. It is the duty of ibe... In.
e.fcb of thofe mobS. 7t is that place which "bas
'always been the theatre 'ofS-lje crimes of the fact i"
nearly admitted third with hope ; of the Oectmvi
raLCbde mLjjqX with enthuiiufm j oF-ther conftiYo,.
'dir. With, andrhe Direiiory with iiulisina-
' tluii. ' They hoHlt of the 3 1 ft May , and complain of,
1 the ttd tiiilion of the 73- dfputiesCxhc number
""of the letinious having encreafed, they began to in--Tult
the deputies Coming out of the hail, who had
toot voted according to their wifhes.. Pa.'loret, Boif
; fy d'Anglas, and man "others, were outraged the"
day before yerterday. Among the principal re-
proichs againlt Boifly, was that of being a member
. of the celebrated commhTion of eleven, and of hav-
in g zeal ou Fy approved btJioftheCQn(liEution of
" i"9,' an-1 the pretended patriots of 1739. C-henier
and Tallien pafliit th'cfe croiijs, fome voices" at
k tempted to Draife rhe lalt fneech nf Tallinn in whifh
ne laid he-had"
Shiiir8(f TITririrtTrlnr!n errnn
but they very foon afrerwards reproached him with
havina. after the orh rhnrmf.-l.if K-n
molt active promoters of the new lyltem ; of having-! cent,
oeirayeil the Mountain and Robefpierr'e ; of having
invented the name of TVrrorills ; of having propof
fd on the 12th terminal a:id the ill Prairial, to
. hang ttp at their windows the patriots at Ham.- It
M onneeeiiary to notice the Ifurther proceedings of
- thete mifcreants. ' The great maiority tvthe citi-j
Itens of Paris wifh only .for. the conftitution Peace
T-'he reilomibh of public credit and the reigrt
of the laws. V " : '; .;; v;"':'l-:..:..
L'Eclairofthei4th of April fays, the Terrorifts,
-ho have for a rong t'ttiie been, overawed in Paris,
hae within there lew days difplayed a boldnefs that
slls for aJrth'e--attehtl6n'F'the legiflature and go.
:..:....'!.U.f:-T.hey n: longer conceal their plan of
gain lajxng yioTent'lia'nd 00 'jheiReprefentatives
zi'. t,,a, People, and again phrg'ngjhe two councils,
s was done &rt the 31U of May. " , V; ?r
7 rhey attempt "tcteVrify them by their mobs in
the I hailleriesl clifiier(H tli nnKli- nlares. and
flioutiog the" cries oLlvtngeahce and death.' The
.-.evilifymptofns'niaftifetted lalt year at-this time tbew
s.iHSivc,-iMry. appear a wi(h . byitlieif new :;,
tag?, toueelebrate the anni verfary pf the iith Ger-
' , lninal i they ro Idnger'conceal ttijtr they aim againft
the conitHtbn and agin(l the.' l3tr4cory.-
-OenefarvPiehe vru' havihg.'deSnttely'decliried he,
EmhafTy to Sweden, and being willing to.enjoy the
.warms orrenofe in the boftiii of his family at Ar-
who is not known in a UptounitiiJ:liatr
Cien. Moreau lets pfF to-morrow to take the com
mand of the armyofrhe Rhine - .'
L'fTclair contains the lerter ot'tlie Spanilh onnif-
ifr7thTlrinceJTif i'eaceVnnfltMtMnghe reftora
xion ot all the property ot rrencn tuojecti in apam,
w hu.Tr liadbee u fe qutlteT ed dnrig t he war .1
.The reporfa or approaching caee, fays a Pari.
lian journalift, were contiderably weakened C and (
Tallien obferved. in the touncl of -joo, oil the 14th
inff- ' that there wa a party "which wiflifed to pre-1
vent the tonclufionoffeacerheeahfrfeacr-w?r-neceflary
io retlore plenty and happihefe jb the JLc,
nuhlic.' '''- '- " -". ;t '
s4ti!l. The groopes of Anarchifls nd Jaco.-;
bins eonilhued yelterdajr very numerauj, and very
warm. Men who boa fled of hafying concurred ih
the feditioQ of the firft PrairWlr declared the-tho-ment'was
jiow come for completing the Work tbrii
left iinhnithed'Piiid'forf c-eflabMhiBg the fatellitea
of Robefpierte.perfingthe Depotltn. affatfioating
the Directory, and re-aueniblibg all the niemhers of
the Convention not re-cleCted7in order that tly may
proclaim the code if 179.... -y
April 1. Louvet fays, the agitation of mobs and
violent Commotions, ttilt ;cooune. :The Conflitu
tion of 1793 a"4 Robrlpierre, are the rallying figns
of royalty, j Tli Emigfants, paleVbV Mr. Wick
nam, mix among thefe vibvid'i Veil as Amapand
Vadier,rniembera of Robetpierrc'4 of
general fafcty. 1 " - 1; -l
L'Eclair of the 18th. contains the. following ar
ticles relpeding Mr. Wickham's correfpdftdence:
" The London papers contain a very Important
article, which we will give to-morrow ; it is ah an..
fwer from M. Barthcleni to Mr. VVickhatn, the Eng
lifli 8nibaflador in iwiierlandr h has made i-
verturea of peace, or at leaft lol Suited a congrelk.
lowed by reflections which appear to have been of-
aiii. ah the reviilr, paid finyflj;.Ty Jkially publillied by the Fnlidi mnijrtcr. which ex
by iliTereju parties to" ftippprt their: viws they -claims a,ai" t!. .ni;M-i nf ihe ?rj&YininG
ter, ana coDCiuaing inn it now ouiy rrniaiua iocou
tinue the war. -The recent date of tlitfe pieces, and
their contents unfortunately eonfirm the reports
now reFj'ne the jtone of menace and prokription
They Iftve- there fpakea with eulugiUnvof Robef-
n.frr nf rh irillllinrin- urtrlrrnJriita . - rF tm
. .. v . .. .... . r .'
gociations for peace bcihg hroktn oft, and that we
were indebted lor tins to the inttrpolition ot hng
tion of t Tofcwith contempf'i'jof: the tjjMtowtjBo court of A'ieuaa Hill
fSnore difficult."
"According toj? tiers received Trom Nantes, Ad
liersXand other departments, tnfefled with Chou
ans, ilieyhave been beaten and difperfed wherever
they" have been met by the repnblicens. There is
reafon to ex peel that it will not be long before this
- (- V - - j . . 1 :
uniortunate war is terininaiea.
We yellerday perceived at the Tbuilleries all the
elements of fedition and maflacre) the agents of the
tyranny bf 1793 4, general Roffignol, and others
oLthe criminal' tribunal.The PanthVoif'fls go al
moft every flight to the Cuff des Bains China'ws, on
the Boulevards, which is become the principal home
of Anarchy s andthey fpread therhfelves over Paris
in ptirties of ten,twelve, or twenty men, and women,
and by this means'etdeavour to organize revolt. '
The mandats lolt yelterday from co to 84 per
I l.e Louis was at 50J0 and 59CO.
the place of his hstloirv: the o-nvprnmlfnr is i
- witi 10 otocwionn a Itmple Ctjarge des Att aires,
DOULCET, Prefident
April I f. The Executive Directory fent a menage,
dettring the Council to devife a law for preventing
afTernblies of the people, and frullrating the fediti-
ous manoeuvres ot the enemies ot the Republic. "
"Lecoihtre moved, that a cominiffion thould be
appointed on the next day, for the purpofe of adopt
ing fome means for repreffing every incitement to
the re-eltablifhment "of Royalty, and the annihila
tion e-f the conflirution ot 179J. v . .
""The motion wascarried. and Treilhafd, Mathieu,
Craffcrax7DauDou, and Camus, yr ere appointed mem
bers of the Conimillion. . :ry
V On the motion of Savery it was decreed, tbat the
mefTa'ges frbm the'Dirrdory to the Council fliould be
fent under a fealed cover. '
Jprllib. Treilhard nade a report from the Com
mittee appointed to examine the meflage of the Di-
clory, inviting the Council to pats a penal law a-
gsinit men men as.;inouiu urc-inc Tfcuauuiiirnciiv
of Royalty and of the conllitution of 179.3 '"
aga'roft fuch as, in the leditious ademblages of the
people, fhould preach up the annihilation of the Re
publ The refolations-jroptjfed by Treilhard were
Couched 'in nearly the following terms : " A -
"" " AH thofe who, by woidroriffrU!ngitiokcti or
diftribute Alii prOVoKf the diflbtntion of thf t-
"fiSRotve Body wad oi the Dire ftory j ji'feokj
puiageandraii equal divuion of property 1 .the 1 ee
dablifhment of Royalty, and of the conllituiion of
T793,ornyther than that otT79jriDau-7t)e oe
clared guilty'ot aoatt acW upon the Public balety;
and fhall be pnnifhed with death. '
" All affetublies ot the people, atwliich provoca.
-tions juaii appear, lliaiypf tlnpenecTby toicc.
Peifonn ouiltv of tha aihies foecilied in the firft
articles, thall be tried by the LirrAors of a jury
diicharging the functions of officers of Police, con
forntable to the Code of Crimes and PunifhmentSj,
fnbjtft to a "fpecia Y jury -
bliged to retire on the fuminons pf a tiiagidrate, un- .
,der pain of banifbuient, or five y ears imprit'oiiiiient
in irons. ' Refdiance fhall be punifhed with death.
" All perfons who (halt publicly wear any other
badge.of diftinclioit ffigne !c ralliement) tiiin the .
National Cockade, fliall be iniprifoned for a jear."
Thafefoitrti6ns were-adopted trbeeoiipcil.
. April 17. Camus made if report ft oin the Commit
fee appointed o examine the crimes refulting from
an I'.iuC ef h Prtfo. r- H detlared i"t was inipolfi-
ble to propofe a general law, applicable to all au-- .
thors and printers, without invading the liberty of
the preft. The Committee, however; were of opi
pion, that a law of police might be pafTcd, relative
to lohrhalsLgarettes periodical publications, and
addrefles to the public : he therefore propofed fome
fefolutions, containing; among others,: the follow--7'
jtig regolatloosi - - ':".
It No jouinals,"gazettes, nor periodical publica. v
tions, fhall be printed ; Co addrtfles to the piiblic
dillributedv ho bill printed nor tluek up; without
the name of the author or authors, and the, .amo"
and place of af odi of the printer.
a. Every violation of the prtecing article byaB
omtOion of the hame of the auihor or ii'nter. or bv
. . - 1
Tbia piece i:dated frowKDafle the otfaeriiiinal-WeteirTioa of-yfane - naTiieacdaTenbtioVle;
(here the anfwer is defcribed). This piere is fbl- fhall be proffcu'ed by the Policie, and puniihed w it la
hx months impritonnieaiior thcfiilt offehcejand two
jicars uuprnonincnt tor cyery lUiactjucni, oucnic.
3. If the jourhaTs of periodical ptibt;csTei!S con-r
'iip tRa ar- tint jict.Cd. MIV cxtrt-fenr
preienoea extracts rrwwrurefgu papers, ine pcnou "v
whofhail have puhl fhtd Inch vvoiks fhaii be 1- " , .
jjpjmifible for the fame.- ;'
TTniTpefforis who fliall hawk boiir, dillr'bu'e, . -
fell, or ttick. up any papers,in viniaiioii vf ti e- firlt
article; Ihall-intur the puniflimtnt ipet-ified in the -itzilflijZ
lecond. ; v ' . ... , -
J. The authors, printers, nr perfons, who ftiik 7 -up
any papers com aining luch inciteineiits or pro- ;
vocations, -as are declared criminal ty the law of
the 27th inft. April 16) fliall be pi ol'ecuted and pu
nifbed in the manner there fet forth. ' - -. ... . .
tTTA tl velideri arid h awkeis of unfigned period I- "
eal piiblic'aTMHWr-who ihall-be-tinable-to-point-out
the authors of the fanie, or who thall give falfein- ;
formation on that bead, or afcrihe thtnf to foreign- ;
era, or perfons not having a fixed rcfidence, fliall
fiiffer tvo years imprlfnlinient in irons,"and, for the
feebnd offence, tranfpbrtation. f
7. The printers, hawkers, or bill.ftickert, whoiJ
(hall be arrefled Tor any of the above offences, can
not be brought to trial, nor dil'chared, untfl the
author fhall have been tried, or all endeavours to
apprehend him fliall have been declared fiuttlefs.
Thefe refolutions were all adopted. ' ,.t
C A D I ,ZMarch.i8.
It was about a month ago that fvnitoms of mu
tiny firft appeared in the fleet ; the pretext, the di
vifion of the prize money. At that time the com-
mander difpatched an extraordinary courief fb the
Directory. Tie faftioua prompted by the Irifll
Commercial Houfes, had excited a movement on the
part of the fleet, on account of the delay in the tti
turn of the courier. The crew of tha veffel which
Barras commands, have put their oflicera under ar
The crew of the Fripponne bad fet free the
volunteers who wert in irons, acd threatened toput
their captain and oflicera in the fame fituation. T b,
mutineers eflablifhed a commiffion on fliore. -- It U.!
faid they had tried Teveral officers i but by tha.
firmnefs of citizen Richery, and the affillance which
the commandant of Cadiz aftordei,-the mutmy w -
now quiet. - The chiefs of the commiffion havebeea
feized, as well as their papers, which baa oecafion
ed r number of ' arreftationiiriAbout one hundred
perfons have bef n arrefled on board the eet od
ate fd be ferlt immediately to France for trial,
v Thefquadron is preparing to put to Tea, and has
received orders to take on board fix ihvmhs prdvl
fiohs and eight months; wine. .fThtpieftiiU9ftji!.
fuppofed to be fot India. . LI. . ,
- .,r. . 'f t tr rr' 1.1.4-vt- .
1 nree miinaraa onaiie-aiiigiuKaj-wiwiB -i m
lift wanted ioiaJi iirtiiwjbwoijop
1 .yl
.'' :fcm
w ..-1
, t
- 5?

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