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! 7
t the cuftom-houfe at Cadiz. The Governor hasr
- in every refp"ec"t, completely feconded the withes of
tbe"Tlepublicans..J He lias inanifetted an intention
--of puuiflimg the' Iriflt huufe!, which directed ilrt
movement on board the French fleet,' " --,- -7
-77 Citizen Dutnanoir, commander of a yeflcl, ac
cording to letters of tlfe-27 Ventofe, hasgone, to
with our Ambafladbr, complaints to the Court oi
Spain on the conduct of the frith.
; B-A. S-L April
Whatever" me rrfntpapets may lay, there is
. iio appearance here of 'a tpctd.w-j . .
The Swedifh 'chancellor Engelftrom who (laid a
. few days here on his journey from London to Vien
na, Aad indeed a conference with the French Am
bau"adorBartbelmi.4ind he paid a -viiit-alfo to the
Imperial Minifter Degelmann. v The Chancellor's
iJinientions-tnigUt be pacifiCf-butie- ftaid at, Ballera
very fhort time, and fince his departure there has
" nnr Iv-cn tlit fliahtefl coulllluuiLttLiu between the
The arage price of wheat, afMonday'i corn I coafls: he infpcaed the gatrifon of Canterbury ea
arket, Was lower than it has been for a twelve , Thurfday, and on. Friday proceeded Iff Dover. "
lonth patt j but the price of flour remains Hi 1 dif Mr. Pitt's intended tax on Legacies and Inherit-
ttjiita i ii i. 'i -j vj Him .mijuim uy
Auguftus,' when he eftablifhcd a permanent military
Cnrr fnp thr rlrtVnrr of his itnvernmenr. ini fnr il -
iraerdinaryxpenlernrrrtJlt'bon, m his Ro-
roan Empire, vol.1, oft. ed. p. 263; fays, Him.
ample revenue ot ti.e rjicue, inpngii peculiarly ap
propriated to thofe ufes, was fctifli ina&quate.'. To-
tax -ot five per cnt, on nil t.gac4esrRd--lnheritan-
jiioie ttnucimis
proportionate and thus the affize of bread is kepi
op, by a new manoeuvre of iniquity.
:'n i w. l o-a k."
Frtd'MrTPlttconcruTedhw'bargalnfor the new
loan, which is to be for feve'n millions and a half.
Thebargain was made with Mr. BoydrMr.Robafts7
Mr.Thelluflbn, Mr. Goldfmid, and Mr. Saloman for
. ' l2ol, of 3 per cent's conluls at 67 86 , 8 o
35!. 5 per cents reduced 66 16 to c
4- J iug Annuity-- 18 1-3 c .1 9
- uncount 1 70
To thil bonus in tn b arliVd full trr nnarrrr
petienton jiarount 4he-annuity?coirimencjng
" j.uuai jii, I-1 1 a l 1 iiv wiiuj io
1. Ilr yui ILI I.LIIL
ces: but the nobles cf Rome were-
of property than of freedom. Tlieir 'indignant'
murmurs were : received by with h'is ufuaX
temper he candidly referred thewhole hufiiul's to .
the Senate and exhorted them' to provide fprjhe
public fefvlcif by loffie mlvereifd1ent of a ieis 0
dious nature. They were divided and perpltxecl-
' ' v: Whi mav k.w 'u.n rfm fii-fV r.nArtQ
SJ--1 fcvn V J) hunt, a V SIW klUIV VI yAfcJJBMfc.I
-- f thr French deputies Tor 'the daughter ot Louisl
neceflTty of confering wjt
mann, and that in thefe conferences much civility
Mr.. i:ri: 1 J l . l ;rv r 1. li '
r"jcu ",' oqin uaes. uarcncicmi naa no
concern in the exchange; It was tranfacted by the
, cecrciary uacner.
-rNothins! more fin frnm th tnnfnal rivii
O ------- -.w w. .
J r - " - 3 1
I r , . .
The periods of payment arc as follows :
'; n. .a . n . '
iopcr cenr. on tne 20m lnltant. .
If ditto 37th May. .
i S " do.:; ; : a 3d June,-
. I ; do. , . aerirdyr-r"-'-
15 lo. . .. . loth Aueiift.
if do. 3;d September. '
If' do. 46th (tftnhrr.
We underftapd that the bank and India houfe are
- L O N D O N. April iS. . .
Government are faid L tp havejeceived. Acconnts
"-thi morning, which put it beyond doubt, that the
D tch fleet have gone North about. . There was no
-rt'ritli in whar was dated of the Black Joke lugger
of 6 ihips Biting iherei led the captain inro the milTi
i.l -m.-..' u..- i.- i i ' A;:, lf' t
.. j-ucjr nave ucver uccn iccn untc ,jncyjcJX.
that port s and the molt prevailing idea is, that they
re gone to the Cape of Good Hope. -I.-.L-
The Valliant lugger, from Sir-J. Warren's
fqqatlron. fa arrivedt ScilW, partr'ofBve prjzes
-taken off Breft. the reft are beating .;into ibarbourr
J- Tiiey are loaded with grain and flour, bippofed from
L 'Orient. Ail the Frenchmen had quitted her,-be-5g
clofe to the fhorej and the corvette, their con-
VOV. ran in t hpr frnm rTi luitiuf
TT UHUVIU.(JU iifai lljc puiiiw mju IIIUIIB ItUUIV BIV
to have their ufual proportions of this loan ; but
i me luuu mui tauuui ipurc any pari ui u iu iiiw w
7 J ther public officers. If this report be truejlt would
act upon the evidence which he gave before the com--
-swift-' nf . f, K T Tii Tm rl i''nmmAni olriil t V jkvlti1
JCdlerdzy rr 'wd the Parrs papers down"t6 tlie
3ate of the lotb indant; thimoll important arti-
1 i ... . . .
tic incy contain is an account trom Aurich, in Swit
zerland, which ftates. that the French army in Ita
ly,' ofj ao ooo men, on account of a tntl -'-"' or
rna- ,, i ..I. nirw4Hwgd to retreat and verr
t abandon their cannon " -
The new French Paper currency is not in good
repute i it is at a cbnfiderahle Ji
. J v. unj i
fitinn nn leoac
tigated by fome reftriftions It did riot take place
unJefS Ihc-object was ot a certain value, nor cculd it. r
be exacled from the neareft kin;,r The. confequence
Jtwjujr-thweeneraticflsrthe. whole pi operiyof
the fubjed mult have gradually palled through the
coffers of the ftate.V-
'A number of coal heavers, to the htimber of 30,
in the fervice of Mr. Sunt, coal-merchant, were for
tunate enough to pouls one half of a ticket, whiili
Came up a prize of 30,ocq1, in the prei'ent irgiilh
Statc Lottery. QflfrretrteTiremiiersTs hi -(hare
previous to its being drawn the puubafcr af
terwards made him a prelent ot 20 guineas, and the
"remaining members conjointly made it up tool. -
i,:. Vk. 1 1 . .1
Jate correlpondence .which oafTed herween
-Vickham and M. Barthelemi tjtis however faidj
-r-iuav-BTirgocwion witn Auitria was in a very fair
vra.v when, the ngli(h minifter prevailed on tne
Emperor to break it Off.
4 pew ,oan of fix millions and an half is aboutto
-be contraaedfor ; and on Wednefday Melt Roberts,
:;:,'.J Ei P. Safoman. and Mr. Abraham Gold
fmid attended the minifter by appointment, to Con
; lider the terms of it. We underltand that Mr. Pitt
. wifhed t6make the lnnn hv nuKlir.
, which thefe gentlemen made rem? objection, as be
mg'the contfaftdrs for the laft one, t which there
"'"inc)ieaaageementi-tnat no Wore moriey
fliould beWrowed.for.the fervice of the prefeiit
- 1 nc-BUKjivc gentlemen were with if zviit
trp ards of two hours, but there was ho definitive
7 The loan will come extremely heavy on the con--
tractors, as 40 per cent, of the money is to be paid
up in. May next, to make the payment n a par
With the other loan. ' It is faid that the confols are
The late decline of Vli fnAm
.'." ,he fo'l?'ne manner: -the bank have feven
millions 6f Exchequer bills, which occupy fo much
money as may otherwife be applicable to the pur
poles of diftount. -To enable he diredors to turn
thh amount info cafh. thrv aro nnimr a r.,A
whole. TThe iponey whieb this (foclt, fo funded,
Will i. -
... K.uuvC) iu dc appropriated, tnus: four mil
lions to be advanced to government, ort a wore of
credit, and three millions to come into circulation.
17r7A - VI . ..
- u mention Has yet been made in Paris
of the correfpondihee in.Switzehipd, though the
j "Ppwwfhing peace ,kve onfidef ably
Iiblided. TBe mandates-continue toJofe their Va-
lue, and the prices of prbvifion are again confidera
. Uy upon the advance.. - r1 r7 7
XTis confefuence of the T notice given by public ad--yVfrtifetnentlo
the holders, of the Navy bills, a ny
roerous meeting was yefterday held at the Undon
Tavern, whetrrafter taking the fubjeft of the meet-
Mgntoonfideration, 7ir wasinaniPioufly agreed
to fund the amountjBfjhe JiillspTtohspth of
tlw lifta. who-bore the brmirtrfThVlaleoTirT-
l"ur ef-Sir S'ttney Hmnb. .
A gentleman yefterday morningmiriived in town
from France, who left tfaris on Saturday laft,T and
navre me monaay toiiowing. VV Inle he was at land tntjiir4Ldeeisireai3oniougnttMtnrpoi
Havrej on Moiay, he faW SlflSydri ngTillnrv 7
ken wlin ivirh rli!rf.f m-n nf htm nffi-r -nA man 1 Tlir will K a trinl tit llir iifvr .Sitrrtrnor APT,-,
hafl lfr it,.. n;m,..i r-t :. u: . .u' J.. J I r- .1 ,r v.rt k. ii r: j ait;,-
r-"- twMnit- ii 'ic ii ucni iiicis a ucau
' r ( I Til unrl 4tnA Tilf nnA t . U . 1. . I' . !
-. -.wv ..wv j sun juiiv in men uunia, iivt: iii
number, in tfavre Roads, where they taplured a pri
tvateer of eight guns, when they were followed f rom
Havre -irrrij.r nfi. C- L . .
6o t F- atly UT Uluu.l3, I nullum Vl
who drove them ud the Seine the luirer cmninirNrawith fwords. ThT
up, began the engagement, -which lafted for about hot furiiiflran inftance.of fuch a trial in any county,
imiiuic:,, wiin uic grcaieit tury, out lome gun-j
boats comingTlown, an the Englilh having one maij
'''-Mr-Waunde haul
eiTdowu his colours. 'Sir 1.dney7his officers and"
men. were immeHIarelv tnl--o r t4-r ulir iln
j were put in prifon, and from thence Sir Sidney him-
.-rtioie taken wecebir -SSmith, W Moore, R.I
If.n.,nn - II &: 1 . . TT " ' . 1
.v....;u.., nurrow, ana iwo otner omcers, wnn
27 men. In all. sj. 7 .
'Another account ftates, that Sir S.Smith was taken , Mr. Kutchinfon had bjojthejOfj
4CfiiUJfliagah-4n owidia'ff-ptlrlaTi dfjle', flor
whirfi tr i. ini... I i--ifcs-:i'T:HrrlI j : -Ajti"r-h m .--I-.;,.,., l "-.uu-
wnjctLit is interred thrttstifens7njyfre danger,
wc uo nop Relieve to Of tne laiftT.
The ollpwrng are the only vehcls of force which
were in Havre, on Monday, when Sir Sydney Smith
was taken: - . .
La Carmignole frigate, and a new frigaxr. 3 flopps
mounting 34 psunders, alid one privateer from
Dieppe. - y . - . .
1 he-Intelligence containW 4ii the Pafis papers;
jeceiyed down to the date of ihe rejth of the prefent
moiuhria of a more interelting defcriptitin than any
they have exhibited for a confiderable length of time.
As we mentioned on Wednerday, terrotifm Teems
igam advancing: by halty ftrides to the pofleflion of
the centre of government. The Directory are evi
dendy alarme and, ilieve, enemie cariiioPcmreeal
their triuninh . The
I which we have given in another part of thisijaper,
I is a enniiinfirinn n i;i,.i.. . 1
rw..wfv(. iful. jmcijr m pi uume any very pow
erful etfeas, At length loineTTght notice has been
taken ot theorxefpondence which has patted between
Mr. Wickham and M. Barthelem;l j this, however, is
l!LksmJLg-4hf)tttttdlt js not a little"
remarkable that-on the very period of printing it,
heavy penalties were decreed in the Council of Five
Hundred againlt thofe who ftpuld report accounts on
the authority of Foreign Prints! -7
Notbiog further is (tated in the Paris pers of a
commencment of hoftilities. between theHuflians and
Turks, nor of the invaftnn nf H
.-both accounts we cbufider as premature, - --
i ciiciuay ine upvemor ot the Bank gave public
notice, that Mr. Pitt bad refufed to accept the pro-'
poritioilof the Navy Bill Holders, made at their
laft meeyngfor funding their fejyjrities; -Another
meetiniT will K t.U j ''. , . --- --- .
On "vim viua uaj.
Yefterdav an aernnnr tv-m o T
. .. ' 1 . I.U.I UIll J V. 3 V. U I -
fee lioufe, by an American vefTel arrived from Havre,
ia Jthr French ports. The above ftiip from Havre
gojf out with difficulty, . - : --
,1 nere are lexers in town tram Spain, which flate
that a correfpondence of a moll ferlous and important
.This DrODAlitinnkwa ImM.AI.f.l. " ;
HUtertorhis approbation and coofegt,. :. 7 '7
don andMadrid. Their inferences lead to this fearful
refiilt, tfiat vyith refpeft to Spairi, inftead of,"a
friend the lefs we Jjhall fliortly hayc. " an enemy
the more!" - 1 V - iV7' . 1
Tbe marquis CorPwalliS is nawmakiflff a furvey.
of thi '31 ' 1? rVi?11 15 n?WS?aking ! rary- f " Wmas a prodigy, and he Ihtws little incllnat .o
"J.1! I"-18..' alflnfi the Kent and Sufles j to convirfe with them.: : ' :. Vol.l. p, i92.
firft faid , he -tell alleep tlie-momentjie: laidjiia head
on jhe pillar ; the fecond faid he had no idiar of it
and tne third deeiureaxiotttou(intto-te tnrownout
for the county 'of -York, by the Grand Affize, on a
writ of right concerning eftates in Cleveland, anA-- -the
Special Jury mttfli of four Knights and their
twelve 'Souir'e;: who, according 0 their ancient
.'rt.. . 1 hi t r . - . .
cuitom ot thp law, win tie lummoned to come girt
1 nmiemory ot tne oideit man doili
except once in Miildlclex,
On rhe tft inft. Lord Vifcount O'Neil prefented a
petition to the Houfe of Lords, Irelarrd, from the
truftees ef Mf ..' Hutchinfon, of --1 he Innr 1 emple,
pra y 1 ng id have a bill for jegula tin g the trults r e--pofed
in them. The follpwing fingnlarricircum-
llanreS were flared hv the I.nrr Pliani-.tlnr.
m- u..'L!f 1 11 : 1 1-r. ".
. nuicninion nao DefjjtjiijujjjiuflotileBtl--
rhni The illne i.F
:which,.hi.-relations -of every theTnoffTemotc a'c-"
greewere to. have annuiriesrtheToneft five, and
the higheft ten pounds A malier in Chancery w as
authorifed to call oponthecliimaiii's by a public ad
vertifement, to produce their clstms-, whkh.he did ;
and a northern attorney piiblifhed, at the fame time,'
an adveniftmcnt in a Helfalt newfpaper, offering,
for a willing each, to ellabJUli a rightof inhttir
tarice The confequelTce was, TRaT there were fix
teen thoufand claimants of five and ten pounds an
nual' produce ; and the matter in Chancery applied
to the Lord Chancellor to make fuch a partition,
wbichflot being pofllble, he had recommended an
aDiilication tn rh If oiflotnr TU- nrriml
I I . a ..w 11. tyjwi.
of the bill was to limit the right of inheritance to
thrfixth-Tdegree ot afnpify,,rwhich was the limita-
nuiiui iiic idiiuii law. -
From GibboirrMijcttJmeouZ
' The Man of the Retple efcaped from the tumult,
the bloody tumult of the Weltminfter eleclion, to'
the lakes and mountains of Switzerland, and 1 was
informed that hearts' arrived at the Lyon d'Orl' 'I
fent a- cofnpliment, he anfwered it in perfon, and
fettled at my houfefor the remainder of the day.
1 have eat, and drank, and converted, and fat up all ,
night with Fox in England ; hut it never has hap
pened; perhaps it never can happen again, that I
' fhould enjoy'hiih as I did that day, alone, from tenv--
in the mnrninir !H-if-sr"-iTi'',rt?i"S"A.r-i:
. , a iMuMiig", wiir -xuijtviiaiiuii t
neLflagOirmbment v and he teemed thoroughly
' piend with the place and with his company. Wo
ail June uuiiuts j mougn ne gave me, in a tew
worlds,, fuch a character ot Pitt, as .one great man :
fhould give of . another his rival ; much of books,
frotnfny owti, on which he flattered me very plea-
fantly to Homer and ihe ArabtanfNights r much a-
--'. . . j f HHlUll WIJIVM 11 UIIUl.lllllllU9
far better than 1 ioj and upon the.wliole 1 think he
pnviO -mj a rift w 1 1 A JA T. '..'.(lm 'Tl,-
,,,. . :, , V -. -... --j envies me, ana wpuio do la were he minilter.- "4 he
Sna&J'f'S r HBrt1,ext mornin8 VgP hlnf a;guide to walk himTboutT
don and Madrid.: Their inferences lead roth s fearful I iu. -j?.!rn i fa , .
. ...... ......
the town ana country, and invited tome company to .
mt film .1 Vtinn ' Tli .I--11 Jl-7. I.-'nirt.,
"'"I... M'Mll.ll-" A IIV I Tf I lf il Ct ""J H,"T-T-
-nued hfii mnrKrv tt !irn" ont ViwiA ort," 1 liovi-
J . . . i .w , ' " vi ' - " .
1 heard of him by various' means, -;The people gazo
on uim as a prodicy. and he Ihcws little inclination
v !!. 'V

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