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    I '
A r tlie Britith Theatre, 'The Road to Ruin, ind the
ncvil to Fay. -At the French Theatre, a New Way
,paVQjaehtSprijp of Laurel has had great
,or but u b of lite been difcontinued At the
uk .. -r-vssi. ..m T-;L, ..J tluV
" F he Subfidy-At .W Ruffian Theatre, a Polifh
Tragedy called' the Surrenderipf VVarfaw, and the
Double Dealer At the Sfcw.rTheatre How to
M t Peace-- N.B.T he Family compad will. it h
-Vnf-be- fhortly received; ttcTM the
-TSrejlTww-Waleaof Not to Be,
nd tlie Farce of Independence, the Q.rtnan
Theatre Britifh GoIuTand the Farce- of the March
loVParlsW Atrthr 7Rr1?Jl,heatre,lTow to be
fanny, and Good XV ilhes to all .Vl.uikindU At the
-Ww'-Theatrer Hie Krogretsef maiou-
politely. by the commodore, and received afllftairce
in getting under wy.' .
1 he Britimat the Cape bad fent an armament to
attack Batavia. On the- 6th of March, at the
mouth of the Streightg'of Sunda, fpoke a French
trie me oi r ranee, f days irony Batavia, at which
time the armament had not arrived. . ,'
: '-At the Swtttib and tamfh Theatres, Tlie Advanta-
--, gesof Neutratity-At the PrfL rheatrejrNo Feimy-j
-uu r,e,r. mull. ,
Yefterday :rrivcd ihe ILfcobner CE jfiotteTCape..'
Calell', 'm i t days from" Cape Nichola Mole.Capt.
CaletF-informs that a French ftert had errircd ai
Cape Francois,-corrfiding;of two ftvlps of the; ine, fix
frigates, and one floop" of war, and nadtsrpught out
iSoo troop..- On their naftae thev capturcd's En
gl i(h tranlports with troops, bound to the Mole from
i-juiiOajid i ne-above ncetyis-Teporreo to peine
luiei uniier ul u. large fleet ot- rfro lut ot r teuctrtranl-
P O RTS M Q U T II, April$. .
This morning, at bine o'clock, il.e Co.rtagnn
.fTmblecL un- board the OrioB,4itEprfinMtlrha;.
' boar, and "remained deliberating fromthat time 'un
admitted. ' ":
The Judge Advocate then called over the names:
of the Members'; and, having noticed, in hc ufual
forms, the occafion for which the court had been
aflembled,the time it had. fat, ancl read owrjthe
chsres7irocKoecrt0 deliver . . -
Int. a c in i & in v i
-rrfatTtbe evidence in fup-.
port' of the charges exhibited agninll the, Hon.
"Wil!iam Cornwallis, Vice.Admir.-il of the Bed i and
".J. Jiaving Jieard bis defence and the evidence in bis
teTial! ! ; and having maturely weighed and eonfider
ed the fame, were of opifiipn, " 1 hat with refpect
to the" two tirll chartesi of his returning without
leave. alter having brordered to proceed, fd Bar?
77 "baddeaand ofliis djfojBeylnjiihe o ders he received,
mifconduii teas imputable tot:m, tor not having mut
ed his flag on board the Mars or Monit hi r. and pro
ceeded in either ot them (o the We i Indies. Hot
in' conflderation of other circntnftince the c6uri
tcijuHH.i him ofanj diobedience in conduct on that
occafion.- ' - ."; "; '- "" '
" With refpeiS to the thirdcharge, of his hiving;
' after his return, difobt-yehcjjrders of the Hoard
,of Admiralty, in not going out te .theVel Llrl4i!s 'n
'?? the Allrca trigite, the court wer? of opw'wi u'iar
'that charge'yas ml prodefinA tricre '.are acquitted
Admiral Cornwallis upon ihat cfl:tr;;e.
.Admiral t ornwallis, who, during the trial,' Con
' d'hk-d hmft;lf with great firmnefs and compijftire.
'heatd ih?Trhteift.e read without any.mptipuii au'l
thsn m ikma flight bow to the court, retired along
with Mr. bfikine and fome other friends, , -r
The court conducled Itf'elf wltfi that "grave and
-naval couxis-imrtial of GrejtBritaiiL
iTj-Thejourt was rmm-ksbly crowded.
So many.. Flag Ollicers never fat pn any court-
7 man Tal hct'ure. : -
' As loon as tiie fentence was cotninjinicated to the
people pa boardthe Roy;il Sovereign, which lay at
a fiWt distance from the Orion, they all got upon
deck and gave .three cbeers.- ' r'
G L A S G "0 W, April i4. 7
From ovr firrfjji-iudettt at LouJtrn, Arii if." 'or nighty
Tiiere is no uTjubt enwrtained but tlvit Mr. 1'itt
will come down in the conrfe of Vrfe week with a
demand of fix millions -hali to go either as a fub-
lidy or loin to the Kniperpr. l
- fhf deiTaStlon of file Frenchpireftory amounts
.to thi.v vVe will not nuke peace till Xirea't-Britain
reflores all tjio polF (Tions fhe has taken from us
and the Dutcliand thn we fhall -reiain'Sc. Do
nimgo from Spain, Belgwimj and all the pofcffions
lent cleclaimers againU tlie war mull revolt.
. , aundav nuirniRg laii arrived here tlie lhip John
Jay, captain Daniel Olney, in' 6 days from the
taPe of ood Hope, and t so from Canton.
Tlie following veflels (ailed in company' with her
from Whampoa- viz Ship Sampton, Swords, for
j Wtl.?rk'; 'w.'fabauntjndiaii l'ackett-Harriv
:'i.'MWta1We1 for -BotlonT- Sloop Union,
rMoMbAice Jauer having on
-TaiwUhft Fren prilon
:" 'rSi Th?.Di,Pa,ch was from the Vorth Well coafl
-"x ,',et!ca" her- former captain, NaVbury. killed
. by the natives. -. , 7 '
" . Lrf't c Whampia, the T2th of January, fhios A
' meaIToT11. ""J AfisrHolleyf New York. "
ung leTcurjr.. Gardiner, of this portr arri.
MitfioiinJjdar tVonl the north well coafl ;
her fn
- at the-Cape" of Good Jlope, the 19th of
'arch, (hips Nancv, Gardnev, afld George, Crown.
"g h)fld, f iimL,,,.m,--ViiT117nT K'rfv-
Tsalem err-Rulh' ambert ai Rajab Carnes, of
r ". . . - - i "
-i ne
- NORFOLK, Tune a.
ports, under convoy bound to the Well Indies
Immediately onhearina the above news Admiral
Parker g t under way with his whole fleer, to cruile
to windward to iniercepttnem. .j,; i 7i,
: '-Tlie :Briirfls 'i'rabps-' had iiot done anv thing fince
theirrrivaLat iherMole and i r w a s onderllood
54ierrhateTenibrwtj,e cannonading St. Marcs,
the 26th ot May.
-7 G E N ERA L O R D E R S.
7 ,;7,i 7 7. Lumberton, 1 ith "June, 1796.
THE officers and foldiers of the Fayettevillc brl
gade will take iotice, that a general rev ier
j?.f all thy ,1'a'ap-tfa'ft'wTttTram?Pra oa
the fifteentn day of July nekt, and be continued in
the foHowingjirder In the county of Kiobtfon, on
the 15th day tt July in the count y of-Richmond,
on the Ijtlt; in the county of Anion, on the '20th i
la-the county of MooreH on the aid V in tlie county
of Cumberland, on the s.6th tifl7iheltouiijC-
Samplon, pn the 29th;' when' the different compa
nies of cavalry, artillery and ligb infantry in laid
counties, will attend at their relpedive court-houfes
equipfaccprding to la wf i tJrlVILLIS, Brig: Gen.
" T O B t S O L D,
QN tlie 2 til ojAHgufjnexta bxpul)Ucam2ion,-atL
Richmond Court -lioolV, o V'acrM nf liiiiilr-
ur fa iiiurclrthereofTis will pay the taxes due there-
7on for the year 179c. The above lands were en-.
tercd 111 the name ot John fountain Aifo 75 acres,
at fame time and place, and lor the like purpofe,
belgnging t a Jemima Jfarbdrougbr" :j
'''' : . . JOHN COLE, SherifF.
- RUhMCmnitSmtiXitt 4 r
FAY E t T E V ILLE, JuNE.23.
"ThriViutlllueon MwdjY ially .has ttit nrriud'
' ; .. ". - . 1 1 j-M-f
Extra of a letter from Ckar:ef erf, dated June 14."
: " Yeflerday atternoon, about 3 o'clock, a dread
ful fire broke out in Union, (freer, which raged with
uncommon fury until about 4 o'clock this morning,"
a"t3 bus dellroyed a nunjberof houfes in Broad,
Church and I nion (trcets, with a few on the Bay.
1 lie lots is" immenfe.- At one time we. were-appre
. H 7 MAILS of the United States.
Propofals for carrying the AlAiLS of the United
States on the following Foft Roads, will be received -
latJiieJGeheral Pod -Office, r until the fifteenth day of
juiy next. , ';-.-.. - - ,-r.-
t -6JFronlPj:iteijb
rentoli, Louifbure, Raleieh, Averafburc. Favette-
ville, Lumberton, Cheraw fcourt boufe, Camden,
Columbia,' and Edgefield court houfe jo Augufla,
twice a weekir7; ... -'"
Leave Peterlburg every Tuefday and Friday by
tioori, arrive at Ilarria'iby 7 p m. at oholfon's om
Wedneiday and Saturday by 8 a. m. at Warrentoit
tnlivejlie whole city would haJeed deltroyedv" -4 f Z iiuriuay ana ouimay
- 1 rr X a m a Knlai W m a. . . "11 - -
. , . - k . :. 1 " u s p.m. air aeiieviiie e- . . ;
T.T I i- J n y-ur efr Friday and Monday by 1 pVm. aLun.berton .-- ft tm
) Mt rayettniUc onWednefaay-and the fame by 9 p. tn. leave Lonlberton every Saturday - and .
mmgarnveci arxu iBfcR l vxpnoheloncoUn. Tuefday by 4 a. m. arrive at Cheraw court-houfe by -'-
This is a beautiful little vUlagB.delightly fitu- 4 . m. arritri. t r.rr,An ..a i.j..J. f'ii
.If ., 1.
attd on an eminence, fome what elevated-above the
-liirface of the furroundjig-country. The margin
of a navigable iJiyerlorms its principal flreet, frorr
whence.when indullry fhall havefelled thelofiy pines
which grace its vicinage-, there will he a prolpeflf I
iiif prij(ii'JUOUji umwffWiftajMticTycTwrireiir
-P' It tsbouj tlnrj rnile? from Fayeitevilleand
ninety Trom George- Town. To the lad mentioned
place there is n navigation for boats .of thirty tons
at any 'eafoii of file year ; and in the winter, when
the river is f-ej!ed with frefhes, therf isa furlicient
depth of water to admit the puflage Of much largci
veflels. "-'"'' " '" ' 'V ""' ' ' ".. '
" The fa'ubrity ol this little village is proverbial
the wamjfjurjejvjjucu cat tie of eve.-
ry tlffiin-minal inn rvrgUcBy-aWft-Hte-rlTanrrnT-limT
ing the bed in the, Hate. The exportation of pork
and beef forms the bafis of its commerce v and not
v ithflanding the great fcarcity which has for fome
time patt unfortunately, prevailed in the lower coun
ties, provifionshere of every defcription dill tonti
nue both cheap and plentiful, I fqund the inn where I
lodged a very good one, and the road from Fayette
ville to Charleltoh much better. than that which I
travelled before, called the Uppef Road.'' -
-La Gazette Francais of New-Tork, announces,
(June I.) by information of paflengcrs and letters
from the Krericb idands, that the fleet -actually ar
rived at the Cape, was 5 fliips of the line, 2 frigates,
and ?. 000 men others fay 3 of the line, A frieaies.:
rTiCOO nieni4o,ooo muftetsanda confiderable quan
tity, of powder and ball 1 nat general Kocham-
' beau, who alio arrived in he fleet, is to command
the Spanifh part of Hnpaniola, and that general
Laveaux will continue to command ther Tench part.
Thar i t Bnt)fh tranfports. bound to jamai
Y., ,r s -" vilXliiS letun trom Martinico,
ipi. .Kronr-TticR condition even the mod vio- 0f May "i j, announce, that of a$. Britifh tranlports,
detached from the lad fieet 23 bad been taken by
fome French frigates. .'-.' 7 -
The total lols of the Englifh, in the late unfuc-
cefsful attack on"Leogane,-Is, 8 fergentj, 1 dram
mer, 4!' rnk 'and file killed ; I major, 2 captains,
to fubalterns, 87 rank and ble wounded 19 fef.
jiants, 1 drummer, 180 rank and jilt miffing," t
irentleman from Odendj arrived at Bodon, in'
forms, that citizen Barney's privateer lately capjtur1
jfd two7Cblliers,-andtraiitport with 90-higrrhwld-ers
on board. On her return fhe was attacked' by
three, Engl ifh cutters, mounting in the whole 32
gunsf and notwithdanding her being .weakened by
manning the'prizes, after a ftprt engagement, fhe
beat them oft, and arrived fafo with herprTzea.
Captain Barney, Is appointed to the command of. a
French 64 gun fhip. '.. 7-"I: ' ' . I
On the 27th ult. C. Gore, Tq. commiflioner from
LUiitstet to fettle theLAmerkaft claims, for J3ritifhj
fpoliations, failed hi fbc Minerva trom uoitor. tor
London.- - ... .,:..:. : . . - - - '
lIED On the ijth indant, at his plantation. on
Deep-River, Mr. John PgJTMjllP--
4 P.
day by a p. m. at Columbia on Monday and Thui f-
day 4 a. m. arrive at Edgefield court houfe on Tues
day and Friday at 6 1-2 a. m. and at Augnda by
noon. Returning. Leave Atguda every T uefday
and Ftiday by 8 p.. m.. arrive at Edgefield tdurt.
houfe on Wednefday and Saturday By 10 a.m. at
Cflluinbia on Thurfday and Sunday by"T
Camden by 7 p. 'hiTleave Carnden every Friday and
Monday by 4 a. m." arrive at Chfraw court-houfe by 1
y p. rn. at Lumberton every Sarurday and Tuefday
by ? P ) leave I uiuberton in one hour, arrive at
t'ajetteyille ,011 Sunday and Wedncldsy by 7 a. m. 7"
at Raleigh on Monday and T hurfd' 6 a. m. ot
Xouifbnrg by s p. fti'Tat Warrenton OirTiieU'ay and
Friday by c a. ni. at GlfilfimV hy 1 n m -itf
ris s by 7 p m, and at-Petcifburir on Wednefdari
and Saturday by i !" a. rh: ;" "
7. 1'rntri Camden by "Statcfburg toJCharleflprLl
twice a week. - . . --,-''
Leave Camdei? every Sunday and Wednefday at
half pad a'p. m arrive at ( hai lellon the nekt-Tuef- -day
and Friday by noon. -Rttnr. ':. Leave Char. I
lefton every Tuefday and Friday by 9 p. im "and r.r 1
rive at Camden the next Tliurfday and Sunday" byTf 7
p. m. '
R.XforhlAuguda by AV'ayntlbof ough to Sayan
nah, once aWeek';-7 rv , , . 7 r..
. Leave Augnda every Saturday at t p. tri'. and ar.
rive at Savannah the next;Sunday by 6 p. xn. Rf'
turning. Leave Savannah every Tuefday at re arhi-T
Y end arrive at Atrgndarthe BeirTnBrfaayrB.'&p,""tri.- .
'Were r- it either of the route fvo. qTor 8, are
altered by law during the continuance of the con .
tracts, the contractor is to obferyejh alterations -n
carrying the mail, and his payl to be encrealed
or dirniniihed in proportion to the dillance encrcal-.
: tir dlliiiiiinwHsvTmTTafiVtrat ion.
Note a.'-The contracljsare to be In operation on .
the firft:lay of. October next; and lorcwtltinue fof ,
four years until the-oth September, 1800, inclufive," -.
Note 3. The, Pod Mafter General may alter the
times of arrival and departure at any time during
"the continuance of the contracts,: he pretioufly dt
pulating an adequate compenfation for any extra, . ,
expenfe that may be occafioned thereby.
Note A: Fifteen minutes fhall be allowed for oinen.?
4ng and clofing the mail at all offices where na par-
" ticular time is fpecified. ' .; J-'"i
.vsfryj'foreyefy quarter of an hour's de'iay (un
avoidable accidents excepted) in arriving after tie
times pretcHbed In any co ntraft.the contractor fhall
forfeifpne dollar, and if the delay continue until :
the departun of ady depending mail, whereby the "'
mails dedined for luchldenendinjr ftiall. iofe a rriu-
ihe contractor fhall forfeit ten dollars, to be deduft-
cu irom ins payj . : ,
TOSEPH HABERSHA?vf. Pthvrne t:it
Atlbv, an.l In..... n.l.'.n. . ' lU'.m
re-awh CapcTcaptaiu Oliiey was treated very
ttt Note? f ' Harid, oI in the'Ptcktt-Book
advertijed hf Mt. Samuel WtUwuh in No v 1 o p thtt
piper yjhould have foe dated lUh of Janutry, $95t
WHEREAS my wile CMiiisTiANha cl6ped' '
From my houfe, and deferted "my bedjnL
boardr-without dueprovocftibn, orTawful caufe, I
do therefore forewarn all perfons from truding or
maintaining ner on my account, as i am refolvecj
not to pay any debts fo contracted. -
'R.oh011 Countjf Juniwtlui.zsrz-
-, .:'

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