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    -: - :- : -- . - - ; 1, yy ' " 7 " , '
Fr-ETTEVILLE : "Published xvery-THURSDAY by HODGE and BQYLAN:
Vol. I.
brATE cNohih-Cakol, n a .
IN purfuance of the aft1, of the Genend'Mimblv,
entitled, An AcY to provide tor the Public
Safety, by erantine encoiirWements t
manufactories," 1 iflue thisjiiy proclama
a certain
mation, piv
' V j'lwMBiiiauui l
Tng noiiCetliat Jacub Bayfur, lenibr, oHhincombe
county, In the dillrid of Morgan, in the Rate afore-
faM. did within three mnnrhi afrr .,.-.,.:..
of the year 179;, produce to me, a fample of rifle
utn jty. that is to fay 6631b, weight, macf by him
the bounty under the a Fore fa id ait at the fame
' - "J r m w llG I a lilt;
time he produced to me a certificate, under the
tiV;.l VetrU William TnJn,.. J D-J J J
, "V "" 'nu aams, United States of
-juft cefthe pe. fortdt
the lands nfHenrv Weft . Alkanr CniiL.(V.n n I . . r .
- - 1 -- '; iu uiiucr
the hands of Henry Weft. Albant SmitMin. Rnk.-r
- Harm, John Webb, junior, and John yu(h, free-
noidersot laia county, certifying that they had leen
the laid Jacob in the year and at the place aforrfaid
irfake different parcels of rifle gunpowder, and at
different "times in t!-e faid year the feveraf parTels
were weiglied before them, and amounted in the
- whole to 66 pounds weight, atrd that the whole
was gooffand merchantable -which Paid certificate
was accompanied by an affidavit in writing, l'worii
to by the laid (acob Baylor, before William Tred
wav, tfqaire, one of the juftices above membotd
and beara-g date, 2d March, i-9A :. fetting forth
that the whole of-ilie 66? pounds weight of rifle
Jtunpowder for which he clafm k.,.,rt'i .....
. . ....wtjf-,,,
i.y, m ln the ycr 79J, at works within
..v uiuMu morfi,iu, wnicn arc, and were his
Given unJer my hand this ioth of April, i "796.
-. - - - - SAlviutL ASHE
-W A R S A W Morrh n
T"OSCIUSkO,and his lw triends mil iemain
pi iionrrs at i ciei lourg I tieir Tumnels-nu
eopfidency, gains them the efteem even of their e
nfYni Ttl . ".hi . k-i U-
but me w ill never work on thfiWectibna f Kbitiuf
co. He lives in a palace, ha table of 16 covers,
and is attended by a phyfician of the court daily,
who has ordets to inquire refpedinhit health in
the name of the Emprrfs; bot he has not liberty to
WriterHe does . not
r-A'lt L ' ' aim will
lit Itill for hburs leaning his head on his hand. In
his misfortunes one companion remains wjth him ;
and that is a nepro which came wirk h'.m "f.L .1..
.l,S:at" tMcad Imtbeea Lisinfepa
...... - VU .
AjujceJiexweenRnflis and the Ottoman I
nantii makinn
The navv of thU .i.-l .R:.. .. .
.1 med vei.7::r::i?u7ype bir
cd U the ?t a of Chf77 'SSt
29 fifties, ,88 Frigate, u floops, making ii S
whole a navy of 508 Ihips of warf : "S "
. . D.U B L INi April 20.
7 u o( lhe dd Uipnal buildinKs to the;
J St. Patrick .at Waynooiln
-.- viiuarc. i neie buildines are to becuo
pace of ACO feet. in
; ic luicnaca TO cgi
7 -r-r"- lurxoo-ttoacntsr"
grows daily more inevitable.
hvcrv exertion is tnlikimt .... j..
, t, o . f tiiuv uur
fleet, and the lame exertions are going on at Calf
crone. The ereateft iA!ii, oIa ,r. i -
. . " ( "-w uitu iu prepare
our armies for defence ; ayrt indeed are marched
into Finland. Alt fertn dmm ia jr.j.i -
, , . V'" . unciiu iiisir
kinv tnnr cnnntr iknr ;kuu ..i i.jl i
...&, j, ...... ..nj auu juuepenaence.
T1 -LIS BO R March g. '
The Polvoheme. in ludma fmm Rr..:i : -.
nas been taken, alter an a A inn nf rnl1. 1,-... l.. (.
rrencli Intrate Convent iin f j ct. 'i j
. o 6uii3, one nao-
on boatd JOjOO louisTtTtr vtluein corals, and about
oo.cco louis d'br In Portnguefe gold, and Spanifli
LUer. After taking out the property, and Jpiklng
her cannon, the Krenrh mi nn - ! ?
Eiiglrlh prifoners and left her. -
War between i Rtifia end the Porte.
e-JL b it March -io.
; 1 W1' ?orlh-C aroli" duringth The march the troop-fc T'the Ottoman
wholeof the month of uue. whereownen ..fLf.ontiei. 1... Una .,,.j.ZC. ne.Vttn,an
afforsofftilh are required to rdaketheirentrie., Vnd turt be, w,en Jlnnind ,h. PinTlCi ZSl
orrf !! egI-A f entry ot ftills, arid fbrdiltill. that that which has determined'the EmprS fl h.f
. fir 1 inakmgan eleftmn; and infractor, ten .he opening of the campaign, teS0nefi"
of every .tcr p.fon my reft alTured of having the the preparation's of the Tark, TboVby feTand "lid
ws execu.edm their fu eft ntitude. ft uti.f.u. and inl, ,,;.. nt iv.T,- i.::.:Tr.'Ji,,d ,afld!
notched to luch diiriller. wVJvurj."" J ..Tt7v"!g.Bi-: d
, " " ".' f'J me wily 1 vi in iw u ill me r one, in COnleanrnr lUm
on the auantlt of r.V.rir. ii:rt:n-j L i. 1 ... . r . .. " "-u,"ejuence, ine
ll9 LdUlCU ill IK HI QWM 11V t . r
Of Adrtiiralrv r ..U. n.; ... ... . s r
, l ni iv, "arT cruners in and near
he..Bk,ttk:hanitfV-flot-6ne day paflerwitWt ,
number of veffil. Ai wnout .r
. --...1 Liuiuitu ot our more vio!.
St bt a dozeTvIIL
r .u L r. c, ,orT to announce, that on
: h" """" or tne talt-Jndia mirLor
the uS-f!81"1'"8 lrf vfr)' forwardnefs of
the feafon, he price o( bcef andWutton is kept enor
moufly ,n the different markets oftbiscit, .
fal "n" " meru" "wing to tlie-brafiicedf
" Since, the iipaniiH Ahriada, we drfibf rend of ,efi'
wis r W.,r S0'" "herly, unlefs their deL r ' ,
V," ,or.tlhf Baltic Northern ocean, til! the CI
faihng the Dutch flfeet, w,licn, m) dRfJJ-
avo dfallmg , with the Eri.lfh tl.abflelJcttVwhkll
would fcarcciwhi ntk.-..,:i,. T-i . .
in,. rX " ."j " c , were- 10a on the wedera
on the quantl.y of (piritsdinilled, that they mufl
foJ,t,vet,Mie fncf) eMion tu the time ofyimin the
-month June, other wife they will be charCeable
with the yearly duty, the fat of J4 cents for every
- Cailon or the eanai-it th.:r r:n nm.
- .?." PplcWe to thofe who intend to work1 their by the month: It is contrary to Jaw, to cram
a I.cence for any fractional part of a month: dir
t llers Will take nonce thereof and regulate their
. eleaions accordingly as the officers have
received mflruaions on that head. 'U '
a caufed to be followed by three armies of o 000
Divan, and fhe has determined.o attack fame iiarts
ot the 1 urkifh empire, before the French can have
tune tp combine their plan of operations in the en
luing campaign with that of the MuOblmen. Such
aretltcmonves that the Vienna gazette afTiens for
the recent noltilities of which wetre informed We
are afiured that the Ruffians have already taken the
forttefa .f Hoczik and that an armybS" ,t
command of general Romanzow has already reach
ed the borders of the Dnieller. .- . 7
It is thought that this Hidden Invafion Js an event
Th nr; ?uPfrv"or or ll,e Kev"e, N. C. D- il 18 tnougnt that this udden invafion Js qn event
"Pove a pace in their papers for two week. -1 that its Tob eft is to oblige th. n,.nJ:r: .a.
place in their papers for two weeks.
'District of Faybt Tsvitt'ir,
- In the (, urn t of Equity ,-' siprit Tent, 1 796,
. r ' '- Again ft
T n T , "f ", Defendants Mortga gora
LJItLand ahfwer read it was by the court or
AJ d?red, That unlefs within twelve months
trom the date hereof, defendant arid all perfon.
filming under them fince the Dremife
gagecT do pay or cauu frt
brtak all conned inn itl, tl. !,... u
. .v.. ....... v.w vailU
Sir Edward Feflew Th f 1 1 :
'J "urn raimoutn, dated April i
. " This tnorninff arrival mo mn.; '1
Sir Mward IVn',; W:"Ken.0V
. . . . ... - "j- - c nave now nine
rV" " ui uii,our, ana leverai are carried into
-u.w puns. 1 bis afternoon a treh prize was bro't
Ml irom the fame fnnr)rnn . tli
. a- , , , .'. . f""-uai'er, an
l, p5 Rev,0,uf ,onaire. "edibly informed me
.l" r-j ".v i jmiu ,u vompiainanr 1 nicer or tne xvevolutionaire. cred blv 1nVrmj.A
theT 7 With ,Dl,ercI1 tl?ereon due nd "cruing, that Sir Edward's fouadron had I 5e ?! nJ of redemption to be foreclofed frefh convov in the U ,c k W "h 8
- S oZ7r i7'biA"d .'.hey ar. expeaed hvelbonrR
cree b, 2li2, on n ?l v ' J.r" "L'.1"8 de' T?S?mT tow'ds manning and conducing the
? ffi ,k the.North Carolina M.nerva. aid prizertliat fheJiadorders make the bfft of
Jnn- - ....f 7. .. 1 y iv .uiLiana. - , - - 7-7
the emprefs of Ruflia, having had fufficient proofs
c:vr.T!!i 6",T5 ra?ri jo .inreeairrere!ltanni
or fc.nfim nun nU . - u : . n r .
lortreffes on tha frontiers of Turkey. Jc is faif. thai
I T ' o' vnoczin has actually furrendered to
them 71 l . .'7 PeHon tale him. would warq
- P hlm doro'nfinement,. as.he will
iJVr "WV. "ire is any chance
--17 "; lui icuocreu to
the Ruflian arms t and that Genetal Romanzow has
... cauy aavancea co tne banks of the Dnieller. '
lrU Jhe fuowj"g n exaa lift of the
(lumber of officers nf th Rririff. no.... .1 n. . t
rH f JA JTr' f7fe? flS officers, tfiat is
to fay admirals, yice-admirals, and rear admiraju
in. n-- t j w-V ic uu on 1 ne we tern
mo el ir 1 hC LutCh' " Pre,ent re
"lore jKiIful navigatois.
. , f j. - - . "'"nu empire ; andir
s a eeneral and receUrl mi.,i .i..l-.' Mt
fiiort w h,it I ' . 41 "
- ...... ....... .... c- 11, ioilltflMl IdU'lV 4tit
trance, bereft of every allv ) jb ,nJ ,ar
fate. Ireland, alone, ( ,r, hit ;,r, ll(.r
ihou5bjLh01JJuVdarid u untcd anio eaJlItfr
cnniifilnno .. 1 - . ... , 7. . . J-Ju'1
Poured forth Iv. r. beft-blood and tirafure, (eem vol
lively to be distged into tie voitex Ur ta n s
rum.. Ireland, hole mafculme foiis liave fj tUWtu.
ally contributed" to l.i.tch the JaurJ f!0m a foreioll
brownd plant trtumpham lyDBertiesdrv. hole
hardy, failors hae tortiedjjie Icalof -.iaory on the
deep, Neptune like, ti e foleaibiter
oft the briny element, receives in return from her
generous ftep dan e.jnfult, add.U to oppreffion :
though agoinzing Hi apparently the laft-ttage ct'
her political exjllence, (he Temples not to extrcife
her wonted influel ce in otir councils to prevent the '
increaflntr nrnfnrii unit. ....... j:i-. t.Fi' .. ..
L.n i. iJT- V" " ' aiiauimy, 01 lief
bel!fa,t rjrr anhion-do-tfitaTn .
prelent ftand which will entitle lier to any ehanceof
luccefs in a finrle rnntfff -Uk". .t... t. .
baffled the united efforts of Europe, and rode the
with redoubled vigour on ;heir own heads fcWith
a Rational debt of 380iCoo;osol. the tare intertfl of
whiclKofls her t f ,oc,oool. annuallyraddydiff t he
monKrous (urn of ic 2,o3d,oool. fince the commence
ment, of t he war. which ha
taxot S.ocoocol.
c , - - -v"l'"r -" i.v.c m 111, cilPiand
hna turrhfr rl.w.-.a J r . 0
. ; - - , ui wiid not joreiee ner
ineviiahle ruin ku a t-. n
I'vnmiiuw iu iiiconuit.
J here is hn r
doplK.ty-oMr.f.itt fo ftriking aolntjofviiw ,f
his condign ttie flave trade buiipfcfs The Briiiflt
porting that, this infamous Wfic fhould teriiinare
. ..c.i, uijn 10 iiu moment ipoke
and totetf-onthe fide. u,kiA m.j 1i
d ... , .. .gvu i II, DOIICr
?'?.wev!!!:(lh.eJ'er.,?a approached thayas to accom'
piiiiiWa Celirable olyea, the Brfh parliament
'h.i,ll5 Pr.P" o wfcind their voe, and continue to
deal in this profitable; though avowedly unioft and
inhuman trade.. With artful dlflimulatioD this im
tiiaculate hefohow feems toregret tbch declfiom i
. . ti iv.u muuiiroua maio
tines, wlofe, plaint d)fpofitions are ever ready to
ui. voiurivcs on tnis occalion to bo
Jett 1 a minority, eeking thereby to grarp a popn-
Jedlt ieruDle. nr In inn min. ..i:;. t.:. ..r..ri i
flueftce to accomplifc fo defirable an end. ,
,. r. y
c it
r Oi X J

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