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l 5
Fr Jhisrfair tyeud. ihi h'tfUjI'liioom, .
" Fair at til jtrms t.bafj vioje hi fuicji't him."
. . ' M jos.
1 A In vim indulge the fl w of foul,
. To cheer the heavy heat t ;
For wbere's the rell that wine can give,
. Or foiig to make our fpirirs live, ' ,
It PliiUis bears nopatt i . '.-..- -
Then drink to Phillis. ever gay,
Sweet rival ot the Rofy Ma, . "V
- And i'H get 'drunk forjoy.
Far fay what' life without, the fex,
A faurce gf endlcU ills to vex, ..
And all oW-Wifsdeftroy jf - 1 y"'.. , . . ;
- Let echo it ta the &y
The name ot her we toaft:
While Catih and Glee, and Iportive Laugh,
Tba!l join the Nedar'd Wine we quaff, ;
- 'Till time hfelfia Ml,
TTuiiMetFina1 liapy.?Timewiiy'rttV
.And eaittr dtyrawhegBn,A.j i. T
In fpite of War's alarms ; "
For let Divines fay what they will,
There's that which f weetens ev'ry ill
In lovely Woman's arms.
- "-'".". . MOULSlANUS.
AElt faffed at the Firjl Sejfton of the Fourth 'Com
' ' . grts. -
I. An aft making appropriations for the fupport
of government for the year 1 76.
L..a..An ad further extending the time lor receiv:
ing on loan the domeftic debt ot the United States."
3. An ad for the relief of Benjamin Strothcr.
4. An ad for the relief of Ifrael Loring. -
j. An act for allowing conipenfarion to the mem
bers of the Senate and Houle of Rcprefentatives of
he United States, and to certain officers of both
lloufes. ':. - :' .- '"'-.''
6. An aft providing relief for limited time, in
certain cafes of invalid regifters.- -L-
f. An ait making a partial appropriation for the
military elUbhlhment tor the year, V
0. An act for the relic! of certani6ih'cers and
foldiers, who have been wounded or difabled, in the
- actual icrsice 01 cue xj bhto 01 ai,
nTicownrtinuff mibian aito afcer
tain the fees "in admiralty proceedings in the dif
trjd courts of the United States, and for other pur-
pates." " . ""?
l-'jl t An aft making certain provifions in regard to
. the circuit court for the dillrid of North-Carolina.
Jj3. ad authorizing the ereftion of a light
boufe on Baker's ifland. in the (late ot Malfachufetts.
1 3." An ad for ellabliuVing trading bouies with
the Indian tribes, -- - 'T7
-ttt.j 4."A retolve, dlredirig further returns in the
-cafes of claimants for invalid penfions. . ' ,
;r 15. An ad fupplementary to an ad, entitled " An
. ad to provide a naval armament,' - If ! X
16. An art authorizing and diredingth SeeretaT
ry at War to place certain perfons, therein named,
1; onjhe penfion lift. ' ' ' ' ; . ; ;
; i An Vd in addition to an adrntitlej f An ad
making farther provifi'on for,the fupport of public'
credit and far the redeniptiotiof the public debt. .
. 18. An act making further prpvifion relative to
revenue cutters. ', ' - . .
T" , fo An ad to continue in force, for a limited time,
Lan adr,-entitled -' An ad detlaring the conjeht of
Cdngrefi-folillcrf "tlfe ftate of Maryland, pafled
the 38th dy of DecemUer, 1793, for the appoint
ment of a health officer." ..."
' ao. An ad authorizing a loan fof the ufe of the
CitT of Walhingfon.'in itht dillrid of Columbia,
ind for-orherpnrpofesthereinr mentlonedrri!
2jA.n aa maKing appropriations tor defray tng
the eapenfes which may arife in carrying into effect
treaty made between the United Mate and certain
Indian tribes north -weft of the river Ohjor - "1 " "
as. An" ad making appropriation for defratme
. the expenfes which may arife in carrying into effect
the treaty made between the United States and the
, Dry and Regency of Algiers. - - 'J in;
r 33, An ad making in appropriation toward de-'-
fraying the expenfes which may arile in carrying in
to effed the":treity of amity, commerce and-navi-
gatton, made between the United States and Great-
1 Britain." - ' , -7. . . -1
27.. Ao ad to repeal fo much of kn ad; entitulrd
" Ap aft to cdablifli the judicial courts of the t cit
ed States,'' as direds that alternate ft (lions of the
circuit court for the diftrid of Pemil) tvania fa all be
holdcn at York: town ; and for other purpo!es.
- 38. An ad providiriR for the lale of the lands o'
1 iver Ohio and above the mouth ot Kentucky river.
2;,- An act aatnorutng the erect-ton ot a light
houle on Gipc-Cod, in tbe ftate of Ma(Iachufett.-v
. ;o. An ail: authorizing Khenezer Z,aie to locate
certain lands in the territory of the United States
north-well ot the river Ohio. ,
3'iY An ad to regulate trade and inter Courfe with
the Indian tribes ; and to prelcrve peace on the !; oil
tics. ....-:r:i-r -.
33. Arrart'attcrlng-thr comp?ufatlotr tf thrtc:
countant of the War Uepartmenr. "
33. An ad iaymgdutiesn carriages tor uie con
WKEREAS a certain JSAC MAIS pnvat(ly -.
sloped lrom this neigl.t om hped, i-n life i(Ui"
June at highly arid took l.iztt a rote 01 rritie for
twenty eight gallona"and dine quait of b'rartly, given
t'I)C.A i of N.ay. 1 c al o 1m a bay Nlate of mine.
jycars cm tins ipring : ror wiijch pr ptitj lie was
10 have made nie a title to the land l erccn he tlit n
refided J which he tailed todord on examir.iititn
no right is. found to bc Ulifd in him s This is there. ,
fore to lorewarn oil ptifcns frcmjradii g lor tho
faid note or mare. It is not know n what iccte faid .
Sims went., 1 will bemuch obliged to any perfoa
that wriTgTve hie inlormaibii ot lim, whiih ni-.y be
done by a line by foil. WJ1 CI AM AVi KAh hn.
PTS. The dai" hcforeTatd Sims went off, . lie Pave
..1 - I. . J .. I . ' 1 i " ..' f 1
miotlicr ..perlon a bond for litlcajo the iaa;e lard,'and
recti vea a yaiuauie niaie ni mm s wnicn lie n 110 car
wryance Jri' perfons andjepeaUijgth
He is of a light complexion, about fax feet high, and
about 36 years ot age.' u
Cuihberiand count), near Averafburg, June 6. .
that purpofe
34. An ad in addition to an ad; intituled An
ad fupplementary to an ad, intituled " An ad to
P'ovide snore effedually for th colled ion of the du
ties on goods, wares and merchandize imported into
the U, Slates, ahd 6n rheionnagr of fiiips or veffels."
tSS,, An faf tha taliW-trmlpTiKgarogofuierT?
can feamen,
. 36. An ad retpedinz the minr.
37. An ad to alter the itftioos of jhe circuit courts
in the didrid of Vermont andRhode-lfland ; and lor
other pirpoles.
An ad relative to quarant ine.
-39. An ad for the relict of perlons imprifoned for
debt. .. - -. '" -
40. An ad making further provifion for the ex
penfe attending the intercourfe of the United State
with foreign oatiens rand to continue in force the
ad intituled " An ad providing the means of inter
cburfe between the United . States, and foreign na
tions.'' - -: "
4t. An aft for the relief of Sylvanus Bourne. ,
4a. An ad to continue in totce, tor limit td time,
the ads therein mentioned.
43. An ad to afcertain and fix the military ela
blilhment of the United Srates.
44. An aft to" regulate the compenlation of clerk
45. An aft making provifion far the pajment o!
certain debts of the United States, - -
45 An" aft providing puffports for the fhips and
47. An ad tc lufpend, in part, the ad, intituler'
" An ad to alter aiut amend the ad, intituled." Ar
ad living-exxaiB4itUtpoA-.J'nurfinetf-
48 An ad makinean anoropriation tofatisfv cer
tain demands attending the lat- iilfurredion, and to
inc.eafe the cainpenHifion 10 jifor and wim flesln
the courts of the United States.
.: .40. An ad limiting the mefor the allowance ol
drawback on the eportatinn ot dnnielric dillillec'
fpirits and allowing a drawback Upon flu h fpirits
exported in yeflUt bf lefs than thirty tensby the
MitGlippi. ' -L
jo. An ad providing relief to the owners fif Hills
within the United States, for a limited 'iine. In cer
tain cafs. ' - , -: ---'
; 51. An aft regulating the grants of land appro
priated for military fervices, and (of the Society ot
the f UnitedJBreikren Tor propagating the gotpel a
mong the li?a'. hers, ; , .- --
53. An ad for the admiflioQ of the (laje ofTenne-
lee into the union.
5?. An ad making appropriations for the lunnnrt
of the military and naval ciiabliflinients forthe year
, 54. An ad making further appropriations for the
year 1 7o6 - " " ; - . -
-I jc, -An ad indemnify the eftate of the latgTVTar
jor-tjeneral Greene. , j .
34. Afi ad making appropriations for defraying
be eapenfes which may arife in carrying into. effed
tl treaty made between the United States and the
iting of Spain. ; ., .k':' :r
3$. J9 act declaring tne content ot uwgreis to a
jferttwj id of the (late ot Maryland and to ccfltifJijlJowingorder-Jn the" countrof Jtobefon.Tin
gue an ad declaring theaUent ot Corlrels to certain the I J'th day of July j in the county of . Richmond,
' afttof the dates ot Maryland. Georcia. and Rhode
' , JQaad tool Providence Plantations, fo far as the fame
" rafpeds the Hates of Georgia, and Rhode-IQand and
. fFovklence Plantations. .
a6. Ab ad Allowing1 compenfation for horfe kil
led in tattle, belonging to officers of the army ot
, the JUhited Sates. . --- --
T.iK Truftees of the Univerfny of North-Carolina,
are reOjOelled to meet on the ? rth day of
luly next, at .the 1 yoierrityoa-maura-of--confr-
qnenee, which will there belaid beforethe hoards
.J.... t--r:M-: 1 " - '
ana are aoioiutety neccuary to re determined ori.
June 16. ta SAMUl; ASHE, Prefident:
TT :0 ;D s O L D,
QN the premiles, on Atonda'y the t jth ot Augufl
next, 100 acres of. Land on both fides of Rulftl'j
Creekiprong of the Governor's Creelt.ln Moore
county, taken by diftrefs for the taxes t tfie
1795. the property of Melton,- on New River,
THE omcers and foidiera of tho r aye tteville ri-
X; eade will take notice, that a. general review
of all the battalions In fhis diftrid will commence on
the of July next, and be continued in
on the 19th ; in the county of Anfon, on the soth ;
in the county of Moore, on the 13d, in the county
of Cumberland, "on the 96th;. in the county of
Samplon, on the 30th when the different compa
nies of cavalry, artillery and light infantry, in faid
counties, will attend at their refpedivourt-houfes
euipt according to law. J. .WILLIS,. Brig. Grn.
TOBEJQ.U),.; -I;.
ONilie 3itl o r.ygtitt nexi, by public udlon. at
tlichn.ond court-hoiife, 9,460 acires of lands,
or fo much thereof, as Will pay the taxes due there-
on for. the yeafHffoc. The above Jamlaiwerc-cna
tered iu the name ot John Fountain AKo 75 acres.
at Hame time and place, and tor the like purpofe,.
belonging to Jemima Yarborough.
- v ' JOHN COLE, Sheriff.
" Richmond County, June 20th. 4J i
MAILS of the United States.
Propofals ioi caify'1'11 the Ai.-ilLS ot the, Unittd : ,
State on the following Poll Roadspwill be received
at t he General l'olUOlfiee, until the fittethth day of
July neit. - , ' - ; -; "
6. From Peterfburg by Tatfis's, Gliolfon's, War-
renton, Louilburg,' ivaleigb, Averafburg, t'ayrtte- ' -ville,
Lumberion, CheriiW court houle, Carndtn,
Columbia, and Edgeiield court Ijouie to Auufta,"
twice a week. - - - . 1
Leave Peieribnrg every TueTday and I riday . by
noon, arrive at Ihirris's Iiy 7 p hi. at oholtiin'soa
Wednelday and Saturday by 8 a. m. at U al rcntoa
by 3 pni. at l.owlburj un lhoifday ard Sunday
by 8 4. m. at Kaleigh hy'p. m. at FayettevUle e
ILiiJ anaon
oy 9 p m.' leave Lumbrton eery Saturday and
1 ueiaay oy 4 a m. arrive aiLherawcourL-iitHileb
4-p..nrriv-it7Cmdw.nj'fin SuiniayTtitrd'eB.ef''
Jay by 2 p.' nVrato1trmh:a on Moiidav and Thu t
day 4 a. m. arrive at Kdgflitld court h.iul'e cn Tucl- .
nay and rriaay at h.i;a a. m. .and at
noon. ;Rtturuitir. Leave Augufta tvfiy ' tiefday
and Friday by 8 p.m. arrive aL yailicld- couri-
houfe on Wennerday and Saturday by 16 a. mat
Columbia on 1 hurlday and Sunday by .10 a. in. at
Camdeaby 7 p. fn leave CamdeU eve ry Kriday n4
Monday by 4 a. Ht. arrive at t heraw court lioute by.
J p. rh. at Lumbcri oh evtry Saturday and Tutfdsy
y 3 p. tn.r leaye Lumberion in one -hour, -arrive at
r ayetteville oh Sunday and VVednehli y by 7 a m.'
at Raleigh on Monday and I hurlday ly 0 a. in. at
Louifbttrg by 1 p. th. at Wan em on on Tueltiay and
Friday by $ . m. at Ghotfun'ilhy 3 p. m at 1 'ar
ris's by 7 p. m. and at Peter fbuig 00 Wednelday
and Saturday by 1 1 a. m. " - -
7. rrom Camden by Statefturg toXl.arlcr.on
twice a wetk. : .
Leave Camden every Sunday and Wrdneft?ay tt
half pad a p. m arriv e at thaiiellpri the next Tuef
day and Friday by noon. Relnruiirg: : Leave Char-
lelfon every Tuelday and Friday-hy 9 p. in. ; nd ar-
rive at Camden the next '1 hurlday and Sundnj hy 7
P. From Aogiifta fcy Waynefhorouoh to Tavan- .
nah, once a. week. - - -
. Leave Augufla every Satordny;at 1 p. m. and ar- v
rive at Savannah rhit tievr Snniluv Kv A t,
Vv-jLeav Savannah everyi 'i pefd
and amre at .flugBita tt-ejiexMUrldaytoyo priniTzrrr
JVW I. If either of tlie;roote'N6. 6, 7 or gfc,r . .
altered by law during ihe continuance of the con
trads, the contrador is, tOr obferve fitch alterations
lib carrying the mail, and his pay is to be encreafed "
or diminithed in proportion to the diltance encreaf
ed ,r diminifbed by ftich alteration. j.
. L "Not! a. The contrads ate Id bahloperation on - ----thefirft
.dayof fodpber next; and to continue, for, '
four years until the 30th September, 1800, ioclufive. -.
Note 3. The Pod Mader General may alter the
times Of arrival and departure at any time, durine ... ,
pulating an adequate compenlation lor any extrav
cxpenle Uiat may be occahoned thtreby.
Note a. Fifteen minutes (hall he allowed. for rnen-
ing and clofing the mail at all offices where no par
ticular timi is fpecificd,, " " . ' .';S-;:'l
Nole j. For every quarter of an hour's delay 'un
avoidable accidents excepted ) ina mviiTg" altenhe
times prefcrilied in an) contract, the cjbntradpr (hall
forfeit one dollar.'and If the' delay ontinoe until
the departure of any depending mail whereby- the
mails deftinrd for (uch depending mail, lofe a trip,
the contrador Ihall forfeit ten dollars, lobe deduct
ed from -hia pay., -
- JOSEPH HABERSHAM, Toft Waf er Ceaertl,
General Fojl Cffct, I ktladctyhte, Ma) 3,1756.

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