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HfofiM-further informs, that Id fail or
the line we'e daily expired at Lapt i rancoisfrom
i.irt ith troops on board. -
In the P'hiladefpWa Gazette of lafl evening, the
n.htelk v1 'capt. ;'''lomiiiick,,;pfUeJferiMUltJt:
ir '.TtTTfiTir ISeTore" tne merchant and lit bens ot
,'.t 'n..ii.'.a States, lor their fuil information in
United States, lor incir iuii iiuunumiun m
ooint on .which botbjhe honour oi the country and
"her property of it fubjerts is To materially 4nte-
"relied." , -''-.' c'' r
lult a the paper was going to prefs, information
was received, that the privateer Fly ing Vxty, was
fuake with on the i2th imtant, about 20 leagues oft
ina Capes, (leering to fouthward and ea(lward, un
A. ea v tail, by capt. Brown, ot the (hip Lovina,
ju t arrived from Uverpool This fad contradicts
what ha been laid ot the r iy
ukc every American vetlel bound to or (ruin ri-.
Tnnl Piiiiiv Fin ' annmmrl ! tfinn it
commiffioner for fettling i& ttue riverSi JhuJhuUdv
quires, art elected Senators ot toe United States by
the 1 giftature of MalTachufetts, to ferve tit! the 4th
Match 1797, in the places of Meflrs. Strong and
Cannt who have reugned
l3ilis Talbot, of New-York, and John Trumbull,
of Connecticut; are appointed; agents lor tlu pro
tedUoh of American feamtn. ' ; ; y ; V ;',
: Monday laft. belnathe amiverfarv of American
Independence, a federal falute was fired at 11 o'clock.
it attorus pkamic to remark, that tne whole en-
Itertaimucnt was.. conducted wuh the utnTou wider.
regularity audnecorum, Joy una hitaiii) sheared - -.0
be the prevailing char.cur of the'oay, aui hat- '
uiony pervaded tut -whole, !''..; '
: tv, TtxrirnA ,:ii : t.i.... u u '
w iii. taw iu 111 iULui y. us. yyiu
by the FayettevUie IndependMi lmpan oa
ing t -ills hjrtio jtwdertUr on the occa-
Captain Guterfon arrived yefterday from Tene
riffe, fajs lie was dialed into the Ciipes on Tuefday
jalt by the flying r'ilb he iurthei-mcntious, that a
peace: had been concluded between rtolt'ia and the
iwnch Republic. ' : r 1 .,' '
-LloydV lilt of th-aStbof-April r mentionOte
captuie' ol the French Irlgte, VlrRiniyot 44J
lt about so killed auJ wounded, and the Englilh a
very lew. This acVn took place alter the capture
ot the L'Unite by he iVevuliaioiiaireji
iioiit'oiK'iQTlgedl obSir-kd ward Fellow Ujuadfoll.
The captain 01 the Wtlatcs, tbar bir Kdward de
waduJ4um'elP'rrr V'11 ftinia, who was dilcovered at a cOnli.lerablv dir;
tance. and whicn he did not coineupi "with until a
. 'ter 19 hutirs chalH vSll&was cominandffrt byB youiig
. officer wbn'fought her with ti c gi eared bravery, ,
" T ie Jh.pCatheriiieeaptain r'arrady, lias arrived
at the i 01 , il days troip Au)t Cajeslabout 6 days
; afnr filing flie ftruck'upon n ot the Keys.nvher
- (he lay- sirout;b houisv when captain f'arrady
thoiigntit neciflary to liyhien tlie roip Hy throwing
-; 'oi' rhoard 61 ftoftfh? id qf i'oar, by which be Was
.lainVlei4"4lie-atfiftance of h'is anchors to get the
Ihip o f. : rie wasboirderl by two priva
teot, and law ibe t ly i.nn Kifn otf C hinibie'mue.
." Lett at the Caves the barque Mars, captain t'owler,
Siul tbe't'chiiunfr Dion of f hiladelyliii
' Ci,(ain ifarrady coAlirms the account of the lofs
oi ttte'Sal'iib'nry.a ibritilh JO gunlliip. -Miidsy
arrived the-."hriff'yT)ttiyluJcap'ebb
"tr,dyTfoin rt-ao f rince.M,, , ,
dull, and tliat a licknefs nrevailej tlierc whtciv car
ried oj" nambers of the loldiery, and wamaiiing
.rat ravage's among .ihe.(hijp'uii, to which it was
cliieqy confined i "tevrrai Annruans died daily; '1
apt: k)uae; or the itrjg, 90' days troni
fionrjnumbETof RendeniM
Keyfer s hotel, who drank the following toads : -
r. The Pat May. we ever jullly tlliuiate the
blelfings we enjoy.
- a.' '1 he United States May peace and liberty
render its citizens ha ppy 1 v.:;,
: .. 1
I - ' ' I
-BrTmadiaiVprivaieet (loop,- of 4 fwivth, tliet.ipuin
.' - "- I l" .L1' T . . 11 1. ' I. .-I
'.linormeii 01111 mat ne was Tiiuy utMrriniucu 19 jh
all Americans from t'reiuh iiivd Loic'u ports. and
lend them into Bermuda. In Jar, Cj,co, was board
. -. eil bv a britilh floop of war, of io"u'is, tin eft
'. Fermuda' on' a cuife,' pnt! treated poliiely'; the
: captain ot this vtliej mtormed vhat tyvet.ty fail of A
n:erans, trom trench and Luuh pons, were at
Bermuda for adjudication, carried la tjufeby Bfi..
tifli-riicn of war and cruizers. ' , -
jrT-allXhurrday evenlngTtoiTielouthwa'rd of Dela
ware capes. Captain Ljmle f.iw aprinatee fchr
wi''clt he fupnoled to be tlie Kiyina Kith. He fur
t!ie r ialorms, that the laft reports received at Port-au-Prince
from Cape Francois,' mentioned the arri
val of (hips of the line, and" 14 armed tranlporis,
i wun atiout opco troops trom Y ranee.
L Captain Lvnde loll three of his crew by the Cck'
.' nels at Port-au.Princc. . ' -
jr fotreVof rlefteflrotn a n American ca pt i ri a t ih-
raltar ta his owner in Bollori, dated Ap&Vf 1,
Two' brigs and a Urge fchooner ha e arrived
nere wuh tobacco : they were bound U'ghcr UivJui
l, ' niccejMta.-Hhr7ttgeTtHeYBe!nai oot,- t'lie put in
, be. There hav-been 2 lricies, and Vebeci
nr-wim ionic amance pp, wjjricn lias again pur -a
Itop to" the commerce Tn Amewcun vti&ls iip the
"'. Streiohts. ' 7:; " -:
A letter of a late date rce1vrit 5h th?s Citvl from
Pf!m,n27, rnentions the arrival of a third divifion
of ti't'ttrnyh r'ltai at the C'Hpe, ol 6 Jhips ol tbe
line, hefi'trs frigates,; .Twa oLthe Ibipsiio Cns:
This fl.'er muft liae (ailed from Brefi- Richeti
, :. had no .Paips w'nhVnwftf that (tirrc It is nrobable
that the intuhordinaiion which had fhrwn itfclt on.
ifJ-JSJ;-''" rwlrfCadiilniayltvecaurv
M a c!unae in its deflinatianand that inllead of
J " " trat M-Wrd -'W'eiMndia divi 1o, oe
?Uam lfin difpatched from fome '-'other porr.'
, ; : The rencu-Privateer lolii, has taken a Britifli
, tranfrjoft; (one ol the fleet dt fined for famaica)
,ith,twj31indped troops ij board, and lent her in
' to St. Dnmfne. " " ' ,'v' "- '
Capt. Rice the .America nV who was 'arretted at
rort-au-Prince, for tampering with a tentry for f
uis iii.interiKrn rif-ir 1 - - - -
ever 1
3. The PreftdentMjiy Ais virtues nevfep
got 1
4 JitHce,Pretidnt enA-Smate of-the-UntteJ
taies iay they always preierve a iult balance in
the'political machine
. 1 he tioote or- Kepreientatives :May they ever
lOsrd-rtliEtnTffieiijiewidlout reinoviiiffttie
bulwarks ot t lie con't trution , ' -. ' . -
6. The TuJjresoftr e Stipreje Court of te Unit
rd STatesay-jutttCir Slid irtdepewlence vV mark
their decutons. ..4.
7. The republic Of France ray tiieiv fnppivrt
and obedience 10 t he laws be equal "to their brvety
and gallantry in the nel4." -
-. 8. t he Repulilic of l 'i13aod--fay its revolution
be equally ifortonate and bappy as our own. . .
-oOor-Keprefetitartv eV illtsm' '.i. Orov c May
i , '.ii i 2 i.i. ii - . v. . j i
nis toiiuiiucni juiii ciwiiwie ins rci vitcMiuringiue
I0'-'I he Marqoiv la Fayctfe"- -Way America fpee.
dily have n opportunity of evincing her gratitude.
11. The biave.and virtuous I Kofiiiiilco. . ,
1 j. Th? mtinory tt thole lierors who fell in de
fence of American Indoyndehce
; n, Ntay our -utriuy be prt-fcrved with' faitU
and honour. .. . . i"
14. rtgriciuiore, commerce and maputactores
1 jr The American tair. ,
1 frQat newibrB fifler Tennefee -wajr'lhirlTnfc'
which flie has added to the chain of our govern
mem, encreaic ine gcnrrai iiolb. oi pappiucisana
The Columbian Fair a volunteer by the Vk-
ent. ;. .
In the evening a ball was given at the Staie-houGs,
which contludta the leitivny 01 the day.
the bduibury pOit
: : Fayetteville. Prices Current. -.,
Tobacco; ftFcwt .4 if Amp,r.f. -.-
rj(iiirt feriartti, g 50 Jamaica JUm, 4th V
I$x2hfo4r-1 2 vU ptoot, p.-r va.t.
wlo. : iivFo;V . India Jo. ad do7 I 60
Wheat, ." -u' ' i 25 Northward do. ' i 20
'er; 'fitrjj..: '. -T'ltCtiunMrJiraadyy-'t-f-tard,
"Ho. - . to,Mnlrffe- L:-. .' n
r. t.
i - -
riees wax,oo.
l-ieei!lkins, do.
Tot ton, in feed,
10 brown Sugar, per 16.
r-u .oaf do. do.
,1 gjCnfTeet dor
2a iron, do.
. 7 .
WANTED to purchafe, front one to 000 lu
cres of land,:, granted to the coniincntal line
of North-Carolina, lor which a gentrouk price will
be giten, ; . OfcOrAOL ObG.
byettevillt, July $tf. 1 70ft. 16 4
FUHm a tjie public and hist Kf.ds in i t roun.
try In particular, that he flill continues to enter--tain
genu, men travellers in Green Ureet, luuth
the Siaie-Houle, wher is good llaUing for horleS;
Every attention will be'pa id to thole who f3voi r .
. him with their 'company Fie tnolUrtfpeafclly
tuaiika his former cultumeis, and hbpesxbeyjiil:
4tUHall wt 4iirp.;- -. -ir -f- J-
Zens, a meeting of the iii!:ab:tant of thr county of
Cumberland, i! itqnelledon Wedncldiy next, at
to oMock, . M. at the Court lioute ih this town
in order to take linoXconfideration the conduct of (j
onr Reprefentatives ih the Congi cls of the United
: T -; '.- ' ' - ' - - ;iM EtGH, 7.8, J706. ..
Impfeffecf wilTr'Slie liioft lively tcn'atinns of gra;
tinide for the we enjoy rnthisUn i of ti--berty,
the ioliahit ants of the rity of RMeigh and
Its neighbourhood . ronx'eneo on the 4th inll, 10 tt
lebrate the anniverUry of that d4y which gate us
independence, i-i -rr
"The itoiiipapy, confiftinc of a. numerous ami tr
fpectable -aflt-mblaoe of ladies and gentlejneiiV par--look
Ot an elegant dinner pieparfd tor the occation
hy 'Mr.. Caflu-ttol. Benjamin Williams, adting as
Frefideot, and f'enrv Lane, eiq as Vice-prefident.
. Alter dinner thu ladies rerired, and the following
toalts. delivered by the pre(;deHt, were drunk, w'
1. Ibe Day. : - .; ,'-' - :
--"2. The Prelident. - - . ! '
f j'be-Congrefs-ofTyjRr"7 ' ' ; '
4. riay nie memory oj. inoie, who nave lallen in
the defence ot liberty le" always dear Yo thole who
enjy it; i ' "''-'' -'----' ":j"r::'
..V.iteTTiee ol'tfeeTly.'Xfay its' roots be cVe.
rilbrd in this its rftoihcr land', uqtil its branches ex.
i tend thciufalvt over the' remote!! corners, of tl.e
eartb-.!!! f" "
6. The French Republic fiv therr caufe be rro-
l?UTiIK VTr W . 1n'ntnird flint
Orders have hri-n rrrnrir.;rr, V.u I rA nnrrhe.flfr to
- nfficers Rommand'tna at Hie Teveral Britilh lorrs
Vjtlimithe limits of the United Stares, for-their
evacuation!! and that duplicates thereof were deli
vered to captain l ewis, who arrived in thiaclty
jellerday evening from CKiebec, " '',;.,,, -
fecuted wijh ardour, marTcrl wjfi"huiranity,- de
tended wiih coilrage, and gairieft'wtth renow n. '' '
7. The political votage of iridtikibdv'!vjay their
dellimtiqii be truft,repmlicanin?nia)ini
pals rttclcHtoiheprrnt of ibertyjri'aiei'rrldcT
(if 'worked with equality s and Way the gale of pub-'
4ic. viriue waft them fafe tojiarbqur,:,-!. :J rrr
- 8.-An umverui diwnui to tyrants and defpota ;
and may the woi Id be freed from every "enemy to
iht tiiihti ; tf mii. ..' . - ,z'"""?".,v':: r
o, iwy tne inowy mantie ormerican ireeaqni,
ncyer be Itained with the black corruption ot inoii
arcliial ('way. r: ' . l' ".;'' ; :':' v
. 10. IV
1 ne aurora ot t iao hanuv dsv
fhall litdawnJindr-lheTrieniHr(hade oFtbe tree
of liberty,. andenfoy ,thf calm re pole of peacer
1 1 The UnitedSttesfrrialL
refltrrgs for liicli lo"pianYvaliant heroes bled.-"
. ij; American toinmerce may it rirfe.on the
wings of every wind, and float on thebofom of e
ery.wave. ..r. 1 3. May the heart of courage ever beat in. unifon
yrith the if ntimental throb of philanthropy.
4- T-e true American, who neither trembles at
the fwotd, uor blulbei at tic plough,"
ffWimhipion df rUi, May hrmt
I 70.6.
-T A "ft1awU Verfns john Ttl'.uni.
WHEREAS at the term atorefudV in the above
cauh;,' u was ordered, hatjt fiiqul-d Jnr pub
limed in tb? l,JeevinaiftteJjhr!fe wetks, fuc-
IHyrftWoitioh of conij lainant'a
-wituiiics would take jirace before ilie N'alfer of faid
court, at hisbhTce 11 'VV'ilmirgnnt at the ex pit ali
en ol finty days trom ti e c?y,ft1.e lufi pi b ictlon..
Thetelofc tbennboriE-biii'ied JoiirriPtitUnd il e
fWendant iii the fed caut'e, h hereby rwtified and tr
.ormtd, tba I (hall proceed to .examine eonplan
''ant's whnePes, at my office at Wilmincrtcn. on the ,
twenty third day . or EeptemWr-nexfc vvb n and
hei e lie may attend if l,c llionld ih nk proper.
"16 3 Ttf. JAM. R. JOChU N, ( . SL .V. E.
Letters remaining m ' he ?oft-olHc Tayette- -
ville, June 30. .
fyp. T. Armftnmir J ! -tla rseebe, joi n Black,
KJ Malcolm Blue,' William (ek,i' ol. ( nrn ard-
ant of ComberlandCountvj Chas,. Campbell, irrl d.
v-iiuK, iBivw.nii.HmpT'eM, eanra carroii 2a. riiza
Cmn!rrWillrenrClrro1i,rbrlei ( arrollb : Joi n.
XUMbn, ,C'ol. William Dicklon, Gbriel D'hrttr,
1 liomas Due, Edward ye redee, Alexandet 1 erwa- ,
1 fon J ; Jbhirt'orrfvjjj. John
flhtfrcbibaldTxien'ies.. Pt-iletnon I'm'c'S. liel
1 . l is1 tn'i , ' ... ; - .
rlawiuono, ine ci-re ot- Kpbert unnaldlon, I iq.
:Jnnis T'oloiesWilliam T'owwrd. Tlaae I !aw leyf
'Williaffi'.TonrSr'ATjclvK Tt.Hn-
lloii. V'lliln : Tacktbri, Captain Kerr, of Orkvi"o.
;: William Leach, John Langton, John M'Leod,' of
ivioore vounry, cate 01 in or man tvi'i roci, oil amp
bel.on, Heclor M'AUe(ller4k h!q. : John Mtntyre,
care of 'Coloner-Aitnllrong. '. Euhcaii M'Swtin,
:CaucTiTm -M'Kayv Archd M-Phadyn' DyCer, TVn-
can Si nnes, Malcolm M'Kayr a Gilbert M'fn- '
tvre Archibald NeiU htmfe" carpenter. Aid 'la d
ji'lNeii. E'Q. care of Mr. M'Auaan.Iclin M K ay,' a;
I fames Millar, James Morrlfon, s.; peter M'Keller,
J nomas K.ay, (otirt M'Connell,imuel M'C unf,
Fred.; Millar, Nell -M'Galpin rionald Mronald,
Sutannab M'liityre.T Neil M'Kayi Peter Niclolfbnr
carf of Alexander M'lver, .John Needhatri, carer-ol
,'.ty the French cocoj .
ra ot thae happydsy, when their citizens c0ii ft,:rr-.1tnVi sT.ii rlr.u ct.i.
oiin iMnuon, 2; Uavid nerpara, 7; drosiriaa
Siaiert, Katbafine Smith, Ciirrlon. F;"yaltonftaH,
1 PprldStartreare of John Kennedys 1 atrick
Maw, ames. Sprout, Pnrald jnntn, James bpuiar,
...Vil.liatn. Trapnall, -AlexanrTer Torrance, AnjMia-
I Wilkinfon.-Ne l VViJkinfon. Gecfpe Walker, blacks
r mum, nuutn w unamiou, .ihwu imu jj,
16 3 '".. , -: JOhN SIBLfcYj rTM.
A variety of BLANKS for falc ais Of- -
, ' nee,
' . - :-44
ma,- - 1
jf si-
i !
. mm
. ' - ' , ' TTtt'Mt
. -f 1 v.1 pi
t , rat
V1 f
J ,1
f '
- ii
1 ,
' V
1 t 1.. Vi
- I '
J , 4

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