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HAIL, Modely, whofh'li art feen
U1tTBt.iTfi1ifgeTiT5iTjDVFncaft tnein
Yet be,auty courts tUy liuei -" -
ThiVfrrfhingcriinfon o?er the eyes,
Then fhifts Vt fwretly varied dyft,
Alternate to the view. ,
" Sweet Maid, who n tliyfelftetirM,
Ari tYafYul molt to be atlirnr'd, 'f --
Anc (eeks tliy cliarms to hide ; " -For
modefty, hyTolt ontroui --.
i MTuh fay mure pnw'er ol r.ule the; fcuW, - .
ThUtBeaoty'a coplcna f i ide.
Bcheld that jfeL-anfoldirtg. rofc, '
VVliofe buds but half themfej ve$ djfelofc
Yet ihed a rich perfume i , ,
Say. can the tulip foTnvlte,
So chirm the fenfe, lo feaR the fight, .
In all in gaud j blooat I
Without thee, evn the Mutes' flame,
Which boafU a Heav'n inlpiring claim,
. Werebgt vulgar fire - - -- ---.
, And love, beft paflion of the mind,
t - Bet that by thee Vi raU'd, rcfin'd,
Would fink to low defire. ..
O 03011 tlidfl teniper'd Sappho' lay,
And ca1irtid iinper 1ou paffion a fway,
She ne'er had fought the fteep;7 :. '
KoV from its height, by love infpir'd,
Urg'dby dildaiu, to madneli ur.V, '
flongM headlong in the deep, z f .
Say,ould the wave alone afluagt,
. WJthb her breaft the glowing race i
Then dread, ye (ex, her fate s f
And hence be taught modeft part
Alone xan charm a lover.' heart, V --
Alone can fix jrour flatel. - -" ,
hs-PomSwko Paddy. ------
A certain Paddy, newly tranlported-into this
fhHPegultfw-of xonfmerce hctgccnahi pro.
vipce and the united state 01 America, s
7 BT7gOTINsTTAfitirJa3Tr--r
We learu this montem by a Uttk'4khounci Jim ar
rived from St. Lucia, thai the, Vlie was taken (by
ftorn the toth inttk and that Republican were
bayonet ted. -v..
'"Haifa million iterling indbllats has been import
e,i irt'liis'Majetty'a (hip Thnderer, froni England,
tor the pay mcnt of the army and naVjt in the Vell
Indies. ,. . ,. .-.--SLJl?;'. ':
The Louifa Bridge? arrived this day frpm Marti
nique and brings tjie pleafwg intelligence of St. Lu.
cia having lurrendered at diftrctioii to the Britifh
arm on 1 hurlday laft.Tiat the white people
I I ',"", niiKi till, I t. ii'i a i
t found in Morne rortoneiadcjetMhipped-e
e leu to tc unpoieu oi treatv of amity, conin-e
illadd. an J the coloured peoiil
at Gen. Abercromhie" niicbt ' tli!nk proper. .'.r.ThJt
five fcnglnh inhabitants were lound in the tort and
executed, and thirty other were in the fame predi
cament"wajting their fateSev.cral deferters frm
the emigram corps, lately arrived frottv EuglartdT
were alio there and will doubilefttnetlteirleeH!r
A ConfiJerable body Tf our gallant troops had
embarked for Grnida snd SU.Viiwentrwbxkllluiiii J-the-er-t-ur-4,ord 1 7o6
.......... ...ii r L ! ' fl.i; .. ...,: I k 'r-
wc nope ana iruu win iouh m iiairm n jiju.
lity and the extreme fufivrin.KS of theifnlortunaielm
1iabtranWDarniidrrTh g1 lamryandpod
xonducc of the di!Frrentrcorpot milHt4ftitlr
thofe illand is (poke of in the highe!t terms.
i me aiorciaio tdiiro orticie ot
i-a of hi Maitftyj a nd to the . -
St at e and the ryjivn d weU
Indiati tribe, can be onder(loi to dr,1'
manner troro tbcjijilua and free .intgrifiurlc-j
commerce, feenred by the alorclaid Miird article of
tbe treaty. to the fubjects ot hi Mai
citizens ot the United !
(ilia on either fide of
but that all the (aid perloinjlhall rehiain a t full li
bei ty ely to pafs and re pais j. by land pr jnlland Ba
vigation, into the relpecttve if rritprics anij coun
iries ot the cohtraftin paf tie, on either fidir of the
fa:d boundary line, snd titely to carry n trede ai d
commerce Atrtrcacb pthtr according to the, fttbu-"
lati.ons of the faid third article of t,hf freati pi
mitjr, comnjerce, and navigation 1 )i f xphiqatos
rv article, when the lame (hall have hon ratified bf
his Najefly, and by the Prefidt nt it the L nite4
States, ff'aif-'w1.ilil'hiflidv;ce','Iid qhieijt of the
Senate1, and therelOffll'eutifiCBticaiiTii ex-
.i v,i , ii. i i -I i . ... . t .i. . - , -
rce, and navigation, and
(hall be permanently binding upon tis A'ujcUy and
the Unhid State, f ". T
In vitneis hereof,' we, tbe faid cnvrnittiortrra of
jus Majeity the king ol Great-is ri.isin and the L?nit
eJMate of Amrrica.fhave ngnert this explajidtjrj
arirc1e,"aBd1berfto i afjiifd'our UiX r " ;
Done at Phil adVlpliia. this loui th day pf AJay, ia
Lcounfry. pafled by where a farmer war eathering
pumpkins. By my (houl, and what do you call
fcheitt, fays Paddy Mares eggs, fays the farmer.
And by St. Patrick, and won't you felt me one of
, them I for I wijh to get in a way of raifirtgmy oVvn
" liorfe, for my poor old father llraighiened tbe hemp
for nothing bit taking, one; without liberty -Yes;
Sq Paddy takes it and on he gpes--and lit defcend
inz a hill, he by chance let the pumpkin tall, and it
aOiaafcA.dlrt&lon, -downJtJieJJiT jww ardsia hunch of
buthes, and. Mr. Paddy id full lueed
Pumpkin (truck a It'imp and Iplit open
which lay under the bu flies afleep, darted almod
r ; frightened toleath,: and Paddy after itv yelling-.
- -"Wop tnat eauit ... Rop I oat tm't nop tnat. ;
QUEBEC, April 28;
ts !Mond ayinATneflkEewa snjelive red hirrti t tra n
ourable. Mr. Young from his excellency the go.
vernor, accompanied oy a copy ot a treaty 01 amity,
Commerce and navigation, concluded between lira
J- Wajefty and the United StatcLof Ainerica the-
meuage was read to tne tojiowin ettect.
(Siencd) ' I DORCHESrR. Gov.
- -The, governor has given directions for laying
pgiore tne nouie ot AUcmniy a copy ot a i reaty ol
amity, commerce and navigation, vtnicn hts Majeity
has' concluded with the United Slate of America :
The proviltoiis contained in this Treaty beinii cai-
culated for the encouragement and extenfion of
commerce oeiwcen tuia uiuvihlc anu iiie-unitea
State, the governor trufu that, when carried into
effeA, the mutual advantages arifing therefrom,
will give additional permaoehce to the peace and
todd under(landing which novr Jiappily fiibfitt be- J
The loneexpeded fleet under Admiral Pole it 1
faid, is certainly arrived at Barbjdoe with lix iLmu-.
land ttooi more. - -'
BOS TX) S Jane n.
Capt. Rogers from tape KaiKois, mention the
Krench naval "force.whiclrarrived there, to conlill
of 3 (hips of the line, and 10 frigate s more were
expected. J he number ot troop tie could not
afcertain. No alter at ion had oc;ured tefpecting i he
treatment of Americans. . Tlitf day atier (ailing hfs
tell in wuh J hnglilh (hips, one ot oo ana two 7
podLfoonlafier J'a.wa (quadroa which heHiippoleit
from many circkimdarices to be French, b oud for
the Cape, and from the eourfe they were fleeting
thhik ttiey muft have fell in with the English.' .
Capt. Saunders from Leogane, infoi ins -usthiii;
the Britilli Ihip rgonu'. ot 64 guns, wa loll on a
taken off by Ktench boats. ,,, "
. tide, in rtff .G to thi' winjb Trtat.m it it as jol-
' . (OW . ;.:--. r-Z-
. WflEREAS by the third article of the fr?aty of
amity, commerce and naviatiun, cmuludcd at Lon
Iflffn'nntlirijill f r-n'"mnfr;ri7W oetween his
britannic N'eietly and t lie JUntted Mates o Amen
tar irwas agree
tubiects and to ihe ciiizfns of the
- r "'" ' LumbitoH, 7A 'jun, 1 "H)(.
I "".HK officer and fuldier of the Ksvett.eville bri-
A e de will take noli e. that a Etnrral
' tvreert the two countries.
.'CaftleofSt. Lewis, ) '
- Quebec, jcth April,, 1 10, ' . D. O. :
-On' niotltm of jyiYoutig; it'
solved as follow t i ' " rv
. "Refolved, That an humble addrefs be prefented to
his excellency the governor general, to return t
his eicellencyj, the thank of this houfe for his mef.
5 1 a6e accompanied by a copy of Treaty of amity;
" : cbrrtTierce and navigation, which Jiis 'Majedy lias
I concluded with the United States of America,' and
ftt'epwlstfie'7uftfetile':is'e haf o(; hi,JMjeitjr'
Iiaternaf care of hi people in thi mak
lig f ich provifions therein as are calculated for the
- encduragement snd extenfion of commerce between
; this brovlhce and the United States, and when car
;f!ed into effect, may he produftive of mutual ad
vantages, ana give aauiuouai priur.iiciicc io ire
' peace and good.uiiderllanding which happily fubfilt.
between tne two countries, j .
HAbftl to enibirMs'exceilentyth'e ttovernor wi
ceneraj review
0 all the battalions id uiisautrict will ci itniience on
the fiftccntli dav ot July next, and be cominued ia
the following ortler-ijin the cbimiy of Kobefon.on '
the I jth day of July in the county of Richmond.
On the 19th j In t be county-of Anion, onthe'acchj
ia t!ie-c,ounty'-ot MiTore,-on theyiid i in the county
of . Cumberland. u the iftth : io the countv of
bamplon. on the 29th Whi n the'"a"fFereni compa
.nieTCfcavalty, an illery'aiTd light infantry, in IkiJT
CJuniitfSj will atteud at their rlpectivp court houftf v
y.T'M" "ico'pw to I'w. f. VMf.t.lSHrig f.tiu
Tb the OiCEkS and SOLDliRS-
VXi-.O krvrtt in jiic army 01 lie Cm t d .Mm s of
; V V America during fi e war with jat Britain,
r e Subjciibf r otf'tf hi iervicei---. i.tu.h as may think
pr pet to lonimuniiate v. nil, or ti (;n rim, may
crme nfeiul to tiem, and on niuii raw tern': I V
ha already received many appikaiio'n' from this
ViK VI tlafs of citizens, and 1 hetefoi e ha refolved
to id tile a part ol hi lime 'to their benefit;
f?W?f??5 nor.
p i e, where diligent attention ill he 'itvenTo
perfon apj.lyi: g. WILL. KALKKNER.
Xi C" W t M T I M H , A N D TOW MAT BJt Sy Et
V ! r H POOP ir 1 r CI. ' ' " f I '
ir was agreed iHaT it inouin at an times be Tree
to.htt Maieli -'tuhjecta'-and to the citizens
Cnjted States,' and alio lo the Indians dwelling on
either (ide of the boundary line, aifined by the
treaty ot peace to the United Siatr , trer ly 10 pafs
and repafs by land of inland navigation. Into the
refpeclive territories and countries of the two con
trading parties on the conlin nt of America, (the
bay company only excepted) and to navigate all the
Jakesxiversland water utlier'of, land freelyto
carry on trade and commerce with eacb 'pther, fub-
e& to the provilions and limitations contained! in
ine urn ariicie j ana whereas ujr iuc oni urucie 01
Fhe treaty of peace and friendfhip concluded at,
Greenville,- dtl the 3d day of Auguft i7oyrbw'fen
the United States and t lie nations or tribes of Indi
an called the Wyandot, Delaware, Shawanees,
Oitoras, Chippewa. Puttawatiniies, Miamies, EI-.
:kia, ftiouiatedhat no petfonihould be pe
nutted to relide at any; ot tne town or hunting
' i' 1 . .; .1 t J : . : . 1.
taimu ui - 111c laiu iiiuiaiM' u uv3 . iimuci, wiiu is
not furoimed wiih a licenfe for that purpole, under
the authority of the United Staterwhkh. latter Hi.
pulatioh has excited doubts whether in its operation
it may' not interfere'with the due execution of the
riVE Trullees of the Univerfity of Nortli-Caro-
- JOmaTlF
July neat, at tlie Univethty, on mattet ol corte-
faid article of the treaty of amity, -rommerce :andL
navigation; and it being the lincere rlelire ot his
Britannic majedy, and of tbe United States, that
this point fbonld b So explained a; to remove all
doubts, and to promote mutual fatisfaAlon and
friend (hip . arid for this' piirpofe his Britannic n.a-
jeiy luv'rig named for hi commiflion r, Phineas
Bond, elt, his majeHy't ':confnl-genral for th'e.miij
dle-anrt toutnerB nates ot America, tapd now ins
Maiefty' charge d'affaires to the United State V and
the Prefidenr of the United State having named for
their commilGoner, Timothy Pickering, efq fecre-f
tary of flate ot the United State, to whomj agree
ably to the laws ot the United State, he has en
. z:.-i-j..- ,T r-- v:. --. j? .
,truiieoAuiis nezaciauaiT.
' w-L :tr vcr
queuce, . which wilf there be laid belore-'the board,
and are abloluttly neccflary 10 bn iltirimincd on,
rjunet6.' 12 3 SA.vlULL ASHr., i'rehdenr.
S, O L D,
ON the premife, on Monday the 1 t h ot Auguft
next, too acre of I atid on both fidetof Kiihel's
Cretk, a prong of the Governor Creek, in Voore.'
couniy, taken by dilhef ttir the taxes ot the year
T79Jf, the property ol - Me'tonrou Ktw Riverpi
in Onflow county. ALLEN IvI'LLNNON, D.S.'
District of Fayet1bville,
-U. the Court tf aii ft, "iprit tirvi, 1 71,6.' ' j".
Daniel D, Reger. Complainant .Vor.gageet v.
' V -v - V Arjainlt '.' .
' Richardtr Rtbr. Ctchun, Lefendants Mortgagor.
BILL and anfwer read .it wa bv the cuui t or-
"der edThatnlets-w irhin Tw el vewonths
from, the date hereof, derepdant and all perlons
claiming under them lince the mort-"..
faged, do pay or caule to be paid to complainunt
tlie money within ereft thereon due and accruing,
then the equity of redemption to he foreclofrd a
geeable to- the prayer of complainant' bill And .'
iris futiherordered, that the defendant arid per
(qns named in their anfwer, have notice of tlm de.
cfee by publication in the North. Carolina Minerva.
:.r.llFronvthe minutes," ;r:..;f-: -
,fmet6. .m. : GEORGE MUMFOBD. flkV
WAN T E D, immediately,
1" . 3C00 Beer Hides, greea or dried, -yoo
Horfe do. , :.;
And ajo Calf-fkms.
the advice of the executive conncil, toniake tempo
rarr "reffufations' of commerce, for the purnofei f
1 : . f - - A . -. J. ' ... . ' r- r 1 :li. rt-i?-rr
rryingnenrearyorjiinitj, owween"UTTaTprrn tue or tneiame, anwcomiorraaoiy 10 111c ipinr 01
They, the faid coniwiSffioner; having communi
cated to ac vther their lull power, have, in ir-
. ', i 'If' ij. u. 'l. r-i.--.-1
tara and theXJnited States.Into immediate efteft. ha
' ja.fled tBe; tegifl.-fti.v't Council and Aflembly, and
Waits theroTarafienr. . ' -
ra7...Meflaffej ivertreeeived from. the Leeif-
tlv8uhciirotimatirig;theirJCo'n the
confolidation and lied 'tH. and that tbey had alfo
the laft article of the faid treaty of atnity, com:
mecendjiajrigation entered into this explanato
ry articlcv,' by thefe prefentsj explicitly a
greeaod declare, that no liipulation in any. treaty
nibTeqiientlytcncluded by either of the cbntfaing
parties, with any other (late or narion,'or with tj
C(h and a generous price"wHHw elven by - -
r- . .' .,. , WHEATON & TISDALE.
T O BE S O LD, .' ' -
ONllieatTFof Augiilt next, by public anVtion, at
Richmond cburt-houfe,'9 40 "crei of land,
or To much'thereo
on for the year 79. the above, land wfe en-
tere d in the natrie of John Founta'n Alfo 7c-acres, .
at fame time and place, and for the like purpnfe,v
belonging to' temtma Yarboroiigb. .
b . J JOllN COLE,, Sheriff.
' Xhhwnd Coutttj, Jiixt-ZQtb, --4 "' -14 . - ''- -' '

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