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Vol. I. '
SAT J U R-D r AY jutV-3ov; i 796r
Jfflbi br-g fytfijlt Jlor, arrived at B0JI011, from
Br'JIol (ErijgqHdyvie havi tbt jiiliw 'mg iwf wtani
txMiipiracy at I'aris.
COUNCIL o riVc riuNL-itcD, May to.
TTTTMr ITfrgnrniEtlireSfory informed the Coun
vT(pIiiEovey ofTww confpiracy : ,
-.y Citizens Legiflatora,. A ; horrible, plot was
'intended to be executed to narrow t ty.ferrak;
Its objefl' was to overturn the French conltitutioil
- to murder rhe Iegiflative.4odyV all hmeniber oi
the government, the officer compofing the ftafF ot
the army of the interior, and the contributed autho
"Titles at Paris. 1 bat great commune was to be de
livered up to a geueral pillage and the molt horrid
"inafllcriV. t".
" The "executive direfloryTinformed of the place
where the chiefs .of this terrible confpiracy were af-
fcmblcd, and where ihey held theircommutee pt re
of them have been taken upland it is with pain
that we apprize you, that among them .was found
one of our colleagues, citizen Drouet, taken in the
vcrv atT ofcoolbiracy. ' " ; - . ' ,
The executive tiireclory calls upon you, citizens
jegUJiUoritoiave-the-gosonelr-tor point purilie
plan ot conduit it ouglit to, follow on this occafion.
it you iudirejlianbeilirectory ouiilit tahut lealson
Vroaef. s papers, u prays you to declare your in
iciuiuu on wai pouii.
(Signed) " CARNOT, Prefident
Treilliard demanded tht the CuunciY-fhouid, -by
a refoluiion, authorife the putting ol fels on Drou
et's papers. .;,; -.r, ' -
Defcrniont ohferved, that thi mode of procedure
would be. too flow. Imperious circuniltaticcH cpm
maud that this sneafure (Iiould he inllantly executed.
He demanded, therefore, ,that the Council (hould
pafs to the r4f tf .th-daMV,'nMni,r that4h
mandate of arrell jullitied' in illelj the placing ot
fcal'Ooi.h papera. Adojted.T7"'T '
" One of the lecf etaries then read another medage
from the directory. V ' lyi-
" H Cannot be difltnibled that the commune of
Parts is the refort of att the imniorgl beings of the
republic. A fwarm of dilmifltd funclionaries. and
6 difbandfd foldiers flock to it,, and the laws Ue
I inlufh'cirntvto reach, iheroTJiA-dift&oi-y demands
.f the legiflative bodyiHaw, enacjing thareyery
- ex-conveiuionali(l, every difmifled fundionary every
fojdier not employed, every, perlon convicted , of e-,
inlgtation, and'e;'ery individual not born in France,
unirls he be attached to the diplomatic body, (lull
be obliged to quit I'aris in three ctay, and -.torwith--
draw.himlelf ten eagnaJ.tOJW-tlcnti on penalty of
irliitpoftauon. TJie acii fed to be tried according
, to the form prefcribed ly ihe law of the a?th Ger-
' tiimal. .- a .':..,-:--"
The urgency was .decreed, and the plan put to
v0te7. aru.le by article.!.. .; ,
before the-pafliriffwer-of foTtnightrs fecond
con(birac has been formed hv terrorifni. not with'
ftandingJts ex Hence has been obltinateiy denied oy
tne. liait accorapiicci anu nircuiigwriini, n
endeivotired.'"lo cbangejts complf jtion, in prevent
iiajl)eingrecogn)zd,.'nd to thwart the efficaciou
meafures h wS " 'necellarji ;lodpOj5a'n'iKl!!
ile'atigable 1'ciiiipircev 7Crat praile is due to the
direcloryl clear ftghted, not whhQanding the great
er prt.of thofe hy whom it is farrounded feem to
be paid to miflead its mcmbrrs, it has held out to
public indignation, it has courageoully brought for,-
ward to notice the mod. dangerous enemies of fiance
thefe eternal enemies of the good citizens, thofe
who are in a. permanent confpiracv acainlt every e-
volt, gave ofders lor theirppreheniiou, Several Uabiiflted government, becatflefjiforder is their ele
A commillion, compofed of "J'reilliard.-MathieuV
- Camus,.Canihaceres, arid Madier, was, charged to
prefcnt as fpeedily as poflible a plan of a relolution
. on that head, ' . ... .. . :
. Mitjt an hour's fufperoh.;'that is to fay, at five
o'clock, the fitting began. ' ,.1" :
Cam Vthfr reporter ofthe comtnidion, charged
to examine the meffage of the diKclory. "declared
tne urgency ot adopt in the propoftd mealurc, to
KS '--.j- .- ft
more aaringMhaDeyer'Wifcreants'-laid hef
covered with blood and rapiheTcorifpire 1 together:
J hey-wilh to feize again on ihe-victims w,ho have ef
caped their rage T he accomplices of Roh(pierre
declare themrelves in open war againll theconftitu
tion and againlt the niagiftrates, who are'refolveil
Jo maintain it. Let us halTen to put ourfelves in a
Hate of defence.'. -The meflageof the direclory
tliewti youall thextent of the dangei.: Let us fur
"Jin Jt with the means of pf evemongahs explofion."
.B,S now read a plap, tending to expel from'i'aU
,.Jiinn three dvs, and tW drive-at leall ten
i"e j m fbenff' M th! ex eonventjonaiilU not
' TuC V mK iiivelled with pitMlc funttions
all ihe publifc functionaries difmifled fince the otl
. inermidnj-i all the generals or Wdiers-tlfiHiiflec1
or Hifbi.nded ; all thole to whom amneUies werr
granted for the crimes of 4th Brumaire ; all iLofV
who were . apprehended or in weeufatirn, or con-
-.--fit mned, or whp owes their libelTyentlrely to that
amnrlty B foreigners not. fet-tl'd in France prior
" 1 fcyrand who are not attached to the minifters
Paris i'and
jimes have
merit, pillage thejrthppe, maiiacre their means
and tneir pictures.- ; - "
We (ball now content oijrfelves wuhadding a few
details, in addition to the particulars alteady given
in the proceedings nf the council, rtlai'ute-to-tfie
T." i- 1 w 1 ; 1. ... n :. 1
ocw coinpiracy uoiu rc juu cxuic4icu
Its aim was to overthrow the eonftitution of 1795.
1 he conlpiraiors fpbkeof re -Ii'aibliffiing the stpar.
thical citle of 1 79, but, they would foon hate done
,hat they have already twice fucceeded in doing.
Their chrifhed conflitutibn voiiUfhave been placed
among the ia.cred at chives, and we Ihould foqn have
had lerond edit:on of revolutionary tyranny.. "1 he
convention oulJ.ha've been "reef eafeii, and ihede
puttea not re elected; would have taken 1 he-place of
the new thirds In consequence, almoll all of the de'
puties of the new third, the grrater pah of the
leventy-t bi ee of thole out-lawt d. and all thofepf
iheiOTherdepneFai probity,
their energy, and their deteUatipn ojfj he anarchr.fts;
' together with the'membersof the diieitory, feral
mmilters, and tne.commanaers ot-tne armed Torce.
were to have been apprehended tins morning, and
afterwards butchered. Teri meu were for this pur
pole. 10 have proceeded to each of their houles; a
part of the guencra had been brought ovei, and it 1'be ecutiv Oireaory to' the
is laid that the conlpiratoi s had at their command '''8ML!',0.rla!.i?-I!lISi'
ThfnyfieldwtetMayiFeak-thp bat riera.irere
Tohave been lliut, the apprehcnfinns were ro take
place, andthe tbclin fnunded. The plunder of all
the boul'es was to have been,. permitted, on pretrxt.
of fupp.lyui&tJjejaMrdUM
ratots did oufbrethren in armsihe injiillice to think
that the temptation ot' tl. is plunder would have at'
tacbed them jo their-caiiie; -----
"The plot was denounced to the, direAery by fome
of the ronfpirators themfelves, who appeared, to
tr edible at the inon.ent of the approach lor its exe
cution. The diredfory iinmedittely brought up the
armed force, which furronnded the committee n re
volt; at tne head ol this committee was Dtouet
member of the Council of Five Hundred, lie had
svith him fixty of the principal terrorifts when his
houfe was furrounded., Several of his colleagues
Hates, that lince his return from Aultria, tliev have
heard him open)y fpeak of the plan of overthrowing
the Conlfitutibn and the directory. Prior to his dc-
deteat the plot which was ready t explode, and to I titionjn theorifons ofexmanyewaioiiejjtthe
oilperle the rinn!ci,t-o r , i, i,uit -j4-
s...j-. ---mzrj. -wvAIVT'-'nvlXTiai sillily, n i-uuic
lice received aco,oco livres. of this money, which
they have faithtully dcpoluerl in ihe office of police.
Several proofs are eltablifhed thst theaiflallinsollbet
X 0tt'4i.4,urUr, who ar apprehended, wereTVntoa
lhatJju(ine&byaheonfpirtor.TticT killed hmr
lor tuc purpoie ot getting into their hands coniioer.
aoie-Hints-we-ipeeieiie tratrnDBul Turn, with which
tnty were to pay their part uans. : i. ,
- A very nunieious force lias beenin foot in this
capital lince )etteiday mornine; and cutis are tda-
ced at the principal gate and round the tvO ccun
ei'ls. T he titmoft t ranqu 1 ity; prevails in conle
quence ol the vigilante ofthearmed force and polide.
a nemonipiratoraana tneir partizins are conf ounded
and abafhed. bcieral , 01 1 hem have fled Amonfr
thefe are Vadier at'd Amar. .Enquires are making
on all fides who were, and who were riot concerned :
in the plot. 'I hole who three days aco pronounced ,
boldly agVinft the eonftitution of i70, and asbold
ly in tatour ot of Ho, have now a real paffion
iwi nit in 11, hiiu Luric iiic ircona onieriy. 11 enicaj
fious (leps, however, are Cot taken to difmiftou'blic
employments, tiie men who are a (candal to tbem.
ihe anarchilts will, in the courfe of a fortnight," be as ;
daring as ever, will deny tie exiftence of the confpki.
racy, and will accule the directory ofhaving devi- -fe..
it 10 cut off the lad remains of the patriots; - r.
-,T he interrogatories of the conlpirators are now
taking. It is laid, that belides Lrouet, another de
puty.known to have been a ereat friend of Marat, it
-.triplicated lb the trials of tlje Septembei izera began
Jutitcraay. it waanrorretrto lntcu tnem iront'
the death which awaits them. - ,
" At Drouet'S houle was found a proclamation, in
which the confpirators announced to the people the
eonftitution of 179? ' To this paper was auuexed a
icl, wuh the wpids" public lately."
Three waggons filled with conlpirators have pro-,
-eeededto' rfctnapr"-!""---- -; -r r
Jitij U- Pari 1? tiill tranquil. Three hundred
tbouiand copies of an addrets, defined by the con
lpirators lor the departments and the. armies, have .
been feized. "J he toll owing is the only paper which -Ijas
as yet been officially given lo the public 011 the.
;ubjtft of ihe conlpiracy. 1 .; ;. .
citizens of Paris
""Citizens, a terrible plot was to have exploded
'his night, or to morrrow morning at day break.
A horde of robbers. "and allafTins hnd formed , the.
plan of. auaflinating the legillafive body, all . the
members of the government; theflafFof' arrry"or"
the inierior, and all the cunltituted bodies in Faris.
'he proclamation of 'be'cpnlpirators was to be the
fig,nal of a general pillage in Pgris, as Wf ll of the
houfes, as of the magazines and fhops.nd the raaf
facre of a great pifmber of citizens was to take place
at the fame time. ,-
" But be com 'orted, good citizens , the govern
ment watches ; it knowslhe ringleaders of the con-
of tfie pevajro'r ailied powers now in,
aU thofe conviitFAnf i".r.;v.,.;An ; aihK
""fl? n " defln'"e,y erafed"fidm the lids. Thofe who
; ?"gues, alter the time pointed outf fhsll be lentenc-:4-
t0 tran05ort'o1! -the dirffthry bp'ngsft fn fame
fine authorifed to retain thofe yvh'ofe pretence it
may think neceflary for the public fetvice
moittnnouBTiroiinravneers. un tne ailt ot way, lie
played a very dUlinguimed part--hc: was more ef
pecially defirdus, heTaid, 10revenge the death of
Romme,Soubrany,Bouchotte,& other mountaineers
executed lad year, for .having been implicated in the
revon or yie 111 rrairiai. - , .
Thebidory, and the papers which prove the con
fpracy; wilt "without doubt be publiflied y the di
rectory .Thirty-fivcof the principal confpirators tire
apprehended. BaboeuT's inrerrogatory is particu
larly itVtereOirtg.-We ate afliired-that' hiconief
Jfions are very-import ant,--and well "calculated - to
throw a light on tliis horrible p'.otv He was taken
ill at the fniniller's huule, but waa recovered bv a
glaTs of watcfr- Among tho
collected ttie toJ lowing names
tl iTribttne vf tht ftdpit ; Laignelet, ex-convention-.ilifl,
who was apprehended laltyear as an accum
plice of the infurreftion of ill Prairial ; Ricors, ex-
youBger in his million at Toulon, alfq apprehended
oh the ... jft Prairial v ChaVlesek-eonventionalift, r
.lotmeiiy impriloned in the Chateau of Ham ; , l)ar;
thes, Bouchotte'sTeCretary rthe fecrp tary of Jofeph
Lebpn i Germain, comuiiffioocr of the directory at
Vrrfailles ; R oflignol, ex-general irTI-ei Vendee ; and
Antonnelle, a Writer in ihe. Journals det-ihmma Li
ires.- ..' -: ;-:';.. .' "Z- :
V:mf hundrid thoufapd livres fpecie had been
expended in maturing the confpiracy.:' We are af-.
furtfd that the agents of tho rrefent minjlTeri ofpo-
Ipiratots and their means.
"Thff .(imnl nuMlritv nrhirh rK enfiv fii
.... ..... I ....... - - ' ,
reftory give's to their plansjjljviihoyt doubt luf-l
tice to prevent any. movement on their part, But, ;
in every cafe, be tranquil, and purfue your ordinary
avocations. Abandon the Btigand" to tbemfelyes j
the government has taken certain tnealurs to defeat
t he ir pi ot s . jg ntLto deluef u p them and the i t-pacl-tizatis
Tonffiff WrlleWceof tlielFws, '
. (Signed ) - ; -; CARNOT, Prefident. a
L ON DON, May 14.
The French having ttipulated with the king of.
Sardinia for the paflhge of , the Po at Valenza, en
ables them to penetrate Info the Milanefe by-Pavia.
1 ortona, one ot the iortrtflcs in. wnicii
the French troops are now in pellelTion, is the key,
to the Milanete, which it is feaied, the'enemy have.,.,
t L. ' .L! . 1 1. .. . u ,
Tuy mis ume completely over run. ;
fe appf ehcndecL, we have -mes
Baddeuf, editpr-of
An American houfe in the city has flopped pay-
ment for a very large fum, in eoiifequence-of-Jpeu-lations
in corn and rici from America, which have
turned out unfavourable. i heir deficiency .is flated
at I 50.0CO i.r-Tir.r7T'' ;?-;' -
ftiey j 7. French papers Rate, that hdflilities had
not, according to their laiefi advice, recommenced Qn,
the Rhine, though the preparations for fucli an event
-yr-tare?eidvm; wit.vgrntrftis'?ty.,' Off the. fou''"
trary, a report prevails it Paris that the negncla-'
;tions for peace had been relumed between the m
peror and the French Such an eyent is extremely
probalile, for there hardly ft ems any other means , ;
left to'him to f.ivehidnDiinions in Italy, which to
him are ol much greater impcr,tancefia the Netherlands;-
Sailed the Dolly armed cttttrry of 8 gnnTrA.War-; ;
fonj mafler, with the captain of I ai Virg'mle, Who
is to be exchangedTor Sir Sydre.y Smith.
The mailer of the American fhip Sallys arrived in'-"
1 A, St
Vi? l.
A- 'i t
i I ?V-.i
it 1

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