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    " ' 7 :." iSSSKWiBBbaoiviM SATURDAY r
voi. i. i z,:z
S A T U R D A;JV August 20 1796; ';
Numb. 22.
i 1 : .... , i 1 . 1 l . M I
. . , : 7 -. i . ?
1 'i -
Further ..extratts fttyh French paerst ttei
Fait ' American y Capt. Cladj frimjfe
-"r f- -.T" .j 1
- .1 P S SENBAC H, MaV 1
We iwalt an opening clofe to the xountry ; it 5s
' faid that the Count tie Colloredo, on his return from
Vienna on the 10th inlt. has brought difpatcbe of
an important nature, which -may occafion a great
- alteration in the political Jjiiem ot a lairs. After
rhiaarrivaL at Mayence the .Arch.-P.uke Charles re
Kt)aired,.tf Manheim, to hold a conference with the,
Marfbal de Wurmfer. BeGdes which, orders were
immediately given to form abatis's from Donnerf
burg, by ihcpeaJrLisuXhe.
ahcerjTat war, the commiuary department, the
magazines and troops, which were found in the cirV
de of ;Fjancbuiahav$ all received orders to join,
On tne rear ffoqtraap? fromhei&ontters1
jalTci to AlchaflSfflboarg.,, Thefe troops having been
made- ffrHblprt-af .war 'bjr:theTrcnchelii'incd.1ii
the diltrid of Franconia, expecting they might ferve
gain i the time fixed upon in the capitulation, be
ing expired, they jsre now going to rejoin the army.
-, Vaioua ideas' are conjeftured-tlt js thought tbe Im
penal troops will abandon tht (icgo, ana retire. to
tbe mountains near Neuwied, ',:: --'
Sitting the loth of June.
Meffiget from the directory were radi the firft
announced that the king of Sardinia had notified
the treaty concluded with the French republic! the
Jesond gave details of a frfcfli Victory by the left
wing of the hrmy of the Sanibre and the Meufe, oo
tne rignt oanKsot tne Khine. l lie enemy atter the
- km. Kleber attacked them, od eained a brilliant
vktory';' icoo Auftrians are ,ni.ade pxilftaa,an
dards, and "very confiderable- magazines of . provi
" "fions and forage. have been 'taken from tlie enemy
The fame meti'age reports that Buonaparte at the
head of the army or Italy,, continued the career of
mitnumpha. - a - . j-"--On
the 8th of May,, the French army was fepa
ratea irora the' enemy by tUt river Mincio. The
-grenadiers eroflTeJ that river, op to; theirs nkVin
'- m ta the link iol titie'e'and Ne eocia non.T tliaii1-
bis fervants, the Prefident Vice Prefident, Mehrffs
-r Jay, Hamilton, Knos, " Wolcott and Pickering
thanks to the majority In both houles of Congrels
- cn7 let all the people fay : : . , - ; .-iy-rrr--p-.-'
AM KM. '
.JC'ome now and let us reafontogether faith the
tord.. -Ifaiah. ' (Cz.U.S.)
N O T; I C E.
the tana due thereon, for the year I70(. fu
-foM to belong to John rVtintain.-T8 poHpone on
til tbe iii Sept. next. :r -r.: a--. : .;
, - - : JOHN COL Sheriff.'
f 4 greattnmiOut ft prfiuuers.
.S lM;oute7ThU-uewf: isrdfficTaT.
't7''- StUmg.of the 2fi Piair:t. n ?
M un- aPnrves the refojution of the Coun,
il of Fjve Hundred : That the army' of the Sam
bre and .Meufe has hot ceafed to dercrv e well of its
. country. ? .--v-p-h-.u i, ,,;;.
1 ;0'CX Aures the councir'thaV therireoi$i
' J n a- ?xfeJ 6n thla day to awe'rhpt again their
dellruthye plan, have been difcovrred, nnj prevent-
ed trnm hutVI it. .: . v
CI 1 " "illlclC , nrerpau into execw
"Groffiterflhrfitimc&tiitle vfBirehetto Capture
Z '?' fortrefi vf Pechiera apd ' of the fgazmih ej
Head Quarters, Pefchieraj tjth Praifial, (June t.)
7tlztir.Bireftors;-;:"r7ii luZZ-S
After the battle of Lody, Beaulieu eroded the pg
lih and the Mihclo :Jie,iicline4-' -;bi-rIght-ttr:thV
Lake of Garda ; his left on Mantua, and creeled batr
teries on all the-anglet ot "thiline, in order -to"de--fend
the patTage of tne Mincio..- . .. .
Head-quarters .were eftablimed on the oth at
Brefc1r.I"of dered the tnrt-orJdivirion, Kil-
matne, t march with r,$o) cavalry and o batta
lions of grenadiers to Defiiwauno, and General Ruj
teauli a blf Mge fifht infantry- to Lalo. -My
intention was to induce Beaulieu to believe that
1 wanted to torn -hit flank y the oppcr part of the
lake to cut off fb roadof the Tyrol on the fide of
Riva.,. I kept all the dmfioas of the arifiv in the
rear, infomuch that my righf, with which I really'
meancio attacx mm,, was owy one aay and a Halt a
march frpm the enemV; I thtn placed. the army be
hind the river Chenila, when it appeared to be on
the def'enfive, whillt general kilmaine advanced to
the polls of Pctlhera, and day had fdmc fltirmiflics
with the advinced potts of the enemy, in one of
which the Autlriah general, Lieptay, Was killed. 1
On .the toth the divifioti of general Angereau re
lieved that of geheral Kilmiine, which retrogaded
to Lonado, ana arrived that evening at CaliigTiona.
General Maflena was then at mount Cbearor and ge
neral Sr-rturirr at Montz. At a o'clock, 4. m. all
tbe divifiens were in motion, direftine iheir march
towards Horgherto, here I M detertnined io"c"rdfs j from this citv,
the jMincio. 1 he. enemy -a ranguaro, conlutinjr ot
3 oi 4,coo infantry, and ot i,Soo horfe defended
4he approach ?of : -Borghett7.0UF'caalry,"h: a"
flow trot, flenked and folWweA bv our carabineers
and grenadiers,' charged thenwMlh much bravery,"
put the enemy's cavalry in diforder, and took from
them a piece o: artilleryTbe enemy then crofled
the bridge, demolifliing one of its arches, ' The
light artilleiy immediately engaged - We were ea
dea'vouring with much -difficulty to. mchd it under
Tthe firiflwreoemyVbaUerieawhen aboutryo
grenadiers', with general Gar;epne a grenadier -in
heioht. as well aft cotirsee, .at their head, threw:
ihettifelves t"islhe rief (the water being up to their ;
chins) holdinglheir tnulkets over their liead'. -The-nemy
believitig they faw the dreadful column that
Our fidvstnrril nnfVo or- tti. .1 -.
- . . - --' r - "'v uiyuuiaiiis yi .AjCiaSIW.-, -
nyr-i win not uieution tlie men who have diflin-'
guifhed themfelves by theif bravery- to do tins is
would be neccllary every grenadier and ca
rabineer .pf die van goartl-heyfV-'laiii
at deathJliey are tJOWtll iifcid tolnieet
whitlrhey defpifer nothing ;" equals their courage'
unlcfs k is the gaiety with which they undergo te
peated forced marches -Tbey fihg alternate! j' their
country and the God of Jove. You would natural-Jyfujreatajrm
bridge was-mended with erfe; our ei tnadiers iny
(lantly pafTedthe Mincio. and poflefled theiafelvea of
Valeggio, tbe head-quarters or JUeaulieu, who had
juft. leit it. - however, the- enmy-41apgeredr and;
partly roamed were drawn t Bp, in order of battle,
between Valeeffio and Villa H ranca, but we took
Jball be rcfpeWd, Let the people not be unealy ;
the mod fevere difciplitie (hall be maintained ; and
all that, Jball be furniflied. to the army,' -lhall be
(Iriftlv paid in (pecie. The general in chief requefls
the officers of the republic, the tnagiflrates and the
priefis, . to make known his Sentiment, to the peo-
i rajlyi and their batteries were encrealed and moved pl hat 'mutual confidence may cement the friend
f towards JUT.'-- t his was exactly wnat i.wiined. LiXijnw-w-Btc.-Baio-ien-nTiiTcq iiic iwo uauous
pHE lands advertitntialehy poWicnctlolirt'ood care not to follow them.' They appeared to
had much add to contain tlie impatience, or rather
. ,-r pf thj.MBILSi'njkhe MEDSE..'."F
P 'r J; Zey battle Uthe RHINE. ."r:v
txtraa of a letter . frompGeneral Idurdan to the
, jf.xecutve Uirecory.
- Heai-i
mairteffT- Rl ti e sih -Pm-ial L- Tune T.4
Zj"J hav thehohouro'f 'iidTe'ft&a'OT'oi'- Ge
Jieral Kl-K.r rtrt .:ti..t3:?!ii i.j--s
, - w m r . u v l ttj villi-- uii ...mi i a -ir iti ir w
the forV Of the erenadiersf
I : In the mean time EeniAneertau crofled the Min
lowing the banks of this river, and cot off- the pan
fes of the Tyrol from the enrtnyi 'Beaulieo and the
wrecks of hifarmyi' would then! have been com'
ptetely furrounded without a poflibility of retreat-
ing. . Th'order to prevent the enemy frpm feeing the
movement of General Angerean, 1 can fed tbem to
be vigordufly cannonaded from Valeggio j but heV
ine liiftrncted by their patrole,',of eeneral Anee-
reau's, march,' the enemy filed towards" the road'of
Caltelnuova. A reinforcement or cavalry . joined
tbem at the fame time, and enabled them to protect
their retreat." Our cavalry,jtommndcd by.geBeraJ-1
jwiirarf oiOTiWonaera. ' i ni generat' niniieir oiien
Caged feerat of our fiffht infantry, whom the ene-
my weife dbou t making prifbners-i-The hjef of bri-
1-7. j t ..f ? ',t. i!i -f-. i:
gaae or tne-iom regimen- or igniimaniryj jjai
equally diflihguifaedrhlmfeif. : General Aqgereku
arrived at Pefchiera found the place evacuated, by
the enemy.
'leafufi that this: rfeiaWontinuTd -'h1?loch
lona the rieht bank of the RMAe. and that the e.
iinemx4j:ken completeJdeafed. at Alt erkjrlceny
j the j6th inft. (June 4. JT ?0o6 prifoners, 4 Aan.
oardsi 13 pieces orcannnn?' (v'l-rnr Wa(rnn-ai1an.
; t"i'f .warlika Bores and enli.sihtfciitofc
On the 1 ath at break 6f day,' we marched to.Ri-
yolf j' bot the enemy : haAlready-croffi-d theAdi
deo, and broken down almoft all the bridges The
loft of the enemy, on this day is computed attoo
ttJuenyooorfesjThHled atidTaken prifoners
ch fAmone the latter is Prince de Cootlo lieut. general
.of the armies of the king bfiNaples,' andjcomraan;
'ijerlfl'thcrdflhf Neapolitan-cavalry.' . Wt have
alfo taken five pieces of cannon, two twelve and
three fix ponndprsi and frven Of; eight covered wg.
gonsr 4oadd'with-nlitary. ftorea. We -found tnai'
gazintfi at Cafteluuova, of which a part was already
had a norfe wounded under him. -7 . .
their reft, they would at leaf! feek to enjoy fome re-
poie out no, they amufe yiemfelves by furm'fing
and planning the operations of the Hext dav, and
fome of them often think very juflly. The' other
day, whiltt feeing a half brigade filing offf a light -infantry
-man-approached . me'and "faid,. " General
we muft do fo and fo."-' Sir, cried I, wilt yon be
filentf" and he inftautly difappeared. I have fmce
endeavoured to find him (for what he hinted was ex
actly .what I had ordered ) but I fought in vain.
. , ( Signed) .-; BUONAPARTE.
BuinaparTe, Central in Chief of the Army of Italy, to.
. -; - - - the; Executive Direfiory.
Head -Quarters Pefchiera, 14th Prairial, (June ill)
C- Citizen Direclors, .
' , I fend you inclofed a copy of the manifelo I pubr
lifhed on entering the Venetian territories. "
The republic of : Venice had fuffered Pefchiera,
which is a llrong pjace to be occupied by the Im'pe
rialifta 1 but thanks to the victory of Borghetto
we nave poueuionorj, ana 1 now write-rn ymi
Gftieral Maflerra:iBcctipies wuHlirrdTvifioril Vero-"
na 1 handfome and r?iyf.wheete
bridges on the AdTges. " ; . ;. .
Buonaparte, General hi ChtrftffaarMytfhty, i the
. RepubTu f Ve'nks.
I .--Brelcia 16th Prairialf4tb-year.
It is in order to deliver the fiheft part of Europe
ft'riaf that: the Trench army has overcome the: htbHT
.difficult obftacles viclery loined in hand with iur-
lkej!M crowned itffons, -The -remains of the
enemy S army has. retreated beyond the Mincio.
F.he French arihypafliioniheierritories of Venice.
ro'spiirlue them-bQt it will be remembered that
friendfhip has long united the two Republics 1
ITgion, ; government,.: cultoms, and property,' alt
i'VfailhfuLto the path of hpnoTiff as that of victory, -the
French foldier is only terrible' to the enemici of
his liberty, an4!of.Wkja8tiBttyi ''''' ,1"i";-tT':'-.""-r
resigned) - .. . " BUONAPARTE
The general of the dirifionT chief of the flaff. .
(Signed) , . AlCT.-CBff TIMER"-;'
The Contmffary of the Executive DtreClorf, near 'the
-army of the Sambre and the Meufe, to , (he D'trjiffoey. '
; Head-quarters, Raitifytn, toth Prairial, Jurie',,
' 't To announci andther battle is only delating a-'.-?
Jiother victory ! -The brave Kleber has totally de,- '
feated near Altenkirken, the body of Auflrian troops
which, meant tq flop his march : t pieces1 of n
bdn, 4 pair of colours, and more than scoo prifon
ers, are the tedimony of the triumph oi the left wifig
of the army of the Sambre and Meufe. v Mairazines
of 'provifioDs, forage and ammunition, , which ' was
thought to be in fafety by the enemy', bate bITo been
taken by him'.' He purfues tM'cobtte of hit faceefs, ,
and Js actually on the Labni Gett, Grenief hapaf-
fed the Hhine, at Netfwied, and has ctFefted a jtttfc-
tion' Wlth'Kleber. This reinfoteement enables hW,
h to acl powerfully, and to cut in pieces the tardy fuc-
cours, wuicn r nncc ymnn im iciil iu rr inciu- ,
TpZizit'?: j6'brdairT(nil ibiropefation hy two
reinventsftavalryvhicb are -about crolfiag the V
Rhine to join ' the corps o ti e Labn. Never was ('
therea diyerfion more fcfeotifkally eoneeiyed and
more vigorooQy, more ably executed,1 - Soon will
the feat of war be ?otire,lylpn the right bank of the
Rhine. ; .- .,17-.-
Tb CommandttJhief ittior ward-ir --
minute account of the aftair of Altenkirken, and
will fend yo h colour taken hem the, enemy. .
v: . :
1 s. .
- - 7- Tit-: ."i
, zmi
jZ?Z--' ZZ Z;''jZ;;r ZZZZ' ;:; ;" : Z-Z t z ' v: ;; , " 1
'ZZZZZtZZ -.,v, . '''''-t..:..: y:-:iZzZZ-
'''Z:ZZ. .7 vZ :Z:Z,Z ZZ VZ -. -; : 'Zy'Z ' Z ' "1 ' ' -v : ' : ;

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