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    '"'"''"'l'"' ' - .'.-rf '-. ., - t. . , ir -mil i ii minium- -- .1 .. .mini .-'
S AT U R.D A Y, Septsmbipi" 1796,
vol. i.;
Numb. 25.
' ", ' A R I S, Jur ' 17, , , .
Peace draws neat id fptteoLthe gold stndtbejae
trigues of the Bitifli cabinet, in fpite oF the effort
"ifTpmT ofTduf "fiflltlolOWzehtf'wfio, finding
thetr account in the war, end the enormous ex pence
which it occallons' wilh to render-it perpetual, and
4y that means complete the general ruin. We have
every reafon to belief that the Directory will fuf
fer noi .opportunity to efcape of meriting the tirle
iof benetadora iat Europci by eoncladingi-asrlban
as pofliblej with all the continental powers, at leaft
a peace worthy of thVdew fortune of the republic.
We wlU eveh Venture to affirria.lhat a general peace
will take place on the continent before the cxpira-
1 19B-ot a jnonttn:
Thre was a ttronff rewort at Manhetm on the 7th
tlTaV brdeTstiad arrived from-Vienna to deTft from
all oiFenftve operations on the left bank of the Rhine.
and which" had determined the return of Wurmfer
to the environs ot Manheini.
Letters from Baftia flat. that the Corfican infur
cents have iult obtained pofleflbn of Baftia, '..ere
they have made Sir Gilbert; Elliot,-the. Viceroy, 4
pruoncr. news jkcui tuuumiafcivru.' r
We are allured that Buonaparte has promifed to
return to Paris by lite way of Vienna, provided the
emperor, thbuid not conclude a peace, it be conn
nue his route, general Kleber will foon be able to
(hake bands with him, v
: Vl'he friffate Republicaine, capt. Bozee, and the
" corvette La subtil, capt. Vaodezande, returned to
riaihing on the 8th tnlt. having taken in a crime ot
- two decades i j Englilh veljels, of which were
funk. Among this number was an . armed cutter,
which carriea anpatcnes trom trie cnguin govern
ment. About Soo priloners are made from tbofe
Jane tcOf. detael will quit paris in a few davs
Hejiad received orders frorntourtwpfelent to
tne uireoryjyi, ,jienaaieniqqttaiuy:.itJiwedifli
cnarge d attaires. i ne directory iis retulcd to re
ceiye tlij new envbv U ia laid on this occafion
that the direclory di j riot'wifli to (pare Ruflia the
. appjintmest ol her lecret agents, by acknowledg-
tug one uiDcr puoiic agent. . -
i nr King oi-apairv Jiar prOIIiQJiea,. Dy
-ne-Uasr however, declared, in the fame fchedulei
iua.uuMc -aicuie wi i- oe acKnowjaageoras l Jxenclfe
iWen tjie
rei'mblic. The latter, on his fide, has' notified to
: all the French who relide in Spain, that; they are-to
; I a
"J"7 l,e piiviiege-graniea oy ine royaijcneclule
- only-folong-as-they fhali be decorated with the to
ken of French Hbertr. , ;." ,
The 1'riajite La Vengeance,' belonging to the lad
divifion difpatched from Brell for StDominon. ha
captured the (hip Edgar, from Liverpool, bound to
Afrita, ThEi eflel Wa nurnt; and her crew put
me toix?c vinaiauic. mc latter nas
"Kea and funk the brig Indulfryi and the HudToff
Mpf. Webtler, ladert "with flour. -' - ; '
rlt appears bya letter from AugTburgh of the 3d
in(t. that the (Qr'fft tf"'-""' rh.iBriqW"i.;ve,t
of the projecT: of the French troops, to march
... uu.. r..- v Ufi-,se-add.ngfTnnrwas not in
neir DAwer'in ispucnt-'tv,;. m
foVernmnt mufl therefore adopt fuch meafures, as
it mould think neceffary td"fruarate that projecVIn
'confeq'aence of this intimation, theAuftrian troops
Wio arrived h the environs of Infprutk, as well as
rtnermed.inhabitaiits of Tyrol, have received, or
ders to occupy the two. pafles, which lead Into the
-''th the utmoft vigour: . . '
. r mn'er of marine has officially contradicted
LrrrVi-rJrr; TOS havjiffrtPftirriisd al Toulon,
SGH WAL B AC H, Tune b.
Particular detail of the battles of the ah, 6(f), and Ttb,
: eenveeit tRe j.mpenaratip rrentn nmei 01 wejmoT?
andMtufe, and tbe Rhine and Mf-Uei' : ' . ,
Battle of ALT'NK'iKOufej. ' '
On the (th, at break of day.feen. CoTIaod at
tacked the entrenchedcamp. of ihe-Auftrlans, hear
AxfetiKTf?hen. Alter an engagement ot tour hours,
as bloody as bflinatey'iclory wasuncemiri; :--Jeh;
Collaud, equally irritated at the lofs' of his troops
and the refinance of the enemy, ordered the charge
to be beaten The grenadiers tlien advanced with
fixed bayonets, and the camp was forced.
The fruits of this viftory are, 3,700 prifoners. t
pair of colours, 9 pieces of cannon, a great number
01 wajreons, and two general 0 racers, one ot whom
is .daneeronfly wounded. The number killed oil
both fides, is cftiniatcd at 1,500.
' " ' ' Battle near Birchenfel ana Oeerfletn.
. ' It Waf gehi MerceaU s myjfionthatwjs
td aft act the left wlnn of the Au(L iaiiii on al
I Dolnis.
After feveral 'Mooly e'nga;gejB.CJtt1rt.-w)Hc4tbtK-pTt1e7lolf3
p,reat number of men, " the? AuftrTans
femiack-The JVench advanced byToretd inarcjies;
In thejnteryalv gen,,Chapioni:et attacked the Ca
imans at Siromiergand. its envh-ons, xvith lb muih.
impetuoli!)Vtliat they wereforced to fly to Bingen,
wmmer ne louowea incin, ana (ook a poiiiion on
the heights. .
a roval I :-ni -inc-ijime muc pen. riernauccia orove incro
Jchedule, all the tribunals, everfihat of the Inaui-1 'from the Nahf , wliWhrivef his amifr-flr.l
rfaHoiir ftoitt inoieftittii the French in their worfhin. I Blngcrirarid Took an advantageous pofitton. Anu-
.... - . 1 . i..- . 1. . : 1 -
ther eneinentjiap'pen',d on theGlan.
BatlUi tfiedtZLahnfltju.' '.Pffteudorfd
fhe nobles hlra'viewnb deceive the jpeople'lit"
another fociefy they faid that the Archduke jw ho '
(ufpicions of thefe compTaTnts,fhe French will pro-t
hahiv ne lueceisiui la meir uiau tor eiv iz a aance. 1
roUS WOUnaJO llwjjruiiiKwwiiBiMjaiisoBUMTS'M lyjiiv.-wimrniiat uie
as there is no force in Tukany which can make any
fliow ot reimance. - - , y 'V
They flatter themfelves in Italy, that the terri
tories of the Pope will be regarded as neutral. v
Letters from Venice, tioWevcf, announce that leve
fal French privateers have'appeared ri the Adria
tic, whichcapture the Roman and Neapolitan vef
fels,.: This leaves not a dobbt of the intentions of
the republic, with relpect to the ope. Moreover
the late proclamation of general Jiuonaparte to hit
army, clearly announces tbedehn to enter Koine,
and to operate there a change, of lyttem.
Emperor had made peace with the French, and that '
he would foon return to brine all thofe to reafon who
had dreamed of declaring themfelves a free people. .'
air.t.:. . jtr..T j. .1.': : e
n " vv iiui. ujiluui age me patriots 01 ivriian J
on the contrary, it renders them ftilf mote vigilant.-.
fTeeT ihclihecf to iope, ; that they wTlTujcceed m '"
their generous undertakbgi'andj:latjthe
of deipofrwlll db heft to makea journey to Ger- ;
many, . ; - . . v--: ; .
.. . l UNDO N, June 7, J ! '
Although the rauiditv with which rhe Frenrh"
h?e jmpfpyed thjtjramagt itt-1taly.;jie 'ttly
alarming, and thofe advantages themttlves truly
formidable; yet to thofe who nave, read the hiftory
01 ine wars waged oy. Jttie trench kings, Lhaflea
the VIII. arjd Louis the XII, in Italy, they will af
ford no ground for defpair, ; f
i he Alps, like the Rhine, have never yet been re.,
palled by the French, without a diminution of force.'
greatly more than equivalent to any advantage ob--
tame oy tne peuage. wnetcer tne eitabiiihmeot
of; a republic In' We'iil i bntfe Snd the" difi ufion of
ip;';ir mad principles ot Uemocracy, In wliicb they
ferm to be bulily employed, will make the modern'
French more fuccefsful than their ancellors. remains
to be proved. .. v. r .
7 I he attempt to murder air Alan Gardner, on rri
day night7ls inotTier proef of the great relprft
which the Jacobin party entertain for the freedom
of election;;. The Suk, a mitufteriat tafiri
County of Berks. At the clofe of the fifth aud
lad day's pall, the number were, " v
. Mr. Dtintlas, " ijja !'
"MrTjVanrntarf, - i a -
C'rtizen Hull,' vio JoR his elfftion'at Maidftonej
is the fatne geniWman who was' examined before the -Privy
Council a fhort time aco. .The poor cit.zurt
have been moft cruelly treated every where: ; '
1 he persevering it intra ti t raiic idat e, ctttren Wad
dipgtop, gaVe'up t he cpntefl for flerif ordfhire,, When -,
he found bis principles did not at all take with the
worthy electors','- ' j, - -!
Of aH the various addreftesto cnfiituents which
we have yet feen. that of Mr, Aldernii.ti ( nnilif A'.:
Notwithflanding the advantageous pofition ol the
riuiii Kits mi nine tiiuTcui uuiuis, gcrnrrais ijrenier
and Bonnard attacked aiid furrounded them, and
iPdejqoo pnfdnersiJiefideSltaking 43 pieces of
cannon, and a number of waggons. V ' ,
Vn tne afternoon ot the 5th, gen, Kleber ordered
the tortreTsof Ehi pbrehl.leh
,'- On the following day feveral Hi ong. columns paj
fed the Lahn t the firft are' '-now at Nalletin arid pet
tert, tenlcagues froffi Franckforf, apd eleven f jront
Mayeace.; T...;..- ' '
i he archduKe-Charles, affoniihecTat the- rapid
fuccefies 6f feener'al Kleber Jiu . the environs "of the
the moft ltrpngly marked by folly, arrpgante, and
vanity j and exiubits an apt lpectmen el thole exer- , ,,
tiohs which- are to bj expected Ifom the intrcduc- ; .
tion of fuc'h a mind Intd the HouTe of Commons. "
1 This ihodcft gentlettian tells the livery ef Loudon,
thatsby electing him, they have manitelted to the . i:
world, u unequivotal difapprobatlbn-of the war,
and a Ijpiiit IVicndly to parliamentary reform j in o-"-thcr
words,, that they have virtually tetrafted ,a)l -x.
their ptfblic declarations on the fubject of thewar . . .
and ben guiltypf R.coropete dereiiftion of princi
pleMr, Combe isnain enotigh to believe, that hjs "
wonderful abilities have niacfe, converts of all the
cilizenmf London j andvin thephrenzy of his ar... . " -
rogance, overlooks the trifling objection aruiqg
r-n-LP-S.., ""---. - - irom ine re-rim inn or tnrec canaioaiearOi
invr is or wriirrwain. nnn wnm rtrnmr jxio. 1 t i . . . a
t 1, , V.,t ..iiii 'i 7 yTi i y i wno "av invariably luppdrted the waiy;and yigo
hina to oppofe the French armies
with jitor$ cinnderableioiiajJ&dhSsrts'
icuiv uuui lijv Aiuiiuu ul uu ucoic dj niaycucrj
in order to protect the right bank of the Rhine, as
well ai the May n, in tohcert wllli gen. "Wurmfer j
but gen. Jourdan defeated there defigns, ly pallins
the Rhine with his principal forces 11. the environs
of Andernach, Coblentz, and Nienwied. - His head
quarters are at the lad mentiohed place. ' '
. : ""enaer that port to tlKTCislifli.
f; f ?e.m8."hf.the French troops againft Leghorn,
l ,t,,k,e Pillion of f llf Engljh.Property depofued
.thFere-. ?,d for the , 4th of May, Thi body
ri w " rl,n for tiat' rervice amounted to five, bi
Ite ".'iut command of gen: Maflena.
V ""eftriedTSfders to conduct him-
-i'trv?ltl he treated moderation in.thr Tufcan ter---.
a Vl?lh t.0 ,telpS.:t pfopertyi to piy in-' ready tnoney
& feh foldlet!, may ulend:t.(fpare eyerr
rla$Jti th?. EnS11?' health depbrited at Leghorn.
- - The Frtjullifjr this apparenrviolation bf liheu
v p tetftwrjv 'a a jufl reWal for the feizure of d
4 tt, without any refiltance ort the part of the Tuf
can gover ner, 8ria rpf tle partiality with wliiah
I'le grana Duke has neimlira t,AiritWnA mn-hanra
-,w,iMi.P.ifagiiBrn ittarreat:aep6t fonTwredi.
' -v kcrranean fr,.t- -ti.-i. . . .,.
J ,.tTtJRGEN"Sf June 12: '.
; The anions of theoth and 10th which werefptjgH
near NeuftadJLajuLJCayrflauteritty-th armies Un
der, Wurmfer and Moreau, were more bloody than';
all the preceding me Ioiiwm coniidtrable on both
fides, but the republicans had ultimately iheradvan
isgci nicy urovc iiic nuiu 1.111a u uin ji mcir pun
they cbntinue to advance to inveft thtf fort lof the
nnine, pppoute njanncim
?i.alllWb tever may be the juftjee ,or
. , .The , .inhabitants of i this 1 cif yjjiffembldiiwi. the ,
fquareTtj froot'of the Cathed-al, to hear theipatrk
pt ic fpecches of feveral orators. ; The muficof
Ian played the cherilird tunes f. liberty f CXIri,:
the Marfeilloife and the Carmagnole. The .people
aT te'fw a'rdjf fworeyiTherrTvetreer.dif Iwtre'cT
to. royalty v&c.; . , - V. -' vi' '.r,.;C';''J .,
I was this morning in tlirpopular frtciety: ;. Dif.
cAnffeahreythj-A-ear dfal'bf BairirttfliiiaifjBta,.
pl-miounced here ; they rrouBce d a libel,: whUh
was faid tp have been publifhed by the monks .and
roufly oppofed, that .line of .pplittcs, which be lias
thought .proper to purfue.; . But, not at allTor, '
rifing, tht thcextrtme inconfittency of the fiverjr,,'
n returning man, whote, principles they had pub- r
icry and repeatetSly reprobated,, fhould have e xpof- -ed,
thenj to the fer'ious cliarge preferred againft!then'i ?'
by this j&ofityafC'-if they have a juft regard for N
their, own jhtacter, .they will take ... foine Jpeedy
means of convincing theirjne jneniber
ror, 1n as puljic 4 manner as that, in which flic .has -been'
nleafed lanrooaaate ic ; ' : '
1 &iiW4M4iewsharlxihri
by ar.the,nroneA claim to the lufFrages f the city
if tlie other candidate , ,who..hid .fat with hips 4
parliament. Had;not facriilced the caufe to a tiarrow
ap'4 el''tkr,'wbJcttjn4H;ibem toloot jonly
n , - r . " . - r . j itt t"
tions, and took polfemon of the t.owns pf' Durk-i to thtir.oxvn itjdividuat return, and, wUIuhat'fiew.
heim KafeiiIauwrFf memberpiouli
have ioiotd hands in fuDPortof.riie.caiift tlicv fill'
profefled.taefpoiife, and jn thattife Uie city.ofLon
don. would jaot have been repretcjited byia Jacobin.
.Thefe are-two youpg men, of hem the com wu-
nity need not beafhatufd, of whom bey-my f xpct;
ufeful Terv'ice, uniil'ipairrd by any difparsgiAft quali.
coo irequcimy cneioi prurreuitary ivcnitl) and
ltatin. niWebeTierrsnd expect tlwtbcwilUhe
eoud" citizens, meritarioufly aclive lor tie comnioh. .
WfaL .; ; .. iv.,:iTi-r-:.: -j,. ".,-5 .'y f .
4Thty freTbeeffBicttyretlier
they did nor feparate unul Lord Holland was1 re-,
turning home, , - : "iT'.i c '.r'-' .
? f fit '

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