- I - - - -: . . . . .. - f IVfSTI A . . . . s - . - - -: - -.- ..: w t- " ' i, ; 1' . . , V , -i 1 ' i Vol. I. S A T U. R D A: Y, jSE.PT!EtBR. 21796. Numb. 27. . . fdlkvHHg ii lahn from ef Ldnditi paper of the I nth if fafyi receive" d ' by the Iris arrived at City-Potttt, James River.- " LONDON, July 18.. - NO ctoubt Teems to be entertained of. the cap . tare of Leghorn by a detachment of the array of Italy j and they are faid to- have made a' very con fiderable' Sooty of effecls bsioogingtothiafojiiury.: The furrender of Milan j which has hitherto been' ait obltaclef tff xhetirogrefi of the French army of Italy, will now enable Tt to profecute4ti opera tionMantua JlilL.holda..outr and, is thought, w II coll the French a great many men. ncoal be rcllored to the dift raited provinces of the Repub tic, fb long the Icene ot devaltation and blooduied. The Chouans continue t furrender in bodies. Their arms are faithfully delivered up, and the pea Taut are returning in tranqUity---trreir. home &nd to the fields, fo long manured only hf their blood.',"'" '. -. " " . " ' u: In the Mouiteur of the 1 ith, it is dated, that ano ther engagement had taken place between Moreau and the Auftriatis, in which the former took 500 piifoners t but that the battle was terminate'd by . a very heavy fall ot rain, which prevented both par-. ' tiesfVom contiriuirigiit. This is not mentioned a a vague report, but announced briefly to the man ner .pri&ifed' by this Journal as the fubflauce of au thentic intelligence, before the official accounts had " been niade public' From-the Puliation ot ihc armies . fince the Tate engagement, indeed, it is very proba ble that new actions have taken place. It Was announced, fotne days ago, that the French intended to eitab'un a direct communication be. -warrtheTOy-ofher-Opptrfthine and trrarrof Italy, " Kellerman's army appears to be defUned to to be. taken under ttie proieftlon otibcir heavieft batteries, It was yefterday rumoured, but on what authori ty we do not pretend to lay, tost the rreticn, alter fomepartTat bat oblhnatetlgBgnient87tiwr-pene trated as far a Wetzlar, and that general Klebcr's army was on na inmcn io rrwuuu. It wa alfo ftated, that' Moreatt's troops had been driven back by-gea. Stein; fri their advantageous pofitiotf off theTJlacklvlcMntarhi to Opeoau. '. - k ne mountains or mmjdis, wnertuiej-rcjncn naTe; eirabliflid ihemfelvesi is the fame height which.n the military annals of GoftavoVAdolphus, is known by.the noteTTTinrswirom-iie's--oecauir nt ai niy ried them lale on board was encamped tnere in tne tinny y eats war. 1 nis n i' !-r 1 IS- four leagues dillant from this form this iunviion'; and , there are accounts which n 1 . r r . 1 . I I: r i . t . i . ! .1 itat, tiiat in giunuance ot tnat pian, ne iw-marcncttXApaaiaTis-iiave f 7 iaH--tie-nnercannagena from the V'aTe.orAoHaT In or der- to penetrate thro' I and5o fail at Cadiz, all Tn uOoJ order- Seventeen fail ofOinim'tiW-chantflien. are laid to the Valteline ani the covintVy of the Grifons, to " e'.tibli(h hiihrelf In the Lake of Cbnllance, and take Tyrol in the rear, with a viey of .fo'rcTni the Impe-? f ia! army t9b4d?ln thut" coutirr f . This end be iuq attained, he witlprobably. extend a chainofpciT fitl6rtotre -nglu7 atang the LakordaTo7 the purpofe of llabli(hlri a coinmunication with jRion.apartei, aud-to the left Tdwirds Swab'13, to en ahfe Mm rs joiti the right Wing brMoreau"s army. .:Jf we niay credit a letter lioai St.: Gall, ofthe t 36th of iatt month, inferted in the Paris papers, he his already crolled thccOuirtry of the -Grifons, and . made, hiinfelf mailer of Breentz. Jx remains to be "knovn,whe"ther the detachments from the Upper Rhine, dellined to reinforce the army in Tyrol, have . reached the-ikeiof Conitance-arly enough to c'iiek Kellerman's farther progrefs and whether te arch'duke. Charles, who by forced L marches is -advane1ug':a"ga1nlJe'ailv?ill he able to prevent that general from eltablifhirig himlelf in Swabia. -" The French feem to have gained a great afcen- -oancy , at tnrnn'trorCuilltanttnople ; and the Turks and they have lately mingled their joy inxe lebratina the vidories of the French armies in Italy. , - . .... ' Porte is making exertions to augment his navy;, thaV " - bi Catholic Majclfy has been applied to forjlie pur- Z0i? 1,eK'vi?t'n6 apeacwitB the Turks and the ; Khights of Malta ; ancTthat theFrenCjh ambaflador, in expeftation of the aid of the Ottoman poyver-in tth? Mediterranean, has promifed to employ his jgftod tnJfices, to acpomplifli its withes. . . , - The-letters received from" lord Bute by the, lad liCor iiuna mailontain theiagreeable-intelligf tree, that in confetnence ctf tle f enionllrances made by. his loTdmip, the Spanilh goveriimeot has coaiiterinand - e 'he march of the trooprwho were ordered t6 pi-oceed to the lines ol St. Koch. . This circumftance 1 e' Kn'ls to prove, Rat.the apprebrnfions of a mi lit n. (derilanding between ouf court and that of Madrid, " wit,,0l't ottnd:.tion. -.'.ifc-'.: -'s. "T. ; . firday Was received in town a Paris paper of the i tth in!t. which cqntaijris an. olJicial account of the furrender oT "the citadel ofMilanto the French, , : . n,n3.lle m'i.o,ng ofIthe"29th ofj,.ine ,being twelve, oaysaftej the trenches were opened and of the eij . try of a divifton of the Republican army into Leg i on- the prtcding.day.-'-The-garrilon 'bfcitbe. : t , citadel oLMila, which cenfilted of 2,8o0 men. fur-rr.- -en4ered themrelve gritoheVs 'of war, lani all the " ' -JRaztiteT, .:fTcoviltons7.1-c:. which Vh'e fortrefs con .. S"et'. fell, ftfconrfe, into tlxehands'bf the FreacJ.; Swabia. Kehl mountain. ' . " ' " ' Further accounts in tlie abowe paper mention, that the French array is advancing Rapidly on the Rhine, without encountering nuichifficulty-that an ar miltice has been concluded, between the Pope and tlx French republic, in which the Pope agrees to pay the French 21 millions ofi'rench money; iy rnilr lions and a half t le in (pecie pr ingots, and the remainder in merchandiib, licrfes, &c.-that the Chouans have given up. and af? furrendering eh fhajfe that the council of Elders bad declared ulat there was ground of accufation againft Drouit, by a majo rity of 82. . -. ' . , B 0 S T O Sept. x . By capt LittleVfrom 'Peteivlburg, we Jearn, that a few4ays before he failed, the galleys, belonging to the empref;, in number about 140, which were hauled up and honied, at A Intall didance from Pe terfburg, were a few days before lvejailed dedroyed 'bj'ltgbtning, toIBer!lK"'7 great '-nujnjaf -Itores, &c..-.. - ----- -' - '. Capt. Ioung from Malaga,, iplflrms, that the 1 t A L B A K Y- ' Anon ft t o -. The following exuaonlinaiv Dnatie, is ta from tbeDanbury ( Con. ) ' jSar of .Mon fe'nnight.' ken onday . T? Pl' Be and crew Yf the Wilton, from the Wei Wndieg, informs, th..t af.ei a fevere thunder -ftorm at fea, they heard ti;e cry ot liuman voices, in the utmolt dillrels ; they t,.ok'their boat, and Ioojl found two men almoll dTwiTeai wholifformeS; that there was three meiuuore totnewhere in the'fca. im. der the fame diftrejled fituar ionfriTFbTank or " board to help themfelves with V they then continue ca ineir icarcii until t hev ii iin.l u . .... One of tliefe five men was n m r- o m U".. f I J L ? r 1 n ' . ..... atehe5cn;it appears that peace U aboui to tforJs MouaWni.i tf fpmd his army all Over Balfin.ore ' ?y ' 1 ,aI1 belged to have been captured at Algiers the id et May $et.: SjaVFueHtfaiy-'lalt "arrived --'iti Na"nt8Qi.et . .Kg ith frigrt-Lalai Ion , gpt . Btfth-. tordrtai ing. 14 latifcniacg'tinga" gnns ;:!unesuiiL fixes wiih t W(L24 pound carronades.- t njjie aajih ult. in the evening, tieorge's Banks bearing W. by S. dill not 20 leagues, was dialed by a French frigate, which-"feb n x am e o p wit lu alii enga ged L ill aifan Her force. not precijely -known ;tbut fuppofed, Hy the Enelih officers, to hav e been a 44 ttn (hip, ' The I action continued that evening an hour and a quarter. when the jeffels feparated. in a fog.. Next rnoin--ing the two- (hips again met, and -fought three quar terdf an hour; a fog again arihng, the vefiels parted and d id not fall .in with each otherafter wards: La itaifon had two men killed and leven wounded, three dangerotifly ; (he was much damag td.in hull 1'nd rigging, having to bend aim oft a com pleat new fuit of fails. - Sh is however, refitted, and will probably pot to fea, this weekr It is not known wlja veflelIhe was engaged with ;" but it was jro.baWy . the frigate- that was feen off the Capes of .--the' Delaware, a.Bbut 3veeks Jince r ardi .raid,Tby the pilots, to he. " i fine FrenchTrigate;t She is expeclcd at this port. . a . .. -V m ir-r. 5. Reports were circulated in town yetier i:;WoCk.op:the port of Toulon, where the enemy arr. day, faid to have been received by a gentleman from lSourdcatr)c. (fating,". that frelh tumults had broke out in Paris, and that the celebrated Taliea had been frntenced; to death. A recurrence to dates,, ndhe'pafla ge6f The vefTel, teiiders the' report highly improbable. . I ' '-N ci one can wit h juftke4mptiteV .toHMarrtntentioti to miilead the public, when, therefore, we declare the articles from St. Croix. Improbable, we had fupicient grounds therefore We can now fay, that the account was wholly unrounded; maugre any re. marks in thf CftroBldetOllieJOntrary.T We are confirmed in the intelligence a few. dayf bote announced in the Centinel, that Ltlboti ha been declared a free port by her Mod Faithful Ma jelly ,-aftrf- January ext. VV have lieen the Pe crec, atteltcd by our Conful-at that port. . . NE W.Y ORK, Auguft 27. " J: ' -War bct-uiicn England ai.d iifain. v- This morning arrived here; the Ihip Fadorweapt. . Kemp, in 43 days from Cadiz. By the arrival of the Faclor, we learn that jtwHias been declared be tween Spain and, England ; ttiat the Spaniards were Ofing the greateft exertions tmran their navy ; that from 40 to 50 Spanilh velTels of war wete.ly irTg at Cadiz j. that admiral Kkbery's fleei was Hill in' port; and that the Engl.ilh. fleet Aiuifing r(F that harbour, under -.the command of admiral Mann, l ad quitted their (lation the day before the Fatter tailed, with ap intention of puttingjnto Gibraitw. , -T he Factor left at Cadiz, the brig Mary, Tveil, from falem and Malaga, to fail in fci da;,sW this port, la laf, 50, GO, long 62 to, 'Ipoki- tin tiiip Andromache, Kitigflon, :.-.; f Udndtlpiu, bound to Cadiz, out t2 days, all i. ! ' " : The toiiovi ing report jc,t into circbtaticu after the arrival, of the mail iQn&tmnJjh. That the I heti.-.'capt. Cochrai!j' ar; i'c! at S..nd)-llook -r-that a frigate of 52 guns, our o capt. Barney's fquadron, was Jaken , by Adnr.il array's fouaT I dron and frt off for.Haiihix, ai'ui that tiieVert was jo puf liiit of the others. The pjjp; rs by Ahisaiav's riiaTfdo Jot contain any'fiuiilar uctnunt. -'.mfti-TVl'K 'l1 ff'v-i "TTrTriirn ilint" thrrr nrr Xeiters jatoMtu4roin .Ieworkhieh.-Tavetlie.' lame, informa' ion. : A, veffel arrj'ed ltere Lift evening in three days from Richmond- the ct pt;;in ot which faysthe 1 he- : l s lav in Hampton Kord lull "-Friday . ,- !' The accountsby the 'arrival at Kew-Ybrk Tn 42 days from Cadiz, feem to'contrndict the news of Ri chery s ha v4ngrfailed4or .-St-Jinbgojnxoni PjlliX with Don Solana, the Spanilli admiral, as publifh ed in the COUriFllJ FRANCOIS fee yefterdayV Gazetfe. C- - 'v. Baltimore peper fays . : ' - Capt.J Marfliall who went out of this port iri. the fbip. Unicorn, was executed at tape-Francois the 16th of Auguft.. "Lszzr- "' Seven1, Tailors and the mate efjthe brig philadpl. .-. phia, who had murdered their captain ar lea, and who were afterward captured ..by Commodore Barney ijwerc executed with Marfliall.,, ,., Hie inhabitants Here appear more nveiy ana , affairs wear's more favourable afptS fince thefe .. few days pall, in conlequence of a compleat viclory by D.e Brdges and O'Gorman over Jean ToiifFant -and his af my,'' about I2C0 ftrong. The particulars -are, tlfal Toullitnt attacked the camp at Jdircbalais. De Bruges . and O'Gbrmatl tweii commanding thre, were- apprized of his'iiitentjor.s and were .1 prepared. "jrhietty k -was-'-begun by- .Touflajnt , . thefngitdi troops made a falfe retrejt, drevvToul' farit's army Into a plain, near which three coltiriins of th'e Britifh troops were layingiu wait wiuiri at. once fell on the brigands and tnily' about ico of ti:em elcaped. Th FHo.lifh forcesJwVexiTiw advanced at - jileaft 43 miles Fiirther into.the interior part of the' country -ptaKetv icverai camps ana large quant ntcs ' "of arms and .ammuiiition. ' We foon (ball fctfl the" good effefts of this defeat." P Rt) VIDEN CE, Auguft 27.' By a gentleman of undoubted veracity, from Cape Nichola Mole, yye are infonne,d,. that iij Britifh officers died there from the 2d. to the 17th ult. and that the mortality among the troops-has been ro puoifliiiibJ.y jpttzz-!'r . ' A letter from the Britifh officer btthi dragoons, at tbcTHobv ment'ionsy tha of the feglment to which he belongs, only three oteccrabelKleahimtelty Extratt cf a. Utter IraTft jerenie, dated dvg. ti. ' The. troops of Cayes marched againft Irois, the principal pod which defBndsJerrmie en the Weft fide. The attack' Was vigorous, .but the defence was ft ill more To; ' The befieged after Jiav ing made feveral fuccefsful Tallies, routed art laftthe btfiegers and purlued them to Fort Tiburon,. , At the fame time . the iiofts of Plymouth brrn informed by theiftrpiesrfhat the camp of Periw was..; left unprotected,, the, garrifon having joined the' troops from-Cayes, they Tenj jletacjiriients to tjie SoutheTndlftri peojpTirifonerarriedpthefrarandsm r ta Completely overawed. tla VhvT4ffrlit4rihtir4unrrvir:

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