V ' Sr- : ..." v -'-I'-.. and - v " " -. J Vol. I. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE, S T LT X DAY Oc toVeR i, 1796. Numb. 28.- Tranjlattd from Parit papers to the, I 4 July rt. cm-ed by the brig Eliza, capt. Crozier. arrive J in HE IDF I.R f I r. i,7i rpifedaya of the 17th and 18th June, liave been . err,bl fr "w Auflr;an. - The contterhation in (ftuf armiertairoe to the liigheft piich ; a nd al fo inTflanheiin, the French have jnaile themfelves mattery of the entrenchmjnts before' that place -fende.l by about 180 pieces of cannon of-theiafr hzej; battalions of infantry, ani tf fnadrrn of hore, inundated for about One league and a half and - fiye feet deep. This was the invention of the ma jor of engineers, Traiteur, who has employed his talents tnr h mnnrhc in rM...: 1 f J- . .- -.,. rNM u ror one day s tendance of the French, wh( threw themfelvei in- - - ZZ 7n ' '"",6 yj ;Huwm, ana carrying Created their cniirmi. iml ... ...,,,,g wiiuio me en trenchments, all who Jell into their hands wcie DUt . put to the fword. .. . . - ..." . . Manheira and Philifboure will U bombarded. , Ihe, French have began toftablilh ba"fr'es,-o .hKh tbex workday ..id h!o,. -Our lfituation is infinitely more critical than latt ' M""?al Wurmfer, can atten.pt nothing ' ni x C?knth cooti.mall fallback -our Jlace is filled with the prifoners and wounded. ' j - v n " H 1 B OURG, July s. .. , - Yenerday vej-jrere aiM fought .between Capel and Jvl,,,ser, af,er B very obllihatebartle, Sr? WCre oMiSed- 10 &e wyd CondeV -- corps of enncranis wri-i. ..It. . , . . " r -'BenerarpM;r-t -rltafed, bimlelf forced tXn tVbrifgaw ,. ,t js now fave himfelf who can "Jj "rC difbanded I'ave robbed themlelves for ,he French vs,,,,. - b,lt tI)e - fan,rH,ed ,l,e,fevt, W), he1 and pitchforkand Tfce Auftrian and' Kmigrant tmer-art aj. pr of. the waggoas take ,(e ro.d ,hL ?he ioni along the Forelts and Conftance hv Rhi 1 ne trench armies are again going to ivnew the ?o ,L ktrfu- ' ,Gen' Jordan, before puffing over t-.u. -r,"w".-",lIn- rJe allures th.m' astne hwcfwpeojiejijjai again tak-f LenrwlDifmnov "UtC.r.'-'.f " . . ?n the advance of the imyfcw hao croUed t hef 'm irVf??" "Ta vvupner wuhoot or.poli.ioij he eroded the Sieg alfo, y-- r 1 v ' ' ' Vr a.w." Without : a Cngle triufket belkg fired tman4ofies f l-a Jfr- com. " troowa- rnfammr twtira kJn-.i i.-aimir-r r in-rrr.ti-; f HllHtti WtSHirM1-T-iiml r: ss --- - J '' unci jr, iic utvtwuc 1 palled that ' Ur and jumedthe aimy under KleberJ At till- r(nirr.r"..r it.-l.l ...5 - .1 .VI J - : liead-Suarters, M;lan IIth effidgr. Cmzens, - -. - - v dm a . - - - - - ----- : ...j. n.y had pfilfied trree leagiie: beyond ;theieg, the f ' 'iave " P?f afure o inform Votrr tharin retreat 01 the Amlrians wis To precipitate that only (fu ' , lh-Vg wri renter r, ,1 e aoout twenty priloncrs were ni.de. By Irttrs'airp atl i "e'"ftm ,0 BTl'lic , i. furren, rom tobleniz; we ufrrfiind that a part of the -. morniogjgoo prifnnfa of war. PloCth? J.mbt:e aqd Aftofc haJ paffifd the Rhine TC" f ""n".. and soo,r,oo: poui.ds or cup! at N.euwied to join the ar of X-leber Lkh had C,r are ,iic lr.u"1 ",,e Pt and coiiraj-e advanced to the Lahn. . - - brse comradis .n arm'. . . . which J. proofed, and H SZ ny hedtation. ' hAn . Capitulation granted by the gen. of iiivjfibi Dc 'ri. noy, commanding Hi l-V.,i, . S ' ILlVh?. r' thc-Aul"jn commander.,., the caU .;,.' : . ,'PA R'rS;rJal77.X ' . X9t-rJ?, grarited-to.the tope, has leen olH. cially announeet, bir the conditlous are not knowu. ney and plate, nd 6 iti p rwilions for the army. Une hundred iiianucrigts to be cholen by French viiiiiiiiiuatKTg, . .-.. i,, . ' ""an, III4U .iic uciivereo to n-i To noiliti J..,: .'': : ' frnn troops, with its artilleiv contributions: the civil adminiftr.rlon n raj ". : T with the papal governh.ent, Stf.niffion of the vcf d "n d her allies, ihfj' the ports of the .Pe' "d be exclulion of the Englifl, and their al- '''nth McflTlr si .i The caftle of M.!an, (hall he delivered fo precilifly. ; As foon as tliis rntt..l r. . - i. i'iuiiiuti is hi nea, lour of the gate ,f AI,la., ad the bari01)S ccrtlA lpm-hetto and Diwua.J, .. .J ' Letters from t hi- Mwh-i a linli Ls.L .t- - Trench guards fl.all tale ncfTeflioB of lt tt -ur. "' ' I ma eazinea. atil rh U.n.ii r'f,. rraMm'n.t rchduke Charles, he. J 0r (?,., 1 " k. "'"w u,ai lane ci..n ke Pff.io rewT.r -h out at th-fm.e w ivusuuii irudia huh in rnar Mtr .iu nia h n i I 1 i i 1 zl !T 1 rajas' been ohliged to detach a part of his arury to flop proerefs of Mni-... . .n .i ri . a aeneraU are Ari-nA . . - rt... . .... .& . . -mount to 66 tDoufand men, and that Buonap.ti, Has alle leavejo marc with'tlui army to Vienna, not hy the way of tfte Tyrol, but through the Vene tan wbcre t boad 4a- eafiet and ftortef. -ouonaiiarle rrrf. t: i r . Ti..f.. I . - ' fhur ic(linatton herea pr tn K rt-vtiJ i: J nine wnoare in the habit of denvinirthe nnflt ' iv j-,r : , r . t lee u ecuied.if h. nm.rr ' r Z":. "Ul'ls- Frnrh ' W Verulitne,, belore tre Ln,. WUl1 rlie honaur8 and their 7 h? b;i(15e oFNaftgno.: they (hall r?? 4 ,hcir rm, be,ontrTrner of war. -VJ. The emigrants and deferttfi fliatl be delirtr-' ed up to the French general. . - , , . . kY'L The.fick "1 wounded ftaltbe healed wiih that, humaiiity . whicJ, chaiacttrifts the r . ench tut iion. j.'. ., ... . VIII. The garrifon fl.all fce fumimc-d with irrms DE STINGY. LAMT. i, " KIOIHUI, 1 I iE h!-llut !".rc whoihall befak. PcrmilSo fr "?u. i Wr houfcrdeted; ilCSS- onriird -V ml T ' i cr 8cneral WW and lack the ilnl- s He, "'"Wiately fliarche.l to at- -and-even the rRhlH. ii j1" "! l VcntLUle ahn ftveral leL .A,r"dy Wponed that fuU of h " is nr A"' ,akt P'ut the re. nformat on fr-d J'n6 . . . -tion between ,u V . "af M.' that ths commiini- I the Rh " 3C : ri8ht bak ! f - troops bav n" aii" be.v.J 7 gned heighis-oiwiilcl, -ratol'lwloJerid over to 2ee; . w re-iniorcement nnA . rv.tTI,.,. t ii- t 1 . ' . lee u erecuied. if th f nm.. -.. i JL mane to accept of peace ft would not be the lir t.me,tl,at Vienna has beenthrcateiicd, aud at the eve of being taken . ' ; It can now" h miKl'iiT,.,! :.i,... a ' 1 . . , - 1 niiuwuf. ujinci ur vani ty .that when Buonaparte firft entered Italy, be had! only " or 8oh hA i,r. lu-i.:. ..i... A "i tSignfd) PfWLflwrdiWtfth army of lta'j, hi, Refill H.ghucfi the Grand Lukt ojTtjlein. ti - a ' .Weaduarttrs, Pffloja,8th Mtltdor, uucu in mo i;ortt Df-gliorh. The property of tl e Iti". -flerV;; :IZV".7 ' . ! he.rWtive.Diffaory I as m,delre ltalyundeVH IlVmWt lmi to'theminitler of your royal hinh- at Ala; five Ze7iV, A i , AU,,r,an5 Dels " t'ar'. on this fubjeft, who has hepn obliwd f letter tmm H7TXniim'-1 " i .. . I j ! ... ..-L-r.VJS. VUErjB.yoajii J' - - " , "J """r WW?? ly"".?- Wfihofn. The Executive Diredory al- 'Enii;f.ZTf u VY. '-- ' I rwar.aa coiilidercdittheh-dury-to-febet force hv r , ';Wn ftn? the combined armvrfor force." ftfld UrAi f!l"f , y the defence'of tl 5 r1""1 Ty.W 2?. a accbrdingfy ordered me to nu.rth a SS t?' a Mved on fefion of. ' vffW . 1 httFc the. bnour to inform ,ymr royal liiclinefs i i . .w,c nicy nave already I t nape the hnnAm-iHfv, tx'.i ii na ? opportunity to prove their uleulnels; ' that on the , oi, Swn i the Preljdent of the Conrrefs of VhU I I' 8 u-i 7' ? cco t0 tne Pf ,ndPleS of heut f ality, en notic- tn ,h. LonS"l 6 tbs place has giv? while it comes ttf (upporf jhe flagfthe rarrifon the 'i i ""n commandant ot the corps thit he property of YOU r r rival llinTnjls bnA ll,.. Uf. vouia not reminding hilrt of th inides 0rne.,trav Pebn! ; 'ftaH'W my. x e commandant defpiling the advice 'of the f Charged 1 rrelldent. beiran dnrinnr rhi?' Tf. ' i '. I iAf! Jc . . r . t f . ..v."r. -"iui k ins ) ? "i inc r rencli rrnvr an... ' . . , I J! ; II ifl t I i . - 'i ... - . retdeI .;.:, :"n Ctments, and elpeciajly-a n,ert 'ary. the J!u t ,e orne "( arms are mo. -''Sstirthrfw" Pm f the the Kleher tl. I ere. received orders lo follow fhe'vLrt ''3"TPt7onr7 tfiftJ byhe. FreWhifmTeVW iged of -v. was alredvnhrWr j Rh.T"' WorfF,-which UAa", -nrles, after bavintr divirlerl 5t. r. u.. J "trealed ard. the 1 trpops , before, the embarkation wiso'niplefi'.'a' detachment Gt-Xaaa meaJ.arrHA . . Corps and dlfarmet rhem oft ..k:.u .U' i . j i " . "iiii.ii nicy conancr": a them outaf thi. fVrifnt- u.. r-j.; ., ffrefs ." ' " -",ucr me con- i Exlrait of a irmati LUtrJulsJ i". :nrV , . ' . ,T , r . ""'-""turrit iv;eu ,-. W, itth MeJfiJorJ,;fj 5.7 ,ri ,-"Gen. Lefevr:ha beet revenged, fit has foujht the enemv above Wetzlair, and has made'6t)r los ARMY OF ITALY.- - , 'inivias hiiu na 11 1 Ui-I :o allure' you oyaJ .liigbneft, that St is tKe TbtMmvifcHet hf tht French getnnivSith the kr. . , , - . fv' ""' with tnear- sw W Jlps, to ne ecuthldkia. tt Citizen Directory, mi iEiucr or f ne cattle li'iWdryitWlhall tW be matters or Mantua 'nnrwirhnini; . n . a. :le LWT b.ra,e trooP h Tucceeded; and it was forced rn nnitiiliM tl. ...u r.i . --- r-r...- ...,w , n,, ui mis montn : we fendyoua copy of the letter which we received from ! Fi"LiZ- i " ftovcnimeni ro maintain ! oyhip:iwA,cJt.(j,nna the two nations, .and eoh Vlncedtnat vanr t.ti.i.-o. :n . w - v ! - --j vijjiiiici? yvin iidiii me pany vexations commuted by the ErglifiifTeF.T? iefT fuaded rnafthe mrc.,ft ,t.:u"t.-. . 1 l . t i -.-.-.-- iiivii nave uren aconicu J.!lrWrory are juft and pecetfaiy.' -1 am 1 witli fcfleem and cohfideratioti of Vonr royal .fi.ghnefs.-" ' "; : vr ';'i?if Buohaparte,gaiiralin chief "of the wy tf fay, jf6 th L...Si Exeattit..Dirttirj.. '., ,; -;:X,.r Citizen T)ire?fnr. '... While one divlfion ofnhe army o"ecnpied.Ealbjr. Ii renaro. anrl Vavmrm tU na. renarn nnJ Vo...n, .f.-4 t.- . . 0 jare-jTo marcii tQj'L!loja.jr itlhtcatenedTto march t Rome by MorVncf. The Grand Hutu T..r. j:r..Ju.j .'1. .. ,T. - V. V UlllldlLlirO IP IJ1C at J0l0ffnathe-Marn..!.JLM.r4I..:J J V 1 " . t v I'.oiii 1 u 1111 in, vv.ucjf TO Teprefent that an h, l,A A - .ir .1 r .Wwory, whWthe c tvilid powers had rerrg. II ed. After fome chnrrrfarinn ti r:.c-j - ' r j " 1 ,J n 1 j 1 1 v n With my ahurance that I would not pafs throuth ' k w" lcluca tne diyiuon ior

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