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Vol. I.
SAT ORO AzirOroir t
Xmpoit&nt Foreign Advices. .
' ;'.'gy"fAf 'HOPE, lla lyjnut Lt'
LO knON: Atwuftitf.
A the fate or tnat-eoontryv me tclair ot tire
latlycantains an official intimation from the Di
rectory, to the Council of Five riuudced, of a noit
brilliant victory obtained by ibe army of Italy, at
Calligliooe, about fix league from Mama a, , even
tFiuuladJ Auft'riahs according to this account, were
made prifoncrs. The vidbra took alio pieces ol
tanndUi-arid killed argreafTiiimber of the enrmy.--
This a ppers to have been the lali elforj n ibe parr
etent wtnett nuv now be regarded a certain
pbfls were on tbc Regnitz, io tbo bifhoprlc of ttam-
,wKpwBttttxuj jfcn- KWorr- waa preparing; to t-
; TihVarminoF the Rhine ajd Moferfe hssalfoeon
affboed to advaiKe, meet'sj5nju-e refiflaoce, but
finiilaV I'uccel. A divitiSmfinwrw! St. tyr at
tacked the Auftrians oif the ad inff. at Aalen, and
drove Ibem from thence, taking 30a priibiers. -A-"
nother -partial action took place at fievdenhc'un,
wiiere the Auftrians made a- fpirited f efiflaace, but
were compelled o retire, leaving the, French In
pouefllon of the place. The Auflnan army: has re
treated behind Donawerte on the Danube.
Jt is impoffible on any common principle of rea
"" rolling or calculation, to account for this unvarying
. tenor of fuccefa on the one hand, and of d, latter on
the dthrr. A.letter"from the head-qiiartcrfbf the
archduke Charles, " i given ia the.. Eclair; of tbc
; 1 2th, which, if we could' give it implicit credit;
would throw no incdnfiderabfe (hare ot light onthis
luytterf. It is t.bire Hated, 4 That, the Emperor
v; has ordered his brother to make no more ufcJclMW
crlfkes f. his army tdr th Take of t he Germanic
empip,-xcepting Bavuria and thebi(hopricsof
oatzooarganaranau, wnicniiiay oeondedtroni
aid be was obligW to jret remand give vest to Uteoi 1
on paper. rTm ctruauBaac werteornj witRMtM
faciioai, asraaalty honourable 4 o the merdiaoti of
LopdoB Ao the naerttortou objeA of difk tr-
' This meming we rereived tb. Paris Journals t
the Iftb toft, and w ftop the preli to pubiifli the
fbltowiiig pariicuiB' of s .
The Dcfcut of the A uftfin !
The CommiJp,6tteri 'ofjhe gxetyt'PZ Dtreflarji with the
at my if Itjfj and the Jfifattthi ExeeutfvtJOi"
On he fide of German v the traufaHcui. thouch
left HrHiing Jn tlieir 4N2 ,r not '"P"'"1
in rheir ionftquencet. Tl army of the- Sawhre
tutd rb MMfr4 pommanded by geo. Kleber, during
xlie MiQtknif geo, lourdao. Kit untinoed its
pitogttA ltbot the (malleft bjpjo,ruioa. Thefoi
, . - - ,T 1 hat -,were at-firrfcia-lifter
t: tuo army oi44i nru-Htniwona. neuaBeerT -' rTj v T a, i . 7 V- I
J - ... .... . tn hnniuirah drfftM lull MtlnfM on raffilM tn.
Oar dHpatch of Veflferdar wjtich a franftrtHted
by the dinary courier, would sot reach you be
fore this, mfertned you hat, according To utioilci
at report, bar made Wtfy periods worthy of
credit, divSKrt 4f ha fVf made an attack pn
the it th, at balo, on the beVdersof the lake de
Marda, wl bad beta reptlBthbY column of the
tneniy wiflth was marthto rapidly to Brfclcia.
- their, natural ihuatiori, without commuting the
r : .lafcty tif thearmyi"; ' . ' -
it naaaea, i nai mexmperor has lent the lol
,-Jowing eemmi(fiotrerj;Bffi and
, BaHm de Wlntermach, with their fecVetaries, M.
d Gattntimel and de GreKenegg. to afllft his Minit.
. ter, Baron de Degeltman, in negociatihg, Jnew,
tile prelirtiifiaries of peatcV ,.
Stich ia the idiie which we ha ve For fome time pre
dicldr and this letter is t hi more dcierving oT cre
dit, as it is not poflibte other wife-to account for the
" ; erilforni ri treat of the Audrtan armies, and the a
batldonroeiit or the Bates ot the empire.
" "Jfiigt id. Th4 French generals at Frankfort, jiot
having iiven aiders totrcmove the Imperial tagle
frotftjhe hewfpapers publilbed In that city, nor io
leave but tM Wfd w lrontWth the mott gra.
'; cibus privilege of his lnipriai roajefly"-.ancf )te
' fablTitule; thofe' By permirflon ol tTie genea
- rah of the tTench Republic" It has been athiouncV
ed to tUe fitorii, that both the Eagle and jbe for.
r jAet Word ttfo teniain. -- , . .:' .
, : .;1?he'lbe of the fundi it prefenf Js,a.fuicicot
vt dot "that JKace is riot expeaed, in confeanence of
.Mr HaffimodVjBiiinon--Wbeb"M
. prefented bis fiote to Bartheleoir. the friends ot mi
' nWers, io thfecret, fpeculateif deeply in the fimdsi
, aid If itty haj)ny evntwerenQwKpeaed tthy
xrydottie' equally eager W buy JnX aud theJlocks
MrcWtd CoHftqnentirriTe. :T
The Stdtholdcr'a Elephants at Paris are called
en honourable defence had rttreated oa Caflano, to
geilier with a bwttafiba f the ijrti demi-brigade,
attacked between aW cne lake l lleo.
That a very ftrojrg eoiuma f Auitriane (tad forc
ed our ptffis at Corona, bove the Adige, and kad
ie,d off between the Adig and the lAe de Carda.
'. .That the commmder-itt'efcef, after hsring,;in
conieuencc vf tbefe ntovctoeat, evacuated Verona,
had aiHeed Ms force. ;
We were anxious to tranfinit to yoa thele detaHs
for tbe purpe-Ge of det'wrtogtbe efforts which male
Volenae would B doubt make to reprcfent as an ab
loluie defeat, a momeptar? advantage Rained by
the enemy, and wltich pretents noUiing allenifhing
in ine eowne ot a campaign or uiree montns.
An official difpatch fom the general, dated this
day, has arrived ta ea chta moment, calms obr un
ealineb and jultities. auriiit. Wf do not befnate
19 rraitfmit to yon by afl extraordinary cobrsertbe
relult. . .. ... ; r
The general informs ds, -that though frtiineltas
appea. ed i'or a moment, oirf avournl)le, thanki to the
victory ot Conado, and te the vigorous meafures
that r has taken, things are lna irajijo take i a.
hvery tatisictoryTilrnT7
ttf jOutch Ambadadors.
' So TinoUflj Idoeiiht-tl
bethreat ht thr rVenchTroTiTIF
- uiiDoa operate on tne mercsntue world, tlwt a tner
chiflt lit London has chartered the brig Kingfton, pf
wwtnainpion, a remarkable iwitt lading veflql, cop
per Boiromeo, in oraer to onng nome.his ettects;
r fof which 'purpofe flte failed on Fri
hat he hat evxHated tne-ceniHTrbeyond the
.Mincio i that he has thrown a llrong garrifon into
Pifchier a i hat he 4tas united W army for tbe pur-:
pole of marching to attack tbe enemy at Lonado
md at balo ( tUm rbe enemy has loft in thefe two
t-ngj-emems a great many men; that at rhr baftle
of Lonado we have made 6oo prifoners, and killed
and wounded tn o thaufand nich.
Our magazine at Brefcia bavelen retaken.
The bravery of the army, the confidence with
which the general ia invefted, and his opinion on the
fituatioo of things midtleave you without aneali-
nets Uepend on our teal in feconding him, and
informing you with txa&fcfs And truth 6f whatever
maj 1 paft. f ' T -
BxcsCiA. Aunult 4.
1 fend you by exprefs, theHews, that e yefleri
day completely defeated the enemy at tonadef Cat
tiglione, and Montichiara. . We have tskeb in thele
Ihree places, Sir thoufdni frifon rr, and Wvo thou
land have been killed or bundd., We have taken
thirty field nieces, and two ef the Miemies generals
are made prlfoners.
. At Salo we have alio defeated the enemy, and
made fix hundred prifoners, and took one hundred
and forty horlcl. . - '
r (signed) , , , CARRAlJ.
nav mnrmnff
tint. Troliobe. went on Kridav L(t
Cdftet-houliti' to return his thanks in Derlbn to the
cerrinlittee of merchants for their . elenanr nri-Pirnt 1 ir.f, tin' rtnfti i ni ft 7TTri'"hft 1 mnif i.r ..V,.,. .
4Vmeytffio-Voted to the CTplaTnfor bis late gat,
lent' 'conduct in attacking and defeating a verjTmV
rrweriof Bet of fhfe enemv. Tbe mSmehr Mfit Tr1
. Wpe-enitrfd the cotfee-fioule, byaa iDltatitaneous
i:iotion (if. all -the ientUnn nrifrnf .' h
cg'ueil With three cheer, which mark of refpeft mid 1
eftVntatiott .to-feBMy, ;M..jitnt-l-nfn t UmA
tliat M unabk, iq, words to wprefs bik ftelipsv
rjjjJysiiabnhis letteireTepeatedln two
others, which follow ,in the Paris Journal, on fign.
ed Garrau, and the other' Berthier fo that there
can be no doubt that the Auilrian army has beer)
completely routed with tbe' lofs of 66ao men," ' and
thirty pieces of cannon. ' ..
The Eclair of the 14th -contains a letter from
geru' Kleber, dated Aueuft 4, from his head-quartert
nl the grpu Aoftriw uiagine, nd particularly
piof us.., :: . , - ,
-Afri, The Laeeur ive Uirtclory wrote to the
CottnciU, the. detail tbat we he given of the ope
rations of tbc bnvmaxmy io Italy, on the day of the
r 4th, .were vnlj the prelude to uu.eiic ItUl more
..l'lic commander in chief har addrtlTwl iis7l'y
a courier this dy, the Willory of fixe .'memorable
dye, wfcrcb aflate the futcet4f on r armits o
that Important theatre, fiehold, then, a
fiaflidiBnlrvedy! t"' .
.!; WurmferlJia4olU4B tlwfi-five da v from
tn fifittn thoitfamd fun tmdf prifoaan . (It ti'wj.i;. )
kiUti or VtuodeJ, A f&xnt' pitcti if 'I t.c
mainder of tbe Austrian army is dilperfed, ;n ! we
re goin in purftt of ihtsri.
Tn king of Prulia who is an Illumine, ha 1-ng
predicted the triMmphiand ellablifitment tt il e
French Republic, and at prcfebt he mav verv iu(Mv
pe ia-lled thefortuue Teller of all the IVlonarchs 111
turofe.- r " . . . - - .
U Uere a probabe hope that the endeavour f
government " to rcitore peace ta this country will
prove lueccfafol, how ar; we to account tor the e
ceffity of ( -bot preti as 1ms prevailed on thje ri
ver for aiaoy days pad
. . Auguft 19. , ,
Rafoltttion of the ExeoativeDireaory of the 50th
July, fourth year of tbe Republic,
" The Exejcetive. iJjrectpry, finding it Kpdie.nt
that tbedepartmctits of tlie welt, loronerly utUl'.ed
by the Chouans, and fubjetto the iVyiury govm
tnent fhowld enjoy the benefits ol lie cpnllitutiou.
Refoiyes a" follows;
. Tbe Hate ot liege i raifed m all the Co-ninuoea-of
the departments f the wc!t, who had btu iub
jetted to it in cxccuuanbf interior iloiutiou ui the ,
Directory, - ; ' l.l " -
Tb iwnkWt f rb Interior T general police
and finances, are charged with the execution ot the
lent reJoiuuoii, which will be priniedi . -
--; Rxvslilia Lepeai x, Prefn!eni- " '
LlOAXot, Secretary General. 0
, . ' I 1 .1 .
- Paria;-Jo ly 3 1 ft,- Yourtb year if the
French Republic . . : '
ihj&f&jt- Dirt fiery r J GtSfrb Bumpirt9;mr
moMJerin Chhf ojtht urmy J Italy. ":
' The Executive Direaory, who cannot bnt'praifr,
CWean General, the irtdefatigable.: acTivitv ith
whiuli Jrou combat the enemies of Liberty ; the Exe
cutie Diwftory who paftietpate with all the good
citizens, with all the true friend of their .cotrotryt
with all the fincere Republicans in the admiration
which the great mjlitary talents you d'ifplay do in
fpire, and which give you irurt claim to national
gratitude, fee with indignation the efforts which
libellera under, different mafka are daily making to
tniflead the pablic, and to fecond the e-.mies ofoer
Country y rumours, whkb ca hmve no Other end,
than 16 diffemlnste diflentum among the friends bf
order -and peace. Tlie Directory lee with indigna
tion the perfidy MtlLyrbicbofenfederaU iel--Tom
have dared to attack the loyalty, theconltanc
fidelity- of your fervices ; and- they owe to thciti;
feLvci the formed denial wliicli they glfe to" the ib.
furd calumnies which the necelfitv of fdlerih" m-
Uig'y. l made tlii-tn hazard, by-aeeonRU wlilH 7
.tender toproye a ltimuius to tbe Directory to read
Some 'it-owed' RtlvalliU flaflv cfrelilntf.' llf..
hood others-calling themfolves Palwtsyptirui
log tbe &rne end cooibient "upon it,: and eke kout
in their own way, under pretence of tombatibg
their pretended antaaouifls. Both narties are tlii
I at work, t flop the pro crefs of order, which is n;
blifhln ; both feeond tle enemies of theTC vTuHotT;
both wiflt to Paw difcord, and to difpreanieeabe ar.
mies i" both wifh thus to Iport with the good faitk
of their readers, of thole who afford. them fubfrit- ..
ence, and decently prefeat to them as fadt, account a '
which are nothing but Ahe f ruit of adiforderedima- '
gination. . " ' .'
Mo: Citizen General. nrr Ka .kllr-i j.- -
at 2cffl;1w whidh hc pm;an-acrnnn nf riii drlthiB AbHwa boea.Alle io prepdAilb tho DireAory 4gii)ft jl- J
you ; tney ".aj?XJlRJSC'a-M, vOr-iowiteenefy
t bir fiteceflea of I be arnw of t he Sanrbre-and.Meii&
Ju 1 inejpirowing poRtpf iridded t
P. S. At the moment I wa cloflng my le'tteVCijt.
tjzen-Diredortrl received advleerthaCjhe-di-
vifons are.arrlvtd under tbe walls of Bambere a-d
tbat the mafrillratea -of that town have wMivileit to
W a art- a61 ot ftibrh itiion to the ar tfi siyjhjjjRepiiMk;
l IL w--fir-s--'C:-rrTrTi"V-.-ii .... . .
l utait vuorc in two noura
Direcldifyrbecaofe the Diredory know your Drift
ciples, and yoor itiTin'uble attachment to tbe Re. '
public..... No, never ha yoar recal bk-en tle mtellldo'i
ncACti has the Direct orr: never have ant if t
niembersrfl,ed p give a (ucceffw ia him
hr4ottily -lMdaon pnt1lepblU;as io tJpryt
:rhe-libel ler whp won Id feiuri to" be"
We wllj, nodoubtart.aert'that he knows tlitf intrigue hatchtd -
-- - : I li 'i
'." ? jt "1 J i. .' .
- - !Jf
- ' lat li a

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