Liuzims and She troop 'of keA "ho & usl No, no, no: the firft Mmill ed , mott ut the "others have had their throats car . - -To whom then arc. we to owe fealty n I hoyi- a"s! Tothofewho cut their .throats j Whyf e: ' caufcthry helped our revolution J No, did net -help h:r-ficcaor,they are good .ntlnfvolcut la all men! Read their hiltory for the .apforer. Be-u-.. ... r r i.ilK friendlv and relpecttul, to the free government which is the ripe and rich fruit of our independence Mo lnnji'ing. What: then is the bafts of the Jaco'nn claim of "ratitu.te ? Precifcly this: the French wniflarief inpnr - Ihevhate as we uaic; uu .,.;" r -;; ,. J' ...... , , ft(xntrt1, -;tv nf mtrelrs. render U ufeful to dupe as many as we can. The long ot gratitude has been a fyreii long which m 1793 moll lulled alleep the true fpif it of independence... VAaO - Men of reading and refledion long ago concluded that Democrats were not republicans. It was late- the Tnrnhin 08 per S that tJM !trhfMriirtnre-rennerr tr-rather tne more itcanee, tbat.ii (hould be acknowledged. It take the narae and arc leo -.e to it. It has worn badly enough, and -now thrir-Frrnrfrpay-maderi- have calLtoft.Mof lu,luv" .n they now reprobate democracy in ran nyi live (Tentrv leem to claim it as n hn' '"'6 vr: 'inenthev"liad a clear right to the fecond hand J u it r ,t,i. r.,i,, thv (V-rvff . .The name fits them ad- -c nn rhar anarcbv which rules the " wnftituted Mthontles oF Turvlvcs theirdeftruftion. The ufe that has been made of the name, ta deceive fi'-ft, and then to plunder, fuits the hypocrify, the licentioufuefs.or the heed of the different feds that - from the democratic p'Srty. The credulous dupes may be left out as a iiftinct feft, for the fact is, they do' not keep together in a body, but ate icattered among the others, according to the character of the - "re Sder thef way happen to enlift under. in the rage of defpair, an attempt has been made -to. dUgrMabcuchrcfiL of .federal repuWicans. Ueliuitions have been quoted irom booksi implying " Wt it is the power of a few which is meant by re- - publicanil'm, kc. But thefe are proofs of that fort of pedantry and indociUty, which is npt made mo- de(t by confeious ignorance, nor wife by reading. Let the partv be llyled democrats, for two reafons. - -FirlU it defcribes the fort of politics they would in--- troduce and fecondlyit is a name already dilgrac- d and tits the wearers. dinefs. -Tliere wavn charge U1w they .weie broken or thrown into copiufion. 'Thwlsihe n credible fteldinefs of our loot foldiem, which has mlda Durarinies invincible." Its cynduA'will tonn ' . sii." ' : i -mi. cut to pieces: liut it .they. Dave te couaac to rc ma:nfi n", they feldom or ever tail ot gaining the advantage. The cavalry of the enemy have, often been feen to charge our lo'ut on the full gallop : the firft rank' ot infantry' difcliarged their mufltets and up a conttant fire, "and the horfe wtre compelled to L.. - . ...w..... . .. v.: w j..- 1 tl I .. I. v.rTiv: nTFTiUiNL It our baita ions Oaa uncrea incm- v ... w ...... ,. r felves to be broken, the cavalry oiild have made a terrible Uaiighter, -and we could have (ucceeded in no ciucrpi iac. ..Gafpard Thieric, colonel of the 91b regiment ol liuflai s, was recoaftoUering With Ins rtgitnent, and placing fometroops in ambufcade, iii a htdloW way , I.Q propofed to drw the enen yjnio it, by provok ing them to aftion, "and. afterwards flying before -thftn.-HordecedJis huflars 10 infult the enemy ifr "every ptflhble manner Thfcy"" accordingY"ad vanccd pretty near the Auftrians, calling them the flaveS ofdefpots;aYid giving them fuch other names. ThVflbufe was returned by the enemy, who reproach ed our troops with being compelled to take paper foodiih ltining their king, and melting down their church bells,. They however Tufpected the firr: -artA rnA nArb. trmnled tO mnvC. One of pur huflars, at length, lofing all patience, gallop- CO UP anQ Kllica U mujimn nuujn Willi uiiiui ' . . : - . !fll"j -L 1 : .1-... r 1, Inot ; out Hie enemy iuucu ui wmg ui 4wu iu uck ' Fro vi a London paper. nvvFTML PICHEGrUTs CAMPAIGNS. This very itlirej!irig work contains a number of atrtous - tm o Krtflf fnoaorcment which took place between Cburtray and Ingelmanfterthe aoth regiment of cavalry iiiiFered their cannon to betaken. .General Piehegrn gave ordersthat neither this regiment; nor any other that mould lofe their cannon, mould be fupplied With any till they had taken an equal num ber From the enemy. AVithin three days after this atfair, the aoth regiment took four pieces from the '""'trie engagement between Moireaa's dtvifion and Clairfayt's troops, near Lincelles and Blaton, fifty the enemy's no'rfe'made their way into our park of artillery. Some Belgian recruits who were leu to guard the paVk, threw dowh their arms and fled " Our caimoiieers'fhatchedup their mulkets, and plant ed themfelves behind the ammunition' waggons, fired upon the troopers, and killed feveral, and compelled , vthe remainder to take to flight. This prefence of hvUwJ favedthe artillery t)f that dtvifion on this be-. revenge ior tins iiiiuh, .i cu uui, . honourable 1 infertion au bulletin! Bravo 1 honour able mention I infertion in the bulletin ! - An huflar of the 9th regiment, wliofe name waJ Petre. was fent to a villa ee in Brabant, to protect the inhabitant from marauders. A party of t! efe entered the place,-and fearchtng for concealed f feds, dug op almait bpx, in wJiicn au tne innai)i fajua ottlie village had,epqfne,d iiieio9ney,.T'LPe rro arri ved tit the verv moment w hen the v were car E . 1 a.. .f ' .nj uf 111 nr p C v lit IliC ryiugUU 111c.11 uuiij, viiu uin'Tiiiiii' i intrepidity and firtnnefs, he induced the pluntlerers tO taKC-lU UlgllVa IJC IdlltU lUJtHtl lliWrlHIia Jl' tants, wJjo opened Uie box in hU prefenre. It con tamed ninety thoufand lures,-and Petre was dtfired to take what he pleafed from .t. -Petre thanked them,.. and Ottly added-". 1 have done my duty, and you owe me nothlnj;, but '..I would advile you to hide jour money better in future . -- . It rarely ha opened that the emi ra nts fu fFered themfelves to be taken alive, efpecially in any great numbers . The brigade of Jourdan, however, took fixt-(ix belonginj to the legion of Kohdn,- the greater partot whom weie convictea 01 emigrauoii and condemned jb be (hot. Among them was a young man from the department of the Pas de Ca lais, who declan-d he had beep driven to quit his rmmtrv on th? preateft extremity; and to eCcape from the fury of Lebon. He heard his fentence with the compoXure of an innocent man ; and hav. ing begged permiflion to write to his brother, who was fervin among the Emigrants, he: exprefied hini'felf on the fpot'intbe following termi: Dear brother, at the time you will receive this letter, I fliall k nn tnnre I he if of vou to fell my camp e ..... . -,'., . . , rn quipage, pay my ueut, anu laic mc icuiAiiiubi w your own ufe. You know I was drivento it to faye myfelf from dying of hunger. The greateft of all crimes is to bear arms agatmt our country. pear on t"he Warrant' returned into bit oCce ; nf ; if any entry-tlikVir fliall ifltie"a"wa"rrnnt c0ntrarjf 16 the directions of this'. act, he (hall torteirand 'P7'-' the lum of two hundred pounds, to be recovered by adioti of debt, one hyl to"" the perfon who hall fue (or the fame, and jthe other half to the ufe of jthe ltate 1 ' V " " T - "II.: Whcrf?S difficulties; have arifen in;obrainlng grants under tIt operation ot the fixtli ItcVion of an act, palled at the lalt General .Ucmbiy, entitiea, . An act to amend an act,; entitled,-An t Prevent the iffuingof grants for lands entered With" any of the entry-takers in the ltate,iBcertain cafes i and to prevent the ifluing warrants of furvtynman-" ner as itdeicrLbedJ vvliere the original enterer Ts dead Or removed, fo that the oath required by faid act cannot be made : Brit further ensiled, That in all cafes where the original enterer is dead, or where the claimant . may hold by alfignment of a pcrfon removed out of the (iate,-ic (hall and may be law ful, upon (uch claimant filing an affidavit to that cf fed in the fecretary 's office, for the fecretary of " Mate to iflue grants upon warrants To returned, for all entries made previous to, the firit of January,, -1 794rProvided the warrant corrtfponds lufficient- ly with the tranfeript returned under the faid act to the fecretary V office by the clerks of the county courts. pi ovided-allo, That grants may iflue to pcrfons! aiming- lands entere dJui the,,coumies of -: Guiliord and Chatham,'.previus to the year 178.3, L. although there may be no tranfer i pt with which the warrants nvy or can be compai ed. TlTT7"And whereas warrants have inTome 'inftancei been )o(t, that have iflued upon entries made on the books jiow in poUduoii of the cletks of "the county conrr.9,amT ot he7s verlllued-,-. folliat tnlea cannot be pcrfecttd, to the .lands To claimed r For remedy whereof, Be r fur; her entitled. Thai h (hall and may be lawful 0r any perfon claiming lands under fuui circumfiances, to make application to the court of . 1 he county in whole oflke fuch books are lodged,, for a fecoud. warranty and Jf U Aall be- made ppear to the fatisfacVien of fuch court by the infpeftion of the books, that fuch entry as made, andu that -the - Jiifcfd.w -;.. ; - r on. nr.n tb fiecre of Yores, a (hell fell on the knap- fack. of a foldier of the fecond battalion of la Cor-,,-reze, which cut the (traps of his knapfack, & broke a pot' of butter that be had placed above his necef laries -Tins volunteer,. whofwas .a flativeof Li , moufin, was not at all affe&ed by the danger, but ' lookin eagerly at the fragments, cred in his pro vinciaf dialed, Ah! grand Di, moUvtoupi de bur ra ! de quel laral you tno foupo .'" 'Ah, God 1 my "orotlirDutterT wTiat TKilTldo-TOWtaTnake - myfoup! - '- '. - --- - At the battle of Hoogleden, the 6ad, or the 34th J.n,;Kr'iiifli 1 1 r ann At f rrnll which of thefe il - usiui-"" "6""" " ------ - -.jj.w , ... t ras) waspofted by the (ide of the road leading fromRoufliclaer to Hoogleden." The regiment of Lat0ur, which j oc wi uiv huw .. wt n. n th fmnernr's fervlce. advanced along the injuX: car end Vlth their cloaks. The chief of this feeing the uniform of the Auf- . rhmiirhr it wu a detachment of our cavalry. mnd when hu men were preparing to fire, he cried, " "VStaV.-ftayVrthtRk they belongto os.Mr The com. -manding officer of the dragopns anfwered. " Yes, we are French, But do you do in rhat.dange rou. pofition t You will have the whole army ot the Themy nportyou. Take my advice and change yonr Tafition' As he finimed1 thfc w1rds he difcovered iironT.rifu. Our officer Inltantly gave orders tor Jiis uirtoto' fire," arid a (harp engagemew enliie d.--Armitfr fqodtvwthe-enemf rwer4etr on-the u. 'VJUI Ul .IUIIIV VI VUlwIL. V JIUV I9t" 1 1141 IUCU Wi has teen loft or df ftroyed, then it (hall bethe duty of the court to order the clerk to iflue a fecond war . f".'.i ' "a .1 , rani ortne tame tenor ana date ot the one to I oil or deftroyVd, ffafmg in the body thereof that the fame is a duplies; which warrant, (hall, iliiie. under the (eil of the cowrt of the county, and the lame (hall be . as valid as if iflued by the entry-taker: and the lur (' c or making return of plats and furveys under fuch duplicates, it (hall be his duty to notethe fame par ticularly therein ; and the iecretary ifluiog any jnanr or grants thereon, (hall recite in the face of the. fame, that iheTame is iflued under a duplicate warrant by virtue of this ad, and liable to become null and void if at any future 4ime it fliould appear that a grant had been obtained on the original war rantltaud to have been loft ordeltroyeda. afore- faid. ... IV. And be it jurlher enatted That in all afA where it (hall appear by the entry-taker'a books that warrants have not iflued by the entryaaker Ui .1 I. L. I.J.. : I. . I . 1 ' 'n .:: uroucih uvoniK or ine court, w.nercoy- airectea to nine warrants in the lame manner as by the hrlt fedion in this ad direded, to the perfon or perfoni ...I. i. r. . .i . . r . . .. 1 .1. . . i r . . wnw way appiy lor ine ianiC j ana me cierK 01 inc . court (hall be entitled to demand and receive the fum ..of .four fliilliiiE;s in full for all (ervices in this field. The toad w covered wlth'the 'earcaues 01 rren id hiirfest The carnage was (hocking. -. . y TlirmuTh the whol k- this aampatn our infan try -ftjaodjhe (bock. 9LtheiaYlrJ JgJ -PMIi?! After we had entered Nimesuen, it happened that i .t ,ft alnne at head auarters. A beautiful .wo- man, acompanied.byJier.maid.fe.rvant entered the n whir r 1 tat. and witn marKS or extreme i uwm ... , . . . r.rrrtr-thrw htr arm si ' round mv neck, afta cried uear v"n s,, 1 " in is,' -m LnmkiAik nwn.L . ' No. madam, we are maf- ters of it.' But will not the Englifli fire upon ... i Ho nnt thinic inev win. t auiwcrcu. She fell (i-nlelefs, beinc; quite overcome with fear, j 'JL.., iu mt ,rMf- ftie mid me that fevc- ral ftiel's had (alien on her houfe, ard made it a heap of ruins; and tl at one ot them ten very near ncr, r .u.i.rA Ai rnnM never recover. I offered every arromrnt my nurd Cvmld iugeelt terror like this i with diffie dtv . conquered. oct- aw nt?JKrnerH-r.j4ROLINA. An Ail to rerttdr certain-inconveniences anjmg under x .w.i tht pretetti Land Laws.. . tr Tttpfrtf a i, nrrv. takers are not required Willi ' - ..W . .... r ... . ,.- . .... .... t... u.., n infprt thu Hate of the ttntrv in the warrant iflued to the claimant, and the date ot tne entrv doVsrnot therefore appear upon the grant; and it frequently-happens t,hat,a fecond enterer of the fame land obtains his gram, tirlt and giC4t injuf. tice done tcube firft Uir and . ho'uclt put chafer MoT remedv whereof,"-.- . " -rT' "T r, "7" 'I. Be itenaflc'd by thtCtr.tral Afetnb)y-of the flate .r MAk.rrnlinj and it t. hrcbl Ctiafied -bj.tht,atf thorite' of tht fame, 'I hat (ram and after the ttt day of Match. next, it fhiltbe the duty of the eniry-taket-tftiniert-iiieAitc ot theentry ,iQheJ)ody of Th- wrr.nt and the fecretary Ol Hate (hall and he is hereby required, ia ifluing grants For land, in all cap-s wharfre"er. to mlVrtm the 4ody of fuch grant tha date o( the enti y when fuch date (hall ap- V. Wlutri liriU nAor in tht rnnnrlM rhf WTilVsC IIVI UUIJVVIIti'Vy JVVAV IWI UtVI ly m m t- a w tered, and may have been entered, with the eotryr takers of Wifliington" and Greene,' 111" the ftite of; lennenee: Ana whereas trauu may be attempted under colour ol warrants froni the faid counties of ....... ,w v, , r.. .. t , . wainington and ureene j r or prevention wtiereoj, Be it enaftcd by -the authority of oreaid. That every perfon claiming lands in either of faid countica of Wilke,, Burke or Buncombe, under colour of-an en -' try made in Wadiingtou and Greene, (hall previous to making a" fur vty thereof, produce to the court of the .coiinty in which the land lieth, a majority of the Juttices being pre (en-, his warrant, and make it ap pear by his own oatlv,-nd otlWikteiiimoiy-wbere i6 can be procured, that the purchafe money for the- . land claimed hat tv been paid to the entry tker j ADfJ " "" thereupon (he vaffauT (hall beeounttrfigmd by thp clerk and thereafter be held a good warrant. Pro " vided nevenhelefsTiiat all fuch-furveys-lhafl I ' ' made agreeable to the locationT" " And provided 1(W Chat any grant obtained on a warrant counter0gnea al afnreiaiH fliall br anrt the fame i hereby declar. ep null and void, in cafe if (hall afterwards appear '; that, a .'warrant . had .been, previoufly iflued . and a , grant at any time obtained thereon . . . . . , V And to prevent grams being iflued under rfeigncd or forged warrants t :B it tnaCfedt That hi (hall be the duty of the fecretary of .ftate to (lay the ifluiiur of crams oh ail warrants returned into his .. offlee, purporting to be figncd by any entry 'taker o the iuntie.Si of Wafliington and Greene, whereof h irtay entertain any doubt of vhiir being genuitwi, '.or not adually figned by any of the faid entry -takers' ; "and in all luc fi" caics it Thill be tilrduryo JfayffiKli" W arrants heffffe the'nexr Gen ral Afle.mblj,wb Jpl '. take tuch ot di rjherepn as ji Itice and the iutetclt of the Hate mav req i-te. l ' 'J :.2 I 5

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