..-a 1 IIP 7 If-1 - : 'it r i m if I . fil? ,1 niiini.n.'.g,.,;,;.,-..,! 1 Mlii ,,, My nirf"H"::r- -r4 ; 3.1 ;-r TO DELL A CRUS CA. TJLEST " genius of the god of day' MJ Efcap'd the Iweliing lurges roar, Receive a gratetui tripuiiyi, v.That haili thee welcome to our I In Britain's M, fubdued by love - r Thy magic mute in moving yerfe , w : Confclt thy pangs ; whilft every grove Was taught .. Matildato. rehearfe n.fMin niu-i mnr tllV i'oldeil QUI 1 1 . A nobler theme demands t hy irig,trrirrfz: Quickly oar hero's virtues tell r y To vVafhington thy (trains belong. If ough: can more illume his fame, : Which foars above the eaghmngs, j-. Or nations more admire his name, . . , It is that Delia Crufca (ings.e f Sine the great chief, who to.his fields withdraws Oh ! 'fans whillt worlds fhall liften with applaufc ! LAURA. UtelydvifcdW wholly on tnex jencjviraaeanq ma the cdnfiftencv otzthis lanffua n-e-,---'-- :'. " t Ca ot. Morfe on hit pa fla si home, from Aux Cay i nahe-coa(of;. Hif paniola fleet of I i fail of the line bound to windward. I 'hia'ahUWcellenlwmas Mifflin was pro 'claimed Gove rnor; of this Commonwealth, with the cuflomary fbrnialitieit. - . ' . - ' It appears from entriesat the collector's office for thTslortmaerin "Sofruance of the ad of Congrefj fofhe4att4efliony that.4n"th"cL4aatiuJoninieMcinj;. on the lit ot July, and ending on tne 30m oc Sep tember laft, 890 Teamen i have been fregiflered ; and that during the fame period, 28 feamen wey im prefled, of whom 4 were natives; 9 whofe citizen fhip was unknown or uncertain a Swedes, i Dutch man," f lfi flimeri, and 3 foreigners whofe country is Unknown, bin in place of whom 3 Americans were returned by the veffe which imprefftd them. One of thefe impreflments was made in Europe, and one alfo from, a je&l. returning If m-Europe. ,-4- SONNET TO HOPE. BY HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS OII, ever fkill'd to wear the form we love ! To-buHhefliapes of f ar-a nd grief depart , - Com?, gentle Hope ! witli.one gay fmile remove " The laiVing-fadners oFan aching heart, .Thy voice, benign Enchantrefsl let me hear; - Say that for me fome pleafures yet fliall bloom. That Fancy's radiance, Friendfliip's precious tear, Shall foften. or fliall chafe Misfortune's gloom. But come not glowing in the dazzling ray Which once with dear illations charm'd my eye f Oh ftrew no more. Pweet flatt'rer V on my way The flow'rs 1 fondly thought too bright to die. . Viftons lefs fair will footh mrpfive breaftp iThataJks no happlnets, but long ToF reftr r RIC HMONDrDecic. . At the election ot a Frelidc n and Vice Prcfident, agttleman oDheme Levea dom and firmnefs enough to vote for- George.Waft j ngt on and John Adams,- no twi t nil a nd ing the i nfi -.. A i 011s arts of t he-eleft or from Caroline, t o ind dee jaj belief that It was eflenti wit h1 the Ki-encli : diredory by voting for Thomas Jefferlon. At the play on the lafl; evening, a cer tain Imam Randolph, iunpofing himfelf furronoea by bif drbf a teattiefi SnoertoiSk' Ttt Call upon tlie Qr- BettraTfdr'fcVTs -the intended wit created ...a democratic grin toi ihe moment, but a young gem lem an by t he name of Chefterrdemanded ol Randolph what he meant I Nothing fir, cried the PoJtrcort very well,if joit meant nothing, it mav be eafiiy fettled there fit a Mr. Powell,- tell him that you meant nothing, and a(k ; Ills pardon. He did to, raM faved himteU frooi : the chattifement he deferved. j . H A L IF A X, (N. S.) Nov. 24. Yeiterday arrived here,Jchooner VVilJiam, capt. HargraVe, in 5 days from Breton Harbour, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. The Tad accounts from the French fleet were, that they failed from St. Pierre's on the night of the totlr of October. They had been ; davs at that place, and were m ployed night and day 'in watering the-fleet. Before their de parture they burnt all the buildings which remain ed of the lettlement, They were leen by fome fifh bg boats the night they failed, -ft.eeringJ,Tier;J wards." hy a boat from Placentia-bay, they were informed that they were fcen off the banks of New foTindl.ind, far to thirnbrth eaffTheolehff have been on board of them, 'agreein-their'ei. mony that thefe fhips are very badly 6tted feveral oi inem very icaity, pariu-uiai iy int uiHi a '"y which they were continually pumping badly man- Extracl of a letter from a gentleman in Annapolis, totos frknd in this rity; dated 14th Dec. 1 796. The Houfe of Delegates jf this flate have this Inpment gTvelv their aflent tplendltlw commiflioners of. the cityof.VVafliirigtonne-Jittirdred thou fa nd dollars, and there is no doubt bnt the Senate will a uree to it. ' A patapraph from KretTerickfburgh inTorm us, f that Tames Madifon, Kfqne of- tlie, prefeht repre- leniatives ror ' V irginia uecunes ociug rc ciccica from that diftrid and that under this idea T. Pofey ofFers.himfelt. The Legiflatare of New-Hampmire met at Con ord,'die 03d of November." ' Goyeriior Gilman ad drelTed them in a very fall and elegant fpeech; in the.courfe of which he obferted, tha The alLaf defignatiri' a man to preiide at the head of our na- I tional government, muft al way's be deemed highly imporranc, nnnerio tne voice or our coumry in this choice has been .as, one. But the illuftrious pa triot whofe 'wifdom, prudence and foVtitnde have been fo eminent in conducting the affairs of our na?. ion, nas in.au c kdowd 10 111c puouc 111s uciciinma- JN EGoVCHfodcl can . wafli and cook Enquire ot the Prin ter. ' : ' . : ; -- - sjied . anJ "the riniples--ontbenyahdoaTityla prevalent in the fleet, as nearly to deftroy all order ana lUDorainaiion among uciu. . BO ST ON, December 14. - A veflel arrived at Marblchead on Sunday even nTn"423av8:from Lilbon. Accounts from her confirm t he in te'Uigence of a public declaration of war, between Spam, and tngland :and a letter from an eminent merchant in Lifbon, gives an opi nion, that a generaUpeace may be expected the wrefent winter. ' '-' " . " - No confirmation of the capture of Adm Jarvis's fquadron, came in.Jier i. ;. , ' . l NEW-YO RK, December 19.- We obferve the appointment of agents to protect and pro'irflM--f-Ar4erK''ii famgn that "have been imprelfed, is likely to' produce good ef feAs. One cood effect which the declaimers aeainft . o - " . v- j . 0 over government did not intend nor expect , is , -to iiemonftrate by official documents, that .the.Britilh veilelsimprels very tew American feamen; that they do not wjfjvto imprefs any and that as Toon as the men a r e"pF6vo ToemencsTheyTire-tlet iver ed up without difficulty. ! ; ; , We learn that Mr. Havenlis probably re-elected tion to fetire.at the expiration of the time for"wbich he has been elected i he aHemblaEe: of virtue and a manner exalting to humaC.nature. . May thefehti-. ments contained in his late addrefs to the people, be-deeply engraved on -all hearts ; and may the greaLru kr.0L,n t : fuffra.es and deliberations."- - To wluch the Legiflature replied -" We hearti ly concur in fentiment w.ithyour.Excellency, on the FayeiitvUkt December 28, 1796. 41.3 JUST-PUBLISHED, And for-fae at the Printing-Office, itt FayHievUlt HO D G E'S N ORT H CAR OX IN A" tor the year of our lord i 797. toe urit aiiex jjewext 1 1 e or Leap. ear. , am;u . . --J- t i .. . i. ttttaia or, American Independente. uaicutatrq tor me atate.of Morth-LaroJina, being, precifely adapted to the Meridian and Latitude of the ''.City, of Raleigh ; but wil feryejwithottt- fen ; fiMeerraojhfo States adjacent. rrI aba. nr a talents which he poiidles, Have been exhibited in importance of felectine for the people, a man to pre iide at :the,headbf our government i the unanimity in this tranfaction hitherto,has been no lei's remark; able than the virtues of the man who has been the objectof oiutxhaice May-e very inflruction he ha s - ' 1 J O N T A I K I N G The Lunations, Rifing and Setting of the Sun, i-: Mooft and Seven Stai s, Solar and Lunar Eclipfes, Remarkable days, FcfUvals &c. &cr . ALSO, $ vn Whet her by- exampl eorprceept7Tn ake an in ieTible impreffao ; on every neart, and a remem- A:.YetjLiifefiil and jatnufingArdcIes -1 . Among which are, HI N T S: t o pr ofeirm lent advice. Thtufe of tornips, and method v of laying them up. New .and excellent method ot, -cultivatiiiff turnips. A preventative aca'mft fmut f or' bl ithi ng in wheat. Reflections en an empty:; purle. An account of Thomas Topham. 1 he Laf Preacher. Another A.av Preacher. Curious calcu ations-AopliefyrSHortion.-extenti-nd bpun- . dariesof the United States-JQfhcers. of 4he-Kxecn brance of the unrivalled feryices he has rendered, infpire with gratitude to: lieaven that he has been fo long continued the glory of his country; and while we regret thenecelfity of turning our atten tion from himitrthe ehfaice of- a ehief magi (irate, our hearts follow him to the fcenes of dometlic rc tireinen; with the moft fervent wilhes forhispreient and future happinefi. ' . . . ' ALARM I N G ! ; "! " Lafl evening between 8 and o o'clock, a.fire was difcovered in a backframed building of Mr. Crefles in Market ftreet, between th and 7th flreets. From exejdrcumflta was kindled by fome incendiary with a defign td fpread a conflagration. A fmall, quantity of ftraw was placed under two pieces of board, the fides of a reprefentatiye4n Corigrcfs for the diflrict of Long- liland.;"- ; The Hon. Jonathan Freeman j Eftj. is elected by the people the 4th Rcprefentative in Congrefs for the State ot wew uampihire. a wheel barrow the ftraw was fet on fire by a coal, and when difcovered was in a 61 are, the boards were much burnt. . 1 . The fire it appears was brought iiri two pTeces of ieatherwhkliwere found. neaV'the fpot7 Atimely. ducovery prevented in all probability -much. mil- cniet. -. -y - - ... - PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 21. SENATE or PENNSYLVANIA, -. -r?---T December 21, I70'6. -Pnjniotion r of MJr.JBarton, fecondedy Mr. D. Wheien; the following Refbiuiibhs were adopted and tent to-the Aflembly lor.concqrrence : . Wiierearthe wife, firm and friotic admlniflra lion 'of CoreelWaminirton,Prefidentlof the U hiterf States,i4iasfignaliy conduced to;the profperi 7f ty "and kippineft Our American Frenchmen fay, the. victorious re- public of France is irrefiflaDle ;7 America is atTher lect, and -cannot .deiend i nertw. At this is (which God be thanked' it is not) the deplorable and terri ble xondjtioh that tlie victories of tlie French hav brought.the United States into, may one make bo)d to ajkthe citizen democrats where was the good. ieoic.a-nci LpairioiLWiM parry in re-joKing at tne Juccefles which. have brought this about , Are -they iucn anens, or ratner traif ors, in ineir neans, as to rejoioe. dill when ffefli fucceues are announced i ... H hp Frtnbh Im wn f nmmrrf ," fay OUT ftatef . - ' 1 1 , . . - w men, who tlami.to.be.lq much wlcr tharrthe "It dent -Ji. we go jo war with that republic there will beung tor' our pri vateers to take.ff Excel - lentwifdom ii erthele wHdt brTcbuhlellorruut jOy,'and the beft reward we Can beHow on him, is the- expremon of ou r gratitude and approbation . . Therefore Refolvedunanimoufly, , That a committee be appointed to: prepare and report o this houfe, an addrefs " ta the-Pr'efidrnt'o the UnitedtatesTexprefnvTbn '.. a.' a f r- a i regara tp nis palt conuuet, anu pi tne leniations ot regret wiiii wnicn we coniempiate uis inicnnea re tirt-ment from oflice. : . " i Whereas the late addrefs of "the Prefident to thf people of the United State,. is in the opmiah o t his I egiflature, . an iKtllimahle Iwacy ; replete w i 1 1 fentiments hiehlv-invnortanttorthe inter efts of our .-..,. - L . 1 f I It . . n r . . reii 1 cuuiHrYngpierving-tpeQWricc!Hutiynticin o. freemen Inerefbre, -' ," - Refolved, That tbejaid addrefs be printed y.nd publi lhad.with the laws of the prelenf TeiudnT ceis tive Department of the Untted States-witlr tlieir alaries. 'Members of the Hotife of Rcprefentatiyes rom this . ft,ite. Tudiciary Tudzes and officf r of the Supreme:: Court of the Uuited States and of the UiitriU Court ot North-Carolina, with an account of tlie Federal Cour t, as eftablifhed by t he jn dici ary; laws. .lime, ot holding tlie upneme Court, snd the Circuit and Diflrict Court in this date. Mint- fters of the United States to foreicrt powers. Of. ficers of the Cutloms, and of tha txcife in North-, Carolina. :. Length, breadth, population, &c. of tl. feverat ftates. Brief abflract of the ConftitutionT of North-Carolina diftricts nnd countiea rtjatc offi r.Ju6Ves of the Superior . Courts of Lair nrf a u 1 r yAMmetoJmng-M pi em - ana r connfjr L Courts. 'Major-Generals of the Militia. BatjjSiof poll age. Summary of the, debt ofthe United Sra tea, n nreueemed ' Tamiar y 1 . 1 70 . The annual expwv ditures of the United States. Schedule of the jnujftt ber of perfons in the! feveral diflricts of tha Uped . . . -..-.".1 - 'l - -- . Mates. Abitract containgmg rneaggregare-ameturilfc of eacii deicription of peifons in NorthCarolii4. A table of the value and weight of coins,, as thry ais in tne reipecnvc uaiei ot ine union, wrn rneif erling and federal value, A rable of coW coins. agreeable to a law of the United States, pa fled t.h oth Feb 1.70 Rules for reducing the currencies hi Tthe difFerenrftates;.intoreachDther. Ode to frVnd I hip. The turtle and traveller, a dialogue' The kits.' Punch the medium of life. Epigrams. A- nfedotts An excejlent-prefcrption-ortffeconf A com'ptifi.1 lon.for preferving weatbeV Wtd .1- ? non. t - it - H tnr4M rAt-tn I avail . irtf . Hlrin Mode of trying the proof of difl it led fpirit-4otfu7" ,J rivaVing apple trees. An effectual method .to pfe - ; ' ; : : Si 7 vent mice I rom eat ins the cram in ItackS or 'mowf. orcheefsV or other articles ufually injured byiftefe' Tverm'n- Cure for a. locked 'iiaw-for a nail running. tntj'fhe hand or foot for the. bite of a ma4 doe-r-for a mortal diforder in hogs, very prevalent atthi iir'e, called a fwelling in te throat. Snbftitute for fo ip. Mairi poft-r?ad through the U. States, &)C - -l'Kt C f Kf . penSoien ly the thoufandioeif'id v the croce. 7T per do hv-the Ixalf croce; R. by the "fi'hS f ilOzen-a nd :jf. a piece paper curriy, fqi a .dollar'. T-".... .'tf ' --X i: X:i 1' A Var ict)- of BLANK S for falc JtttKc .,..,.,;v' PrintinOffice. " . I- . j -4 -

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