TO . . . Jilt X ( , Mr rpJTLX HODGE- anb BOYLAN. Vol. I.: -1 .. - .. ,., -,-- ..-I ,a nil l m I LllJULiMLJLJlllILILMJJ III. V T l '2 .;..;X '"' X '"'"'"" ' ' X""-.'X',''"7 I. PlifeAiK f&,t b all the threatttd.perfuafions of Ur nrHE head-iu'drters of ti.e ArcliduK.e Cnarles X are to day at Craben, no f-irfroni Durlach. Kehl, it is faid, will be at fint only blockaded, till "the FrencfT'in Suabia are forced to retreat entirely over the Rh:ne ; ;as the taking of Kehl the garrifon of which, has been 'Iron ly reinforced by the French, yUl require a regular fiege. ' L O N D 0 N0lober i 7. Late on Saturday night turee nieilengers arrived - from t h Tttinenr, vizir , one fronj Peterfburg, and one from Venice,. The firlt of-iiieHamburg mails7wliicli have been lb long jJue;'arrivTd5flfreta1ne riim'eJT:.' X" ' "frrfrpVate faie.,o -hap py-we-are enabled iofpeak4arrniafeTrfoiuive-r .terms. " By an article from Stutguard, of the 2 2d, we learn, that the Au'txians had made t lemfelves mat ters of the grand powder magazla. of Moreau's army, at Edingeii, containing 30J0 0 .rreis of pow derVhkh Is repfefented to have been of more con feqtierice tp Morean than the lols'of a battle. ' tis army was left almoft without ammunition. ...,'-' Accolnt8fromtJTnT7t9', the a t It, date IVfdf eau to be retreating with ."precipitation in 3 columns ; but at the .lame timepreljed hard in his flanks and rr by Generals Latour and Nauendor f. General P trafch had podefled himfelf of the ftrong pohtiona ofKnelbi and the 1 Black t'preftwhjch'-wpujdiuVioii' the retreat of JVloreiu's. arniy from Kehl. v r r By the accounts. Vienna, we learn, that the Emperor had raUed two hundred thoufand additional , troops that were marcbinoto the reinforcement of his different ar mies--! n hi s ?api tat al one he rai fed feyenteen 1 tfrouirT land men tn one-week Inch was the noule ardour of patriotifm that prevailed in the Auftrian States.4nefs, 'aiid mod 'sraciouiJyryeceivedr He isTaid to tm . I . 1 1 1 I . t ...-it I . . " . . . This morninz arrived the Hamburgh'Trlail due on WedoeTdayXThe details whiciflf brings afhTgfcT ly fatisfaCtoryTie-boaf.ejd'.&dva..iiuyes-offiuo--- imperial lajelfy with the Sweden -The mails bring a variety . of intercfting news from all parts of the thratre of the war. The Archdufee fcem.s to hfvc t fan's fti fed In to all the corps of his army, the fame a.'dent Roland in defatigable a"&iv!ip'whTclTft!ogiiilh7s"tlj " ful royal leader, and to h;tve.infpircd.tbeiiv will) tha ejQUialiaicucimddciuxlikaJ cufiomed tp place in a jreneral who leads rhem Iroai v'uory to' victory. The has,, with a vie . oTprbht i'ng Tytne prefent ifatc riif-Aliace, ; unpro" vidfd with troops, n: arched three corps acrofs tbe Rhine, by manoeuvir? equally bold and ikillful. tie neralTiWitze wltlli tKeTrince of - LicTitnlUin'cr"br" , led ..that river, oa tbp ilt in lo rseultadty-iierg? Ugni, : Uernu-r Uietm, Wei in- burg and Hagneau. On, the $d inlf. -iiv avVs in pol feflion of all thefe pl.tces, and, puUting fnrthtr' o to Edflthbfen aiid; Lnndavi, with an iniention nf in vefting the latter p.laccr probably unprovidi-d witl. a,inmnnifion and' pioviii.m, and, cl)itiy gan ifonec1 by recruits and pea'ants. In order to fecond the expcijimn of this project, the Archduke liaTrrrofld the Rhine in tlie vicini ty 0 Ilafladt, -widjli, . at the fame time, ,'en Neu. has moved from Meiitz, and driven. the Krei:ch a crols the Selz. The troops under his command' are deftined tp lei ve as a corps of obfervationr and to cover the operations of General Hotze anainft Lan- dan'. ... . By our letter from Frankfort of rhe.oih inft: it fliould appear, that the Archduke him Icit has ilC;,ci quarters ftill on the rieht bank of the Rhine af Of fenberg.iwhere xfte commander of tlie armed pea fahtg jirKrancotiiarPhilTp peeper in bpelldrt,' was prelented to his rovaKhih- have obtaitied the brevet of a captain in -the Impe- ITalinytanc Un, 1 11 e Lo we r is In n e , 1 11 c an Icq uentf ti a b load v 7 o'clock they were mailers of the entrepc njtiits h 1 u i the" fort ; ' t hey, had made Soo ol th e Fr r ni h priloriers, and killed or wounded 120c i the Krenth" generarScherb was atribng the flaini All the, bg gage, cannon, and ammuniiioii, pf the French, Icil into.the hands pf the AuIWmiis ; . hut the latter hav; 'nS "'ghrfted to deftroy the bridge near the Kin:ei and a-part of the foldiers being employed in civic ing the-booty, the Frtnch, about noon. ha ' in re' "ceivecTa reihTbrcemenTof ooTren, ar.d bring ct; vered by a numerous 'artillery frpm the left funk pf the-Hhinef etook the fnr tTifre pbfleffion of vilitcli" t$" fp iitipoiUt: in a'ahipVgnin. Suabia. The Muilrians loft about 4o tiien in killed unci wtmflded,rawl retird-to Blfcho hcadjquafierspf geeraireiralcn A- n urn bejpi. Au(tO a n pfiloneis and wognped,,, hae beeri DrpughX Guards have marched from, that city for- I.andau7 the garrijpn of, which place lias taken the .field a- 'Jer getieralrIcesot; A numher o Kr ptlv troops are 3,l(o on their march from Stralbr io bual ia. l Asv ti)?.Au.ftr3anOjayen)Sd between lehj.and Stinfbuig, the freiicti- vyi! ai--wajs .be able eafilj; to Itiid rtioforctint uts into ua- ia. VI E.NNA, Sept. 28, ,f The following advicfcSj dateu the-1 3th infianr, have been, received from Mantua, rclaiie tc the prpceedings of the army under Field Marfhali V ijrnifer, '.; " On the 1 tth, that army was in full motion to advance tP Vlantua. bv Sanouineito and CaffAli fnn the advanced gwardj which ' id begyin i;s march,' two hours berure the maiu bedv, let! by'ihe irft :iit r -a nttrOtr o ra n'd ;w he rrir" Tf mra' napaj:tebefore..Mantua,-appcarulLie4juiw ui- .1 ,4 -n.! r-.,..: c -i -v. ... : . .: . "v - ble than they did in hi reprefentation.of them. . Vrsi tuai iM4i r iiuiiivi " -" , iiiui jp in Mantua, but this feems to le "a. voluntary flep, fof rthe purpofe. nai.dcuihiIM.jidnto ad tasing upon htmleli the commands; that un portant polt The trommittee t)f the bank d irrftori had another conference with the minirter. on Saturday; and wej jearn, cnat ine meaiureor lncreaung tne Capital (y the bank of England is fully agreed on, and a bill ordered to be framed for that purpofe, to be bro't into parliament immediately, for the fanclfon of . the Iffgillattire Saturdayanother, which is the laft delivery of new gold coins for this feafqn', was made from the mint at the tower, to the bank for paying the divi. dends die on thefe fe veral funds. ; Private Correfpondetice. - ' ' " -Bremen, October 7. Th. eemy'Fffaring plan dflimtm'gTnTjermatH their ttarese. defolatirg fmirjjias met with the fate yhkfa it$ temerity deferved, and for the welfare of fQciety "1 totally defeated. Jourdan completely routed.hts late army Icattered ly twenties, and ftill pjjrfued ... the hpjiefl peafantry pf Germany-lvjlo-reaii retreating in the utmolf diforder, every day aUet!iagifrTmiteutow4aidtobettempting to iTiarch towards.Brifgaw Buonaparte neceffitated to abandon his d aiding woieofpenetranng4B to Ty- 1 U, wotre every man, nay, where every woman and r child, is under arm inltead ot.paf!ingTrent, has retrogradedljeyond Verona ! The' Aulti jans "at e in full polletfion of. the city o Ulin, fince tt.e 2 Jth ult. The French garrifon of 8oo men became prifoners Pi war. -7 .- '.!;.. The king of 1'ruflia has tlioilghtyroper, mod (llv -Itolwithdraw his g:irriiii io)in,Nurttnberg4 heul'.cl - not think the moment an -wpport une one tb add that tQ his other political rob n't ies. , s - The FreitLh through abiolute want of proviiions, nicart to march to theHundrruck, leav ing only two . djvifioos behind them." " The not to cope with the brave Auiinaiis," are now trying in the environs of Duflel d p t;Iy ;-vvJra $ 1 h ey , Mcarcely a -day palles wJjhouriome bldoyffcnc'puiS7 tre; and latterly Aas a'leUer before tne, dates 50c orttm'wf ek led - .Otfofor 22. Yeftrr.d ty morning arrived three Ham. hi'fK mails thatwere due, and alio Mr 'flggitjs, a -Vine's in fiencf frffm Peterfburg and Stockholm " wiih the newsof the ma riage of the ki.pgofi Swe , den to t lie pnncels flTexanufjawToWna c.i the 4tlhuj. aPerfburg. Here then is tljj wted, that tovw a 1 hail bcn dclced a, neyual place, yj an. agreement coiiciuiieu uetween tne ultrian general .VVcmeck, and the ilepuldican general, JBef navh!te. All tlie t or t i.tica t too s in the town have been demolilhed, but t he Frenci) remaia in poflefC -fipJi tfoJttixigito"Jpft?. Nie.uw ied-wi) kh eiiables "the niTocTo fs" 1 be Ipuew heOneyflTooleiarfar he AHjirjans. nn ihe Seig, and perjtap fprce tf-em" tCifall ba,ck to the f aim. J'hat the enemy has form' edVprojeSt of .t!i,ts kind; feems tje more probable the Hundiruck, an4 Boutnanyille has withdrawn, all his polls frdnV the, right ba nk of the Sieg. 'and" 'alien back tp Mulheim,. where his head-quarters are fttuated, no doubt with a defign of. drawing the, Auftrians to that point, that iarpaiotte,. who com Jnands in the Hunldruck, nia.y find it the. more eafy to recrofs the IIiine near N'euweid, and attack Ge neral Werneck before hq can have time to regain the Lnhn. ' - . .. . . The army of the Rhine and Mofelle continues to oe cioieiy purrned in its retreat by General Latour. On the 5pth vlt. tliis general' attatked the French; ociween Bucau aud-Bajudt ; the hattle,.wasX- treineiy Jevere and btoody but victory at Jengt W eq ift taifpy r of b&:&a$rin The partkhlars of his engagement have not yet reached us,; but it iy certaih, that in coniequencs of this affair, the r renen retreated tp atockacli, a town (Kuated be tWetu ihe Upper lsdhc 61 the Lake nt ClVmllancr inV t he riglit h nks.'of t tie 1) a'nu be, on ,t he road from Um iq tfeiatf-;vsnien. It appears that the heaw bifiage olM-orf tn s: ?rmy takethe road of Swn- in tlie. yicinity of Cerea,. was. vigoronlly attatkr d'i by a, corps of theenemy, of about fccoo n en, ai vancing troin Verona, under the command of pe r.. BupnapY;tehimf allthe hbules pf thq place witb-nieb ( oo'ys- nipporteo tne attacK witlj the greatel.t rjlolmwn, . and atracked the village, out. oj which.chey drove the; enemy w itli cbnfider able :ip1 sncforred tht ni to. retreat ' prec-i pit a tciy . to A tiltt i'an trooos on tbhuWfion, took wbicu was a nei!tenantoloneljaiid 12 .oilier off cers, and 7 piece.s of cannon After this fucccl", theTTOs epritmoeiltheir lome fant auelnpts madefy the enemy to epprle t;ieiVi, witlioiii f .;i ther lddr,unce tp Alantua, wl ere fty-fa(ely. auiyed, ajl-ju Canjtiptfion with the garrifon'pf that placed will proceed to turthcr opt-- rutins, r: ' " According tathe advices of the from Mar hia,, the enemy in tha.t day, aKput ""ten in the morn ing had attacked the Aultrian armvin their caiiip,. ut.der the walls of Mantua, hetwren Formigufa and 'iki'Pl St- George Field Marflbal Wormier, iitimijiely hallened, to thf piace wlr his ac-ctif tom,ed adivity nrid re fo'liiiipp, and the- Auftrian troops; received tlie enemy fuch bravery, that VftSYr"''.mrT.'T r " : - ""."fi'-v -cn tJt-HHuiie-anoinoroer -erjaiiHl from which clrcumftanerifrt vlonbt ofiei Hates tlie reportr of Na Kriencbcolnmo. dirTecTtng its nich throrrgli that country Our letter from Sua bia of the 5th inff . ftate.hat the Atiftrians pofief led tliemfelves of Stockatdiibefpre the French were able to reach it.- Jhf utmolt importance, iwlmuclv as Stockaclj is the only poi n t b vuv hich Moe atica n - ei the r ene twt ei n to. Switzerland, or Retreat tbwards HunuogeJiy by ! e.thcr with Klagnfurt; Gortz, or renineTilrrttrSn the UanuberrnOIs left on the Vrace."He js no.w'in and-eearTAJapttif, with a RViHe.' ' '" ' -'"' - ' '"'. ' - : v ' - The matehlefs patriotifm witlv which the fob- jcvis 01 -iOT-imteriat f iviajeiry,-na emeciaiiv tne flungarijins,:ftep farth-atihis jnomentdus crisis., to o itthei r lqvrejn, deleryes the higheft pra 1 fe 8 f CARLSRUHE, September ioT ". " n the 18th inftant, at four in the mprninff. thr oflrians attacked the French entrenchmenis nj?ar Keltic and two battalions of the Archduke Ferd- nand cbargdjheeneyy wi tg oqfrApyyl ana when thefe accounts came away, though the battle was not ended, as the Anflrinn tmnns (tijl purfuing, they had already taken, and brought IntolSTa mpreThaifrjQe prifoners, ruoll of them French grenadiers. X . ' '' " The artillery made great havoc amobg the ene my, who 1 eft a con fid era ble number, of dead ofTlTie "" fielc of battle. The Aullrjan tropps had likewK waggons. A tthe bate wJnot over whetr thef dHpathe were fcnt of, a mqrc circuniflanciaioffi ciiij aceclunj:, apparently fucceis,iul : adion 1 tp be expefifd - . . " - - - - ( 'Another lcti,er pttne"'(fat), '-'"' Accprding to accounts fronv Italv. Field A?arJb:.f Wurmfer.oq the 1 7th and foth ji)ff. made two newr how et er,:is ma d e 0 f then in t his d a y 'n our r G a-- zett Direct accounts from general Wurm er cari Hotr tptWcdr now- frc , re,cejyd a he has no frcj very confiderable bo 3r of tTooos. and ths militarw cpuncil has fenti ftrppjr reinforcements 'to the-eene- 1 raj? Ojo4app9yic qn .e tiie utmo exprttqns. to rpreltatililh a conimu4 hjcaionithrgenerai ijelhiera j -jlack t-is-faid-lKclt-ctitHfor the ar- my in Itily. . ""'.. . .. : .:::.' .''"' I he lupplement tp th Couirt (a?ette of the 37th in(l,.9pntain frtheraccPuni if the victcrJious pfoi gref of the Archduke r !e,s,:i!d tf r fiic els ul operations pfthe trobpf TnuSuaihTbt M?c army, owyicrsaa oeagjajroiUi eti, : in-aa ao : : I f ' I. , : . i-.,. k I - Mi. k' mmsm 7 o

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