M"77v77.77 FAYETT E VI LLE AD V ERT ISE R. ' ' .7 V. - . . 1 ! - ! V K .1 1- Kk AN K F O R T, Odobcr u. THfi following is a ftatetoernTof the pofitioii of the Auftrbn ''; bops in the theatre of way la Ger many, to tar as it is at prelent known : Genefal P'roliclv. in chrtTiinAirtri urirfi mnril Graven and Vrtlf l nnfler? hefi&Wn of Schus and Argen. which lilt iuib the lake of General tfatbur is on the DanobeV near tJlra, &i Count Naandorf In cohioniaiojlJvJihJijm " I T." f -- --rt . . r . i I to be at the difnntal fefr K V-,..ir tUn'.' V- .Li rereuaoiuninent and etiiiw of the cdhfthtitTon of toe empire. , ... -.,.;,, . r- Jv4fyrt f England. "7nerirTti afch,is in the. y alley- of Kmfiog, Mthe Black r oreft.. ; 77-7: -v' 1 he archduke Charles, general Wartemleben, and fferteraLStrai are near Ht n ,Xt ' if Of the TlirertiW- tfrtlf ir. t-r. .-...I the fubjeci. :;;WMyr6reVewracVedflie;!oU General Botie is in the lines iiear JLauier. . general rveu ts on the Nahc. General NwfraoTd and gen. R ray, are oppoCte Nieuwted ; and general Wernecks on the Sig The Hungarian Afacfmblv ol the lUtes,frpin whidi :much is.expered, willi it is jaid, hft three weeks; Inrperor whh 2oo;ooo florins, and ioo jiuflars.-. ' The number of Croats which pafs through the vici Bity of Vienna to tlw arniyis ioconceivhljreit, A foleran procellioQ has beeu held at P ue air a - thanklgjving for the delivery of Bohtinia rrom tfj uangcr who wmcn vt was tlireateoed by the rcpub-" ;-lickns. :- . J 1 Jorty thoofand'.recfuits, it. is laid, wili be aifed ia fhat part .of Pplind which is the new acquifiiion of&uflia.- " A , a HAGUE, Oaober n. 1 ; .Lall, Saturday ituoiher affray happened here be tween the French garrifon and the Durch- hlf ri gde, fapported by the regiment of Waldeck, in confequence of which the conyention decreed yeder Jay, that in order! torevent fimilar diflurbitnces lot-the 1 uture,our-gar rifen -flw 11-be Tcinforced-hr two fquadrotrs f Dutch horlc. ot 160 (htps are lying at Amfterdam, laden withEnghh goods, the proprietors of which hate received order to upload thero. - L OJND O N, Oaober 25. This tnoralng the Hamburgh mails due on Sun oay, reached mwn. - , - ILetter8iroi tntgard of the 8thate, thaf i detached column of Moreau's army having paffed m Danube, fell in with the corps of Naoendorf in -h;e?v,!:t?!'i f He6Hi,,en enemy was re. ?M,fc.d th loh i and as general Petrafch was ad .. vancing with htsxorps to Ulligen, r1,e fa!ne column -wM14iieaakeon:flankFnd rifkilwnffefiWefr cut off .from Moreau's army, from which u was fc. parated by th Danube. ; C . 0 A lctter frpm Durladvof the 8th inft- ftates that the bead-quarters of the archduke Charles, were on eIol!oWing day,the9h4 expeae4 slLRencbeh' ---Pn fb 8th heavy cannonade was heard on the tulc of Landau.; ; . 1 v . 0 I iui buiiaon, '. 1 V-jWtterfrlilrcmeaofLtbfSth from, our cor i .uuqcoi mere, ttates Landau to beMnvefled by the4uirians - .They raife cohtrlbutiotis wherever affected to OjUeftiQii hff exiftencc of any intention w.. .v ui t,is f cusit govcrnmenti to: maKe a deTcent in this countrj1; the, teltimony ofc general fTwietlon !t Jiot 1 chimencal tsioniibn ?? v -Wnc?Pilr,ola8': -rf'trrtil to lay: waft rich; anffdtitifbifig ctyinlf ty the jmraion of RobefpirreaiiT liberty fUimd1 leco&ttv In the iVeht t-Upti-Whxff'iti ridbf thtj itwft'df tgUtiiceois ahd "other troops, for. whicji the Direcidr -wiJl hav ntf flirlher occa fion, and which' they mod fend to p;riCh iA. ume confttfyr or other. , ; - .; ' ' 1 j?9t ,ong iHc, the immepfe riches f of Ebz plf,cn tHe -perfons deftined td iionJiriand thhj famous def cent,' rly oir meeting wKh powerful friends! parti cuJarly in Ireland:'-' Thfey pilbliciyl boad th they fliall be received with biTarfesf grid fecomled' by a-aomerous party. The plans forarrying this de' he.n into exeentlOtt Irell 'feiiieM i imA tZ?. isprolMblynotfardiaant,henarfiW coroe to nmrr ran. n4li. ..n. f ;n. inhabitants are fal ntrini aprl trVKlw' neralafery prrtcribes iftr necffTtTot jreliWna prefiive eqahtyi and wretched fratefnitv. In confeouc nc of the dread of an fnvifiim' ti-irt ament has prepared a bill lor eftablifaing i corps of leled militia, from which a certain number are fo be drafted, organifed, difciplined, and to take the" field for a certain nyniber of days when new drain are to be made, and take the place of the firft, who return to their homes t and fo on in fucceffion. .Tfiii feled miruia,:whicb thus prepared for aiftua) ler viccjiaad wit be kept ready to mufter at a moment'ii r a wartiine. is to coulilt of 62.681 nih. A'n ot, 1- to be.adniiniUered to each man when drafted, pur. J: im, luait uc aCKnoW . . - " " T--I vv. 1 MV v HXIIIII'i LI Wligp ledges allegiance to his majeftyV kid that he wUl tence of this el4 Fifteen pounds 1she penaTty for due cam. TVIr, Ring, tha lady of the American mlhmr. wai Introduced td ihe jtnfW':. on the oih lull. ; , . ' . . c '3 rt0'1 h'ldt the admjndty dfV ficr Whuehall, when feien frefii fliips yycie order td to be commiffiorted diredly. "' Army E-jthttatts. 7-Mlfr.itfMnyV (orb for which p. ovifion Was t6 be made, Was 106,6 men : in this Wrr rrflrnnA nnr -i.. 1l i my, k6wn; under the heads guard. and fiirri ions, m which Were included the tribps in Guern- ,u:Mwhid;th We have heard h attr'thntrA in iotndi 11:. s.h.s ut we do not think" that an tmneilW. nr-..' appearances in Pans, or the departments, warj-ant think-wuh ;greaterurtice7 to tldifalledf the the tJ?ey go:. , Pn the th.they entered Bingen. ?17r!ierc a irepott of ah' dvaritaff-Eainedliv Ie.u(!jriajrtsjn4Jie . .-""y a.'.i ue aimw'uiric or IVToreati were-c "Pctrafc : retreat. rench armies knowIedgeflfulchTthrou channel of the French Murnali . iu Ald::, , ... . ; . j ""vviuir arc reach thi rmlntrtr . P We can, however, afliim a ftill W"ea . .uw, Ai is wen Known, tor we ltated it to the public at the time of its arri val, that the pafiWt f6r an agent to be fent from, this country to treat for 'I- 1 V t&v" uc new ana unrealonable Uipulation, that foch-igwtTorTcn'ffiouR" be in ettedwitli full powers to treat defiUtivelk- This condition inflirHfrrl thr n ;ffP..iV a., n . allowed with this country daring the prdgrefs ofc JtfSft negociatio,n. ;TbatuMin5lgri-hodae-: availed thefn(ilwa n( .k. iu. . . . u; ' 7. w.vr" rFvii, .cioggea with Men conditions proves more ftrortgly than any .word Si k U,d PPd, JioweVer, that the. r rench ctiuid tnan ut- . ""niiumcaiion was to benadebyour env6y ohisVception; and, his rT V- 7- " - " 1 rr'V of ine prooawe re mit of his miffion. ' Wt find.' hawm,-: f wrL , f. - i!iyin .iiic fey aiid Jef fey,: but ihejroobU . uc n,fflf 01 plantation army, nc udino all thofe in theWetindies, NovaScoiia, Gijbyalur. fitev ,n a!'.0r colonies, ept ifi tjioft In' tHe tnd.es, which were on a different ittfcblilhAienr. fl.e expence of the whole of jhofe; and all the ap pendages, he flalfH tn imnnnt lr (.! ..li; . . 1 . - r - .-- .v tUi, iuui or SilOO. JiilThiS the committeewould fee; wks fome tiiougn very limey-mort of the JaH year's ".""A'e.- "1'he committee, however; were not tV look upon this as' a favjng, becaule the other efti jnaies jiot prelentedwould contain fone addition" al expenses? but the whole, he wa Cure, takeh to-k gefher; would netexceed thofe of the laff year J'JSEf-a10L4uard8 and : carnfons, he ft. ed to amount to 60,765 metf. - ? ' The remainder, or Plantation troops, to 64,27 -on the former of thefe there'was an excefs over that of laft year;of 1 ,64t. Deduftipg that excels from the diminution, there was fotne linall rediic. r 1 .1 . - . -.h. iturai 1 i ma, uiiiuuii. . we nna. However (t-nm vri. . ttiviKiuKcvnanes wou d me unaiielt communicat on. till nrhh.KU .u .. ST KVhe Chan S35 Kis being a: of our AmbafLdor , nrv " 0 objeof ' ii:.. 1 . . r r . . v w"-,u t "".w. "!" v uttu vumu nra,:r aucn a nirn. as weronceive that no iropofirio for peace will be liftened to, ttisit does not include altaqr-aUicsiwho have fo nobly perl'evered iif the profecotion of the" conteft i' and as manV WoinYs of riifniffinK .,a ff' .1 , . ' 1 ....... iiiuh uc. , ..?.r?JrjlfeRtPer;rr ngements that are to lead to Deace. we conceive that na nonriotinn :e;Ta ' unfair and illiberal reftriftions the Ii'vt.:n. iv.- 1 fory riieanr-to peTfevcTr rwe mall ootibe furprifed .'- 1 ' "iiiistyury return witnout having be.ri able to accomplifh-the grand object fot' which he was fenf. . . '. . .. y':iy - N'otwithi3mlinv rlip imm ninm..!,. f ports to the contrary that have been circulated, we r. "'v? i." pour lait'Bignt, no meflage i Trom nor any acjejoupot Lprd JVlalmfjr.i bury had reacl'ied town fince his embarkation in the fla of tryceat Dover, , ;.- ' - . ; Havidtt "thui ftared the v ri r.i -JiIJiL .: 1 j . , ,.'t' . - .luiiiaiia .UHUCr their refpeft.ve heads, he moved a refolutioh, thit a number of men, jnpt Jcft than 60,7 be employ, ed for the current year. , . , Gen. Tarleton. faid thrri m n'il-iL Lk :i - -7- ,-- - uianvii ui ci Pen.cf b'Cn - he' thdughOughOdlbella ved rt cT ditnig money. If we abandoned oufpld nlodeof railing men by beat of drum, for the new French mode of reauifition. there mnM k f . -, - i- vvimuii ior Javifhing money on the recruiting fervice. vThe expence of the laft vear for th br .L.i amounted he faid, to the -whole revenues of the countrv,' as It flood oh the vear irinV tn Um mencement of the war. -How then. I-ho HfhrA ,. , - --, ""! uc milieu 10 know1Hwero-the other-expence totfrdcfraWd-paT." ticularly as we were going to raife an additiJnai tare t( mn mfa h.. rjJiJ 1:' i ? " e rti ' 7. 1 V '" " ins par .?"'JIW wfhich-vvvVry numerous. The clri PaWy-" b!e thetcfiduktto 4iofnplifh ch.s objetf . 1 he ae warrior was af. ?l . ' Rhi": by f 'V;d ntarcires, and' on the Vfhihis iiead-quartervwe j at Renchen, in the vicW nuyof.KehL--77-i-:vr'--: ' ... .-; - Ofi tlw- Lo wr-R hi iiM-Bfwv; - , - - "hm ir leenrs for the lMrelenr ft r,.va41 - 3 . .'V O5 9th, the Auffnans took Bingen hy afHmlt" which place U htHared on the left bank ot the Rhine; j fifl lb-8th, a heavy car.oonade waslirard on the Ode of Landatt; whiclTls 1 faid to be invclted hy thV fwm. Germany, has puhlimedlildeclaratloiiln 'n-that fte5U P'ea t!,e ancient 121 Tr-.;;,.-.;:!, iht enterout-he owed 10 the htoatioiRrf the countrv not to do fo. A t -t- lr Jr. . thefe evrtenren h mnA nn .L ?.ur, conc-uefts were rather borrowed from our al, lies, than taktri from our enemi w-j .1 , -. a j v iiuiicu IIICT WOUld nnt. ht an nliArnAiAn V H:c.' .? 1 . jC year there a kind pf Voyal promise, that there ftquW be gfeat operations in the Weft-ln'diesi but, ,f,wfked Tothe Welt-Indies, either W a ne. fal viewer the ihor wjt asnocatife to ffhinVph, and t would renrainVo till that gentlemanlVicloV HugfiesV wakddgc' L.,Tve rh??col: 6f e Exchequer brought In the bill for enahlinnr hi tnaUiVv tA ';lx&r'm .V.? ill!:. nal affiftance of certain perfons, in drde'to (orm a. body ofavalrybieh wsrrread a rft time." and .o.vu v u i cau revuiw.iiiuc llfluOuOIr, . - . . .. -.; . . Kf)Ortat'l0n flr Corner ' . 'ri'r --W?i :R'ydcr prefaced hinibtibn with pSfervin el 7 i .t II prices : th rkrr i ""("" v kviiuiiuiup irwuiiiiiQns woitu Were already in exigence .with rnff ' " del. and' of ftllf hnldina- nnt imdirMniM. . portatioo, and reftriclions on ltf exportation; 'VTI e aft which was at prefent taftl&Wtf&i&&': want tn f hr nniot rm. lm --.! r . "T. - -A "! - r ,w 1 vuiivu 01 ine ea; -LZ.-. iaT-.s-wr u. a ran-- T. 3 w Til ' ,7 V ,..y-77; Ct7 P t "I ' - 77 .:.,j.k ""(t '-"-"V ''..'1.

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