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den Gizrttes to the t6rh Dec.incUijive ; brought,
by the Pomo.ia, King, from Auiltei daiu, arrived
at Philadelphia A
Extrattffom tk NjOo y, Ge,z:tt:t cf France. .
E, .Nov... 36.
d'ai-n a ieid the bt Id ce
: B A S L 1:
- TheAnftc.anv:havino dar.ia'ied the "br'ulce
toingue fo as to-renews h iinpa'flanlc, great hopes
were entertained by the prince of Kurttembei g
T-T fnmmnnpfl Hen ' AKattucci to deliver up in tliC
all th inri pnchmcius.- all the batteries, and all the
tuition which were on ttie rigiujvfhe'me.- here
is the 'anfwer wh'u;h was given: - . .
- Whatever may be the idea you have formed, of
the critical pofhion in which you iuppofe I find my
leif, 1 have tne hOTour t a Hurt- you ihat I am ready
ni- anv induni rn convince vo'i cl your error.
'-This alfo wiii infoKii yovi,,-that L am as. little
diipofel to accept Hie inametui-cajmuiauuu u
The count rv of Baden be ilUreated
by the Anilr'nias,- the b'oule of the Baron de Reizen
ftein, has been plundered and dertroyed by them';
TTJs is thTTal
cd a peace for liis nrince, and is (liil at Pans.
i , -s- : 1 r 1 7 TTTT
mentTrom the underwriters, under an engagement
i t .1 i
ot prolecutinjtne appeals, wnetner mey nave irainr
Tag,ements feco'nd to enquire to-wham they h;ut
traa'fmirted tbct'e 'papers and if theliecefluxjLUcp
iWvtj'lxfen tae.ea to bring thenr before the preset
tr ibunal t hit d,: , to inftruct the a gent of the United
States, VreTidtht in London,-to enquire the date and
laualion of all Inch claims, and to have thdfe which
may have been neglected, profecutrd to elFecT: with'
out lols of time. WILLIAM NEILSON,
-The ftibfer&ef requeds-the. gcnjtleiiien whole iir
terelU are inrpllcated in the forgoing refolutions,
to give him the neceffary information with all paffi
hle expedition, that he may be enabled to bring the
bufinefs o asfpeedy an ilTue as poUible;', to efFeft
which, be will, in .the courfeof the week, call on
tni infill xnce brokers (or a date of the lofles paid by
I them on accounl.of properry captured as above.
..... rJVjf.ii.T, Ui(iVU4lWI
-PftfL-A D -E-L--P HlAr JVIarcli3J(
D Lshi hr i. Yeilerdav at C o'clock a iecond Auf-
ti 'unil .g of truce, . propofed ; the furrender of the
Fort of ttttmTi2,iie; or at I e art its evacuation,, on a
promife that it Oiould be reflored at the opening of
the campaign, in thejame (late in Which it was ftir
ren.'.ercd." General Abaitucci anlwered, " That
to obtain the fort, it was neceflary to take it;" .'when
the flag had returned with this anfwer, the artillery
of both armies commenced a moll terrible fire, which
is llill heard." .
At half paft nine in the evening they affaulted
he firft fort, which is feparated from the other by
an arnfof the Rhine." All the French garrifon im
mediately retired into the rear "fort. The artillery
then ceal'ed to play on both jides, and in its place a
fire of mufquetry was fulUincd which, continued an
hour after midnight ; never was there a wore muf
derous cdlifricty thofs-of-tlw:-Aullrians who were
not driven Irom the fort pcrifhed there.
The Aullrians lolUen times more than the French.
The dead exceed two thoufanJ. Abattucci received
four wounds : twp with a fabre, one bullet, and, a
flroke Svith a cannon ball in htrmoulder. .
. At this indant, the cannon are again heard. A
courier dircit from Vienna-pafled this ytflerday, he
is bound to' Par ' , '
Letter from Gen. Buonaparte, to the Executive Di
; rectory; Vcronia, 4th Frimaire,-(a4th"N'ov.) ;
' (x 1 have inforuicd yoff,
lad letter, that Gen. VaU 'ois liad been obliged to
abandon the poll of Rivioli, and that the enemy had
'already arrived at. Caflel Nova.-
"1 improved the rouiebf t he. enemy at A r cole,,
bvcaufing the diviii-on ."of Gen. Maflena immediately
to rcpafs the A(!i,r, whj etFcftpd a unft:on, at Vil
la Franca, With Genera! YVubuis, and united,, they'
ivi;u-ched to Caild' Nova, the ill Frimaire, Nov. 21,
w hillt the divilion of Gen; Angereau 1 afcended tl'i,
heights of St.Anne, to cut the valley Adige to Dblcet
;a:',d in this means to cut off the retreat of'the.ene-"
lis . . -"General ''. "dti'tierr," corn tiiandtng 1 1 advanced
: Z gu u d oT."th"cl i v ifioai'of Mafletvai nd V a ubols u ni t
td', attacked the enemy upon the heighis of t am
para : after a flight,, ad ion',' we overtook and hir
rpundcd a corps of the enenty's rear guard, & m i.le
faeey-UjocuuLAaJiiong w hich is the colonel of tat
1 g- meut d'Erbuch. A booTfoTta wetr
.- a' tempun;; to fave tliemfelves, were drowned in, the
'".AdUeV ' VVe'.dld.'not content' 'aurfirlveawHh-fetafc"-
iiiir llivoli and t orono ; we pin fued the ttietny to
nujcicau 111 111c uirau iimy "v.r"tr t
Appointments bt Authority.
.-MorganBrbwn; ofTennef!L-erXolleabrJand Jn
fpeclor, for that Dillricl. - v
JbTTntN-aTry7MoHWtr udge.
i homas Grav. of do. Attorney of that Diflridr.
Robert Hays, pf dd. Marfhall of do. : "'
Richard Rogers, of New-York, naval Officer of
that port. v
Matthias E. Sawyer, of; North -Carolina, Infpec-
tor and Siirt-eyor , of Palqootapk river bridge.
IfaacCox Barnet, of New-Jerfey, Conful tor the
Unired States at the port of BreA, in France. -
Eliza Bachraan, Conlul for the United States at
Gottenuurg, in Sweden. . .
Francis Chi ds, of New-York, Conful at Genoa.
Conrad Frederick Wagner,- Conful at Tr "telle.
L I S T of A C T S,
Pafed atthefecmd fejfwn of the fourth Cottgrefs, be
gun and held in the city of fhilaaeifma, on uuon-
- day tre ah of December 1796. "
An aft to amend th ait. intituled " An aft for
the more general promulgation of the laws ot the
United States.'' - ' . .
An aft in addition to an act. intituled " An net
An acl concerning the tircuh courts of the United
-jrn cfei viagTeetT:op he Llawjrfcthe,,Uni te d
States in tl e Uate ot 1 erntl'.ee. ,
An adl to coniinue in forte for a limited timet
cbe -afti iii aw!u4on ts-he.act JkM P-Jiliihtnent,
ot certam curies againit nie cnii oi. ica. -
An act makiaj; provifionior tfeefopport ana. ac
commodation of the houlholci f the Prefident.
A refqlutiori direcling the diftribu tion of an edi
tion of the laws of the. United Stateat
By a document laid before Congrefs the ad inft.
it appeal 4iat.jru w tr onv iheofEcfJ s. quir ed JbjL.,
law to flate the number of leatilen repllered, and
impreiled by the belligerent powc rs, l ave been com
paratively few, and itr.perftd ; the following is an
abdradt of the numbers imprtfled, io far at yet
known officially. . '
16 who are called citizens of the United States
S citizens of Alaflachuleus, v .
6. do. Rhode-Ifland,
2 do. New-York.
4 do. . li'f.nn.'vlaiua... : --:. '.. .
2 do.
3 do.
I do.
a body of the enemy in the heights of St. Anne, and
di'fperfed it ; lie made 300 prifoners, was arrived at
jJOice, ournt two equipages ot -omoons.on i-iiquc-
. ' 1 r 1. . '1.1 '. .
' ta, and took fome batreape.
conce 1 ning the reillering and recording of mips or
veflfls." and to an act. intituled- An adt for enrol
ling and licenltng fhips orveflels employed in the
coafling trade and filherles, and for regulating the
fame.' ... .
An ad; granting a certain fum of . money to ti e.
Widow andxhildren of '-J-.-de-Neuivilledecea-fecf -An
art in addition to the act. intituled An acl
to eftabiilh the poll-oflice and poll-roads within the
United States. .s-
-An reoealincr. in Dart, the " act concefnino; the
duties: on fpirits delliiled within the United Siates."
palled the Stn ot 'May, ij()2 ; ana iiiiuiii., .an,
duties on the capacity of dills of a paa-knlar de
ter tpttorr.
An act to authonle the receipt or c uu- 01
public debt, in payment for the lands of the United
States. ' .
An aft making appropriations for the fupport ol
government, I'prihe yearpI797-' " TT"'
An ict. relative to the con ; enfation and duties of
ct 1 tain oflicers employed in the eoiiection cf impoll
nd totiniige.- - '. .....
A i 3d to augment the compenlatian cf the Attor-
An tnr raifiiKT ft further turn of money, by ad-
. ... w .... ... . j i
dhional" dtitres--rOT-cerfaitt-aiikie-,w
tor other pwrpoles. t -An
aft to' lufnend. in nart. the aft, intituled " An
adt laying -certain dutiis upon fruff ai ii rtfined
11 Britifh labiects.
26 Foreigners, of other ottntries'lhan G. Britain,
a 7 -whole- country is unknow bv
'107 in all, exclufive of - 34 Irifh pafTengers. '
The follcraing resolution was laid en the table ef tht
houfe of reprefaitatwes of the V. States : teb, "jth
Whereas it is Hated to this houfe, in the report
of the fecretary of the treafury ot the 13th of Feb.
"f hat the accounts of Edmund Randolph, Efq. lat
fecretary of flate tor monies advanced to him tor
foreign expenditures, ftill remain untettled, and that
neither the accounts of the foreign nunillers, bank
ers, and agents of the United States,' nor the records
of the department of (late, contain any rxplanation
in refpect to a confiderable fum of. the (aid monies.'
Rdolved, that the fecretary of the . treafury lay
before this houfe," at their next feffion, information
of tlie amount of hrnnies fo received .by, t,he laid E.
Randolph, for wh eh there is no explanation as a
joieiaid, and that uieafures have btn .taken to ob
ta n a fettletiicni o; Ins acco ints. r"
f'ugtr," and to. "grant relief in certain cafes arifing
un ler ne laia act - .
a .. . -i ..',Apn r.WtcTQtinar nr-remittitlf': the
.ioj iiiui l u u is. luuib iiadw. - I ii& :aj :uiiu( iui huii. f? - -
r.-tlifnnrml?? nenalties iiiid difabilitics, acuinff jn
dayit 7 o'clock,. M. - The cannonade laded the j certain rales therein mentioned..-
NORFOLK, March 13.
Extraft of a letter from a gentlc-man in C idiz, to
his friend in this town, received by ye(lerday's"
mail trpm Charleflon, dated t .
- Catiz, January 15, 97.
' Admiral Jarvis has arrived at'Lifbon troni the
Vledirerranean with 10 fail of the line apd 2 fri
gates; one of his fliips (the Bombay Cad le of 74
iyins) got on the rocks at the entrance of Lifbwn,
a'nd they do not know if (he ever will be got offhe -lias
landed. 4000 troops from CorGca ; and Admiral
Brid'f ort Is daily expecled there with 16 fail of the
in nd 8 frigafs, .with 8oco Emigrant -, and JOOO
Euglifh troops, in ii 11 13,060, to prepare the war
with Spain and Portugal, which they fay is declared
in Madrid, but has not yet been publiflif d. At all
events. the Portuguele ambaflador has left Madrid,
"by order of the Cort, in a very abrupt nunner;,
'.yhhout taking leave of the Spanilh Lotrt Yo
may ju 1 ge by 1 1 lis wi r as i n e vt t abl e . ' ' .
I he a:d ultT Lord Malmcfbury left. Palis for
Engiand,without fucceeding in. his miffion Alfo
ntera-iTnekney y- te iatr AtnericaamiuUlerHJUtfj
it . w tb--him. -lam af raid tbere Will be, a ruptorp'
1 1 J .k. nM;.aj vii.e'
oet ween" t t a nee- -aim -vw w h ini
whole rl iv. fipii. Kilniainc made him return as u(u
; afj ;';' with ""grfafe'r fpeed than 4ie came our, with the
.lots of 2O0 prifoners, ail howitzer and two pieces of
cannon. Wurmfer commanded this (ally in perfotl.
' This is f Re third 1 1 tne,(Gen . K i 1 trta in e writes me)
that VVurmfer has attempted a fortieand always
with as little Tuccefs." Wurmfer is faccefsfu'l only
jn the journals which" the enemies of, the Republic
fabricate at Paris. ' ; BUONAPARTE,"
NE W-Y ORK, Marche: "
Spoilt AT.f O N.
At a mpptinor of the underwriters in this
feaed by filiations on American commerce, held
it the Tontine coiFee houfe, on Friday the 24th of
AnoA f'nrrhri. rpmWTlon otthe duties of tcmiag
on theeflelfof James 0'ii1en anjl jstnes Aylw ird -.
An act proviaing lor tenmu uuuj 1 . -in
and near the harbour of Cofln.
A11 aft authorlling anexpendirpre, and making an
appropriation Tor the proteeutiori of die- elatfiis of
certain citizens ofthc" Unit eel Sfates, for propel ty
captured by the belligerent powers. . . j
" An act' authorifuig the Prefiderit of the United
States to apply a further Aim to the expedite t A ne
crociation with the Dey and Regency of Alters.
jwf 1 n revive- anu lu iimu "- -
loth of May, 1 796, im itn 1 ed ' Au aA-to, rtgu I a
Tii.w Vnrirs7s-in town: -that -rite French .have
arrived in Ireland,! rom Bredand fanded aocco mea
BearjCorkr-Tjbis news camcjrpm aJSwedilh cap
tain who arrived here yefterday In 12 days from
Cork ; he fays it is a real fad:, and believes they
"w 11 meet with very little oppofition.
. J it 1 u A a.- failedap2ni-!it..i3iip-jQf.-74 g'.T.Sn
frigite, and abrigr
ihe- rnnfM'nfation of clerks,
An aft to amend and repeal in part, the acl imi
staled ' An aft to atofam an'd-fix'jbc r.iiiiuryxlla
i' r - . - -, 1 r - ' - -
hr-t he-bell teereHt-po'we r4aitbjQrltyton
-'v.. jlny'pn-qynt at the fvpcncf of i he tinderwr iters.
- Th'edco'nYinitfee ttk nc; the object of their ap-
-poTtttment int deflfeati nh !i a ve- a p'pot n ted 1r.
T shri Ferrerfi as tVielr ai5''ht'eriioinin2 on hini fird; i
t cn'yure ot the auureu, wiu naye reccivto pay
" ; . 1 -A " 1 . ... T
the time for receivin" on 6Siv
debt of the United Srutes.V, ;
iiOvide more e ffeftual 1 v f o r the fe 1 1 le 1
ment of account s between 1 liC-Utiitcd Sratesnd re-
ceivcT3of ptrblic money;
PETER S B U R.G, March 17.
. The lad Philadelphia papers give no information.
of the; arrival of difpatches fi om Mr. Pinckney, or
of the reception IfeVhas nKt with in France ; though
by arrivals at Charlellon ai'.d -oirlo!k, we are in
formed that he has-he-j-tt' ordered by the French Ex
eeu'tiye to quit Francei " ; ;- -""
Extract of a letter from .Norfolk',, dated the I4k 1
'"' Millall". ' '- " ' ' ' ,'"' '
By a veflel arrived here to day in 14 days front
Mart niq e, we are pin.ritWA'ly informed, that Adflji--rat
Iiirvey, 'with (ix'lalmtrThe-fi ne-a ucLtiiree-fri-
ga. e., had nwde-si n 'aitjifk, iipon..Trjnadala:a.Spa .
n Ih Ifland, with ieoo men, and taken'it, together.
Twirh-omr-fh'p ol B.;' t.Tunv flares, nnd 1 fhppjol
An aft nt ikina Htwtf.iaI i.Vna for he military.
r '
I :-'! A . ' . 1 ! 1 r ihr. 1 tK t.x4
annnavai citu riijiiTiti: ffjpiia i . j ?y f
TVFa to al er the u of
(0 and ;burnr?' ot t heir mips, one pi 'I.29 guua oug
T ic Ph ladc-lphia pf-pcrs are filled, with addreffe!
fnr-at-l'reMiW f rom .-tUflV rf t iocietictflljCiti
7ens." 6ii nis retirinTr .-ftvnr-ilr4.elm--tt goverunolntr
' . . . . i- . ti" .1 1 : ...... C.
g!-mlc cf the t Ut y. -
r.tMKi i.H ulii,uiKu.i; Itft-TlkTdelpya onuvsth.
nilt.Tnt, or, hit w.vy A'.ount trnou.
.. .....L:;
.1. ... At .
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