. - ., --si - ' " Y-'. ... - - . .. t .1 . . . : ' -- ' . . ," FAYETTEVILLE ADVERTISER. -Published evu'ry SATURDAY by HODGK and BOYJLAN. FATETTEVlLLEi Vol II. ... S AT U . U A X , w,;APRJl yVw.,.;,.,,-.- Numb..5 t ' JBj iheBritlfb Packet Prineefi Royal Capt, Sfaner, f ; ' arrived yefierddy' in 42 days fram Falmouthtsve. v have received London papers to the 1 Jth Feb, from '.. mnhLrh the fnllavnnv articles are elected - v: j : a . . . , . ji PARIS, February 3. ryvPiDER.S bave been lent to Brett to nt out ao fail of the line as expeditioufly as poffiblc, but tl.e (lure houfes are nearly empty, ar.i ia want ot ncceiTries to .repair the damage fullained in the ex pedition to'Ireland. -MrafilicherproTrtfir pUce he i fummoned. ' 7!":"".T" Hoche has fet out to take the command of the Sambre and Meufe army. A council of war will . , , - , , ' r ' r u I Hart I AJCTI JVCHBf be held to fettle the plan of operations for the en- .1 ,r follovy the enemy' ilito th$ defiles of the TjTQl,whic!i divlfion 1 came up yesterday at Avio with the rear guaidjof the enemy,' and took 300 prifoneVsHifieri., tlight combat. Rey V diviftoo accompanied the pri foners. ' Nothing new retpcciirE the blockade of Man 0 . nTlAvllOlUTP" tua. February ' 14. papers to the 10 tin There are oificial ftccounts from Buonaparte, dat ed yeTOflaTTjanrTrTe Hates, that the.Aiifinan BUONAPARTE. Yefteray were received the Paris loinjr tainpa4iin - A meffeneer is difpatched to arreft ah Ecclefiallic . tf nqtjjkt ipjeagues irom this to be a principal agent in the redfuarv to Mantun is at lanert . ... mw., o . 1 - We have jud learnt it from a letter from C1t1z.cn Lagarde, Secretary General of the Directory, ad dneffed to citia l)evinck member of the Council of fe'ive Hundred. . This good news has been brought by an extraor dinary courier, difpatched from Milan. February 1 1. - RivEROL, 2dfeb. Nine at Night. .." Mantua is ours: the capitulation is figned. The earrifon are made prifoners till 1 hey are ex- . cna Tl venintr. Two frenerals hour alsoftage- have retreated to Trent, and that Mantua continued to be blockaded. - Heroes not eyen exprels a nope of its furrender. ' . A part of Gen. KeUermans army has crofled the co-operating Nymnhari Gen. Buonaparte, who, encouraged by the ccimplete I Dofleilion of Italv. maVorobablv attempt to pent city, who is luppoica . - - -a w T , . ft h conipir acy. , Emoeror. obey ins thi tails of Imocriou neciflity II lift vua liuwci I he garrilon are made pnloners tin iney are ex- tion tQ tic ranged after which they are to return to Auftna. adds that 0 hejciiadel is to be taken poffeflion of by us, tins e-. atlo ;f .f :n in e. yo.ZtmATLlPSom. hUher withih M ' , u . Late Foreign Intelligence, -Bnught bj-tbtr -hffr JHttJitrxtifk tvjutii " HP'CufTfjT arrived at Nevj-tork in 52 da tnmLcnaui, London Paper's to the 6th Februwj, 3 dajj latter than any hitherto received. ' " ' . P A R I Sj January 30 ! Or'rlCinL. Eitiacl oj a letter from General w Chief Buonaparte; Jo the xeaiiive Dir fa Head-Quarters, at Aovcrbeiiat 281 A hivefe ja?i; 17) ; There have occurred fmce the i 3d, operations of fuch great importance and which have been accom panied with fo many actions, that it is inipoflible lor me before to-morrow, to prefent you with a detail of particulars J mall n T Upon the'ioth NivolCj the enemy attacked the di vifion of gertv Mafltna, before Verona, which pro duced the battl 6f St. Michel, where they were ha t n.We took -600 prjibners, and 3 pieces of tii non. The fame day they attacked the head of ciit, line at Montebaldo, and producetJ the battle of Co rona, when they were repulfed with the lots 0! an hundred and ten prifoners.-- - - Upon the att, at midnight, the divifion of the e nemy's army, which had taken poll at Bevelaqua ever fince the 19th when they compelled the advanc ed guard of thedivifiqn of general Anger au to fall back, haftily threw a bridge over the Adige, a league from Porto Legnagoroppofite Anguiari. Upon the. 24th, in the morning, the enemy caufed a very ftrong column to defile by Montagna and Ca--prlno, and tthus obliged the divifian general ou bert to evacuate, Corona, and concentrate ttemfelves immediately directs his attention to the attainment ot peace. , . . . Mr. Pinckney the American minifter at Paris, having received orders to quit the territories of the Frencn republic, has usually taken his departure accordingly. War between thele two powers, may therefore be conhdered is inevitable. s L'Eclair of Feb. 6, has an article from Milan, not to be found in the Redacteur, It Mates that 10 or iaoo prifoners had been taken in Italy, in addi-. tion to the 23,000 the reiult of the late victory. It a would willingly accept a capitu- were to pc ottered f but Buonaparte re&ionauty expected that tt- wotild W tuect ioT7"wtwtirj at Kivoii. 1 had toreleen this movement. I rena'ir- lays this article, .mult happen lodn.r proceeds to ed thither at night, and the battle of Rivoli enfued. LONDON, February 13., On Saturday :t letter and dlipjtjehejLwere-Xj " edlroiri lerley. dated theTift in(t. Thefe contain yery late intelligence from Brelt, the authenticity of r which may be relied on. vi. . Tiie whole of the French fleet fuffered very much frpin the bad weather which thev' encountered on - the Irifli expedition, the thips having returned in a very fliattcred Hate. Immediately .upon their re jturn:to Breil, about 3000 of the failors deferred. The ' ,French are extremely bufy in repairing their fleet, and preparing for a new expedition. . r i,es;Droits de rflumine, the mipriveh on more by &ir Edward Pellew and Capt. Reynolds is enthe ly lbil." The (hip had, t8oo men on bord, upwards of too of whom were killed in the adifra with the two Englifh frigates, and aji immenfe number were wounded. Out ot the whole crew not more thao . three or J:om Amazon very few were either killed er-wound'ed,& the w'lole crew got on Ihore. Capture of HUN INGUN, bj' the Juflrians. The Mete-du-Pont at Huninguen has been eva cuated by the French, by an honourable capitula tion, and after a confiderable facrihee on the pay of the enemy. .' 'vfl ". (late that 20,000 per foiis had periflied in Mantua, during the blocjcadediartbere wereabout 5000 fick, fndTliatTiTeonfequence of the epidemic which rae ed there, 4do houtds were empty. v?,-y long detaUs of the cOnfpiracy now brought to light would far exceed the limits of ohr papers We have felecled the raojt important fafts, and feyeral of tlie ofHcial papers refpectiug it ; and from thefe our reajdeVs will be enabled to form an idea of th.. vt&tw&vi ...of this: q6ufirae4 which feemeJ to threaten the eicuehce ot the pre fent government of Franco. Twenty per fons have been arreded as concerntKt in the plot, and thefe are to he irUd by a milifafy commiflion. The Marquij del Campo, the Spanifli ambaflac'or at Paris, awd Tallien, with other mem 'ers of the councils, are implicated by one Poly, an arretted agent, as having a correfpondence with the Com 'ill r w vtmf frti 1 1 r. which we gained on the 25th and 26th, after an ob- Al.b. .Ilk .- m a .. . m - luuaic-rciuiauce rat wim ii place We made f 3,oco millionersof Louis XVIII.- This plot had for its IjtTiarricd'in thw wght. with rcinfotccmcmsr- wmcn produced the battle ot La Favorite, and I now - w ri te-tor y oa-f r 0 nrr t herfteld "of bait le."TTie Mruitsofthis battle aret 7000 prifoner , a number of llandards, cannon, all the baggage of the army, a regiment of huflars, and a confiderable convoy ot provih'ons and oxen, which the eneiny attempted 10 Introduce into Mantua. Copyj, of-"t WtcjugAteiL-atPagia.Ay-theReprafen-iive of the people, Bernard .Leefave, to his bro Wgrat'-GalaiadaCfea'I'W - . "1 anno'uirce to you my dear friend, the capture jvjyeiitJiumberoUmy -colleagues rand welhall imme diately receive a meflage refpecVing it. " This "important place, the bulwark of Italy, will, I hope, facilitate he progrefs of the negoci'af 'j- tion upon the carpet. . ".- - " BERNARD LEGRAVE." The. General in Chief of the Arm y of , Italy" to the ... Executive Direftory. " " Citizens Directors, ; J 6 Pluviofe, Jan. 28. ' Tlie divifion of Gen. Angereau went to Padua; - thence it pafTed the Bretitaaiul proceeded to Cita della, where it met the enemy, who fled at its ap proach. .L-L-r-Battlef GJRPfiNDOLtf.-.---'- :-f-t :3enetaUMannalpfocTe"dej to BaTtiiOi and purfued the eneriiv, who retired -beyond the-defiles ot-tbeiirentaV Hefent the .brave. ftefierar-Men'trd - In IWtAiltof'-th'en-: tlTrTgeneral eahitf up with them at Carprndola, and took 800 priioncrs, afier aJhani.oniHl TJigxf xi aA'uaL iwumiiiiii a niiMimwi mmiwipiiii iwi hhih i nan 1 i ll 1111 1 1 ed the bridge of the Bren. 7ra at the point of fb havonr?nnH ir4r4 .:wi. flaug iter of every thing tTii oppofed them. - Battle of AVIO r -objecVthe- re-eftabl tniment- Qf r5y aiiy ; and" coin- I 1 1 1 . -. vtrill muuucrs-naa- oeen- appointee - py- louis a v iiiio adt tor him at Paris. The papers lute that city to be now .tranquil. - : - Authenlh intelligeme j-cfPe(Lt:g tbe Aufirian army of '- , v; . Italy. - "n77This mofntng a meflenger arrived with difpatcbes from Vienna dated: on thte 27th ult. The. pfficial .detii! Sflljt .be.laie d ef eats'i n It a I yrli ad tlieiviieenv re ceived by the- Emperor. The lofs on hoth fides in the late aAi0ns had been very greaivfe . onjhe part ot the AuurianMO-tbejgtf.yS& lieadyltifed. repretented by the French generals. "The milling Auftnans were returning in confidera- .bXtiiflltabfiiS'aiheir It has been determined by the cabinet of Vienna. leoafl that General Al vinzi fliourdfie inftantly recalled February 17. Ycltefday morning arrived at the Secretary of State's oflicey from, Vrienna, a courier with difpatches dated 27th ult. The pflidal.dc.iails which had been received by the court oflVienna, re; lative to the late defeats in Italy, are fuch as to in validate ft ill jrtiore-the accounts of" the French ge nerals, intheir extent, and to lead u? to reflect on our former doubts with (bine degree of fatisfacion. The lodes on both fides had been very great ; but that Of the Auftrians has been dinjimfhed ly the re turn to their (tandards of a great number of troops which had beea niiinng. ' m.v. t. n i. . 1 1 .... -.1. Li r?77 J n1ut.11 uiamc uaa ocea mrpwn, ai Vienna, on ge- 1 uerat Provera for the little zeal difnlayedbrlilhTi the conduft of the important operations under his" 'd i r e ft i oRr-A nd wh eTrir-is co n fidered that he was fonea ri JiesareToOari t ua , tlia t almolt ;co"men from the garrilon were able to join him, he appears urciers had been civen by the Emperor, immedi- prifoners, took feveral ftar.d of colours,fajd jc; pieces of cannon. Generalj'Alvinzy, almoft alone, with great :.di tficulty f rcaped-----rA--- . Upon the 2Ctb, Guiex attcled the enemy at Angu iari, to attempt to ihrriw them into confufion before they had entire effeaed their paflage. He did not lucceed ii uis objeft but he made three hundred priiiRra,; '- - - - ; :. , - Upon the 26th, Geneva Angerau attacked the eneiny at Anguiari. He made Jjt.'co prifoners, Tirok 16 pieces of cannon, and burnt all the bridges over 'he Adige i Jmt the enemy taking advantag? cf the , night filed ftraight towards Mantua. They had aI- -ready advanced within cannon fliot of this" place. They attacked St. George's, a fubuib, which wc had careiuuy entrenched, and they were unable to carry Wnrmfer tried to make a fortie, to attack the kit wing of oor army, but he niet.:with- the -ofual fp. -iiorr,-and! hi wali pHTged to f etLrn-- vKe'j len in three.or.i(mir days the ctb rniy -of tTie Ernpeiror en t j r el y deft ro v cA '. 7 . ..7. .-. .. ... . GO on loners amnnir AR'liirli a t a lieutenant general, two generals, 6000 mehlullc d or wounded, liscty pieces of .cannon, and a aboic- F"twent'oDr"ftand-ofc6T6 listtalions of the Vienna volunteers have been taken prilbiier. I heir colours are embroidered by the hands of il s r-mpreis. 1 he army of.GenAlvinzy, was near co.coo nel. a part of which had come polt from the' interior" of Auftria. . 1 ' . 7 The moment I return to head-quarters, I will , tranfmit you a cetailed account, to in'orm yon of "th,em.!j.itary"movem.ents which have taken place, s well as to acquaint ou with thedifferenf corpi and individuals who have diUincuilhcd themhlves. BUONAPARTE. telyneceivinginTelligence"of the late mlsTorl tunes in Italy." that large reinforcements ot troops luwum inaicii unifier ; iuu iiic arcuauKC wnanca, H, was generally believed, would take upon him the Tliivifion of Gen. Touber t is o'n its marclitoJ c& bt -thejuiftrian forces there. Fto?i thcReda'treur of tl-txoth fan. ..rARMY: of flULY- O'titrtL'rs. I erorta. 1tm tff Hta.i- Buoua 'arte, ec tfimmd"r in chief of the army of halltt Citizens Direffors. I have been at Bologna with 2000 men, in order,, ,, ourt of Rome,, and to-force it to-adopriry-narciacT tyftem, frornhtclihiTcoWt appears to have been tome time receding,: . I had alfii a nepociatioh 011 foot whlohi" UUKC Eraiid 'cany; relative to the garrifon of Legiiorc which my pieience at Bologna would infallably ha 1 1 , .1: : 1 ... . j- '. 1- j. 1- r . in "X" 4S n 'l 1 ; v..: ; ,V. ." 1 r r-

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