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TT-ERE, a mcer nulk . poor Tom Bowling
JL I. The darling of our crew ;
No nore he'll hear the temped howling,
For death has broikh'd him to. i
His f'u' oi waa the manliell beauty
Hi heart waskiod aiid loft ;
And now he's gone, aloft. .
Tom never from his word departed,
His virtues were fo rare. ,
His friends'were many and truediearted,
His Poll was kind and fair ;
And then he'd fing fo blithe and jolly
Ah many's the time and oft ! . . ...
Bat mirth is turn'd to melancholy
. For Tom is gone aloft.
"YeTThlirpoor TomTind pleafant weather,"
tion of the pictures of the horrors vdiich h3ve n arked
the ftep3 of Jacobins during the Revolutions of France
let oar active -and laoorioiis countrymen ufe their
endeavors to obtain every 1 French account of the
dreadful reign of the men of blood and tranmit .to their
country meirt hrjn flly aw ftrhdefew ptions aL tliatjiun-
died-tieadca hydra, anarchy, whole tngtimn image
fhould be kept conftantly before the eyes oLthe peo
ple of America. KailviituousandenlighteiUd French-
'1 1 1 r- 1 r .1 1 .. f it.-'
men I wnorn neaven has iparea tor tne Dcneni 01 mc,
human race infuired hv 'truThT"wto":lra5r-''rtrfc-
" . - 5 . 1 r 11
When he who all commands.
Shall give, to call life's crew together,
The word to pipe, all hands.
"Thus death, who kings and tars difpatches,
In vain Tom's life has dfPdy"
For, tho' his body's under hatches,
His foul is gone aloft.
' - From the New To r h Gazette, of OMer 9.
M-ITrs M'Lean and Lanv,
Every American, whether born or adoptedevery
friend to the honor and intereits ot tuscnuuuy,
is feelingly alive to infults a- d injuries, from any fo-
Veicrn n.itlon whatever everv firm fupporter ot t1'
-rneafuresof out National Adminiftration. particularly
tinnin-rs--UI fhort, - tVCV
hoiicil man, who loves true liberty, fhouIJ feel a vir
tuous jnr? nnlriotic nriclc in fliewintr hiltlfelf 1 decided
foe to an. abandoned, defoicable and unprincipled fac
.,.n iuLMi fr fcral vears naft. have affurned all
-ihAMS-anJ"naDn practice every vile and wicked en
'wine-: to imnede the one ration lot TlTrneafQTes "entered
Inf, Kr Vn mill' linn j-hr anH rnliorfctencd men in A-
iniu lv y iv iiiw. . k - v- n y
vears oalt. been chai ned do w n .by the fe ll demons of
democratic -tyranny, -vc are now giving, to your'ieU.o
creatures of every climate a revolting-but iiiilrucuve
kffiin, of the horrid evils winch are tube apprehend
ed in letting a few men get the upper hand, who, a
bufniff the facred names of philanthrophy and libeity,
have made them fuhfervient to their internal views of
declaring war, not-only agaiuft, every thing facred a.
rnong men, but even the Almighty Ruler of- the Uni
"r i t ir" : . : .
vrrte mmieir.
ILL be fold on Monday the 4th of Decern
ber next, nhlcfs the taxes due thereon fot
the year 17.96, be paid-previous thereto, the follow
ing L AN.US, viz. '
- Ti. f r ; ii ': . . rf?
-iwu icits iyui hi waiuuii cuuuiyj iuc jjrupciljr cs
ccrcilteeprty-of-Jooas Leonard. -
50 acres the. propctyof W'Uiarn Chaincy.
3C0 aces the-propeity ot Uaac torq.
To , u n i t e i n f ii p port i n'g 011 1 geve mm e n t , w h e n-
Americans ! do y.ou not obferve the convullive writ'
injrs of the hijrh-pi iefts of JacobinifiH among us four
Gallic American Punters) when any accounts artpuo
iflied. written in l'rance.-on the crimes ot , tncir
" patriots?' which, till lately, dared not appvar ? -Dt
they not pointedly fay, they are Iie3," and attcct to
tlifbehevc them, ah hough every lpeech troro tlit JUirec
to'ry and the Legiffativc Body to ack other proclaim
thl horrid fitimion of that diltracTted country ? Head
he nrefTae of the -Directory to tW Council of Tive
Hundied. ill anfwer to the ftfulution of the Council,
refpeding the march of the'iroops within thecoufti'tu-
tional limits ; in which Curncit,a3 fitiidcnt,. lays;
4 The c.iufe of thefe proceedings, on the part of the
defenders of the ''country , is to be attributed to tne ge
neral alarm and difqmetude, which, for iome moiitl
pail, havmg "taken poflcfiiim ot.aUrperlonst has ; lu
t ceded tht profound trai'qiiihty tjiat reignCd, and the
cncrdl confidence which even' where prevailed. It
to be attributed o the defalcation of the revenue,
.whicli leaves all pTts of the fidmiiuuration in (he molt
1tTfloTahlefHuat r Py-
and their fubltance the men, who, tor years patt, liave
farrifited-thetr -health anxLUiedthejrblood to lerve
e ver tririffVotvpdTrr-di rputerwith foreign-iJowewtQ. I 4HRhJicltii-ta.he attiibuted to the afofllnalioh
of the pHrchnfrrs :f the National proprrty, ot the public
functionaries of tht d ft nders of the conmry 1'n flfort,
of. all thoft'iujo have dared- to fhc'M themelves the friends
5 the Republic ' - - .
in the foregoing addrels ot uarnot wui pc leen a
conhination otthe extracts 11 oin ivercn aucnors,
i-ii . - i''t" . 1 r.. '.i t
wtncii nave i'i c mertin nines,, -luuimui m mt xs.iy
(; zttte. and which our Anarchilis have pirttnded to
doubt the autr.enticity of ; if they really btlic-vethem
to be Honfcnfe and lies, ' by calling 011 the Editors
of this paper, tlky wi.ll be directed, to tneperloii by
whonr thev wen- tr3nfliitvd,'5ho--wll i-o.ukatidta have
then: fhewn. chatlcrs and verfe tn the trench Lingvae
Bilt iio,"YtV,rHi--ff---fcdition and , wild uproar, 1 (half
fee none of von 1 ve ate at raid !dt the char uncloud
ed and fphniiid llfrlit df ttuth, which isfdaily appsar-
mtr. tfiould cxpoie 10 open uy u;mhu wuihj ui
darknefs committed by your ido)s,Dantc(n-,Ilubefpierre,
Marat, (Earner, ard a long' Iiit ot moiUteis, whom
you have cnthulialticahy and nnpiouliy called, the Ke-prefentat-i'ves
oT th DlJy ."' What I do you want to
keep truth any louder in-chains?- Da you wiili the li
berty of fpc'ch and of the preff for another tfive years
to be niftier, the tvrantiical awe of democratic "anarchi-
315 acies tKerTpTnpajofe
zco acres the property ot jotin liet K. - -
jo acres the property of Amps Matheny.
300'acies thc propeity of Jacob Jones, fying" on tlii:
IJck branch,' joining William Gulltdge's fmvey.
The above lands will be fold at the coiirt-houfe in
Wadtfborough, agreeably to an acl of AfJcmLly in
fuch cafe made and provided.
'Patrick boggan, shenj.
OPober if. - 844
"3F O R
A L E,
the 29th of January next, (unlefa the taxe
1 ne thereon be naid nrevioiis" theretu thp fnl-
r j
rovving tracts ot LAND;"
zutj de 1 ts iyoiy ,un tne iui i;;-vcu 1 ivcr, joiuuig iaiicg
of James Singlctary, fuppofed the property of
Johnr Erwin of New-Hanover. ' ' ,'
.-2Qf3;are"s'on.,SoiitU,river, belonging to ihe-.hclri. of
Refus Magdtn, joining lands of. John Anders.
1650 actes on the Waggamaw lake, fuppofed the
property of -7 Dupe, for"arrears of taxes," for
the years iy4i 1795 and fj(j6. ' :
50 acres aifo given in by janies Duprf, fenior, for
1794, taxes unpaid.
The above lands w ill be jxpofed to fale at the court
houfe in Klizabe'th. 7" -
Bidden csritty,
ctover 10.
82 5
Jul! Iv. rr h.r than criminallv condemn, every tteo it
j - -r , , .
takes at fuch an iiuereilind crifis, is facrerl principle.
-. . . - " 1 l
T,,l pnnnf h- mn onrrK ndt too creneri lv incuicaieu ,
We mould not allow -ourfelves to deliberate a moment,
.when our government 'thinks, -itfelf infulted and its
riphts invaded bv another nation mould fc'cl a holy
tmpulfe to ha!len without reflexion aroiind its lland
ad, on i give lc oui decided fupport 1 wlrirh, in a Re-
ubnean mltitution like ours, forms its only ttrengtn.
Sfinnld the niujits in diinute be Plarininv lmuomic
m f r 1 ; o o J i
v of evni uniult, it is bcttei'-to iuttcr the momentary re
proach or inconvenience attached to their temporary .
operation, than, to incur the certain devallation vvrncti
woutu now rrom invuiHjiF-ioreigit niiuit aiiu uij'ij y, uy
the weaknefs occafioned fromdifunion among.onrfclves
Every man, who, on fuch occafions, is heard to jiillify
foreign governments, or their agents, 111 dppofition to
oiir own, ought to be branded with "contempt and ig
nominy, as I being deftitute of every principle of vif
t ue or patriotifm.- Men of this (tamp are " fit for
TKafmi!' Ilrataoems-. and frioils -their motions are
t i, 1
dark as Erebus-r-let no firch men be'trufied,'' No !
American they ought not to be trulted they are
we know the men
r j iHE. Copaitnerfliip of the fubferibefs in th
-"lr"1iariit)der- the-ikm of-mQUHARTS &
MACFARLANE, is this day d;Tolved by mutual
confent; as aifo that of H. & A. URQUHART
"I c Co. at Wil riling ton ; t ho fr indebted to either fir m f
are recjudlcd to make irrmediate fettlerT.ents at, thif
plac.ciwitUL'R'MAC.rARi.A-NEi, and hi Wihningtoa
with IltNP.r Urquhart. ' ; .
- J-. FOR a L E,
BY the fubfetibers, the remainder of their goodly
fume negioe?y viz. ' ' .'
A good hoiife fervanti an 'dv'y fellaw and, wench J
a plantation on Rockfifli, formerly. Raiford's, cob
taming- between niire hundred and a thoufand acres,
thcdwellirig houfe in g;ood repair; with a famous faur
iiiill Teat and a toll br!dgef:-onthe-;irhr6adleradin'g"
to Luinbcrton, "worth about a hurrdred dollars a year :
aifo a quarter of the houfe end lot occupied by the
fubferibers Ail -which . .will be fold on" reafonabl
credit,, the purchafrs giving b'dpds with approved fe
entity. The noods cTf hand in Vilminaton will be :
dijreinz a pit for your dcllrudion
let us watch them betimes, led the evil hour come I cal defnotifm I .No, your reign has been long ei oiigh
--theJime is it Ui anived, when virtue (hall take
updn us uriaxvaresr"
; l JCgm exceedingly tnar. my auuuicB arcniut eyuui place ot-crime, rtiiglQii or aweijm, uumanuy 01 varvarzrj,
to my will in the developemenc of "the : nefarious views morals tot 'debatjyHdtry'jixhjmetcs HJpeculallon
of fome patricidal men among. u.s who have organized ai)ti ro&berjike ''arts and fciettces of the dewjlat'spg de-
a fvftem for the dellruftion ofouFederalGovertir Iff win:- aneefs of t uncus democratic uftnorance and bru-
fvftem for the dellrudhort of ouFederal CTOvenir ftrairi anteh
mphorTe I iaHN. The ' enlightened heroes of infulted humanity
tlieir agents and their funds X-receiye impultVon frcn .("i.:failCc
"abroad as well as at home eagerly catch hold of eve- I j0. are now manfully oppofirrg the Directory Jaco
rv ahufe odertd to deetade and vilify our goverrtmctit binic attemots to fvvcepl)ff thf face of the earth eve.
brjrforeignera of every defciipjf ion the vile organ of ry; remaining vcftige of tivilization and refinement, by
a foreign chaotic democracy as well as the Reprefen- br inging back the de vailing reign of the blood hounds
tative of ticixio(t'defpotic King in Europe and final- of Chaos Heaven crant, in pity to mankind, that
lv. who would fervilelv xzrvfs and flatter even the fierrds I fi,PV rnav fudceed in their ofod-like,. exertions : And.
"of helt itferfrdid may the induftrious and patriotic part of the United
our virtuous rulers Si admirable conititution, i rou;e
from your lethargy, my.cpvrntiymen I ye, who love or
der and raipnal regulated liberty who are friends
to the Federal Government v'ho. feel, a holy hor
ror at.the daily recital (from the pens of humane
and enlightened Frenchmen, who begin only, now to
pertoFtTir durigeoiir
tat ion committed by the,, demons of diforganization
and'auaichy in France ; "the furies of infurredtion and
deadly noifyn is prea j, with aclTve cal,h"yire7clcfr
ptr-Print -""'Trnt pans ot the- union, a
lrtqng 11. wh 6 m tho.fc irrislcvJ-York hold a.d;Uinguifhed"
rank in'poin't of venom, though' inferior in point
of " talents. Do not fay To ' yourfjclvea, as is 'too
commor-hrtlip' rafe. .that, " they are lo delpicable,
and " f i hr n ii mberVTTIialTwe ido.Tiotfrar aJ.l-thi
machinations j'' call to your minus the. rate ot unliap-
..-rrs'T .1. r. ' c".- i. r. u ,i i". , l r T..,'J:!
liavin'g one vievv one foul one centre- ufurp the
jgovefnment trample' upon the mod facred rights of
the people dealing death and detlrucfioti all around.
As it ia-furely much'betker to profit by the misfortunes
of others-than, our own, let us encourage the. publica-
Statfes ravairthcmfelves'of their falufary and oj enable
labours', to firip anarchy and infurreaion of the amia
ble and attractive garb in which our " Patriots" have
induftriouly-arrayed them, and are ilill anxious to
difplay them in, notwithttanding the horrid, tnght
ful deformity in which every French writer daily r?-
prefciUs jhofe fell demons to human tciicity. vvnat
thciy views ar , " in wifhing to flifle and fapprefs the
flood of truth, which the fatal example of France
afToVdsTrduring thcinj)Jr Jacobins, or. apoflles
oOTforgantatiorr ;-muft he-gl
rv man or the leau oDiervaiiou, uiu ougm i i. au
"object 6t. terious. and lively' farm to rnry friend .p
ordt rand, good govenment." PATRIOTICUS.
,X SP L.CT FU L LY informs the public, thatbe.
JX-has lately moved fr6m;Limberton to Fayctte
ville for the pprpofj of carrying on the SADDLE.
r "P" ' ' i -Ai..:-r. initivciiinne Krarifli.
anu rwix iijj iiidiuig win".'.'" '" f
fold on the fame terms.
Xubereff-ekve LADIES and GB0LLWFN or
.- '- -; ; n '- " JU. c . -
XtX at the Theatre in Philadelphia, and teacher in :
i-iy' rti ftrs) IL.h."g engaged by th c Tr uf.
kVAD KJL tilt A J U A lllJUWlwiij m ,. y
years, to give tuition in the uftful and polhc branches
of education ; rcfpefxfully" acquaints the Ladies and
Gentlemen, of Fayetteville, that- he propofes to efta- -blifh
a SCHOOL - in Fayettei for the neceflaryiac-
,compTihment of D ANCING ;? and. will aifo give .
leflony to Young Ladles oft the tyVJi I AK,
in every-montn,' vix. Mqnaay i ueiuay, anu vveuncx-
day. Mr. Godwin intends to bs at raycueville,.,
about the 2cth of - Oclqbcr. V i , ? ,r
fii! terms fhal ndt exceed bis dejerts, .
w.' i a XT ' xtf a x' e.:::i. .i.,; r.,ur;i,r ;n.T7.tti.ilV.
. on the 4th' in A ant, a Negro man by. the "name
of.SJNlOW, he is a black com plefted fellow, about g'
lCl i-kj tiii.ii.s iiri-ir)Tn-T t - -fir ;
es. Thofe rth'a will plafe to favoui' him wuh'thcir
cufldm, rnay bcftipplied on the fhofteft noiice, ; All
orders frorn the country, will be Itriftly, attended to.
' Fayetteville,' Ofteler 2$. - 4 4
hishead l6w when walks.he ismarkcdin'both ears with
I'll iff i 'Hljt ' .I'llf l).iif in' 'iliil'th" If-jt, nd' rmpanct
flit 4ijthrig!w. and a fore on one of his leg when he;
wenf away ; lie was formerly the property of -Mr.
Rhodes oh Roanoke iiycrj near Halifax : Healfocar
ried Jawaywith him'a Tvlulatto Wench by the name'ot
BET,. abouF7fTyealToTae
hiffh. and bie with child. - Whoever delivers laid el-
low and Wench to me ln;fcttfrtth,:. fecarca
them fo that 1 get them again fhall be i'ntttledto the
above reward. . ' ,'( TliUWAa vvnuf,.
OSebcv io, 1797. - 82 '

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