THE NORTH CAROLINA MINERVA A N t F 4TQETTR V1J. T ? "-P u b i is h e b e ver y SAXXJ P T) A Y b y HOD GE and BOYLAN. Vol. II. SATURDA Y, November 18, 1797. NlTMB. 87. - FAYfe "fey jhe.ftip Maria, Capt. Fofter arrived at Charlefton, in 40 days from Liverpool. y k T IMPORTANT! 'P A R I S, September 16. All tin- tjU'maiiis afit -tttl ly t!e law t the 5th of September, Jet off in fhh from Pans ; afynolt all of tin .n .take the.L51.1d to 3 : fie, and the miniver of po ller has authorUed "the co'miiiiffary of the dire&oty fit the depa tnentw to put the diligence of '.iafle m req.ilfirlon,' for the c mvenience of the emigrants o fo-.ah Krfuiie othei, eni.-rant- travel p ll. '. ..; . Extrati of''-aTeiltTfromJJlirtsny.. ' September 12 .,. The traiifpntd deputies aruvt-d here rit eUvch .in tie morning. The carMgtt in which tKy travel, fi;e ;g;hened .with iton- gratings, are enurelv . cloL'd wiill boards p'a-i ied 'td. 13 tv light does npec his wife'a brains but, and'kllled himfelf,: after having left a note in the hands of hu. fcrvant, ,jointin'g out iLe author," and the cnufts of what was going on. . ; September z I . In con,rtcaence of the appearance of the Prince of Conde upon1 the toad to Lyons, the Di- cdory has iff icd 11 idt orders to the commanders in I cannot conclude this fketch, without admutn ' the conftancy and bravery of the generous dclemli r of their country deprived of every thing by the ef fect of circuniftarices, and the evil difpnfit ion of t.iiiir chit fs ; not mak'ng the movement of wlvth the, eiutf my vaj -not r tirfor red 5 betrayedTby their. General ; he DeuartmDt of the Rhine to takt-the riectffary their conraee aird their 7eal lvdve1urniiurTtd every I ps 111 order to endeavour to apprehend him. ,. j thing, atvl the combined effoiU of the E .iperor, of What we hdve announced rclative'to ih appoint- i horn's XV 11 1.- and of P.chtgru, has 11. t fucctcdul td ient of General Hoche to the bo I i f Genera liffi no i detach them for To much as one .motm n; from vijftory. of the i wo mjfjlre Jlimf " t;";fi'tbe in, uolc's by ITHTe's f t catk-end, fo htg . that the.-dep itief , when fe u e l, caiui'it i;V feu Tuedow is JccVrelby luck and T.obs. . ' Mjcne cVm j jpofed '.of 1 ' li .'.Tirn, prraiittui tlvelii hoc. 'to.' t!i.- '; fi-fi June, t dine out of their carriages. tdt -cattied if wm .t be.. allotted! to thejm, . forbiddu! je- any .er (i)iiV'Vt the fame time, to cfter them t!yr thing with cut. his penniflijH, or to communicate with thsii. An adjutant-general, named Haufchereau, had laid. that they, would go that niifhr. to Orleans : 'tl eeneritl had fcim itfr to Ge canducled imme? di itcly to f-ris. . ' , The prifom re, all of them, complnin ovr the in Cohve ince of .the carriages. Three of them,- and particularly Baithelemy are ill : his coun pyv ce ihews tlie nlterat'on or nts neaicn : ne is xnci aicnoiy "dcr-to this effect has been iflued from the war den. it- ' p'tCts vl.ieh prove ti' dnc idtutit n ti t intemi. u Sc ment. . . 1 . . the plan of t V co.ufpirari.r.V 'e -think U our duty to Tl;us'var is to be retir wed- on cvtry fide but u akc knoam. the foH"wing lettti : rhofe who aie M ac4u unted with the dwirader of . f lv Louis to Ma jha! Count all thisth ir, is neir?; thai: ever". .. " efiifmber 22. CitiZ' n Leiourm u' Comnffdrv of the D .ci'.tory in tlieadnnuiilraiion it thejJepci tment of vde urf,"ha)i accepted the. cfli - of Mimilei of ihc i' Tht Mwi.'tr ot Juilicc is 110. yet ap- tVurmJtr., R I R, .: ... .- Yru havt.iinr.rtfcd gt'neril Baptirtf witb yoo'rcon fi lenct ind t!leen he OSew niinfc-lf woi thy'uf the honour by f 11 am ni yoiit fi : ft' ps ; he conduits hun- ' ' ft If in a manner th t Vrrimei a ricat hti), and fa' hi I i. ...:n ,v... ; k.. , iirin pi. (Km iKi it vnii Stftcmlrr ZX. Thefetttorto the mteuor from the ; h -!1!frH of ..,, t,)e r.iityof y ur neait ; , .ik very conniieraWi as he 'hf,rveMbe judiied M rmy ,.f the Noith .is ' .v .;,, u... ;i.;A l .; n;.ri,f me.duu8 to a mo tJcxtwUp-udeuce reuhtes 1A- a " V " th''Y of iJapM'te,. Ineveithebfs rntwat y'ott" nr tiv rhr f ,.mv c wleule.-it. very connstcraM i lie 1 1,.1'vt r Gciifiai U: co i e fro n H '; to 1 tloo thi- t ..out ai-n ...''.... . A courier jit ivi 1 at ' D? red or) .JiQugs- .wij gence of an i..fiiritciti' n at Genoa. The Nohics, Jt the head i f a U-iiy of lix thotif nd .ru n, pt ff. fled thiinafclvcs of an- impoitaut p'jil after a vigoious at tack. ' " ; . . The prqvifory g rvc, nibiriil .hawiqjj airtmbk'J the and fad. - Pichegrue, with a fttene coi.nfe.iHe and.; l,u 'P l-nc iu., mc iur. a proud" behaviour, prefe.ves his; n.ilittiyXangJ., g4ft8 1 , ,e hiv;-n b'hepo- wLica diey occupdj ffcr dinner they all fet-for 0kansrwhc puiunrr. t v- rurr inri, ; u.i j ukcii iijoc, ana 1111 military;, e"x--c ;it i"ti was gr A tijong if "t!,f prijon -rs whe ii.'i! iiiff. ( ()-". h, Ve;e. feveral diitmgutfllftl. p if .in.i i7Tr The fiimly -of Duraizo...-' ... Die 1 iui c mo'i.tio.i !i:j.v. hrokt n out at Matfeil-ii s and ninnfeu.-h 'vc !feu a.. ? r d. , A letter fto.n Oianc. of. the ll.'l. Fiuctidof, av. rroucea an approa hirig t ivil war. . . . .;We have tlrong rea-'on' t- Ulicfj.ib!.t...ihe.'.qbur.i;.v difpcb?d; 'ty:;'the" '"IiTi3t :hr : VCc'tr cd y-. Buyi'iupJiHc orders to s t c 0 1 ft t uc e" il'ucv .ag.;t:r th;rE rrfpefoTOndth''' S l 0 if at tde 1'jhk inll ni that this cpur'Cr fct QtT.thrte urivi d one froiy; i ifle with intelligence that JJVVri! M J efoury r,ad ''lu t ud that citVj and had returned tc Lorici") . , On the I.Qth difpatclies ai'iv-d fmm the ai.n y of Italv i i!'.d oii tbe follow n-g-day the l)'niMj dif panHed aii.extiaordinaiy coin er to the army. : .' . ; ' CCNSPIKACY OF PICHPGRU: . jCorrrfptnitittce relative 'to- tht sr'ifn cf fiiclkgru -infer crpiea oy utr.-rai iiioiri u. are t a rr i ve i 0 the even inff- September 17. It is reported that barthclerny, ''uei t'Hivtril'iar in rcat tranquility with one of hishtfl ..fritndvop0" the evening of tlie" 3d "itiflatit, walking Jn the Couit of the Lnx mbourg, met Carnot, vho '.fce.ved him fome piei'ts of cannon and fcveial cotnpa fciesof grenadiers tnder arms, remarking at the famc 4ime You fee thefe preparations ; "all this con cerns you aid me : I a.n going, will you follow tae'i" jjarthel -rififcd a&iring hiu that he tboiTght klm fe f in iio 'antrer. . . ...,. . ...:t c , I3?i'ib J) J Jbecn faid refpek lag Camrit -.Spffi c la ft that he has been affaffmated in the Directory whil de frn M!i.hnfelf agaihll thofe who fought to arrcft him ; o' Haccounts ilate, that he fouglu in the courit a T chair,, into which h-s threw himfclf, and wac conveed t a fhort dillcince from lai ls, when he got out ; o tliers ag iin, ' hat he took to flight, and got into a place of fafcty, 'AH 'thefe reports ferve: to amnf the .J.:.irrf Jtlift and the, indolent. The tiuth is, that we feno v nothing pofitively with refpeift to' him. But . the mod abfurd of all the ft.p?rtSj iff that vhicb flatfS llim to have befn affaffinated by the Directory.. - In extraordinary events, extraordinary refuUs arc always necelfary for fome people. (Le SurveiHant ) September 1Q. A violent mpftfre-hUs (aken place be tween General Hoche and the min fler of war, as will appear1-frouiihe-f'-lwfTTtcr. : ": I.'-, , : ' , . -r--u- VVetzCXEr, 8ept f j eth year. J " Were I not com-meed th.vt the Dirtcl6ryvill ve: rv.fpeedily do. lutticV to. your perfidy, t.nibulcfonfy take the trouble to inform ypnlihat I will no longer,. cFfTf fpo'fffwfliHi. rcit-yoiif-buftnefs to publinr an adurefs to the armies you, .. the . ft iend -ayd tn nermfr me to fubmit to-A-mir enlic-' tencd j jdm ntf and'to your unrivalled loyalty.Xthc following rcflec Whatever the rjublic journals may fay re,fi)ecV thf charaf,'r of Baptifte, your exccl:eiicv will tioiht !efs have entertained this dilemma vyith egaH to him ; u Either Baptifte is a man of hojout, .r. hr is a fcnutTdrcrrelihe'rrBaptifte is a man formed to c nlf ;Ve srid to KfCiite-thc-moft hold Tind neb'enterpz-, of-- !e is V-n in :k-?ate 1 trf jnorny and wickednefs ...... In 1 he fir ra(V. Paptille would not have writ en ; lhf-r : rtre;vd fmi of -money, e riplovd. conli.ieu--i'd i)e'fofi). foPo ted up for luq'it months together a -r.- ) to vvblci. To" -miny. prrfp-'is ( vhen one only .vr,uH It ',-en f ifficinit for hi inin; 'ithout t'iC ' n(Tib:l'fv 1 caittntr it ), t- vfncl, f.y,.fo mauf -c foes vfr'ei-j.jy Vi- nit bent " cid reffiivWI- Viti t"t.e f.xeih'ion'of it.; l i the fet-md -,.-.-.r n."..M - 'x-Y'' " wT'btv'ulutionai y p w-r during the lite emc: at- er thr death bf - RobefpIerre. vvonld h .ve wall c I m werdth and in blood, and would at dealt have co n.rdtied fcune, of thofe bafe aaion f6r which. alUbt, French ; generals have t WufkV and which the liberty J- the prefe, at pre'fent fii unfettered, would mofl undoubtcd ly bave approached hini with. , . . . Baptifte,- who had mllliona at his .difpofal at the - i - . . . . r . n..j I 1 Hague,, and he left it poor aoa reiptcica, vouw not u prefent fecrct a few rotilonsof LoiisdrSvwliich wou'd i .d 1 1 i b ' y a ad et 11 y- II ig w a t i ft h i n . '-We re it p offi. Tht- Correfj i.ndente uiec ispo.. Kiinglin, contains ble to degrade him fo far as to fuppole him capable ot upon o-oinc to. Sweden, it were not .'.enouga to ueeai mm a molt c!ei publico government, aita-ine eitaDi.ina;tiu 01 perate ot ma "mm-; wi-cte-.a nc c.u w. . Rox aby. : WMr f -: . r, " , ., f; j 'j lea.that nft, r having fptrd.w thejvwa 00 'ne '" lichegrn'-'f1i-n hrr' in thr ftrafU- orMTtTnpce de. Conic, -)f ; Is o' hi' imDerial inaieU III V HUHl IVI 3 llil ' I. R' III-' v.. v I.' J V- UUI I.M.LIII.III.TI l' . . ' " 1 . inconlellihle moots of a v,ff coulr 11: cv. founded Upon o-ointr the ;di fci gttni?: . 1 ion. f the am 'is, the annlhilatiun if j fcoundtfl, w(nld alfo have pafTed foi the the Kepuhlicrfo .government, and'-ihe eflabl'flia;crit of nerate of ma-'mrn-; vcie '3 be could not 1 up -ki the. firlMiiial ; . to ri pLi e, vhe-K i.puhlican c ffi - ty and bf the, fririfh Cabinet ; .'ai.diyeftmnalr ccrs with ptlier ot a-C'ikje'-t celt nption to nv.Ke i fides proofs anfi coniiueraon eveiy thing a? digu(linr! j-.-nc rcpBi-loitid le lor hisj ag',.in(bthed.ircftory, to gtt the rigent of tlie moft active of. thec6nfpirntqrsj foti vho he perfc.cuted.the friends of giMrnnu nLi. fta . flea then, and witbdiaw .into obfeurity ; let yout same even be forgotten by 4h'e Repiblicins whom you have betrayed, and by whom yo;i are detected ; : - (Signed)., L. HQCfilvf -r-- Letters-from -Kruffrlfin " ' and two otheis had p-fTed through' Anvtr.It was ifcovered too late. who they wVTt and that they in quit the. tenitory pf the Fiench Republic." I he banifbtd deputies ileptat 'iloison the 13th irtlr" fides proofs ana coQliderabie traces of his mar ceiivre a;ff-.inft:the-direftorv, to get him aVxeiicd' f-efirr hi.'ar . : aaniyjU-pcdliLleiul torfeit his hed, Teaorvlto orooajirat alifi-ntohlici.n wittins tc five 1 tine word would have fuffocaied from ever- one ot the 4-flwriey:-t6 mcr--diii at tn ing the foidiers in r-tff,' to din .ii d ihc am'-y, t r to make it goovtf to tne nen.y, and to j'lt cla m royal . ty ..bA" planting the white -tardaid., . . ' Pichegrii, afv ayfi ;;f aul of 0 ran -ittir.g birrftif, His vvrjttcn a little, but hii- frnveif.itiotis with C iiirr., who t:ck the r',aire t f-Furi.L:At C-c ntaitutt jr; f wr d fe'.ters pf tin e two atnts. V c have ft u .f'iclugru btfrayiitg hid countjy' i"n hopes of; tioting at-tht coiut of Louis XVI 11 facrificing tile lives if tht dcfcr.dcts ol thi's cpuntry, of" thofe to whtm he dived . thutgioiy whirh lu: ha6 tatniiritd foi a little money, and the" ho We read in the Chief de Cabinet, that royalty is icpoiir of appioaching hii- Kingr. ' iftiH triumphant at Auttin The papers, fent ihtl - by govefnmenTvTre Scarcely placarded'- before' they . fiis expr ffiun ) fome members. of the, Dir. clorv. r ijv)ere torn ft'nrA the walls. . --yC.-iC-.' .-Ju-Vrj . 1. 1 . 'iMxori.' piracy - was' on- the.- poiH -f- b'ekitp The-rmiiiiIVr of', war, Scherer, has' aufered jGeii . Ldifpofn ioniR- hfd been made - brthe 'P' incc of C " Hoche? letter in a verr Trolmitlxd-itRanpe 1 e tr. sea?.! tie. The w holt-1 1 nor r f Bapt id e's tor.ouft Up to the p-"e fent hont has provtd him to bt a trn T b"nouT, and "of i,xr tab tits y V ut even fuppofbig bin. tt) bt the re-' vdrt of wl at l;r- isj he h ip fo powerful att inttrtlf ift. brb p a rrait rf hoiHiiir, that it is impoffiWc hi fliould a-cTt - thet wi'i-. th.iji rtf. fnch. .' ...,: ' ' " ; . He tiqu (ltd and obtained avm'onth's d.elat to fettle bif aff.ii'f-; and his looked foy cvc "rv km(n t lit .--Yotir .Kx'celh nc will,' thei t tore pt ('eive, in this 'coti'du, tTu behaviour of apiudnt and dext (:." pitli; ician. and oja PX'illiJ.tilllS-JvnRr?t'eUrrrr-iU) alofiTfhmert,T afrd who, thanks, Sir., to onr lnagiianimity, ant! .to tnc pe- rectory are acquainted with this extraordinary corref : this intrjg'ue. iiplayj- ponaence. we ao not itn.ow uow tms win i-ena, nut.:, to irate ruuwineo , every thing induces -rtxs to believe' that 4ic&eicr will te-, had cyth; iccVivtd Tliis Cmi'nirarv was on the ooit of htehkiivp out. inrniis ofTeiv ioii m'de to hi . Serene nicbriels the ' n tl e P n ce f -LLujfdcw t-C-o -Hfrttp- or-1 nc:. in. Ml mifktikJUt b. B ,vi n tu the. tm i 1' x y September zo (Jne of thflie events which make na- A .'citizen, : tn ..diiuair'bf'havih? loll bv bdnkriiptcy, tle f n 01 of ,j -ziSubociJi v-rr jffle "which hi had4bld, jpoifoagd his tw i-hikiiriY bJtw ayVd jh(i i(jftKii . -. Ye . Mormciir, Ma,fli;d Baptift'-'W.1l. do wh:.tjie. all the nc'celTlty hinds P-clieg. Us pprr I ''vale r fit thsj-ot ",mimey",Ti'om""'th'e: faerWabiiv' 'to ; tK' -'.;d:fi es o M01 firurdic Piinte of enertW wlicri be was - committed by .he nii i c'ioTv ; ; Conde. and of your- 'Kxce'llt.ncy,-.l c gagc honour this iirws difcon'certrd the confoirators at firll. but. i to 1-11r ExreUenryLhfit 1 hr n oment-m-ca-aMind- . 1 ... , - ,. 4 nj rr ? tojre feodd'err: faappfed'at Vf '''invftUt-wdW-1 Tic1teiU'hea''.tene4..thcna';1Y aiiuung them ; . that'- in ;l ubefi .'the iiatr.e of your, h xctllcncV, To dear to fjlo'ry, cafe even' of liiJ?nf nM. he ftotlllot4le-f-flvr birmftomd . onlyHl-tih 'jatiindX'and -.ftcg ioa, IcTrveln'thTcjiilie" of Louis XVlil. and' tbe Prince -Geride tv- tK' F'eiKhatirn. ho. will tcaciLjxuJiuii proDouficS it with' fifyetL " V.- - - : -A -."-1- . i 1. - X -,t-.1.i - -nw.-r- i

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