North Carolina Newspapers

Women. Li f.
Charles Lamb; one of ihe wittiest ..and
most whimsical of men, talks of the 'whim-
ing the example of the: wits and satirists of
aj.i culeac the trifling weaknesses of the weaxer
sex. To lampoon the comparatively unpro
' tectefeinalesogthdpast was great sport
lor the tiumorist, and the unmanly Sterne
or the. heartless S wiftlf received much glory
and little blame for their cowardly attacks
upon the-only members of society who ever
5 forgave w forgot the wickedness of the one
or the folly Of the other
. Witji , more propriety to-day, than at any
other time, can .women say we are no longer
" Un protectedV'we "Can protect ourselves
- defense are in the hands skilled hands of
1 A -. '
womea wuu are uuy auie to encounter ail
r -"Al.'Z. " ' m : " !.:
ioes, come irom. , wnateyer source iney may.
The moral weapon of the age the pen is
now held by as many women as men and
woe betide .the unlucky-wight who, -under
the guise - or " humor " or wit,T attempts
to fasten scorn or contempt; upon the better
half of our common liuhianity1 " i A :t -
feminine Uterature,' we will deal very gently
- witfilatllts,' however palpable, in the iivin
est. not weakest sex. ; Common justice,
; hnTOPVPT. . malrpa tin observe' that the' most
- whimsical thing in the world is the expec
V tation f of all the old-time courtesy'and exr
' travagant respect by women, when jthey
come - out from the modest seclusion that
doth hedgevthem in," .and contest withlmen
for the prixes'of life on ' rostrum, or iri the
public arena of politics.
'! The progress of the age has killed effect-
not bo trusted to walk alone i thev & walk
alone and ore abler than half, their accusers
to resist temptation and lollies of all sorts.
, ' Gifted tby God with finer perceptions of
i ! right and truth, they seldom err from choice.
. Truly the 4f help-meet ; for man," theyj re
strain all the brutal instincts of the stronger
, and coarser' sex, and to continue to do this
contact with the world in the struggle for
daily bread. ; j
It is useless for a woman of to-day to ;af-
r ., i. . -r . "xt txt tt jf ' I
..rr rfy - r",
... rr;:"
action imitation of the profligacy or crime J
of the past but brings, upon the Offender the
scorn and the , stigma worse to women than
death. ; "Weak men and criminal men- lo
. , not usually marry soiled doves; on the cop--trary,
; they seek from the.- ranks of inno
r cence the unfortunates who become their
i(. wives, j . ;i 5
T The woman the true woman-of to-day
is nearer perfection than any of her prede
cessors in all the ages that have preceeded
us. Glorious in her refinement of manner
more powerful in her increased intelligenc,
she loses no charm by culture. ' Favored as
no other class can be in our work-day world,
.... i , ... T -
we trust her with all our nearest and dear
est interests : and if she fails in maintain-
v v ing intact and uncorrupted our treasures of
hope, faith and purity, then modern civlli
: zation fails as no other age has failed,
f and humanity cannot advance in its proi
gressive course. -; l ! ' ' j
. " It is quite evident,? says a Montreal
correspondent, referring to the public meetj
- ' i
ing in Quebec in favor ot annexation, tna
.England desires to get rid ot the burden of
providing for our own defense'.by granting
.us a certain kind of independence " and, if
we are to reiy on rumors;coming, irom mgn
'sources, the plan for a Vice-royalty is more
probable than is generally imagined, the
visit of Prince Arthurbeing the opening
scene in the first act.
Will Canadians ac
cept it? Will the States allow it ? Sir A,
T.j Gait's sudden trip io Europe has given
rise to many conjectures. When? the ex-
Minister of Finance was made a Knight, he
wrote to England to ascertain if his 'accept
ance of the proposed honor would interfere
with-the free expression of his ideas" on tin-
depeadence, and was answered that it would
;not. This fact gives a certain color to the JWur, Governor, and in 1364 gave Abraham
rumor that he has gone over at the request! Lincoln a heavy majority for President. In
of Mr. Gladstone, with whom it is stated, he
is on very good terms. Canadianaministers
refuse to listen to the wishes of the English
ministry, the latter will, select Mr, Gait as
their champion, and afford him; an 'oppor
tunity to test his views on emancipation.
Mr. Gladstone's intention, it would seem, is
to give Canada her independence, leaving
her. perfectly at liberty to. choose her own
favor the project of appointing ( Prince "Ar
thur .Viceroy: These 'conflicting rumors,
-as is natural, create in Canada considerable
Excitement and uneasiness. ' ' ' '
The Spaniards are very likely to have
quite enough to do at home without' send-'
ing troops to crush out Cuban independ
ence. Late news, confirm
previous reports
uiBoWuuou6iu,oS(uus i.uo jiwuvuiB
; who rare now ruling so they ' may rum; A
great battle has already taken place and the
government troops although claiming a vic
tory -as they always do we're so badly
" dernoralized " that it was 'thought neces-
isary-to uruer ho lurmer reimorcemenis 10
: Cuba until the
"insurrection" at home is
A Massachusetts paper boastfully an
nounces that a lady in that, -.vicinity has
given i birth to tour children, all -'.of whom
are auvo uuu yivu. xueir .uuva tvary irom
m mi. - - r
one to nine years,
The Cuba.
We have the following from the Wash
ington Repvblican; i)f Thursday, and as the
opinion of the official organ of the-Admin
istration it is entitled to respect : I ?v-
On Sunday last Collector Rumlev.-at
Wilmington: N. C, telegraphed to Secreta
ry-BoutwelMhat .theutanrprivaleer, :an
swering the description 6t the Hornet, had
ttniveu iu umicu oiaies waters, ana ai&ea
for instructions. The Secretarv promptlv re
plied that 8he"must be detained, and to fol-
low wnatever course was necessary for her
detention. . " 4 I ...
Section eleven of the act of Coneress ap
proved Apnl 20, 1818, entitled an act for the
punishment of certain crimes against the
XT 1 1 n . . .
uniiea Dtates, provides :
are hereby respectively authorized and required
to detain anv vessel built far war
like purposes, and about to deoart ) the United
States, of whieh the cargo shall principally con
sist of amu and , munitions of war, i when the
number of men shipped on board, or other cir
cumstances, ' shall render it possible : that such
vessel is intended to be employed by the owners
to cruise and commit hostilities upon the sub
jects, citizens or property of any foreign prince
pr owe, or 01 any coiony, QiBirici or ipeopie
with whom the United States are at peace, until
the decision of the President be had thereon, or
.until the owner or owners shall give such bond
and security as is required of the owners of
armed ships by the preceding section of this
act.": fV. --.A-- : iVir' :
As will be seen,' collectors! are not only
authorized but required to detain supicious
yessels. The Hornet haviDg been seized on,
the 14th ot August last at 1 the Delaware
breakwater, by the ? commander of the.feve
nue cuter Miami, -nd haviDg been released
by the collector of the port of Philadelphia,
as there was not enough evidence to detain
her,' Collector ' Rumley was' in doubt what
course he should pursue, and hence his rea
sons for asking for instructions. :
The Hornet is therefore now held by au
thority of law as well as by positive orders
of Secretary Boutwell. What disposition
will be made of the caise. the evidence be
fore the United States commissioner caln
alone determine 4 i
, It is hot generally known that the Govern
ment had already dispatched several vessels
to overhaul the privateer. ! r
To the manifestations of Count Montalem
bert, Father Hyacihthe, Professor Dollinger,
the Munich faculty, and some f of the .Aus
trian laity against the contemplated doc
trines of the Bomah Council must be added
the deprecatory letter of the Bohemian
Bishops. They distictly declare their judg
ment that Borne should not define the infal
libility of the Pope, a doctrine which can
only give rise to ridicule among unbeliev
ers. They moreover deem it unnecessary to
make any further authorative statements j as
to the corporeal assumptions of the Virgin
Mother, and what is still more extraordi
nary, advise the Church to show itself " the
J " - - -"
friend and protectress ot all itnose sciences
which perfect mankind, resting assured that ignorant, and repulsive
u ur.illtl A.., ,
a thorougli and earnest pursuit of science is
an adyantage to faith." The belief of New
ton and the words of Bacon occur to us here :
A little knowledge takes us from religion ;
much knowledge brings us back to it." If
ihe Church can reason in this iaitb, there
is less danger of its failure than some of us
may apprehend. Another stimulus to right
action on the part of the Council is the an
nouncement that four Bishops of France
have engaged to defend at Rome the action
pf Father Hyacinthe . j ; i
1 The ) manner in which an honest lawyer
is obliged to make a living " out West" was
amusingly demonstrated a few days ago. ih
the Circuit Court of Des Moines) Iowa. j
The court being in ! session a tall, lank
specimen of the pioneer class arose to his
tallest attitude, and addressed the court as
follows : " If the Court please, I have a few
cases of not much importance which def
mand my attention, and, as I am engaged
m the honorable occupation ot cutting cord
wood at a distance from the city, I would
reqnest the Court to suggest a time when I
may expect the causes of my clients to be
brought up lor trial."
Vould that some of our "lyers" and
concealers ot law" had the manhood to
earn an honest living by the) cutting of
"cord wood" or any other congenial trade
so. that the public might be assured that
these said " lyers" were not inciting assassi
nation or hounding on crazy boys to com
mit cowardly assaults.
The Charleston Courier thinks the elec
tions of this month and next, decide the
next Presidential election. 1 The absurdity
of this is manifest, when we reflect that in
Il862 the State ot New York elected Sey-
1 1866 the State of New York elected Fen-
on. lieoubiican. uovernor. and in 1868
ave a Democratic majority for President.
In these cases' both Governors and Con
gressmen were elected, while in the elections
now to come, only smaller local officers are
I to be chosen except in Ohio and
I tania. The elections have but small
j riificance in Relation to National politics.
Wfi hfiliPVft that th Hnnl,V,IW?11
rvverv State that thev now hold with tp.
" " " 'IT"""
jU-IJ j iv-' Li;.-'!'.
. . -
Va emollai e?rvvlvr; Y-AnnnnA 4-1- A. . 1. 1 j
w uui6i, oimij ucauao we lyiai vole
ppnea is very mucn smaller. ,
I at thermal sitting ot the Congress of
Peace and Liberty at Lausanne, Switzerland,
Victor Hugo, in proposing the toast ot the
I ev,emng "The United States of Europe"
, v- o au lucicyu-
i tuwuu nomu uiuivc x-utuuo rcpuoiicau ana
7 .1 . . iV . iCUCltt"vc uuu wniie re
V oama fJ...i:A - J It.'.
piping in at it wouia in tne tuture belong to
the union ol nations, he equally, , rejoiced
that it had escaped in the past from the
J union of kings. In the spcechwith which' he
i cioscu me procceaings, ; ne caiiea upon so-
cialists 1 and republicans . to unite ;for the
oyetthrow of the monarchical despotism.
General Frank Siegel is mentioned as
Republican candidate'forBecretary of State
I for New York. 'Ho is a gallant soldier and
i - . i i t- i-ii i i
i a coou xvupuuuuau uuu.wouiu carry every
honest German vote in New York.
Our good friend the Cincinnati Times
thus gently:; .skfctchetli - the reactionary
U Charles J who ii nof longer young ; hence
no longer generously inclined to the " lower
orders:" ' : l ; -t Jj i .
Charles Dickens, -who has'never been felic-
.itous inhis oratoricalr effort spin'an-after--
iirineTspeecH recentlyrthus ar
political creed in axiomatic ph
aunuuuutju: uis
rase : ' "
" First, mv faith in the people eoverninffi is
infinitesimal; second, faith in the people gov
erned is illimitable." L ? i
Which only goes to show that Mr. Dick
ens is emulating the toadying Coodleites
and Doodleites, whom he so happily took
off in Bleak House, and, to j use his' own
words, is getting of opinion that if the
Lords Coodle and Doodle were parted with,
having ho pilot to weatfier the storm." !
To complete the performance he snouia,
with reference to the recent triumph of the
English' Liberals, have aided, in the lan
guage of his ! own Dedlock. " Upon my
honors my .life, J upon my reputation and
principles, the floodgates of society are
burst open, the waters have a obliterated
the landmarks of the framerwork of the
cohesion by which things' were held together."-
;. . 1 p'-.j (
! The New York Sorosis held its first m eet-
ing after the summer vacation on Monday
i last. It is said that; the fair sisters of the
Sorosis aje.on thevery verge of rebellion,
owing to the efforts of a p&rt of their num
ber to have the society commit itself to the
movement for a u Woman's Parliament" i in
Washington this winter. "Quite a sharp dis
cussion took place oh the subject at the
meeting on Monday last, and, from all ac
counts, the society itself is in danger of dis
ruption. A New York paper, : deprecating
this state of affairs, says :
We expect much comfort and good-fellowship
from the lovely sisters during the
cominaj winter, with many a social enter
tainment alike honorable and profitable to
all participants, and therefore deprecate this
symptom of disagreement that appears to
threaten a society whose record and whose
members are so fair, whose purposes are so
admirable, and whose existence is of so
much importance to the world aj large and
mankind in . particular.
It is far from clear weather in the little
principality of Brigham Young. That
chieftain is called upon to face a serious de-
iecuon among tne iaiturui. The insurrec
tion against him is led by young Joseph
Smith, son of the prophet who founded the
Mormon sect. Joseph has several advan
tages upon his side. He claims that he is
hekd prophet by right of descent, and de
nounces Brigham as an usurper. He is but
iiuuij'buicc veals utu, uuu iuuts.iuii auu
weil educated, while Brigham is sixty-five,
in appearance.
More than this, Smith has always inveighed
against polygamy, and can clearly show that
it, is heresy never countenanced by his
father. This is a strong point, as it arrays
on his side all the Gentiles, and all the
women, who of course are not content with
being only the tenth or twentieth part of
a wife. The Pacific railroad- will promote
ciyilized ideas, and strengthen the new as
pirant. - 'We anticipate to chronicle Brig
ham's deposition before long, j
The unblushing wickedness of the at
tempt toconnect the President of the United
States with the recent disgraceful transac
tions in Wall street is meeting with merited
rebuke and denunciation by the independ-
ent press an over tne country, 'mere are
none so blindas they who will not see, and
it is only the most partisan papers that
place the least confidence in the story told
by Fisk of Mr. Corbin's connection with the
business. The New York.. Tribune ot yes-
terday thus tersely disposes of the whole
f The Irishman who thought that Smith
did'nt like him very well because he had
kicked him down stairs, (which he took as
a hint to leave,) was an uncommonly astute
fellow. He would not do at all for a mem
ber of the New York Gold Gamblers' Ring.
i nere tney t&Ke a Knocs-down blow, plant
ed fair. between the eyes, as a proof of warm of no sect or faction, but that it will advb
personal friendship, andat once goto pr?!it- cate "the IJnion of the States, the equalitv
ing affidavits of amity and alliance in the
The Ecumenical Council.
The Rome correspondent of the Pall Mall
Gazette "mites;
I have obtained, from an official source
some very precise information as to the at-
Htn nmprf I h L
tituae assumed Dy the various sections of
tb0Ji? Episcopate in respect to the
uuuuiii. xixv ixuiv oce uuuuia on tne com-
plete adhesion of the Italian and American
bishops. The French Episcopate will form
three parties. The German bishops will be
lavorauie 10 me -iouri 01 Jttome On some
Questions, but will vehemently oppose it on
others particulariy thoso of a political and
social character. The Hungarian bishons
will be almost wholly in opposition : and
1. L u . . o r
the same spirit is evinced bv the bialiona of
Portugal; while the Spanish Episcopate, with
jrennsyi- i v v- v- xf''"''i cumci) uevuicu i uoa 01 me proposea t j? liteeniu .mena
iall siff-J tb? o1 See- Altgether, the Vatican is ment. !
- uiBsausueu. .
Tttw TSTpw OrlAnk TV. u-
... oajo luat, BUUiC
time ao amon? the SnKi ; t
I T O O --vvuuiv umug Ul
xr:Lii-- J , - ?
I v 1 a -A a t t '
i buiuuij " uu "au eurt oi mixect passion
tor the Muses ana a certain Miss. As
might be expected, he poured forth his soul
in song, and sent his verses to the fair one,
with a bouquet, after the fashion of Claude
Melnotte in his worship of Pauline. But
the course of true love did hot run smoothly
torpur hero;ihis nowers were sliehted, and
Ms vprfsp. TOpro sent hnnV .HU i, ri
- j lowing curt indorsement :
I- I '
1 Montgomeiy Montgomer '
What poetry f What poetri ! '
Try it again try it in prose ; '
How you'll succeed, God only knoWs !"
, Bishop Lee, of the Episcopal Diocese of
Iowa has written a letter to Bishop JIcII-
vaine, of Ohio, urging in favor of moderate
changes in the prayer book for the benefit
of those whose consciences are troubled bv
certain expressions. I The BishoD does not
havo any scruples himself, but is supposed
j , . . .. -
I to oe cnaritaoie towara others, for thn akp
of harmony- and unity.
A cotempobaby recalls . Governor -Sey
mour's t advice of t last esxt to " push , the n.rfriiTn0Tif ?n;-flifl nnlilifial r.ati-'
vass. . We 'should think it was time to're
call it. J The ..speeches of Commissioner'De-
lanoandSenatoiLSherman, nd- the Jetter-of
CommissidherWells all of which show
by official facts and figures that ' iri the
quarter ending on the 1st of October, fuuy
ten millions have been gained to the Govern
ment, -simply by economy and an honest
collection of the revenueV over lhe same
quarter of last year may be I fairly called
pushing the financial argument." ', This is
what Sheridan at Five Forks called " push-
ing things."
.. . . . . .
uur vy asmngton uity nigni qispawjues,
of the : .5th i published in our issue of the
6th, stated, that "Samuel Perduea negro
member of the North Carolina Legisla
ture, had i been on trial in1 Washington for
larceny-and acquitted." ? " " '"' ;
I i In the first place there is no such man as
Samuel : Perdue, in - our Legislature, either
white or colored. f tt,; .
There-im'aToTored man in the House of
Kepresentatives, during the last session,
named 'Pertue, in ' the capacity of a page.
This man, we learn, is in Washington City,
but we have not heard that he has been ac
cused ot larceny, -BaMgli Standard.
;i We are rejoiced to learn that the assassins
of Revenue Officer Brooks have been caught
at last. Now thatthe'y, have been secured
let the law take its course, and such an ex
ample be made of them as will deter other
law-defying villains from committing simi
lar cowardly and murderous acts for a long
time to come. Let them understand, once
for all, that the lawful revenues of the gov-
ernment will be collected at all hazards, and
iuai uuiiuer mu kiuiu uur iuu pisiux win
avail in their efforts to deter honest officials
from doing their duty." .
1 The Lynchburg Hepithlican - makes the
statement that a- gebtleman who passed
through that city on jThhrsday last left with
1 " 1 1 ' 4t I
loof loft mfh I
his commission merchant .there the sum of
$10,000 in gold, to be' deposited in the Peo
ple's Savings Bank of Lynchburg. The de
positor said he would not have his "money
remain in New York while the fever of
speculation and gambling was raging so
wildly and resulting in so much ruin.
Anna Dickinsqn says that a majority .of
the first female emigrants to California were
of that class which come under the head of
no better than they ought to be Ned
Buntlin savs 'Vseven-ciffhths of California's
population t drunv; Qerge Francis says
California is bankrupt and utterly "played
t." The evidence being all in, the jury
will now sit on their eggs-ample and hatch
a verdict of . 14 a -!- ''
Gil Blas, the Spanish comic paper has
a cartoon representing Olosaga leading for
ward the Duke of, Edinburgh and pointing
out to him , the empty i throne, over which,
after the storv of "Damocles." there is'a
sword suspended by a hair. The Prince is
in the attitude of eyeing it through a glass,
and remarking. "Yes it is very pretty, but,
for my part, I don't like upholstery with
such hangings." ! 1
The very able article on " Persecution "
we copy in to-day's issue from the Charles
ton Republican ; applies with equal force to
Wilmington, and the knaves and fools who
still keep up social 'ostracism because of
political differences will yet repent in bit
terness of remorse for the sins now daily
committed against the only class seeking to
advance the interests of this city and State. I
A new paper, -The Times has just been
started at Dardanelle, Arkansas. The edi
tor, Mr. H. L. McConnell, announces in his
salutatory that his paper will be the organ
of all men before the law, and the support
. -. ... . - -a mr
of every measure deemed essential to" the
well being of the people of Arkansas.
The Petersburg Express, after reading
the statement that thel Minnesota Demo-
cratic State Convention indefinitely post-
a v Xf'A
poned a resolution opposing the fifteenth
amendment, says that these Northwestern
Democrats are : really beginning to discover
that Democratic principles went down with
the rebellion. ; 1 '
The colored , citizens of Kansas are to
hold a State Convention in Topeka on Wed-
nesday, ; October 27th, to ; organize for the
coming campaign,
in which they hope ac-
tively to participate, Uhrough the ratiflca-
l "k"w i giituuuic MJUUS.UB
AUX .pepremuer, wim
f A kl 1.
I it..- ' lA. '1.-A. . mi
I w vunuu me fcuurt Biases: mere
will bo a reduction in the yield of cotton,
from the Carolinas to Alabama, and a mate
rial increase from Mississippi to Texas."
The " Sextant " of a London Church re-
cently said : " You are desired to attend a
meeting in the .vestry at 4 o'clock; to con
sider on the best means of, gating the church
and to digest other matters." .; :
: Fanny Fern having said that ' the men
of the present day "are last," Prentice re
marks that "they have: to be, to catch the
: Rosa Bonheur smokes.
So does Louis Napoleon,
great men smoke." .
So does Grant.
So do we. All
The bachelor's refrain a lass? The
maiden's refrain ah men ! Let them no
longer refrain. ; . . j
- V7e are indebted to Hon. O. H. Dockery
for valuable public documents.
f On Friday Morning, October 8th, EDWARD
DsROSSET, infant son of Chas. , D. and Lossie
DeRosset Myers. ' : !
Mr. VanOrsdell's
consisting of the Latest Styles,
Sales and Small Profits."
the motto, "Quick
oct 10
VilminfftOH & Wcldon R. R. Co..
OrriCB Chiep Engtb And Gen. Sup't )
Wilmington, N. C, Oct. 8, 1869. f
InlQn1 Tnact Lino ...Fvnra
Freight, Time Freight
Cotton and Merchandise ;
included, it desired, between this City and
New York. Baltimore, and Philadelphia.
Cotton dally to Baltimore $2 50 per bale, in
cluding insurance Five times a week. To New
York, $3 50 per bale Marine risk one fourth of
a - At a a a ttm j i t An nf t
one percent uouoa 10 rmiaaeipniao so, in
eluding insurance. '
A commission of 24 allowed to Agents procur
ing the freight,
t Time guaranteed or a forfeit.
Oct 10 315-3t
Wilmington, N. Oct 8,sl869,
ral Fairs to be held in this State this Autumn
will be passed free both ways ("Central State','
and "Cape Fear" Fajrs.V Persona will pass on
Return 'rickets for one fare.
Special rates to the Cape Fear will be given
hereafter. . i
Eng. and Sup't.
oct 10 315-2t
the latest Styles and Make, LOW.
City Clothiers,
oct 10 215-tf
J. S. IIlCrllEG
Glass Ware and Variety Goods Store to
where he is receiving daily from the Northern
Cities and from Europe large additions to bis
already extensive assortment of House Keeping
and Fancy Articles. ,
Auction Sales daily as usual.
oct 10 315 St
Millinery and Dress Making.
ly announce ito tne Laaies 01 wumington
and surrounding country, that she has taken the
Store No. 11 Front Street, next door north of
Georee Myers' Grocery, where she is prepared
to do all kinds of MILLINERY and DRESS
RAKING, at the shortest notice and on the most
reasonable terms; A .liberal patronage Jl Bolicit-
i oct 10
U. 8. Internal Revenue.
other Fish, or both, from carts, in New
Hanover or Duplin Counties, are hereby notified
to appear: and take out a United States Internal
Revenue license on or before the 15th of this
month, or they will be assessed and charged pen
alty according to law. .
JT. ii. MOORE,
j Assistant Assessor.
Office corner Water and Princess streets, over
Sheppersons store. 1 . .
i oct 10 315-tf I
Apply at :
Corner Dock and Fifth Streets,
! . 315-It
oct 10
A. S. BARNES & CO., cor. William and
' John Sts.9 Ifew York.
t - v BOOKS,
ed for uniform use In the Public Schools ot
North Carolina, viz:
- Parker & Watson's National Readers & Spel
lers, ; ' : . .
Davies Arithmetics. ,
Monteith and McNulty's Geographies,
Monteith's History ot the United States.
. Beers' l8ystem ot Pennmanship. . A
Publishers' Descriptive Catalogues, Price List,
specimen copies of Educational Bulletin,"
mailed free.
For special introductory rates, or other rar-
. . . Iwin i V. In A i t . n .
II wjm fteesr9i J- --Jit M
ucuiars coutwumg uus iiuuuraoxe series, ad
dress the Publishers, or . '
; : ' ' C W. LAMBETH,
v ; Publishers' Supt. of Instruction,
' Raleigh, N. C.
, Alfbbd Williams, State Depositoryi
4 Raleigh, N. C.
oct 10
Steamer, Air Line and Express, a full &UX) ,
all the Standard School Books TionAn..
" teach the young idea how to shoot."
. 0 p. heinsiIergee,
" ". "39 Market Street.
6ct16 - . - 315-tf
To' Township SchooL Committees:
Gentlemen :t-Yout attention
called to the "Act to provide a system of Pnlv7
Instruction," ratified April 12th. . 1869 s!, "c
20, viz: - ' ' vvwn
V'The school Tjommittee shall, in
after their term of office cenjmeiices, report t
writing to the County Commissioners the nnm
berand condition of school houses in thp t!!.
ship,". . . T,
Penalty for lauure to perform the df
duty is five dollars on each member of the (W
mittee. " . .- " lu"
See' also Section 29 of saUl law. whioii
It your duty to present to the Townshin
nually an estimate of the amount of money necpR
sary to meet school expenses for the vear-
the ylar. -7- momns during
j If the Township fails to make the neceesarv
provision,- that 4uty devolves upon the Connti
.Uommissioners.upon your report that the town
ship is delinquent. . .
I Inasmuch as by law no time for holding tha
t'Annual" meeting is fixed, I do hereby recom
mend that jou request the Trustees of your
Township to call a meeting of the legal voters
thereof, for the purpose of acting upon your
official estimate of school expenses for the school
year commencing October 1st, 1869, and endintr
September SOth, 1870. . ' Q1Dg
The object and businss of the meeting should
ue btateu iu uic can.
Ir making estimate for buildings to be erect
ed, you will consult the plans approved by the
Board of Education and published with the
school law.
I would! respectfully suggest that the utmost
which this Department can do for establishing
schools will soon be accomplished. With the'
distribution of the public money, notification
ot which will be made in a lew days, this De
partment will have completed the : initial work
required Dy law. inenext move is the estab
lishment of schools. .The responsibility of thisi
step rests entirely on County Commissionera
anaifiownsmp committees. Schools can be
organized by no other power. Gentlemen, the'
work is yours, and the citizens of the Common
wealth will look to you for its faithiul execution.
4 Tour attention is invited to the following di-i
recti(?ns for organizing schools :
' 1. The Township Committee should carefully
inspect the Township and decide at what point
or points it is practicable to establish schools.
2. Ascertain lrom Courty Commissioners the
amount of money appropriated to the Town
ship for teachers' wages, then determine how
many good schools this sum will maintain for
four months.
! 3, At once prepare rooms, furniture andifuel
for that number of schools.
h 4. Send the persons who may apply for ap
pointment as teachers to the County Examiner
for examination, no teacher to be appointed un
less he furnisfe-a certificate of approval trom the
County Examiner. ,
5. The house being prepared and teachers cm
ployed, call the children for whom the school is
organized together,' enroll .their names and ages,
hand the list to the teacher and require it to be
entered on the Register, which will be furnished
to Committees irom the office of the County
Commissioners will be supplied by the Superin
tendents of Public Instruction.
4 6. When the school is under way, notify with
out delay, the County Examiner, the County
Commissioners, ard the Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction.
J: - Superintendent Public Instruction.!
N. B. Please to freely command, theJ , ser
vices of this Department whenever von desire
advice or counsel as to the duties of ycur office.
j in whatever counties Township have not
been organized the duties ot School Committee
devolve upon the County Commissioners.
oct 1U. 314 it
Devqted to the Farm,- the Garden, the
Workshop, Domestic Economy,
and General Progress in
. North Carolina. !
lish, in the City ol ; Raleigh, as soon as a
sufficient number of subscribers can be obtained,
a Weekly Family Joukkal, adapted to. the
wants of the people of North Carolina, who arc
engaged in the cultivation of the soil in all its
branches, the improvement of our manufactures,
our machinery, our mechanical skill, and all the
material interest of the State. "
k In the conduct of the paper he expects to Se
cure the aid of scientific and practical men to
instruct and interest his" readers. Hisbject .
will be to make it eminently practical and use
ful to all c'asses.
: It will be printed in good style, on good paper
of large size, at $2 per year in advance. The
first No. . will appear about the 1st of Novem
ber, or as soon thereafter as the patronage will
jrstify. Subsciibers will be expected to pay as
soon as they receive the first No;
; The undersigned solicits the Sid of his many
friends in the State to obtain -Subscribers and .
forward the lists at an early day.3
- i WM. E. PELL,
oct 10 ' 314-tf.
State and County-Government; the only unpre-'
judiced exponent ' of pure National Republican
doctrines and ideas ; has the ablest corrcspon
dents; largest circulation, and Is altogether the
best ' . - , - -
In this region. " . ,
IT All payments in advance. 1
$4 00 per Year; 2 50 for Six Months, and
$1 50 for Three Months,
aug23 i

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