North Carolina Newspapers

    THE EBA.
For Sale or Rent. A hand
some Rosewood Piano, of modern
make. Apply at the AWi office.
We hud the pleasure of seeing in
the city on Wednesday, the 1 1th
int.f John Nortleet, Esq., of Kdg"e-
ittmbc. Mr. Xortleet is look in
niarkably well.
Mr. Henry Martin Fearing, of
Elizabeth City, and Miss Sue W.
Fetter, daughter of Prof. M. Fetter,
late of the University of North Car
olina, w.Te married on the 7th inst.
A Contest. Wo notice that a
spirited contest is going on as to
who shall be the Secretary of the
State Agricultural Society. We
know nothing of the internal ar
rangements of the Society and
therefore are at a loss to account for
the desire on the part of so many
good and true men to serve.
Judging from Mie present prices
of meal, Hour, &c, we think the
voung men could better aid the
country by tilling its soil, than by
running around trying to get shade
places. The Society needs only
one Secretary, but the State needs
many more plow holders.
North Carolina Railroad.
This great artery of the railroad
system of North Carolina has for
the past few days, and will continue
during the remainder of the week,
to be crowded with trains bearing
nr.nWprwrrpt to learn that
xj it. -
Tiih Kintr. Esq., late Republican
candidate for the House of Repre- passengers and produce of all kinds
..Motiiw from Wake county, died w ana irom me jrair. wuen we
I 'w '
on the
7th inst., of dropsy of the
take into consideration the length
of the road from Ooldsboro to Char
lotte, and the further fact that the
transportation is superintended in
chief by only one officer, it would
proceedings of the Grand
Lodge. We are indebted to Sam
uel J. Fall, Esq., Grand Worthy appear to be no ordinary undertak-
Secretary, for a copy of the pro- ing to have everything moving in
cceJings of the Grand Lodge of the perfecf accord. We have no hosita
Independent Order of uood lem- tion in saying that no road in the
plars lately held at New-Berne. country is more ably managed than
Distinguished Visitor. Jas.
II. Tyler, Esq., of Southampton
county, Virginia, a grandson of the has,
late Ex-President John Tyler, was
in the citv during the past week.
He was the guest of our townsman,
Win. P. Wetherell, Esq.
this. The Master of Transportation,
Capt. W. II. Green, is certainly one
of the best officers in this State. He
we believe, served in almost
TLo Remedy for all ail-
Fiipnts is Hum Hitters, surcharged with
Kut'l oil, a deadly element, rendered
more anive by the pungent astringents
with which it is combined. If your
st.ina"h is weak and liver or bowels
disordered, strengthen and regulate
tlitm with Vinkoar Bitters, a purely
vegetable alterative and aperient, free
from alcohol and capablo of infusing
now vitality into your exhausted sys
tem. 4v.
every capacity as a railroad man,
going through the various grades of
engineer, conductor. &c. Being a
man of the most punctual business
habits, he exacts from all under his
control the fulfilment of every duty
assigned them, and while he takes
care in every instance to reward
merit, he does not hesitate to repri
mand in an impartial manner those
guilty of dereliction of dutv. If
competent, polite and honest offi
cer3 are the passport, as they should
be, to success, this corporation de
serves it in an eminent degree.
sympathetic friendship to his griev
ing kindred.
As a man, winning, gentle, true ;
as a lawyer, able, earnest, upright ;
in public life, wise, popular and
loyal with no common loyalty, to
his native State : as a Mason, zeal
ous. nure. ana abundantly niieu
with that charity which is the per
fection of every virtue, well may
Hiram Lodge inscribe his name
upon her tablets as among the no
blest of her illustrious dead. Not
his public services, many and hon
orable though they were, rise fresh
est in our memory ; his private vir
tues, his benevolent heart, chiefly
endear him to us. With his mark
in view, he has passed before the
Great Taskmaster's eye, an honest
man, a faithful friend, we have rea
son to hope, an humble believer.
Sensible of our irreparable loss,
by Hiram .Lodge In regular com
munication assembled, be it
Resolved, That we tender to his
distressed relatives our cordial sym
Hickory Press: Mrs. Augusta J.
Wilson, nee Evans, author of "Beu
lah," ' St. Elmo," &c, breakfasted
at the Central a few mornings since.
Knoxvi ie Tenn 'to "lo u her jfu Pjdent by a prormnent politician
hand, who is PH pntnf thpRnhth. ? Mississippi, in wiucnii isarguea
em Security Company, if such a
The Governor of Maryland de
clines to pardon Udderzook, the
A letter has been addressed to the
corporation is yet in existence. She
wears glasses, appears to be about
40, and has a very intellectual face.
Greensboro Patriot: The U. S.
District Court is in session this
week, Judge Dick presiding. There
are quite a number of strangers in
attendance and a full bar. There
are seventy-six criminal cases on the
docket mostly violations of the
revenue law. Three persons have
that the only true mode of restor
ing reace and Drosneritv in the
South is for Congress to pass an act
to pay for quartermaster and com
missary stores taken by the Union
army during the war, and to re
fund the cotton tax. ,
The President referred the letter
to the Attorney General.
The following is the President's
speech lately made to the Indians:
" I shall remember with pleasure
a. a - T .3 rr w
rZT " "r :.,T I.:, my visit to the Indian Territory. I
prosperity-nn this latitude. You
and sentenced to six months' im
prisonment and $1,000 fine. There
are fifteen civil cases on the docket.
And now, the States vi lie Land-
mar: comes to us with a very ex
traordinary hen story. It is told
must possess a climate well adapted
to the growth of cotton and other
profitable crops. I have always
tried to see you protected in every
right guaranteed in your treaties,
pathy, and with them give thanks upon the authority of an honest old and while I hold my present posi
to God for the hope of a glorious ladkin county farmer that he has tion I shall endeavor to see that you
resurrection. 1 a hen that has given birth to four are protected in the enjoyment of
Resolved. That a copy of this me-1 chickens; that the hen has not been your personal and civil rights. With
morial be transmitted to the family 1 known to lay an egg since her recent industry and proper observance of
of the deceased and to the press of recovery from cholera. Ihe young the laws of the country and rights
the city. FAB. H. BUSBEE,
C. D. 1UCFJ,
chickens that were born are perfect- of others, you cannot fail to become
ly developed, and both tne lien and prosperous and useful citizens."
chickens are doins' well. Who 1 .
o iuuiiuay iuuruiuK m ram
commenced falling in torrents, and
The Fayetteville iSawfe says: The continued throughout the day and
T ." A 1 " 1. A A. I 1 S r 1 I A L I I A 1 1 A 1 T .
xigypt coai mines are not ai worK iuuiiuay uigut wun out iiiiieinier-
Monroe has street lamps noxr.
Statesville wants a market house.
Asneviue on
Frost appeared
the 30th ult.
Twenty new houses are going up
n Winston.
now and will not be, we learn, until
a route of shipment is opened to the
States and the cities south of us to
give a market for coal. Three or
four hundred hands are at work on
the Raleigh and Augusta railroad
and several miles of grading is now
going on just south of Sandford. It
mission. luesday morning the
river had risen fifteen or twenty
feet ; the water continued to rise
throughout the day and night, and
by Wednesday morning had risen
thirty-five or forty feet, overflowing
the lowlands from ten to fifteen
feet. Thousands of dollars worth
A reading club is to be organized the Carolina Central Railway some
is said the new road is to join or cross of cotton and corn has been destroy
Provisions. We invite our
friends who are in want of sound,
healthy, well butchered meat and
other provisions, to call at A.
Haum's establishment on Wilming
ton street, in front of the east side
of the Market House. Mr. Baum
is rapidly gaining a splendid repu
tation among our people. He keeps
constantly on hand a supply of the
bt Baltimore beef and all kinds
of vegetables in season. Be sure to
give him a call.
We would call the attention of
visitors to the Fair to a worthy ob
ject of their charity Joseph Miller,
who served in the 5th N. C. State
Troops, and was in at the surrender
at Appomattox. Mr. Miller lost
both arms and one eye by the ex
plosion of a cannon. He deserves
the sympathy and substantial as
sistance of all men, and our expe
rience teaches us that the women of
our State arc never outdone In a
pood work.
Stkixcjent Law. The follow
ing act, passed at thy last session of
the General Assembly, will doubt
less be of interest to some of our
readers :
Sec I. The General Assembly do
enact. That if any person or persons
who have heretofore executed a
chattel mortgage, deed in trust, or
lien for a lawful purpose shall, after
the execution of same, and while it
is in force, make any disposition of
any jersonal property embraced in
said chattel mortgage, deed of trust,
or lien, with intent to hinder, delay
or defeat the rights of the person or
Iersons to whom the said chattel
mortgage, deed in trust or lien was
made, such person or persons so of
fending shall be guilty of a misde
meanor, and upon conviction, shall
W punished by a fine not exceeding
fifty dollars or imprisonment not
exceeding one month.
.Sec. l That growing crops shall
U considered personal property
within the meaning of this act.
Sec. 3. That this act shall be in
force from and after its ratification.
Faiu of the Albemarle Ag
ricultural society. we nave
received from Dr. P. John, Chair
man of the Executive Committee,
a handsome poster, announcing the
holding" of the second Fair of the
Albemarle Agricultural Society,
near Elizabeth City, on Wednes
day, Thursday and
28th, 29th and 30th
month. Hon. Matt.
will deliver the address on the sec
ond day. Competition open to all.
We might individualize respect-
ing tne memDers oi mis society
"speak of the President, George W.
Charles. Esq.. a host within hioi-
self; the practical, pushing Chair-
Friday, the
days of this
W. Ransom
n Statesville.
An 18 ounce apple, raised in Ashe,
is on exhibition in btatesville.
The Bank of Wilson has been or
ganized with a stock of $200,000.
The woods are full of wild pigeons
between Wadesboro and South Car
Wild pigeon3 are said to be abun
dant in the woods of Wake and ad
joining counties.
Mrs. Sarah Lee, of Kinston, died
suddenly in church, on Friday
night, 2d inst.
Ten years ago Rutherford did not
raise a bale or cotton, jnow it will
raise some 2,000.
One man in Asheville has raised
40 bushels of tomatoes this season
in a small garden.
The pay of the New-Berne police
has been reduced from $30 to $25 per
The Washington Echo claims that
not less than 20,000 bales of cotton
were shipped from that port last
A Granville county man got the
highest price in Petersburg paid for
enipping tobacco tnis season, one
hogshead bringing $329.55.
- i i -
The Salisbury Watchman says the
house of Mr. James A. Click, of
Rowan county, was burned, it is be
lieved by incendiaries, last Sunday
The loss by the fire which burned
man of the Executive Committee ; the Washington and Jamesville R.
State Fair. The fourteenth
Annual Fair of the North Carolina
Mate Agricultural Society com
menced at the grounds one mile
west of the city on Saturday, 10th
inst. The exercises were opened
with prayer by Rev. T. II. Pritch
ard, after which, His Excellency,
Governor Brogden, delivered an
able and appropriate opening ad-iln-ss,
which, wo regret, want of
pace prevents us from laying be
fore our readers in this issue. We
have not, as yet, had an opjortuni
ty of visiting the"grouuds, and there
fore do not propose in this week's
paper to give anything like an ex
tended account of the occasion. It
h with pleasure, however, we say
to our readers, that judging from
the large number of articles of al
most every kind pertaining to
manufacture and arts, together with
stock of various descriptions on ex
hibition, the present fair fully
sheets the expectations of the Socie
ty. Added to other inducements,
the beautiful weather has contribut
ed towards drawing to the city a
krge concourse of people from all
parts of the State and many por
tions of the Union. Up to this
time nothing has occurred to mar
the general joy and good feeling.
Every body we meet seem to be en
joying themselves, and are vieing
"h each other in their endeavors
to reader the occasion worthy of the
1 Old Xorth State
the efficient and urbane Secretary,
Mr. Culpepper ; the Hollowells, the
Kennedys, the Pools and others,
all indeed " representatives of the
people" of the Northeastern section;
a section of which too little is known
by the citizens of other portions of
North Carolina. Let all who can
make it convenient to do so, attend
this Fair. We cony from the North
Carolinian :
The Second Annual Fair of the
Albemarle Agricultural Society will
be held at Elizabeth City, on the
28th. 29th. and 30th days of this
month. From the interest already
manifested we arc satisfied that it
will mark an era in this section. In
ante-bellum days here was a region
of country blooming with beauty
and teeming with wealth. The
war came and its rude blast was the
harbinger of a devastation and a
privation that made a people, till
then happy and prosperous, the
victims of desolation and ruin. But,
thanks to the recuperative energy
of our neoDle. thev are rapidly re
covering from the prostrate condi
tion they found themselves in after
the storm king of war had spent its
force. And as they are enabled to
44 get on their feet" again they have
resolved to take a 44 new departure"
in an upward and onward direction.
As an evidence we refer to the
onranization of our Agricultural
Society. It is one of the results, as Tuesday, the 3d day of November,
R. Mills was not $100,000. covered
by insurance, but $80,000, insured
for $10,000.
The Murphy Herald says: Leon-
idas Bates, formerly a citizen of this
countyr, was murdered about the
10th instant, near Athens, Tenn.
He was shot. by some person while
returning home from his day's la
bor. The murder is supposed to
have been done by a neighbor of
Bates' with whom Bates had a pre
vious dithculty.
The Charlotte Observer says there
was an accident on tne unanotte,
Columbia and Augusta Railroad,
Saturday, near Rock Hill, S. C, in
which a freierht car of the passenger
train jumped the track, making a
smash up. Mr. A. B. Mathis, ex
press messenger, had an arm sprain
ed, and one of the train hands re
ceived some Injury.
The Greenville Register says : Mr.
Jesse Smith, of this county, has
three sons who picked 1,248 pounds
of cotton on Monday, the 5th inst.
Jesse L., 17 years old, picked 403
pounds : Francis M., 15 years old,
414 pounds ; Ivy, 13 years old, 431
pounds. We challenge the State to
beat this, and we are proud to know
that old Pitt can boast of such in
dustrious and enterprising young
Messenqer : The first annual meet
ing of the "Eastern Medical Associ
ation" will be held in Newbern on
well as one of the signs, of this
progressive popular spirit. Its am
ple and well arranged Fair Ground
and Track prove that its projectors
and members are in earnest. They
are but the representatives of the
people. They are but putting into
execution what the public ask for
and are willing to sustain.
The object of these annual Fairs is
a noble one. It commends itself
alike to all classes. To dignify la
bor, to elevato the masses, to devel-
ricultural. mechanical
ooe our a
and other resources, to expand our day night.
-- -. x iiftmotu niUMni'O Oil I liivn Ha vi iiii ii'lf h O
the industriesthese are the ends Thursday, and yesterday held
we aim at, and the accomplishment inquest over the body, which result
of which will promote the common ed in a verdict of Tleath by acciden
proximo, at 7 o'ciocK p. m. as
Constitutional amendments and oth
er business of importance will come
before the meeting,a full attendance
is earnestly desired. Arrangements
will be made with the different rail
roads to pass delegates for one fare.
We regret to learn that Mr. Hen-
T . - l i.
rv -tvocK, a young uerman aoout
26 years of ege, employed as a
watchman at the Government
Works at Zeke's Island, whs acci
dentally drowned on last Wedne-
Coroner Hewlett went
four miles east of Rockingham, and
to be put through at once.
Ilillsboro Recordei' : Mr. Duncan
Carrington, one of the most respect
able and most worthy citizens of
this county, met with an accident
on Saturday afternoon which will
most probably result fatally. He
was on his way home in a two-horse
wagon, and in descending a steep
rough hill, he lost his seat and was
thrown out, the wheels passing over
his neck and cutting his head.
From his shoulders down he is
hopelessly paralyzed, and recovery
can scarcely be possible. Mr. Car
rington is between G5 and 70 years
of age.
The New-Berne Times says : We
regret to learn that the late storm
has, to no inconsiderable extent, in
jured the growing cotton in this
section. The gale being of such un
usual force, blew from the stalks the
ripened contents of the boll, throw
ing it upon theground, from whence,
it is picked in a dirty and inferior
condition, and which, when ginned
and baled, will affect its price. We
learn that in the lower part of Car
teret county this result is especially
noticeable, and conclude that sec
tions similarly situated have suffer
ed in the same manner.
Wilmington Journal: We under
stand that the Cape Fear River is
now on a high time, the freshet
having overflowed its banks in
many places between this city and
Fayetteville, causing the entire de
struction of the valuable crops of
corn in the lowlands. The rise at
Fayetteville was 45 feet, and from
this fact some idea may be formed
of the vast amount of water now
pouring down to the sea. The riv
er is covered, in many places, with
pumpkins, blades of corn, &c, torn
from the fields, some of which will
probably find their way out to the
ocean. The loss of farmers has
been very heavy, the corn fields
having been submerged and the
standing crop almost completely
covered by the water. Several gen
tlemen in Bladen county have lost
crops valued at from $1,000 to $5,000
and the aggregate loss will be very
heavy. Such corn as is covered by
the water will be almost entirely
useless, being only fit to be fed to
the hogs until it turns tfour, after
which they will refuse to eat it.
There has been much trouble in
Edgecombe over the Superior Court
Clerkship. We learn from the En
quirer that on last Monday H. L.
Staton, Jr., Esq., presented his ap
pointment from Judge Hilliard to
the Board of County Commission
ers, and after filing his bond, was
duly inducted into his office. Mr.
S. then made a formal demand upon
Mr. John Norfleet, the present in
cumbent, for the seal, papers, &c,
belonging to the office, which Mr.
Norfleet refused upon the ground
that Judge Hilliard was not the le
gal Judge of the District and had
not the power to appoint a uieru ;
the matter was then brought before
his Honor, Judge Hilliard, who or
dered Mr. Norfleet to appear before
him at Greenville on Wednesday
and show cause why he should not
beheld in contempt. Wednesday
morningr. nowever, iur. i.orneet
concluded to surrender the office to
Mr. Staton and the disagreeable and
difficult matter was ended. At the
time Mr. Staton was inducted into
office, Mr. Robt. Norfleet presented
his application as appointee of
Judge Moore.
ed in the river bottoms alone, and
it is thought the overflow of the
creeks will produce nearly as much
damage. It is impossible to esti
mate the loss at present, but the
crops of many of our most success
ful farmers are from ten to fifteen
feet under water and will be entire
ly destroyed.
At six o'clock last night the water
had fallen about four feet. Cheraw
Democrat. Oct. 2d.
Market Summary. In New
York, on the 13th inst., cotton quiet
at 15al5J. Turpentine firm at 39.
Rosin firm at $2.45. Money 2a3.
Gold 9al0. States quiet.
In Southern cities of the Union,
cotton quiet at 14J to 15.
Era Office, Oct. 14, 1874.
Business continues dull and quiet.
Meats and Sugars are very firm and on
the advance. Other quotations un
changed. COTTON.
Transactions in the staple yesterday
were very light. The market closod
at 13i for low middling.
General Market.
BAGGING,Doinestic24tb yd. 152l(3i
FLOUR, North Carolina $7.25$7.50.
CORN, $1.20.
CORN MEAL, $1.20.
BACON, N. C. hog round, 15.
" hams 18.
BULK C. R. sides, 1515i.
44 shoulders, lOf.
LARD, North Carolina, none.
" Western tierces, 10.
kegs 17.
COFFEE, Prime Rio, 25.
Fair " 24.
SYRUP, common, none.
MOLASSES, Cuba, 50.
SALT, 2.50.
CHEESE, Cream, 17.
Factor3 1617.
" Dairy, none.
NAILS, ou'basis for lOd, 4.75.
SUGAR, A, 12.
" Extra C, 11113.
Yellow, 10(o)102.
LEATHER, Sole 27-
HIDES, green, 78.
" drv, 13.
TALLOW, 910.
POTATOES, sweet 75.
" Irish, Sl.00fl.25.
OATS, shelled, 75.
sheaf, 81.25.
FODDER, old, $2,00.
new, $1.25.
HAY, N. C. baled, good, $1.25.
CHICKENS, grown, 25.
EGGS, 20.
BUTTE It, countrv, 40.
FISH, Mullets, $7.00.
" Cut Herrings, none.
" Mackerel, new family, 12.00.
RAGS, 2.
BEEF, on foot, 56.
' dressed prime, 5G.
Br. J. Walker's California Vin
egar Hitters arc a pnrcly Vegetable
preparation, made chiefly from tho na
tive, herbs found on tho lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, the medicinal properties of which
arc extracted therefrom without tho uso
of Alcohol. Tho question is almost
daily asked, "What is tho causo of the
unparalleled success of Vinegar Bit
ters?" Our answer is, that thev remove
the cause of disease, and tho pa'tient re
covers his health. They are tho great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
of the system. "Never before in tho
history of tho world has a medicine beea
compounded possessing tho remarkable
qualities of Vinegar Bitters in healing the
sick of every disease man is heir to. They
are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver ana Visceral Organs in Bilious
The properties of Dr. walker's
Vixegar Bitters are Aperient, Diaphoretic,
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic,
Sedative, Counter-irritant Sudorific, Altera
tive, and Anti-Bilious.
R. h. Mcdonald Sc co.,
Drngffiflta and Gen. Apta., San Francisco, California,
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Sold by all Druggists and Dealers.
R. R. R-
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his foot and a mote in one of his eyes.
Jf-Look at Papa! A young mother
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jKr Mothers Joy ! IMaiu oval picture
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mat instantly stops tne most exernctatini? pains, allays
Inflammations, and cures Congestions, -whether of the
Lungs. Stomach, Bo we la, or other glands or organs, br
one application.
no matter how violent or excruciating the pain the
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ui. 1 ail INTERN AL PAINS.
Travelers should always carrv a bottle of Had
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mi er will prevent sickness or pains from change of
.vhit. ii is ufHcr iKiii f reucn arunay or witters as a
- I .' ! U !U
Patented January OJIi, 1874.
Tho undersigned offers to thn ntiblip
Carolina Spring Bed Bottom,
which for
, Durability and
he challenges the world. .
This bed is m posed of tho .spiral
spring, made of tho best tempered steel,
is simple in structure, and is perfectly
noiseless, being an improvement upon
all other similar patents.
I will sell County or State Itights at
low ligures. Parties wishing to nego
tiate should communicate with me at
Any one with a little energy, can
make money with this patent.
For particulars, address
jan. 28-tf Itale'igh, N. 0.
Clekk and Collector's Office,
Ilaleigh, July 17, 1874.
JJi will bo in my olHco daily lor tho
next thirty days between tho hours of
9 a. m. and 1 p. m., and 3 and 0 p. m.,
for the collection of tho taies of tho City
of Kaleigh for the year 1 1874.. Taxes
must oe paid wituin tins jtimo or they
will bo collected accordingJ,o law.
1'llAClS M. SUKUKLh,
. v. ER AND AGUE cured for fifty cents. There j9
n..; u remedial agi-m in this world that will cure Fever
i n ' Ai'tie, una ail other Malariouu,
j'vnhoul. Yellow, and other Fevers
;vs PILLS) so quick as RADWAY
r my centa per bottle.
Cleric and Collector's Office,
JulvjiJth, 1874.
T I C K.
Acting under an ordinance passed by
the Board of Commissioners, Juno -ti,
1874, 1 hereby notify all persons who
failed to list their taxables to come for
ward and list tho same within the next
raidPd,s,hvCRAn' 1 teu t,ay8 u,,der penalty of the law.;
ready re- FRANCIS M. SOKKKM,;
47 4t. Clerk and Collector.
I,atest News.
In this there is no poli
ties, no bitter strife, but they
" are the plans of fair, delightful
peace ;
Unwarped by party rage,"
and calculated to perpetuate good
feeling among all classes. And for
this reason all the people not only
feel an interest but are disposed to
lend a hand in
tion an entire success.
making the exhibi-
In Memoriam. At a recent
meeting of Hiram Lodge No. 40,
A. F. and A. M, tiro following pre
amble and resolutions were adopted:
"When such a man as Sion Hart
Rogers is suddenly stricken down
in death, ordinary expressions of re
gret and remembrance sound weak
and inadequate. It is fitting, nev
ertheless, that we who hold his
memory dear, who have honored
him as a man, and loved him as a
Mason, should place upon our re
cords our appreciation of his many
virtues, and should offer the hand of
tal drowning. The body wax
brought to the city, and the funeral
will take place this evening. Wil.
Journal. Oct. 10th.
The Charlotte Southern Home con
tains the following in regard to
Mecklenburg county :
44 The taxable property is estima
ted at $3,032,G14 (five millions and
eighty-two thousand and six hun
dred and fourteen dollars.) The
receipts from taxation, etc. amount
ed to $63,070.45 (sixty-eight thous
and and seventy dollars and forty
five cents.) The amount disbursed
is $51,874.92, leaving a balance of
$10,295.63. The county poor cost
$2,193.81 ; the prisoners (nearly all
colored) $1,773.95; guard at jail,
etc., $128.48; Coroner's expenses
$58.65 ; roads and bridges $960.93 ;
Treasurer, commissions on receipts
and disbursements $1,571.32 Court
expenses $3,143.56; Assessors of
property $270; Clerk of County
Board $159.35; County Commission
ers $346.40; Stationery $106.03: ad
vertising and printing $35; Rail
road $25,200."
The President i.-s on a visit U)
1500 bales of cotton have been
burned at Newport, Arkansas.
The Convention of Delegate-? from
the reconstructed States assembled
at Chattanooga on the 13th inst. It
was called to order by Senator Clay
ton, of Arkansas. Hon. William
Markham of Georgia was appointed
temporary chairman. A commit
tee ou credentials consisting of one
from each State was appointed. The
following is the permanent organi
zation :
President Hon. Lewis E. Par
sons, of Alabama.
Vice Presidents L. D. Evans, of
Texas ; A. E. Darber, of Louisiana ;
John N. Sarber, of Arkansas ; Fin
nis II. Little, of Mississippi ; Davis
Woodruff", of Alabama; Jefferson
Long, of Georgia ; T. W. Ash borne,
of Florida ; J. T, Wilder, of Ten
nessee ; L. N. Shoemaker, of Vir
ginia. Secretaries Geo. W. Pashal, Jr.,
of Texas ; H. W. Lewis, of Missis
sippi, and J. A. Emerson, of Ar
kansas. North Carolina had no represen
tatives present.
Statement of the Rank of Greensboro,
located in the City of Greensboro,
on Monday. September 7th, 1874,
and furnished the Secretary of State
of North Carolina.
Capital stock, $100,000.00
Deposites, 218,780.46
Due other Banks, 2,545.81
Profit and loss, 783.87
N. C. It. R. 8 per cent bonds. $ 25,500.00
V stock 115sharos
RifeDASRR bonds.
N C State bonds $8, 500 cost,
Keal estate banking house,
Notes and bills discounted,
Due from other banks,
Greensboro li. & L. Associa
Premium account,
Kevenuc stanijis.
1.35 J (JO 1
in. :iii.4s j
Sarsaprillian Resolrat
Day an Increase in. Flesh
ana Weiglit is Seen anfl. Felt
r--n- 1r... -r thrt flARSAPARTLLTAN' BE80L-
isT i.nnmm a' through the Blood, Sweat, Urine,
t . t ' i ii.i '-i ji .1 iulccH of tho system the vigor of
ii ! w antes of the body with new and
-on .;i i! u: ril. fcTniula, Syphilis, Consumption,
::nn;!nl:..- 1;iie. Ulcer in the throat. Mouth. Tu
' " s. Nodesiii tlieOlHiidaand other partaof the system,
. i o Kes. S'.riuuorou discharges from the Ears, ana
he vorst forms of diseases. Eruptions, Fever
; , m-kM Ht-ad, Ring Worm, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas.
m lilacs Si.ots, Worms in the Flesh, Tumors, Can-
i s In ti t- SVutnb. and all weakening and painful d la
rd irifcs. N ii'lc Swears, Loss of 8perm and all wastes of
tti life principle, are within the curative range of this
Tvi.n.ler of Mooi-rn Chemistry, and a few days' uso wi4
t r.-vc to any person using itfor either of these forma of
diiea-w lu potent power to cure them.
1 1 Le patient, daily becoming reduced by tne wastes
r.nil Jt Ci.iiiposition that is continually progressing, rac
-as i-i arresting thee wastes, and re r airs the sam
:-!i i-cT:iiii rial made from healthy blood and thin
i.. .Ai: AI'ARILLIa.V will and doea secure a cur
! ivriiii k tor win 'i i.ncc this remedy commences it
of iirlfrn ii ii. nd succeeds In diminishing tb
.-of ;.;:.. r' will be rapid, and everyday
t :i'!ci)w,i! cl himself crowing better and stronger.
I :.) uit:ci!fi bet'er, tipjMitite improving, aud e&
I 1 wHi'h: inert aii)g-
Not only do- the SAitsiPAnttLiiir Rksoitmkt exc
i -n-vi n n iii-tlui agents in the cure of Chronic, Sere
. : Constitutional, and Skin diseases; but it la th
.; jiosiuve cure lor
'Kidney & Bladder Complaints,
'.-!. tv nr. I Womb dlsc-ascs. Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy,
" !: : ' or" Water. Incontinence of Urine, Bright's Dis-
o a liiuminuriu, tin. I in ail cases where there are
:. flu-" rVp:f.s. or tho water is thick, elondy, mixed
k.i ii (;i,-!i:ii t s like i iu- wi.i.u tt" an ecrK. or threads Ilka
!!nrii(i, dark, bilious appear
.-i i-e( .wits, and when there is
:.:..u when postiing water, and
-....A uiid along the Loins.
i Years9 Growth
Tho undersigned, apiiointctl lv tho
Board of Commissioners of tho City of
Raligh to superintend tSie issuo of
Bonds for City Scrip, will Jg. present in
the Treasurer's OIico on Saturday, the
12th instant, for that purporto.
JKFF. FisilKK,
Sept. 8th, 1871 -It.
norfli:i:t iunston,
Cabarrus and McDowefl Streets,
JL kinds of work in his lino with neat
ness and dispatch.
Ualelgh, Sept. 18th, 1873.
An occupation as teacher, hearing at
least a second grade certilicato. If in
formation he required address WiJison
G. Lamb, John ii. Watts. DI W. Magic v
and John Watts (whites) 'residing at
Williamston, where I have'been labor
ing as teacher for the last l.lhuonth.
J. JI. IIEUUSTEIIS, (f olored,) .
feb 3-tf Williamson, N. C.
, 1
have been appointed Assignee of
the estate and ell'ects of Charles Hu
man, of Raleigh, Wako leountv, N.
C, who was adjudged a bankrupt
by the District Court of the United
States for the Eastern District of North
J. II. FLEMING, Assignee.
Raleigh, Sept. 8, 1874. , 12 3t
1 , , , . i ...
it- s.-.i.. i
kii . art-:; v 'n
1 ii trior of J
Cured bj lt.t.ltvay's Resolvent,
1322,1 Hi. 14
Statement of the 0niitiou of lit?
J i ml: of New ILiKuit r, on L'tr i t
diy of August, 1ST ,nuul".to tieS c
retary of State for (he Slide- of
North Carolina.
Loans and discounts,
iT"i ATI 1 , sniff
,iPiUHnpnrQHr.v,worrn annrrpi w
Real estate,
Ofticfc furniture, safes, Ac.,
Bonds and stocks and uncur-
rent ban bills,
Cash due from other banks
subject to check and cash
on band,
67,345 85
8,995 94
Undivided profits,
Bills re-discounted,
Bills payable,
Due depositors,
140,447 95
1,030,587 98
$300,000 00
68,965 38
50,001 00
35,000 00
575,621 60
$1,029,587 98
This bank has branches or separate
places of business at Wilmington,
Golds bo ro, Tar boro and Wadesboro, and
the above is a consolidated statement of
the lesources and liabilities of the bank
at all these points.
. .: it - .;.. Jfc:n!ly mated with sweet
i .. ;ii;rin. i !..! uwi utrengthen.
, i .r tht-rure tit aii l!rnlers of the Stomach.
l. Kidnvvx. hiaiMtr. rvoos Diseases,
. .'. :onstipatitn. r ne.?. Indigestion. Drs
. i.a. bi'ioaji-s.-, Bilioii Kt-ver. In dam mat ion of the
ii, files, and ail Df r;i;i.-i-i units of the Internal
-era. IVVarratifed to eff;t a positive cure. Purely
.-:4itleLcou:uiuin uu mercury, mineral or deleteri-
4.S JrugsJ
A ti-w doses of RADWAY'S PILLS will free the ys
inna all the above named dl-torJers. Price, 23 cents
I ' .ion HOLD BY" DKUOtllSTS.
k -;..:) i" KALfiE AND TUUE' Rend one letter
i. ' ; KADW'aY A CO , No. 32 Warren St. New
K.r . i maiiou worth thousands will be sent yotu
Tlie Ixirgest, Rest and Cheapest
Paper Published in North
As a. First-Class News and Literary
jrournal, it is Unexcelled.
One copy, for one year, $2 00
One copy, for six months, 1 00
Three copies, for one year, ' 5 00
Four copies, for one year, 7 90
Five copies, for one year, 8 50
Ten copies, for one year, - $15 00
Twenty copies, for one year, 25 00
y-To every getter up of a CLUB OF
TEN, one copy will be sent free for one
year. Address
Wilmington, N. C.
at. l, ' n It O W
General Agent for the Celebrated
Estey Cottage Organs.
Payments easy. Trices lrjw, Send for
Illustrated Catalogue.
Also dealer in all kinds pf -
Fancy Goods, Toys, Baskets, Children's
Carriages, Cigars, Pipes ahd Tobacco.
Don't forget to call at No. 10 Fayette
ville street, Raleigh, X. C.j
Sewing Machine, Silvjer Plated, for
sale cheap, at I
T" O V E J O V
The Sixty-sixth
August 5th, 1874.
56 4t
Session will begin

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