North Carolina Newspapers

    THE ERA.
Official Organ of the fulled states.
Official Organ of the City.
Vf. 31. imOWX, Manager.
On the 13th inst., elections were
held in several of the North-western
States for Congressmen, mem
Uts of the Legislature, dc. He
turns from the States of Ohio and
Indiana indicate that those States
have gone Democratic. It is hard
ly worth while to remind our in
telligent readers of the fact, that in
the States referred to, there were
many side issues involved, causing
minor differences of opinion among
men of all political parties. In the
State of Ohio, for instance, the Re
publican party adopted as a matter
of State policy the prohibition plat
form, while in Indiana, matters of
a purely local character contributed
to the temporary division of our
party in the State.
It is well- to remind our Demo
cratic friends of the South, that the
o-called triumph of their party in
IK)rtions of the Xorth-west, is far
from being an endorsement of the
platforms and principles of the
Southern Democracy. It is proper
they should realize the fact that no
party In the North would sanction
or even tolerate such declarations of
disloyalty as are embodied in the
platforms of the White League and
Ku Klux Democracy South. No,
gentlemen, Democracy North, and
Democracy South, are now, as of
old, two very different concerns.
Its professions of loyalty in the
North sometimes serve to gain
temporary advantages on local is
sues, while the assertions of devo
tion to the lost cause openly made
in the South contribute to hold in
its ranks that very large and dis
contented class who let no occasion
pass to exhibit their chagrin and
disappointment arising from the
defeat of their attempts to perpetu
ate slavery and divide the Republic.
. In all parties local differences will
occur. It is a source of congratula
tion to us, as it-is to all true Repub
licans, thatourparty is never found
wanting in the zeal and energy ne
cessary to victory, whenever ques
tions of national importance are
brought to the front. The Demo
cratic press may make the most of
what they choose to claim as victo
ries in Ohio and Indiana. In the
great contest of lt7G, when the Re
publican party shall arise in its
might to again go forth to battle,
jointing with pride to its past re
cord as an indication of its future
course, it will require something
more than the united efforts of Cop
Ierhead3 North and White League
Democracy South to stay its march
to a grand and glorious victory.
perhaps around Greensboro,) who
knew who the appointees were un
til their names were announced as
being present at the Convention,
and we are informed by a promi
nent Republican, that a dispatch
from him in Washington City,, to
one of the Committee in .Greens
boro, failed to elicit even a reply.
Wc think the action of the Com
mittee in this matter Is exceedingly
strange, and the Republicans of the
State want an explanation.
Vc ate enabled ,to state, authori
tatively that recent" hints at the de
fection of Governor W. V. Holder
of North Carolina, from the Renub-
can party are without tne leasi
foundation in truth. In a letter to
a gentleman in this city, written a
few davs since, he says: mere
is no foundation whatever for the
suggestion that I am a lukewarm
Republican. I am as firm and tixed
as I was in 1SGS. I have no po
litical future, and I do not desire,
any ; but as long as I shall take an
interest in public affairs, I expect
to vote the Republican ticket."
Previous to the rebellion Governor
Holden was, probably, the most
popular and inlluential leader of the
Democratic party in North Carolina.
He made an issue with his party on
secession, and the. Union sentiment
in the State, kept alive during the
war, was due more to him and the
manly attitude of his paper, the
Standard, than to any other man.
At the close of tho war he at once
assumed full affiliation with the Na
tional Republican party, and has
ever since been unwavering in the.
support and advocacy of its princi
ples and measures. No man has
been more grossly maligned and
persecuted, both during the rebel
lion and since. The suggestion of
his defection or lukewarmness now j
was absurd upon.its lace and scarcely
worth noticing.
We copy the foregoing Editorial
from the Washington C7ironicte of
the 13th No Republican of
standing in North Carolina ever
doubted Governor Holden 's devo
tion to the Republican party. The
hints referred to above are but the
Ikisc inventions of those upon w hom
the party in North Carolina has set
its seal of condemnation, and are
directed at Governor Holden be
cause he refused to aid them, either
by his vote or encouragement, in
swindling the people of Wake coun
ty. We can pay Governor Holden
no higher compliment than to say
that, at no time during his career
has he enjoyed to a higher extent
the full confidence of all honest Re
publicansof North Carolina than at
the present.
revolution is four or five times in
creased. Instantly a sudden check
is brought to bear on all the connec
tions, the whole apparatus is sub
jected to an intense strain and then
cornea the ominous breaking of the
shaft; leaving tho vessel at the
mercy of the storm.
".Tho invention to which we allude
applies an anticipative correction of
this catastrophe by its automatic ac
tion. It consists of a pneumatic air
chamber, which communicates with
the sea through a sea-valve and
with the throttle valve of the en
gine, and acting somewhat after the
principle of the Westinghouse air
brake on bteam cars when the train
is broken", IThis pneumatic gover
nor, so simple and instantaneous in
Its pperation, cots off the steam from
tho engines by, the transference of
pressure the instant a heavy sea
begins to lift the screw-out of ihe
water. The adjustment is such thatr
out of the resisting medium, and
before acceleration can' ensue, fhe
throttle has served its purpose and
the shaft been relieved from all ten-
sion. iNOtning couiu oesnnp'er uuu
more summary in its Vorking, and
bcarcely any invention could afford
greater safety, comfort and economy
to all stcarn vessels employing the
The tcoriomy of steam, and con
sequently of fuel, by closing off the
supply of motive power from the
Doner wnen inn propencr is hi me
air, must be very great in long voy-
r- rf A. I
asres. ltie enormous saving oi me
wear and tear of the facings and
gearing and the relief of the shafts
and rods from the tremendous ten
sion of the rolling waves must be
still greater economy to the steam
ship company. But the outweigh
ing: consideration oi tne great se
curity to life and proiorty from so
cheap and self-acting a contrivance
will very mucii enhance mo popu
larity of every ocean steamer which
it is known employs it. The sim
plicity, inexpensiveness and self
evident utility of this invention
should strongly commend it to all
our steam lines, especially on the
boisterous Atlantic, and no time
should be lost in fitting it upon
their vessels before the winter gales
set in.
energy must be felt by every officer
and man present with it to secure
the best results. Every attempt to
make war easy and safe will result
in humiliation and disaster.
Look After tlic Eyes.
. Multitudes of men and women
have made their eyes weak for life
by the too'Xrec use -of eyesight,
reading. 'fine sprint and doing, fine
sewing., In yiewof these, thlngsit
is well toobserve the following rules
in the.iise of the eyes.: -
Avoid all sudden changes between
light and darkness.
Never read by twilight or on a
very cloudy day. , P - r i f
'Never 'sleep so that onwakfn
theneyes shall opeaon .iheliglU ,of
the window.
Do not use eyesight by -Tight so
scant .that it requires an effort, to
discriminate.' -f ,
' Never read or sew directly jn front,
of the light of the window.' "
It is best to have the light from
above, or obliquely, or over the left
shoulder. .
Too much Iigljt creates a glare,
and pains and confuses the sight.
The moment you are sensible of an
effort to distinguish, that, moment
stop and talk, walk or ride.
As the sky is blue and the earth
green, it would seem that the ceil
ing should be of a bluish tinge, the
carpet green, and the walls of some
mellow tint.
The moment you are instinctive
ly inclined to rub the eyes, that
moment cease to use them.
If the eyelids are glued together
on waking do not forcibly open
them, but apply saliva with the
finger, and then wash your eyes and
face with warm water.
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A Ii li i'UADE, 1S74
A Mystcrj.
A meeting of the State Itepubli
ran Kxecutive Committee took
lIace in this city on Tuesday, the
(;th day of October. It was under
tood that the meeting was called
for the purpose of appointing dele
gates to a convention of Republi
cans, from what are known as the
reconstructed States, to meet at
Chattanooga, Tennessee, on the 13th
inst. It is rumored that the com
m it tee did designate certain gentle
men to represent the Republicans
of North Carolina in said conven
tion, but we have failed to see a
single person who could give us any
correct information as to who they
were. If they were appointed at
all, their names and residences
have been kept a profound secret
in the bosoms of those composing
the committee. The call for the
meeting of the committee first ap
Ieared in the Nexc North Stale, and
we naturally concluded, that If the
Era was not furnished with the
list the AVir North State would not
have been slighted, but we have
searched the columns of that paper
in vain for the names of the fortu
nate appointees.
But Xorth Carolina icas repre
sented at Chattanooga, and the dele
gates delivered their credentials.
Somebody must have made out
these credentials, and must have
had some authority for so doing.
Why is it that the names of these
delegates are withheld from the
Republicans of North Carolina ?
By what authority does the Execu
tive Committee of the great Repub
lican Party in North Carolina ex
ercise this secret mode of proceed
ings? Have packed conventions,
packed caucusses, and secret wire
pulling become so common in the
party as to lead even its State
Executive Committee to attempt
to carry out such political Jugglery?
It looks like it. There is some
thing wrong in this business. We
say now, as we have said -before,
that if the Chattanooga Convention
is to avail anything, if its proceed
ings are to have any weight in
shaping the future course of the
Republican party, then such feeling
as actuated the State Executive
Committee in secretly appointing
delegates, Is not calculated to ad
vance the prospect. Thero were
not ten men outside of the Com
mittee in all the country around
Jtaleigh, and no where else (except
We hope our political friends will
cut out and file away the following
extract from the Washington Jle-
intbtic. If every man will do his
duty by earnest appeals to his neigh
borhood friends from now out, the
Republican party cannot fail of suc
cess in North Carolina in 187G :
The Way to Win". An hour's
quiet talk with a lukewarm neigh
bor will do more to arouse him to an
earnest support of the Republican
party than a dozen stump speeches.
Mass-meetings impart entnusiasm
to organized bodies and keep them
active in the irood work, but a per
sonal canvass by the right kind of
men makes converts and thus adds
to the party strength. Every town
should have its Republican organi-
character, those
Handling an Arinjr.
General Sherman, in his letter on
the army, says: It is related of
Napoleon that his last words were
" Tete-d,-Aruiee.M Doubtless as the
shadow of death obscured his
memory," the last thought that re
mained for speech was ol some event
when lie was directing an impor
tant4' head of column." I believe
that every general who has handled
armies in battle must recall from
his own experience the intensity of
thought on aomo similar occasion,
when by a single command he had
given the finishing stroke to some
complicated action ; but to me re
curs another thought that is worthy
of record, and may encourage others
who are to follow us in our pro
fession. I never saw the roar ot an
army engaged in battle but I feared
that some calamity had happened
at the front. The apparent confu
sion, broken wagons, dead horses,
men lying about dead and maimed,
parties hastening to and fro in
seeming disorder, and a general ap
prehension of something dreadful
about to ensue all these signs,
however, lessened as I neared the
front, aud there the contrast was
perfect ; perfect order, men and
horses full of confidence, and it
was not unusual for general hilarity,
laughing and cheering. Although
cannon, might be firiug, the mus
ketry clattering, and the enemy's
shot hitting close, there reigned a
general feeling of strength and
security that bore a marked con
(Successor to A. Kline,)
Corner Fayetteville and Hargctt Streets.
fi; 1
" 25,000
44 10,000 ea.; 100,000
Tuitions. Men of
who possess the entire confidence of trastto bloody signs that had drifted
the community, should be the lead- rapidly to, the rear ; therefore, for
ers and workers in these organiza- comfort and security, surely would
tions. Meetings should be held at. rather be'at.the front line than the
least once a week from now until rear line of battle. ' So also on the
the election. A thorough canvass march, the head of a column moves
should be had of the voters in the on steadily, whilst the rear is alters
district. The 00111103' 6f every man nately halting and then rushing
should be known. This can be done forward to close up the gap, ana all
bv subdivisions small enough to en- sorts of rumors, especially the worst,
able those appointed to make a com- tloat back to the rear. Old troops
plete personal canvass. The strength invariably deem it a special privi
of the party should be known, lege to be in the front, to be at the
I am now receiving my FALL and
WINTEH stock of
General Merchandise,
recently purchased in person at North
era Manufactories, and being from first
hinds, I am prepared to offer advanta
gas to the Trade seldom ofTered in the
city of Kaleigh. ,; ,
My stock of
Ready-made Clothing
is full and complete, bought principally
at auction sales from first-class houses.
I think I can offer inducements, both
to the wholesale and retail trade, that,
canuot oe surpassed south ol the .New
York" market.
of every grade and stylo, and marked
at prices tuat will sell them.
in every variety, embracing very style,
quamy ana novelty ol lasmon.
The China, Crockery and Gla$s.
Ware Department
is a specialty of ray trade, and I can
furnish, goods in this line to my whole
sale trade at factory prices. Call early
to secure bargains. Especial attention
paid to the retail department.
Attentive and experienced .salesmen
in every department, and I can assure
the ladies it is not a trouble, but a pleas-
ure, to show goods. i
Raleigh, Oct. 1, 1874.
Every vote should be brought out
at the polls. Our leaders should
work from now until the close of
the ballot-box as if the success of
the party depended on just one vote
This is the way to win great victo-
"hcad of column," because experi
ence has taught them that it is the
easiest and most comfortable place,
and danger only adds zest and
stimulus to this fact.
The hardest task in war is to lie
. . I A. ?i? 1 1.
ries. to remain inactive, presum- in support oi some position or out
ing on the popularity of the ticket tery under fire without the privilege
or the former strength of the party
is to invito defeat. Wecan not have
too large a majority, we may
through inactivity lack one vote of
a triumph. Organization, hard
work, devotion to the good cause
for which we labor will crown our
of returning it: or to guard some
train left in the rear within hear
ing, but out of reach of danger; or
to care for the wounded and dead
of some corps which is too busy
ahead to care for their own.
To be at the head of a strong
efforts with success. The House of column of troops, in the execution
Representatives must be. kept in of some task that requires brain, is
loyal hands. To lose control of it is the highest pleasure of war, a grim
to again expose the life of the nation one and terrible one. but which
to thedeadly assaults of its enemies, leaves on the mind and memory the
It is the key to the political position strongest mart ; to detect tne weaK
and must be held by the friends of point of an enemy's line; to break
freedom and humanity. through with vehemence and thus
lead to victory ; or to discover some
. . key-point and hold it with tenac-
The Chattanooga Convention has t Q do other distinct act
adjourned after a session productive that is afterwards recognized as the
real cause of success. These all be-
come matters mat are never lor
gotten. Other great difficulties ex
perienced by every general, are to
measure truly the thousand and one
reports that come to him in the
midst of contiict; to preserve a clear
and well defined purpose at every
instant of time, .aud to cause ail
efforts to converge to that end.
To do these things he must know
perfectly the strength and quality
of each part of his own army, as
well as of his opponent, and must
oi no good results as we can per
ceive to the Republican party. We
shall notice the proceedings of the
body hereafter.
A Great Nautical Invention.
Oue of the greatest inventions in
steam machinery which the fertile
genius of the age has produced has
recently been announced and suc
cessfully tested in England. Like
all other really valuable designs for
giving safety It acts upon the prin- be where he can personally see and
ciple that an ounce of prevention is observe with his own eyes, and
better than a pound or cure. The judge with his own mind.
contrivance is an automatic engine - No man can properly command
an army from the rear, he must be
at " its front," and when a detach
ment Is made the commander
thereof should be informed oft the
object to be accomplished, and left
as free as possible to execute it in
The mammoth passenger steam- his own way. and when an army is
ship of the present day, once at sea; divided up into several 'parts the
is almost wholly aependeni on me superior should always attena that
strength and safe working of her one which he regards, as most un
screw. The safe and efficient action port ant. Some men think that
of the screw depends on the immo- modern armies may be so regulated
bility of the water in which it re- that a' general can sit inah office
volvesand in its sufficient immer- and play on his several columns like
sion. Jvery sea-goer on the great on the keys of a piano : this is a
steamers has felt the shock and fearful mistake., The directing
peril of the " racing" of the engines mind must be at the very head of
when, in a heavy sea, the propeller the army must be seen there, and
is nited out or tne water and tnei tneenectoi nismind ana personal
Will be given in the city of Greensboro, N.C.,
1ECE3IDEK 31st, 1874,
for the purpose of erecting an
The Grand Gift is the
Worth OO.OOO.OO.
i : .For -!- "1 ; : :
Coughs, Colfts, Hoarseness,
and all Throat li iseases :
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will buy a
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2d Premium Drawing, Oec. 7tli, 184.
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Premium as an equivalent for interest.
Capital Premium, $100,000.
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D.,5 Professor of Eye and Ear Diseases
in the University of Md., Surgeon in
Charge. ; .
' Tbis Institution, established in one of by express prepaid, post-office money-
ine largest ana uuest uweumgs m iuu order on wasnjnjrton. u. J.. or uy reg
istered letter.
For full particulars, testimonials, Ac.,
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To the Iftninters antl-'MetiiLcr of Utc
North Carolina Annual Confer
cnce oflhe Afrimii' MttJirUt E.
CJiurch in the U. V. of America
Greeting : -; nr '
Dear HnimrnEN : You un
hereby notjlied that! the North Car
olina Annual.. Con An-cncc of the A.
M. E. Church, will meet In the
town of Greenshoroiitiuilfonl coun
ty, N. C, on SATURDAY, SO
vVEMCER 21st, 1874, at which tiino
ajid place you are l!requeted 16 U
Punctual' attendance U required
of every member of the Conference.
' i 'Presfdlng Bishop.
T Montpelier Female Humane Asso
ciation, at Alexandria, Va., November
23, 1874. List of Gifts.
1 Grand Cash Gift, 100,000
22,178 Cash Gifts, amounting to$I,00i000
Number of Tickets. lOO.OOtf. Price of
Tickets. Whole Tickets. 820.00: Half
Tickets, 10.00; Quarter Tickets. $5.00;
Eighths or each coupon, s.ou ; o
Tickets for $100.00.
The Montpelier Female Humane As
sociation. chartered by the Legislature
of Virginia and the Circuit Court of
Orange Co., proposes Dy a uranu
Concert to e-tablisli ana endow a "iiome
for the Old. Infirm, and Destitute Ladies
of Virginia," at Montpelier, the former
residence or President James Madison.
s Governor's Office,
Richmond, July 8, JS74.
It affords me pleasure to say that I am
well acquainted with a large majority of
the officers of the Montpelier j? emaio
Humane Association, who reside in tho
vicinitv of my home, and I attest their'
ijl i. 1. I
intelligence ana ineir worm auu nigu
reputation as gentlemen, as well as the
public confidence, influence and. sub
stantial means liberally represented
among them.
JAS. L. KEMPER, Gov. Va.,
Alexandria, Va., July 8, 1874. I
com mend them as gents of honor and in
tegrity, and fully entitled to the confi-
U. S. Judge East'n Dist. of Va.
Further references by permission;
His Excellency Gilbert C. Walker, Ex
Governor of Va.; Hon. R. E. Withers,
Lieut-Gov. of Va., and U. S. Senator
elect; Senators and Members of Con
gress from Vaf
Remittances lor tickets may do maae
city of Baltimore, is thoroughly or
ganized and htted up with every con
venience, for the exclusive treatment of
Eersons' suffering from Eye and Ear
iseases. ;
Each patient has a chamber to himself,
and receives every attention from skilled
nurses. . ; , . tj . ; ,
m The Surgeon with his family resides
in the Institute, a yery great' conve
nience i to the sick r especially 1 those
operated upon, who can be. visited at all
times'and at a moment's notice.' '
! jS Those desiring information will
apply bv letter to
4w 55 Franklin $t., Baltimore, Md.
IJ .B L I S II K ,K S E RA ,
Weak, Nervous or Debilitated ?
Are you so languid that any exertion
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secretive organs as - to impart vigor to
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stimulates for a'ehort time, only to let
the sufferer fll o a lower depth of mis
ery, DUt it is a vegetaDie ionic acting
directly on the liver and spleen.1
It regulates the bowels, quiets the
nerves, and gives such a healthy tone to
the whole system as to soon make the
invalid feel like a new person.
Its operation is not violent, but is
characterized by great gentleness; the
patient experiences no sudden change,
no marked results, but gradually his
troubles " '
. J . . w i m m r m mm. ... . .M mw ... f j i
Bank of New Hanover, on the ,f
day of August, 1874,made to the
rtuiri uj ofcife jvr ine
- North Carolina, jj
resources. v
Loans and discounts, ji $( ;.J7u
Real estate, jj G7,Ui ,
Office furniture, safes, iitc., $,ix, ;.j
Bonds and stocks and luncur-
rent ban: bills, s )t:ts
Cash due from other hunks
subject to check anid cash
ou hand, j
Undivided profits, j
Bills re-discounted,
Bills payable, i
Due depositors, ,
$1,0:19,.7 .s
$.IK),(NM) Oil
50,N1 tut
.'j,(HK) (Ml
57.",G1 (hi
I $l,e.),:s7 ;ts
This bank has branches or sc :irnU'
places of business at Wilmington.
Goldsboro,Tarboroand Wadeslon. and
the above is a consolidated statement of
theisources and liabilities of the
at alMhese points. j
X. ' r. lit .
Statement of the BariJcof G notion
located in the CUy of Grtaishuri
. on Jfonday, September 1th, ls71,
and furnished the Secretary of st'ntc
of North Carolina.
Capita stock, j
Duo other B an ks, I
Profit and loss.
?I0'l,ll in.'O
N. C. R. R. 8 per cent bonds. $
stock 115li;we
R A D & S R R bonds, , ,
N O State bonds $,5Mcust,
Ileal estate banking houfee, '
Notes and bills discounted,
Due from other banks, :
Greensboro B. fc L. Associa
tion, Premium account, tt
Revenue stamps,
Cash, p
1,. ."(.( Ml
Statement of the Condition of the GUI
North State Fire Insurance Com
panif, of Warren ion, N. C, Arit
1, 1874, made to the Seen fan of
State of North Carolina.
Amount of the capital stock, ?IOO,0(H) no
First mortgages, . ' ir,;)!i n i
Solvent Stock notes, f 4"),U(io mi
Cash and bills receivable, 1",wj s
Due from agents, ! li.tin.i l
Office fixtures, safe, itoe., 7ix; j;
Agents' supplies, i n.
Accrued interest, ' 57i
Capital stock,
Surplus to balance,
10(,()oo in
B. F, LONG, Secrctarv.
Book and Job Printers,
Fayetteville Street,
Are now prepared to execute every
description of
"Fold their tents, like the Arabs,
And silently steal away." .
This is no new and untried discovery,
but has been long used with wonderful
remedial results, and is pronounced by. I PflfiTr P. TnT3 TTvTrnTTTfl same time and place.
the highest medical authorities, "the w w iUiil J. xah U New-Berne. N. C.
Plain and Fancy
VToTicE , is ii:ici:iiy iivi;.,
that a petition has been fileil in tlm.
District Court of the United States fr
the Eastern District of North Caroliiui
by Thos.II. Bridge-, of Granvill;C'., in
said District, duly declared a lJanknipt
under the Act of Congress of March - i,
1867, for a discharge and certiti ;iu
thereof from all his debts and otlwr
claims provable under said Act, ami
that the 6th day of November, 1874, ;t
10 o'clock, A. M., at the ollico of A. V.'.
Shaffer, Register in Bankruptcy, in
Raleigh, N. C, is assigned for tho "hear
ing of the same, when and where all
credItors,;Who baveprovetl their debt-,
and other persons in interest, may at
tend and show cause, if any they hav,
why the pra'er of the said petitioner
should not be granted. And that the
second meeting will be held at ;he
most .powerful tonic and alterative
known." i
Ask your druggist for it. f
For sale by Wm. F. Kidder
Oct. 11), 1874.
Real Estate ftifts, -Cash
Gifts, -
S 1,500
Only 100,000 tickets to be issued.
Agents Wanted.
jSi?For further particulars, address
tne Manager, B x 8, Greensboro, N. C,
Sept. 10-8w
f governor, whose works are to regu
ate the motion of the steamship's
propeller, so as- to save the ship
lrom the frequent and fatal break
down by straining ox the ma
United States vs. 9 boxes manufactured
tobacco, 900; bs leaf tobacco, 2 hand
screw presses, 1 pair scales. 75 pounds
of twist tobacco, 300 pounds of stems,
24 dryers, property, of Thomas II.
Dehnam. Libel of information.
To Thomas H. Debnarn," and to all
whom it may concern : Greeting.
Notice is hereby given, That the above
mentioned property was seized by Mi
chael C McNamara, Collector of Inter-
ual Revenue, 1st District North Carolina.
on the 1st of July, 1874, as forfeited to the
uses of the united States for violation
of the Internal Revenue Laws, and the
- ; tii ii i " . ?
same 14 jiueueu aim prosecutea in tne
Circuit Court of the United' States for
condemnation for the causes in ths said
Libel of Information set forth ; and that
the said causes will stand for trial at
tho Court Room of said Court at Raleigh,
on tha last Monday of November next,
if that be a jurisdiction day, and if not
at the next day of jurisdiction thereaf
ter, when and where all persons are
warned to appear, to show cause why
condemnation should not be. decreed,
and to intervene for their interest
Given under my hand at office, in Ra
leigh, this 23d of Sept, 1874. l
Uuited States Marshal,
Eastern District N. C.
Sept. 25, 1R74. J5 4t
New York.
A Co.,
17 4w
'. 1 tr'
from the smallest Card to the largest
Poster, on as reasonable terms as the
same work can be done at any estab-
lisnment in tne state.
We will keep constantly on hand, oi
print to order,
Solicitors1, Superior Court Clerks1,
Sheriff's1 and Magistrates1 Blanks
of the latest Improved form, on most rea
sonable terms.
with the best and cheapest houses in
tho State.
Special attention paid to
Oiders by mail promptly attended to,
and work shipped by Mail or Express
to any portion of the State.
Orders solicited.
W. M. BROWN, Manager,
' . , Raleigh, N. C.
GEO. E. TINKER, Clerk.
1 't
Walnut Parlor Suifa.'Reps or Hair-;
Cloth, containing seven pieces, $50 00
Walnut Bedroom Suits, Marble tops
containing ten nieces. 59 00
Beautiful: Painted Cottage Suits, .
complete, 19 oo
ATsoa magnificent variety of
Full Catalogue and Prico of all my
stock sent by mail, free on application.;
Write for one., , 4w
Cotton, Lumber. Bosin, Froduce.
97 North Lombard St.,
- Send for Price Current
Refer to Bank of Commerce. lw.
new.and second-hand, of first
class makers, will be sold at lower
prices for. cash, or on installments, -or
for rent, in city or country, during this
month, by Horace Waters A Son. No.
481 Broad way, than ever before offered
in New York. Speciality: Pianos and
Organs to let until the rent money pays
the price of the instrument. Illustra
ted catalogues mailed. A large discount
to ministers, churches, schools, lodges,
fcc., Jfcc. ' j- 64W
im mm mm iuo
bargains. Prices suitable to the
Ume3, NAT. L. BROWN,
Raleigh, N. C.
Raleigh, April 7, 1874. 6lm.
JJN that a petition haa been tiled in tl
District Court of the United StaU-s f -r
the Eastern District of North Carolina
by E. A. Gupton, of Franklin ''un -.
ty, in said District, duly declared a
Bankrupt under the act of Congress f
March 2d, 187,' for a discharge nn certi
ficate thereof from all his debts and oilie r
claims provable under said act, and
the 29th day of Oct., 1S74, at 10 o'clock,
A. M., at the office of A. W. Shall, r.
Register in Bankruptcy, in Raleigh, N.
C, is assigned for the hearing of the
same, when and all creditor.'-,
who have proved their debts, and other
persons in interest, may attend ai.'l
show cause, if any they have, why the
frayer of the said petitioner shouldn't
e granted. , And that the second and
third meetings will be held at the sun
time and place.
New-Berne, N. C, October 1, 171.
' GEO. E. TINKER, Clerk.
on the 20th day of August, A. !
1874. a warrant in Bankruptcy was is
sued out of the District Court or tl '
ITnttjvl Sf-atM for thff Kastern I)istti' t
of North Carolina, against thoe.tatij f
Charles lloman, of Raleigh, in
county of Wake, and Stato of Nytli
Carolina, who ' has been adjii'ige a
Bankrupt on his own Petition:
That the payment of any derus
and the delivery of any property f""
longingto such bankrupt, to h"n vT
for his' use, and the transfer m any
property; by him, are forbidden ,kv
law? That a meeting of tho ciyedit"r
of said bankrupt, to, prove thuir debt--,
and, to choose ono or. iiiore a4iiiH"
his estate, will be held at, a Court a
Bankruptcy, td ' be holden' at RalPisf'
N. C, before A. V. Shaffer, Kegi;;
on the 5th day of September, a.
1874, at 10 o'clock, A. M. -...
Afn.rshfl.1 as MeMseiikferj
A. M. Lewis, Attorney. 10
HA?IIiIN Organ, doable banK
keys, in perfec t order, Tery low, at ! .

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