North Carolina Newspapers

    ! T II E E K A.
! . . ..m . m m -
' Tor Sale on ItEXT. A haiul
M,ie Rosewood Piano, of modern
ake. Apply
at the Era omce.
La ims R
!,ivn by
Et;o. We have been
Mr. Albert Johnson, of
, ity, a hen's eg of an;extraor
dinary mo
weighing over twice as
i.ukIi as any of the kind vc ever
a w. It is quite a curiosity and can
r tii at his store on Hiilsboro
The llar-rooin Remedy fr all ail-
..... 1 . 1 witli
.,. nt-s is Hum imicrs, suri:iiib
I u-el Oil, a deadly element, rendered
n-re active bv the pTingont astringent
.vi:h which it i coinDincu.
: ,mach in weak and liver or bowel
,;,rJered, strengthen and regulate
. r.i with Vi.nkoak Bitters, a purely
.. . table alterative and aperient, free
.,.,, a',cliol ;md capable of infusing
. . w vitality into jour cxliausted sys-
Dkatii of Josiaii Turner, Sr.
The nmiiy friends of this vener
aMe gentleman will regret to learn
.,f his death, which occurred on the
l -ih inst., in the 'J2d year of hisage.
Mr. Turner was the father of Hon.
j.iah Turner, Editor of the Ral
t ;cli Sen'inel. He was horn in the
county of Caswell, on the 18th of
I , bruary, ITS-'. For many years he
u a-fSheriffof )range county, where,
believe, he lias rcsiueti since.
,:lv in anh'MMl.
I ) K A T 1 M F A N KsT I M A H L K L A I) Y.
Wer.-'ret to announce the death
thi- city, on the ICth inst., of
Mis. Anna McKesson IJusbee, wife
.f our e-teemed young fellow-citi-jn,
V. H. Iiusbce, Esq.
Mm. Husbee was a lady of supe
ri ir attainments and was possessed
nf that sweetness and amiability
character which so eminently
a l.m- her sex.
We lu-artiiy sympathize with Mr.
i;-Ui' in the sad afllictiori which
I. -prives him of the earthly com
pai:iuliip of one he so devotedly
J'wd; and may HE so " temper
thr wind to the shorn lamb " as to
t ria!! all relatives and friends of
th- iltrca..d to bear up under their
Prolific. We have been shown
ly our friend John K. Harrison,
K-., a bush containing over one
thousand peas raised from one pea.
Karly in the Spring Mr. Harrison
planted in his garden a small quan
tity of the Japanese pea, a new va
riety lately introduced into this
rou n try merely lor experiment, and
the rc -alt is most astounding. The
pa is cxd for the table and is
Irfnind to become popular for stock
ft 'din. It is very easily cultivated.
We advise all who are interested in
this matter to call on Mr. Harrison
and -co the bush. It is a real curi
' -ity.
Tim: State Fair. The four
teenth annual State Fair closed on
Saturday, the 17th inst., after the
most successful exhibition probably
ever held in the State. The number
of articles far exceeded those of last
year, while the crowd in attendance
was much larger than at any pre
vious time. We learn that the pro-m-ds
this year will be sufficient to
place the Society upon a firm basis,
and that more extensive arrange
ments will be made hereafter than
ever before.
We will endeavor in a future is
sue to give a statement of the re
ceipts and the number of persons in
attendance as nearly as possible.
This can only be arrived at after the
Society has had a settlement with
the various roads and comparison
made with the Secretary's books.
Election or Officers. At a
meeting of the State Agricultural
Society, held in the Hall of the
1 louse of Representatives, on Thurs
day evening, the 15th inst., the fol
lowing officers were elected for the
ensuing year :
President Col. Thomas M. Holt,
f Alamance.
Vice Presidents at large Dr. Co
lumbus Mills, of Cabarrus; Gov.
C. II. Brogden, of Wavne ; Col. J.
M. Heck, of Wake; Dr. W. J.
Hawkins, of Warren ; W. S. Bat
tle, of Edgecombe; John Norwood,
f Orange.
Treasurer P. A. Wiley, Esq.'
Recording Secretary Mod. or J. C.
Wake County Business. Mr.
White, the Clerk of the Board of
Commissioners, has had printed and
posted the itemized statement of
accounts, c., audited and allow
ed by said Board, from September
1, 1873, to September 4, 1874. The
statement is exhaustive, and show3
much labor on the part of the effi
cient Clerk.
The Board was in session sixty
seven days and received as compen
sation and mileage, $371.90:" Of
course, the accounts audited, and the
witness tickets allowed, 'the juror
tickets audited, and the allowances
made, are given in full. The last
"amed, which are itemized, aggre
gate $.5,705.20, the most important of
which are, for support of the. poor,
HOOO.OO ; on account of workhouse,
$110.00; on account of lunatics,
v 0 00 ; removing rafts from bridges,
Ni:w IIoteu Our travelling:
frfend.s will be triad to learn that
the "Central" Hotel, at Fayette-,
ville, has been reopened under the
management of Messrs. IV.ik & Mc
Donald. It has been f.irnislKtl in
costly style and the ft re is said to
consist of the lt Hie market af
fords. The price of board is only
$2 per day. Persons visiting the
Fayetteville Fair will lilid the Cen-
.!. m m '"a
; tral a nio-tn-ngiiuui stopping place.
If tin Druggist offers any kind of
herb-flavorc alcohol fur dyspepsia,
bilionsnejfs, or any other nilfnentg
tell 1dm that you want: medicine
not a bar-room drink. Ask him
for Dr. Walker.'.? California Bitters,
the b-st regulating preparation
known, and which you know is free
from 'Swan's .Elixir." Rejecft all
1 the fiery " Tonics" and " Appetiz
lers," and cling to that remedy,
There is no medicine that' corn parra-
with it. -4w." -
New Jail. The Grand Jury for
the late term of the Superior Court
have made ti report on thecondk
tion of the Court House and Jail,
and recommend the erection or a
new jail on the lot immediately
south of the present one, and furth
er advise the alteration of the old
building so as to render it suitable
for a deposit of records. We think
the suggestions of the jury should
at once receive the attention of the
Board. The many escapes of late
years prove that our prison facili
ties have been too much neglected.
A new building would prove an
economical investment in the end.
Another Show. Although the
crowd has somewhat thinned out
and the Fair is over, we wish to
call the attention of our readers to
the fact, that there is still a big
show in town and one well worth
seeing. Our friend J. M. Rosen
baum, better known among his,
friends as " Jonas," has on hand one
of the finest stocks of Ready-made
Clothing, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps,
Millinery Goods, Notions Fancy
Goods, &c, to be found in any city
South of the Potomac River. Add
ed to these, " Jonas" keeps constant
ly onwhand ai I , k i uds of Crockery
Ware, which he is offering to the
public at the most reasonable prices.
.This establishment is situated at the
corner of Fayetteville and Hargett
streets, next door to Simpson's Drug
Store, and better known through
out the surrounding country as
" Smith's big building." And now
having told our friends what " Jo
nas" has 'to' show, we respectfully
call attention to his prices. He
charges nothing for admission b'ut
having entered, such an array
cheap goods' presents itself to the
eye that. jinxJady 1 or gentleman
hardly ever leaves without a bun
dle. The merchant, lawyer, doctor,
farmer, mechanic or anybody else,
can always find something to8ui
... A. f. t l ' i-tl
ac me most reasonaoie raies. e
only ask our readers to give'Ji M.
Rosenbaum a trial, and we are con
fident they will find what We say
to be so. Recollect Kline's old
stand, north-cast corner of Fayette
ville and Hargett streets. -
A large revival of religion is in
oroirress among the Methodists at
A man in Wilson killed a beef
lately in good order only weighing
43 poundsl pounds to tne quarter.
The celebrated Cherokee Indian
Land suit has been transferred for
trial to the Federal Court at States
ville. The gin house and steam mill of
Messrs. Johnson Bros., located at
Fremont, were destroyed, by fire on
the 14th. Loss$G,000.
George W. Cunningham, who
murdered Daniel Sternbergh, near
Asheville, in June last, ha3 been
tried and sentenced to .be hung on
the tth of November.
The mother of Col. W. II. Thom
as, Indian Agent, died at Qualla
town, on the 1st inst. Had she lived
till the 13th next May she would
have rounded thecenteunary period.
Mr. Moses Allison, a carpenter,
was killed in Charlotte on the 14th.
by being struck by swaying rafters'
of a building erecting, and knocked
from the scaffold to the ground. He
leaves a wife and a number of chil
dren. The New-Berne Times says : On
Sunday evening last, at about 8
o'clock, while the family were at
church, the residence of Geo. W.
Simmons, colored, living near Bach
elor's Creek, took fire and with its
contents was entirely consumed.
The fire it is supposed originated
from some defect in the chimney.
The Hickory 'Press says : Mr. W.
M. Puett, of JLenoir, laid on oar ta
ble, last week, a beautiful specimen,
of asbestos that came from a vein
of this mineral in Caldwell county.
This mineral can be woven into
cloth. The cloth is of course in
combustible, hence the ancients used
asbestos cloth to wrap up the bodies
of their dead when they were
burned so the ashes could be saved.
If cremation becomes popular, an
asbestos mine will be a fortune.
Mr. John C. Wooten, Sr., informs
the Kinston Gazette that he has
saved eleven4 tons joCtho very best
of hay from three acres of land and
at a cost of not more than ten cents
per hundred pounds." Thig ! hay is
equally as good as any JCofthejrn
il is worth at least SH per
hundred pounds, wHlch'at the low-'
est calculation will leave mm a net
profit of $80 per acre ! Let others
of our farmers imitate Mr. Wooten's
example another" year " Why boy
Northern hay when we can raise a
plenty here at home?
. Th e Wad esboro ITerald says :
While cotton in New, York was
selling at from 15J to 15 cents, the
enterprising j merchants of Wades-
boro the beat market on the line of
the Carolina1 Central Railway
were paying 14 1 10 cash.
The Piedmont Press : Charles F.
Harris, of the Concord Sunt wrote
a characteristic postal . card to a
printer, in this place, desirjhg em
ployment. The following is an ex
tract : " What pay do you want,
how long do you propose staying ;
how often 6Jo' you want to draw
your money.' how much whiskey do
you average a day, when, do you
want to come, and do you part your
hair in the middle? J fall the ques
tions are answered rightly you can
pack your candle: box and come
down." -
of. the man
Waicliman: The body
ifound in the creek at
Rum pie's bridge, reported in this
paper last week has been identified
as lhe remains of L O. McAfee. He
is known in the Circuit Court of the
Upited. States, first as a prisoner
enlarged with counterfeiting ; and
next, asjan accused turning State's
evidenco against other . parties
charged ? witp counterfeiting. He
was released from imprisonment at
Stalesvijle, , last Spring, but was
bound oyer in a bond and security
for his appearance at'lheFall Term
tp giye evidence.
" Extraordinary Scene. The
protracted meeting at Jersey meet
ing house, in Davidson, recently,
resulted in'the conversion of a large
number of persons. On Sunday
last, tho Rev. Mr. Jordan, assisted
by Rev. Mr. Richardson, baptized
by immersion sixty-seven persons.
They were of all ages from ten to
sixty years, male and female. They
marched in procession totnestream.
The scene was extraordinary not
only tis to the number to be bap
tized, but also in respect to the feel
ing manifested by the great assem
bly who Were present. ScUitbury
The Wadesboro Herald says : Mr.
Thos. L. Shaw, now employed in
the Railroad shops at Laurinburg,
has invented a " bumper" and
coupling" for cars, which we
think must come into very general
use. To our unskilled eyo it seems
Cerfect, so that no more men will
e crushed to death, nor have arms
and legs and bodies mangled in the
now hazardous, work of " coupling
up" trains. Letters patent have
been applied for, ana Mr. H. G.
Fladger goes to Raleigh this week
to exhibit the model at the State
Fair. He also carries the model of
another invention of Mr. Shaw a
sash and car-window fastening,
which displays much ingenuity and
skill. It differs from, and seems to
be better than, all' others we have
seen. :
The Hickory Press says: The
Rev. G. H. Hoody, a Baptist min
ister of Caldwell county, is a re
markable man. When Mr.'Moody
was 32 years old, and had a wife
and four children, he felt called to
study for the ministry. He left his
family arid spent two years at the
Baptist Theological Seminary at
Greenville, S. C. After leaving the
institution he taught school till he
- f"'sW ' 3" tito "', .
nflhad raised money enough to pay
I 7 , , , . . . ' .1
-every cent uuc ior.nis course in uiu
Seminary. He now preaches in four
counties and Maj.' Graham informs
us -that.he frequently walks twenty
seven miles and preaches three ser
mons all the same day. Can the
religion that actuates, his man be
tne same tna proclaims ine woru
of God before footlights, with a
glittering-chandlier orer head, all
paid for from the proceeds of rented
pQWS? ...
We congratulate the- people of
Fayetteville, and the Cumberland
and Robeson section of the State, in
the announcement which we are
enabled to make, that the requisite
amount in bonds has at length been
subscribed, and nothing now op
poses the closing of the contract for
the grading or tne yettovine aim
Florence Railroad to Shoe Heel on
the Carolina Central Railway. Re
viewing all the circumstances at
tending -the work upon which the
board of directors have recently en
tered, and taking into consideration
the very serious difficulties and un
usual obstacles which have opposed
the consummation of their plans
and wishes, we feel that a due meas
ure of credit should be accorded to
the President of the Road. Mr. A.
A. McKethan, and the directors,
for their faithful exertions in finding
purchasers for the bonds, and to our
citizens for the earnestness which
they have evinced in extending to
this railroad - enterprise all the as
sistance in their power. Pay. Eagle.
Officer Rivenbark arrived here
yesterday from South Washington,
having in charge a colored prisoner
by the name of John Washington,
who was sent hereby Justice Rufus
Garriss,to be committed -to jail in
default of a bond of $500 for his
appearance at the next term of
Superior Court. Washington is
charged with having emptied a load
of shot into the body 6f one Amos
Wheeler, colored, under the follow
ing circumstances ;
On last Thursday night Washing
ton wa3 walking along the road
near Wheeler's house when a dog
belonging to the latter attacked
him in the road, when he killed it.
The next day he approached a shop
on theplantatlori of Mr. Archibald
McMillian, where Wheeler was at
work. Some words in reference to
the killing Qf the dog passed be
tween them, when Wheeler raised
his gun, which was near at hand,
and shot at Washington, but missed
him. The latter, who had his gun
with him, ; loaded with ddck shot,
thereupon, returned, the fire, pepper
ing Wheeler in the left side and
shoulder biit' inflicting- only flesh
wounds.' Both parties were after
wards arrested, when Wheeler gave
a bond of $500 for his appearance,
and Washington, failing to do so,
was sent here and lodged in jail.
mi. Journal. . 1 1 ,
On the night of tho 12th of Au
gust, ' Dr. , Blackburn, imprisoned
hereby the United States authori
ties on the charges of counterfeiting
and conspiracy, made his escape.
Owing to i the fact, that Blackburn
had proved Daser man nis cometier
ates in crime by betraying them,
(or pretending that he would give
such information as would leaa to
their conviction) couplea witn me
circumstance of his being a cnppie,
at the suggestion of counsel and
sdme of the officers of the Govern
ment, he was allowed unusual
privileges at the jail, and took
advantage of them to escape.
A short time since Sheriff Young
received a letter from a gentleman
in Johnston county, Tenn., inform
ing him that Blackburn was in that
'icinity, and wishing to know if
there was any reward for his cap
ture. The Sheriff answTered prompt
ly, proposing, to pay 200 out of
his own pocket. We have the de
tails of 'the arrest from his captor,
Mr. R. B. Stanfiel.
C Blackburn had returned to the
neighborhood of where his wife
resides, on the land of Ex-Sheriff
3IcQueen. He would spend the
day in the woods, sometimes in
company with a tenant on the place,
named George Fritz. A negro no
ticed "Blackburn come out of b n t z's
house early one morning, and he
informed Stannel.
Stanfiel then laid his plans to trap
Blackburn. He hired the negro to
watch him, and the first night he
went to Fritz's house, to place a
draw-bar in a prominent place near
the road, to indicate that the bird
was caged. Three nights in sue-
cession, no visited tne spot, out
found no draw-bar. On the fourth
night it wa"s in the place appointed,
and he secured the services of three
other men, went to the house, and
about daylight on Friday morning
last arrested Blackburn, who was
in bed. They brought him here
Tuesday morning. Blackburn's
cup of iniquity is well nigh full. In
addition to being charged with
counterfeiting, an indictment is
against him in Johnston county,
Tenn., for rape; and on Thursday
last Sheriff Young served a capias
on him from Mitchell county, in
which he is charged with rape.
Asheville Pioneer.
latest News.
The New York Bank statement
on the 17th inst. is as follows: Loans
increase seven-eighths of a million ;
specie decrease nearly t wo millions;
deposit decrease three and one-third
millions : reserve decrease two and
seven-eighths millions.
" 4 Waters' Concerto Parlor Or
gan' possesses a beautiful and pecu
liarly soft tone. The Concerto Stop
is. without doubt, the best ever
placed in any organ. It is pro
duced by an extra set of reeds, pe
culiarly voiced, from which the ef
fect is most charming, and its imi
tation of tne nuraan voice is su
perb. For sweetness of tone and
orchestral effects it has no equal.
N. Y. Times.
The following is the New York
cotton statement for the week end
ing the IGth inst. Net receipts at
all U; S. ports for the week, 121,175 ;
same week last year, 78,753 ; total
to date. 372,145: same date last
year, 271,674. Exports for the week,
4o,780 ; same date last year, 30,401)
total to date, 97,234 ; same date last
year. 7y.08. atocK at an unitea
States ports, 268,297 : last year,
159,669. At all interior towns, 45,-
446:'last year, 41,017. At Liver
pool, 645,000, last year, 567,000.
American afloat for Great Britain,
68,000; last year, 23,000.
The' State elections on the 13th
inst. resulted in the success of the
Democratic ticket in Ohio by about
12,000 or 15,000 majority, in Indiana
by about ,8,000 or 10,000, and a small
majority on theVipopular vote in
West Virginia. .
The Republicans " carried Iowa
and Nebraska by largely increased
majorities. The questions at issue
were merely of a local character unci
parties in the States referred to.
In Arkansas, the new State Consti
tution was endorsed by a majority
of about 75,000, all parties agreeing
upon its main features.
On the night of the 20th inst., six
masked men entered the room of
the Cashier of the Milford National
Bank at Nashua, N. II., gagged him
and put a rope around his neck,
shut his wife and four children and
servant in the closet, then dragged
him to the bank and made him open
the vault, which they robbed of
about $4,500 in currency, $15,000 to
$20,000 in bonds, mostly Govern
ment, and some other securities.
They then led him back to his house
and tied him to a bed post and left.
The family forced open the closet
about 4 o'clock and gave the alarm,
but no traces of the robbers could
be discovered.
The Committee of the Peabdy
Fund Trustees, consisting of Wm.
M. Evarts, John H. Clifford and
Samuel Wetmore, appointed to con
sider the subject of mixed schools
in the South, -report that after the
most careful comparison of opinion
and the most solicitous considera
tion of all the elements of the dis
cussion affecting the interests of ed
ucation in the various States, for
their white and colored population,
they have unanimously come to the
conclusion that the prospects and
hopes of the public system of educa
tion at the South will receive a se
rious if not fatal blow from any leg
islation which should makesuch sys
tems of education, maintained only
on a scheme of mixed schools as to
the organization required for such
public education. The Board are
of the opinion that while justice
and public duty, as well as the in
terests and feelings of the white
and colored people . of the South
concur in demanding a system of
public education which should give
equal opportunities and equal ad
vantages to the children of either
color, that no such result would be
promoted by the compulsory sys
tem of mixed schools. The com
mittee, in conclusion, say that these
views are set forth in the report of
the General Agent, which is accept
ed and approved as expressing the
unanimous opinion of the Trustees.
i,Hon. A. II. Stephens addressed
the people of Augusta, Georgia, on
the 16th inst. He spoke for about
two hours and a half. He reviewed
the history of the government from
its foundation to the present time,
showing that the great struggle has
always ;been between centralism
and constitutionalism ; the passage
of the Civil Rights bill would work
great evil and destroy the public
school system of the fcouth ; refer
red to President Grant ; would do
him JU3tioe he had done his duty ;
us to the third term he had no ob
jection to that: per se he saw no
reason why a President who exe-
cuted the laws faithfully should not
be elected for a third term if the
people desired it ; had looked into
the Louisiana question and saw no
sense in abusing President Grant
for his action in that affair ; spoke
hopefully of the future republic;
advised his hearers to obey the
laws, suppress lawlessness ! and be
true to the Constitution and Union
as established by our fathers ; pro
claimed himself a Jeffersonian
Democrat, and had great faith in
the triumph of those principles. I
Mr. Stephens had an immense au
dience and spoke with clearness aud
vigor, exhibiting no signs of weari
ness. Market Summary. In New
York, on the 20th inst., cotton was
weak at loialoi. Turpentine lower
at 38. Rosin dull at $2.45. ; Money
active at 3a4. Gold firm at lOialOL
Exchange 485. State Bonds strong.
Governments dull. I
In Southern cities of the United
States, cotton 13 to U .
Near Smith field, Johnston county, on
the 14th inst., by Uev. John JonesMr.
Charles A. ScotT, of Goldsboro, to
Mrs. Mary Jane Brows, ot Smith
rjeld. New-Berne Times will plea?o copy.
Era Offick, Oct. 21, 1S74.
Business continues dull and quiet.
Meats and Sugars are very firm and on
the advance. Other quotations un
changed. COTTON.
Transactions in the staple yesterday
were very light. The market closed
at 13J for low middling.
General Market.
B AG GING, Domestic 2! lt yd. 15!(a,lGi
FLOUR, North Carolina $7.2."i?7.30.
CORN, 1.20.
CORN MEAL, $1.20.
BACON, N. C. hog round, 151.
" 44 hams 18.
BULK C. R. sides, 15(15J.
shoulders, 103.
LARD, North Carolina, none.
" Western tierces, 16.
kegs, 17.
COFFEE, Prime Rio, 25.
" Fair " 24.
SYRUP, common, none.
MOLASSES, Cuba, 50.
SALT, 2.50.
CHEESE, Cream, 17J.
Factory, Iti&l?.
" Dairy, none.
NAILS, on basis for lOd, 4.75.
SUGAR, A, 12.
Extra C, lli113.
" Yellow, 101 10?.
LEATHER, Sole 27 i
HIDES, green, 7S.
drv, 13.
TALLOW, 910.
POTATOES, sweet 75.
Irish, Sl.00foSl.25.
OATS, shelled, 75.
" sheaf, 1.25.
FODDER, old, S2.00.
' now, 1.25.
HAY, N. C. baled, good, 1.25.
CHICKENS, grown, 25.
EGGS, 20.
BUTTER, country, 40.
FISH, Mullets, 7.00.
" Cut Herrings, none.
" Mackerel, new family, 12.00.
RAGS, 2.
BEEF, on foot, 5$G.
' dressed prime, 5G.
and the way to preserve and maintain
that economy is to know where and how
to make judicious outlays in thG selec
tion and purchase of goods. We pro
pose to give the following advice gratu
itous, or free gratis and for nothing. It
is a well known fact that at
may be found the largest and most at
tractive stock of
Ladies' Dress Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
All of which were purchased at panic
prices and will be sold at bottom figures.
Our specialty is
The largest stock in the city, compris
ing every grade and quality and sold at
prices that will DEFY COMPETITION.
Especial attention is called to this
branch of our trade.
Our stock of Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Ac,
is large and variou?, and itom this day
we will offer at and below cost our stock
from the fact that we have not store
room for the immense stock on hand.
To secure tho best bargains call early
and don't fail to remember the place,
2 Doors South of Williams Sc. Hay
wood's Drug- Store,
and sign of
1G lm
The Board of Directors of the N. C.
State Penitentiary hereby offer a reward
for the apprehension and return to them
ai the State's Prison of the following
prisoners, who escaped on the 3d of
September, 1874.
The Board have recommended to ills
Excellency to pay the alve amounts,
and he assures us that he will stv the
same promptly paid at tin- n turn of'tli
By order f the limn.
Raleigh, Sept. 4th, K-S74.
Description the Escaped PrUo.-i-
Abraham A udersoti. il.. frm ' , -
county, 2 vears ol.i..: loet -j !ik-Ih- hitrii.
sentenced October SJOui. i7l,lr 5 e.w..
Riehard Holmes, col., from Xw
Hanover county, 25 veins old, a feet, 2J
inches high, sentenced April 2lst, IhT,
for 5 years.
Isaac Iiaale3r, ol., from Davidson
county, 24 years old, 5 feet, 7 inches
high, sentenced April 2Sth, ls73, tor 3
Benjamin Hunter, col., from Pasquo
tank county, 23 years old, 5 feet, 4 inch
es high, sentenced Decern ber 17th, 1873,
for 5 years.
TUTE. Under charge of Christ
Church, Winchester, Ya. Rev. J. C.
Wheat, A. M, Principal, (formerly
Vice-Prin. Ya. Fern. Inst., with com
petent assistants in the various depart
ments of English Mathematics, Nat
ural Science, Languages, Music, vocal
and instrumental, Drawing and Paint
ing. The session of ten scholastic
months begins Sept. 2, 1874. Circulars
of course of study, terms, fec, sent on
application to J. C. Wheat, Winchester,
Ya. References: The Bishop and
Clergy of the Prot. Epis. Church of the
Diocese of Virginia. 4w
wm n kJ.wfcj m. ax. m
.Dr. J. Walker's California Tin
egar Bitters are a purely Ycgctablo
preparation, made chiefly from tho na
tive herbs found on tho lower ranges of
the Siena Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, the medicinal properties of which
aro extracted therefrom without tho uso
of Alcohol. 1 Tho question is almost
daily asked. "What is tho cause of tho
unparalleled success of Vinegar Bit
teks?" Our answer is, that theyrcmovo
the cause of disease, nnd tho patient re
covers his health. They 'are the great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invjgorator
of tho system., Never before in tho
history of. the world luw a medicine beeu
compounded 'possessing tho rcnwrrkablo
qualities of .Vinegar Bitters in healing the
sick cf every disease man is heir to. They
are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver and Visceral Organs ia Bilious
The properties of De. Walker's
Vinegar Bittehs aro Aperient. Diaphoretic,
Carminative. Nutritions, Laxative, Diuretic,
Sedative, Counter-irritant Sudorilic, Altera
tive, and Anti-Bilious.
R. h. McDonald & co..
Drnpfrists and Gen. Apia., San Francisco, California,
anl cor. of Vashkictn and Charlton Sts.. N". Y.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers.
In from One to Twenty Minutes.
after roa Ung this advertisement need any one
It was the first and Is
Tho Only Tain Remedy
fhst instantly stops the most excruciating pains, allavs
Inflammations, and cures Conceptions, whether of the
Limes, Stomach, Bowels, or other glandu or organs, by
om; apucauon.
no matter how violent or excruciating the pain the
KH hi M ATH", Bed ridden, Infirm, Crippled. Nervous,
neuralgic, or prosiratea witn disease may saner,
The application of tho Rcadv Ttelle-rtn fhp nartAr
parts wl.ero the pain or difiiculty cxiata will afford eaao
It l.'S I Oil) MTl.
Twenty tirops in half a tumbler of water will in a few
moment cure UK A M f s. Sl'ASMS, SOUR STOMACH.
in-. s:thi kn, sick headache, diarrhoea.
;;i tt all INTERNAL I'AINS.
':'rnvflers should always enrrv a bottle of ILnri-
uy'n lCtt(y Hell el" with them. A few dropsin
. ,t will prevent Mckness or pains from change of
i r.-r. It is ietu r I'.mn I-rench lirandy or Iiittcrd as a
I I! .! Ill Ilk
F:VEIi' AND AOl'E cnrc l tor fiftv wnts. Thorn
a :- medial ayi'iu In thi world that will cure Kevt
ui.i A-'iie. nna an other Malarious, Bilous, Scarlet,
! oi..:u, leunw, anil ottur he vers lamed hv RAD
7VS T'lLLSl so ouirk an RADWAY'S READY RE
L.l.r. Flay an'i& par botilc.
'RONO '.xr rrr.F. RICH rlood IXCREAS7?
SsRaiiarillian Resolvent
has :...nn the most astonishing cttres;
mum- vrUBtisp.n, undeb the
an Increase in flesh
'M is' Seen and Felt
F -. rv ror
II. A I O'.nil
i :s.) .. I.;-- " 1 1
t.f . to: .p-'
. throuuli the Blood. SweaL Urine.
i ; ..1 iniecof the system the vliror of
iije wastes or the body with new and
(:i'ui :;tl Sfi-oiUla. SvnhilU. Hnnanmntinn.
;!.u!.lrit:ir iiis ae, I'icera in the throat, Moutb. Tu
nxirs. N.ietiiii t le Glands and other parts of the system,
-..r Eyes. Sirumoroiia discharges from the Ears, and
'i win fornr f Sliin dUeates, Ernptiona, Fever
. re. Scald Head, Ritij; Worm. Salt Rheum, Erysipelas.
a. -tic, Biack Spirfs, Worms in the Flesh. Tumors, Can
vcrs in the vTtiinh. and all weakening and painful dls
rliarwB8. Niuht Sweats, Loss of Sperm and all wastes of
the lira principle, ere within the curative range of this
wunder o.f Modern Chemistry, and a few days' use wij
prove to any jerson using Kfor either of those forms o
iitea.e its not en t power to cure them.
If the patient, daily becomins reduced by tne wastes
:iid .i'.'ciiTip.w:tjon that U continually progressing, sue--.-f.js
in arreciin:: tlioo wastes, and" repairs the am
iiii M-v tiiKti-rii, mndo Irom Iiealthy blood and thi
- s.vit "A"AKILLIAN will and does xecare a cun
i- '-rim i; I'.r when i.-ice this remedy commences It
i.rn iif wrifi',tioii. ixn-l succeeds lr diminishing tho
.nm .v-.-tcs. -.xr imirs will lie rapid, and every day
I .atient -. i!ifeel iiitnself cr.winit tietterandstronger.
I i- i 't (licwiiu; boiler, uiipctitu improving, aud liei
I ni weight inert asin;;.
.i auiy dies the SARSAPjiwrLLiAif RKnoimn excM
ii'vvn iiini-Jiai fcgcnis in i he cure of Chronic, Serf
i r Cotutitntional, and feliin liseases; but It 13 th
.iceitive cure lur
1 1
Incy & Bladder Complaints,
aTi;i v5i!b rt.ja'-i. Gravel, Diabetes, Dror
id Wojislj (U'ea.i. Gravel
- piia-.'' of W uter, Iitciiitineiiueof trine. Brlirht't
.j i . Aiiu!:iiii(ina, mul iu ml ra.-ci where there are
a 'c-fe dti-Mler-'r?"". r i'i' 'nvr Is thick, clody, mixed
r. -,-ii uu-taiK--ed 'U.-- in-. ni 't' a:i eug, or threads like
ii"e j-ilk. 'r !. . - i dark, biltotvi appear
ii'-v. fin:! v.::r.t i.m! i,:w ii;i,:t. and when there is
ti pricxiiit, i.ui.Ki.j - v.- tic it pairing water, and
(.a. ii i.i tbe oir.:.l . .. i'..u K and loii the Loins.
Tumor , 1 Years9 Growth
Cured btj lUidtvat's llesolvent.
Perfe g t P area tive &RegnlatiBPills
. . '.iis'.tilevi. e)ei;-JiJliy coated with sweet gam.
i -' puriJv, t-r.-;i i aim xtrenctbeti. Kad
i-.-'i tin; cure oJ'j: tLrders of the Stomach,
i. . v-.w-els. Kidneys, Ksud-Jtr. Nervous Diseases,
iK .i l kiitipatlrm. C.-ven-s. Indigestion. Dys-i-i
:a. Eiitouttie, BiiioiiH .v- er. luflamiuation of the
ittiwuL-i. files, and all Derai.i-tiu-nu of the Internal
"i-i-era. Warranted to eftVet a positive care. Purely
-' -ae'able, couuunutg uu mercury, uiiucralsor deleteri
viu drugs.
A lew dose of RADWAT'8 PILLS will free the ys
uniirouiallttiealKive named disorders. Price, 25 cents
KfcAD -KALSE AND TRCE " Send one letter
stamp (n RAD WAY A CO., Ho. S3 Warren St. New
lurk nfonnation worth thousands will be sent you.
The Eargestj Pest and Cheapest
Paper Published in North
Carolina. '
As a First-Class JVws and Literary
Journal, it is Unexcelled. '
One copy, for one year, $2 00
One copy, for nix months, 1 00
Three copies, for one year, 5 00-
Four copies, for one year, 7 90
Five copies, for one year, 8 50
Ten copies, for one year, $15 oO
Twenty copies, for one year, ' 5 00
jr To every getter up of a CLUB OF
TEN, one copy will be sent free for ono
year. Address
' Wilmington, N. C.
rive ileauumi ltxlS In. k,
Head the Splendic Family iapor,
A fiixteeu . colujpo paper, dovotcU to
The Family CircleL ;
xtf-SttbscribV for it 1 YoU ill get
our five .beautiful prcmiuili. llvad
their description below. Remdrnbor you
can get live enffraririgs that j retails for
SI in the art stores, and a seinj-rnonthl v
paper for oue year, giving ;va,luahle ro
liKioua sketches, temperance stories, ro
ceipta, wit, humor, Ac, Ac., j
Ai.r. Fon o.m: dollaic !
If you are not waistied with tho
pictures return them and io wiJl re
turn tho money. No paper in tho coun
try gives such premluniH; no4aper ha
so valuable reading matter.
pifGeneral Le. Lyinjjj in Stato ! A
fine engraving of a : beautllu! young
lady decorating tho casket of tho old
j&r Death of General T. Jr. (Stonewall)
Jackson ! This is oue of monj touching
enyravinirs ever 'offered to th
'A7-Two (ood Little Kistern ! They
aro ministering to the grief of their un
happy brother, who, while running in
the woods barefoot, huts got ft thorn in
his foot and a moto in ono of his eyes.
JSrrI,ook at Papa! A J'ouhff mother
is holding up a photograph of hor hus
band for their baby girl, wko is looking
at it with enthusiastic delight "
2TMothers Joy ! lMain ova! picture
of a pretty young mother wit i her baby
boy in her arms.
Read this nil again and thin send Si
4-tf Wadesboro, N. ('.
Patented January Utli, 1874,
The undersh
ned offers tti the public
Carolina Spring Bed Bottom,
which for
luralility and
he challenges the worlq.
Thi.s bed is composed of j tho spiral
spring, made of tho best tempered steel,
is simple- in structure, and ijs perfectly
noiseless, being an improvement upon '
all other similar patents.
I will sell County or Stato Rights at'
low figures. Parties wishing to nego
tiate should communieato with meat
Any ono with a little energy, can
make money with this patent.
For particulars, address
jan. 2S-tf Haleiph, N. C.
Clkrk anp Collectou's Okfiok,
Raleigh, July 17, 1874.
JJN will bo in my olllco daily for tho
next thirty days between tho hours of
D a. m. and I n. m.. and 3 and 6 p. m..
for the collection of lhe taxes of the Cilv
of Raleigh for tho year 187L Taxes
must bo paid within this tiino or thev
will be collected according tii lnw.
52 12t i Collcotor. .
Clkrk and Collec tor's Okkick,
July Gth, 174.
, ' - f.
Actintr under an ordinance! DSHsetl bv
the Board of Commissioners, Juu6lo,
1874. I herebv not if v all nOrsons Who
failed to list their' taxable td come for
ward and list the same withijn the next
ten da3rs, under jxonalty of the law.
47 4t. ' Clerk and Collector.
Tho undersigned, appointed bv Mm
Board of Commissioners of jthe City of
Raleigh to superintend the issuo of
Bonds for City Scrip, will be present in
the Treasurer's Ofiice on Saturday, tin
12th instant, for that purposoj
' :; JFFF. FIN J IKIt,
Sept. 8th, 1871 It.
Cabarrus and McDoicell Streets,
kinds of work; in his line with neat
ness and dispatch-
Raleigh, Sept. isth, 1873. l
An occupation as teacher, hearlncr at
least a second Krade certiticate. If in
formation be retjui red address Wilson
G. Lamb. John (i. Watts, I). W Raelev
and John Watts (whites) residing at
Williamston, where I have been labor
ing as teacher-for the last 15 months.
J. II. R E J USTKltH, (eolored,)
feb 3-tf WillianisU)n, N. C
have been appointed Assignee of
tho estate and effects of Charlea Ro
man, -of Raleigb, Wake eounty, N.
C, who was adjudged a bankrupt
bv the District Court of the United
States for the Eastern District of North
J. II. FLEMING, Assignee, ,
Raleigh, Sept. 8, 187 L , , 12 3t
B n O Y .,
General Agent for the Celebrated.
Estey , Cottage Organs.
Payments easy. Prices low. Sen 1 lor
Illustrated Catalogue.
Also dealer in all kinds of ,
Fancy Goods, Toys. Baskets, Children'
Carriages, Cigars, Pipes and Tobacco". r
Don't forget to call at No. 10 Fayette
ville street, Raleigh, N. C.
Sewing Machine, Silver TlatOd, for
sale cheap, at
The Sixty -sixth . Sosslpn , iylll beln
AucrusL 5th, 1874.
(0 4t J.M, tVUITE.
, , , .ii . - - -
ft :.JtJijc,.,Lji''f f

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