VSORpUfiTaWSDAt WMBM 5,'lS15. FniTJTED AND TCTMSUKU BY DICKINSON ANTIUTlGTP j .ZJiJL-;r i t. , ., . ., , , ' , ; '. i,..,,,,, rr. . -I examine the round who" fuJ 'm " i iould not b& correctly accruinej, i.t J ..L 1 in-r re is do uoum out uicir ubi ! ? imrre is no uuuui o1 rE&M30F TflENEST t treatly exceeded ours, which was 6 ... -i '.M : killed and 10 wouni 'T- IIOriNETS' .'NESTf 1 h- tinlili.hi-d in iti oretent f ' ii " i j .orill t I ArM fiOU, per-enn. , hlf pyU ei the receipt of , : fie fc.it numneT-'tns remain- J 1 i'st at tk en4 of the y ; Subscribers bo receiea their 1 p'apOTi per mil. will b Mlbjwt- . I ed to the eddUu tonal exptnee of Papers to be cont'moei until 11 arrearage sr paid Bp:-, '".' - Adrertiiemi-nti willbe insert. 4 wuer or J hrpt wek; and twenty -fje 1 cent. fee each weeki cootina J oce jhjsct,. however. 10. I reasonable deduction, wheqeen. tinned far .ieveral month,' v' . Murfrteiioro'; St"' , 1 8 ? ounded, none .of thtm . dangerously. - Cttpt. . Lottoa has returned to camp. , , ; . ?n.e-detachment of 2000 me A, ordered by' the Governor from the militia of this .State, to rtndez yrus at this place- on the 20th tv" have been encamped for ' sev d.-jya on the bask of the " riferOa Tuesday lastt' )u fi -Richard Crooks, 1 Wasr-; - tins Village, we are tajvy to inform our readers, that eot -a. single per son was either iuleu and very little damn vill;i'e.srfofn several Mtaro, that a nu ' domestic cmucoTai,ecT. 14. IMPORTANT i - '. ' cf a 1 r from tin rounh'. bri'- '' nerair lucl ferree,! of A '' tocnty, and Robert Pan' Fayette coun .coliJr,, id they will rarch c . ioin reneral i liarrison, i J-qiiarters we ' understand, nter, in phio. . v.'i ' : ' ' . .V.., U. .,, " Da Friday.last, u . ut 43 British .beats came up the river St. Law rence. 1 cry arrived at joimstowa about ?inset,'scorted bv tno r ' " b :v. Ca t'-eir leavifV .1 far. Trestott, (opposiu i , ) several sevr r tlie boats- rjes give v iti"re 12 r ;,d. that t ..at, and ma, AT ' ' v the j f i- re m t . Ontario A' r bounded; doae.'to.- our Jtrrtrr wc' i r killed &' I on board licir bane vh circuni- , dismount-. .c ir iroa .ys i dfid anura v managing :' I 'tri'i rt rreict r " on t i CASAKDAtCiiA, Saturday1) evening, L U 10. J GRE AT .'AND ULLIANT ? has past ar some interesN kh we hasten readers "of the . ars . that ' the d hut just ar. ithi other vo. muting to 2C0 ..T.iloe,' on the I Dih ir.sunt la h vefeel . : - The western st. rived and trir s v in'j iottel'icnce v to lay btlore C,n Ilesserrr. It t l rava sa.Ior w livedon t" z 11'" Ijctetrs, In all t neti, wert frO'"i tluht cf the C 'i : l.-oa.",'and to . i" - i LC. 5. . Our army of Ohio is encamp ' 1 r . ... 5 A m;i..a rmiH 'tK Indian, viilagfr Geo- Harrison !! :nr.il Turner, when ther arrived nt inn u ti,nce louna me iouiuu fled and the JUritish artillery sup. J- t ' s . - A . posed to be tasen py ater uowo the .Maume-Gen. Vl irrison wa on Sunday ,Ist presHinj down" the Kaymt, hoping to cut off their re treat to Urpwnstown, T hundred vapgins nur.hed from St., Mary's 3.d:y agj with biscuit, flour and bacon for Defiance. Fort Wayne is again besieged by 'Indian v " The troops of Ohio, Gen. Harrison ddes jiot wish to advauce farther -than ; Manary's Until he orders. Wehave with us a. travelling fof ge, 3 ammilf nition waggons, 4 pieces of artille rj'f 1200 troops O ie company of spies, one company of dnigoons, i at inst have tents., and camp equip page in good order. I shall joia the armyto-moriow.M ' I' '; --' '' ' ' ., ' ' , . . UTTSBURH, (PENK'OCT. 9 '.'! By the express, post 'fro-n Pop tj. ih. J.o'.fl.niiart.'ft 'at ffrnersl n,f in. " ll r Wadsworth, about "30f' miles from Cleveland, we are happy in having it in our power to contradict the re port in cinulation of tjic defeat massacre of a ' detachment from gen. Ptrk m's command at the river Huron. The circumstances related to us, and Which 'mav be depended ur 'jo, are as foiiowi-Gn Per kins had dnached. Hptaln' Cotton, with a party pf 90 menVto the IV ml nsura of Sandusky tb'seciire some . ,1i ..iM in K tViprf -nn tht arrival ofthe'partv'they disi overed o'prtl inulBijTrnyTn wiry, iuiuhui.' t:nckeJ'tlie Indians retreatVdi til thty were joined by another pw tyj when a t)'r;sk fight took place, !i Jiad it 'no ben for sonae misunder tjCiiing of tha-orders,,'it f prb Lie the whole of. the Indiims would havi Iwen killed and wken, as our men had outflanked and nearly sur rounded Wtre and. Lou ,. orUer to cover tiie boaia io proceeding ;- to Prescott' from JoWitown, The fire was returned io a very spirited manner from our batteries, until. it wa perceived that long shots made out very attic effect. -On' Satvlrday snorning; the bosis were disr.overcd r be ia Prts coU harbour- and early In the rno n iigthe eijetny reCommeiKed a hea vy fire on this place, from 'la's; fs and 6 pounders, which genernl Brown thought not, proper; to; an. s wen. The fire continued for, half an 16uV. The" enemy were busily engaged (ill day in ' preparing their boata fon aomething ;more serious; andl about 10 o'clock oa Sunday morning, 25 bt ata, aided by 3 gmv boatsj mounted with 9 pounders, moved up the river from Prescott, ah6ui three-fourths 'of a mile, apd ' then tacked and made for thi place. As soon as they f altered ; their course, alt the cannon on the .batte ries at Prescott; opened a oo this village. Which was not answer edtill the boars had advairtd about the middle of the nvtr, when out halterirt cpmnifTJCfd tremendous cannonade wpoo themy which after about : an" hour,caused the enemy to return W I'resiott m gre at con riminn. .... ft: tf : iiifilcious arranffe ments-nadeby col. Benedict capt. Forsyte apt,'. Griffin,' major' D r kfc Hotehkiss, capti Jlu iitfd,lapt- Dcnedict,:,capt,; M'Kit fnd others, of the troops undtf Ihelrommand,' as directed bj gCn BrOwny ha e enemy attempted a landing Jin . .nehse' slaUghtef must f"Attab!y have ensued.'-Nb person 1- -LuM -nave xeen . jnore. jiccpu y c .tt gen; Brown through the whole action. Praise" is" also due :to . hit field; ttaflV ad commissioned , offi cers .i"-.i. , ' ' . :' " if., tV.. irtlon the British are taught, that 400 Yankees will not SrSv LWdS Breckenh8e,Ud fn. rnt h which were then iying,.under the protection of the British fort Ene. Tbc"y , compfutely succr;eded 'Jn tiling the vessels : and'.fcAy pri soners, and brought Jthern to,Black liock and. there ; run, them a. ground, Thia was about 3 o'clock in the morning The battery1 oppo. sice Black 1 Uotk cotomenced f dreadful fire upon 'the Vessels! and as 'major Wal. II. Cuvler, aid to geh. Hall, and maiof Mul!anyv23d regulars; were rtding1 down the Heach, , 1 shot from .the battery struck miijor Cuyle, and' Instantly killed him. It is with much, regret we announce this fatal termination of thi amices of a brave, active and useful officer. And we regret that -jlorioua aftv achievement should have produced, such a mis fortune Two of the volunteering party Were killed and.f.woundcd., when the stage left Buflaloe, yes terday morning, the firing from the . ulsh" continued incessantly. We shajl soon hear .what was the effect Eldest ion of the late Henry Cuykr,.Esq,. of Oreenbu6hr..- :'sfV-.'V "ii'"' ,''!,', V'T'-V ' ' Front soma of. ths. passengert who arrived vtsterdaj' in the tteam boat from Albnry, we learn, then the echf . Ckledonia was brought In to Black Rock Harbourr and that our'brave: sailors had burnt, the brig, in consequence of ,Jier,gettjng agroundk It i said, hat the hriE & schooner had en boai d 500,000 dol lars worth of fur, belonging to the North West Company. ; v ' e :' V The passeflgers also-state,. that in.:.;.unejeBttrprie,.i.w!::did. not lose more thati ft or la fnen. A. 71 Gait '':V teatii: by a gentleman who left Geneva-on Wednesday morn ing, that on theQm insu toe sail- taiirrht that 400.1 anicees wiu not ini, inn on uwwi w 2 a c 'nS when attarjied by irs at Buffalo, itiada an attempt to the enemy having possession of the S&iSrir troops'. CoU. get the Adams ff,tt not succeed- waggon, and teams-Jhe firing hav- a tnriusana oi wirrwim ..K.iiinnia.W. in been heard at the block honke. irs. was cot off and aecur I ana , p" o - mc ic mr 8 or IO men were uicre ui. niguw v - WAtaiMGTON-CITr, OCT. 20. Extract cf a letter pent S. D'iru- . moort, Jigmi jvr tne w-- Indiawty (htttdStpt. Ut. . -The conference with the Choc ta'wt, Cherokees and Chickasaws closed last evening widi demoitra tionsof apparent satisfaction; The several t speakers, expressed' the warmest attachment to the United Sutes, tjieif gratitude for the inci pient arts received. from tliem and their determi natron to adhere to them -as their only i roty and de pendence." llennutoo,'the Chero kee, had rhe advantage of the Choo tawa; he was dressed wholly in the manufacture of his o -n family, fc took occasion to urge with energy the advantages derived from the paternal care of the- U States and the intercourse of whits ;-xple mong them. : , , , ' "'. ' ''". ;"-' ' i ' The lowing is ad extfact tt a " letter from the CommissaryGe neral's department, dated Octo s ber 10.,, r,..,. , ,' Corps, UU ' i' ' After Issuing frm th depo- take comma sltiof tloathingat Albany for tl.ej tion of the troops at Niagara' and cloathirg for, manded by' c- the 23d and 2Jih rejs. there will! nmately V main et A !':: v, z: ; si" "' -s t- ' !.' aud -Juutii , i.f , -- . tional w90lP! and consider; f,a fret ....kr.yA ihoea, See hawe recently a r- examine the ground who fuJ meJ ... . . ! wounded. Wy rir.t Kg is orose, my t'iht hand shot tfiroiJrb wi'V ( three halls, my left arm broke, - left leg shct through, a ballVi.i . v " lei t thigh, near the gtola, .snoth'T.;: through the loweif part of ray Lo ' dy, which Tenders me altogether hcJpless.They found cue man ca , the ' tround that ' was dead and scalped, several fr ore wounded that J had escaped in the bushet the mt of the men are all found except ontf, who has not as j et been htai !' ' of. There were six wounded, my self and cspu Fort excla&ive. They, cut in pieces On wargoni the otht t '.' one and the teams they took is way, We suppose, to carry off their clsad, : ,."', aft the men who went to examine the ground supposed there. Were' 5 or 6 killed and numbers wounded. The enemy,from alt actf uuts, were about fty ia number. ' You thay; suppose that I am in a dreadful si. tuation, though I jet hcpe"T shall; , recover in a few months, ' ,: ; 1 Lieut. Sevier of the f laHnO the Jfth to ouihetn sti- r!y conv- , unlor"-1'. ilUn- I .- dered.-,.,.'..! Ou renrte'M will recbllect to have read in our paper a.feV days o i - . err.. . V - fl' t.'M. t; l,-m. In n VMM.li i.,7i in this Oiii, dated Cinc'in , Tuiuo; or. y,'; . , tour n?s . beet reao in our paper a.iew oays . M an extract from a Savnah pflprr, J requesting Jiromtw rt. lamented by all who had the plear sure of his acquaintance of lw horn there kre. many in this city. The fnllnw'inT U An extract of a letter to l".ut. rolnnel Ft Whartorli the com-" mondant of the marine corps at this. place, dictated by mm, tnree oays after he received 4is wounds and. received a few days ago." , Vi -' ' ''Davit Crirel, Block House, 1 Vi'S4;i riSth September '; .Onthe nihtoi the ijtn insi. as I was'marching with a command of ' about twehty "men, -with ,two waggon from the" Camp to this place, I was, at ftbout tet miles frtitd th.isi in ; the dttbk' 'of tiie vening attacked! by a party of Tndiatos and ICegroes, who fired -'upon VsY. it being dark, wc commenced bat tle thich continued rly as Jong as a man of tny cou...iand hud a eartridge ,during hich, timeJUe- .iivtir mn nnrt wfl cflf. ried pff by two of the ( men. Cap t. Fort Ol the ' Volunteer " company ttien took command, till .at length and forced td re treat in the hest manner they C uld ..a 1 1 . . s.f elv. boration vt Colw. Cass's sWrment to the Secretary of War, r v Burrender 'of the North Vi v -Armyj .We haie read the rolrm. lV statement with attent'n, "artl -find a pretty correct history 61 tUr mil a ion, although , vit 'tiavt bLsci.vtd that some important ftis h:;ve Ieen fimitrcil. ix,a oihrig Rnm( what ir ac curately stated. We hate also react :Z giving an account of akirmish oft our, southern irontier Detween a few American trooos.' orindbnlly marines, and band of Indians, ft Negroes, in winch captain' liams, of the Marines, was shockingly- srounded Information yes terday reached this city that he has since -died, or his wounds. ; ins ....... .1 , 'It . L loss Will wregrenea py aii vnp i ---f - . . , ! . , ' e snow now io vniuc iiumuui, v"'5.i j . . ... -r j .. and worth. He Will be particularly ,ftu"? f?' ni,ve . rouna ' " i . ,i i . l .1 .v. i. - i DmuiuiDC in inHcrtiracics' snu mis- statements the general has hot on ly underrated his own force, hirt has-, la our, opinion',' m: gMfied inS- . . , . .... . i . i Mteiy mat i tne eni mj ana enu-' mersted dangers rrnd tlifficuUita Which existed only in imagination. f, .That the m'earts within Cur poiyer were not properly upplied, is A e lancholr furtw und that the armv ym uunecesaarily-. .katiiificcd, suul tne a men an arms i iBgraceo, none , but the base a d cowardly will at. tempt to deny. ' ' 1 ' . ' ; You are authorised to ms.ke whnt use,: yod tnaj think proper of tliii 'Jeuer.'., : ;'.;"". " V - ; We are, with jtnuch respect, , '':'. Your obedient servants, r " ; . ,r . -mb.kj jesSUP; rigade Jljnjor A.' IV. Army. f 'V.; r JAAtEb TAYLCK, 1 M Cen 'tr.iArmtj. Extract ef a!i 'tier'rcm John Qii . tiw,. E a. ,cting . Covernout ' J". Jndii.na, dated ytwenr:tut iJkti.it f lr," 1812. ' ., J; Mafor General Ilopk'nSvkft here ort ihe 5th instant. He has vnckr hii commaid upwards ot X'XXJ mounted riflemtn-and he wilt, I. he pe, in a few tlays, be amply pios vided'with every, thing' Becesmry lor the t-iditioa. : V '.. T

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