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LA- The IIOHNETiSMEST witl be published in it present foirm at Three DolVs.. per ann.' half payable; on the receipt of the first nutiiber--the reraain- tUrut the en of thejyeait, . , 'c:u ' 'l ' l jj. ii -;Y b 99 ox 4 Si K0 papers per mkUj wUl jbe subject ed to .the additional xpehce of 5 s:d Paners to lift" rnntihiiprl! until all arrearaiies are paid upl Sfe y Auveriisenie.nts wm oe insert ed at. one dollar per squi; re for g three weeks; and ; twenty-five cents tor; each weeks contina- loJ V -ill Yi : . . . . . 101 9 mm u . .... - i i . vfc. iriqe-subjeqt, : i owver, ca reaso nable d 3 d action wht to a M4, neon- f &6 tinued for several months . Alurfrccsbbro, Sept. 3, 1312. r Y. Y'-Y. Y." . " h - . -i - I - . Y-, .- ' -. . I .' ... - u-- j j- . -a .-.'i ., ,. . ... .. - -Y. V. ,"- , ... . ' ' 1-2)2 UI "T . i TTl ! WAS rv-allr nnala.. i i TERMS OF THE NfeST. Kg It is wel tgWmmmmWmmm &My to give jtime : to : every gen ' ' I . ' . j ' I 1 tlcman to examine the whole sub- DOMESTICE. . J 1 - CONGRESS HOUSE OF 'Hi Et R EJ5 e!nT-ATT 1 Y E s'.- Yt Qii tlfe moUon. of; MrJ to nostoo joiitr to. Monday next the bill for an increase o baVal es- tabUshinent. MrYALSTON saij, aliiljoiiRh he sunportea tner motion or tleman from Kientucky-he be. considered as hosile 1o the en crease of the navy, cctosisitent with the resources pf the na ion. ' He should vote to postpone the final determination ofY the1 'passage of the bill with , W (view! of valang up a resolution i liioV, upon the table a : few days since' and not acted upon by the gentleman from I ennessee (Mrf - Grundyl'YWitjioui Y-the:: jn-' lormation sisked for bfv.-th it resolu tion' he should not like to be called upon to yote upon the billjlt- is a Y fact well knowp to mpst c f us that ; large sums nf nioney have been' ap propriated lor the purpose of pur chasing timbe"r-let us th en agree ably to; the language o'f. the, resolu tiori have the j amount la d before us -let us compare it (with the mo- ney expended: If .it shall be .found that ; we have the timbeil "the Gill a' much.: lar- per majority ttian it ,can at cresent: H and ?f we" should find that the mdi I ousijr ,iaimcu wouia iu-not. give I j Ygreat satistactibn to thejh you have not the urnber land ybus money sliall have bceii satlandered. ue naiioiHjLlv on Ytjie?icontraryv I . . . . . w. r - k.u. ;,a li would any person say w e wereCrea- :-. .1- r - .il ...YliYv.'LL Y'?r- yy:y Viy , lUf IIIC UUUCi IHKlUg OI SO 1111- YnortantVan increase - as theYh recent y 'billet contemplate ' it s, anwuiu uc juuuu uiau ,wasic,-anu. ex.--. -Ytrayagan theiday;inkhe.& ; should , b3urd:: to ' je c t tfie,?eViiir &!Ppstpone tHe bill ihd 'Mssttttesdi I lutibn and w'YSom e " of the -clerks in the navr de-1 eyeVttcte hiking ,;..f:refi;jn Y:'r;;"; yy thatj V. A Y-ll1i! ZT-l jVlj YYt! b,v'iL-Y . ' - the resolution could ' .riot be bbtain- e,aii(dYthat0 terror, if-ribt Decdect-of utvr.-inis r lroanagement; rnustexikt ijiie cle- PY, ! t V .... . . ... .' . j fr.. . ir' j- Y .yyyYyyV, :vT-"' , r" '" "V Y.-5 Y-t every riavy vartl of .the United States an officer who :s5Upqrintepds 'the.'yard who.se hounden'tluty;it is or ought to be to keep exact accounts pf. -every piece of timber1 brought intotho yard, and also, to, keep an exact account of -every stick used in the yard a clerk is assigned to suchofficer.- Regular returns from! each yard are or ought to be made1 to the department. He hoped the advocates pi the bill were not a Iraid that the j information, when produced,, would make an impres sion against the propriety of pas sing the bill at this timej if they were it would of itself be with him almqst a sufficient reason to ioin & tt- i? uie 01"- or nimseit, iect, and to irive all the information asked" for;v he therefore hone'd the motion to'postpone would prevail. uiu uuj. . ribc lor tne purpose or ;6in at 1 arge in r the merits of the ilbehacl been too loner confined bJire2Indisp6si tct attempt jicypii .it ere in gracr to ao so sjttppri f the?pf esent m which he supposed it was notion a mere mo- viui vu puaipoiic, , again expres- seda: 'hope YthHt llsides; of the I house would ; codcur in -the , nosU ; pdnement and take' tib thei resold ti on (of r the? gentleman from ;n- nes see and pass' i tV - r 'C' :-:Y.: y-y: -v y rYY-;Y- Y ; A motion Kavingf been made by. Mnsv;C.utisi54 bill for increasing ihe Navy; which hadibeen some ' days underY consi deration , with ei ght sloops of war. SAWYER said, he was surprised that any gentle man should recommena a. numper qrt sloops Yoi waijfwhh th them proving f unatis wierably th great superiority ofl meu of; warrol ,ver'iTigate.s0;aso;ih leirtTelativl" per ion tyhbld between 74's ' and frigsa ;tHemand smlet;sHips: In this do ;cument the tetter ;bf : the S e cretar v of thc Navy to ;. the C o m m i 1 1 e e on' NavrrlIairs.Y 1 3th Nov;' after 'goh qri (Mr.; S. "would not ;take uso;m:uch tirne as. to read the whole of it) ;td shew the compara liy djsupe ri ority of a 74 t o a fri iate I'lripolntof : powerfcohcludesl. thatv I t nil ihinf; rnnTfiprpri it lnict T t rccunlmrr S6 rcuw is ecual in torn- . , . - w .-v.-.' ..i' : , , r :v-. - -r : tat to threevfriatei mountinr i&l guns : Onv the vheatlYbf ekpense ihe advarita ge i s denionstrateo! to . AeYstill;asr.rVaL in lavour ot -the 74.: 1 he annual ipenceis estimated atS lSSO iii.Fa;o'fr-of-t ippYtWrelatiyeY gates' and - ships ofwar,;hnd : of ihips of war iitid n45oat s e"lmcr ;SimitarJr esul t s; in ayoi ar :ef?dasbrvess'efi;:' moil e n F m 1 rnlntinn:..tv'f tvt-. muw; aujjjjybc, ucui uiuir to vtniS throwithee "efthf: sloops of war iri- tQ 74. SYwhat an immf nsp tfivinrv W nien;ari3';trioriey would they'riot af-ford,- besides their' addit in-. created strength! If vf :o In v. this increase to otir - , certainly icy reqmr made in that form v guage of 2 :.y Inn.. rf) " the YYc-U;V ;W"i.Vk-'' ' 'Yi' - ; Y- .V-, r-V ;l : " 'S' Y - 'Y r- 'Y''V,Y" .Y.Y1 greatest intririsick force may b posed that efficient pence To Stewart mend a mixed forced but he nroves - "' ciiicicucy oi iri- gates and sloops of war are 4 to 2. Gons eq lientlv. of 74.s ,:-Wfw1 slonnci tViaf- VVio .l t.v-: Yfic It li il'.f :r of war as 1 to 5. vKeitner has 'he, stated the - number i of oopsXthat should be employed slid lihaVeY heard no reason vhyrwhould be called; upon, to make 4b" great a sa-4 crificein men "and moneyras wbiild be required to effectuate the motion, of the gentleman' frbrrf Massachu setts (Mr. Cutis), ; for filling the blank with -such a number of that kind of force. The - cxpence of balding .and , manning sloops ; of war is not given, by which we could estimate how j. many ships of the line might be built at the expence. of . 8 sloops of war; but it is enough 4or e to givejthe preference to the. large ships, to know that five sloops of war are- eq ual ; onrVY to one mn n I troetltr nronfoH 7TT,;'i..lZs, ,:J". - are require dfor the annovance of the trade oFthe enemyf In that re- jjafuA icur iney areYratner untor tunate; for I liave .heard of few or no prizes made; by that, class of ships, while they are the kind .wei' have lbst during: the wr.r. But wiii this nation, in a just and hen-" r ii , . . y ...... . ouraoie war, tninfc' abcut scramb ling for. the , pelf of the seas with privateersmen? - No; .let us kve itrie;, pitiful spoil of rnerchaiidize to private enterprize and contend with our enemy in, a more on en & Inrahlyrfare.YOur privateers will cuuic ucsiructipn .. io xneir trade; let tt be our ambition to . destroy her 'criginesVbf i aval tyranny. If; we cjmnotpport oufurights in- a; fair and opeirinannejfi shij) to shi p, ma n to man j we; are not Worth : h avin g themiTButwe.Ycaa y db Ht: : we'i can - force fHerbri !her;bwh i UllU rigUTS., 15U t ; -JIOWY- Or ' where?Y the brHy -means; for dbjng it 'are y takerA-awaybiy tHt;irbte,fbr striking.put the : r's.V j cannot' ex press eanortificatibri?fed at that unfortunate cffcisioii 'Jit i&a:staU' at ourlit;gretness,: which will reacti:Uteih.m6s't.soul.otV-6 y-v-y t-.'-.' y .r. . JtV; 'it-X .VH'Y- r YY.,K- .Tpu hve just decided, Sir, that m wasptYip; bfdeir tb propose-ten ; sloops ;ofa pot ha&.eadyjbee owy jtifejyut then hajvxee velaysv for strikinG: outnlie -.jr.4?L was fakpn ;ahd;lbst, bnly-36eing5 mvburYof v.iifiw: surt .or parliamentary legerdemarn has-t iieen oroughtgain befee'theXom mittee, and ;a vote-given c'dri'trarv', to cpntrarytpYailYcnmihaiaawaV had two nalsfpth t-i..'l V. YY' .i i -' Ii i ' t. '"t; V" -4 - , r . , ' -l feV.gn.eas; under; th?J thesecondBatvh was a redeeming spirit in th e hpus e that-would rescue him from an un- end: ?. 'y :;; V ues day em far 22."yY i tiie"-Housc. of Itcprcsaitatres of l'tkz United States. ; . : leat. expence, li lit; this 'nro- tary ot btate comnlvmir withithnr : y rt timf irti limKne y" .;j r,Y 3- 4 amendment 'wouldi reverse"lresoution of the Qth instant, y i lie andTamiMih- BcstonY Masa. y . " A policy, by n-ivinir the Iras tLYY TAMKSMADISn?J ' i CA ,r.ttR , , -.. fl yy,---, ... . rs. . ,; . ;- -w. force at.''the'rTreatestT4 -I v-t.,The Secretnrvof --Stati'tri wri-r AV???; rrof?-' wJna-lK w - y- Yf v " ' ' was referred ahe ' XYivL- be. sure, the letter-of cant.' I House of: RenresentativcsY tif tli I bouts, nnd'is Kamnoa V'fik"- WUK - r: Y r'Y'. 1yV-v ' Oil this-subject does recom. 1 9th instant: reniiestiti'infbrrhn! if ' i,r. 1-Trl1 of tlT T'R'Wawhoo XT' " . ' 7 V I transmit to the ftcusc of .'Re - -'-"Y- .--r f: ir : " Y- . ' r '-:Y . Y ' ' -j touchinc: the conduct of. British ncers towarus. persons taten in merican-armed ships -,has the licn our to lay '..before trje ..President the accompanying papers marked A . Bv -frpmwhich.it. appeal s tliat 'cerfain'iersons"some of whom are said" to be native and others natu ralized citizens of the United States, being partVofheV crews of the United States armedHksels thb Nautilus,, and the "AVasb.? and of the private armed vessel the I- oai an iicBj.. nave peeu ;seizea under - the pretext ;of their being British, subjects, by British officers for the avowed -purpose as under stood of having . them brought Yb ;i r u !i:"Y,:-y.i n wa. ui liicirj iiycs, ana j mat otners .being tiart of the cl ew of the Nah tils,, jiaye been taken into the Brir tish service. Y YrV" , . - . -" The Secretary - of : State jbegs leaye also to lay beforer;'the :PresU' denitrie frpprY these it will; be iSeeri "that whilst the D ritish naval dccri ar re s t as;cri mi n a!s , s uch persons, iaki eh on. board A merican armed -'vessels as they may consider as British subjects' they claim a riirllt to : re tain on board" ships' of war Amen- viwcua vxiu uiay nave married in E n gland or been i mpressed from cn board British merchant vessels and that they consider' anVim prcssed American when" he;isY dis charged from one of their ships as a prisoner, of war. y Y Y Y' " - yy :Ali which- is respectfully sub mitted, JAMES MONR'dE. - Department of State, Dee.; Y;. 10, 1812. V Extract f rem; a yHabbitt to mdsterr.tdmmandan? William -'-'JU Crhfydh.U; yrNautihs dated JSostoji (MaO Qthejtisi2 Pry:.y:; j.. y ;Enclosed I , send you a descrip tion of the prpportiorT of bur Ji ttle crew, who have been so debased 8c tra4tbrousas tonterthe serviceof bur enemy; ;A.lsb a list of those gallant fellows whose , jloryt would have been their glory to havedost the i r lives in ; th e : service of t their country, nndtjjyhbse has ;'.been i to r cross -thetlanticji bp susbicipncf?;th subjects! four of -tlunr native tbrn Americans, and two naturalized ci tizens. O n thej r parting -with me, and removal froiri . the Africa of 64 guns to the Thetis frigate iheait ter I with a convoy to .!Englandln Int. '43 SO, N. and 46 36V.) thpit last desire' was' that;I';out(;prti cnlarly acquaint you with their sitiia: tion, uith their determination never to .prove v Traitors io that country I "Y n . '".: ' - . - 4k liiuy ycic uiuau. uj serve under, and whose weltareprosi wnose nagtney were proud lo serve perity, they equally hoped Yandianr ticipated t'o'reYlise. J ; ' -v yy e f fbigned) F. II. II ABB ITT. I A list of men caid to have entered 'on board hi z B Z.I. IV irate Shan- . non, ccy I: rook e, their y. ':r.ov;n. .'', ' descri fe feet, V ir hair yiy.1 j c au- .owHdnvc.a icpua w uic occre- , j -a Jrpeu-ent m.nis speeciu Y . ; Y, I Y . I VUUWllUi:. UlJfJ LU1IUULL VJ1. 1J1 ILLS,, . t A Vi i. - - ' - 'T 1 V - .. ' - - t Iccinp.j::: 01 A .-: r y- ; ) A r xt . 4 u-yy::1:yy ches high,-; late: mouth, Yerilisted ,i vith capt. ;HalH NavyVYard New- -. York.'vhen adrtessed or in addrps-.'1 ' . sing an ;o 15 cer,t lasts down his eyes - ;': ; y-T' for his - pai tictar J description; as -; well as that oi ffohrrjQse marine 5;'--. y,.C I about 5 lest; 8nches,. brovn ha;r r;T full face, thi clet and a scowl in ; ;, Ins countenano-i refer to ca'pt John ; . TVll M . i . - ' . - Y-v.Y-.v :fjJoKn O'iVl.seaman arut -25"' Y"' years of 'age, Kfeet S inches, dart:V hair, snrrrplaoi, dark eyes, thick ; ; set and; was . ft ipp ed : at-YNbrfolk, - " : Y ya,-previous ;tg ybur , taking torn- y : dotri cast. locMand is avefv alert " ' "rnanf entered ii ;New York: in A- - Y .c-Y-.YSlR- ; Y .YvY.. -lYY V s 1 ;have ' the yriour to annex a list of twelve of tfle crew of the U. S. v sloop ot warAVasp detained by capt. J; Bererd or,the British : -"f uiuitiouuuer .jiic pretence of their bein ritish subjects. . ' . . I.have thnhonour, c; y GEO. N. WISE; Purser. ; '" HoPaulaUitt6n;- John M'CliUd, boatswain has : bpeii':'lnV-tfie;jervtc'e:; sirtce. vliBQ4V , -married in r folk in' 1804 or 5, -and has a wilj and four children there. k ' : ' :'!iYf y- - : 1 Joh ri Stephi hs, boatswain's mata ' r has been in yie service five or six years. Y v- ;j . . - YGeorge;YlVID. Read, Quarter Master-T-has protection and has s sailed out of fiibw York;arid Phila delphia for ral years.." ' ' Vm. Mitchell; James Gothright; John Wright, hos. Philips; Peter BarronT all seHien--John Connor, John:;Rcse,, George t Brooks and -Dennis5 DougBrty y'yJ; Yi J Y nurribeh.t at' the jtiirie; ojl entering and bei ri g ; takenl'wQ oj'fiers Ywere r detained: JohnVye.lJHd Thbmas Hiitch . ' ins, but were:J?veri up the former y -k.x.. - ft . - .... . T Mj4ii . j,vja' aaourjnjrY captain Mitchdlrwaso the service dnrinV .-1"' . 1 805 and G in fihe .Mediterranean. ' " . - r f y ; GEO. W I S EJPurgeri,'-. ' ' v - 4 V: ;1 -C v -V ;,:W4shiriorfCty-pecemberO V V.- wiY.;YY:H7t8ft y i y -r - 1 "IV SiRjbiiN :V. 'S V;yv u V y-Y"i.: ;. M rII M 6 n r o e , t y . ' ::l$:20tA Sept. lSt2. ,i , ' - yy?T,-Ti,T:ii;:Y-'i!iiT..ji,5f.t-" ' - Y.Sui-Hayif .receiv A tiori.that a mlit f unauthorised kct . , has bcencorrfnjtted by- Comriio- --:. . - -uore -ioagern in; lorcibly. eeizmg ; : r 12Y'British sUjimeri,- -prjscnep -of ;;t YY war, IrieYbelQging tblhe ; Guern- 7 ere, andYtakife -the'm- out; of thc '"; " A-ngiibu c.rieiuruisn urig r.nae: -vour,-on hvf 1&fesnrre down t1 1 Y.ir cl" licfrfc-X after ti d ! yjc :i rcularljembr.rked cn ?rd yY'-'-;v:y "-4, - . " . Y" ' j . - ; i .7 v.; .1. 3 - Y Y MM- ,i ; -. i Y.-Yl" -Y Y i V1 - : V r:t - t J ... i ... : . J '4 " . . S JV,; t i. I ; ' . i ......... . ?Y;i'Y-Y YA-i-j.v Hi " .Y''Y't-'.YY ? . . . . . ; - T ..."

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