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" jjy T HO 31 AS WATSON.
" ' TERMS, r . .
-'ThrcG dollars per annum payable ir advance.
No paper will be discontinued (but at the dis
cretion of the Editor) until all arrearages have been
IIRemittances by mail yill be guarantied by
the Editor. ' ; .
Xtp' Whoever will secure the payment ot live
papers: shall have tne sixm gr&tis. -
1 'October 12, 1S31.
7TpHE House of Representatives, by a reso
1 Ji lution of the 4th of May 1630,ilirected the
Secrctarv of the Treasury to collect and commu
nicate to the House, suclnnformation, and report
his views on the same, as, in his , opinion, may be
.nsVfulandiinportant to Congress, in enacting re-r-ulations
for the navigation of steam-boats or
tcam vessels, with a vievio guard against the
dangers arising from the bursting of their boilers.
Such measures were accordingly taken, as
wore thought best calculated to obtain the re
quisite information. But, allhoughsomchighly
interesting and valuable communications have
been : received the Department has not suc
j f eded in collectihgacts sufficient to enable it
Ao fulfil .the.directions ot the House.
1 In consideration, therefore, of the difficulty
of obtaining the requisite information, by any
i wans within the power of the Department;
and of the I deep interest which the community,
and more especially those. engaged in steam na
ligation have in the subject, it is. thought best
to .make this public application to all who may
be able, and are disposed to promote the benevo
dent obiect of the Resolution. '
Accidents like those, which it is the desire of
the- Ilouse to prevent, have, unfortunately,
been so numerous, that many persons will have
it in their power to state the causes and cir
cumstances of such casualties ; and these, col
looted from various parts of the Union, cannot
Vail to be highly useful.
Yitli a view to assist in giving that informa
tion a precise andlexplicit character, the folio w
ing5queries were prepared :f" ; 1
' It is not intended, however, to confine it to
the points i)rosent(kl in them, or the form of
communication which they may seem to indi
cate. On the contrary, the Department will be
happy lo; receive' any information within the
: .-cope' ot the resolution, ami comnuuucau m
:.urh manner ak the writer may be pleased to
It isdesirable that communications on this
nbiect should be transmitted toy trie nrsi oi
December, or early as may be thereafter.
Li) VIS McLiAIN fci,
Secretary of the Treasury,
1 i Are vou acquainted with the nature and
use of Steam Engines ? 5 In what employment
have you been engaged ? Were you present,
and in what capacity,, at the bursting of any
steam boiler, or collapsing of a flue ; or have
you been ! made acquainted, by other means,
wiih the factsin any sufch case? If so, in what case?
2. In that case, was the water in the boiler
- T.i- . 1 . 7 K nnt riplnrVit
compared with the lower gauge cock ?
" 1 3. If the hoiler contained a flue, vhatl was
the dillerence hetween the height of (its upper
side and .that of the lower gauge cock ? '
A. What was the weight per square inch on
the safety valve ? :
- 5. Had the saffty valve ever been found rus
ted or sticking in the aperture, or was it so at
'. the time ? :
I ever been heated to a red heat, or approaching
thereto ?
7. Was tli orp. anv incrustation or. sediment
'found at the bottom of the boiler ? If so, what
yvas its thickness and composition ? -
8. In what part vvas the boiler rent, and what
vrcc theappearance and extent of the rent?
9. If the bursting happened to the bolter of
z Steamboat, was the boat underway, or at rest ?
Vas the valve open ? . If so, how long before
the accident ? Was it opened by the Engineer,
or by pressure ?"
. 1.0. Was the piston going at its usual speed,
rr faster or slower ? ,
11. Had the firemen found any unusual diffi
culty in keeping up the motion of the engine
- previously to the bursting of the boiler; and if
vo. how long before?
12- Do the iron boilers used in the Weptern
waters generally accumulate a calcereous injerus
Jation at the bottom? If so, have any or
what", means been used, with success, toj pre
vent it? - i h
13. Is 'it observed that when there is a sedi
ment or incrustation on the bottom of the boiler,
it requires more fire than usual to raise the
-steam; and how often is the sediment removed,
f;nd by what means ?
14. Arc any means used for preventing in
crustation on the. bottom of boilers ; and, if so,
hat effect fias been observed ? j
15. Have any means been employed to prove
eam boilers before they are used or afterwards
;'riji what pressure has usually been applied to
r iroof a given thickness ?. Are the proofs made
hen the iron is cold or hot? J
6. Is there ariv instrument employed to as
certain the temperature of the b:oilcr above the
Hter, rof the steam in the upper part of the
ler? If so. what is it?
- 17. What means are used to prevent the fire
ftm the fire place and flue from extending to
J the boat?
1 18. Have you ever seen steam boilers heated
to a red heat on theiupper side ? If so, is such
' a temperature regarded as a cause of exploding
Doner t .
19- Have anv means been used in the con
ructiorr of boilers "or fire places to prevent the
"Mung ot kthc upper part of the boiji ;r ? If so,
'hat are they?
20. How manvnersons were scalded by steam
and at what distance was each from the boiler?
At what distance from the boiler .was the steam
. , , . i. . m f Woo 4k
supposed to he not enougn io au. . V
current of steam from Uie rent in uie m-
stantaneous, or did it continue for some time,
and how long ? What number of persons were
wounded bv the parts ot the boiler or maeni
nery which were driven off by the explosion,
and what position did each of these persons oc-
cupy in the boat ? -.
21. Have vou ever oDseryea tne piston to
move irregularly, for a few minutes, or for a few
strokes, alternately faster or slower than its
usual speed, without perceiving any change m
the resistance to the paddles, or any other ob
vious cause for such irregularity ; and, if so,
how was it: accounted for ?
22. To what immediate cause have you at
tributed the bursting of the steam boilers,
which have come within your knowledge ?
23. Are there anv other facts within your
knowledge in relation to this subject, which ap
pear to be important in the present enquiry,?
If so, please to state thern
PTTHE Subscriber having determined to re
move to the State of New l ork, the ensu
ing spring,tpfTers for sale the lot No.
72, corner
of Ann and Craven-streets, in the town of
Beaufort. On this lot is a good two story dwel
ling house, kitchen, and an office Suitable for
a Physician also, seven vacant lots in the
.same square
Lot No. 2(5, on Front-street, with
a good two
story dwelling house, kitchen smokejhouse, &c.
This situation is very pleasant and healthy,
and would suit a planter in Craven or Jones
counties, who wished to obtain a desirable and
healthy residence-for his family during the
sickly months. j
A small Warehouse 1G feet by 26,jone and
a half stories high, situated on Jeconias Pigott's
lot, corner of Front and Craven-streets. 4
19000 square feet of Salt Vats, situated on
Gallane's Point, near Beaufort, with; 280 acres
of ffood land. The Salt Works will make on
an average, 1000 bushels of salt per annum.
This situation is as healthy as any on the sea
300 acres of land, situated on the Clubfoot
and Harlow s Lreek Canal. ZQ acres ot this
is rich alluvial soil, and will bring I about ten
barrels of corn to the acre. About Z) acres ot
this is cleared and under good fence 20 acres
more have been partially cleared, and could be
Dut in corn the ensuing spring. Uhere are
two houses on this land suitable fori labourers.
450 acres of land on Petivieve's Qreek, with
an excellent Mill-seat. A good riceplantation
could be made on this land with very little
On the'aforementioncd real estate, a credit
of one, two, three and four years will be given,
;f0ctrl ihn nrpl,ncprfi rrivino- Hnnd with
1 T . i P. 64 i
annroved. security, bearing interest i lrom the
date. 1
1 L. " I -
tolerably good Carpenter. The slaves will be
sold for cash.
One good yoke of Oxen; one OxICart ; one
Horse Cart; one good saddle Horse ; several
Ploughs and other farming ntensils.l v
The above mentioned property, if not pre
viously disposed of at private sale, will be sold
at Public Auction, to the highestj. bidder, on
the first day of December County Court, being
the third Monday, at the Court House in the
r mf '
Town of Beaufort.
Beaufort, Oct. 17, 1831. id.
r.i AiwmT -v -i n o n 1 n a r m -c rm mm
-r 11 T -Yft A TT m Y n
A V ailVi ""uy."'V V""'
Enquire at Mr. Hindes' Stables.
Neicbern Oct. 19.
Duplin County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.
! August Term, 1831.
vs. .. Attachment;
"1 onnnnrinrr t rt 4 li o aft i i c Ai n t i rir rtf t Vi o (.mvrt
1 that George O. Kornegay, the Defendant
- liu-v 6 . . o J ' . .
in this case, is not an inhabitant ol this State, it is
ordered, that publication be made in the North Care-
hna entmei, until me iounn ivionaay oi iovemDer
- i ,-i .i i r iv t ,
next, lor the said Ueorge u. ivornegay to appear
at our next County Court, to be held for tbe County
of Dublin, on the tourth Monday ol JNovember next,
then and there to plead to issue, or final-judgment
will be entered up against him, or the property in
the hands of James Shines, the Garnishee, be made
subiect to Plaintiff's demand.
Attest. JAivinio i hiis.lLjLj, iierh.
- i a mrc nri A t o at t m ...7.
rwii m'J rcL
j. iivMgivv
I 1 W IJjIj UU gIVCIl IU1 imci v y wung cgi uca ui
both sexes, from one to 26 years of age.
Newbern, September 7, 1831. ; :
OWING to the pressure ol the times, tne suoscri-
dSSd to seduce hisVrices to the
following rates, viv :
For making fine Cloth Coats,
. " Common do.
$4 50
3 50
Homespun do.
Fine Pantaloons,
Common do.
Fine Vests,
Common do.
0 75
For Cutting Coats,
" Pantaloons,
0 40
0 20
0 20
And m proportion for other work not specified. He
respectfully solicits the patronage ot his friends and
the public, and assures those who may employ him
that their work will be done faithfully, in the latest
fashions, and with all practicable dispatch: His shop
is jon Craven-Street, a few doors South of the Bank
of Newbern. i
Newbern, Sept. 28, 1831,
I ' ' " ; : .
My Farm, containiiiir on
IliiiliL acres, situated on the north side, of Trent
'J ' River and the east side of Jinninff's Creek-
and dstm from the Townof Newbernabout3 miles,
tt : landed on the south bvthe river, on the west hv
the creek, tin the north by Trent road, and on the east
by the land ot the late Wm. .Dudley. 1 here are clear-
ed, and enclosed within a good fence, about 400 acres. k
The soil is jight, is of easy cultivation, and is never j
flooded by rain. The cleared land will average two
barrels of corn to the thousand hills, and produce good i
crops of pease. The last crop of cotton averaged 550
pounds to the acre. 1 he situation is healthy. V essels
load at the river bank. There are. on the premises a
dwelling house, two kitchens, two barns, pantryj dairy, I
Gin-house and a Horse Mill, Negro houses, &c.:'An
Orchard of apple and peach trees : A Vineyard of 4
acres, the vines ol which are mostly scanolded and in
a state of bearing fruit, and will soon be capable of
making 1000 gallons of wine : A bricked well of good
water. This is a desirable situation to a farmer who
may wish to live in, or near to Newbern.
Lots Nos. 19 &, 20, with the Lhvelhng-house and
other improvements thereon, in Drysborough, adjoin
ing the lpwn ol iewbern. lh,e Irammg and
weatherboarding of the dwelling are of cypress, and
shew no decay. 1 here is a pump ot good water at
the premises. This property is subject to notown tax,
and is free from the danger of fire from other buildings.
Nine hundred acres ol land in Bnce s Cceek poco-
son. A Mr. 1 olson has a tew acres ot the adjoining
pocoson cleared and ditched, which has yielded up
wards ot 10 barrels of corn to the acre.
Six hundred and foi-ty acres of land adjoining Bay
river bridge, containing a valuable juniper swamp.
Four hundred acres at the head ol Little Swili Creek
Thirty-five feet front of lot No. on Middle-street
occupied by M. H. Lente.
Five Lots in Washington, N. C. i
Indian Island, containing 150 acres, in Pamlico river.
Xj- i t v 4 V rtnfio . 1 - rno i-i'f !- I r i v--i nnalifi tie 1 91
Bcaulbrt county
A Pianno, which has been but little used.
A Share; in the Newbern Library Company.
The above property, or any part thereof, will be
sold very low, for either cash or negroes, or if requi-
rea, a credit win oe given on a part oi tne amount oi
purchase of any portion of it. I
September 7, 1831.
5EGS leave to correct an erroneous impression
which hasbeen unfairly madeon the public mind.
He takes this method pf stating, that his Hearse is kept
for the accommodation of erery decent family who
shall be so untortunate as to require its use. Jriis per
Rnrinl nttprirlnnr.f nt TTiinprals is lilfPWiRP nfTerprl to nil
persons of the same description, and no pains shall be
spared, on his part, to have the solemnities conducted
wTith sobriety, decency and good order,
It is hoped that the following reasonable charges i
will be satisfactory
Neatest Mahogany Coffin, for a grown per-
son, with linings ami tnmminsrs; ( mclunincr I
an engravjsd Silver Plate;) together with his $35
personal attennanct, and the use of his horse
and Bier, I
Neatest ;stained-Poplar or Pine Comn, with"'!
engraved Silver Plate, and a case in the bot- ! 5
tmn nf 1 Vip rrrfVP" tnrrptlipr witVi hnrsp P-Tprrcp
and attendance, J
Plain, stained Poplar Comn, lined with f $10
Cambric, but without the bilver Piatp,
Plain, stained Coffin, with a neat pinked &e
L i -',1.. ' o
VillllUl lC UUX UC1, UUl W IlliOUl lillllliT,
r-mmrtr Poricli flnftlnc ftl
tvt,w a qi iqi ' F 4-
Newbern, Aug. 31, 1831.
M ESPECTFULLY informs the Publick that he
continues to manufacture everv article in his
line of business. He is at all times provided with the
best materials: and in return ior the liberal and m
creasing patronage which he receives, he promises
punctuality and fidelity.
He continues to make COFMINS, and to superin
tend FUNERALS ; and that he may be enabled to
conduct the solemnities of interment more becomingly
and satisfactorily, he has constructed a superior
1 J Pi A f,7t pj. If IT T.I IH llKKfll W HI III fill H.IK 1 11.11 tlrLl 131 Id, 1 I
I TTT? a dop l ii l j i : 1 u.
i - i r r i
will he. made. Newbern. June 1st. 1831.
EiNTLEMEN who had Tickets in this Lottery
UjJ" for sale, will please make returns prior to the
17th October, as the drawing will take place a few,
daysafterward. ,
.ITi3 The subscriber has on hand a few neat Phi-
ladelphia built DEARBORNS.
1 i T .... , , .1 iii-
A SULK.Y, with leather top, also muadeipnia
made, Two COPPER STILLS, and an elegant
TT7iVsi ThocA tnnrlhor itrih almost Pi'Prv
. 'oAnnTPDv i tj a t? ait? q q i;na r
rc t auu ,
iers verv low. ior cttsii.
" 1
14th Sept. 1831.
Have istood the test of experience, and are
found tolbe an mlallible Cure
found to I be an infallible Cure for Indigestion.
xhese pills have been highly approved of by
i tnOSe W14O liave UStSU UlCIIi 1U1 auu v xz uioccidc;
They act as a powerful tonic, neautralizing the
acid upon tHe stomach give strength to the
debilitated organs of digestion restore the ap
petite and remove nausea ana sickness ai me
stomachl habitual costiveness, head-ache, des-
"vv"""v-"' , , r fA ' .
pendency of the mind, paleness ;of the courj-
nance, palpitation of the heart vertego or giddi
ness, belching up of water which is sometimes
tasteless but most commonly sour, and many
other nervous affections. They do not contain
mercury in any form, nor do they sicken the
stomach as most purgative medicines do, but
perform the office of a safe and mild cathartic.
There is no restriction in diet cr drink, or ex
posure to wet or cold, while using them. They
are therefore particularly calculated for family
use. The proprietor of these pUls was one of
the most eminent practitioners bf medicine in
the United States, and used them successfully
' in his practice for many years
A Nw York made SIDE BdARD, nearly
new. Enquire at the Sentinel Office.
Nov. 9 3t.
PTJ1HE Copartnership of Joseph M. Granade,
JLL Sc Co. consisting of Joseph M, Granade
and Stephen Kincey, was dissolved by mutual
consent on the 15th September, 1831: All per
sons indebted to, or having claims against the
oaiu nrm, are requested to come iorwara ior
settlement to Joseph M. Granade, who is duly
settlement to Joseph M. Gr
authorised for that purpose.
Aewbern, N. C. 9th Nov. 1831.
7, L,AD1Es, will commence on Tuesday the first of
iwvc-iuuci, ,ai uie nuuse lately occupied by John
Harris, Esq. adjoining the residence of Mr. Bdr
gwyn, on East Front-Street.
TERMS: PerQ.arter.
Board, including Washing, 30
, Tuition in Reading,vSpellingj Grammar, J .
Antnmetic, tjeograpny ana sewing,
The above, with Rhetoric, Composition, i
History, General Science, Epistolary 6
Writing, and Fancy Work, &c. S
French, Drawing, Dancing, and Music, will be
separate eharges, the latter to commence first Quar
ter of next year.
The first Quarter to be paid in advance. '
Boarders are required to bring their bedding,
towels, &c.
No Pupils received for less than one Quarter.
Oct. 26, 1831. dt.
espectfully informs the inhabitants of Newbern
and. its vicinity, that she has opened a
Seminary for Young Ladies,
fer quarter. .
Spelling, Reading1, Writing, Arithmetic, i
Geography, with the use of the Globes, $ 4 00
Map Drawing, and English Grammar, 3
History, Composition, Philosophy, Astrono- g- qq
my, Rhetoric, and Needle work, y
Parents and Guardians who may think proper to
patronise this Seminary, are assured that the strictest
attention will be paid, as well to the manners and
habits of the pupils, as to the cultivation cf their
JNewbern, November 1st, 1831.
LIZA H. VIPON informs her friends and the
public that she has opened a SCHOOL in the
house formerly occupied by Mrs. Vipon.
TERMS : For Spelling, Reading and Writing,
per quarter, $2 50.
For Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, GeO-
graphy, and plain Sewing, $3 00.
t or the above branches, together with Knghsh
j Grammar, History, and Ornamental Needle Work,
I $ 4 00 per quarter.
j Four or five children from the count ry, will be taken
as boarders! -Newbein, 1st November , 1831. ,
A NEW VAULT in the burying
Ground, in which there have been no in
terments. It i in complete order and may be
had on very reasonable terms. Enquire at the
Office of the Sentinel. Oct. 12.
AS a considerable number of Tickets remains
unsold, the drawing of the above Lottery must
necessarily be deferred fora few weeks. ISth "Og.
THE Subscriber is in daily .expectation of
receiving instructions from the Post Office
Department for running Four Horse Stages on
k l; XT l j T 1 l T r
i Hie
;i - -
nowever, instructions' to that etiect should not
! be received by the 14th $f November, he will,
ltor the better accommodation ot passengers,)
l on that day commence running Four Horse
Post Coaches on this line, three times a week,
to be continued during the Winter, or until a
semi-weekly mail be established.
! xi
iXTt 1 1 ho ncAn T r ron rl rvr rhic linn itmo kir hn
" " " v fcIllc,
i patronage. First rate Horses, and commodious
ooacnes caicuiateu tor six or eight passengers,
! are already provided, and will commence, run
ning, as above stated, on the 14th of November.
26, 1831.
Stage Office at tk Washington Hotel.
Having appointed Mr. Francis
Alexander my Agent, Passen
gers from Newbern will please call on him for
! the purpose of entering their names and paying
their stage fare. Extra baggage must be left
at tne mage Umce and paid for in; advance.
Oct. 26, 1831.
Jl Great Bargain ! v
iflt, feubsenber will sell, upon a
liberal credit, his PLANTATION on
Trent River, about nine miles from
Newbern. The tract contains 2500. acres, of
which 1000 are cleared and under good fence;
the residue is well timbered, and much of it as
good arable land as any on the river. It has
a front on the Trent of 4 miles, and vessels
of the largest class, navigating our waters, can
laylalong the bank and receive cargoes. The.
back lands are unequalled as ranges fjr stock,
and the situation is as healthy as any in Jones
county. The improvements consist of a good
Dwelling House, Barn, Gin House, and the
necessary outhouses. .
Persons desirous of making profitable in
vestments of capital, are invited to visit! the
premises, and for further information apply to
Octobers. 1831.
TTftUBLISHED in the city of Raleigh, by Lcncrtnct
-U. Lemay, is devoted to News, Politics, Agriculturet
commerce, Literature, Science and Morality-! is prtnteA
weekly , on a large imperial sheet, with Sood type, at three -dollars
per annum, one half payable Hindrance, end the
remainder at the end of the year '
In politics, the STAR i decidedly Republican, and the
Editors, without presumption, are Jroud to believe thet
they have contributed a mke to the advancemeirt of a
cause so vitally connected wih the freedom and happp
ness of mankind. In the steady prosecution of theirpur
pose to adliere to its pure and ennobling principles ther
will continue to give their firm, but temperate support to
the administration of that well tried and faithful public
servant, Andrew Jacksoiu For his sterling integrity his
unalloyed patriotism, and his ardent devotion ihe in
terest of Republicanism, the busy tongue f slander has
poured upon him torrents of the most vindictive abuse
and unrelenting persecution ; and even now the hearties
adherents of adverse partisans are waging a fierce anS
malevolent war around him; but he stajids firm in lha.
midst of their fury, unaffected by commotion, -
" Like some tall cliff that lifts its awful form,
rt wells from the vale and mid-way leaves the stprm ;
Tho' round bis breast the rolling clouds are spread,
Eternal sunshine settles on bis head."
That it is the wish of the people that he shall again be e
vmetvto me Cbief Magistracy of the Union, there exists
a reasonable doubt ; and the Star will advocate his
re-eiection, as a jneans of promoting the strength and
stability of those sound political principles and institutions
upon which are founded the liberties and independence .
of the Republic, and under the solemn conrictioo that it
w4ll thereby assist in securing l he perpetuity of that Unioru
In the Star, every subject connected with the public
interest is freely and impartially discussed ; and great
pains are taken to edify and amuse its readers. Particu
lar attention is bestowed on the proceedings of oar State
Legislature ; and as the next session will probably be the
most important that has been held for many years, the
Editors have engaged a competent Stenographer, to at
tend the sittings ot that body as a reporter; which will
enable them to publish full, fair and impartial reports of
I ii ucunits jjiutrcuuigs. as mis win incur a heavy
i t 1 - j v iu uiii,cua u iiic
State, the Editors with gTat confidence call unon th
public to sustain them. Should their increase of patron
age justify it, other important improvements will ere long
be made in the publication of their journal. .
The Editors of the Star take this occasion to say, that
they are aware that desperate efforts have been made in
different parts of the State to break down their press;
and it is probable there are those who are still, laboring
in this despicable vocation. If, for this contumacious
treatment of the dictum of inflated demagogues, and ob
stiuate refusal to become mere party tools, they are to bts
sacrificed to the malice qnd revenge of a few restless as
pirants, the Editors will fall with the spirit and feelings
of a martyr. But they have too much confidence in. th
justice and intelligence of their fellow citizens they have
too solid an assurance of their increasing favors rto in
dulge for a moment a single foreboding Tear. But what
ever shall he the final sentence of the public on their la
bors, they will have the consolation to reflect that they
have at least endeavored to deserve the kindness which
has hitherto been so generously extended to them. While
they tender the only tribute they can return for past fa
vors, their sincere thanks, all they ask for the future is
l the indulgence due to the imperfections of human nature,
and a little assistance from their friends in the way of
procuring additional subscribers. By exertions which
would perhaps afford them a pleasure, they are satisfied
their subscription list might be, increased far beyond ifs
present number.
Subscribers in other States cannot hereafter be allow
ed to remain in arrears longer than one year and per
sons resident without this State, who may desire to be
come subscribers, will be strictly required. to. pay the
whole amount of the year's subscription in advance.--The
remoteness of their residence and th experience of
several years, speak to the Editors imperiously on this
Original highly approved Valuable Medicines
Lee's Elixir has for twenty years been amost
successful medicine for the cure ofcolds, coughs, -spirting
of blood, asthma, indigestive consumption, and
other complaints of the lungs and breast, as many of
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To Mr. Noah Ridgely, Baltimore.
Dear Sir Lsyas attacked with a most violent cn!ds
and severe cough, and pains in the breast which cootiifu
ed to grow worse, during which my appetite failed, end
my voice altered o much, that it was with the utmost
exertion I could pronounce a single sentence louder than
Dream, i bought and used one phial of your vaUialirB !
Elixir which restored me to perfect health.
Yours, with respect, J. A. SMITH,
Market street, Fell's Poirit.
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obstinate obstructions of the stomach and bowels giddi--ness,
costiveness, sickness at stomach, removing eolds.fcc
B......,-.iui iUe signature otiNoahRideely
Dear Sir: Having made useof the various pills in rav
familj, offered to the-public for the last twentyfive vears
and having found your celebrated Anti-biliou. piiu the
most efficacious in cleansing tfe stomach and bowels, re
moving head aches, sick stomach, and having used them
for several years past, can have no hesitation in statin
that 1 believe them as represented, a most valuable f
mdy Medicine. JACOB SMALL j
Mayor of the City of Baltimore.
Lee's Ague and Fever Drops warranted to cure
Sir : We are now happy to inform you that the resulty
aftr a correct trial, of your Lee's Ague and Fever Drop?
has been of the most flattering kind. Not only a fewcjrtes
have been cured of that very disagreeabio Hnd irksonre
complaint, but, sir, every case, so far as our inquiries have
reached, has been perfectly cured ; and snJe indeed by
a few doses only.
Lee's Nervous Cordial, an excellent Medicine
for all nervous affections, weakness, pains in the loins, &c.
Lee's Genuine Essence and Extract of Mus
tard, an. infallible remedy for bruises, rheumatism
sprains, numbness, chilblains, iic. '
Mr. Noah Ridgely, Sir : I have been sd greatly afflje
ted with rheumatic pains, as to lose, entirely; the irseof
my right leg, thigh, and hip, indeed it extended to mv
shoulder. 3y the use of the bottle I purchased of vou I
am perfectly cured. THOS. VVOOTEN
Two milci ion the Washington Bosri.
Lee's Worm Destroying Lozenges, a most
powerful medcine,removes destroys all kinds of worms
Lee's Sovereign Ointment for the Itch
Warranted to cure by one ann!ipa; r
or any pernicious iugredientT ' from mercur:
Lee's Genuine Persian Lotion Ta
sian Lotion operates mildlv Ia Per-
on and ISIJZV W delicately
- ' - ' ""6 'ic corapn
r . m - PtIUH.
give tmmc
Lee's lip Salve. ' '
wmpaper admit u - C'"n' :''
Miy 0,1831. ' ' - '
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