North Carolina Newspapers

-?f Ti LIRE RT Y ,
wednesday, nove3ibek 30, 1831.
ful and masterly manner, and nearly completed, un
der the provisions ofthe act of the last session. By
this casualty the State has been deprived ofthe con
venient halls provided lor the accommodation ofthe
Legislative Ixxly, together with the adjoining offices
and the public Library. The. fine marble statue
of Washington, by Canova, has also been much mu
tilated, and a considerable portion of the ornaments
and furniture ofthe building has been destroyed. The
injury to the Statue is to be regretted as it was the
work of an artist of great celebrity, now no more: But
the memory of Washington, the "father of his country,
will live in the hearts and recollections of all who
love liberty, in every part ofthe globe, and needs no
artificial monument to revive or to perpetuate the
glory of his achievements.
; With respect to the loss of the building itself, it is my
Jninion. fortified bv that of better i adores, that, under
II r.irr.iimRtanrpR. it is not to be considered as a pub-
, ,
' I CI 1 a. ,J . . 4 y. . ,m thn AAnntfiin
i-c calamity, oucn were uie ueieuus m wiuui,-
"ion of the old walls, erected in 1791, that it is very
tprobable that a part ofthe building would have fallen
in a few years, and perhaps caused the death of many
of the assembled Representatives.
j I Immediately i after the destruction of the State
1 tt j i ; CiU tk.,4-.: r., k
i 1 1 1 1 1.-". iif: imii urifLT.-i mjij iji i in i i tjsu v in iuii i iiui uii
Oircomnaring the votes with the record kept by in ".this city, with a" public spirit which reflects great
.wr-wi-K "there was one vole ' more than the names i credit upon their liberality, tendered the use of their
'' : , mi i. .mt. cm. i,t:m.nii KoPieetiner house for the accommodation of the House of
r. Tittered, i ne i icnus ui ;iu . one uai u uu.c . m m- - , . . . 0
ji iioloiw , j ; C.rtmmnns. nnH thpir KP-sinn rimm tor the r"ci
vow to be a tie, but the Sheriff, who ii is well under
wood is the friend of Mr. S. gave Mr. Gaston a certi
ficate, stating the facts,' by virtue of which, we un
derstand, it is his intention to take a seat in
'. laturc.
, An election to supply the vacancy in the represen
tation of this town, in th&State Legislature, occasion-
i uu ri .thof CliarlesG. Spaight, Esq. was held
on Moil Jay. T he candidates were onancs neparri
nn-1 William Gaston. On counting the votes, there
For Charles Shepard, 145
i? For William Gaston, 146
. i i . i i . i.: ,
CjfRLKS f5HtPAKl); uc,g5 leave. io iciurn jus
thanks. to his townsmen for the very flattering
..uoport which he received from them on Mon
day last. He is proud to know that a majority
ot the free white men of the town hac given
1dm their. support, and although their votes
have been overruled, the result is highly grati
State. These lands are believed by many intelligent uccessors ? Then let
us not rashly aid in the attempt
n untried hands.
tv .jv, wx iimuciiac yixiuciuuu tutu iiuinut- i uuuiu l lliH nrriRnomtu J c sr- .
rnent to be an obiect second onl v in imnordmce to the endeavouring to r,i uuli,on ?l ur anairs DY
mm 1 ' - - f ' I - w LIIflTl
vr4iu tiiipiuvcineiu oi lioanoKe lniei. xi is r 1
unnecessary, I am certain, to dwell upon the advanta-
ges wiucn wouja result irom the former. They are
apparent to all. Toconverta drearv waste of waters
ana marsnes inio a naoitabie and fertile region, tain-
bui c me means ui susienance ana comfort lor an im
mensely increased population, and to give health to a
sectionroi country wiiicn needs no other blessin
fiavfi th Hrri-M- .i
lu gentlemen.
,Y our obedient servant,
EzecUce OTc? STKES
November 22d, 1831. 5
assnming upon thpm!re the powers cf a perpetual coY
po ration ! I nor this grrat presumption 7
If the charter of this Bank be made perpetual or rrftn
renewed for twenty years (which amounts to the same
thing) and has power to make erery State, dty and cor
poraiion.BS well at thonsnnd and tefiRof tliouKftnd ofnri
vate citizens, its; debtorp, will it not be sironrr than th
Government, and as absolute twater of the people of Arntrv
icaasthe Autocrat of Russia is ofthe Cossacks? Globe.
1 rr
the certain rewards ota successful attempt atimprove-J elected Stephen F. Miller, Esq. (formerly of Jones L.
raeiu. xo your wisuoni u lssuDmiuec iwhpt hPr on.!, l r- x. it h m 1 1 irxnr. z
advantaces, which if attained, donotehd with tlml 7 " y ' -v . uutuern ; ,.';",'uu1CIors "f. cher?. whose services are pi
selves, but fend to the enlargement of a fund which Judicial strict lor the term of three years, i
may justfy he regarded as the orphan's Ieacv, will
not jU3tny, ana aocs not demand, a ma and early ex
periment to est the practicability of the measure.
To provide for the; improvement ofthe State, and
for the convenience and prosperity of its citizens, by
the construction of roads and canals and the opening
The Legislature of Georgia, on the 12th instant.
The Opposition arei compelled to acknowledge their
efeat. Never was victory more decisive. Even the
New York Commercial, a decided Anti-Jackson paper,
Sunday Schools t has been ascertained' tliaf there
are in the Kingdom 10.000 Sundav fehoolg. containiir?
rt under the superintendence of 100 -
nUUltOUSly. All this h Ipph nrntnlLh! ..n thir
'stabhshment fifty years a go. English paptr. '
to hi feelings.
Both branched ofthe Legislature of this State con
vened and were organized on Monday the 21st inst.
la the Senate, D:vvilr F. Caldwell was re-elected
'speaker $ Samuel :F. Patterson, Principal Clerk,
Wm. J. Ccivan Assistant Clerk, and Thomas-E.
Wheeler Dw-kceper. On rriotlon of Ir. Spaight
rrvas ordered that the RuW of Older and Decorum
ofthe last Session, be adopted for the government of
the Senate during thd present session.
Mr. Mosely moved that the Senate .proceed to the
-appointment of tlie Standing Committer, the
question was taken thereon, and it was decided in the
affirmative ; and the following committees were accord
ingly appointed: . , .
Of Claims Messrs. 'Mart in of Rockingham. Coop-f-rof
Martin, Askew Campbell. Howell, Allen Elliott.
More of Pitt. : I T 1 i 'j-
Judiciary Messrsl" Dick, -Williams, Skinner, Mil
ler, Toomer, Gwinn, Seavveil, Spaight.
"Privileges and- Ulectidm Messrs. Caldwell, Hay-
' -, rool, Hall) Tyson, Ray, Kerr, M'Dauiel. 1
.'Ppypo-siticms unci Grievances Messas. Melchor,
3?i'vlilio.Monfgo:ncry of Hertford, Simmons, Ma rt huil
i.fAiirid'n, Hoke, Montgomery 01 Orange, Move of
Green l ; ;
'Finance. On the part of tile Senate, Messrs. Kca
i-all, Hawkins, Brownrigg, Gilmore, M'Farland,
.Mart'iri-of Wilkcs,-Sneed, Thompson.
The Speaker laid beiore tlie Senate sunury docu
r,ivnt, contesting tihe election of Jesse Cooper, the sit
Commons, and their session room for the Senate.-
Without determining positively in this case, but
leaving the members to aecide hereafter for themselves,
I have considered it my duty, under existing circum
st nces to make a temporary preparation, and to ten
der the Government House to the Legislature, which,
being the property of the State, may probably be so
altered as to answer the purpose of holding their ses
sidn, until an appropriation shall be made, and a suit
able building erected. In tMis arrangement, my on
ly object has" been to provide for your comfort during
the session. 1 have totally disregarded my own con
venience, in order that, by tendering the Government
House, I might be enabled to accommodate the Le
gislature in the best possible manner the nature of
the case will admit.
In relation to our internal concerns, I have to ob
serve, that it would be impossible to conceal from the
world, and needless to disguise from ourselves, the
fact, that a certain class of the population ofthe State
have become more discontented: and ungovernable
than heretofore. Fanatics of their own complexion.
T n.V be e'r"y known that the Marqni'fe
nel inti.t '!thP of,h pwnt Marquis, wm a rolo- ,
nei in tne French rm .i . .
Uoy, 10 which fiaht the f5.r,o -i:,k . .
sera nmnnl j . vnin.ii auu-iiiieiisu nvr.i;.
of rivers, bf all practical means, is so obviously the makes a virtue of necessityand thus plainly comes out child was the present Mrquii. pe posthoraaus
duty of the representatives ofthe people, and has been upon the occasion :- s
so ouen noticea oy my predecessors in omce, vuax 1 (mIr n . f t "a" lc'uuncan Rpoeared on c;..inr.iav :
deem it unnlcessar to make any further and special unS lS
see that individual enterprize is taking thatdirection, t7"1 ;WU17 county nas elected one mi- ""V J J " tm rlZ , d,recUy home 10
which I have no doubt will be nronerly encoura-red ?i KePbllcan and one Anti-Mason In all the filings. The increased patronage to the press is
. .v.., tMv t rwV ) other counties heard from, viz nntrW Orsn the means Dy wnicti its improvements are to be e ffprf All -
it is an indication at all times, of mor nr.
usefulness in the ionrnal. or nr
It is to rhe a source of much gratification to have Ulster, Columbia, Greene, Delaware Albanv Rens-
observed.-and tnia vpir in mvnnwer to state, that the Ulnr Wnclimrrtnn Womn ' J' I times, or of more
, . - j ,.vv., . , uuuintiuij, 11 uucu.oiiniinffn xcnonot'iiv 1 . .... ---
a ...r i a- 1 ,.: c i n r . 1 ' o-l vuviimut , 1 ilfu ... )lc mni(rpmiiiif t o hnn ii r . i ,
cALuuniiiiii wnicn scorns 10 puivauc a snaci owic, luonigomery. ana uneida, the Ree-encv lmvp nrripri -v. . r . v,.,,,w
uponthesubjectof the Tariff, has effected littlechange the whole sweep, just in a way lol AemS' combined 10 this instance.-Crgtcn. e
in the opinions of the citizens of North Carolina. All told, we believe the National Repr hlican Dartv in 1 :
With regard to the policy, of that measure, there is the next Legislature, will number, 5 possiblv it mav 11 is to be laroented' howgh we do not arraign their,
so far as rriy information extends, a perfect union .of be increased to six no more. The Anti-Masons will m0,'",s, that some of our contemporaries in tiis city
seniiment. All deprecate it, as unequal in its opera- have about a score and a half. The residue will be Si? 1 7 r, 1 v ll. ?."'k tXo!,ttAi
tion, and destructive ofthe interests of the Southern thorough-going unflinching Regency-me"dby SC
planter. The period, however, has not yet arrived, to go the whole quadruped, and the tail of another, ihcir miard. and to nivp infnrmntmn to th ..ihor:i;
which, in the judgment of this community, authorises one. We hope our snug little Clay party of five, will We consent not to this doctrine ; there are persons in this
the adoption of doctrines subversive, in their nature, be united, and move in a solid phalanx, upon all im- city and state who know not only too we!l how to read,
of all order, and manifesily tending to weaken, if not p"rtant national questions. We hope, too, that our but to Profit ly and propagate such communications,
destroy, our whole system of government. This friends ofthe National Intelligencer, and National ,,,ouSh ner intended to meet their eye or reach their
State is justly proud of haying given the .first legisla- Journal, the Philadelphia U. S. Gazette, and the Bos-
tlve sanctiom to tne spirit ot tne iievoiution. ine ton 1 apers, will perceive a sign m this result, from 1
same love of rational hoerty which prompted this high, which t hey will learn that there is no use in rowing
example, induced our revolutionary statesmen xo con- witlr broken oars, against wind and tide. 13rmr me 1
si der attentively and anxiously the form of go vernment some music,
proposed for their adoption. Satisfied, after full inves- Ye? inde
and look you that it be sad."
ear; we nave taken our own road upon this subject, as
we believe there are imperious circumstances under
which true policy command silence, and under which
it may be considered as of the second order of rirtues.
Louisiana A dr.
tigatidn by
were delegated but such as were essential to the exis
and other incendiaries, have fomented these discon
tents, and have incited them, in many instances, to
enter into, conspiracies dangerous to the peace and
safety ofthe country. To guard against these evils,
which in all probability will continue, the utmost cau
tion and prudence are necessary. Restrictive laws
have been enacted without producing the desired ef-
lect ; and the crimes committed in a late insurrection
in an adjoining State, would seem to require further
and early attention to this subject Instead of mul
tiplying severe and sanguinary laws to operate upon
those who know little, and care less, about them.
would it not be advisable to establish a more efficient
and accountable police, and to arm and equip one or
more companies of volunteers or detached militia, in
each county, to be called .out when required, and to
be paid while in actual -service ? It is believed that
such a force, in aid ofthe civil authority, would etfec
tually secure the peace ofthe country; and fhe pub
lic arms 'belonging to the State could not be placed
111 safer hands. These State troops might be enrol
led for one or. more years, be -.held responsible for the
arms and amunition furnished, and not be suffered to
abandon the service during die term of their engage
ment. J .
Amonr the subjects renuirinir your notice and at
I Im
ndeed, these are such signs as every one j
Buccessive Conventions, hat no powers who readT1e detaiIs ths great v"5ctory
oH lint snih na woi-o occfinfin tntlP PY1S- J . . . . . . T? . J
On flip lltb l'nct 111 IVoc-V. n r tt-tt t t 4 a r
tence and preservation of the Union, it is no matter ot The hUoxvin(r tablfts fimhracl thft trinmnhnnt rnlt r 01 ranvn e, Massachusetts, in the 25th
surprise that they and their children should support f . ,r yearoi msage. jivir. yianc nas lelt a large circle of
nnH r p nri flip rnmnart nr., np thfrppk nor desire a 1 ilc iCHuu ui me iaie eiecuuu ui una otaie snows menus 10 mourn meir iOSS.
rpmp.nv- tipvnn.i it. A new i;cno-rPSS is acout ,vuu5uul' ,uu,cwu" auu-uiuauuiv , iui
J . J . . ... 3 i j.
In nsxrmhVi "hp mmfi sn rit of rnmnrornise. which LCimiK 1Lii ojjceuy eAimci.iuii us u muucai party dui
adopted the Constitution, must preserve it. or the qucs- tlie increasing strength and enduring popularity of
t nn wfipfhHr man worth v nnH rnnn h e ot p t-crnv- uai xauuuai aim, oiaie .mi mimsi rations, iintl-ma-
ernment, regains yet to be solved. The patriotism of sonrr m tne next House ol Assembly, will not number
z i i 1 11 t . f - j 1 tin riii a
th rniintrv noks ir t.h rnn . pnr.e to thfi councils ot V ueru ot t luemoers, 01 tne 1 ne vote
the nation Sfor a wise, and liberal system of policy, $r- Andrew Jackson, in 1832, will be overwhelming,
and will hot hastily arrive at the conclusion that the 1 allowing table presents the results, as far as re
perils of the (Revolution were fruitless and vain. cei ved, ol the elections to the Legislature :
A resolution of the last General Assembly tfircc- THE SENATE.
First District Republican majority about 4500
Second Rep. majority over 3000.
Third Rep. majority nearly 7000.
Fourth Rep. majority at least 8000.
t ilth Kep. majority about 3000.
Sixth The result not known a close vote.
Seventh Rep. majority 1300.
Eighth No opposition to the anti-mascnic candi
- ing member from
the county of Martin.
ordered that the said do-
On motion of Mr. Wi
cumcau be laid on the
In the House of Comms, Charles Fisher of Salis
bury, was elected Speaker, Chalres Manly Principal
Clerk, lid naivd ' B.: Freeman Assistant clerk, and
UicUard Roberts Doorkeeper.
Mr! Leak eaidthere was a report in circulation
taat the llouse is , without the proper limits: if
that wero the fact, tlie sooner it underwent investiga
tion tlie better. Fpr, if they were without the corpo
rate limits, everv thmg now. transacted wouia be. use-
movements, and the situation of those funds. The
act of 1811, lelative to that"' subject, is still 111 force,
and it directs that ''the fund for Internal Improve-1 n id rltaim.
ments snail oe suoject to tne order 01 tne lTesiaent i portance to
tedthe Governor to "cause to be published in pamph
let form a Report relative to the Declaration of Inde-
pen 'ence by a Committee of Mecklenburg county.
with the aocumcnts accompanying the same; and ai
so the Journal of the Provincial Assembly of 1776 ;
together with the Proceedings ofthe Cumberland As
sociation." This publication has been made in a man
ner that, I trust, will meet with the approbation ofthe
Legislature ; an i the copies have been distributed in
the manner ;lircted. j
The agency for adjusting and settling the claim
of North Carolina upon the General Government,
for expenditures made during the late war in defence
of the country, was discontinued by a resolution cf
the last General Assembly,-and our Senators in Con-
jrresa instructed to urre the speeuv navment 01 the
It . I m - ' . AT - . . i -
j As this is-a matter ot considerable im
the State, I addressed a letter to the Se-
and Directors ofthe Board, and shall be paid out by 1 cretarv of War, requestine: information on the suhiect.
the Treasurer of tha State to the order ol the Boaru, J rtnd fiave received Ids assurance that the business
ile liiade
tl eso remarks to the House m order
that it might take the subject into tiaiely consideration.
?dr. L. here read' the recommendation ofthe Legisla
ture ol1787, which advised the people of North Caro
lina to send delegates to the Convention, which was
; aboauhat. jcnod to bQ.holden in ilillsboro', for the
purpose of deliberating on the Federal (Jontitution
' und for the further purpose of fixing unalterably the
scHLot' Government and its. limits. He then expres
sed a wish to know whether the Legislature was sit-
, tin withul the limits prescribed by law; lor fie had
his doubts on the maucr. The sooner the error (if
there was'one) should be detected the better.
Mr. Mebane moved Uiat the subject alluded to by
Mr. Leak should be referred to a select joint commit
tfjo fir the purpose of making proper research, and re
porting to the House. '
e SpcdKer thought it was out of order, the House
"it being
' - Wednesday, Xov. 23.
- Mr. Mebane moved ; hat a message be sent to the
eiate proposing that an inquiry should be made as to
whetht-r the House stood within the limits, of th? city
oi' Raleigh; and it' it did not, wliether they were iegai
0" located. . Resolution adopted. ; 1
The following -Message was rccejved from His
Kxcclb'noy the .Governor:
To the lionorablc the General Assembly of the
r State oj Aorta Carolina.
cntLf.Hien, . . '
Among the distinguished feiessings deri
' edfromtae establiahraentoftne indepejnderice oi our
.antry, may justly be enumerated ttiei 11 ee election
nd constitutional meeting of the Representatives of
iople. Selected from every section ofthe State,
Accurately acquainted with the occurrences which
"have taken place in their respective- districts, lami
l:ar. with the condition of their constitaents and com
'3;;"tothe seat of government clothed with ample
powers to remedy the grievances under which tne
people labor, they present one ofthe most cheering and
teresting characters of our peculiar form of govern
ment. Assembling under such circumstances, when
Ye are assured that crops of all kind have been ahun
(;'int, and tnat the means of subsistence, and comfort
rc thereby secured to every citizen ofthe State, and
hen ihc ordinary share of healtli crowns our enjoy
ments, we have abundant reason to be thankful to
-e Almighty Ruler ofthe Universe for these inesti
mable blessings, and to pray that they may be con
tinued to us, and perpetuated to our children.
The satisfaction which 1 should have felt n-meet-
'tlg With thff Lp.rriclatnro e lUi timo iio c-Amoirh-i
. ted-by the accident that caused the destruction of
tTtte House, which had been repaired in a faith-
certified and subscribed by the Secretary and coun
tersigned by the President' The last General As
sembly having 1 ailed to elect a Board lor Internal Im
provements, there ia no authority for drawing out t
any-part ol tlie fund, i he payment of the subscrip
tion on behalf of the State to the Cape Fear Naviga
tion Company, the Catawba Navigation Company,
and some others, has been demanded. The instal
ments on., these subscriptions have heretofore been
paid from this fund, but as there was no authorityT for
disbursing the money, 1 have refused to grant; war
rants for the sums so due. These subscription, how
ever, are debts voluntarily contracted by the Stater
and their payment should be provided lor.
Another subject demanding your attention is the
situation of the fund6 of the iState, invested in the
Banks. The time is near at hand when the :char-
Lters ofthe several Banks in this State will expire.
I he stock held by the State Jm the State Bank of
North Carolina, has for some time past only yielded
an interest of four per cent, per annum; the stock held
by the State in the Bank ot Cape Fear h:is, for the
last two years, yielded an interest of only three per.
cent, per annum ; whilst the stock held by the IState
in the Newbern Bank has not, for nearly three years,
yielded any interest. The period will shortly arrive
when all these Banks are authorised by law to make
a division of part of their capital stock. Thefunds
vested by the State in these Banks amount to seven
hundred and twelve thousand seven hundred dollars,
($712,700.) This amount of stock, at the common
interest of six per cent., ought to produce forty two
thousand six hundred and seventy-two. dollars ($ 42.
672) annually; whereas, in fact, it produces only
eighteen thousand five hundred and sixty-two dollars,
($ 18,262,) not equal to threeper cent.
The Treasurer's Report, which will be laid before
you, will show that, owiag to the large amount of
Treasury notes redeemed this year, the taxes collect
ed will fall short of meeting the current expenses of
the Government.
Under these circumstances, would it not be advisa
ble to provide for the establishment of a new Bank,
in which the funds of the State may be invested,
under-such regulations as to your wisdom and expe
rience shall be deemed safe and proper? Or shall
the State rely,'for the accommodation of its-citizens
and for a circulating currency, upon that portion of
the capital ofthe United States' Bank which has al
ready, or may hereafter be allotted to their office of
discount in North Carolina?
I would willingly bring to your notice the impor
tant object of opening a navigable communication be
tween the waters of the Albemarle Sound and the
Atlantic Ocean, north of Cape Halt eras, and would
recommend the application ol all tne means in your
power towards its accomplishment; but believing
that, without the aid of ,H he General Govern
ment, thf resources cf the State arc inadequate
to the undertaking at thi3 time, and the latt General
Assembly having urged upon our members of Con
gress the propriety of ,cjaiming that aid, we must
console ourselves with the hope that this great nation
al work will receive the sanction and support of the
ftatkmal Legislature. Having bestowed such im
mense sums towards the construction of roads and
canals in other States, it is. believed that this desirable
object, sj essential to; the interests of North Carolina
and otlihe Union, will not long be overlooked or ne
glected. The Literary F'jnd will claim and receive your
fevorable attention. The Report of the Public
Treasurer will afford you precise information
with regard to the amount of cash in his hands, and
the situation of-that portion ofthe fund which is not
available. It is probably known to all of you that the
14-ustees of the University did not accept the loan
offered them by the last Legislature from this source
so that the whole remains subject to future legislative
disposition. The most imrjortant itm nf.nprtv
transferred by the LeMslatnm tn th-M;
shall be duly attended to.
I have received from the
State of New York an
Since received. " In the sixth Senatorial District,
where the anti-masons had last year an overwhelming
majority, Judge McDowell, the Jackson candidate, is
elected by a majority of about 1200, with a gain to
our party ol about z4tJU.
House of Assembly State of Parties.
Anti-Mason, - - ' .
Clay Coalition, -Doubtful,
- -
Thus, it appears that oot of thp 8 Senators elected,
one Anti-Masonic only is elected and that 7 are
1 ' ! r.l 1 !- 1 I J '
eiegaiu map u n.uu, oua , uu.npa.neu uy auenaia j friemle of-the administration. And in the House of
anas, uesenpuve 01 eacu eoumv. ovenu 01 my
predecessors in office having recommen ied a suitable
return for similar friendly donations, I have only to
add, that a map of North Carolina being nearly com
pleted, an opportunity will be afforded for this State
to cancel these obligations in the manner they deserve.
Since the! adjournment ofthe last Assembly, I have
received communications from the Governors of seve
ral Stales, with a request that they should le sub
mitted for your consideration. Those from "Maine
relate to the North Eastern boundary of the United
States to the Tariff of 1828; and the power of the
General Government to make appropriations for in
ternal -improvements. Those from Vermont relate
loan amendment of the Constitution ol the United
States, proposed by other States. Those from New
Hampshire relate to the organization of the militia.
Those from! Massachusetts relate to the organization
ofthe militia, and to the proceedings of the govern
ment of Georgia.. Those from Connecticut relate to
an amendment of the Constitution of the United
States, proposed by other States; to the power ofthe
General Goverment to make appropriations in aiu of
the Colonization Society ; and to the judicial power
ofthe United States. Those from Ohio relate to the
power Ofthe General Government to make appropria
tions in aid ofthe Colonization Society. Those from
Delaware relate to. the public lands of the United
States ; to the surviving officers and soldiers of the
Revolution; to the Tariff and internal improvements;
and to the nomination of a President of the United
tates. These several communications will be found,
with their appropriate endorsements, in. a file now
laid before yrou, marked A.
The resignation of Justices of the Peace and Mili
tia Officers, received during the recess of the Legisla
ture, are also laid before you, and will be found in the
file marked B.
The file marked C, contains two incendiary public
ations, received through the medium of the post offce.
Believing that this Assembly will har ; much to
do in providing for the security ofthe peove ; in pro
viding for its own future accomodation and for the
establishment of a new Bank, or so directing the ap
plication of banking capital, as to secure a sound cir
culating currency ; and in preventing the injury to
individuals, which must otherwise follow, when the
charters of the present banks shall expire these be
ing primary objects for the consideration ol; theLegis
lature, I have declined making recommendations,
which I had contemplated, relative to the situation of
the University and the establishment of common
schools, and to the condition of that portiop of the Che
rokee nation of Indians, that remain within the limits
of North Carolina. I am unwilling, however, to
doer this communication without adverting to the
administration of the General Government of the
United States, "and congratulating you upon the pros
perous condition of our national concerns. Our for
eign negoeiations have been fortunate and successful
beyond all former example our differences witli
other powers have been settled our commerce is un
interrupted our flag respected our commercial in
tercourse with the West Indies restored new sources
are opened for mercantile enterprize ; and large sums
of money secured, or received from foreign nations
as indemnification to our merchants for property un
lawfully seized. Many ofthe, Indian tribesj are peace
ably removing to places, whence they cannot annoy,
us, and will not themselves be injured or interrupted.
We are at peace with the world, and our national
debt nearly paid off. 'Secure in such inestimable ad
vantages, I would ask, for what purpose are we urged
to change an administration, that has been so bene
firiallv emDloved for our common welfare Of what
consequence is it to the people of the United States,
that some of the subordinate officers of Government
Schr. Rebecca Hyer Brookfield, Philadelphia.
Schr. Philadelphia Casey, New York.
Schi Lima, Jones, Baltimore.
Schr. James Monroe, Freeborn, Philadelphia.
Schr. F. Michelson, Smith, Wrest Indies. -The
Schooner Pilot, Stackpoole, from New York,
)und for New Orleans, is a few miles below Oh
the 22d Inst, during a severe irale, , her carsro coi
sisting of lime, caught fire, and after five days peril
. .1 ! : ' a ? ' ! . 1 j-
auu unremitting exertions to extinguish the nro, tup
Captain and crew found it necessary to scuttle "an
abandon her. j
Assembly, 95 are Jacksonians, 26 Anti-Masons, 3
vlay men! and -4 doubtiul. The Administration
beats all the Antis united. And as to Anti-Masonry,
it nas to take reiuge in the injected Western Dis
zncT, ana even in that quarter, some of its stroncr
holds are shaken. Well may the Commercial call
lor " some sad music."
The Lexington, (Ky.) Observer ofthe 11th inst. states
' that on the 10th inst. Henry Clay wa6 elected to the I).
S- Senate, by a majority of nine votes over Col. R. M.
Johnson. The election was made by a joint vote of both
branches ofthe Legislature, and the vote stood thus
In the Senate Clay 18, Johnson 19, Pope 133
In the House C'ay 55, Johnson 45 100.
Thus h ?vlr Clay once mare in public office in violation
of tlie public will ; or upon this occasion he was voted
1'or by several members otthe Legislature, who were elec
ted from Jackson counties, and who, since their election,
have received written instructions, signed by a majority
of the vpJLers of their respective counties, to vcfte for a
Jackson jnatnr. This violation of the popular will is
the only'thing w regret in the election of Mr. Clay to the
SenatH.Ca. Republican- -
Sleam boat explosion IheCincinati Commercial Ad-
vt-rtht r contains tho following paragraph, under date of
11th iutant : '
On Tuesday last, two gentlemen of Louisville, with
their friends, crossed over in the Steam Frry Boat to the
Indiana shore, to settle a difference between them by
duel. The boat was crowded with passengers, who went
rvr to vvitness the scene. After the duel, in which one
of ' he parties was slightly wounded iii'the head, all hands
einbarke l on board the boat, to return to Louisville, when
both boilers bursted, and lour persons were instantly kil
led, viz : Mr. Logne of Louisville, Mr. Crew of Jefferson
ville Springs, the engineer, and a. fireman ; one: person
since dad, and several others wounded, one of whom is
not expected to recover. From the number of hats and
shoe3 found, it is feared there were more deaths than are
here reported, -
Baltimore. Kotemlcr 23.
THE WE ATHER. Early on Monday evtning la.t, a
storm set in from the North West, accompanied with tor
rents of rain and severe lightning. The violence! of the
gale was such as to blow down several trees in the city,
and caused no l'utle damage to Iun-keepers Signs, $c.
A vessel on the Point, und a hous a shor distanae in the
country wera struck by the lightning without receiving
anv material injry . About eleven o'clock the Aiolence of
the gale in a great decree subsided. Athen a heavy fal" of
snow commencing, wuico coiuinuaa without intaimisson
until qbout seven o'clock yesterday morning, covering
the ground several inches in depth. Fears are entertain
ed that much damage has been suftained by vessels on
the coast. i
rust Sale,
PURSUANT to the terms of a Deed of Trust.
and in conformity to the directions of the
parties therein concerned, I shall sell, on the
premises, on Saturday the 7th of January inext.
Lot: number Twenty, on South-Front-Street.
in Newbern, where John R. Good resides, anti
also; the water front thereof. The sum of One
Thousand and Eleven Dollars and Seventy-three.
Cents will be required to be paid in cash.' For
the residue, accommodating terms will be allow
ed, which shall be declared at tlje day of sale..
Persons disposed to buy, are invited to visit
and inspect the premises, which will be shewn
bv Mr. Good.
Newbern, Nov. 24th, 1S31.
. County Court cj Pleas and Quarter Sessions;
November Term, A. D. 1831.
Louis T Oliver )
V Orij
iginal Attachment.
Jesse Barrow i S
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that
the Defendant is not an inhabitant of this State:
It is ordered That publication be made lor six weeks
in the jNorth Carolina Sentinel, that said defendant
appear before the Court ofPleas and QuartefSessions
of Onslow County, at the Court House in Onslow, on
the first Monday of February next, and replevy or
plead to issue, or Judgment final will be rendered
against him. 1 -
Attest, j DAVID W. SANDERS, Clerlk
have been dismissed by General Jackson;
the swamp lands belonging to the hc duties required are faithfully performed by their
- Onslow County. y ss'
County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.
November Term, A. D. 1831.
Gideon Hawkins 1
ts. Original Attachment.
Jesse Barrow
1 j .'
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, thai"
the Defendant is nnt nn inbnKitont rC Ma Sfoto.
- ' .t.MMWliUltb VI W A 1-3 KIAAV.
It is ordered, That publication be made for six weeks
in the North Carolina Sentinel that said defendant
appear before the Court of Pleasand Quarter Sbse-Wis
of Onslow County, at the Court House in Onslow,
on the first Monday of February next, and replevy or
plead to issue, or Judgment final will" be rendered
against him.
The House of Representatives of Tennessee have
adopted the following Resolution, which has been
transmitted to the Senate for their concurrence :
" Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be in
structed &. our reprsentative3 be requested to use their
best exertiona, to procure, such a revision and reduc
tion oi the existing I antidutiea ofthe United States,
as will, on the payment and discharge of the national
debt, reduce the same to the standard of necessary re
venue, aad encouragement of such domestic; manu
factures alone, as are indispensable to our national in
dependence." How is this! The Louisville Advertiser of the 27th
ult. contains the following paragraph: j
The Bank of the United States has loaned: to the
City of Cincinnati one hundred thousand dollars, at five
per centum the stock redeemable at the expiration of
This is tantamount to a loan for forty years when the
Managers ofthe Bank know it has bat five years to live!
. Dr. nrpsnminf that Congress will nrolnnar ite iitnr
0 a 1 "ty -w- .
not only once but at least twice twenty years, they are;
Onslow County. $
County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions.
November TenaaA. D. 1831.
Benjamin Scott )
rs 1 Original Attachment. '
Jesse Barrow S
STappearing to the satisfaction ofthe Courtj that,
the Defendant is not an inhabitant of this State:
It is ordered, That publication be made for six weeks
in the North Carolina Sentinel, that said defendant
appear before the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
of Onslow County, at the Court House in Onslow, on
the first Monday of February next, and replevy or
plead to issue, or Judgment final will bo rendered
against him.
Attest, DAVID TV. SANDERS, Cler;.
Graven County. V
County Court of Pleas and. Quarter hession
November Term, A. D. 1831.
Thomas Watson i
vs. Original Attachment-
Alexandot J. Maurice. S i' 1
JI T appearing to tlie satisfaction cf fhe Court, that fJ
ii Defendant is not an iuhabitant of thi SiHtt-, "
dered, that publication be made lor six Jn
North Carolina Sentinel, tbat -aid defendant plr . the Cvurt of Pleas and Q..arrr S10" "LzL
County, at the Court-House i" '"ZTto
Monday of February., and repJ .;P,d, ,S
to judgment fi win be rff ANLTj' Cterh :

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