It?" ' 4;" HtffcffiLM. CAI&OJL.IHA .SENT MJSJL. 4: ! JVon, the Banner nf ika Cnnstltutinn. I deciding. J But if, in the plainest case which can be Xir- v r-u-L V, J considered,-the State Courts may declare a judgment B 7.T r ,4,s w"wiuk aiuvic iiutu un rtrn TTnitPtil StatP Cnnrte tn ho mnirl tko ddti. tibnaLUazette: - estahLishrd." jffae Southern (Charleston) Patriot observes Th h fe annnnsprl U tW nf rlisnute 11 has struck us. at times, that there cannot uc i kntwrpn M . .1 w ww wa. v XJi VI VlllUlLUl Ul IX' 7fCt4V o auu a, ja ysting wace between the dihrent memDers oi uu. & &nd doctrine ig ceary where there tions of pow ri : - cnm fiftnrf fnllv nd- states, the independence IB IX UUWU 111 kJUlu U'' vw,.., -J 1. - ., . . . i equate -and unequivocally expressed. But ho ar- the peace of the Union demand tnat trie oiaie ranecment would sumce to prevent tne spirit oi taction i courts snouiu, in cases Drougm prupci y uciun irom raising outcries auu citiuii uiauuuiciiu iieiinem, g'ipe redress. iiow, n vymci ouautV General Government is thought to be intrinsically I Til ghman had been of the opinion that "there u oicue, iuiciv., " wpwiwuw wuo.1, i s a DOwer. n the supreme uouri, iuiiy auequaie, Madisont in the Virginia resolutions of 1798, phenomenon," for he has achieved it without drawn up by him, and adopted, as the expres- any other aid than public patronage, and, in its sion of the opinions of both branches of the accomplishment, has exhibited scientific at- T -l-i i 1T::: A l a: r U rrVir.ct rtrtJor o a tirotl nS flip guaee: possession of that unwearied perseverance and Coflee just received and for sale by to i j tri ;4V" . 11 t i . , , bersonal resolution without wnich, regions Resolved. That this ABmTlv Ant cvrKpidtr rl I rcl Wit01 . . , -P i.'ji .. .. .v.Puv.Hjuum.,, . deemed inaccessible, miffht lor ever iir.iriiiuLuiiiv ucLidrr. m hi i i vipivq t no nAivnra n w have remained terra incognita. VWLIVU1CL SKWCXS I1V W M A 1 w to which the States are parties, as limited by theplain Altogether, iuay ure u tt uioau uu u nnAnni vocallv exDressed," to settle cases r supposed ngnt, win taKoairsoi : absolute sovereign-1 r , --i '.ij j,. ii,J,rJ.rv rAfc,r htt,p.,4; to of disputed power, would he have deci I the oath of office" taken 1 I.I II. V w ana M.B m - I V- AAA A. A A I .1.1 V . I V. 1 M w decided that nath ofottce" taken dv a judge oi a I of Georgia, to President Adams, and the speeches ofl State Court exacts from him that he should re f Governor Hamilton ol South Carolina, are illustra- sist the decision 01 tne federal iourtin any 1' :1 it! . a i f . ... . . . I . tlT .1 1 . I uons oi mis trutn. it nresent. tne state oi Maine rnsn whatever J we certamiv tninK. not: ana. i .... . . . . . i -. . . - pounces ana tnrcatens; would usurp the control ol trie as the Chief Justice very properly remarked, foreign reiationsot the union, and embark, separately, u:r : rnlninpat. r.nsp wbirb ran he rnnidr- in a war' with Great Britain, because she could not I A r..wa i c : ' I hliU V7 ls. UUi l w- v w vv&u, bltv a ItiiiVil AJ X O I ..1.1.1 I j t.. , . i.- . 1 11c iwuim auuiuruy we siiun cue is mat 01 r r:.!. iii . i nni: I 111 iuaiac iUbiicut. xii 111c case of with sa little cercmonVi with the attention! f i 1 ,4t. ... r.i lx ipcnich it usually devotes to matters of such A ,rQ .1 ; . . .. ': . , .. ui Der term, 1 o. me Vvourt, in tnviner its opinion Krave import, iiad 11 none so, lt .wouia navei , , . , 0 i - 1 KiniiifivKii nip in nwinrr i n n rrn n fro known that some of the wisest men in our r J 6 55 country, from the earliest period of the exis- "Previous to the delivery of my Opinion in a cause fence o timcnts Gazette p o the there ... .. j . sense ana intention oi the instrument constituting that compact, as no further valid than they are au thorized by the grants enumeixitedin that compact; and that, in case of a deliberate, palpable, and dan- gerous, exercise ol other powers, not granted by the saw compact, the States who are parties thereto have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose. lor arresting the progress ol the evil, and lor maintain- his work is the most splendid offering which has yet been laid on the altar of natural history. NEWBERN PRICES CURRENT CORRECTED EVERY TUESDAY. the Government, have entertained sen- of such importance as to the consequences of the de- ing, within their respective limits, the authorities, rights, and liberties, appertaining to them. "Kesolved, That the General Assembly doth also express its deep regret that a spirit has, in sundry in stances, been manifested, by the Federal Govern ment, to enlarge its powers, by forced constructions of the Constitutional Charter which defines them; and that indications have appeared of a design to ex pound certain general phrases (which, having been copied from the very limited grant of powers in the lormer Articles of Conlederatron, were the less liable to be misconstrued,) so as to destroy the meaning and effect of the particular enumeration which necessari ly explains and limits the general phrases, and so as to consolidate the States, by degrees, into one Sove reignty the obvious tendency and inevitable result of which would be to transform the present Republi can System of the United States into an absolute, or, at beat, a mixed Monarchy." so opposite to those expressed by the , as at least to have inspired doubts as correctness of the positive assertion is a power: in 'the Supreme Court, fully edequaic, arid unequivocally expressed." In order, however, that our bare declaration of this fat may not stand unsupported, we will quote some of the authorities alluded to : by us, amongst which will be found several for which thd National Gazette cannot but entertain the highest respect. - Johii Marshall now Chief Justice of the U. States, whilst a Member of Congress, and pend ing the case of Jonathan Itobbins, expressed Inmself as follows : 1 . . - "By extending the Judicial power to all cases in law and equity, the Constitution has never been un derstood to confer on that department any political pqwef whatever. To come within this description, .a "question must assume legal form, for forensic liti gation. There must be parties to come into court, vtho can be reached bp its process, and bound by its power; whose rights admit ot ultimate decision by a tribunal to which they arc bound to submit." Bee's . Reports, p.278. ! It will be observed that this distinguished : lawyer and statesman does not mere'Ty give it asi his opinion that the Supreme Court docs not possess "any political power whatever" but asserts that the Constitution had "never been understood " up to that period, to confer any such power upon that tribunal. This dif fers very materially from the language of the . Gazette "There is a power, in the Supreme Court,, fully adequate, and unequivocally ex pressed." John Quincy Adams, late president of the United States, in his Message to Congress, of December, 1828, used the following language : " The United States of America, and the People of each State of which they ate composed, are each of tnem sovereign rowers. The Legislative Authority of the whole is exercised byjCQjSgress, under authori ty cranted them in the common Constitution. The Legislative Power of each State is exercised by As cemblies, deriving their authority from the Constitu tion of the State. Jjach ts iso-ereignv;ithin its own Province. The disposition of power between them pre-supposes that these Authorities will move in har-i mony with each other. The Members of the State and General Governments are all under oath to sup port both, and allegiance is due to the one and to the othef. The case of a conflict between thesetwo Pow ers has not been supposed; nor has any provision been' padefor it in our institutions ; as a virtuous nation of ancient times existed more than five centu ries without a law for the punishment of parricide." cision, I will make a few preliminary observations on the Constitution and laws ol the U nited states ,01 America. "Our System of Government seems to me to differ, in form and spirit, from all other Governments that have hertofore existed in the world. It is, as to some particulars, National--in others, Federal and in all the residue, Territorial, or in districts called States " The divisions! power between the NationalFe deral, and State Governments, (all derived from the same source, the authority of the People,) must be collected Irom the Constitution ol the united fotates Before it was adopted, the several States had abso lute and unlimited sovereignty within their respec tive boundaries ; all the powers, Legislative, H.xecu tive, and Judicial, excepting those granted to Con cress under the old Constitution. -They now enjoy them all, excepting such as are granted to the Go vernment ol the United States by the present instru ment, and the adopted amendments, which are for particular purposes only. The Government of the United States jbrms a part of the Government of each State ; its jurisdiction extends to the providing lor the common delence against exterior injuries and violence, the regulation ol commerce, and other mat ters specially enumerated in the Constitution. Ai f K ni rmnrora ramoin in flic inrii iri nol ftio foe? r"m . prehending the interior and other concerns. These, Combined, torm one complete Government. Should there be any delect in this lorm ol government, or any collision occur, it cannot be remedied by the sole The right here asserted, of State interposi tion, precludes the idea of the Supreme Court's possessing the powers ascribed to it by the Na tional Gazette. But Mr. Madison was not con tent to let so important a principle rest as a mere dictum, unsupported by argument. Ac cordingly, we find, that, in the Report made in 1799, to the Virginia Legislature, upon the proceedings of several States which maintained BEESWAX, lb. -BUTTER, do. - CANDLES, do. - -COFFEE, do. - - j CORN, bbl. quantity, - CORN MEAL, bushel, CORDAGE, cwt. - COTTON, do. - - COTTON BAGGING, Hemp, yd. Flax, do. FLAX, lb. - - -FLOUR, Rochester, bbl. : , Baltimore, do. , North Carolina, do IRON, Bar, American, lb. Russia & Swedes, do. LARD, lb. - -LEATHER, Sole, lb. Dressed, Neats do. Calf Skins, dozen, LUMBER, Flooring, l inch,M 1 14 7 17 20 12 13 75 45 Inch boards, - do. Scantling, - do. Square Timber, do. Shingles, Cypress, do. Staves, w. o. hhd. do. Do. RED OAK, do. do. Do. w. c. bbl. do. Heading, hhd. do. Do. bbl. do. MOLASSES, gallon, 25 14 12 8 7 00 6 50 5 50 5 , 5 8 23 1 50 22 00 2 8 8 7 1 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 6 22 18 14 50 16 60 18 15 9 50 6 9 the constitutionality of the Alien and Sedition NAILS, Cut, all sizes above 4d. and 3d. wrought, NAVAL STORES, Taf, bbl. T urpentine, do. Pitch, do. Rosin, Laws, that eminent statesman and constitution al lawyer maintained the position taken in the Resolutions, in the following language: " It appears to your Committee to be a plain prin ciple, founded in common sense, illustrated by com mon practice, and essential ttfthe nature of compacts, that, where resort can be had to no tribunal superior to the authority of the parties, the parties .themselves must be the rightful judges, in the last resort, wheth er the bargain made has been pursued or violated. The Constitution of the United States was formed by PAINTS, Red Lead, lb. the sanction of the States, given by each in its sove reign capacity. It adds to the stability and dignity, as well as to the authority, of the Constitution, that it rests on this legitimate and solid foundation. The States, then, being the parties to the Constitutional ' Compact, and in their sovereign capacity, it lollows, of necessi ty, that there can be ncrtribunal above their authority, to decide, in the last resort, whether the do do. do. Spirits Turpentine, gall. Varnish, - do. OIL Sperm. - do. Whale & Porpoise, do. Linseed, - - do. act of the Congress, or of a State; the People must be J compact made by them be violated ; and, consequent resorted to, tor enlargement or modification, it a State should diner with the u. States about the con struction of them, there is no common umpire but the feople, who should adjust the anair by making amendments in the constitutional way, or suner lrom the defect. In such a case, the Q titution ot the United States is Federal; it is av league, or treaty, made by the individual States as one party, and all the States as another party. When' two nations dif fer about the meaning of any clause, sentence, or word, in a treaty, neither has an exclusive right to decide it ; they endeavor to adjust the matter by ne- ly, that, as the parties to it, they must themselves de cide, in the last resort, Buch questions as may be of sufficient magnitude to require their interposition. "But it is objected, that the Judicial authority is to be regarded as the sole expositor of the Constitution in the last resort; and it may be asked for what rea son the declaration, by the General Assembly, sup posing it to be theoretically true, could be required at the present day, and in no solemn manner. " On this objection it might be observed First, that there may be instances of usurped power, which the lorms ol the Constitution would never draw with- gocjation bat, if it cannot be thus accomplished, m the control of the Judicial department. Secondly. each has a right to retain its men interpretation j that, if the decision of the Judiciary be raised above SUGAR, ' Loaf, until a relerence be had to the mediation ol other na- the authority of the sovereign parties to the Constitu tions, an arbitration, or the fate of war. There is no tion, the decisions of the other departments, .not car provision in the Constitution, that, in such a case, ricd, by the forms of the Constitution, the decisions tne juages oj tne supreme court of tne unnea 0i the other departments, not earned, by the lorms of States Shall control and be conclusive. Neither can the Constitution, heforp the Jndidarv. must ht. ennall v the Congress, by a law, confer that power. There appears to be a defect in this matter : it is a casus omissus, which ought in some way to be remedied, that the resolution of the General Assembly relates authoritative and final with the decisions of that de- ! nn rtiTun t l-int (ho nmnpr'inowpr tA thp nlntinn io Perhaps the Vice-President and senate of the United States or Commissioners, appointed, say one by each State would be a more proper tribunal than the Su preme Court. Be that as it may, I rather tftink the remedy must be found in an amendment of the Con Now, it must be kept in mind that this opin ion was not the mere judgment of the Chief Justice, whose authority, we know, with many, Wcare not aware that stronger language w.ou.ld be con.9ide,;edapocriphal, on account of could have been employed than that used by ni9 democratic principles, but it was the unani thc Ex President, and the reader will at once wous opinion of the Court, consisting, besides sec that it is directly adverse to the position thc Chief Justice, of Shippcn, Yeates, and that " there is a power, in the Supreme Court, Smith, all federalists, and all of as high repute, fully adequate, and luncqui vocally expressed." as sound atld ahle jurists, as any who have since The next authority we shall cite is that of the occupied their places, or are likely ever to do 4atc Chief Justice Tilghman, of Pennsylvania, ao Does this look like an admission that one of the most eminent lawyers of tha't State. " there Is a Power ln the Supreme Court, fully In the celebrated case of Gideon Olmstead, in adequate, and unequivocally expressed,"? and ihcvcar 1809. in which a conflict arose, mlnti are not the opinions of such eminent men as to the powers of the Federal and State Govern- tncsc, at a period when the true powers of the rnents, that ed to the calling out of a body of federal Government were better understsood militia, by the Governor -of the latter,.to resist than at the present day, because not mystified the execution of a process issued by the Fede- bv -implication, of equal authority with those ral Court, thc Chief Justice closed his rWisirm ol Mr. Webster and the National Gazette? It in the followinz language : will hardly be disputed. But still there are : , , other authorities, of quite equal weight to any " n ne counsel ui winwcau iutve Drougnx lorward ot those cited, at least in the estimation of some G preliminary question, wnctner 1 nave a right to republicans. epmieVthat the District Court had no jurisdiction.- TLli Z 7 C aT" I am aware of the magnitude of this question, and tuckv Resolutions, of 1 799, against the Alien have given it the consideration it deserves. My opin- and edition Laws, expressed his opinion of the ion is, with great deference to those who may enter- relation i between the State and Federal Go vern- tain different sentiments, that, in the case supposed, ments, in the following language : I should haven right, and it would be my duty, to . , , , . . ' nnu:, " liesolvcd .That thp srvariI SftP rnmnnnrr ih - discharge tne pnsouer. ms ngui uuwb uuui uic TTnit-j otnf ' rA 7 . nntnrfi of our Federal Constitution, which leaves to m!e?rbia,tes.of America are not united on the pnn- tbe several States absolute supremacy irall case . ...... . , , a .i ,t.:.j c a a - fpi,: m whicn it is not vieiaea ro tno uuucu un nt n .. t, ' . . eufficienUy appears from the general scope and spirit "tScA ??? amend" ofihe instnimem. The United States have nooir- foTSS? Government i,,wnr fll excent what is derived L!Sri?IsJ?!lrPosea delegated to that Government from the Constitution. When these powers ai 'dcarlu exceeded .the independence of the States and rrL"'?. m"r 0WP J11 Aftr- c:tt;a thnt fh Srf Cnurts "T . , l "-"veruieueneral Government White Lead, ground in oil, cwt J PROVISIONS, Bacon, lb. Hams, do. Beef, bbl Pork, mess, do. Do. prime, do. Do. cargo, do. SALT, T. Island, bushel, quantity, lieaulort, do. (none,) Liverpool, tine, do. SHOT, cwt. SPIRITS, Brandy, French, gall. Apple Brandy, do. Peach do. do. Rum, Jamaica, do. Do. windward IsI'd do. Do. New England, do. Gin, Holland, do. Do. American, do. Whiskey, do. STEHL, German, - lb. Lnghsh, blistered, do. do. - do. - do. - do. - do. do. - do. do. - gall, do. Lump, Brown, TEA imperial, Gunpowder, Hyson, Black, TALLOW, $VINE, Madeira, Teneriffe 25 25 8 0 15 75 40 50 30 25 90 35 00 15 3 30 14 10 9 20 1 10 10 10 COFFEE. 14 lbs. first quality St. Domini ior sale by M. A. OUTTFv Newbern, Jan. 5, 1832. ' NOTICK. "ELL &l WALLACE, being desirous t0 close their business in Snow Hill pose to sell out their present Stock of Good AT AUCTION, On tlie 14tli of February-next, or the jirst aay oj ixreen isounty Court. Merchants and others are invited to attend ine SlUCK finuracca a. luigt; mm CXCCjJcnt sortment of s 3D)rr CS-oods, HARD WARE & CUTLERY CROCKERY, GLASS WARE Carpenter $ & Blacksmith's Tools and various other a r ticks. Six months cjredit will be given for all over twenty dollars, the purchasers giving notes with approved security. Purchases of twenty dollars and under, cash. j BELL fc WALLACE. Snow Hill, January 15fA, 1832. 35 30 9 50 55 7 0 1 18 8 50 20 8 12 10 9 1 1 45 40 50 75 45 70 20 90 40 25 45 38 15 12 16 14 7 50 30 80 8 60 50 8 50 45 50 40 18 18 15 9 80 50 9 50 NORTH CAROLINA,) Duplin County. ' ( THIS day came before me,- Alexander 0 Grady, one of the Justices of the Peace for the county aforesaid, LewisJBrock, of the jaid county, who being duly sworn, sayeth- that he did, at November Term, 1S31, 0f Duplin County Court, lose his Pocket Rnnk containing the following notes, all payable to himself, viz : One on Jones Smith for thirty dollars, due in August, 1831 ; one on Alexan der Carter, for thirty-six dollars, doe at Mat Term, 1 829, of Duplin County Court, with two small credits thereon ; one on Isaac Baker, for eight dollars and sixty cents, due in March 1831 ; one on James Rhodes, on which there is due about twelve dollars and one on John Brock, on which there is due about four dollar?. (Signed) LEVtflS BROCK. Sworn and subscribed to before me, at Duplin December 31st, 183L ALEX : O. GRA DY, X P. I hereby j forewarn all persons whatever from trading for any of the above described notes ; also, the makers thereof from pavin their respective amounts to anv other person than mvselfJ J.EWIS BROCK. Duplin County, Dec. 31st, t831. WILLIAM MAS just received from Wcthcrstield.Coa.i a supply of Fresh Garden Seeds, tear- 9 uutu gwu.j diiivii nuitii U.IV yilv IOIIOV to those great and extraordinary cases in which all Tenenffe - do. the forms of the Constitution may prove ineffectual against infractions dangerous to the essential rights oi the parties to it. The resolution supposes that dangerous powers, not delegated, may not only be usurped and executed by the other departments, but that the Judicial department, also, may exercise or sanction dangerous powers, beyond the grant of the Constitution j and, consequently, that the ultimate right of the parties to the Constitution, to judge wheth er the compact has been dangerously violated, must extend to violations by one delegated authority, as well as by another by the Judiciary as well as by PItOFESSOR OF MUSIC me n.xecuxire or me Legislature. TTTN T?TT?rTrTTT t v r .i. i , . hnrpTnrP it mh. tW ho t., I Ufir uli,i miorms tne inhabitants cial department is, in all questions submitted to it by V 1 liewern ana us vicinity, that lrom the the forms ol the Constitution, to decide m the last re- cig cucuuragemem ne nas already re sort, this resort must necessarily be deemed the last in ceived, he has determined to locate himself relation to the authorities ot the other departments ot permanently in this mace. His tprms brA. the Government not in relation to the rights of the tofore, for instruction on thp Pwnn un parties to the Constitutional Compact, from which $ 15 per quarter; but inconsequence of the :Z "Z: La im. On nnvnthpr hvnnth th. . P5 scc"y ot money, and in accordance delegation of Judicial power would annul the auSori-: Wltn1 suggestions of his friends, he has re ty delegating it; and the concurrence of this depart- aucd "1S charge to $ 10 00 per quarter. . i ii. . : i : ui u T mi i . .... . mem wun me ouicre, in usui pcu puTcia, migut buu- casuh wiii De given at his School or at vert, lorever, ana oeyona tne possioie reacn oi any the residences of his Pupils, as thpvmav nrpfnr ' j j r - F,ong Blood Beet, Early Blood Tunvip, do. Amber or Sugar, 3o. Scarlet Radish, Lou Salmon lo. Early Turnip do. Oraiige Carrot, Parsnip, Cantelope, j In ounce end half ounce paper, at 10 ctt. per o?r. : Green globe Srvoy Cabbare, Early white Brocoli. Early Cluster Cucumlj-r, Short rfo. do. IVi onmn while do. Yellow d0. Silver Skin do. Yell bw Scotch Tirii! . Early Dutch do. Spinach, Early York do. Imperial do. Low Dutch d. London Battersen do. Lnrge green glared do. Urumheau ; do Erly Imperial bead Ice In papers, at 5 eta. per paper. Early Mohawik Beam, bunch, Large Lima Solid Cellery, louble Pargley, While cabbage Lettut do. d, do. do. Tall .Sugar Peat, Double blossom do. olderj Hotspur do. Early June Pea, Early Washington do. Early Charlton do. Dwarf M ii r row fat do. Tall do. do. Pianos tuned and reDaired on rpnsnnn- i Die terms. January 18, 1832. Oift W, nfK.TT,nn Wthnt the State Courts :TL T J7T "t1 TZ 7 KC;Xlho tl,m. xrixc ea txwers, its acts are unauthorita r-Zi: Tlr 4ru , rmiLZ n:ri v010 rce; that to this t" JL.uurc. is na law 1 oatn of office exacts itnnd .Si:! ieinust de reduced KoSS vheid,!! :?JZ?2ZZ not made the exclusive or finalise of the extent rct IhnTth? x "" the powers delegated to itsell-since that would hav ; flagrant vi niade its discretion, and not the Constitution, the itiwhich God forbid) they e7 cemnf Sem Tf 1Vasan flt3 P"' as all other cases ..Canines should oass a wh Z e?.. t! ol compact among parties having no common udffe. ' far or dutv on articles e.;"rcfZ." each party has an equal right to judge for itSclf from rjoth which TOwersthevn;;!-! ana measure of re- euch would be null and void, and all persons who dress" acted unacr tneawouia oe subject to actions in the It is here declared, not merely by Mr. JefTer YTZZL- " "Jrr""V"u: Bhourd snn hut bv both branche9 of the Lesislature -" SSht that, in cases of dispute between ofiKother State. :or by a foreign State, such iudo-mrl aState and the Federal Government, there is ttfSuld be void, and au persons who act under it would! 44 no common iudffe,J to decide; and that, conse be trespasers. These cases appear so plain, that quently, the Supreme Court does not possess tney wm naroiy uc ursuicu. t JB uu.y m cousioer-1 the power ascribed to it by the IXationai uazette imDcuBTa-fcw",. ..u,-.. i: This same doctrine was laid down by James A (Oil IB ID PJontinues to conduct her Seminary on the pop ilar White Cluster do. Yellow do. Duo Color do. Early China do. Rob Roy do. Red Cranberry do. 1O0O to 1, ori Refugee do. Case Knifp 1 do. vole. Ked Variegni Cranberry do. Large June do. In half, pint, pint, and quart bags, at 25 cli per (fiar. January otn. Ihd.i. 'Toll 1- LETTERS Remaining io the Newbern Post Office. January lit. 18.1?. A Elisba Arnold, Rev. Wm. Anderson, Win Adrnni. B Thomas C. Bond. Silvester Brown. 4. Mrs. Mary Bryan, JobnJ Burney, John Brock, Rev. IV. Riddle, Lc Benners, Christopher Brock, Capt. G. Blaney, John Bell, Serjeant Birmingham, 2, James Byrne, Wm. G. Brysn. Lambert P. Beardslee, Benjamin Backhouse, J'horoai G. oerry, james Beegley, Nathaniel Bahcock. C Bryant Cox, Chariot Carrawnv. James Caton, Joseph W. Crane, Miss Elizabeth Clifton. Owen Chemut Alexander B Carson. C. B. Chnrrhill T. G. Carman, Capt. Solomon Cbadwick, Anthony Craven, M. ( had kit . o. vroom. aerreant Jnhii cw.nA Dand Lunis- D.Cravn Dickinson. Bithnn nnrli.v S. V. DenniiS G. H. DeniSton, Mrs. Elenor Dirk.nn Maria Dick son, 2, Geofe W. Dutton, Smith Delamar, Dr.Rando!p!i iick. epnrpim uoughtrtv. . ;iri.jnariotte testers, James 11. EdmundgoD, F. Davtd Frater. Richard rvtwi.iie R. Flanner, J- D. Friou. John Franklin G.- John Green. Jme fir. rn;! t.'reen. Oeif' Gibson, 2, John B. Griffin. 2. David Gakiil. Sally H- rightful remedy, the very Constitution which all were instituted to preserve." We think, that, after a perusal of the fore going authorities, the National Gazette will be inclined to agree witn us tnat tne case is not quite so clear, on its side, as to warrant an un quallified judgment, as if the powers of the Supreme Court were so clearly defined in the Constitution as never to have admitted of but . - i.i: l ; a l ' i one interpretation oy eminent lawyers ana V and improved Pestalozzian Plan, no wso general . ... i . .-. , i , , . ts ouifviiui an 111 1UI ne position assumea oy tne uazette supported laaaptation to the voune-er classea of rhildrpn Th bv authorities of equal weight with those we I advantages connected with this mpthod nf inatnwirtn Goldston, Zachariah - . I . . . - I - " .. J have quoted, and ot equal antiquity. 1 sisi cnieny m tlie rapd improvement which it im-1 --Mwni Holton, William M Herritage, P. Hoi:ano Fai l ie imam mina, as well as in the evstematic I " yn, wjrs. . ueaeritn. Mrs. rwargarei ! Literary Phenomenon.Xlex&naer Von Hum- iaecmaung organization of its operations. In out a Hall j k a Jeremiah iieatn, boldt nas recently puonsnea tne tnira volume L; MX u'Tr. rf" u r.,nirHunt rtf hU HintnrirRl Narrativfl of a Tm.r thrn,ml, , ... ueueu resuiungirom tms system are stri- J. Will i 'L " -rZ ' ' i'll. "7" " .i. J v ..." - - - """"t i . . u it 1 . . I - . ... v w..v, vum unc. ju uuivu ' bo -ihnr.tiiil rfitrinns ofthe New World -"it TC"5 ""avcu" "1C ll Puced, and W Ues.Jbhn Ires. Jacob W. Johnson 2. B . i Liir; :. Vf. iti T rlin rro Turiir-ri :i j rr mwr-.' . ' . . - i written in French and illustrated bv an atlas: all nth h'Z 'rl "AT".rimu ,rom l'1 "Plnk. LJa.m Kilp.mck. J. y. ; ouu uuaiuidjiB who htp nno i l. amnri t I .v. n o..r... w l a tnam 1 i i . : x l . . i I ?. . . .tMxvr- t a-B.iuj. uuiu wnicn contains a weugiiusucai cnan oi tne quaintea witntnis mode ol instruction, and who m M Beajamin Mason. Noah Miller Josenh Cordilleras, from Cape Horn to the Isthmus ofl desire to witnessits operations, are respectfullv inform -John Miller, 2 Guilford Mufpbev,2. Wm McKinnit.Asa Panama. The next and closing volume will I mat Mr8- Alexander's Seminary is open everv MaI,ard' non Moore, Gen. Stephen Miller, Dr. Jo'T" embrace his researches in the envirous of the Mondav forenoon for the reception of visitors. MSe,'& 7hul1 James Marshall, Mrs. L. M- Chimborasso and the volcanoes found on the I mWren ol both sexes, from 3 to 12 years of m Neale. cZZ i raivn 1. 1 ii Mill t n a- tai ntnnnn . w . - t . r Janies F. Potter, and Blount, Phillu Y '"'; Jennings f igott, Capt. John Peterson, Cajt. E. W. PCoU W. L. B. fearer, T. J. Pasteur. R Capt. Luke Russell, Joseph Rhem, John W?' Richard Richardson, Amos Row e. Dr. Robert Reed, M5 Angelica iRoads, Capl. William Rider. juiiu on me l . , - iu i nlateans of Quito, besides ceoious oleanino-s in u,c ,Txeiveu uPn me lonowing terms. I ---w ' a o O I T7 O IT ,. . . the department of zoology and comparative peuu,& tteaamS VVnUng and Arithmetic anatomy., ims illustrious iraveiier will ,tnen I nave terminated nis arauous nay we know . -kp" f wuramar, in addition to thp rihm not why we should not term it, his stupendous MI""VUCB u w- undertaking, and will have given to the world a complete view of the geography, natural history, meterology, and past and present re cords of the aborignes of the New World. The whole Hill form, in its "editio princeps," eight-and-twenty volumes, with more than thirteen hundred copper plates; the former will reach to eleven quartos and seventeen folios! may wen deem Humholdfa work a 44 literary Newbern, 10th January, 1832. S. Samuel Street, Nathaniel Street, General Sin" Simpson,rrhoroas B. Stewart, J. Sampson, Naihl. NOTICE. BANK OF NEWBERN. JA fith irqo VTWt. Stock holders of th Rani- nfMn.i II l. , " w " UC1 1 u?aniei tYiiuainaon, cujan jo, ai meir late annual meetina-. aAn,MA marsh. Mather Waiiar. r,.- h to to mPKt aemin rn k U:J -mr . fa' J . I C ,r d H'-.l.: , We February next. . Bv order7' a whiif , Hark we! William Street. 3 Cant. .1. n ?mith John K. Snearf. John Snlad, Thomas Scarborough, Job S. Spce . Charles fl. Sterling. T-Cnt -Jnhn Tiihman Jnhn Thma. W. Daniel Williamson, Elijah Wheatenton, R. 'iil'el Whitheld, kins, Mrs. Mary H inpate, ort. rtPrfir .Af..l,... AV Winl). Ju' White fclijons. Mtrrf ' f ; 4 3 : 'a JNO. W. GUION, Cashier, TIT0VAS

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